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Anyone who has a view they would like to air on Arsenal Arsenal is welcome to submit a headline post. We cannot guarantee to put it up the next day, just as soon as is appropriate. We may add a relevant image or two, but the content would not be changed. This is something we are keen to encourage as all shades of opinion are valued. We won’t publish anything that is overtly offensive or attacks other sites.

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  1. Jay-Jay says:

    I’ve a blog of my own that I sometimes use to talk about football in general and especially the Arsenal.

    I’d love to contribute to your site sometime, so long as you guys would be happy to print it. Please feel free to have a look at my site and let me know what you think.

  2. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning all, well at least it’s morning here in Canada.

    I would like to post a bio (me) of an Arsenal supporter. For a bit of background I was born on Avenell Road and saw my 1st game at Highbury in 1947.
    Some of you know me already – but don’t let that put you off!

    I thought I’d ask before posting as it may get a bit long winded. If you agree then I would like to know how to post email? blog?


  3. irishgunner says:

    Hiya GunnerN5 – Everyone is welcome on Arsenal, Arsenal and everyone is welcome to post a well post ha ha.

    You can e-mail to our address here:

    And if you want to get chatting today, join us here:

  4. Alec Gold says:

    The reason we should be appreciative of Mr Wenger is, not for the players that he should or should not have bought, or the cups that we have won or not won, or the money we have spent or not spent or even for the games we have won or not won. It is because he has developed a style of team play at Arsenal that is second to none. It not only entertains you, it excites you and thrills you and yet, this is still not enough for his detractors. Every manager in the Premier league must know that to get eleven players with their varying degrees of talent and temperament all performing at their best and as a team is hard enough, but to do it with style has become the Arsenal way. Mr Wenger, I thank you.

  5. Kevin Ball says:

    Hi Guys

    I run the Blues blog “Joys and Sorrows.” I’ve just published an article where I interviewed an Arsenal fan ahead of this weekends game. Baz is a twitter follower of me.

    Anyway I hope you don’t mind me posting the link as I thought you might find it interesting.


  6. ibrahim says:

    if we need to win a cup we must buy defender because you see what djourou was doing yesterday against hammers so i am one the arsenal supporters but we really need defender, coscielny is good now but he is also sometimes calmness but he is hero and also we need confident and arsene wenger must learn the forward player to shoot the ball plz and plz shoot shoot shoot the ball

  7. Harry says:

    Did you get my email with the match report?

  8. chas says:

    Rasp, I did send something yesterday evening but assumed you couldn’t use it. Have re-sent. Apologies if it’s not suitable.

  9. Artilogo says:

    Hello, I guest in your blog

  10. I’m a lifelong Manchester City fan now in my 60’s and would like to say thank you.
    I have no idea why Mr Wenger allowed himself to be backed into a position where his players ambitions appeared to exceed his own by such a margin that it caused a stampede for the exits, but we at City are not complaining.
    Mr Wenger has been (and has been may be an appropriate comment) a singularly success manager and adroit wheeler dealer. From Nic Anelka to Manu Adebayor, with many in between these two, he has capitalised in a big way, cashing in to help fund all manner of capital projects to the long term benefit of the club. In many ways he is a legend, but again I ask myself, how did he let the current collapse in player confidence in the clubs ability to win things to happen?

    Last season anyone with a shred of nous could see that you needed at least three established and PL experienced players to give yourselves a real chance at winning the title. (i) a goalkeeper,(ii) a CH (iii) A striker.
    £40m would have been the difference betwen 4th place in a disappointing collapse last season and trophies. What is more, the collapse has cost you three experienced and excellent players, two of these to your domestic competitors.

    On the one hand being the 4th/5th best side in the country with the many assets that you have with £16m your record transfer fee paid out and a long history of profitable dealings in the transfer market is a laudable effort. On the other you are a club with a ground and a support that os worthy of champions. How did you get from the Invincables to this so quickly? Is Wenger principled or foolhardiy?
    Can Mr Wenger survive the examination which is sure to follow Samir Nasri’s departure.

