It’s Coming Home? Europe triumphs over South America

Well, La France saw off the Uruguayans without really breaking sweat. The second goal reminded me of Xhaka’s versus Liverpool.

The Flemish giants (did you notice that De Bruyne and Hazard were the only ones who looked under 6 foot?) beat Brazil and finally ended Neymar’s pathetic play acting. Good riddance.

Today has a different flavour altogether. The Little Englanders in Cuffley will be revving up listening to their Abba collections from an early hour and should be nicely pickled by 3pm.

This is the time for Gareth’s waistcoat army to rise up and quell the noise from the Swedish hordes. Can we be better organised than the Swedes? Score more from free kicks and corners? Will VAR and Harry’s pens play a part? Should be fun finding out.

Russia v Croatia could go either way, too. Home advantage could be decisive again or we could see the Modric/Rakitic show top the ratings. What do you think?



43 Responses to It’s Coming Home? Europe triumphs over South America

  1. Eddie says:

    ha ha ha 🙂 I will try to post some photos of the flags

  2. Eddie says:

    neymar is a disgrace. Belgians and French both very good teams, I actually never saw them as favourites, but they are, awesome

  3. chas says:

  4. chas says:

    Pranksters replace Ikea signs ahead of England vs Sweden game.

  5. Eddie says:

    frenzy 🙂

  6. chas says:

  7. GunnerN5 says:

    Hi Chas,

    I’ve been under the weather for the past little while, but all is well now. You have done an incredible job, as usual, of running the site, especially now that Micky and Raddy are off on their “olidays”.

    I was not at all sure of England’s chances but I must say it’s exciting to see how they have progressed. Belgium and France seem to be the pick of the crop and I would give the nod to Belgium to win their first WC.

    I’m off to my son’s house to watch the game it’s a 10:00am kick off here, so it will be breakfast with beer to start our day.

  8. mickydidit89 says:

    Cheers Chas
    Away on chaps weekend. One chap says we’ll definitely be done by ref or var as russkies seriously cheesed off with us

    Yesterday marvellous as all ladies starkers. Butt naked. Tackle our. I’ve spotted to English females here and of they peel off I’m handing in the passport and emigrating

    Come on England

  9. Aaron says:

    Sweden are turgid in their operation. Only think to counter and I personally can’t stand teams that play this way. Only hope is long ball and over the top. Sheesh how did they make it this far?? Solid D and a goal every other game.
    Well, now they are going to have to come out and play now!

  10. chas says:

    Holy shit!

    What’s Cuffley like?

  11. fred1266 says:

    Shouldn’t Vardy be starting over sterling

  12. fred1266 says:

    Congrats guys team looked decent today

  13. fred1266 says:

    Pickforf my word

  14. Aaron says:

    England well done! Bye bye Sweden.

  15. Eddie says:

    chas – huge gazebo in the local football club. Hundreds of whities with tattooes and chubby wives, all singing, dancing, God Save the Queen can be heard miles away Time for me to emigrate.

  16. chas says:

    Sounds perfect, Eddie.

    You poor thing!

  17. chas says:

    Who is it best to face in the semis?

  18. Aaron says:

    Russia by a mile, as Modric and co in midfield could be a nightmare.

  19. Eddie says:

    VP – we must win this one!!!!!

  20. Eddie says:

    hands up – chas, ant, didit, rasp, lb and the rest of the English AAers
    1. do you have a flag outside your house
    2. do you have a flag on your car.

    honest answers only

  21. Eddie says:

    bodies scattered around the fan 🙂

  22. chas says:

    No flag anywhere from me.

    I’ve failed as a patriot.

    Ant’s in Barcelona with a group celebrating a 5-aside lad’s 50th. No flag in Notts to my knowledge.

  23. chas says:

    Holy shit, Batman.

  24. Aaron says:

    Great strike, but they will still lose.

  25. Aaron says:

    Bang-there it is.

  26. VP of Oz says:

    Eddie, we are up against Russia, the crowd and officaldom
    Remember that Croatians are always the victims hence any decision against us is unjust and unfair and pre-determined (there is always a conspiracy against us to hold back our great nation).
    Still 1:1 at half time, I will take that for now.

    As for England. Here is m conspiracy theory, There is some backroom deal done with Russia (probably related to Brexit) for their two countries to progress.

    This can be seen in their relative easy groups for both countries and Robbie Williams performing, nuff said.

  27. LBG says:

    Interested in Exile’s view on Neville’s comments on Uraguay goalkeeper’s mistake last night and Croatia’s tonight.

  28. Eddie says:

    where are those Exile’s views??

  29. Eddie says:

    VP – pull yourself together son, we Croats are no victims. Victims’ mentality is for the weak, we is the warriors

    Come on Hrvatska!!

  30. Eddie says:

    shame on you chas, you would not get away with it in cuffley

  31. Eddie says:


  32. Aaron says:


  33. Eddie says:

    VP = don’t tell me you fooking went to bed??!!

  34. Eddie says:

    Aaron – are you Croatian too?

  35. Aaron says:

    Today I am:-)

  36. Eddie says:

    like me then 🙂 excellent

  37. Eddie says:

    here we go. bloody russian ronaldo

  38. Aaron says:

    One legged keeper to produce saves in Pk’s it is then!

  39. Aaron says:

    That was enjoyable slow death for rusSia.
    Croatia with the Win.
    England onward and upward.

  40. VP of Oz says:

    Sorry. I’ve been swamped with messages and I’ve been screaming around the house etc. Off to the Croatian club now for cevapi.
    We’re sending England home next game

  41. VP of Oz says:

    20 years ago I was at the Croatian club watching our loss to France. (remember golden boot and ex Arsenal player Davor Suker)
    Now we have a very good chance of going through and then meeting France again. This time all the way

  42. chas says:


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