Arsenal News or Lack of.

March 31, 2017

I write posts, a lot of them. Well over 500 in the AA years since 2010 (?). Yet here I sit, staring at my keyboard completely bereft of ideas for a post. Why? Because of the Interlull.

It is crap. International games have become meaningless as most of our players play for countries which invariably qualify top of their Euro/World Cup groups. Quite frankly, we do not care about watching England struggle against Lithustania.

Other players are involved in long-distance travel to S. America or Africa, expend huge energy in travel, training and playing time, then return to AFC (their wage payers) Kerry Packered or injured.

My suggestion is that for the top National teams they stop qualification tournaments which are dull and only exist to make money for already rich Associations. The big tournaments should be seeded.

Right, enough of that train of thought ….

Bored with “will he stay or should he stay”

Bored with “will they sign a contract extension”.

Bored with discussions about Silent Stan and his cohorts ideas for the future of the club.

So what to write about?

I could , of course, pre-empt my pre-match and start the ball rolling on a discussion about our huge game on Sunday, but what of tradition? We have still three days to go and what do we discuss tomorrow and Sunday morning?

I could express my dislike of small dogs, plimsolls, coloured Doctor Martins, and my love of sliders and ladies with “abundance”, but we have done that, haven’t we, and at least the posts should be football related.

Or we could not have a post at all. In my opinion the site would die if we only post a couple of times a week and I would hate that to happen.

So … I remain blank. Perhaps you have an idea?

written by Big Raddy


How rare is it to win a League Championship?

March 27, 2017

The first Football League Championship played was in 1888/89 when Preston North End was crowned as champions. They were also winners of the FA Cup beating Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-0 in the final therefore becoming the very first winners of the League and Cup double.

Final 1888/89 League Table:

Since that time there have been one hundred and seventeen league championships encompassing both the old League Division 1 and the Premier League. How rare is a championship victory – well incredibly enough since the formation of the league in 1888 only twenty four different teams have tasted the sweetness of victory. Five of those teams have dominated winning sixty seven championships or 57.3 % of the time.

Over the years approximately one hundred and fifty different teams have competed for the League Championship with just ten of those teams winning ninety trophies or 76.9% of the time.

During the twenty first century a mere five teams have been crowned as champions. The data shows that it’s a very rare occurrence to win the championship and that double digit winners are even rarer – only three in football league history. Since the inception of the Premier League only six different teams have raised the trophy out of the forty seven teams who have competed for the championship.

Among the all time Championship winners Arsenal is placed third and is in the elite group of double digit winners.

All time League Championship Table.

Only five teams in the current Premier League have won a title in either the PL or the old Div 1 in the past twenty seven seasons and one hundred and twenty six other teams have tried and failed to win either league.

Written by GunnerN5

The Case for the Defence

March 24, 2017

In the last 6 games our defence has conceded 18 goals (excluding the FAC where we played non-league clubs).





Individually our defence looks very good. Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Kos and Monreal are all quality defenders. Ospina, Gabriel, Holding, Gibbs are sine replacements. In front of them Coq, Xhaka and Ramsey are a decent shield (or should be), so how is it possible that in 6 games we have conceded more than a George Graham team would concede in an entire season?

Is it the zonal marking at set plays? Or the tactical commitment to attack? The need to entertain rather than contain? Or is it the defensive coaching? ( in which came you can tell Steve Bould because I am not brave enough).

Whatever the reason Arsenal cannot continue in this manner if progress is to be made.

So what is the solution?

BFG playing against teams that use set plays as the main attacking weapon?  Xhaka, Elneny and Coquelin playing across the middle with instruction to always have two of them shielding the back 4? A new defensive coach? Better defenders?

What do you think?

written by Big Raddy

A successful season? You decide ………………

March 20, 2017

What would success look like for you by the end of the season given the current situation?

We are in trouble, we haven’t lost 4 out of 5 consecutive Premiership games in the Wenger era until now.

Is there anything that you feel can happen in the next few weeks to improve the mood.

Questions from RC78

WBA Preview.

March 18, 2017

At last a PL game, no more of that fancy pants Cup football with silly score lines, just good old fashioned League action, and to cap it all we are going to the Midlands, the epicentre of dull.


Think Stoke, B’ham. Villa, Wolves , Walsall and WBA.  Think Pulis.

WBA were a top club who were amongst the first to promote black players – Cyril Regis, Brendan Batson and Laurie Cunningham, all of whom played under Big Ron Atkinson. Today WBA are doing well, in fact they are only 7 points behind us!

And, Mr Wenger has won just one of seven away games vs Mr Pulis. Which by anyone’s standards is pretty p*** poor. Last season we lost 2-1 at the Hawthorns.