    Alphie Izzett – MCFC

  11. Apologies for the lack of proof reading 🙂

    Alphie Izzett

  12. Usama Nasir says:

    “This Derby is Hell Important Gunners!
    No more team criticism. Constructive, destructive, I don’t care. Yes we have a long injury list. Yes, we have not won anything for 6 years. Yes, we are having our worst season. Yes, our star players are leaving with RVP trying to be latest on the list. Yes! everything is in worst shape at the club.
    But what about what we have? what about what we are giving to this world? What about what we are contributing towards the premier league? towards the world football? towards the entertainment of a kid that is sitting thousand miles in another part of the world and all?
    Sorry guys just wanna put something emotional to get you moving for the game! and it is on guys! We are going to White Hart Lane to fight some strong contestants. The Spurs, well this team does reminds us a lot about last year’s misery match. Yup winning 2-0 than lost 3-2 and that is in Emirates. So its really on this time. It all depends upon whether our side got the fire of revenge in themselves or whether the Spurs will yet again be looking to create some more mess for the Gunners and put their revival chain back in the bucket.
    It all depends on this weekend’s match peeps. Arsenal would be looking to enter in to the first 10 if they get to win this one while Spurs will be looking to push them more back in to the table.”

    This is the preview of the latest article i have written on my blog do consider it please thanks

  13. Pat7 says:


    RA has suggested I put up my post on Sports Nutrition for a ‘rainy day’/Interlull. How is this done on AA?

  14. gunner says:

    arsenal need to work hard so we can beat the leader of the leage man city

  15. Rizki says:

    @gunner, i think so – they are a great tim now

  16. Arsenal are away from home and are super dependent on vP for goals. There must be many thousand pairs of Gooner fingers crossed that he stay fit for an extended period and continues to show the world class qualities we have all known that he possesses.

    On the face of it Arsenal have a mountain to climb; too many injuries amongst the defensive players to handle comfortably, and this in a department not over blessed with world beaters.

    Arteta, a player who looked a star in Bin Dipperland, looks pretty ordinary so far and with the likes of Fabregas and Vieira a distant memory the midfield doesn’t seem too creative or threatening to a quality opponent.

    Looking forward and acepting the reality of a match winner in vP, Gervinho and Walcott should get the nod. The former looks the real deal and the latter looking like a headless hen 90% of the time and a match winner the other 10%.

    City have a very efficient and hard working back four in front of one of the leagues best keepers. Any two from four defensive midfield players, with Yaya and Barry the current players favoured in the much win games, has made it very hard for opponents to score at the Etihad, that is until the game has been won and lost. Silva will play, along with vP he is probably the PL player of the season so far, and then you pick any three from Aguero, Balotelli, Dzeko, Nasri and Johnson.

    Nevertheless, I see this as a pivotal ,match for both sides with much at stake and despite the signs favouring a comfortable home win, I am far from confident of this. I believe that the Gooners will score and City should score more than once, but will they?

    My prediction (and I never bet) is a 1-1 draw with Arsene the happier of the two managers.

    Alphie Izzett

  17. Puri says:


    I have my review of the upcoming Arsenal vs United game and was wondering whether you could have a look at it and maybe re post it if you like to. Should I email it to you?

  18. Fatai says:

    I’m dye heart of arsenalfc in nigeria,pls send mi latest info regarding this team.thanks

  19. Alphie Izzett says:

    Dye, are you Welsh ?

  20. Mike says:

    Alphie, I’m not sure what your obsession with Arsenal might be but I not that a year ago you suggested we spend £40m on a forward and now you saying we too dependent on one who is outscoring your so-called stars.

    You thanked Arsene Wenger for letting you have Adebayor and Nasri. I think it’s us who should be thanking you. It’s a shame though to see people who AW made into stars being ruined by poor management and a lack of ethics.

    Anyone rich enough can buy an F1 car but if you can drive you’ll never win a Grand Prix………………

  21. Jon Alex says:

    There are Gooners in South Africa. I am one.

    I would be very keen to submit an article, and would bring some further international presence to your excellent site. Please let me know how I can do this.


  22. I am concerned with the number of players on loan who will never be coming back. Why on earth don’t we just sell them and get them off the books. A classic example is Denilson, I can’t even remember him now.

  23. Wale says:

    While it is all well and good to feel for Cesc – I do – we should not lose sight of the fact that we have the midfield we have now because he (and Samir) left. Would I like to see him back? I’m in two minds because as you rightly pointed out it could spell the end for the Arsenal careers of some really promising youngsters. Arsenal FC is living with the consequences of his departure; he should too.

