If You Booed After Yesterday’s Game Please Don’t Ever Come Back To The Emirates Again

A pre-season friendly.

Substantial team changes for the starting 11. Even more substantial changes at half time and subsequently.

Young, up-and-coming Arsenal players like Bartley and Afobe getting a run out.

Nobody wanting to get injured before the serious stuff starts in a couple of weeks.

And you booed the team?

You, who call yourself am Arsenal supporter, booed your team because they failed to win a meaningless pre-season runaround?

What is wrong with you?

And before you start typing your response in the Internet equivalent of big green letters (which usually means ALL CAPITALS and lotsa bad spellin an txt talk cos u no shit man u no wot I’m sain?), I am not an apologist for Arsène Wenger.

I was deeply unhappy with the way last season ended, just like all Arsenal fans; I think changes need to be made and transfers brought in to help us avoid a similar collapse this season; I do not think Arsene Wenger is beyond criticism.

But despite my reservations I am and always will be a supporter of Arsenal, which means that when they take the field they have my total support, whoever is in the line-up, whatever is the opposition and whatever is the performance.

For the duration of the game I will do nothing but be behind them – it’s what supporters are meant to do, or have you forgotten? Afterwards, in the pub, I might well say that Player X is not good enough for us or that AW made a Horlicks of his substitutions. That’s different.

If you were one of yesterday’s boo boys (or girls – for there seem to be plenty of hatchet-faced harridans among the ranks of the discontented at The Emirates) you should seriously ask yourself why you go to the games at all.

If you get your kicks from looking for any reason to have a go at an individual player, or the manager, or the team then you are not a supporter at all. You are an Unsupporter. And your Unsupport, as well as being stupid, I’ll-informed and rude, is counter-productive to what genuine supporters want: a good atmosphere at the ground and fervent support for the lads so that they raise their game, rather than shy away from the ball for fear of incurring the wrath of the idiotic minority.

You Unsupporters are probably the same people who slam Nasri and even Cesc for having no loyalty.

Loyalty? You wouldn’t know loyalty if it knelt at your feet.

What must Benik Afobe feel today? He has played in front of a packed house at his own ground, he has shared the turf with an icon of the stature of Thierry Henry, and he was booed off the pitch.

Likewise Kyle Bartley, who had the added misfortune to put the ball in his own net.

Are you trying to destroy these kids before they have had a chance to show what they can do?

What do you think they – and Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey and Tomas Vermaelen – think about you, the discontented minority?

You know what I think, I think they despise you and I just hope to God that they recognize that you represent only a truculent rump of the Arsenal support. In fact, not even a rump, just the festering boil on the rump.

Take it from me – and I know I speak for the vast majority of true Arsenal fans – we do not want you; the players do not want you; the club does not need you.

So, with all due disrespect, will you kindly PISS OFF and never come back…


351 Responses to If You Booed After Yesterday’s Game Please Don’t Ever Come Back To The Emirates Again

  1. WiganGooner says:

    Great job Rocky, 100% agree with you.


  2. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Agree Rocky.
    Nothing will change though.

  3. London says:

    Well that is definitely both guns blazing.

  4. kaleya says:

    totally agree. Disrespectful arsenal fans

  5. Michael Bell says:

    totally agree. too many glory hunters that havent seen hard times. i remember standing in the rain, cold, dark midweek games with 15000 fans. its pre-season get a life.

  6. Mattuso says:

    Spot on. Sick of hearing these fickle f*ckers.

  7. Gunner38 says:

    totally agree with you i was just saying this on another blog get behind your team for fuck sake and it was a pre season freindly i would have loved to affored to go the emerites and cheered on the team i love yesterday but i couldnt so it makesme sick when fans act like that.


  8. GunnerPete says:

    Nice one sunshine…….what did these moaners expect after 5 seasons of great football being thrown away by shockingly crap defending? As ive said before too many times, crap cheap defenders = crap defence = 12 points per season given away because our manager cannot build an average back 6. BUT you do not boo your own team at home or away.

  9. wycliffe says:

    is this Arsene wenger writting?? or did he pay you to wirite this.
    Arsene has failed the fans and it’s a high time that he realises this.

  10. Dan82 says:

    Afobe had already been taken off by Wenger, for no reason whatsoever – being subbed as a sub probably upset him more than the crowd.

    The club deserves what ever it gets. Once it decided to raise ticket prices and decide to keep the money amongst its shareholders rather than improving the team they made a huge rod for their own back. I’m afraid the club is a victim of its own pursuit of corporporates and the roosion of any loyalty to its own fans.

  11. Islington says:

    So if our team went out of all cups and finished 15th in the league and all strutted around not caring, you’d still blindly support them would you?
    What a stupid article, barca are the best in the world and their fans let their players, manager and club know immediately if they are unhappy, booing and showing disgust in poor play, lack of effort and bad club policy is our right and after 5 years of the same rubbish it’s one sure way of telling the world the supporters are no longer willing to accept these stupid errors, we want quality signings and a better defence to stop throwing results away like the last 5 years…

    You keep blindly supporting and nothing will change, if you’re happy with that it’s your choice and good luck to you, but don’t try and slate those of us that are fed up and want change, each to their own!

  12. aj says:

    I 100% agree with you Rocky.

    I am becoming more and more disillusioned with football for two reason:-

    1. The Man City effect, where money seems to be everything.
    2. The sheer idiocy of some Arsenal supporters whose behaviour I find quite disgusting – the people you refer to above.

    Thanks for taking the time to bring them to book.

  13. Gooner70 says:

    Wow! So frustrated supporters should keep their disappointment to themselves? Are you not frustrated that we have players leaving to win trophies and that Wenger seems to have lost it?

    It’s supporters like you who make me feel sick. I love arsenal and want us to win. Thats what sport is all about isn’t it?

    How else should we show are disappointment?

  14. George says:

    Perhaps the booing was aimed at Wenger and Gazidis due to the fact that at the moment their comments re transfers etc are turning out to be lies, as usual. The window will close and we will be told that they tried to sign this one and that one etc but it was not possible. Rubbish, every player can be sugned for the RIGHT price. I do not agree with paying zillions over the top but as we demand 40mil for Cesc which is the right price for him then other clubs will do likewise for their players.
    Regardless of what happens with Nasri and Cesc Wenger MUST buy at least 1 if not 2 CB’s, an experienced left back, an experienced DCM and another central or left sided midfield player depending on which of the afore mentioned 2 leave.
    My thoughts re Nasri are sell him now for the reported 20mil fee rather than let him run his contract down and walk away like Flamini did. Wenger may want him to stay from a football point of view but the finance men will want him sold unless he signs another contract which at the moment he is reluctant to do.
    Sell him and get Mata and Hazard to replace

  15. Lannon83 says:

    Arsenal fans can sometimes be some of the most fickle and narrow minded people! The posts above highlight this point! Ex pros can see we need strengthening in certain areas, current pros can see it and so can even the most blinded arsenal ‘fan’ (any of the above!). Mr Wenger is a professor, fluent in six languages and a seasoned manager with prolonged success and consistency! Do you honestly think that he can’t see where the weaknesses lie? No neither do I! But why is he so reluctant to deal with it? Is he following his youth comes first policy? Not a chance! His hands are firmly tied by the clubs board! Case in point, Wenger identifys Jagielka as a target, he does not control the negotiations, scrapping over the final penny, that is the job of good old Ivan (oh to have David dein back at the club!). We are being out negotiated on a regular basis…Wenger must be annoyed as the rest of us!
    The club continues to struggle financially post stadium location but this will never be released for public airing…the board continually say we have money on one one hand, yet on the other they parade with short arms and deep pockets! All the while leaving the most sucessful manager in the clubs history to take the heat from the media and fans alike! Wenger is forced to cover arsenals debt on a daily basis, it’s shameful! Yet the man continues to keep us competitive in a time of sheiks and Russians! He deserves more respect and the anger/annoyance that we all feel should be directed to those who sit round that big table doing their best to keep their pockets fat, at the expense of an arsenal legend!

    You fickle arsenal fans will miss him when he’s gone, trust me on that!

  16. arsene says:

    I dn’t believe in this trash!

  17. Mik says:

    thank you! i share your feelings about it. how can they boo off a team which included youngsters? the same fans complain how Wenger never gives his English youngsters a chance and when he does so in a game where the outcome doesn’t matter they boo them off?

    We are all disappointed but I can’t follow the current doom sentiment. In the last seasons we all had to listen how Arsenal will struggle to stay in the top 4 and yet we were serious title contenders for most of it. How many teams who are not owned by billionaires can claim that? Oh right.

    I have big worries for this season . Clichy left already and without Fabregas and Nasri we might really struggle. But we have no idea who Arsenal is really trying to buy and who will step up their game. We simply need to be patient.

    And don’t forget people that Arsene is not the one holding the negotiations. So don’t blame everything on him.

  18. Sid says:

    Could not agree more mate!

    But I feel you are wasting your time with some of these petulant twats

    Bloody great post though, nice one!

  19. DaveGooner says:

    I don’t believe fans booed because “we failed to win a meaningless preseason runaround”. The boos, rightly or wrongly, were a direct result of fans deep frustration. Frustration that yet again the same problems that have plagued the team for the last 3 years have not been addressed. These problems are less about buying new players and more about the manager’s inability to apply football fundamentals to organise the defence. Neither the players or the fans believe the squad is good enough to challenge for honours. I’m afraid the booing reflects the fans feelings of helplessness and frustration. Whether you agree or not, surely you understand.

  20. Sid says:


    How precisely does one aim a boo at a specific target?

    Please enlighten me mate, thanks.

  21. Dave says:

    I was there. I did not boo. But I am not raising issue with those who booed because they are delivering a message to Wenger and the Board. They are not doing a good job. I know not how to get through to them. While I have not resorted to booing, if those boos do make a difference then well done those who saw that the best path. Something has to change and I would rather see it happen now than wait another year. Incidentally, by now I mean before the season starts rather than August 31st. I believe Arsenal have already waited too long. New signings should have been in for the full pre-season, to blend. No excuses. If it would have cost more to achieve that then again that is due to the long term fault of AW/Board in getting the club to this ludicrous state. The current squad is mid-table quality at best.

  22. Ziggy says:

    I sat yesterday in the first row next to the guy who spent most of the much facing back talking loud to his “friends and family” sitting behind. As soon as the final whistle was blown he turned around to face the pitch and booed. I could strangle him. How comes Arsenal has so many phony “supporters”? One day I will stop reading blogs and even come to matches cause I’m bloody sick of them. Always moaning, always slagging off the manager and players thinking they know better and are oh-so-funny and wise. Tossers.

  23. James Tagg says:

    Couldn’t disagree more. The fact its pre-season friendly doesn’t the team should under preform. Ticket prices for the cup average at about £40 or so quid. If you go both days with a you can easily shell out over a tonne.

    Besides, the main reason arsenal were booed yesterday was not because of the result. It is because it’s the same prone errors that cost us the game that has cost us countless seasons in the past. If management fail to clear them up before the start of season, they are going to occur again.

  24. cazza3 says:

    completely agree with everything you have said. I remember waiting
    18 years to win something. Going every week, supporting my team,
    through thick and thin. Real supporters do that. We must always have faith and if a player wants to go let him, after all how many can any of you name that have gone on to play for a better club, with the exception of Thierry Henry. My season ticket had gone up, but I
    will still be there, even if I do feel frustrated. Maybe it’s because I have grown up with Arsenal and you learn to be patient especially with something that lives in your heart.

  25. Melvyn says:

    I understand your point of view,but how else can fans let the likes of Wenger and the board know that they are unhappy with the situation.Yes it is counter productive, but it would be far worse allowing us to go on in the same manner over the next 3 or 4 years without having a protest where the strength of unrest is easily heard and can be measured.The boos must be remembered are prob for Wenger and not necessarily the players.I for one do not boo…but I am weakening.

  26. stephan says:

    I dnt gt u,u mean fans who pay 4 overpriced tikets dnt hav d rite 2 boo rubbish de wach?!unblivabl.ppl lyk u ar d corse of arsenal misfortune,trustin a coach u failz 2 undastnd dat hiz wayz hav failed.if d fanz dnt show it dis way,he wil neva b put unda pressure,d way d arsenal board ar doin.wenga needz pressure 2 paform nt comfort,he haz bin 2 comfortabl 4 years nw producin notin!

  27. Sid says:

    Yep, all those in favour of the booing are coming across like spoilt selfish twats.

    Proving the authors point perfectly, well done.

    You make me sick to my stomach.

  28. Leepitt says:

    One million percent agree!!!!! I was totally shocked but can’t say I’m surprised, we was saying I bet they boo and I bet they boo Nasri…. Cos they don’t understand!!!

    The boos will ruin the club, players won’t want to stay, AW will be under more pressure and everything is criticised. I get home from the game 1st thing my gf says is I hear your fans booed the team off! That’s not right is it…. Henry comes back and she hears on the news arsenal fans boo what message!!!!

    Like most supporters is hurt by last season, we win carling we prob go on and win the league but with a few additions I’m sure we can be great again.

    I’m gutted about Cesc I truly am but I feel it’s time for him to move on after 8yrs I wish he’d got a trophy under his captaincy. As for Nasri maybe AW is right to lose him for nothing next year – everyone says sell him for 20m but who has offered 20m no one…. And who would pay the figure is more like 10m so yeah keep him and try win something.

    I hope the rumours are true about 3 signings this week maybe that will shut the boo boys!!!!!

  29. Rich says:

    I don’t like the booing Rocky, but you’re deluding yourself.

    These aren’t fly-by-night fans that joined in the glory years, they are a cross section of our fan base that are sick of seeing the way the club is run. Young, old, away fans, it doesn’t matter – the only thing they see is the same mistakes from the same man in control.

    The boo’s have very little to do with what is happening on the pitch but everything to what is not happening off of it.

    Ultimately it will mean for every dropped point or slow first half performance, the booing will kick in. And once it starts it will only build – the Emirates will be a horrendous place to watch football this year.

    But the really sad thing is that with a little pro-active action, this could have all been avoided. Gaps could have been filled and a little good-will could have been bought back.

    Very few of those booing are asking for £30mn signings – most just want obvious failings to be dealt with as Arsene did promise they would be straight after the end of last season (and the season before…and the season before…)

  30. mr.mosh says:

    MORE THAN RIGHT. WE ARE GOONERS BECAUSE WE LOVE THE GUNNERS COME WHAT MAY. infact i am just happy to c them play coz its a game not a war

  31. aj says:

    terrible article. as paying fans people have the right to boo pre-season or not especially when its the same old problems that keep happening time and time again. people werent just booing because we didnt win this weekend, they’re also booing because wengers lack of action every transfer window. saying people are unsupporters because they boo when their team doenst win is nonsense, how else are people going to let their voices be heard

  32. WentworthGooner says:

    And who are you really to tell us not to come to the Emirates again. I have the right to boo just like anyone else who spend a lot of money on tickets and travelling to watch the boys play their tippy tappy football. If we cant win our own little Emirates Cup then something is seriously wrong and need to be addressed soon rather than later !

  33. George says:


    Quite simply, make a round shape with your mouth, aim at your chosen target and make the BOO sound.

    Hope that enlightened you!!

  34. Night Fung says:

    I’m 100% agree with you. Afobe is great!

  35. gervinhomonster says:

    islington is right in what he says,but after what squidman did on saturday and what he does everytime he plays wenger wont drop him or say a bad word about him because he’s french? and he wants to keep the same defence obviously it doesn’t take this long to sign a defender ffs or sell fabretwat or nasri and replace them he wastes so much time that in the end it’s too late to do anything about it , wengers past it hes done a lot for the club i admit but haven’t liked him for the last 2 or 3 seasons now he talks so much
    s h i t it’s unbelievable its not been a busy summer at all ,so theres 1 lie already how many more will the deluded bitches accept? all the pasing is getting boring now no end product waste of time all people want is some new signings to get excited about obviously we would love a trophy but you wont win anything with deadwood still at the club and kids ,experienced cover and a centre back needed and quality replacements for fab and nas nowwwwwwwwww

  36. Jacobs says:

    Am at cross line. But, how i wish Wenger and the board could learn something from this boo. I would personally prefer that we lose that Emirate cup and win something better, if that is the sacrifice why not. But my area of concern is this management of Cesc and Nasri to this extent and nothing is being done. If they want to go please allow them and bring in new players with zeal. I have said it before and will say it again that scolaci is not good, we should sell him fast. He has fucked up more than Ebue that we boo always. Lets get experienced defenders please.

