The ‘C’ Word

No ……. ‘C’ stands for censorship 🙂

Some bloggers think that censorship should never take place and have misinterpreted our site rules to mean that we will not censor comments.

Censorship and the banning of bloggers is always a last resort. It’s something we never want to have to do. Our hope is that everyone will be adult enough to moderate their posts in keeping with the standards we try to maintain.

If someone goes beyond the bounds of what we consider acceptable, we will email them explaining the problem and hope they understand and comply.

If they don’t, if they use unnecessarily gratuitous language, if they write overtly racist, misogynistic or homophobic comments, if they don’t know the difference between acceptable innuendo and puerile smut, if they try to use the site as a soapbox to air extreme political or religious views, or if they attack others in an insulting way ….. make no mistake, we will remove their comments and ban them if they persist.


4 Responses to The ‘C’ Word

  1. I’ve just seen this update to ‘Rules’ and feel that a comment should be made. I really don’t disagree with ‘censorship’ but I strongly disagree with double standards. There is mention of comments which attack or insult…. here is an example of a double standard. GN5 was abused / insulted by Herb. GN5 asked for some support from admin and was basically dismissed and told to ‘man up’!

    On another occasion, I think Chas was called a ‘poof’ and Rasp stepped in and said that insults would not be tolerated. So as I see it, it’s double standards. On another occasion, I posted an advert for Happy Bottom, Bum Butter, and it was removed, but someone can post tweets by ‘FumBucker’ and not get censored. You see what I mean?

    I can assume Herb wasn’t sent an e mail asking him to moderate his comments because GN5 was told to be an adult and accept it.

    I was e mailed to change my name from Wet Willy…. whereas I think FumBucker is just as bad. I don’t want to make a big thing out of this but it would be good if there was consistancy, double standards are just as unacceptable. I’m an expert in anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic language. I will monitor and I will comment if I see favoritism and inconsistancy cropping up.


  2. Rasp says:

    Thank you for your comment NB. I am disappointed that you personalise it by citing your opinion of why you think I do things. Let me assure you that this page together with everything else that relates to the running of AA was agreed in advance by the 6 people currently running the site.

    None of us are on call to moderate comments all the time. As it says on the page, it would be nice if everyone was mature enough not to require us to intervene.

    You may see yourself as some kind of vigilante or freedom fighter but in reality you are a guest who has chosen to come and join us.

    Your perception that the way the site is run is incorrect. We are not bringing in anything new, just returning to our original values.

    We have busy lives and personal circumstances change, as a result the standards we originally set out were allowed to slip. Recently the blog we had worked so hard to create and maintain has not been giving out the sort of message we would want.

    This is the way we choose to run the site … when in Rome etc 🙂

  3. Vigilante or freedom fighter 🙂 nice one Rasp

  4. Rasp says:

    😆 NB, we’re just a little blog run by a handful of volunteers. Folks shouldn’t view things so deeply, there is no need for dramatic resignations, let’s just play nicely and remember why we’re here.

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