  24. JNRGunnerN5 says:

    great post GunnerN5, couldn’t have said it better myself

  25. Luke says:

    I’ve written some thoughts on Arsenal’s defence and attack so far this season at I’d like to submit the text to be considered for publication on this site if possible. Even if it isn’t suitable then any feedback/comments would be much appreciated. Cheers.

  26. Hey I really like your blog and have been reading it for quite some time now. Could you please share my blog and recommend it to your readers? I as a fellow Gooner would really appreciate that.
    Please and Thankyou. (:

  27. arsenal should sign mor responsiblee player at january.

  28. l luv ur site arsenal ave beta days ahead of them.

  29. lucboucher says:

    Hi there, just found your website and looking forward to reading it during 2013.

    Hope you don’t mind me taking the liberty of mentioning my son Thierry’s website. It’s all about his football exploits, stuff about Arsenal and other sports he enjoys. You can find it here

  30. Jeanette Farquharson says:

    My new year wish is for Arsenal to buy some decent players in January, who could help us beat Bayern so that we could progress to the next round of the Champions League. Up the Gunners. From Jeanette a true Gooner

  31. Graham Jones says:

    I reckon there’s more going on at the Emirates than meets the eye – it’s all to do with an inept board but nothing the return of DAVID DEIN couldn’t sort out. Hasn’t been the same since he left.

  32. Ralina says:

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  33. invisiblelightbulb says:

    hi enjoying your site, hoping you’d have a look at mine

  34. Red4life. says:

    Arsenal like to think they do things
    Lets start with your fans how be can you critical about ur manager one of the
    Best manager arsenal ever had for a very long time okay I won’t mention the amount of trophies you have won but then Liverpool are in the same boat.
    When it come to Saurez i do think lfc have done nothing wrong Afc should put up or shut up.
    Liverpool should try to keep their assets
    As best as they can if that mean hacking the price then so be it I can remember Mr fabergas situation with Barca they where chasing a least to seasons before he eventully left.
    Arsenal should really look at mirror before they critise other team.

  35. Steve higgins says:

    Ive been a gooner since 1971 and this year I’m sick and tired of being thumped. Yes injuries have hurt us however we like everyone else had opportunities to strengthen the squad
    We failed again at that . We have only the manager to blame . He has not built any teams that have one , he has inherited teams that have one and added two or three players I’m bloody disheartened agsin , it has to be fixed

  36. stevepalmer1 says:

    I don’t run any site, and would not want anybody to go to another website. I have my opinions and views that i put down in words, A day or so later i may feel completely different, but at the time of writing that was how i felt, Although i may disagree with other Bloggers views i would not argue the point. If anything i comment on is offensive to anybody and the administrators feel it is inappropriate and bin it, is fine with me. I am just a supporter with no axe to grind, i seek no financial gain. If anything i write is useful to Arsenal Arsenal you have my permission to use without asking me, From what i have seen of this site, it appears to be a good site for the supporter, i would say that if you want to contribute and you stick to their rules, i am sure you would be welcome

  37. Soham De says:


    I came across your blog on twitter and i have been really impressed with the passionate and spirited way with which you seem to write each and every one of your blog posts . It was an excellent read and its always incredible to come across passionate bloggers like yourself

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    As you must know its really difficult getting your blog out on google and available for organic searches, quite a difficult task really. For that i was hoping if you could help me out a bit.

    I would love if you would have my blog featured on your proud website on your blog roll or recommended blog list as a link back to us so that we are able to reach out to a number of Arsenal supporters across the world. Doing so will surely mean the world to me and will greatly help me in my endeavour.

    Also if there is any other way you could help us out here in being more efficient by giving us a shout out on twitter or by giving us a citation on any of your articles with something similiar that we have written about that will he huge for us and and will surely do wonders for our work here. I really love the work you have been doing and helping us out a bit will work wonders in our efforts to become an influencer like your website.

    Ofcourse i will do the same and even put up an image link with your logo if you would provide me with the code snippet or we would gladly link back on any of our posts that we write with a citation back to you.

    The website URL is –

    Thankyou for taking the time to hear me out.


  38. davelally03 says:

    A former Highbury regular-I now build Highbury stadia models- to order. The replicas are glued to a wooden base & boxed in a transparent plastic box for viewing. My products do not have any club naming-to avoid any copyright issues. TBH I got the idea after searching online myself for a ‘highbury model’ without luck so purchased a kit & made one myself. So happy with the result I built another with realistic modifications..& another.. My website has photographs & information. I hope the editor allows my website link. Thanks.👍

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