    Ebue has not been able to receive applause because we continue to change him from one wing to the other and he does not have more play time as supposed. to me i love him anyway even more than Diaby that dribbles always.

  37. London says:

    Lannon 83

    “We have been out negotiated on a regular basis.”

    Could you give us one example of this?

  38. London says:

    I find it quite funny that Squilaci who wasn’t even on the bench on Sunday is still being used as the scape goat for the booing.

  39. sure agree with u.But we sure need new and xpirence signigs in d club,especially in d defence nd a TROPHY,cos d humilation nd booling from opposition club sides is 2much,painful nd annoying.Arsene wenger should just do d right thing ds month dat will bring GLORY to d club nd fans,though it’s still GOONER/ARSENAL 4 LIFE.

  40. Sid says:


    Nope, that doesnt help mate. Booing, by its very nature, is indescriminate, just like Napalm!

    Afobe could well think you are booing him, so your argument is as weak as my nan’s tea.

    Let me help you out;

    Booing = wrong
    Booing at a pre-season friendly = embarrassing & stupid

    Hope that enlightens you?

  41. London says:


    Great stuff Sid.

  42. goonerDNA says:

    Fans have every right to boo, because its us fans who keep football teams in business. We buy shirts we pay thru our noses to watch games live or for satellite TV. We were promised players and the 2 new guys have been alot better than I expected but still no CB which I think had more to do with the booing than losing out on the emirates cup.

    Its not loyal to look the other way being complacent has nothing to do with being loyal, ambition and hunger is the way forward and until we show that I expect more booing more disgruntled fans who will continue to sing spend the fucking money.

  43. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    “And before you start typing your response in the Internet equivalent of big green letters (which usually means ALL CAPITALS and lotsa bad spellin an txt talk cos u no shit man u no wot I’m sain?), I am not an apologist for Arsène Wenger.”

    PMSL Rocky 😆

    Gotta agree, it is a meaningless glorified training run the Emirates Cup, but I cannot understand why Squillaci keeps getting a run 😉

    On the positive side, it was my 1st look @ Gervinho. The run & assist to RVP had me clapping with delight.

    Still, its needs to be out with much of the old & more of the new if Arsenal is to remain as a top 4 club this season & beyond.

  44. George says:


    Well said mate.
    It’s been the same lies that have been used over the last 4-5 years re transfers. Wenger told us to trust him and believe in the youngsters.
    I do not have a problem with that as I used to go and watch the reserves and U18’s at Underhill every week and have seen the likes of Wilshire, Bartley, Frimpong, JET (can’t believe he has been sold)and other comes through.
    However he must realise that we also need experience and steel in the side. Our finances are in order and the stadium costs are under control. All that we fans ask for is the signings that have been promised to strengthen our team and deal with our weaknesses. I am not an advocate for spending silly money on average players for the sake of it but it is so obviously clear that we need at the very least 2 cb’s

  45. run says:

    This isn’t about winning or losing…there is something missing at this club, and whatever it is — the manager, the board, or, as much as I cheer for anyone in an Arsenal shirt, some of the players — nothing being done about it. That’s why people are booing.

    I’d rather go 18 trophy-less years w/ a team that that gives its all. Right now through, we’re not giving it anything close to that — not on the pitch, not on the touchline, and not in the board room.

    It needs to change. Supporters don’t get many chances to send messages. The people who booed today took one, and I don’t begrudge them that.

    Just hope Bartley doesn’t take it personally, ’cause I can’t imagine anyone was booing him.

  46. goonerclaude says:

    i ttell you why i boo seeing this fabregsa saga still dragging on no fucking new defenders these self serving pigs on the board feeding themsejves and ignoring the fans

  47. George says:


    believe it or not I do not and have never booed but I can see the point of those that do and I am just suggesting my opinion as to why.
    However I cannot see the difference between booing and saying that the team played s**t as I am sure you like eveyone else on here has said. That is also indescriminate as 1 of the players probably had a good game that day.

  48. hec says:

    What !
    you cant show your disatisfaction anymore ?

    Is it sit down shut up and put up with anything that comes your way ,

    I`m afraid “Rockylives” must live in a happy place .where the sun always shines and we spend our days licking ice cream sundaes on the village green listening to Ken Dodd sing Happiness .

  49. London says:


    Have I got this right, you are blaming Arsenal for not selling Fabregas quickly at the below market value that has been offered rather than blaming Barcelona for offering less than he is worth?

  50. gunnie says:

    Spot on blog. Support is what the players need, this behaviour doesn’t help at all (perhaps one of the reasons Fabregas wants to leave….?)

  51. London says:


    Do you agree with the booing after what was no more than a pre-season fitness builder?

  52. run says:

    Oh, and how is booing wrong? Sid, you’re lucky you don’t live in Philadelphia. Though, speaking of America, you sound like one of those redneck Republicans who thinks anyone who criticizes their country is traitor.

    Love doesn’t mean ignoring flaws. Just the opposite.

  53. Worst article ive ever read on Arsenal.

    The booing was totally correct.

  54. Jenkinson says:

    I actually think the ‘disaffection’ is getting pernicious and harmful.
    Booing at the end of a friendly in which I gather we performed pretty well is ridiculous.The obsession with trophies fanned by the media is slowly killing us – the last trophy we won was on penalties after probably the most boring Cup Final ever; we were within minutes of winning the Carling Cup this year after another poor performance; the team that won that trophy was relegated; do trophies matter that much?
    A dreadful refereeing decision cost us the return leg at Barca – without that we could have won the CL; no we are not as good as Barca but without the sending-off we could have got closer to a meaningful trophy.
    The awful performances in the run-in were the result of massive disappointment and, I believe, because the fans got on the backs of the players.
    The vitriol poured on the likes of Denilson and Bendtner was way beyond reason. It has been picked up by the media and certainly made it difficult for the players to negotiate good moves and has almost certainly reduced their transfer value.
    Unfortunately crowds are like sheep – if the man next to you boos so do you – unless you punch his teeth out and that is discouraged!

  55. Cloggs says:

    Booing? I found that mexican wave yesterday more embarrasing.

  56. goonermichael says:

    London. What are you worried about today?

  57. Gooner In Exile says:

    Right first off Rocky great post.

    Second all those fans asking how else to show your disapproval with the running of the club….simples stop going to games stop paying the “overpriced” tickets to not be reinvested. It’s a far less destructive form of protest and shoes clearly that your complaints lie with the running of the club not the players.

    ANYONE who pulls on an Arsenal shirt has my support whilst they are on the pitch.

    I’m actually in someways glad that the imbeciles booed yesterday, as it was so inconsequential the fans who have been silent for too long or who cannot compete in the argument after losing an important game.

    Now all these silent majority supporters who in the main are there to give 100% support for the club need to do something you need to drown out the boo boys. You need to stand up tall and song your heart outs win lose or draw. Just make positive noise let the players know how many love them let them know the boo boys are not the majority.

    Come on the real Gooners

    “stand up if you love Arsenal,
    go home if you’re going to boo”

  58. mystic says:

    I was at the Emirates yesterday, but wasn’t one of the boo boys. However your comment regarding it being the minority does not stand up to the noise from every part of the ground yesterday. To be honest I don’t think they were booing the players, but the behavior of the manager – until very, very recently I would have put myself in the ‘Arsene Knows Best’ faction, now (against my insticntive feelings)I’m not quite so sure.

  59. goonermichael says:

    I thought the mexican wave was the most exciting part. I was almost asleep at the final whistle. I fell asleeap after my last post yesterday and woke up this morning at 8:30. I don’t remember being woken up to eat. I’m never drinking on a hot afternoon again. I feel like shit now.

  60. George says:

    Even Wilshire is now calling for new faces!!
    Is it any wonder that Clichy left and that Nasri and Cesc want to as well.
    Why is it that NO ONE WANTS to leave Man U, Chelsea, Barca, Real Madrid, AC MIlan, Inter etc. You never hear of their players WANTING to leave to achieve success and that is because the players at these clubs recognise that they are already at clubs where success is achievable, not guaranteed.
    It is SO obvious we lack quality and experience yet there are no concrete signs that these issues are being addressed except for the usual lies that we hear from Wenger every year about transfers.

  61. tere says:

    definitely we need new signing. but that booing will not help much.

  62. London says:

    “Unless you punch his teeth out and that is discouraged!”

    It’s all gone way too PC now.

  63. tommystout says:

    fabulous post Rocky, the booboys embarrass us and just fuel another bunch of negetive media.
    I watched a drew positives – gibbs traore, kozzer and TV partnership, the wilshere rambo combo, afobe, resurgence of Rosicky… all positives, the only negetive for me is the crowd, sing your asses off you silent lot, i just wonder how our guys would play if we provided them with a cauldron of noise. you never know our opponents might be fearful rather than us, what a thought!

  64. London says:


    I woke up worried that today might be the day that we lose the most talented player at the club.

  65. London says:

    Morning Tommy

    You watched the same game as I did, you must have as saw all those possitives as well.

  66. mystic says:

    @GM ‘I woke up worried that today might be the day that we lose the most talented player at the club.’ – so you think Bendtner is off!!

  67. gonner54 says:

    Great first post, I am 54 years old and have supported Arsenal since i was about 54 seconds old, I am sick of this anti Arsen crap that comes out of some not all so called supporters you should be ashamed of yourselfs, you act like spoilt little stuck up brats that are o.k. to support when all is going well and then throw the dummy out of the pram when things dont go your way. The fact is there is not another manager on the planet that could have done what Arsen has done with the recourses available to him. I know it hurts but we do not run our club like Man U or Liverpool and def not like Chelski and Man City who lets face it were only bit players before someone come in with no connection to the club and wanted to play chess with a football club. You should be proud that the club is run in the proper way, i would rather finish 4th every year than be run like Chelsae or man City or put the whole club at risk like Liverpool and Man U for that matter. You moaners make me sick now get real and look at the the true facts then feel bad about yourselves and start to get behind the whole club. Oh yeh and be carefull of what you wish for because if Arsen goes like some you want “you Pratts” we will be lucky to finish in the top 6 every year.

  68. goonermichael says:

    How many friendlies provide a couldron of noise? I don’t go to many league games as I don’t have a season ticket. I went to the Amsterdam cup last time it was on and the away support was fantastic. I’ve been to some CL games and the singing was pretty good. I’ve been to old shithole and thier fans are no better.

  69. Gooner In Exile says:

    By the way too many seem also to have overlooked two reasonable penalty appeals turned down.

  70. 2pistols 2cannons says:

    Lets hope it gets the message across our new singings should have been in already!! Poor post mate RVP and Wilshere said it we need to spend!! Did you even see the games, it was the same old shit and your attacking us,Die Hard Fans booed the last game of the season and whats changed jack s**t our boos fall apon def ears anyway.

  71. goonermichael says:

    I was going to say that.

  72. Chris arsenal says:

    It was a poor second half in both games we didn’t stand out at all infact Bocca at times made us look like a Sunday team . I was at saterdays game and watched Sunday’s I’m not impressed with the formation or wenger intent on keep telling us he’s going to buy defensive players up till the last day of transfers then say oh no we just missed out on all the good ones . If we want to boo the lack of lust to play for there team we will . It’s not being a glory hunter it showing how we felt at the end of last season and how we still feel now . P. S gervhino was by far the best player in both games

  73. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rocky, 🙂

    Wow, a blistering – both barrels blazing – full frontal assault of a Post! 🙂

    There can be simply no dispute that you are expressing a view held by many of us fans.
    But there are going to be some who, thru’ disappointment will not be persuaded that you are right.

    It is unfortunate that events have led the Arsenal support to split in this divisive and deeply unhelpful way.

    It has to be recognised that it is human nature to respond to hurt, either physical or mental, in a visceral rather than a cerebral manner. That is to say, we instinctively react in primal ways if we experience: Happiness — we smile : Hurt — we scowl : Threat — we retaliate.

    Civilised, well mannered society does not condone vulgarly verbal and public expressions of our intrinsic animal feelings, and yet has to recognise the reality of of the need to occasionally vent such feelings, because to suppress them could lead to an explosion of a more violent, physical outburst.

    Derisive jeering (boo-ing) is a consequence of the feelings of outrage, anger, frustration and so on.
    Because jeering is a ‘transitive verb’ we have to ask — “at whom or what was the jeering directed?”

    I suspect (I was not there) that the intemperate jeering was directed not at individual players, or at the team, per se, but at the manager and the board of directors, for appearing to fail to address the perceived weaknesses in the team, particularly in defence.

    There is also another aspect to this unpleasant occurrence, which reveals a further fundamental divide between the fans.

    It can be said that those who jeer are doing so out of self interest.
    They simply want to support a winning team and brag about it to rival fans, for their own edification and delight. If the manager or the board appear to be preventing this, for whatever reason, their vitriol is unleashed.
    To many other die hard fans, who can also be disappointed by an apparent lack of team success, this jeering or other public displays of discontent, against their beloved team or its manager, is akin to a complete lack of loyalty.

    This aspect of the problem you have addressed in your admirable Post, and to these supporters, any lack of loyalty is a characteristic they find intolerable!

    Confession: I am an Arsenal fan and I love the club and the team without reservation — while not being blind to the temporary short comings that have been voiced by others.

  74. azed says:

    Barca fans boo their team yet our captain wants to go there… during capello time at Madrid, he was winning yet he was booed and players still want to go there cos those teams are winners and they don’t take shit unlike the author of the crappy post!! If u play for arsenal u must give a 100% whether its a friendly or not…..
    I don’t care if afobe is 12 years he is paid a salary n once u get paid for something u better do it right.

  75. mystic says:

    @goonermichael ‘Mystic
    I was going to say that.’ – I know you were, now you see my mystic abilities! lol

  76. Baafuor from Ghana says:

    Nobody booed any players.After all its not their fault they got selected into the team.
    I suppose the Boos were directed at Arsene and those greedy mugs on the Board.

  77. Franchise says:

    I and I await the day that Wenger departs the Arsenal

  78. Bstrum says:

    Well said, Rocky. To all those who claim to spend a lot of money to attend Arsenal games and thus have apparently paid for the right to boo the Arsenal at any time, and I’m a little sceptical that all such people have actually even been to a single game, please, please, piss off to Stamford Bridge and enjoy a multi-year Russian money laundering operation, or to Etihad Stadium to wallow in what Arabian oil money can buy (Adebayor, Jo, James Milner, Gareth Barry, Jolean Lescott, Craig Bellamy, Wayne Bridge, Robinho, Dzeko, Shaun Wright-Phillips, et al.). You are the moron if you, as some of you claim, keep paying money to watch a team that you apparently dislike so much that you have to boo them after a draw in a friendly. Nobody asked you to buy tickets and in the end nobody gives a shit if you buy tickets, because despite what you think, there is a substantial waiting list for season tickets and you’ll do all of us a favour by just pissing off elsewhere.

  79. 1st Gooner says:

    The boo fun, like everyone else have the right to express their feeling. Those funs have left their jobs and paid with their hard earned money to go through disappointments day in day out. If they find booing as a way of sending the message so be it. Expect more of that in the coming season if the team team does not improve. It does not take a genius to figure out the problem with team. Why is it not been addressed. Kudos to the boo fund. I love you all.

  80. Liam says:

    I think the booing is out of frustration, to remind the management and the board , you got the money , so spend it , even people on planet mars know we need a commanding centre back , yet still one is not evident …even the Red bulls from over the pond in New York , worked out how to play us , two solid banks of four shut up shop and wait for the defensive error up the other end …..

    Wenger is a fantastic manager , but we are a couple of players short from challenging , even if we have to pay over the top for them we need to buy them fact….

  81. Nealmustgo says:

    I hope one Day Arsenal have a good clean out of supporters all you Arsene apologists can fuck off to Watford and sit in the stand holding hands . you pay your money and if you feel the show was bollox then boo all you like it’s nothing to do with you all the booing was for Wenger not the players not the club the man on the edge of the pitch with his head in the sand

  82. goonermichael says:

    Hi Franchise. How are you? I thought I may have seen you at the tavern yesterday.

  83. OMG, soooo funny, most of the people who are saying they have the right to boo are literally typing the way you said they would!

    u know w00t I meean lyke? hahaha.

    When Arsenal play a team and play them off the park the supporters of the other team do NOT boo, they walk out in protest.