Referee: Neil Swarbrick, (not the leader of the magnificent folk combo Fairport Convention) averages 4 cards a game – I think we know which midfielder will be adding to his abominable record of a red and 5 yellows in his last 6 games.

My Team:


Bellerin    Mustafi    Koscielny    Monreal

Ramsey     Xhaka   Iwobi

Walcott    Sanchez    Ozil

This could be a little too attack-minded for a game which will be a battle and perhaps Coquelin will start ahead of either Ramsey or Iwobi.

Another concern is the lack of height in the team as WBA score a huge percentage of their goals from set pieces, perhaps we should give the BFG a start in place of Mustafi who has not looked so brilliant in recent weeks, perhaps he needs a break. Given the height issue we could see Giroud, though I expect the FFP to come on for the last 20 minutes, he has a good record against the Baggies.

If we win (big if) our two games in hand over Liverpool we go back into the Top 4. WeMr Wenger says we cannot afford to drop any points (that’s why he earns the Big Bucks :-D)


No to a celebrity Manager at Arsenal

March 17, 2017


Let me have a stab in the dark here. There will be cries, or more probably crying, for a Manager who still has a team in the Champions League, after all, you can only be a winner in the here and now. It’s the nature of short termism, but hang on, things get worse.

I smell something fishy. Well, to be more precise, the pong of John Paul Gautier’s “Homme”, or whatever his latest odour is called. It’s the whiff of the ponce.

We live in the Era of the Celebrity, and to fit the bill, even a football manager must have the necessary accoutrements, for increasingly he is becoming a fashion accessory. Take a gander at the new breed, the in-set, and it must be more than coincidence they share the same stylist as well as perfumer.

Klopp, Jose, Pep and Conte. It’s all about the hair, the teeth, the slim fit suit, tight continental underwear and designer stubble. What a bunch of complete ponces.

Oh, and what about all the touchline hysteria. The “Ooooo look how much I care”. Oh shut up and stick your passion up your arse. We don’t care. We bleed our club, not you. Grow up.

Honestly, all that leaping up and down, over animated pre-school level play acting, tearing around the touchline waving yer little handbag in the air like an over excited little girl, hugging everyone. It’s pathetic.

Recently I’ve watched a few games involving the aforementioned “look at me, look at me, look at me” managers, and they all make me sick. Big girls’ blouses the lot of you. I wouldn’t have your sort within 100 miles of The Arsenal.

We’re somewhat more reserved than that at Arsenal. You know, keep it zipped up rather than leaving it all hanging out. Your type are for the needy selfie generation.

I sincerely hope that Arsenal recognize the need for style and dignity as and when appointing the new face of our club.



Footballs First Super Star

March 16, 2017

The Right Honourable Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird

(16 February 1847 – 30 January 1923)


Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird was educated at Eton and Trinity College he graduated in 1869 and went to work in the family bank which after a later merger became Barclay’s Bank and he remained a director of Barclay’s until his death in 1923.

His football career began at Cheam School; he was captain of the school team in 1959 at twelve years of age. He played in the second FA Cup Final where he led The Wanderers to victory in the 1873 final, scoring the second and winning goal. The Sporting life reported that The Wanderers victory over Oxford University was “in great measure due to the extremely brilliant play of their captain”. There was a morning kick off to at Lille Bridge as it was near the river Thames and would allow the players to watch the Boat Race later in theday.  Kinnaird went on to play in eight more finals winning a further four. In the 1877 final against Oxford University he became the very first player to score an own goal.

He also played for Scotland in only the second ever international which took place in 1873 at the Oval; he was born in London but was able to play for Scotland due to his family’s heritage – it was to be his only cap.

This is how the teams were listed:

Alexander Morten (Crystal Palace, captain), black cap and brown stockings
Alexander George Bonsor (Wanderers), light blue and red cap
Charles John Chenery (Crystal Palace), blue and black cap, blue knickerbockers, blue stockings
William Edwin Clegg (Sheffield), blue cap
Alfred George Goodwyn (Royal Engineers), yellow blue and black stockings and cap
Ernest Harwood Greenhalgh (Nottingham), red white and blue cap
Hubert Heron (Uxbridge), blue stockings, blue cap with yellow crest
Leonard Sidgwick Howell (Old Wykehamists), cerise cap
Captain William Slaney Kenyon-Slaney (Household Brigade), red gold and black cap
Robert Walpole Sealy Vidal (Oxford University), white knickerbockers, dark stockings
Pelham George von Donop (Royal Engineers), red and blue stockings and cap.

