Hull.A New Dawn?

February 11, 2017

Should be a fine day’s sport. Arsenal, a respite and then England/Wales in Cardiff.

The damage of the last two losses is in the past, the players have to show why they earn squillions and give us a reason to believe (sounds like a song). We are at home against a struggling team much the same as Watford (gold and black kit).


Do you think Silva’s Hull have the courage to do a Watford and attack from the start? I certainly hope so but as Silva is known as “Clean Sheet Silva”, the chances are high that we will see Hull PTB early. “Clean Sheet Silva”, sounds like a porn star name but the man has certainly improved Hull. Clean sheets against both Liverpool and MU in his last two games is testimony to manager who can organise his team.

Our boys need a boost, an early goal would provide one. Anything will do, an OG, a wicked deflection, in off the woodwork, anything. My fear is that if Hull score first the whole ground will become a venomous environment. Arsenal have millions of fans but far less supporters.

My Team:


Bellerin     Squillaci    Koscielny    Gibbs

Ox    Coq   Ozil

Walcott    Perez    Sanchez

Why not? Perez at CF? A front three that can all pay at CF? Ideally I would like to see Danny start, he is so great to watch. This is a very small front 6 who will have to do do loads of running about (in a tactical way).

With BM midweek I can envisage a much changed side and this is just a punt.

There is a genuine threat that the Top 4 could escape us this season, it is time to get back  onto the winning horse.



Can we continue our Unbeaten Run?

September 17, 2016

Hull away under a strong caretaker manager is a potential banana-skin for our team as they struggle to discover form and identity. Are Arsenal good enough to leave The Kcom Stadium (really?) with three points?


I am always concerned about long  unbeaten runs and the fact that Arsenal have not lost an away fixture to Hull for 101 years frightens me, all runs end – sometimes with a diving Rooney. Before you get too excited we have only played 6 games over those years!

On paper we have a far better squad, man for man Arsenal inspire confidence but we know that individual quality does not equate to points, it is teamwork, cohesion, focus and above all clinical finishing which brings success.

Rumour has it that OG is not fit to start so there is likely to be a second start for Perez who must be hoping for a better afternoon than his ineffectual performance  last week.

My Team


Bellerin    Mustafa    Koscielny     Monreal

Xhaka    Elneny   Iwobi

Ozil   Sanchez


Formation? The Terry Venables Christmas Tree. Will not work like this in practice but looks good on paper!

It will be interesting to see whether the highly influential Cazorla is selected to play 3 games in a week especially with a CL game midweek. My guess is that we will play a more defensive midfield for an away fixture.

Will Hull cope with the pace and guile of our strikers? It is here where the game will be won. Our defence looks solid and will surely enter the pitch ready from the first whistle after the midweek lapse, so it is the goal scoring which needs to be addressed.

An oddity is that in the last three games between the clubs it has been 0-0 at halftime and there has been a goal after the 90th minute.

Can we win? Of course.


written by Big Raddy

Coquelin’s Punishment. No trip to Hull.

March 8, 2016

Let’s be honest, the home leg was dreary. How can this evening  be an improvement?

Simple. Goals. As Didit continually harps on about, goals are what we pay for. I love a crunching tackle, even better a little outrageous skill (aka Mesut), a towering defensive header or a sprint down the wings but let’s face it, a 0-0 draw rarely excites. It is goals which get us out of our seats.

Awful Music Alert. Turn off Speakers before Watching

There have been some fine 0-0, I recall at cracker at WHL a few seasons ago. Thinking of which I saw this and giggled – hopefully you will too.


Mr Bruce, he of the badly squashed face, you know the mush, the one that looks as though he has run full-face into a wall, Come on, you know, the chap who resembles an overweight pug dog. Well, Mr Bruce has once again stated that he will rotate his squad. He did so at The Emirates and came away with an unwanted result. With the PL a priority Bruce will not want a home game against Watford on Sunday – or will he? It must be a financial boon.

The FA Cup has to be a priority for Mr Wenger. We are doomed in the CL and the PL title remains open; the chance to make FAC history must be alluring. 3 on the spin would satisfy even Herb’s Army!

So, we will play a few reserves and chaps who need games to return to form. Giroud will start alongside Walcott. Campbell too.

I expect to see Chambers at RB which forces Mr Wenger to play his first choice, fit, CB’s – BFG and Paul Easter. Gibbs to continue at LB after a fine game on Saturday.



Chambers   BFG   Easter   Gibbs

Elneny   Flamini   Iwobi

Campbell    Giroud    Walcott

A strong bench in case of our lads being silly.

Hull played well at the Em’s and they are not going to be easy opponents tonight – they never are. Two decent CB’s backed up by a fine GK and a battling midfield, they are hard to break down. If Hull score first it could be a long night.

BTW have you ever been to Hull? If not, keep it that way. If, like me, you have visited this outpost of civilisation you will know that the game is best watched from the comfort of your own home or a pub.

And remember, the match kicks off at 19.00. Can you recall a match ever kicking off at 19.00? Anyone know why?

Another big game for Arsenal. A home tie against Watford beckons; win that and we are into the Semi’s.

Glory and Silverware awaits


Ramsey or Walcott? A First World Problem

May 4, 2015

Some days I find no inspiration for the pre-match, today is one. I usually find something to hang the post on – our form, the oppositions form (or lack of it), their manager and his tactics, their town, sometimes a tale from my past AFC history but today ….. nothing.