    Walking out shows your disappointment as fans and is enough, booing is too much.

    If I was an Arsenal player and received that I would want to leave the club.

  84. goonermichael says:

    Ther was ahot oriental girl sitting in front of me yesterday. Can I hold hands with her at Watford?

  85. Dxn says:


    while i most def will not support booing your own team, i find it almost mind-numbing when certain fans don’t seem to understand that as fans we desperately want our clubs to win, and while it may be in bad taste sometimes, that would be why some would show their dissatisfaction.

  86. Wow

    GM & Franchise are hiding over here!

  87. Wookie5 says:

    Nonsense. I have every right to boo; I am spending my hard earned cash. The boos were for Wenger who has lost the plot, the guy is delusional. He can go to hell as far as I am concerned and so can every other stubborn blind advocate.

  88. Barry O says:

    Absolutely spot on … the morons who booed need to take a long hard look at themselves!

  89. goonermichael says:

    I’ve got a headache.

  90. goonermichael says:

    While booing a pre-season friendly (which Arsenal drew against New York Red Bulls) is beyond pathetic, Jack Wilshere seems to understand the Gooners’ frustrations. “We have to win things this year,” said young Jack, suggesting that with a couple of additions Arsenal could challenge for the title. Wilshere crocked his ankle in that friendly, and could miss England’s friendly against Holland on August 10…

    F365 agree with the post and they atre as anti Arsenal as mos pundits

  91. ze bist says:

    one hell of a stupid article. i cant wait for arsenal to finish 5th and wenger sacked. we need change n it aint gonna come from d manager

  92. enyoche says:

    Hi. Rocky, those are the fans who suports wining side, and they must know that in football, yo can win or loose. to me it was just part of football.

  93. Rocky Jay says:

    So how are the fans supposed to show their displeasure at whats happening? Surely Wenger does not read the thousands of Arsenal blogs (as then he would surely have bought one or 2 world class defenders)
    How else would we let him know of what we think?
    and you should realise, we did not boo Arsenal FC, we booed Wenger and the players who seemed least interested to play!
    The reason we booed, i take you to somewhere in April this year, when we were out of running in all competitions and Wenger comes out and states we are going to correct the mistakes for next season!
    2 months and a couple of pre-season games later, we find out nothing has been done to correct these mistakes!
    We still have Squillaci playing in defence, we still got players playing out of position, we still got a huge chunk of players injured, and a number of them wanting to leave, and we are even weaker in squad numbers compared to the previous season!
    I think those reasons are enough of a justification for the booing!

  94. goonermichael says:

    ze bist. dats d spirit.

  95. tewdros gizaw says:

    Cut the bullshit ! change! change! change! what arsenal needs is transformation.sighning of new quality players,strenghening z defence,at least one class A goalkeeper,midfielder and attacker is a must unless arsenal wants to repeat z same heart breaking history we’ve cried over 4 z past 5 or 6 years.look how other clubs are sighning new quality players and strenghening their clubs.look how seriously they take their friendly matches to show respect to their supporters and give them hope zat their team will perform much better in z coming season.we are now seeing some of arsenal’s good players are on z verge of leaving z club and others are showing lack of moral and interest to play.we are hearing that even players prefer to join other clubs which are much lower in standard and history than arsenal due to several reasons,mainly of two;the club’s very strict sighning policy,and zero progressing results 4 z past 5 or 6 consecutive years.please AW,the board of directors and share holders do something big and good.because z key is in your hands to heal or kill one of z best teams in the planet.

  96. Rob says:

    “So if our team went out of all cups and finished 15th in the league and all strutted around not caring, you’d still blindly support them would you?”

    Yes, cos I support Arsenal! Have done all my life, and always will, even if relegated. My support is unconditional, through the ups and the downs. You probably weren’t there for the real downs as by comparison the current situation would be considered a carnival worthy of jubilation. Time for you to move on to support City or Chelsea. Arsenal’s history is not just the last 5 minutes, or the next 5 minutes. We have won before and lost before and will do both again. No side can win always and no team can always keep the fans ecstatic. Look at the fortunes other teams are throwing around just to be able to compete in the small group of elite clubs in which we exist. There were 16 teams last season in our own league alone who would give their left arms to have what we have, and a lot of them spent a fair bit more than we did.

    Things are changing in football with the new squad rules, and the new financial rules and Arsenal are still in transition financially. Sure, we have been tight with the pennies but surely anyone can see that is because the new rules stated above will change the football environment and reduce the amount of clubs throwing around stupid sums that we currently have to compete with for most transfers. At the same time we’ll be cleared of debt, something we are clearly working hard towards, and making good money from our stadium, so i can see why, although arsenal want to invest to stay competitive, there is a slight reluctance to really splash the cash and break the bank when prices will surely fall as demand falls due to financial restrictions. The environment we are operating in will shift in just a few seasons and i don’t subscribe to this rubbish that we must win at all costs now. if we don’t win anything for another 6 years i’ll still be an Arsenal supporter but i don’t see that happenening. Where has this frankly ludicrous sense of entitlement come from? There are only 3 top trophies on offer a season, and we’ve gone a lot longer than 6 years, playing a lot less entertaining football, without winning them in the past, are we spoilt or what?.

    Also, the suggestion we are not spending so as to make huge profits for the sake of making the board rich is a little idiotic isn’t it, the money we save, don’t spend, or make, is helping us get back to £0 in terms of debt. How is that a bad thing long term (and supporting a team should always be long term).

    Moreover, at what point during the Emirates cup did you see a fit first team get taken apart? Thats right, you didn’t. Stop whining. Mostly kids, squad players and mixed first team cameos. Arsene will add a couple of players and we will perform above expectations, again, seeing as expectations appear to be so low it won’t be hard. We may not win anything, but if we don’t, it will be a hell of a ride anyway and entertaining or is winning the be all and end all. If that were true, football would have died long ago.

    On a positive, how good does Gervinho look? Though we didn’t spend 50 million so he must be crap right?

  97. Dgob says:


    What oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed!

    Well said

  98. jollymike says:

    I hate booers! I hate losing and I want this team to win something soon. I come from Norway and I’ve seen Arsenal lose against TNT. A team of players from lower leagues in Northern Trøndelag. A county in Norway. This team was full of people who never have done anything to notice on a playing field. Arsenal lost. Not one Arsenal supporter booed that day. We didn’t have a good season in the PL either. It was in the Graham era of the 90’s.

    Now we play some ok teams and play better than the teams we meet and lose out. It’s a training session. Nothing more. And then people boo! It’s stupid.

    If you like to boo at the team. For God’s sake do it when it’s not a training session you’re watching.

    Great post Rocky. We don’t need all the negativity around our club. Not when they need confidence.

  99. Fishpie says:

    The booing was a CLEAR message: Arsene and Ivan, you promised us new players to improve our weaknesses; don’t think, even for a second, even for a friendly pre-season tournament, even with lots of player rotation involved, that we will let you get away with not delivering on your promise. I’m glad we barely created any decent chances, I’m glad we gave away two more leads. These practise performances speak the truth. And there’s no hiding place from the truth for Wenger or Gazidis. The fans who booed are the ambitious ones, the ones that are taking action, the ones who see the truth and speak out. If booing is unfair on some of the players, it’s Wenger and Gazidis’s fault. EVERYTHING IS IN THEIR HANDS.

  100. bloggers a fool says:

    Ha ha love it. A blogger with an oppion telling people they ain’t allowed an oppion.

  101. Dave says:

    Perspective: The Emirates Cup is the only chance I have to take all my kids at once to a match. Premiership and FA Cup matches are sold out. The Carling Cup takes place at night, so that’s out of question for kids with bedtimes. The tickets still cost a fortune and this is the weekend when most shirts are sold – every one of my kids got one. If Arsenal want this big commercial win (short-term the matchday revenue, long-term the new child supporters) then they are obliged to play their part – field a strong team and try to win. If they want to take without giving they are mercenary and deserve everything they get.

    Solution: Get rid of Gazidis and install a CEO with the balls to kick the club into shape. Gazidis looks like wet lettuce and seem twice as useless.

  102. Wookie5 says:

    The problem is Wenger. We have been crying out for years for him to buy a decent centre back pair, a good defensive midfielder and decent left back. It’s so ridiculous that laymen like I can see the issue but he can’t. No one is asking him to break the bank. Get in the reinforcements we need and get shot of the dross Eboue, Fabianski, Denilson etc. His stubborness and refusal to act has destroyed his legacy. Do the honorable thing and GO. You are destroying my club you senile fool.

  103. chas says:

    gr8 post, Rocky.

    i m ov de oppion dat booin iz 4 more ons.

  104. Nealmustgo says:

    goonermicheal the only oriental girl sitting in front of you was the one you bought on the Internet and as for getting all moist over people’s spelling get a fucking life sad twats

  105. The booing could be the best thing that has happened at Arsenal for a long time. Now this has set the tone for the new season, Wenger cant get away with his bullshit this time….at the first sign of trouble the booing will start and this will make wengers job untenable.

    Hopefully he’ll be out the door be the end of August.

    The fans that were booing are the true fans, this is the most effective way to get what everyone wants, a new manager that isnt a lunatic.

  106. Rob says:

    I value your commitment on this issue Rocky, although having read many comments I also appreciate that by paying the admission fee you also gain yourself the right to voice discontent.

    The manner of showing our disappointment however could be far more constructive! Booing as a sign of frustration simply won’t change anything. Unfortunately though the board and manager are so closeted away from the fans that not even the AST can seem to generate more than a patronising pat on the head, so I imagine many fans feel that a hearty jeering is our only outlet.

    I heard plenty of booing at the end of the match, but in our block the sound was probably even more disturbing… A collaborative sigh of “here we go again” and “why did we bother getting our hopes up”

    A few great positives were that Ramsey seems more than ready to step in as a midfield general. I loved seeing his attitude on display, it makes an Arsenal fan pride. Similarly I was pleased to see Rosicky getting stuck in. I was on the verge of thinking he’d be on his way out of the Emirates, but his effort was encouraging to see.

    For me, the other star performer was Gibbs. He knows he has a great opportunity now that Gael has gone, and to his credit was able to run forwards effectively, but do his defensive duty with strength and accuracy. Top notch.

    I hope that players aren’t booed for lack of quality, as every player who plays for Arsenal has huge talent (despite my own personal confusion as to why no-skill-achi has ever been in the team) but if booing is defendable at all, it is when talented players don’t seem to put the effort in. A couple of names who perhaps can’t be too surprised that their displays weren’t greeted to rapturous applause would be Arshavin and Chamakh.

    Still… as your article very validly points out, I doubt being heckled will inspire them to greatness. Until Arsenal take the AST seriously though, and more fans become members, it seems that the wishes of the red army will be little more than Nicklas Bendtner’s plea to be recognised as the greatest footballer the world has never known.

    Maybe the club could leave comment slips on our seats “Please don’t jeer, write your comments here” or “No more boos, give us a clue” or “Don’t heckle or frown, just write your thoughts down”

  107. Dave says:

    Wookie – to be honest the problem may be Gazidis.

    We know Wenger is a good coach. How the hell did Arsenal come to think he was some sort of pseudo-CEO?

    He’s a coach who has lost his way because he does not have a manager keeping him in order.

    Get rid of wet lettuce and bring in a CEO with balls to paint clearly for Wenger the results he has to deliver. If Wenger has forgotten what it’s like to be managed by people well-placed to manage him then it’s time to go. But let’s give that a spin before casting out a coach who might just still have some of that deft touch left.

    Gazidis needs to go now and be replaced by a proper CEO. The problem is it is too late to save 2011/12 by doing this. Nonethless, he’s a dead loss beyond redemption so chuck him overboard now and start the improvement.

  108. Franchise says:

    hey GM I didnt come out

    Wherehasaresenalgone who are ya?

    Lets stop all this self righteousness. The team was booed and rightly so

    Arsenal FC under OGL (Our Glorious Leader) is becoming too much of a joke

    We are not fools ARSENE

  109. Canadian Gooner says:

    Hooray! Finally a well written piece that sums up my feelings exactly. Unfortunately, I doubt many of the Boo Brigade have the intelligence to appreciate your well reasoned arguments. I suspect many were brought up on video games and expect instant and total gratification at ALL times.

    I too was disappointed at the way last season ended, but I do realize that Arsenal can’t compete financially with the likes of Chavski and Abu Dhabi Citeh. Yes, Arsene has made mistakes. He is not a saint. However, what other manager has or could do so much with so little for so many. Only for a minority of thoughtless and feckless fans, NOT supporters, to try and undermine the team with their infantile antics.

  110. Si says:

    Bang on Rocky. Even Spurs fans are talking more sense about Arsenal than these precious whinging muppets

  111. I am the ghost of Arsenal past.

  112. Rockylives…

    The booing was correct for the following reasons…

    a)Why hasnt the manager shown any ambition off the pitch?Over the last 6 years he has saddled us with the crap that was -silvestre,squillaci,chamakh,eboue,diaby,almunia..

    b)Who played diaby over arshavin in a CC semis 2 years back?”I wanted them to know they could win without arshavin”..remember that?

    c)Who has given ridiculous payhikes to dross players like diaby,denilson etc that no club wants them?

    d)Who has refused to strengthen the team saying “it will kill denilson…etc”. even when it was obvious to the most moronic armchair fan that we needed better quality players.

    e)Who has refused to train the players on set pieces and defending. “we are more an attacking outfit…we attack well means we can defend well”…

    f)Who has built complacency amongst the playerrs by treating them with kid gloves and throwing away cups?

    g)Who has created this cesc saga by dragging it on and on?if it was SAF would he have not finished with this business?why did we get PV4,TH14,hleb13 and now this….?coz the manager doesnt put his foot down.did CR7 raise his voice when RM were after him the second year in running?nope..but we still see cesc and his buddies do crap.why doesnt AW ask cesc to come out and say what he is supposed to say as the captain of this club?why appease him with the armband.

    Now…not one of us are hankering for superstar signings like mancity.we are just asking for AW and the board to invest in decent players that are better than the crap we have donning our shirt.We are asking for decent defensive coaches.remember when we went 10 games without conceding on the way to CL finals? they were coached by an ex-arsenal defender.Why not hire him again as a consultant?Why not let pat rice retire when he wanted to do it this year.a great opportunity to bring in a new brain to help AW out, but no.he begged him to stay..basically AW has brought this upon him by being stubborn and narrow minded.A true winner has humility to accept and learn from his mistakes but AW has shown he has no such qualities.Every legend has his time and AWs is over as far as i can think.he has to change or mark my words hell get the chop before the season ends..the fans are truly pissed off about all the lies that emerge from our club.before you can come up and ask me to star supporting city i have been a gooner for 14 years, from the time i started watching football.So are many others who are right to criticize the manager and the board. A faithful gooner.

  113. chas says:

    Franchise, click on de blue blogger name

  114. Franchise says:

    With all Arsene’s cunning tactics re tactics, transfer, press conferences etc he has only suceeded in alienating the fanbase

    why on earth would a manager say we have no problems in defence after conceding over 40 league goals

    most of which were from teams coming from behind?

  115. Dave says:

    And again I flag – Wenger was successful when managed by Dein.

    We don’t need Dein back. We just need a CEO to manage Wenger.

    It may be the most important signing the club could make.

    This slide happened under Edelman and Gazidis. Neither of whom is up for the job of CEO of Arsenal.

    Wenger needs a CEO to tell him the targets he needs to achieve, to measure him against those and to deal with the consequences if they are attained or missed.

    Let Wenger focus on the football and stop scrimping on the second salary because he has a degree in economics.

  116. Dave says:

    indian gooner – your points could all, without exception, be tackled by a competent CEO. Gazidis out.

  117. Franchise says:

    tactics re tactics haha

    meant his evasiveness in telling the truth as some form of mental advantage

    if i tell press conf that denilson is the next falcao he’ll probably believe it and play like a peak rivaldo on steroids

    what nonsense

    he has also suceeded in making his star players loose faith in the project

  118. 037 says:

    absolutely agree with this article!

    i’m always behind arsenal 110% at every game (even all the way from Indonesia)…

    criticism is for blogs. once you’re on the field, please cheer!