Robert Gardner (Queen’s Park, captain), light blue cap
John Edward Blackburn (Royal Engineers), scarlet and blue fez
William Gibb (Clydesdale), black cap with magenta stripes
William Ker (Queen’s Park), no cap
Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird (Wanderers), blue and white cap
William Muir Mackinnon (Queen’s Park), blue and scarlet cowl
Henry Waugh Renny-Tailyour (Royal Engineers), blue and black cap, yellow tassel
Robert Smith (South Norwood), black cap
Joseph Taylor (Queen’s Park), white cap blue stars
James John Thomson (Queen’s Park), blue with white stars
David Wotherspoon (Queen’s Park), scarlet cowl.

According to Charles Alcock in the Football Annual of 1873 he was without exception the best player of the day; capable of taking any place on the field; is very fast and never loses sight of the ball; an excellent captain. He had a full auburn beard and was known as a fearless competitor with a huge love of football and life.

He won football Honours with The Wanderers – FA Cup winners: 1873, 1877, 1878; and with the Old Etonians – FA Cup winners: 1879, 1882. He was also on the losing side in the FA Cup final in: 1875, 1876, 1881, 1883

Being an all round sportsman he also excelled in other sports becoming a champion in swimming, tennis and international canoeing.

He was made an FA committeeman in 1868; became treasurer in 1877 and president of the FA from 1890 until his death in 1923.


A Nice Semi?

March 14, 2017

In anticipation of the FA Cup Semi-Final draw there were mixed feelings.

Man City probably play the most open football, so perhaps drawing them would give us the best chance of progressing.

It seemed an opportune moment to play the spuds at Wembley as they have had a torrid time there in Europe. 🙂

The chavs are firing this year under Conte this season so would likely be the least attractive draw.

When the draw came out, I was pleased for selfish reasons. A day out at Wembley could easily be spoiled by supporters of both the hideous chavs or the N17 swampies. Though, of course, if we are to progress we will have to play either in the final.

The suggestion that the police would not want chavs versus spuds on London Marathon day, Sunday 23rd April, makes perfect sense, so I’d imagine that’ll be when we play.

Whether the draw gives us the best chance of reaching another final only time will tell.

What do you think?



To Protest or Not

March 13, 2017

The reactions on twitter to the current protests when we play at home seem to be either one extreme or another……..

Entitled morons who make us all look a bit thick if they think that a few hundred of them will make any difference whatsoever……..


Good on them; if you want to see a change right now or, at a bare minimum, want a managerial change in the summer, then you ought to get up and at least attempt to do something about it.

It would be great to see banners about the football again rather than about everyone’s overriding obsession with the manager.

My personal favourite banner of all time……ahhh, the good old days when we had “our Arsenal back”. Does this translate to, when we were winning stuff?



She wore, She wore ….

March 11, 2017

Today we celebrate both a home FA Cup fixture and the birthday of one of our most esteemed bloggers. Happy Birthday.

What was your reaction to drawing Lincoln?  Joy? A quantum of fear?  Both understandable as this is a no-win situation for the team and a possible disastrous, history-making banana skin.


I cannot see any way Arsenal will not win this tie, our U-23 team should be good enough to win handsomely. Or cheapest purchase costs more than the entire Lincoln squad.

Lincoln City have a long history playing in the same ground (Since Bank) since 1895! They won Div 3 in 1975. This afternoon may be the biggest game in their long history – I hope the Imps have a good time.

What to say of our team? Rifts, cliques, disappointment, dissatisfaction, resignation and anger – this seems to be the language used about the dressing room in recent weeks, even our club captain stated that there was not enough fight. It is simply not good enough. These charlatans are paid a fortune to do one thing …. give 100% for 95 minutes. To lose is OK, what is not acceptable is to go missing when under pressure. Can you remember the last time Arsenal gave a 90+ minute performance? I can’t.

Do you give credence to the stories that Oxlade-Chamberlain wants to leave? I think it must be agent talk ahead of his new contract. Ox has played 35 games already this season and started more than half of them. He  appears to be committed and is one of the few to work continuously. It must be paper talk.

My Team:


Bellerin     Holding     Gabriel    Gibbs

Ramsey   Xhaka     Coquelin

Perez    Giroud     Jeff

Given the flu bug (and I know just how debilitating that can be) I doubt Welbeck, Ozil or Iwobi will play. We can have a brilliant bench with Sanchez, Theo, Kos, Maitland-Niles etc

I am hoping for an open game with Arsenal scoring early to settle the nerves. A goal for Lincoln would be good gesture as long as we have at least 3 goals more.

Beating Lincoln will allow us to go into what is sure to be the most competitive semi-finals in FA Cup history.

Let it be so.