I have already expressed my dislike of Steve Bruce and his tactics many times, I have written about how awful the town at the end of the Humber Bridge is, I have described our wonderful form and the players who have propelled us forward over the past few months – what is left?

Would you like to know what they eat in Hull? My guess is a healthy dose of fish and chips.

Tactics? A team fighting relegation will battle, Expect a physical confrontation and some long ball from Hull. Pacy clever stuff from our boys.

Form? You know ours; Hull have won their last two including beating Liverpool

Stats? We have yet to lose to a bottom half team and have drawn only twice.

Key player? N’Doye is a fine if “mature” centre forward. I watched him when he played up the road for FC København where he looked a fine player and was always top scorer. Fast, skilful and good at finding space. Good feet for a Big Man.

Our Team:

Same as the last few games

Why change a winning team?

Some, make that many, people are unhappy with Ramsey playing wide right – I disagree. If your concerns are his lack of pace I would counter by pointing out that Bellerin is our fastest player and Ramsey’s tendency to drift infield allows Bellerin to use the space created. Also Ramsey gives more defensive cover.

On the other hand, Theo offers something extra against a team who are unlikely to spend much time attacking. He will not be needed at the back, particularly since Coquelin has made us far more secure, and is a much better finisher than Ramsey. Mr Wenger rarely tweaks his teams and Theo is getting some wonderful experience of bench warming – will he think twice before signing a new contract knowing that he is no longer guaranteed a first team place?  Both players are International stars and whomever plays will give their all to prove themselves worthy of the shirt.

Injuries. Just the long-termers. Debuchy crocked again.

Last two games against Hull? 2-2 at home (controversial Hull goal and a last minute equaliser from Welbz) and the FAC Final win

Ref: Lee Mason. Not the best.

This will be a difficult fixture as Hull battle to remain in the PL, a battle I am sure they will win as other teams have worse run-ins. Beating Liverpool was huge for Hull and a similar result tonight is not beyond the realms of possibility  – but I think we must be favourites.

I am 56% confident.


So Paddy got up and he sang it again.

January 4, 2015

Is it only 7 months ago? Tempus Fugit.

What an excellent weekend that was (apart from kick off until Santi scored). Can’t say I recall much of the game apart from the rush of blood when Aaron scored.


There has been much writing on AA over the past few days about how we need to do X or Y but in my opinion we have the squad and the manager to win the PL  – the problem is that the key ingredients are lying in the medical bay. Why become so frustrated by our loss  at S’ton? Starting with a midfield of Coq and Chambers – we were never going to boss the game. Many said “men against boys” ….  in American parlance …. Hello (with the first syllable low and the second rising).

It will be a bare bones midfield again today with Ox apparently knacked at S’ton. Who is left standing? Mozart, Coq and  …. ermmm. Perhaps one of the kids – Zebbedee? (Zelalem).

We need to rest players but how? Santi has been great but was clearly tired in the second half at St. Mary’s as was Alexis.

And who plays upfront? Theo? Would you rely on him? Sanogo? Is he injured or back in training?

If it wasn’t the FA Cup and an important game for us I would suggest playing the Women’s team.

A concern is that with the Xmas fixture congestion the players will be not only tired but un-motivated. From a personal point of view this pre-match is one too many and if I as a mere fan have had enough imagine how BFG feels. If I am unable to raise enthusiasm to write another post what must it be like for the Santi/Alexis when a Hull Orc comes crunching in to clip ankles?


But …. come kick off things will change. The Raddy living room will reverberate with the usual 4 letter words of encouragement, such as “Get up you ****ng idiot and support the defence”, Monreal, you ****, where are you?” “Alexis, you ****ing beauty” “referee, you a complete ****”,. Probably the same words you will be using  😡

Would that we were at home to Fleetwood but we aren’t, we are playing a good side who will want revenge for their painful Wembley defeat. Should be a good game and possibly a nerve shredder.

Right, that’s yer lot.


written by Big Raddy

Back to football – Arsenal v Hull City

October 18, 2014

Morning all.

Matchday at last. And Hull as well. When did we meet them last? Yes, you got it right. Just go to the banner at the top if you don’t remember.

The entire Hull city descended on the capital that day. Driving down the motorway felt a bit strange and scary. Every second car had stripes and tiger banners. It felt almost like heading into enemy territory.

But that was different. Do or die for them. Yet another trophy for us. 😛

Today is league. Very different. A tough game. The tigers are tough. Period. I was surprised to note:

(a) Hull is only one of three PL teams that have scored in every game so far (other two are Chavs and Everton – not us, we play a beautiful game, silly! 😛 )

(b) Hull had 13 players on international duty last week. Eh! Some plating for obscure countries like Antarctica and Papua New Guinea! 😛

Tough game, first of 4 relatively easy (must win? 😛 ) games. Even the Arsenal website has a poll asking fans whether we will win all four!

Realistically speaking, I think we need to score twice. Where will be get the two goals? Hmmm.

Anyway, two goals or not, we are probably in for an exciting game. My best guess:

Bellerin, Monreal, Mertesacker Gibbs,
Arteta, Wilshere,
Ox, Cazorla, Alexis

Monreal and BFG in central defence will be exciting!

However, having said all that, this game has only one possible outcome. Unleash the demolition squad, Wenger. COYG!!!!!!

Written by arnie