Olivier Giroud – World Cup Winner

July 16, 2018

Even the biblical downpour couldn’t ruin the big man’s hair.

Lamppost or World Cup Winner? Discuss.

The Final Countdown

July 15, 2018

Well, it’s certainly been a World Cup to savour with shocks and excellent goals aplenty. What have been your highlights?

As usual the knockout stages have had far too many penalty shoot outs, but as that adds to the drama, no-one is really complaining.

For England the whole thing ended a bit like a damp firework failing to explode but given the limited nature of the side, was wholly to be expected.

Good luck to RC’s France and Eddie and VP’s Croatia. At least the best two players of the tournament, Modric and Mbappe get to grace the Final.

Apparently the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 will be held in November through to December. What a bizarre season that will be.



Hugo’s Prediction

July 12, 2018

The spuds’ glove butler (© ArsenalGent) Hugo Lloris predicted before the semi-finals began that a spud would win the World Cup.

On Tuesday Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Dembele were dumped out with the meaningless 3rd place play-off the only thing delaying their flights home.

Last night potential Golden Boot winner, H Kane and his fellow English spuds were dumped out by Croatia. whose stuffed peppers were too hot for the national team to handle.

It would appear that barring a hat trick in the Final from Griezmann or Mbappe, Kane will be that Golden boot winner and reveal himself as the obvious candidate to replace CR7 at Real Madrid. Cmon Madrid, you know you want to.

So, anyway, Hugo now remains as the only miscreant left who could kiss the World Cup trophy.  So that means it’s Croatia for me in the Final. 🙂

Last night began with a bang, Trippier’s glorious free kick flattering to deceive, but ended with a whimper with the superior footballing side creating the majority of the relatively few chances created.

At least we can now go back to proper football, club football, rather than pretend we ever enjoyed following a team with Welbz riding the pine as our only representative. Cheering on Ashley Young, Dele Alli and Eric Dier has been so so difficult.

Good luck to VP and Eddie’s chequered boys on Sunday.

England or Croatia to battle the French?

July 11, 2018

So, France had just enough to beat the Belgians. Umtiti from a set piece was enough with both goalkeepers keeping the score down in typical cowardly goalkeeping fashion. Fancy ruining all of those opportunities for lots of lovely goals!

On to today and the Semi the World Cup has been waiting for……

Comparing patron saints, we have St Joseph batting for The Croats….

….and St George for the English.

One nil, England. ☺

For the last few games, it has started to seem like it’s Jordan Pickford’s World Cup. A string of top class saves have kept the barbarian armies at bay.

England have been strongest at dead ball situations and will be hoping that with the firm foundation of being solid at the back, they can match the Croatians in open play as well.

Croatia have an excellent midfield with Rakitic and Modric. Will they be able to lift the rest of the team to reach an unheard of World Cup Final.

Cmon England, do it for Sir Bobby Robson!

Three Lions versus The Blazers

July 8, 2018

Goals from Maguire and another England player saw off Sweden in a surprisingly comfortable victory for Gareth’s boys.

The waistcoat is still working its wonders.

Eddie and VP’s Croatia luckily beat the host nation on penalties setting up Wednesday’s semi-final showdown.

It’s Coming Home? Europe triumphs over South America

July 7, 2018

Well, La France saw off the Uruguayans without really breaking sweat. The second goal reminded me of Xhaka’s versus Liverpool.

The Flemish giants (did you notice that De Bruyne and Hazard were the only ones who looked under 6 foot?) beat Brazil and finally ended Neymar’s pathetic play acting. Good riddance.

Today has a different flavour altogether. The Little Englanders in Cuffley will be revving up listening to their Abba collections from an early hour and should be nicely pickled by 3pm.

This is the time for Gareth’s waistcoat army to rise up and quell the noise from the Swedish hordes. Can we be better organised than the Swedes? Score more from free kicks and corners? Will VAR and Harry’s pens play a part? Should be fun finding out.

Russia v Croatia could go either way, too. Home advantage could be decisive again or we could see the Modric/Rakitic show top the ratings. What do you think?


The Quarters Loom: thoughts and feelings

July 5, 2018

First up, some great news. Non fans of M. Didit are in for a treat as he’s b*ggering off to the Continent for four or five days. Good news for him is that he’ll be stationed in La Belle France, so will inevitably be able to find a huge telly in some some picturesque village square to capture first hand some Gallic hospitality and bonhomie.

Anyhow, here we are with a few days away from the action and a chance to take stock.

Four epic looking encounters this weekend, with a most surprising cast remaining. I think we can expect more surprises and with what has happened so far, few would be heading to the bookies with any degree of confidence.

As for England? Well, they don’t impress me overly, but of course neither did Greece when they went on to lift The European trophy a few years ago. Shit has already happened, so who knows, although it’s hard not to imagine a Modric (or similar) unlocking our defence, while at the other hand, I’m not confident we have the lock pickers to unlock robust opposition defences either. Hey ho, we’ll see.

Talkies so far:

VAR…I’m warming to the drama

Pickford….THAT save

Arsenal targets…..Lucas “set for a medical” Torreira leading the way

The Superstars…Messi and Ronaldo gone home, Neymar? Mmmm.

Stars born?  Mbappe?

Over to you. What are your highlights and what are you most looking forward to?

Personally? I’m hoping to enjoy a France win this weekend, as in traditional French fashion during times of heightened excitement, all French women automatically remove all their clothing. That’s what they do. Fact.

Written by M.Didit89

Tedious Spain and more tedious penalties … plus Monday madness

July 2, 2018

Spain have been really lacklustre since the tournament started. Fred called it; just not good enough to beat a poor Russian outfit. The home nation still in the the comp definitely adds something, though.

Croatia Denmark was dull, too, but here’s  a match report from VP who enjoyed the game…… 😀

Certain goal to win it snuffed out with a professional foul
Goalkeepers loomed large
Schmeichel ended up saving 3 penalties and goes home
Subasic saves 3 penalties and onwards
The drama around Modric taking his 2nd penalty
Exciting start
Exciting finish
time for breakfast in between
Croatia WIN!
what more can you ask for in a world cup game


On to today’s menu……

Brazil should be street wise enough to see off the Mexicans.

Japan shouldn’t be in the last 16 – Belgium to cruise into the quarters.

It’s A Knockout

June 30, 2018

The Round of 16 kicks off today with a couple of belting fixtures.

Neither France nor Argentina have hit anything like decent form as yet. Perhaps the do or die nature of the knockouts will inspire them to bring their A game to stage.

Uruguay v Portugal in the evening could be the tie of this round. Therefore it’s a guaranteed nil nil and penalties.

Fair Play? Not on your Nelly. The Round of 16 is complete.

June 29, 2018

Group H ends in a disgraceful show of bad sportsmanship with Japan passing the ball endlessly sideways, and Poland allowing them to do just that.

Senegal go out of the tournament on the fair play rule. Such irony. The World Cup hasn’t seen such appalling behaviour since Germany v Austria in 1982 fixed their result to both qualify at the expense of Algeria. This game led to final group games being played simultaneously.

Group G was the expected anti-climax predicted, with everything more or less decided beforehand.

So we have avoided Brazil just as Gareth planned….