  119. tomstoned says:

    Goonerholic mate

    i do understand your feelings,still there has to be some changes..we have been americanized..we have been turned into a financial institutuion..we are being ripped off…
    if Goonerholic people just sit back and accept whats going on..will there ever be any changes…you Sir and the rest of the accept all brigade should know than when people stand up and let their voices be heard it is out of love and frustration…and if you look at the rest of the world you know that changes only happens when people stands up and protest..
    and ill just refer to Wenger :we will be very active in this summers transfer market..??…what the heck are we paying Gazidis for..he must be a far more disaster for The Arsenal than any player…and Wenger oh man….the same mistakes over and over again..lying..deceiving and uncapable of sorting out Our defence..but could you really trust a man who even cheats on his own family ? Hill Woody…well like a certain Lady said the board arent capable of running a big club like Arsenal,and it would have been better Hilly if you just run up Kentish country and grew some tomatoes…

    if our captain is so fed up…a man who is paid a great deal of money for doing what he likes the most…if our best players really either dont want to be here no more (Nasri)or if even our youngest players sees problems that arent fixed by wenger(Walcott-Wilshere)if fringe players like Clichy dont want to stay.. Then Sir tell me loud and clear…all is well at Our Beloved Arsenal…and once more Goonerholic please tell us all to shut up…

    loving The Arsenal does not mean we have to accept all that is going on…look at pool…they managed to sort it out.We The Gooners Should Do The Same…

  120. chas says:

    Tom who is toned,

    u got de rong blog blud.
    Goonerholic nah live here.

  121. ubin says:

    Paying fans!! Stop your booing please!! You think booing is gonna help wenger and the board to wake up their ideas?
    Unfortunately NO!! If you wish to see changes, then STOP going to the games.
    No point coming here biatch about how much you paid for the overpriced tickets and expect the team to perform.

  122. Danish Gooner says:

    Listen Rocky,we are managed by an anal retentative egomaniac that only responds to booing,Arsenal fans are feed up off being promised title after title and in the end handed denilson and rosicky it is time for Wenger to deliver but he wont because Arsenal can sideways pass themselfes into oblivion and still not win or even score.Against Boca it took us 25 minutes to register a single shot at goal 25 Minutes in a meaningless friendly it tells how rigid his tactics are that not one of his players think outside the box and tries something out of the ordinary like actually shooting at goal.Wenger is simply put killing himself for being stubborn and rigid in his thinking.NOT ONE think have changed since that humiliating defeat at the hands of Darren Bent not one at it is simply not good enough.I will put my head on the block and say whatever player we sign from now till the end of August teams will have a field day with this Arsenal because there is no plan B and never will.It took Martin Keown 2 minutes to issect what is horrible wrong with this Arsenal and any half decent manager can now set his side up to nullify Arsenal and there is not a damned thing Wenger can do about.

  123. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Just off topic a bit, but have a look @ this thunder bolt from Tommy Oar in the U20 WC this morning. He’s a 19yo & is earmarked in Oz to go to the top of his profession

  124. chas says:

    Watch from 46 seconds in to prove how effective it is to shout, “SHOOOOOT” every time an Arsenal player gets the ball in the opposition’s half.

  125. chas says:


    that goal from Tommy Oar is the dog’s rowlocks.

  126. ubin says:

    can see frank lampard bulldozed one of those lucky shots

  127. SharkeySure says:

    Great article Rocky, I’m just back from holiday late last night and back at work today, so will catch up on the detail of the games later.

    My question to those who support booing is this..?? If we won 1-0 yesterday would you still boo..?? Does Bartley clearing for a corner instead of conceding, change everything..??

    Would you be cheering as the Cup was lifted..?? Would it make you feel any better about the upcoming season..??

  128. tomstoned says:


    grow up..and or nah wouldnt help much…just keep hiding behind wengers skirt,,,all is well up there in wenger land i guess..how magnificent…
    are you paid to be part of the plot mate ?..

  129. SharkeySure says:

    “ze bist says:
    August 1, 2011 at 11:12 am
    one hell of a stupid article. i cant wait for arsenal to finish 5th”

    I love that line, its only a slight variant on the ‘we’ll drop out of the top four this season’.

    I’ve heard that every pre-season for at least 4 years now, from Unsupporters who also poor scorn on achieving CL football every season, with stooopid talk of the ‘fourth place trophy’.

  130. tomstoned says:


    dont be stupid mate…the booing didnt just happen …it has been coming for along time…i think wenger and the board have had more time to rectify the probs we have had for a very very long time…maybe i you’d consider the lying and false promises year after year after year after year…for quite a few Gooners the fact is that the trust in wenger has gone mate …and well to be honest it isnt just the Gooners who have lost faith now is it..5-6 players seems to be of the same opinion..or ??…and not just any players SharkeySure..Our Best Players Mate…

    who do we sell next year??..Wilshere…Walcott…well when money making is the one and only ingridient at The Arsenal..im sure You Sir will be happy to see what The Arsenal has turned out to be ??

  131. SharkeySure says:

    TomSt: “look at pool…they managed to sort it out”

    You know that already do you..??

  132. ubin says:

    just boycott all matches . until changes been made

  133. SharkeySure says:

    TomSt. Can I withdraw my last question to you (12.38), cos it seems that you don’t really understand what I write, or bother to read it properly.

  134. goonermichael says:

    Nealmustgo says:
    August 1, 2011 at 11:32 am
    goonermicheal the only oriental girl sitting in front of you was the one you bought on the Internet and as for getting all moist over people’s spelling get a fucking life sad twats

    thanks for that. Neal. I wasn’t even being nasty.

  135. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the post Rocky, once again you have managed to touch a collective nerve.

    Welcome to all the new names and thanks for staying within the guidelines of the site as regards insults and reptition – please make sure it stays that way.

    I was at the game. I didn’t boo – no-one should ever boo our own.

    My heart sank a little when their goal went in and to all those who were disappointed but didn’t boo – good on ya!

    The booing was wrong. I don’t believe the booing was aimed at the players, the manager or any individuals particularly but at the scenario, and I have some sympathy with that.

  136. spanner says:

    With a defence as tight as a gnat’s chuffer I doubt very much that a single boo would be heard in the direction of our players/manager/directors etc.
    The club needs a big injection of nous at the back.That is more or less it.Throwing leads away will guarantee the better players will get fecked off with it all,and disappear to wherever they imagine things will be rosier. If I was an attacker running my socks off to get a two/three/four goal lead only to see totally idiotic defending undermining my work, I would think about slinging my hook too. So crap defensive strategy and organization will ultimately have a far more negative effect on the team than a few punters voicing their opinions.
    And don’t think the players are so naive they don’t know why the booing took place. If they think they had some part to play in the avoidance of winning then they get a chance to realize how it upsets those who really want to see them succeed.
    Have you ever seen the white hanky treatment at Real Madrid? They even do it during the game! Now that’s what I call abuse.

  137. Bstrum says:

    David Dein bitterly opposed the building of Ashburton Grove and we can only be grateful he was outmanoeuvred by the late Danny Fiszman. His son may be the agent for Fabregas (and Gael Clichy), but most tellingly, David Dein cashed out and made £75 million by selling to Alisher Usmanov! This is the man Lannon83 and his ilk want back at Arsenal?!?!

    Excellent posts from Rob and JollyMike. We may feel bitterly disappointed, critical, and frustrated (and not only with the team and the management, but also with the highly suspect refereeing Arsenal have sometimes endured, e.g. the extraordinary decisions against a league-leading Arsenal in the sequence of games beginning with the February 2008 game at Birmingham when Eduardo had his leg shattered), but we also remember the context of absurd financial realities and the history and performance of other clubs and can still remain hugely appreciative of how lucky we are to support a team like the Arsenal. Why not take a look at White Hart Lane to see what spending money has done for them?

    I would say to the hysterical haters out there, nobody is forcing you support the Arsenal. It’s clear that Chelsea or an Arabic construct such as Manchester City is far more suitable for you and everyone would be happier if you made the switch.

  138. Rob78 says:

    “but could you really trust a man who even cheats on his own family ?’ With all due respect, and it aint much, what the f^&% does that have to do with anything? Or will you throw anything out there to further you agenda (seemingly a hatchet job on arsenal). Wengers worst mistake? Making us entertaining and successful in the first place and fostering a group of spoilt fans with a sense of entitlement, who have forgotten what it was like for the team to be really sh7t. Sure we won before Wenger but not as often and not with the exciting football we now play, and we went for long, long spells without winning. If we are booing now, you boo boys must have booed yourselves hoarse pre-Wenger. Get a grip.

    Wenger is a genius; everyone can see it except some Arsenal fans. Jesus, it comes to something when it takes spurs fans to tell arsenal fans how lucky they are to have Wenger. Wake Up!. Its tough being a top flight manager without the resources other teams have. That is what we are building toward though, improved resources; sustainable revenue which will significantly bolster resources without a risk to the continued existence of the club. Lets all look at Blackburn (former premier league winner dontchaknow!). We need some players, sure, which team doesn’t (maybe City but they have problems with too many). We will no doubt sign some players. We have signed Gervinho already and he looks class. Arsenal are in a very healthy position. The worst thing about Arsenal right now is not our lack of a commanding centre back, or a lack of a clear choice as no.1 between the sticks, its not even our inability to close games out that we are winning; it’s some of the fans. It’s embarrassing. Such hate-filled comments, boos and negativity and so quick to forget and ignore any positives. Your fanatics of the club, but it seems like you hate the club. Making out in some way boos and bad mouthing are a service to the team; a way of pointing out short comings, is total rubbish. I was at the Emirates Cup and some “fan” was being aggressive and having a pop at the cashier in the shop over the price of something, saying “i’ll pay that when you buy a centre back”. I should imagine, such was the impact, that he immediately scuttled off to get a deal done? no? no, he didn’t, he, like most of us in the queue just thought what a an a4se. I bet lots of fans of other teams, in far less healthy positions than us, are thinking the same thing about Arsenal fans. Negativity and moaning of Victor Meldrew-like proportions doesn’t help the team, It is just throwing your toys out of your pram and essentially helps no-one. It will certainly erode morale and make players want to leave. Not the greatest pre-season preparation i would think.

    Incidentally, i saw someone booing at the end of the game about 3 seats in front of me. That was the first time i’d heard any noise from that “Fan” through-out the whole game. Lets not save it all up for booing eh?Cheering and chanting are allowed too, you don’t have to wait for things to go badly like a coiled cobra waiting to jump on any little mistake with a boooooo!

    Haven’t we been written off pre-season before? Don’t we get written off every year? Its gonna be hard to take back a lot of whats being said without looking pretty stupid. There is always someone worse off than yourself, in our case, every other team in the world bar a handful, if that (perspective!)

    If the negativity continues some may get what they wish for, Wenger out, and then we’ll really have a gauge of how difficult a job managing Arsenal really is. The list of managers who can do what Arsene does, with the resources he has, is a short one indeed, but maybe he does need to go so all Arsenal fans can appreciate that fact.

  139. Paulinho says:

    The fans booing were the intelligent ones pre-empting the joke that the coming season will be. Good on em.

    Arsenal can’t even have flatter to deceive anymore with fancy pre-season performances. That’s the difference between this year and season’s past.

  140. Gooner in Exile says:

    All you booers ask yourself one question

    2010-11 EPL season
    Home League:
    1 Man U
    2 Chelsea
    3 Man City
    4 Liverpool
    5 Arsenal

    Away League:
    1. Arsenal
    2. Man City
    3. Chelsea
    4. Spurs
    5. Man Utd

    Now ask yourself why you expect the team to play their hearts out or show loyalty to a bunch of vocally negative fans.

    To someone who said no one has ever asked to leave Man Utd….Christiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Jap Staam, Wayne Rooney….oh i forgot Rooney was alright because he was just engineering a better deal for himself.

    To my mind not many players have asked to leave the Arsenal either, the interested club spouts stuff in the media and heads are turned money offered and off they walk.

    But no all you lot want to do to justify booing is say that it is aimed at the Manager and his team of underachievers that last season if we had played all outs matches away might have won the league…..funny that isn’t it.

    Why did you go yesterday to put more money in the clubs pockets that you think is being taken from you and not spent where you want it, why bother just stay at home there is no need to spend that money. Vote with your feet, its not like we’d signed ten players when you got the ticket is it? You knew what to expect, let the club know by not turning up, this will obviously in turn save me from your outpourings of emotion and disappointment.

    We’re all disappointed and we all might want things to change somewhat, but most of us appreciate that Wenger has his hands tied and he can tell Gazidis he wants to sign someone and if Gazidis does the deal then he gets his man, if he doesn’t do the deal he doesn’t get the player. He won’t compromise his playing style though. So if you want him to spend he ain’t going to spend on a direct British style player that you want, so spending will make no difference.

    Also spending will block talent like Wilshere getting through, would that be okay with you? Do we want Bartley to have a future at Arsenal or is he now thinking about returning to Rangers because he is pretty sure he can guarantee he will receive fervent support, as will JET this coming season for the Tractor Boys, and I doubt Afobe hasn’t thought about returning to Huddersfield to hear his name sung loud and proud at the McAlpine.

    Wenger could of course do what Redknapp does and criticise the Board in public for not allowing him to spend and hope to protect himself from the public slaughtering, he doesn’t why not? Because unlike the boo boys he has shown utmost respect and loyalty to his employers The Arsenal at all times.

    About time some fans started showing him some respect, showing other fans some respect and showing that they support the club and the players on it.

    Definition of Support:

    1. To bear the weight of, especially from below.
    2. To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.
    3. To be capable of bearing; withstand: “His flaw’d heart . . . too weak the conflict to support” (Shakespeare).
    4. To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen: The letter supported him in his grief.
    5. To provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities.
    6. To furnish corroborating evidence for: New facts supported her story.
    a. To aid the cause, policy, or interests of: supported her in her election campaign.
    b. To argue in favor of; advocate: supported lower taxes.
    8. To endure; tolerate: “At supper there was such a conflux of company that I could scarcely support the tumult” (Samuel Johnson).
    9. To act in a secondary or subordinate role to (a leading performer).

    Nowhere does support say to criticise whenever you feel things are going against you.

    And lastly something from the legend Thierry Henry who more people seemed interesting in cheering on yesterday than our current players, and the player that made the pass that brought about the draw:

    “I know some people have had a go at Arsene recently. But I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to be the manager after him. The Boss changed the face of the club and, for me, I would keep him here for life. I know he got a bit of stick recently but I thought it was unfair and hopefully they can change that this year. They were close enough to win it but they didn’t. In football, you get judged on what you win. But they will realise what Arsene was all about the day that he stops. Then they will see.”

    Will you listen to him then? No he is not an ex pro extolling your view, how many players who played for Wenger are saying he is done? How many ex pros who could never have dreamed about playing for Wenger are saying it? Plenty more, why? Because they hate that someone has tried to create a brand of football that makes what they did in the game look stupid, that when they were playing embarrassed them week in week out, because they have not got a clue how to play football apart from to kick whatever is in front of them as hard as they can.

    Thats the end of my rant for today be back tomorrow when the more cerebral bloggers return.

  141. goonerDNA says:

    SharkeySure, Forget the emirates cup the fact we’re kept one clean sheet in 5 pre season friendlies to average opposition is shocking I would of cheered if we won the EC but I would still be worried about our defence, Bartley isn’t at fault wenger is for not addressing very clear problems. If we addressed certain issues I would be feeling better about the upcoming season we haven’t I’m worried and that fear is the booing (I wasn’t there yesterday as I live abroad and I probably won’t of booed but I understand )

    And Afobe was subbed and got cheered not jeered and Bartley is a big boy who just came back from a very good but rough season at Rangers booing crowds is the last thing he’s worried about.

  142. Gooner in Exile says:


    Back 4’s and GK’s when we have conceded:

    Hangzhou Town – Mannone, Sagna, Squillacci, Djourou, Traore
    FC Cologne – Szczesny, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Boca Juniors – Mannone, Jenkinson, Squillaci, Djourou, Traore
    Red Bulls – Szczesny, Eboue, Bartley, Vermaelen, Gibbs

    Any of those look vaguely like a starting back four and goalkeeper for the coming season, other than in the case of a serious injury to two or three players.

    The only one that does is the Cologne team and if you’ve seen the goal i don’t think you’d be that bothered as it was the mother of all freakish own goals.

    Right really gone now

  143. robn says:

    reason for booing – just check out your own “summer comings and goings” doesnt read very well does it
    Booing is the only way to alert the board to the fans feelings. there wasnt booing during the game so you cant say the fans were dissing the team, it was done after as a protest
    time for you to wake up

  144. Red Arse says:

    Well said GIE, 🙂

    Unfortunately your intelligent and well argued case will either fall on deaf ears or be met with total incomprehension.

