Room 101

This is not an attempt at censorship, just an advisory page to try to steer supporters away from some of the trite words and phrases that have entered the blogger’s vernacular. In some cases these words and phrases are disrespectful and in others they are simply lazy pigeonholing fed to us by elements of the media that seek only to criticise The Arsenal.

We welcome suggestions of other examples that may have been clever once but are now just tired clichés.




Papering over the cracks

Most expensive ticket prices

Failed project youth

Arsene FC


Glass half empty/full

Realist – when meant as an insult

In addition we should avoid any form of preemptive blogging, by which we mean a comment which is put up with the intention of invalidating an anticipated comment from other bloggers with whom they disagree. It’s not constructive and is an attempt at censorship.

Lastly, those who simply have to ‘have the last word’ are often perceived as being plain argumentative … which is boring! Knowing when to drop a subject that is going nowhere is an art that all bloggers should cultivate if we are to avoid bickering on the site 🙂


42 Responses to Room 101

  1. Gooner In Exile says:

    Most Expensive Ticket Prices

  2. evonne says:

    in less than 10 days you can add ‘Spend some f*****g money’

  3. Ian Ure Face says:

    Arsenal are a selling club !……..fair enough we are…..but I don’t like the saying !. hahaha

  4. chas says:


  5. chas says:

    Arsene FC

  6. chas says:

    Black scarf

  7. chas says:

    Tim Payton

  8. chas says:

    A source said

  9. chas says:

    Lining up a bid

  10. chas says:

    Miss out on target

  11. chas says:

    Transfer window

  12. chas says:

    IMHO – even worse

  13. GunnerN5 says:


    My choices for Room 101



    Le Prof


  14. Glic says:

    Mental Strength

  15. Glic says:

    The spirit was good !

  16. Glic says:

    I believe .

  17. Gooner In Exile says:


  18. Glic says:

    We only look for special players.

  19. chas says:

    It’s not meant to be a page for phrases that you hate Wenger using! 🙂

  20. chas says:


  21. chas says:

    An extra 50p for Shwarzer

  22. chas says:

    As I said the other day…….

  23. Glic says:

    I use them phrases all the time chatting to the ladies, they love my hybrid cockney/French accent !. hahaha

  24. chas says:

    I em ernly looking for sooper sooper qualitee

  25. Glic says:


  26. MickyDidIt89 says:

    It’s a bloody pass…grrrrr

  27. chas says:

    How about
    “the touch before nirvana” instead of assist?

  28. Glic says:

    He`s the new Bergkamp ! ( add any name you wish )

  29. The Cockie Monster says:

    ” I was after Messi, Pique and Fabregas ! “………” I had Ronaldo Lady Boy one )in a shirt with his name on it !”…………” Ibrahimovic was on trial, he also had a shirt with his name on it ! “…….I could have had Drogba for £100K ! “………Yaya Toure was on trial !”.
    So what do I want to put in Room 101 ?……Wenger`s gob !……… I don’t want to hear about the one`s you let slip away !……as for Fabregas, you let him slip into the hands of Maureen !.

  30. fatgingergooner says:

    The Daily Mail!

    Headlines like ‘Everton change their style to beat Wolfsburg….Arsene Wenger could learn a thing or two from Roberto Martinez’

    WTF does Arsene Wenger have to do with Everton beating Wolfsburg!? Talk about an agenda! Every time I search Arsenal online I see some scabby Daily Mail article having a pop at Wenger or Arsenal. Worse thing about it is a lot of our fans read this b*llocks and feed off it.

  31. The Cockie Monster says:

    How about the lock on the door of Room 101 being Arsene`s Zipper !…………………lets see how long it takes him to get in !. hahaha

  32. Eddie says:

    “expected goal ratio”

    someone is pretending to be me, hm, strange

  33. Eddie says:

    player XYZ adds another dimension to the team

  34. Eddie says:

    what the hell?? is it something that I said?

  35. Eddie says:

    still nothing? why??

    come on, Bournemouth won!!

  36. Le Coq Monster says:

    Country music !

  37. Fourth place trophy
    Conspiracy theories (ie PGMOL have fixed us, the media hate us and transfer rumours undermine us)

  38. Incorporating ex players names into bloggers avatars/names.

  39. COYG. Don’t people know it’s stolen from Spurs?

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