Video Library

What a lovely idea 🙂

When theres no footie come and indulge yourself in some live action. Not sure if it will slow everything down but its worth a try.  First up ‘A night at the Emirates’……….enjoy

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  1. It’s Clair de Lune by Debussy. As Victor Borge used to say ‘Clair de Lune. English translation: clear the saloon.’ Apparently it was used in The Usual Suspects and in Oceans 11. Debussy was, of course, a PSG supporter

  2. Rasputin says:

    Class – you’ve either go it or you haven’t 😆

  3. Rasputin says:

    Thierry brought us joy in so many ways……

  4. irishgunner says:

    Rice – Stapleton – Brady, Ireland says your welcome Arsenal 8)

  5. I assure you this much… the following video WILL have you in stiches.

  6. Rasputin says:

  7. This is so special – what a legend Rocky Rocastle

  8. Rasp says:

    Thanks to chas

  9. chas says:

    At the end of the Arsenal Newcastle game 12/3/2012

  10. Not a video but clearly something to savour

  11. So good, she did it twice 😉

  12. James J Keswick says:

    88/89 highlights reel:Pleasure to see the famous P Davis signature free kick dink straight down the middle which cause chaos in Totts defence.

  13. LB says:

    I think I was equally moved by the content as by seeing the names of those contributors again. Debussy’s “Clear the Saloon” is so fitting for the first vid.

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