    Like you, I am off until the site returns to normal. My love of Arsenal does not extend to people like this.

  145. R.B.Skage says:

    I did not bother reading this nad neither should anyone else, whoever wrote this tripe is not a supporter of anything, let alone the Arsenal. (Pay attention, because this is not written in caps.)
    You are an utter vile and incomprehensible creature, to go out and demonise paying fans of this piss bucket enterprise, for actually doing what they paid good money to be allowed to do. Boo the man that has heaped so much misery on them for almost a decade now.
    You should have your freedom of speech revoked. If this was not comprised in such a way that your meek mind may pick it up. then please feel free to make do with the dumbed down version…

    …. the rest of this comment has been edited out as it contravenes the rules of the site. Abuse of the team, the manager and fellow bloggers will not be tolerated. Make your points but stop the name calling or forego your right to post on AA

  146. neamman says:

    Amen. In 50 plus years of suporting Arsenal I have often been unhappy but I have never booed the team once. I would rather have 50,000 commited fans at the stadium and 10,000 empty sets than having these idiots there.

  147. Dave says:

    Let’s all send an e-mail saying ‘Booooooo’ to Gazidis.

    That way the players won’t hear us.

  148. TC says:

    Spot on, I have supported Arsenal for 50 years and never once booed the team or Arsenal players, and I have seen some shit in that time

  149. cupsui says:

    Embarrasing…Arsenal, the 1st team in history to be booed in a home friendly. What a bunch of self-righteous, upper class, rich private school brats that think they are simply born into entitlement.

    I feel so sorry for Bartley, Afobe and Co getting to experience the Emrites like that in a game that should have been so positive for them playing with their icon and legend Henry!! I am seriously worried about what all the players feel, would you feel inspired by people booing you off the park in a home friendly that ended in a draw when a young promising defender made a mistake and turned in an own goal? I hope word of this doesn’t reach Valencia otherwise why would people like Mata ever want to leave their own adoring fans for that…the only fans in the world that boo their own teams in friendlies…

  150. greg says:

    I booed with gusto and I didn’t even have to buy my ticket – I got a complimentary one. Arsenal are crap – we as fans have every right to boo them – and I shall boo them against Newcastle. Wenger and his rubbish squad out, booooooooooooooooooooooo!

  151. goonerDNA says:

    G.I.E, With our injury record what’s the odds that within next season we’ll have 2 defenders out within the same time…very high the goal against Cologne was freakish but a lapse in concentration is all it takes very much like how we turn off late in games and concede silly goals, Carling cup still hurts Newcastle, Spuds etc etc

  152. goonermichael says:

    Who cheats on thier own family? Hope you are not refering to Wenger. He split up with his wife ages ago.

  153. goonermichael says:

    Surely it would be better to just not go. Isn’t “voting with your feet” meant to be a tactic for change?

  154. mystic says:

    Whether I agree with the boo boys or not (as it happens I don’t), surely when they have paid out a fortune they should be allowed to express their displeasure. It really doesn’t matter if it was a friendly, the performance was indictive of how the team performed at the end of last season and little seems to have changed.

  155. Max says:

    Well put, you articulated my thought exactly.
    Please keep up the positive, supportive posts that we need to sound out the cancerous minority you refer to.
    I really wish those people would go away…

  156. Gooner in Exile says:

    RB Skage you have won the award for the most ridiculous line of the day

    “heaped misery for almost a decade”

    9 years is almost a decade, 8 years is almost a decade, 7 is getting there, a six is not, what happened in the preceding four years of this almost decade? Twice EPL Winners, Twice Runners Up, Three FA Cups, Champions League Runners Up.

    I know its the past, so is the last six years though so if i can’t use the past to justify my point don’t you use the past to justify yours, whether its recent or not its still the past and we should all be focussing on the future, clean slate, fresh season, lets see where we are end of September and see if you’re all still chest beating?

    Lets just look at results wins and losses in last ten years shall we, sod that i’ll do it over last 6 years:

    Won – 160
    Drawn – 69
    Lose – 59

    Yep the majority of our games end in wins, thought so, why so miserable?

  157. Rob78 says:

    @ greg, i boo you. As a fan, your performance is terrible; you show a lack of commitment; and you are damaging morale. You are letting us and the team down. Time for a free transfer to anyone who will have you. We need to clear out the deadwood fans, who are trying to undermine the team with a desire to be negative, and vocal, before a balls even been kicked, or the transfer windows closed.

    You plan to boo against Newcastle, with 2 weeks to go, any number of signings possible, and even if no signings, a very good chance of us winning the game. Yet you plan to boo already? Is this because you are able to see into the future or just cause you are a complete …. who will boo whatever happens. I imagine you will be quite disappointed should we secure 3 points, as it would hinder your anti-arsenal campaign. I, like goonermichael, am surprised you would bother traveling. If the price of a ticket gives you the right to boo can’t you just not buy the ticket and save it for someone who will cheer the team on and not wait in wings like a bitter, twisted golem aching to express dis-satisfaction the instant something doesn’t go our way. Maybe i should come to your job, stand behind you all day waiting for you to make any slight error and then pounce on it with a barrage of boos, see how uplifting you find it. Its almost like schadenfreude, enjoying any mis-fortune the club endures as it sure as hell seems like you are not hoping they do well? or did i read it wrong?

  158. Gooner in Exile says:

    Dave, if the fans want to sing “Sack the Board” or “Sack Wenger” or anything else specific its fine, I might not agree but at least we will all know what the complaint is.

    To boo is so non specific that fans like Rocky, me and others get annoyed because we don’t know what anyone is actually booing about. Also booing is much easier to join in with than standing up and singing something more targeted. At that is why it is so frustrating.

  159. R.B.Skage says:

    If you people are so afraid of a few fans booing what needs to be booed, then why don’t you just join the chorus, so we can get rid of the flake frenchman in charge, then get back to playing, only this time hopefully under a coach that won’t baby them like your mommies did all of you, you mommy boy’s. Toughen up or ship out… The spuds needs more fans, I’d rather you stoic lot that’ll say Oh, pardon me… As you get assraped by a championship side go sit with them at the next derby. BECAUSE THE REAL ARSENAL HAS VOCIFEROUS FANS! NOT YOU SORRY LOT!

  160. R.B.Skage says:


  161. tomstoned says:


    well that fine by me,just close your eyes and dream away

    and for all the rest of the Gooners in here who are more than happy with the way The Arsenal and wenger is going about things..good on you lot..

    what does Gazidis really do ? can someone please explain why we should pay that man a single *dollar*He have been a disaster even in wengers eyes..who told us all keeping players and renegotiating players contracts would be vital..well Gazidis why the heck did you make a mess of Nasri’s contract then ?….and what the heck have you done in the cesc department ? nope Gazidis get OUT of The Arsenal ..you do NOT belong here..

    why why is it that every single important player at The Arsenal seems to agree with som Gooners…We need to strengthen !!..Rvp-cesc-nasri-walcott-clichy-wilshere..and many more have stated that fact…and we all do see it very clearly dont we ?

    we have become a club who want to be run like a business and that means making money…it shouldnt come as a surprise..look at ticket prices..look at the sales of players…and at the end of this summer transfer we will see it clearly again..no doubt…jenkinson..oh my god…its not really a world class player..is it ?..should he be able to play for The Arsenal..no of course he shouldnt…

    ill bow my head to Keown he was right on the money…

    and why havent we told barca..you can have cesc..just pay up and do it proper ..not with installments..and that should have been said a year ago….
    and nasri since the fool Gazidis couldnt work it out ..he should be sold asap…making him stay and loosing 20M…well heck if wenger does that he really is quite stupid..inst he…?..

    it is in my humble opinion quite shocking how some Gooners either doesnt see all the mistakes that are being done by wenger Gazidis and the board…or simply just turning the blind eye…

  162. R.B.Skage says:

    Gooner in exile, simple answer to your silly but simple question…


    And I sincerily doubt any of you have any either!
    I am being proactive this season as opposed to the last SIX!

  163. Rasp says:


    I have edited your last comment. Stop the insults and you can continue, persist and you will have deprived yourself of the opportunity to have your views aired on this site.

  164. London says:


    And here comes the upper case.

  165. neamman says:

    The only way to get the boards attention is to stop buying tickets or merchandise. If you want to complain do that!!
    Also then COMMITED fans can use your seats and CHEER the team on!!!!

  166. Evonne says:

    Rocky – Arsenal Football Club have survived many disappointments, loses, broken hearts and legs only because of supporters like you, true and forever. We would never be one of the best clubs in the world (best in my opinion) if supporters didn’t carry the banner through the tough times.

    I have no time whatsoever for the boo boys and gold diggers, they are surplus to requirement at the Emirates.

    And don’t tell me to do the ironing, because it is all done 🙂

  167. R.B.Skage says:

    If we quit coming to matches, it’s like quitting to care, we do care about this club, but unlike most of you, we care enough to voice our oppinions when we see something bad being done to it.

    If we left this ship to you lot, then the next time we saw it, would be when we found the wreckage. Sometime around may I imagine, as another championship side wins four nill at the emirates with only three shots at goal. They will go down in silence to 60 000 AKB’S watching on carefree completely oblivious to the significance.

  168. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for all the comments, for and against.

    A couple of points for clarity:

    I am not denying anyone’s right to boo or to express themselves in any legal way they choose. I’m simply saying that I would rather you didn’t.

    Like many of you who approve of the booing, I am unhappy with some aspects of what’s happening at Arsenal: I was dismayed at the way we ended last season and, although I am convinced that significant new signings will be coming in soon, I would rather they had arrived earlier in the summer so they could bed in better (and head off the kind of disgruntlement that was witnessed yesterday).

    I guess where we differ is that I do not believe that booing will alter what the club management does, but I am certain it undermines the players.

    You can only believe it will alter what the club management does if you think that they currently (and previously) were not doing their best to be successful. Of course they want to succeed and they will continue trying to do so. For all the end of season collapse, it’s worth remembering that we got ourselves into a good position in all competitions last year. Some see that as evidence that we are a million miles away from getting a trophy. I prefer to see it as evidence that we are very close.

    Honestly, my biggest bugbear is with the tone of some of the boo brigade. I have seen people who are so obsessed with their ‘Wenger out’ agenda that they spend all game moaning and booing and then seem genuinely disappointed when we win. And that is something I will never understand.

    I have only been supporting Arsenal for 41 years (much less than several regulars on this site) but I am not ashamed to say that my support is unconditional. Even if we ever (Dennis forbid) got relegated to League Two or lower, Arsenal are still the only team I’ll ever support.

  169. mystic says:

    6 years when the club is celebrating 125years is hardly a time worth noting, however it would be nice to be moving in the right direction, rather than just talking about it. If Wenger isn’t intent on spending so be it, but at the very least everyone at the club should be open and honest to tell the fans why.

  170. R.B.Skage says:

    I couldn’t give two shits about your Wenger ass licking site, I’m just here to annoy you bastards so you don’t knock REAL fans no more.

  171. goonerDNA says:

    Neamman, that’s why we were promised signings to get us to renew our tickets that’s why the Mata stories came 1 week before the emirates cup and that’s why 1 day after the emirates cup is finished the deal is over between us and Valencia can’t you see that our current board are manipulating us into buying tickets, lets not forget the AST meeting where we were promised signings for key positions we need strengthening in. I really don’t get these people who think turning a blind eye is taking the moral high ground.

  172. Swazigunner says:

    I can’t blame the guys who showed their frustration. We gave away a lead twice during the emirates cup the same way the team did last season….

    Even though its pre-season, it does not excuse the fact that we still have to play to win….It should be the mentality right now, especially going into the season!!!

    Whats the point of playing football if it isn’t to win trophies!!!!

  173. goonerDNA says:

    R.B.Skage, you give us “the disgruntled fans” a bad name

  174. R.B.Skage says:

    Even Manure fans have more bite than you lot, although some were quick to defend Ferguson when they hit shit creek a few years back, the man himself took charge and turned it around on his own. No faith in Wenger doing the same!

  175. John says:

    Islington says:
    August 1, 2011 at 9:49 am

    “So if our team went out of all cups and finished 15th in the league and all strutted around not caring, you’d still blindly support them would you?”

    Erm yes I’d still support Arsenal. Very happy though people like you wouldn’t, I’m beginning to think it’s almost worth it…

  176. goonermichael says:

    RB skage
    If you were a “real” fan you would know that you get “relegated” rather than “demoted” Or is that the american way?

  177. Gooner In Exile says:

    Skage what makes you a real fan and not me?

    Because you care enough to boo?

    I care enough not to boo…

  178. Gooner In Exile says:

    John … My feelings exactly.

  179. goonermichael says:

    How corrupt are the Argentinians? They’ve merged the top 2 divisions to get River plate back.

  180. chas says:

    Real fans boo…….you couldn’t make it up.

  181. Bstrum says:

    To Gooner In Exile, I agree that six years is not nearly a decade. To R.B. Skage, however, it is a lifetime.

  182. goonermichael says:

    Real fans boo hoo chas.

  183. Rasp says:

    And with these words………. “I couldn’t give two shits about your Wenger ass licking site, I’m just here to annoy you bastards so you don’t knock REAL fans no more” ….. ….dear R.B.Skage has made sure that he will not appear on Arsenal Arsenal again.

    goonerDNA, thanks for your more tolerant approach

  184. Red Arse says:

    I hate boo-ing.

    But for Skage I will make an exception ……. BOOOOOOO.

    Now fuck off!

  185. RockyLives says:

    Redress 😀

  186. Red Arse says:

    Anyone got an update on the news coming out of Spain, (I heard it while flicking through the local radio stations) that we had agreed a £20m deal for Wossa Matta, but were unable to come up with the money, by yesterday? They claim we were waiting for the sale of Cesc for the funds.

    Apparently the buy out clause expired on Sunday and now they are asking for £55m (ish). Fat chance!

    If true, that would be very strange and a huge blow to AW, let alone putting question marks against our ‘transfer treasure chest’

  187. Gooner In Exile says:

    Thanks for one newcomer and one seasoned poster for making me smile.

    That’s Bstrum and RA 😀 😀

  188. RockyLives says:

    Whoops, should have been Redders – damn predictive text.
    Mind you Redders, you were offering redress…

  189. Red Arse says:

    I’m disappointed Rocky, I thought you were complimenting me on my new red dress!! 🙂

  190. Camberwell Gooner says:

    Good god, who left the creche door open? There’s snotty, whining brats running amok left, right and centre. Somebody get nursey on it pronto! My shoes are sopping wet from stepping on dribble-covered dummies spat out all over the floor.

    It’s late in the day and there’s not much left to say that hasn’t already been said, so a little note to the boo-babies:

    We hear you, we really do. We just wish we couldn’t. Now run along and play with your lego or there’ll be no milk for you later.

    *dishes out multiple spankings to all toddlers within striking range*

  191. Rasp says:

    So Mr Skage doesn’t like Arsenal and he doesn’t like the English – what the hell’s he doing on this site discussing our football club?

    He found another computer to post his comment from but that now is banned too.

    Any hope he had of being taken seriously evaporated hours ago when he resorted to repetition and abuse.

  192. Camberwell Gooner says:

    @ Rob78, Blimey! You, sir, are a legend. More of your kind in here please.

  193. goonermichael says:

    How do you speak better English than me? You don’t get DEMOTED from the premiere league. You get Relegated.

  194. goonermichael says:

    I had a great time yesterday Rasp. I overdid the Stella though. 😦

  195. tomstoned says:

    if the Mata story is true..well Gazidis go grab a hamburger and get the feck out of The Arsenal only one word to describe this..incompetent….
    and it shows what the board have been doing all along…lied and deceived Us..The Gooners..
    how come we have had to sell players every year….and not been able to return the money investing in Our Team ???????
    and dont shoot me down for saying this…but…look at the gervinho deal…when was it completed…after the sale of clichy..where we waiting for the money from that deal too..the chamakh buy..was it the fact that we didnt have the money and had to wait…Arsahvin deal..down to the last minute..why..no money ??..
    i do not believe for one second that any true Gooner would have stopped supporting The Arsenal if they have said we dont have any money to spend…we would have just gotten tougher and stood together..
    but all these feckin lies..lies ..lies…and wenger well he tell the most of them…we’ll invest…its not that easy..what? the rest of the clubs dont seem to have a problem investing wenger ??
    nope time’s up…we’re in a bloody mess..

