Vardy to Arsenal, OR….You Vote

June 22, 2016

Let’s face it, the strikers on show at The Euros will not have filled Gunner Transfer Speculators with much hope. I have not seen anything of The Copa America, so realistically, given our place in the pecking order behind yer Barcas and Bayerns, Vardy is looking not just ok, but possibly the best we can hope for.

Personally, I think he’d be a great addition, but far from a worldy.

So, for the sake of a simple poll, we’ll look at a straight choice.  Vardy OR  a Mahrez/Mkhitaryan type. Someone to provide more ammo. from the right, as well as goals.

Incidentally, I think we could have both, but I’m interested to see which you consider would improve the side the most. Without changing formations, we have very limited alternatives to Ollie, bar moving to a Sanchez little ‘un kind of set up, whereas we do have options on the right from Aaron/Jack to Joel/Iwobi.

Remember, it’s an either/or

If Vardy is not for you, tell us who else we should be looking at …. try to keep it realistic 🙂


Giroud was always Wenger’s Plan B …. Vardy fits Plan A

June 16, 2016

Following on from LB’s post yesterday asking what we could expect from Vardy in an Arsenal shirt, I thought that I would delve a bit deeper into the factors that would affect that expectation and why he is the type of player we need.

Obviously all this is based on the assumption that Vardy will sign for North London’s Finest ….. so take that as the premise and run with it.

Olivier Giroud and Jamie Vardy are polar opposites in the spectrum of strikers. Both are very good at what they do but they have little in common in terms of the striker’s repertoire.

Arsene bought Ollie when we were still having to be careful financially. He was the best we could get with the money available and his goal tally since signing make him very good value for money.

We have seen from the first games at the Euros that Giroud is a much better hold up player in a 4:5:1 than that Kane bloke from some minor club down the road, but we also saw in France’s game yesterday that a striker of his type struggles when the pattern of play doesn’t suit …. he benefits from chances created for him but doesn’t create that many chances from his own play. Giroud won’t pick the ball up at the half way line, weave and trick his way through the defenders and tuck it away, he’s not built for that.

Let’s look at our style of football. Arsenal under Arsene Wenger have been compared to Barcelona. The Dutch model of total football is often quoted when describing our fluid style of play (when it’s working). OG can hold the ball up, he’s very good with his head, he makes clever lay offs …. but those aren’t the core attributes required for the aforementioned style of football. No, that requires pace, movement, good close control, mobility, a clinical finisher …. remind you of anyone?

We were actually heading down this road when Welbeck became first choice striker towards the end of last season. That version of Plan A had to be shelved due to Welby’s latest untimely injury. Vardy is just a more finished article than Welbeck. Morata fits the bill. None of the strikers we have been linked with have been ‘Girouds’.

Ask yourself this….who will benefit most from a sliderule pass from Ozil? Who will have the pace, movement and incisive runs to capitalize on the genius of the best ‘assister’ in the world?

So my conclusion is that Arsene has been pragmatic. OG was the best we had and we have tried to play to his strengths when he’s leading the line, but in reality, a player like Vardy is what the system really requires and that would have been Plan A all along. We won’t have to adapt our style that much to accommodate Vardy, we’ve been having to compromise it all this time to get the best out of Ollie.



I should make reference to GoonerB’s continual evangelism last season on the need for a ‘fast fluid striker’ and  for Total Arsenal’s undying love for all things Ollie 🙂

What do we expect from Vardy?

June 15, 2016

The reason for that question was that I was watching the England-Russia game with a friend (QPR) and he said:

“Are there any Arsenal players in the squad?”

To which I said “Yes, 2: Vardy and Wilshere.”

Which, after a second, the penny dropped and he laughed and said “You haven’t got Vardy”

To which I said that “I thought it was a done deal” and then skeptically he asked:

“Do you really want him?”  and I said: “Oh yes, we are are very excited about his arrival”

And then he said “Ahhh but don’t you think he is just a one season wonder?” to which I didn’t have an answer ready but it has made me think.

What do we expect from Vardy?

Written by LB