About AA

This site was set up in February 2010 by a group of nomadic bloggers who rarely agree over the complexities of how our club should be run, but are united in their attitude towards healthy debate and the need for a forum where we can all air those views without ridicule.

The character and standpoint of the site is created by you, the bloggers – there is no single site owner with a drum to bang!

All opinions and viewpoints can be freely expressed, all we ask is that no-one descends into insults and name-calling. We welcome comments from supporters of other clubs as long as they obey our rules and make it clear which team they support.

Wit is preferable to sarcasm. When a discussion  becomes an argument, it is time to agree to differ.

Repeating the same point over and over again is just tedious. It kills debate and drives good bloggers away.

If a blogger has an issue with another site, they should post their comments on that site. It is not acceptable to use Arsenal Arsenal as a platform from which to attack others.


12 Responses to About AA

  1. SharkeySure says:

    If a blogger has an issue with another site…..


  2. Perry says:

    I’m blogging out of grave concern for the club and where we are heading. The pride of the Arsenal player is diminishing with the squad we currently have in place. Monsieur Wenger has failed to drill into the players the honour of representing the Arsenal FC. There is no fight in the players, no look of desire and will to want to win at all cost. That’s becos Wenger blames everyone else but himself and his players for any mistakes or unnecessary losses. The players think they have earned the right to wear the jersey and walk on the field and do what they like. Win, lose or draw, it doesn’t matter. Just look at the likes of Bendtner, Diaby, Denilson, Almunia- just to name a few. Everytime they take to the field, they seem to behave like they are world class. But once they start playing, they are so afraid to take personal responsibility on the ball and their workrate just isn’t at the required Gunners’ level. But do they care at the end of the game when they have failed miserably and cost the team points or a passage into the next round. It seems it’s ok these days to lose at home to Spurs, or come up short of ideas against Manure. Nobody seems to make a big deal of it anymore. I think even some fans have bought into this idea that being a nearly team is good enough. Our pride is diminishing. Arsenal FC is fast becoming a laughing stock in the football circle. To put it rather crudely, yet truthfully, “We’re all about foreplay without any penetration.”
    Wenger wants the world to believe that this is the beautiful game. But frankly, it’s a great deception, because at the end of the day, Arsenal players are releasing the ball so fast because none knows how to hold on to the ball long enough or want to take personal responsibility with it (maybe except for Nasri and Glichy). Our football is also so one dimensional and it’s easy for any club with a good tactical manager to read our game, mark out our key players, stifle our play and punt the high balls to frustrate us and often win the game from under our noses. And the sad excuse from our manager? The opponents don’t play fair, they play non-football.
    Frankly, it’s getting very frustrating hearing him conduct his press conferences. I won’t even start on the debate of why our players are all getting so easily injured. Bottomline, time for some very necessary changes- starting with the manager. Arsenal forever- The Pride of London (Are we still?).

  3. genobz says:


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  4. Artilogo says:

    Arsenal is the biggest football clubs in England

  5. toba says:

    the best of chu young park

  6. Zim Gooner says:

    How do I become an author?

  7. charybdis1966 says:

    Welcome Zim, just click on the “Be our guest” link just below the blog name at the top of the page.

  8. James says:

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  9. Gööner In Exile says:

    Bastards Spuds scored

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  11. Anuj says:

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