  196. Camberwell Gooner says:

    Yes of course, tomstoned, it’s all Gazidis’ fault. After all, you work closely with him on a daily basis and have access to all the facts surrounding the transfer.

    Gazidis out.

  197. Red Arse says:

    England have beaten India in the 2nd Test!

    Jeez, I am really becoming anglicised!! 🙂

  198. hemp says:

    …………..A lot of Arsenal fans have been calling for the head of Arsene Wenger of late and I can understand why and I will tell you all now that were a little deluded right now and the heat of the moment and lack of trophies would understandably lead us to want the manager out..But lets not forget what Arsene has done for this club and what he continues to do for this club. Nobody really knows the ins and outs and the real details of the Arsenal spending budget but one thing we do know is that the Emirates cost a hell of a lot of money and its going to be tight until things balance themselves out..Last season we were one injury Eduardo away from winning the Premiership and Wenger could not account for that.

  199. Red Arse says:


    I was asking if anyone had an update on the Matta story.

    You seem to have jumped in with both feet without bothering with the facts. Bloody nuisance them thar facts – enn’t they?

  200. tomstoned says:


    history never lies now does it ??..lets wait and see…i wonder if Nasri lied when he was dissapointed with The Arsenal for not coming up with the new contract earlier…who sorted that deal ..was it the american money making tycoon Gazidis…who stated that we had bundles of cash and would use them ? Gazidis again or ?..deal after deal seems to slip out of Our hands ….who’s to blame..Gazidis ?…or maybe its more convinient to blame sime frustrated Gooners Camberwell ??..
    i am surprised that some Gooners lke yourself Sir never questions anything that has happened at The Arsenal….even the best of Or players seems th\o think something is very wrong…except those overpaid kids of course….
    lets all be like You Camberwell all happy nomatter win or lose..it doesnt matter…we’re doing better and better and Gazidis well he is close to God when it comes to being efficient in dealmaking…he shold be Our Hero…dont matter about what players or some Gooners think..we’re living in Arsenal Fantasy Land arent we ?

    just glorious..

  201. greg says:

    There were a couple of Arsenal players looking at us as we booed the shit out of them – their faces were priceless. I got aletter from the club a few weeks back asking me was I going to renew my season ticket – I wrote back informing them that the wife buys enough over expensive toilet roll without me adding to it.

    I’ll miss booing these useless shower of wan*kers that should be ashamed to wear the shirt – but I’ll get a nice holiday abroad instead with my saved toilet paper money. WENGER OUT YOU CLOWN.

    I’m going to be supporting City until WENGER goes – loyal fans like me should not have to watch that crap.

  202. tomstoned says:

    Red Arse..

    there have been far to many *mistakes*made by that fool Gazidis and it makes me sad..

    update on the Mata story…is if there isnt a deal in place already ,its true that the date for his release clause was on 24.00 the
    31 of July…more than that dont know Red Arse ..some Gooners sites are running the story….latest was goonertalk..how much more they know im not sure about..

  203. SharkeySure says:

    It seems that if you don’t want Wenger gone, or £20m spent on the likes of Jordan Henderson, then you’re an AKB mug/muppet etc etc ….yawn, happy with mediocrity etc..more yawning.

    Unsupporters think that they show how much they care for the Club by ranting and screaming until they are blue in the face, and that if you don’t join in with them, then you must be happy. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

    My main problem with their outlook is a point blank refusal to see or say anything positive about the club. Do any of these ‘wifebeaters’ think Gervinho has looked good so far, do they think Miyachi looks a bit tasty, is Mata a decent player..?? Nope, you hear nothing positive from them, pretty much ever.

    Last week I saw London ask one such wifebeater to state something he liked about our club. He directed London to an earlier comment, in which he’d said ‘I love Arsenal’, before going on a typically long rant. That was it. Thats all he offered. It was a topic that he refused to expand upon, which was really odd, as he writes tomes on how shit we’re supposed to be in so many areas.

    Best of all, I love when wifebeaters turn a positive into a negative. Song has a good season. ‘Yeah but look at how long we had to wait and how many more chances he got than an Englishman. Lol.

    RVP has a good spell of fitnesss and undisputably demonstrates thathe is World Class. ‘Yeah, well he’ll be off next season as well won’t he’.

    Wifebeaters really do my head in.


  204. Red Arse says:


    Why do you have to continue embroidering your argument with snidey comments about other bloggers on here?

    Just state your case and give the unwanted personal comments a miss.

    But if forced to give an answer to your rather feeble comment … yes I much, much prefer Camberwell’s attitude over your bisted and twitter persona!!

  205. Red Arse says:


    Stop giving wife beaters a good name! 🙂

  206. tomstoned says:

    and Red Arse you are most welcome Sir..and im not going to have an ongoing stupid argument with you…im sure you have your own opinion and reasons for just that..but i must say that im not quite sure who’s feeble….

  207. SharkeySure says:

    It seems that if you don’t want Wenger castrated, or £20m spent on the likes of Jordan Henderson, then you’re an AKB mug/muppet etc etc ….yawn, happy with mediocrity etc..more yawning.

    Unsupporters think that they show how much they care for the Club by ranting and screaming until they are blue in the face, and that if you don’t join in with them, then you must be happy. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

    My main problem with their outlook is a point blank refusal to see or say anything positive about the club. Do any of these ‘wifebeaters’ think Gervinho has looked good so far, do they think Miyachi looks a bit tasty, is Mata a decent player..?? Nope, you hear nothing positive from them, pretty much ever.

    Last week I saw London ask one such wifebeater to state something he liked about our club. He directed London to an earlier comment, in which he’d said ‘I love Arsenal’, before going on a typically long rant. That was it. Thats all he offered. It was a topic that he refused to expand upon, which was really odd, as he writes tomes on how shit we’re supposed to be in so many areas.

    Best of all, I love when wifebeaters turn a positive into a negative. Song has a good season. ‘Yeah but look at how long we had to wait and how many more chances he got than an Englishman. Lol.

    RVP has a good spell of fitnesss and undisputably demonstrates thathe is World Class. ‘Yeah, well he’ll be off next season as well won’t he’.

    Wifebeaters really do my head in. They knock their own club so hard, and claim its cos they love it so much. Yeah right, course you do !!!


  208. SharkeySure says:

    Oops double post.

    Caused by one of: talktalk’s poor excuse for an ‘always on’ broadband service; my typinsons; my Alzheimers.

    Could well be the combined efforts of all 3 though !.

  209. wenger and board out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    i was booing at the game !!!!

    6 years of shit tippy tappy football and no end product !!!!

    BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you tight f*cks and stop lying to us fans !!!!!!

    Wheres all our money going oh sorry the board are taking it all

  210. Red Arse says:


    Sorry, I forgot to say that I have no problem with you voicing your genuine concerns, some bloggers who are perfectly decent people might even agree with some of what you say. Who knows?

    Just say your piece and see what transpires ….. but not the personal adjectives like “fool” Gazidis. Your 5:35 was better, although Camberwell might not like your “Arsenal Fantasy Land” comment, which implies if he does not agree with you he must be La La …. I assure you he is not.

  211. Gooner In Exile says:

    Double post from Sharkey …. Yellow card for repetition! 😀

  212. Red Arse says:


    We were just getting you potty trained and then you go and write your 5:53.

    I said your comment was feeble not you … your response? You think I am feeble. Typical!

  213. Sharkey – so good you said it twice 😆

    Well, we’ve had a fine carry on today I see, lots of uninteresting comments from ‘supporters’ who think its ok to boo a group of players that include newly aquired youngsters and in front of our very special legend Thierry Henry – how bad must he have felt, disgusted I’m sure.

  214. SharkeySure says:

    TomSt. You read something negative and unsubstantiated on a website that wants hits, and you use that as further evidence about how foolish Gazidis is…??

    If that same site told you that Kaka, Sneijder and Ronaldo were having medicals today and signing tomorrow, and that Gazidis had personally done the deals himself, would you be singing his praises right now.

    No..?? Just because it doesn’t fit your agenda..??

    You do know that all these websites copy and run stories on a ‘stopped clock’ basis right..??

  215. SharkeySure says:

    Anyway, where’s my manners.

    Afternoon all.

    Special mention to Rob78, Mystic, Bstrum, who’s comments I have enjoyed today. There were others as well.

    Also to the regulars, who’s posts and comments I often read whilst on a sun lounger last week.

    Oh and a quick ‘alright neighbour’ to Camb Gooner and GoonerWife. My first ever trip to Highbury (1977) involved a bus from the Green up to the Elephant. I’ll not explain that any further for the mental images it might conjure up for our overseas correspondents.

    10 yr old boy rides to football match on Elephant, has trouble finding space to park it ..??

  216. Gooner In Exile says:

    Greg – “I’m going to be supporting City until WENGER goes – loyal fans like me should not have to watch that crap.”

    Can’t believe Skage’s comment about a decade of misery has been usurped by this gem. Not really how supporting works is it….ho hum. A former season ticket holder too apparently. One less consumer to bore me.

    W&BON – the board takes all the money? 2009/10 financial results state Directors and Board wages £2.89 million, gate receipts £93.9m. I can really see how they are fleecing us 2% of your ticket price goes on the Board wages. 2008/09 Cost of Directors £2.2m, gate receipts £100.3m.

    Now GM reminded us yesterday that done people don’t do percentages so if you spend £100 on tickets £2 goes on the board wages.

    I know that goes against the tripe quoted on other blogs but that info took me 5 minutes to find out.

    And to be sure I only looked at Gate and Matchday Turnover I didn’t even add in TV money or prizes which would bring the percentage down to about 1%.

    Now I know that the Board have benefited from increased share prices due to their financial management but here’s the thing I’d rather that and a pot to piss in, rather than a shiny trophy acquired by bankrupting the club.

  217. Red Arse says:

    GIE for President! Go GIE!! 🙂

  218. barumgooner says:

    Nice post Rocky and well said. The way a section of our fans are so keen to turn on our own players is a disgrace and If I were a player looking for a club (not just for the money) would a home crowd like this be a factor in looking elsewhere ?

  219. Red Arse says:


    As you have such a plethora of fascinating Arsenal subject matter to write about, can I plead with you to write something more anodyne for a week or two.

    The flux of semi literate, bile ridden unsupporters (I like that descriptor – GIE?) that have been attracted onto AA, following your excellent Post today, have given me a cornucopia of raised blood pressure and crushing irritation, and I would like to return to a gruel-like plate of non controversial fare for a week or three, please! 🙂

    They won’t take offense as I doubt they will understand any of that phraseology! 🙂

  220. SharkeySure says:

    Agreed. GiE for President.

    Greg. Do you know what an ‘oxymoron’ is..??

    I actualy voluntereed it for ‘word of the week’ on Le Grove once and it was accepted. Incredible.

  221. Red Arse says:

    Incidentally, we are not the only blog who are appalled at these Boo-ing bloggers (see: Another Arsenal blog and also Arseblog – yesterday).

    We need to treat all the boo-ers with disdain (as we have done) because for all their self justification they are just plain Wrong!

  222. GhostFace says:

    This Article is a disgrace. From top to bottom.

    Any paying customer who is dissatisfied with a product has the right to complain.

    I dont understand wtf Afobe and Bartley have to do with anything.

    If their not good enough to be in the first team. Dont play them.


  223. Red Arse says:


    That’s a tricky one! Hmm, oxymoron ….. it’s either a new washing powder or perhaps it’s a synedoche, or adumbrational rhetoric or maybe a paradox.

    Darn — it looks like I’m a failed Boo-er because I just cannot decide! 🙂 They are so damned clever those guys!

  224. Red Arse says:


    I was really cross with my Talktalk broadband service and so I telephoned them to complain. When they answered, I booed as loudly as I could.

    Odd thing is they did not seem to understand my complaint.

    Same with Arsenal, I suppose! Doh!!

  225. GhostFace says:

    So youre saying that in sports nobody understands what booing means.

    Or are you saying Arsenal are too thick to understand it?

    Or are you saying you are too thick to understand it?

    This is not your best work Rocky Lives.

    You dont understand booing. Fine.

    But dont sit there and lie to yourself that things are looking promising less than 2 weeks to the start of the season.

  226. SharkeySure says:


    Where does Rocky say everythings fine and looking rosy. You missed this bit I guess – ‘despite my reservations’.

    Can you answer my questions at 12.26 one at a time..?? I’m trying to understand the triggers for booing.

  227. Evonne says:

    RedArse @4:30 – i’d be damn, you can swear!!! Well done 🙂

  228. Bstrum says:

    SharkeySure asks whether Greg knows what an oxymoron is. A hint to Greg: No, it’s not Adebayor in an O2 shirt, but I suppose it’s not too terrible a guess…

  229. Evonne says:

    Ghostface – yes, every dissatisfied customer has got a right to complain, you are spot on. So, if you were not happy with M&S tuna salad would you go to the nearest branch and start booing? No, because you’d look like a prick. You would talk or write to the customer services and put forward your complain.

    If you were still dissatisfied with their response you would probably stop shopping at M&S.

    So, why can’t you do the same with Arsenal? Write to them and express your issues. If you still not happy – go and support another team. Because regardless where you boo, be it M&S or the Emirates you end up looking like a dickhead and achieve nothing

  230. GhostFace says:

    Sharkey. I’ll answer your questions gladly.

    If we won 1-0 yesterday would you still boo..??

    No. But Im not sure i understand the relevance of this question. We didnt win.

    Does Bartley clearing for a corner instead of conceding, change everything..??

    Change everything? Im not sure i understand this question. If he did his job right, then I would be willing to be more patient with him.

    Would you be cheering as the Cup was lifted..??

    By New York Or by Arsenal?

    Would it make you feel any better about the upcoming season..??

    Yes. But not by much.

  231. Red Arse says:


    Despite a long and boring day reading the crap that has spewed out from the boo-ers, I still believe in the ethos of this site, as do the other regulars, that all bloggers should be treated with respect.

    So, I simply refuse to believe that you are as big an idiot as your comments portray you. Because your comments would imply that you are incapable of understanding the point of Rocky’s Post.

    We all know what boo-ing is, what we are saying is that boo-ing the team or the club or the manager at a game is unacceptable coming from anyone who purports to be an Arsenal Fan.

    oh look, I’ve got to be fair to you, perhaps you did mean what you wrote …. and you are an idiot after all.

  232. SharkeySure says:

    Was it GiE earlier who said it would make niore sense to sing a negative chant about x, y or z. At least it would be clear what your gripe was.

    I remember ‘demanding’ that King Dennis be offered a new one year contract the night we put 7 past Everton. Mine was one of 38,000 voices (Everton fans had joined in!!) that night.

    Now thats how you get a message across.

  233. GhostFace says:


    I would take your comment more seriously if booing was something uncommon or something uncouthly made up by a small set of spastic creatures.

    But whats the point? Why draw comparisons to real life when Booing is universally accepted form of expressing dissatisfaction especially when it involves sports?

    Actually cant believe ive had to type the last sentence.

  234. GhostFace says:

    Red Arse,

    Give me a break.

    The AKB is so typical.

    You first start your argument with some self righteous bullshyte by saying the bloggers should be treated with respect and then go on to violet the “ethos you believe in”

    Is that Ironic. Or is it an Oxymoron?

  235. GhostFace says:

    Specially since you resort to name calling.

    How very boring.

  236. GhostFace says:

    violet = Violate. 😀

  237. Red Arse says:

    Hi Evonne, 🙂

    As you know, I abhore swearing as it is a refuge for the inarticulate and the stupid.

    But on rare occasions, so called fans who utter such spiteful and disgusting comments about MY club, make me forsake my own standards.

    What is the matter with them? They seem unable to debate the strengths and weaknesses of the club in a sensible and decent way without resorting to diatribe and character assassination. Yeuk!

  238. SharkeySure says:

    Thanks Ghost

    The relevance is that all day I’ve had people telling me that the booing is about ‘all the lies’, the non purchases’ ‘no trophies’, the ineptitude of Ivan and Arsene.

    Now you tell me that a Bartley clearance instead of an o.g. (ie a 1-0 win) means that you (and others?) wouldn’t boo.

    I don’t really understand that, in the same way that I don’t understand how a man beats his wife but won’t leave her (or let her leave).

