What do we expect from Vardy?

The reason for that question was that I was watching the England-Russia game with a friend (QPR) and he said:

“Are there any Arsenal players in the squad?”

To which I said “Yes, 2: Vardy and Wilshere.”

Which, after a second, the penny dropped and he laughed and said “You haven’t got Vardy”

To which I said that “I thought it was a done deal” and then skeptically he asked:

“Do you really want him?”  and I said: “Oh yes, we are are very excited about his arrival”

And then he said “Ahhh but don’t you think he is just a one season wonder?” to which I didn’t have an answer ready but it has made me think.

What do we expect from Vardy?

Written by LB

77 Responses to What do we expect from Vardy?

  1. Sorry guys I didn’t know the new fixture list was coming out today.

  2. Hlanganani Thodlana says:

    I 100% do not want Vardy and his Agriculturally way of playing football. We have plenty of his like at Arsenal who are flopping currently e.g. Theo.
    We need someone serious, his 20 million tag says a lot. This is Wenger’s last chance and if he thinks Vardy is the answer then he will learn the hard way.
    Am yet to meet an Arsenal supporter who approves of Vardy………

  3. njstone9 says:

    I don’t believe Vardy will come. There are enough reasons for him to stay and surely he’d have told Arsenal by now.

    I’m more interested in the Mahrez/Mkhitariyan rumours.

  4. Big Raddy says:

    Vardy? As a temporary replacement for Welbz is an obvious buy. If he comes and scores 15 goals then he is worth the small (?) transfer fee.

    Whether he is capable of playing Wengerball is another thing entirely. AW clearly thinks so.

  5. Rasp says:

    Thanks LB, I’m sure Vardy will score goals for us, but maybe not as many as he did playing in Leicester’s set up.

    I’m not happy that he’s keeping us waiting for a decision, it should be a no brainer. Having said that, we wouldn’t want him to come just for the money whilst his heart is back at Leicester.

    I hope we are still looking at other options because if he says no after the Euros we will need to look elsewhere.

    He’s a decent player …. but not particularly classy 🙄

  6. Rasp says:

    Liverpool at home first game of the season. We play the swampies at home on 13th November.

  7. Richard says:

    Personally I expect for him to put pressure on giroud and make him perform more. Secondly I expect him to bring a toughness a mental attitude and bite to make us serious title contenders. Lastly and most people will consider the most important ! I don’t and that’s goals. If he gets fourteen that would be excellent if he gets twenty plus even better but he is here to score goals and with our start he will be the ideal starter. Will he come I don’t know I mean people think it should be cut and dry but actually it’s a tough decision. I think he has already made it and it’s palpable that the only people not speaking or going on about this are vardy and Wenger and Arsenal .

  8. Mario Tanti says:

    He will be (a one season wonder) if he stays with Leicester.

  9. mickydidit89 says:

    Great stuff LB, thank you.

    Love the word agricultural from Hlanganani Thodlana 🙂

    Also like Richard’s point about the Vardy attitude.

    For me, if it is a goer at £20M, then why not, as from the little I’ve seen of the Euros, I’m struggling to find gettable alternatives.

  10. Shard says:

    Wenger has, on more than one occasion, bemoaned the fact that Europe isn’t producing the kind of strikers that used to come up earlier. He specifically pointed to South America and saying how they come up through the streets and hence know how to handle themselves and are fighters.

    Look at Giroud. His rise to the top hasn’t been typical either. And whatever his critics (or indeed his body language) might say, he is absolutely a fighter. I expect the same from Vardy. He seems rough and unrefined, but I think that’s part of the trade off. He’ll bring the street smarts and spirit that Wenger has been looking for, and he’s shown he can finish, which is what we’ve been lacking. At 20m or so, I think it’ll be a great buy.