  239. SharkeySure says:

    Bstrum. As oxymorons go, Greg’s is as clear an example as I have ever seen. It really is priceless.

    I partly agree with Reds call for more anodyne posts to avoid the sabre rattling (?) on days like today, but if it brings in a bit of wheat with the chaff, then its not all bad.

    You’re wheat.

  240. GhostFace says:

    Well im not sure how you can equate booing to beating your wife at home.

    Somehow thats made sense to you and for the life of me i cant understand why.

    What would be the equivalent of leaving her or letting her leave in this case?

  241. London says:

    The comparisons to wife beaters are disturbingly accurate.

  242. RockyLives says:

    Hello Ghost
    Haven’t heard from you for a while.
    If you read the piece carefully you’ll see that I mention my concerns about where Arsenal are right now.

    Yes, you do get booing in sport occasionally (but it’s not as universal as you appear to think.

    My point is that I think it’s counterproductive to the ends it’s trying to achieve.

    And also that some of the boo brigade are so negative about everything Arsenal and so want things to go wrong that they inhabit a reality that is one I will have no part of.

  243. SharkeySure says:

    Agreed Red.

    Its the ‘spiteful and disgusting comments’ that I also refuse to accept.

    If you’d just woken from a coma you’d think Arsene had overseen our relegation last season judging by some comments.

    It fell away horribly which is rightly worthy of afair amount of criticism, but to not counterbalance that with any praise for the achievement of getting into the race, and staying in it for so long, is just plain and simply ridiculous.

    The wifebeaters heads must have been in a very funny place in early March last season, when we were still top of the PL. It went against every possible expectation that they had considered.

  244. Red Arse says:


    There is hope for you yet. At least you detected the sarcasm in my comment. Well done you!!

    But, there you go again. You deliver a mighty blow calling me a name caller, immediately after calling me an AKB. Trouble is that ridiculous term is so old hat and de rigeur with your type it has become meaningless.

    Actually, I did not call you an idiot. The following might be difficult for you to comprehend, so pay attention.

    I started by saying I REFUSED to believe you were an idiot — even if your comments were making you seem so. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, that maybe you did not mean your comments to sound so idiotic.

    On reflection, I finished my response by coming to the conclusion — in fairness to you — that I was wrong to doubt you, and that you really did want your words to portray yourself in that way.

    None of my doing, my friend. Out of your own mouth, so to speak.

  245. SharkeySure says:

    London, I have been offering the 10,000 word post on WB’s to Rasp and Peaches for quite some time now.

    You’ll never guess who I offered it to first..?? Clue: Think Circus and Ringmasters..??

  246. GhostFace says:


    If you can come up with an inhouse, undemand, standardized way of expressing your dissatisfaction at the club then by all means do it but you cant excommunicate people in a democracy for trying to let their voices heard?

    I can understand how free speech all of a sudden is equated to wife beating.

    How is that an OKAY comparison?

  247. GhostFace says:


  248. SharkeySure says:

    I love you Red, in a non brokeback way of course, not that I have anything against man-love, squirrels, rainbows, elephants, or polar bears.

  249. GhostFace says:

    Red Arse

    That comment is a farce and a joke and a half.

    You didnt call me an idiot but your leaving the door open for me to call myself and idiot.

    Do you have anything football related to talk about?

    Let me spell this out again…

    T.Y.P.I.C.A.L A.K.B

  250. chas says:

    Wife beaters never understand why they do it.
    After all, they love her really.

  251. Red Arse says:

    Sharkey, 🙂

    On that note, I have to take my leave, so I can return refreshed to the blogging world to support and defend my beautiful club on the morrow! 🙂

  252. GhostFace says:


    People on this blog know alot about wife beating.

    Thats not a good reflection on the authors at all.

  253. SharkeySure says:

    Ghost. You really don’t see any similarity..?? Perhaps you’ve not read my post properly..??

    Think of the stick Arsene and the Board got over last summer from a certain section of the blogosphere, then fast forward to a time of great joy, ie home win vs Barca, top of the PL etc, and picture those same people basking in the glow of our (temporary?) success.

    Think of it like ‘disappointment’ vs ‘anger’. At times Arsenal disappoint me, they very rarely make me angry.

  254. Red Arse says:

    Why thank you, Ghostface, your apology is accepted.

    I hope you were not being a naughty boy tho’ and trying to be rude with your acronymic final line.

    Sorry, but you will have to try harder!

    I think you are funny, in a sad way!

    Goodnight, my friend. 🙂

  255. GhostFace says:


    Disappointment is more serious than Anger imho.

    What does it all have to do with wife beating though?

    Every season has its highlights.

    Birmingham won a cup and were relegated.

    If they show Anger towards their manager are they wife beaters as well?

    Red Arse

    Early night for you then?

    You think im funny in a sad way?

    I think its sad what you find funny you sick wife beating freak 😀

  256. SharkeySure says:

    These are ‘comments’ about wifebeating Ghost, nowt to do with the authors. You just said you don’t see the similarities, but now you use it to have a pop at ‘the authors’. Dare I say that’s typical WB behaviour.

    ie Have no true understanding of something (ie inner workings of Arsenal’s transfer attempts and finances) but use it to bash the club ‘they love’ over the head anyway.

    It was foretold that many would arrive today and resort to writing in capitals. I think that ‘trap’ was actually laid as a deterrent, like ‘Beware – Mines’ on a minefield.

  257. SharkeySure says:

    You’re not supposed to walk straight into it !!

  258. Jamie says:

    Wow, fair to say the article got a bit of a reaction.

    A point worth baring In mind is that effectively they were booing Wenger not the team and the boos were not so much a reflection of the game as a reflection of how a section of the crowd feel about the manager the board and there policies.

    It doesn’t make it and better and frankly, I hate it when people boo players or coaches.

    However it is ok to be an Arsenal fan and not be a massive fan of Wenger. That is a choice, the wrong choice in my opinion but that’s life.

    His critics say he doesn’t spend enough and that he doesn’t live in the real world, maybe.

    You could argue that prior to Wenger we had one six trophies in nine seasons and that under Wenger we have 7 in sixteen season and that would be a valid point but Wenger brought more than trophies, his transfer genius enabled the club to fund the training facilities and stadium of a super club.

    He has raised the profile of the club and produced two of the best sides in history, managed a team through a season unbeaten and made sure that you still have a club to support, ask a Leeds fan what he thinks of Arsene Wenger’s prudence.

    After all that, whether you like him or not Arsene Wenger and any eleven he selects to take the field deserve your respect.

    There Is a way to behave.

  259. GhostFace says:


    Im pretty sure i have a true understand of WHAT wife beating is.

    As how it relates do booing is anyones guess.

    Something you’ve failed to explain and are still failing to explain.

    I didnt bring up the subject yet, more and more posters bring it up likes its a common theme on here?

    Is it? I dont know thats why i referred to the authors.

    Im not sure why i need to understand the inner workings of Arsenals tranfer attempts to figure out why we still havent fixed our defense or why we are still shocking on set pieces since

    I wrote my last article on this blog two years ago. Highlighting the afore mentioned problems.

    I was called a wife beater then as well.

  260. SharkeySure says:

    Ghost. For me, disappointment is about feeling down and sad, going away and licking my wounds.

    I do not wish to climb angrily on to a rooftop with a megaphone (or visit a blog and use CAPITALS??!!) and scream blue murder, as if my whole world was about to end.

    I’ve seen death and cancer wished on Arsenal staff.

    Who’s wife do you think tiptoes around them on nights like that..??

  261. nduz says:

    Typical AKBs.
    Does Wengers balls taste good in your mouths?

  262. Jamie says:

    Whoever called Fabregas “fabretwat” earlier on – if there was any justice people like you would be born in war zone.

  263. goonergal says:

    What is more worrying is how arsenal fans are now turning on arsenal fans the spuds must be loving this, booing is indscriminate, god knows what the americans must make of it, we just look like bad losers to the rest of the world, I really wish we could go back to highbury, I am starting to think the emirates are cursed.

  264. SharkeySure says:

    Ghost. I tried to make it clear it was not just about booing !! Its at 5.54. Please read the whole thing.

    If you still don;t see any connection, then that’s fair enough.

    I don;t believe you when you say that you were called a wifebeater here two years ago. Who by..??

    Its not a standard on this site, its been mentioned by myself a couple of times in the last two years (?) or so, but its certainly not a common theme. You’ve only got to look thru todays comments to verify that

  265. Red Arse says:

    Ohh, your 8:22, that hurts G-Face — you I mean! 🙂

    Just shutting down and there you were — again– I was going to say you are in breach of the Blog’s rule about personal abuse, and should be banned forthwith.

    But then I realised that won’t work because your comment;
    “I think its sad what you find funny you sick wife beating freak” is in fact NOT abusive, at all.

    You see the first bit is OK, — “I think its sad what you find funny”.
    No argument there because it is actually fair enough.
    As I said, I find YOU funny so it seems you find yourself sad. Poor thing!

    The rest of your comment; — “you sick wife beating freak”, well that is actually not abusive either.

    The worst I can say about it, is that, like most of your comments, it is simply woefully inaccurate.
    The thing is, I don’t have a ‘sick wife’ – or any wife, to be totally accurate — so by definition I cannot beat a wife, sick or otherwise, that I do not have. Damn! You are getting away with this. 🙂

    As for being a ‘freak’, well coming from you I take that as quite in keeping and I take it as a compliment. Thank you.

    Can you imagine my shock if you had called me a “witty, articulate, intelligent debater?”

    I would be forced to ask how someone like you could possibly know? And that might be too cruel, even for me! 🙂

    Sleep tight, you little rascal.

  266. SharkeySure says:

    N-Dunce. Your comment was supposed to be in capitals. Ie CAPITALS not Paris, Rome, London.

    You have a nice evening MATE !!

  267. Jamie says:

    Gonnergal – 8:48 most valid point all day.

  268. London says:

    “Disappointment is more serious than Anger” this is just too easy.

  269. Irishgunner says:

    Evening all,

    Sorry I couldn’t meet for drinks yesterday. My friend forgot to “mind the gap” on Saturday and had a badly bruised knee so to he ground it was.

    Gervinho really impressed me, looks quick and once he gets an understanding of those around him, could do really well. Afobe had a good game too, first time seeing him.

    I can’t say I noticed the booing too much – either that or I couldn’t register it because of the excitement of seeing Henry in person for the first time.

  270. GhostFace says:


    Take a joke buddy that rant of yours is poetic.

    Im guessing your the only one allowed to be sarcastic.

    Hey its your sarcastic world the rest of us only just throw a bluff every now and then.

    Obviously your neither a wife beater, and im neither sad nor funny but tell the truth.

    Youre a dirty freak.

  271. Camberwell gooner says:

    I take it tomstoned has been put to bed with his dummy back in, Nighty night junior, hope you have nightmares about your pathetic “support” of a club you don’t deserve. Enjoy pleasuring yourself over a photo of John Terry, you make a beautiful couple. Of gold-digging immature brats.

  272. Irishgunner says:

    Also, Rosicky was clearly man of the match.

  273. GhostFace says:

    SharkeySure says:
    August 1, 2011 at 8:37 pm
    Ghost. For me, disappointment is about feeling down and sad, going away and licking my wounds.

    I do not wish to climb angrily on to a rooftop with a megaphone (or visit a blog and use CAPITALS??!!) and scream blue murder, as if my whole world was about to end.


    Again. Sharkey thats why this comparisson is absurd.

    If you have a wife. Im not sure if you do or not.

    For me, id rather feel anger than disappointment towards my wife.

    Anger will only last a second or two and then we are happy again.

    Disappointment is far more serious and takes much longer to get over.

    Same with Arsenal for me.

    IF someone displays anger towards the club and they shout and moan on a blog its not as harmful to the club as someone who shows disappointment and stops putting their money down to support the club.

    I know you understand what im saying.

  274. Rasp says:

    Hi Irish, yes sorry we missed you yesterday.

    I thought, that Rosicky, Gibbs, Gervinho and Afobe all had a good game. We take the likes of RvP and Sagna for granted these days.

    I’m afraid that Song concerned me once again. He lined up as though he was DM then roamed around in the final 3rd. To give him credit, even though he misplaced quite a few passes but did his usual and chased the ball down to regain possession a lot of the time.

  275. Rasp says:

    Guys why don’t you drop all the wife beating analogies – its in pretty poor taste.

    We know where everyone is coming from in this debate so the whole exercise seems rather pointless, how about trying to find some common ground as supporters.

  276. SharkeySure says:

    “Anger will only last a second or two and then we are happy again”

    With a consoling arm, a steak for her swollen eye, and a promise to never do it again..??

    You’re killing me tonight Ghost. You’re practically throwing them up for me to bat them in. Thats what I’d call absurd.

    Its like we’re Bergkamp (you) and Ljungberg (me) with the openings you present me.

    We really need to draw this to a close now. I wish I had a pithy French phrase that was the opposite of ‘entente cordial’ to end it with.

  277. Irishgunner says:

    I didn’t recognise Song for a bit without the blonde hair ha ha

  278. SharkeySure says:

    Fair dos Rasp, its just that Ghost didn’t (want to?) understand it 1st time around. Nor 2nd, nor 3rd.

    Only kidding Mr Ghost.

  279. GhostFace says:

    Come on Sharkey

    Why you making stuff up?

    So what exactly are the fans doing to the club that gives Arsenal a swollen eye or a cracked rib?

    Somehow this is making sense to you?

    Please tell me your joking.

  280. Evonne says:

    Ghostface – ‘Why draw comparisons to real life when Booing is universally accepted form of expressing dissatisfaction especially when it involves sports?’ What sports exactly? I cannot remember fans booing their own athletes who failed to win

    Can you imagine a swimmer trying his hardest and finishing second in a race only to be met by his booing family and friends?

    Football is REAL LIFE, it is actually far more important than that 🙂

  281. Evonne says:

    Hiya Irish – Song looks soooo much better with his hair black, don’t you think?

  282. GhostFace says:



    You lost me there with your analogy that Arsenal are trying their hardest.

  283. Evonne says:

    for a preseason friendly game, yeah, they probably did what they needed to do

    What is LMFAO – is it rude?

  284. GhostFace says:

    Are you suggesting because its a preseason game we shouldnt do our best?

  285. Evonne says:

    LMFAO – laughing my fat arse off 🙂 I like it 🙂

  286. Evonne says:

    Have you heard what Wenger thought about the game? Did you know that he asked the ref to allow TH14 to play for Arsenal for 5 minutes? Says it all

  287. Irishgunner says:

    Hi Evonne, I don’t know. I kind of liked the blonde do 🙂

  288. Rasp says:

    Evonne, I thought kozzer had a very good game and had poor TH14 in his pocket most of the time.

  289. SharkeySure says:

    Ghost. You’re scaring me a bit now.

    If you hear the phrases ‘as high as a kite’, ‘drunk as a skunk’, ‘he was off like a rocket’, do you actually look for and expect to see a kite, a skunk and a rocket..??

    I’m starting to think you do.

    You talked earlier about me ‘failing to explain properly’ or something like that, I thought that was pretty damn funny, so thanks for that.

    I owe you one, I really do.

  290. GhostFace says:


    I wrote an Article two years ago that highlighted our problems with defending and particularly defending set pieces.

    And i was labelled a wife beater.

    Last season we were the worst team in the prem defending set pieces.

    According to that Sharkey Sure logic statistical facts are wife beating the club as well.

  291. GhostFace says:

    Well answer the question Sharkey.

    You compare booing to wife beating is it not?

    Which one of those dirty bastards gave the club the equivalent of a swollen eye?

    Was it the one with bad breathe or the big guy that has a soprano voice?

  292. SharkeySure says:


    Debt paid in full??

    I really need to go now.

    Night all

  293. tomstoned says:


    You Sir are a fine example of whats wrong with some socalled Gooners…my advice..grow up behave and try, just try this once to have your own opinion ..im sure that most Gooners would respect it…or you could ! .. travel to any away game and see if we’re not true Gooners..and that my friend will be the end of that discussion… hurry of to bed now and sleep tight..

  294. tomstoned says:

    Irish….congrats…i hope you did remember to buy the champers before the Henry incident ;

  295. I found out today that booing is commonplace at the opera. Who would have thunk it?

  296. Rohan says:

    Has Le Grove changed their domain name?

  297. Rohan says:

    Hello there, Sharkey. Hope it’s all good.

  298. Gooner In Exile says:

    Tomstoned I’m confused…if you’re an away fan like me I would think you would be in the non booing camp. Cause whenever I go away it’s the last thing I hear.

    What I do hear is total support of the club, players and management. Now back at our Home are you telling me the same fans boo? Sorry dont believe it. When I go away I see true “support”.

    Everyone wants to bring up our defensive stats last year, well look again at the tables inposted up earlier….top of the away league.

    We finished 5th in the home league and lost the overall league by 12 points.
    Newcastle (h) 0-1
    Man City (h) 0-0
    Sunderland (h) 0-0
    Blackburn (h) 0-0

    There are four home results where the points list were nothing to do with throwing a lead away (altho the Newcastle goal was not good defending). That would have been 9 points in the bag going into the last month or two of the season. One more win out of the games we then proceeded to lose with all confidence shot and we would have been champions. Home games where the crowd could of played a positive role.

    Instead against Sunderland and Blackburn they moaned at NikB at Denilson at Almunia at anyone they could if they could have just found some positivity in their souls and sang and cheered them on like the away boys then
    Maybe just maybe we wouldn’t be having this debate today.

  299. SharkeySure2 says:

    Alright Rohan.

    I’ve added a ‘2’ to my name as I’ve already left for the evening, technically speaking. I’m doing good, just back from my summer hols with Mrs SharkeySure and my little sharklets last night. Great time had by all, even me

    Some days when the post hits NewsNow with certain types of headline, it draws in a funny crowd.

    That other place you mention is getting too insane even for some of its old boys. Damn we even had Gamb-whats his face, posting here under an alias today. He didn’t seem to realise that he was still logged into WordPress as himself though, so it was a pretty transparent effort.

    A bit like most of his posts..??

    Hope the US is treating you well.

  300. RockyLives says:

    Can I echo Rasp and suggest everyone stops bickering.

    As it happens I think some articulate commenters earlier in the day made a good defense of their reasons for booing.

    I would still rather they didn’t boo and I still think it is a damaging, counterproductive thing to do, but I respect them for putting their case without abuse.

    A post like this was always bound to attract a lot of people with strongly held views and I have been encouraged by the fact that most people have been able to debate sensibly.

  301. London says:

    Damn it, I didn’t realise. What name was Gamb-whats posting under?

  302. London says:

    Rasp asked us to stop making references to wife beating (he has a point), no reference to bickering and by the way who gave you the right to say what we can and can’t do?

    You may not be aware of the history of this site and Ghost Face.

    During the time that he has been coming here which is before you arrived he has never made one single positive comment about Arsenal.

    Not one.

  303. Gooner In Exile says:

    The worse thing about the current situation is it won’t be allowed to improve. Everyone will jump on defeats and draws with in my opinion over negativity.

    Perhaps it is best for all our sanity if Wenger resigned. Then the boo boys will get their way, the media will leave us alone for a bit…

    Anyone see Kenny buy anything British is apparently lining up a bid for Shawcross. What a great player to mentor him in the art of tackling….Jamie Carragher 🙄

  304. 26may1989 says:

    Evening all.

    Seems like I missed some fun and games today…..

    With 303 posts already today (blimey O’Reilly), it behoves me to avoid repetition and keep it brief. For those here who know me, that isn’t in my nature but I’ll give it a go.

    The question isn’t do the fans have the right to have a go, but rather were they right to do so yesterday?

    To answer that, let’s think about what it’s achieved today: gleeful headlines and smirking reports on the radio, Sky etc along the lines of “Arsenal fans boo their team again, this time at a pre-season friendly”. I’m sure the journalists were ecstatic to hear the boos ring out before the season has even begun, and at a club that was disappointed to finish 4th and in the CL places (what we call failure is the envy of many other fans). The tabloids have fuelled the ludicrous expectations of those who complain. (Six years of failure? No, five years of no money and one season of failure.) And yesterday was manna from heaven for those journos. After all, which other group of fans has ever done this in pre-season? I can’t think of one.

    So, if the intention was to create some great copy for parasitical journalists at a quiet time of the year, and in doing so embarrass the club and its body of fans, job done.

    I’m frustrated at the lack of early transfer activity and am still deeply pissed off (sorry Red Arse, I like swearing!) at the players’ utterly gutless performances in the last ten games last season (other then the small matter of beating United); from a position where we should have won the league, we managed to throw 1st, 2nd and 3rd place away.

    But does having a go at a pre-season game help address that problem? Not even close; I don’t doubt the genuine commitment of those who boo-ed (other than Greg, sounds like he’s found his spiritual home in Man City, at least until the money there evaporates). But anyone who thinks it helps is utterly deluded. As Exile has rightly pointed out, we already have a real issue with home performances when compared to away performances, which must suggest that the players feel more comfortable playing away from the Grove. That is a serious cause for concern.

    When I look at the squad, even with its deficiencies, I remain optimistic, there’s buckets of talent there. With Gervinho looking great, and the likes of van Persie and Wilshere already on fire, relatively little needs to be done to turn that talent into trophies. But when I think of Arsenal fans, even though I know the majority are pretty reasonable, I worry. A key element of any sport is psychology, and if we continue to create a nest of negativity at home, it will be all but impossible to succeed. A self-fulfilling prophesy if ever there was one.

    We have a really important run of games in August: away to Newcastle to try and exorcise the memories of the 4-4, games against Liverpool and United and crucially our CL qualifiers. I say to those who boo: think about the psychology and the impact your righteous indignation could have on our team’s success. Do you really want to look back and think “I contributed to the collapse of Arsenal’s season”? Some of you may say yes, because you see that as the only way to bring everything to a head when you see (incorrectly in my opinion) so much that wrong. But I really hope most of the boo-boys and girls take the view that they’ve sent the message they wanted to send and realise that more of the same at real games won’t just be embarrassing, it will be playing with fire. And what will get burnt belongs to all of us. So, just think carefully about what you’re doing.

    So much for brevity……

  305. RockyLives says:

    “who gave you the right to say what we can and can’t do?”

    Er… No-one, which is why I haven’t told anyone what they can and can’t do.

    People make polite suggestions to each other on here all the time. It’s up to everyone to heed or ignore any suggestion to their heart’s content.

    “you may not be aware of the history of this site and Ghostface. During the time he has been coming here which is before you arrived…”

    A tad patronising, London. The site began publishing in Feb 2010 and I didn’t contribute a post until early April 2010 (although I was posting comments before then) so maybe you have a point. Maybe I missed much to and from with Ghosty in the first six or eight weeks of AA’s existence. I’ll bow to an old timer like you on that one.

    But I’m curious about one thing, does being a relative newcomer to the site negate one’s right to pass comment or make suggestions to people who may have history from “before you arrived.”?

    Should some of the excellent newcomers who have graced the site in recent weeks mind their tongues because they are perceived to have some sort of lack of seniority?

    Anyway, I wasn’t making my ‘stop bickering’ suggestion to anyone in particular. When we have a recalcitrant confrontationalist on here (as we do from time to time) it is common, after a while, for one or more of the AA regulars to suggest that everyone just ignore them and stop rising to the bait. That’s all I was suggesting with regard to Ghostface (with whom, even as a relative Johnnie-come-lately on AA, I have jousted many times, only to find the argument becoming completely circular and pointless).

    If it sounded like I was trying to say anything else then that’s the fault of my clumsy phrasing so please accept my apology.

  306. 26may1989 says:

    By the way, I assume I’m the only one who thinks signing Joey Barton to go alongside Phil Jagielka and Juan Mata would be a good idea. I know, I know, he doesn’t seem very nice, he’s done some terrible stuff in the past, he has a dark side to his game, his brother’s a murderer etc etc.

    But if you can get past Barton’s history and the hate-figure perceptions, there’s a very decent footballer there, and one who could certainly help stiffen our spine and provide some protection for our more delicate souls. The concerns will all be about his character, there being plenty of material to throw at him. But the way he has tried to address his personal problems deserves respect in my opinion. And I like the fact he is a straight-talker.

    I think the apparently bizarre combination of a cerebral manager of a francophile club in cosmopolitan London and one of football’s most reviled English players from the roughest and toughest of backgrounds would work.

    It won’t happen but I’d be happy for Barton to join us.

  307. RockyLives says:

    You’re a bit of a night owl!
    Brilliant comment – it should have been yesterday’s post because you have articulated the key point much better than I did in my five minute rant.

    There is genuine unrest among sections of the fan base. The media pick up on it and fuel the fire, which unsettles more of the fan base and so it goes…

  308. RockyLives says:

    Whisper it softly 26, but I would also welcome the arrival of Barton. He would add a touch of nastiness to the side, which is definitely something we have been missing (and which the Invincibles had in spades).

  309. 26may1989 says:


    Bloody hell, I’ve just realised I forgot to doff my cap in your direction for the post – it perfectly encapsulated my thoughts the morning after the game. There’s a time for strong, provocative words, and this morning was that time. Well done!

    Yup, insomnia is my thing – and catching up with AA while watching highlights of England absolutely mullering India, with a bottle of Becks by my side, is my perfect wee hours activity!

    Am happy to whisper agreement on Joseph Barton!

  310. RockyLives says:

    To be honest I bashed out the post very quickly shortly after hearing about the booing and under the influence of half a dozen bottles of Dos Equis.

    If I’d waited a while it might have been a bit less intemperate.

    I do miss the cricket over here in Canada. Have to console myself with the BBC sport website, although I have just found an app to get TMS live on my iPhone, which I’m very pleased about. It sounds like it was all about the English tail in the first innings. If they’d collapsed it would surely have turned out differently.

    Dare I say it, we’re starting to seem a bit Australian!

  311. 26may1989 says:

    Absolutely right re the importance of the batting of Broad and Swann in the first innings: the 100 runs they put on may seem trifling when the second innings yielded 540 runs and we ended up winning by +300 runs, but India were very much on top at that stage, and that tail-end batting gave a psychological foundation for what followed. See, there it is again, psychology!

    England are now on the verge of reaching the top of the Test rankings, which is a hell of an achievement for those who remember the days of being bossed by the Windies, Pakistan, the Aussies, the Aussies and the Aussies. England have still got a long way to go before they can think of comparing themselves to those great sides, but there is real balance and depth to this side. Every reason to hope this really will be a golden era. Will we ever be Australian about it? I bloody hope so!

    The Beeb website is ok on cricket but cricinfo is superior. Rather like the naming of our ground, cricinfo sold out and is now espncricinfo. But ne’ermind.

  312. RockyLives says:

    Thanks 26 – I ‘ll check it out.
    I’m off now – nice talking, see you tomorrow all being well.

  313. 26may1989 says:

    Sorry, final thought about the booing: I don’t know if Ryo Miyaichi was at the ground yesterday, but if he was, I wonder what he thought of our fans as compared with those at Feyenoord, who immediately took him to their hearts and drove him on to early and exciting success. If he does stay in London this season, it might not only be scarcity of first time opportunities that disappoints him.

    Night all (which probably just means Rocky!).

  314. Bstrum says:

    Thank you 26may1989 for describing so lucidly the act of genuine sabotage that is taking place. Just survey the number of newspaper stories and TV segments referring to Arsenal being jeered at a pre-season friendly. A pre-season friendly! Does anybody believe this media depiction of Arsenal will help convince new players to sign for the club and improve it? But I cannot believe that all the Arsenal hate-mongers on the message boards are actually Arsenal supporters. Gooner in Exile and Sharkey have quite excellently exposed a number of the vitriolic posters here to be liars and/or posing as Arsenal fans. As GIE pointed out, are we to believe that Tomstoned truly is part of the away support, the best, most vocal one in the country? Or that Greg really was an Arsenal season ticket holder who told the club that the tickets were no better than toilet paper, but who nevertheless got a complimentary ticket for Sunday, thought the faces of the Arsenal players listening to his booing were “priceless”, and who is going to support City until Wenger leaves? Really, Greg? And I might be wrong but R.B.Skage seems like someone over in the USA taking time off from watching Teabaggers on Murdoch’s Fox News to spew invective and hate in another venue. Of course, Arsenal boards will always have a fair number of Sp*d trolls, mostly because the general level of illiteracy in their ranks results in a dearth of Sp*rs-related websites. In any case, the Sp*ds and ManU fans must be wetting themselves with glee over the “Arsenal get jeered” stories and we know whom to thank.

  315. Thomas says:

    Agree with you wholeheartedly Bstrum.

  316. Spectrum says:

    Fabregas : “Arsenal need to decide whether they want to develop youth, or win things”. A.K.B.’s please explain what you think he meant by that.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  317. Spectrum says:

    A.K.B’s – Please explain why we haven’t signed an EXPERIENCED defensive midfielder. You know, the one Wenger hasn’t replaced, for what,THREE YEARS now ? Despite the fact that everyone has been crying out for one.
    Oh, I won’t mention his intended replacement – Denilson – as I don’t want to embarass you or your Great Leader too much.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  318. chas says:

    1:28 brilliant

    I seem to remember tomstoned isn’t resident in the UK, so doubt he goes to away games.

  319. Morning all

    Seriously late night blogging went on between Rocky and 26may – nice that you had the company of each other.

    Joseph Barton – great footballer – should he be tarred with his past when he seems to be a different man now?

  320. critic says:

    I am standing and clapping my hearts out. U have hit the nail on it’s head.

    “we do not want you; the players do not want you; the club does not need you.”

    Yes, fuking right.

  321. critic says:

    It means “fcuk off” to you and fans like you. Because the arsenal that u want to see is not their, so come back when arsenal wins something.
    In the mean time u can support other teams in london, oh and their are lots of them.

  322. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Holy Mama,
    A draw or a loss away at Newcastle, followed by the same at home to Pool and I can only imagine the reaction of our “fans”. Yikes.

  323. Evonne says:

    Peaches, 26 – I have a soft spot for Joey Barton, because he is trying to be a better man and beat the horrible addiction. I would give him a chance, no questions asked.

  324. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You have to laugh. Just copied this from Sky:
    Mata’s father, Juan Manuel Mata Rodriguez, also says his son has great respect for Italian giants Inter Milan, although the Italian giants are yet to table an offer.
    At this point I would like to point out that my son has great respect for The Arsenal.
    I will let you all know should the Gunners table an offer.

  325. 26may1989 says:

    🙂 Micky!

    And I’m sure my son also respects the Mighty Arse. Perhaps not as much as Astrosaurs and Ben 10 though.

  326. Rasp says:


    We had a tempestuous day on here yesterday, do you think we could return to our more cultured approach to blogging today?

  327. Gooner In Exile says:

    Rasp yes it was tempestuous but it remained witty and for the most part articulate.

    A tweet from Carlito this morning which sums up 26’s post

    “I note with interest that Liverpool have not won their last 3 friendlies haven’t won the league in 21 years but are NOT a club in crisis”

  328. Gooner In Exile says:

    Mr Barton is a difficult one.

    Yes he would add some bite, but the difference between him and say PV4, Petit or Keown is a separation between on/off pitch nastiness. I dare say Roy Keane could distinguish the two as well. Can Barton?

    Secondly if he racks up a red card too can you imagine the headlines? “Wenger fails to control players again” “Arsenal red card shame” etc etc

    Wenger gives his players freedom and likes apparently intelligent players, I think Barton needs a bit more of a guiding hand. That’s not to say that Wenger has not dealt with players personal problems before, Merson and Adams for example. I’m just not sure Barton has the courage that these two had to change, and if he did change completely would he be the same player?

  329. 26may1989 says:

    Hi Exile

    From the imperfect evidence of public quotes and interviews, my impression is that Barton has done at least as much as someone like Paul Merson to address his problems. I really think he could flourish at our place. But you’re right, it would provide some ammo for the journos.

  330. Rasp says:

    New Post ……………

  331. Red Arse says:

    Morning Rasper,

    It would be nice to return to a more normal AA blog today.

    There were only a few regulars on here yesterday, and after a day of defending Rocky’s Post, our club, team and manager and still trying to inject some sense and a little wit, those of us who did so deserve just a little smidgeon of thanks don’t you think?

    For myself, I could have left the loonies to take over, but as you know, I firmly believe in showing loyalty to the Arsenal, and that sense of loyalty has many shades, including loyalty in defending this site, the Post writer and fellow AA’ers.

    I trust this characteristic is not simply dismissed as bickering, or is it?

  332. RockyLives says:


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    If You Booed After Yesterday’s Game Please Don’t Ever Come Back To The Emirates Again | Arsenal Arsenal

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