    Plus, I’m not too sure this deal has stalled or fallen apart. Ray Parlour’s comments were taken to mean that Vardy’s not coming. But remember that he said ‘There was a medical’. Whether that means that it was scheduled and Vardy didn’t show up, or whether he turned up for the medical, and then went on England duty and changed his mind, I don’t know. But we wouldn’t have known about Granit Xhaka if his brother hadn’t leaked those photos. I’m not sure, but I think the Vardy deal is done, he’s coming, and Leicester get time to buy a replacement, and Vardy gets to be in the headlines all this time as he promotes his book 🙄

  11. njstone9 says:

    If Wenger buys a “ready to go” player like Vardy, I would also hope he’d bring in one for the future as well. It would be nice if we managed to emulate Liverpool in how they got hold of Suarez, for example. Vardy (or equivalent) for short term success; South American skillz for long term dominance!

  12. LBG says:

    Thoroughly approve of Vardy. As many “Fox in the box” goals as sprints from the half way line ie clinical in front of goal. Gritty competitor. Never say die, fighter. Sign on the dotted, Jamie, and get him on the park tomorrow, Would!

  13. Eriama John says:

    Thank you Mario Tanti. Some arsenal fans are just here talking rubbish. Vardy would do an Awesome Job for Arsenal….he’s currently one of the best strikers in Epl. The basic truth is that he has the abilities needed for a Striker to perform anywhere (Pace,agility,finishing, shooting,mobility and technique). I’m sure Wenger and Ozil will be excited to work with the Lad. As for those talking about his Age, Vardy is 1987 so as Luis Suarez, Higuain, Benzema, Messi etc

  14. LBG says:

    Bloody predictive…….Woy.

  15. LB says:

    I know I have said this before but I will say it again: we are too quick to assume it is the player who is holding this deal up, the accusation it is always the club who are the ones who are being held to ransom.

    I just don’t see it that way.

    It is smart of the club to wait until after the Euros in case he gets a serious injury that keeps him out for the whole season. Although, I am not even convinced that it is what is holding things up. I think the deal is done and the club and player are waiting until after the tournament to announce it.

    It is also smart of Vardy to be seen to be agonising over the decision, he doesn’t want to completely fall out with Leicester where he has been elevated to deity status and as such will be get work from them for the rest of his life (guest appearances, dinner speeches, adverts, you name it).

    To answer my own question, he is a must and I want him for exactly the way that he is playing for England in the tournament.

    But he hasn’t played?

    Exactly, but he will when teams start having to chase the game or have to try and win, that is the time to put him on. I expect him to do what we all hoped Walcott would: punish teams on the break.

    If he scores ten goals next season in the EPL he will have been a success but the biggest bonus for us is when he plays in the CL, oh boy, that is where I am getting most excited about his arrival and his ability to hit teams on the break.

  16. chas mobile says:

    Cheers, LB.

    I’m not sure what I expected of a new striker signing.
    Fast, mobile, good finishing?
    Technically excellent?
    Able to tit about on the edge of the penalty area for ages playing tippy tappy?
    Id say he may have the first three.

    I think he will be a very interesting signing if it goes through. If it doesn’t , it’ll be because he doesn’t think he’s good enough to play in red and white. 🙂

  17. Rasp says:

    Woy should have brought Vardy on for Sterling with 25 minutes to go (before we scored) against Russia.

    That was the perfect scenario to introduce Vardy. His substitutions were negative and backfired. I see Woy’s conservative approach as being the biggest impediment to England progressing.

  18. Peter says:

    As fans we are all passionate (in favour or against) having the possibility of Vardy in the team. It is good that we are, I wish sometimes some of our players were also, in their play. The cold-day-of-light makes me think as follows: Vardy would probably score many goals that our team has not been scoring. The team and many fans are crying out for somebody like him. He is everything that Wallcott isn’t; if Liverpool think that they can bring back what we occasionally glimpsed then all well and good for Wallcott and Liverpool will no doubt think it is work their £20m (say). For us he has had an abject season on top of many previous inconsequential seasons; he looks stale, spent, dejected. He needs a fresh challenge and a fresh following – he is well liked as a character at Arsenal, we should wish him well (Klopp may well turn him around). To think that we have an opportunity to replace Wallcott for Vardy for the amount received seems no brainier. Vardy is a controversial character who does divide the fans but he is as fast as Wallcott, but 10x better finisher and a fighter. In terms of one-on-one he is miles better than anybody we have got – full stop! How many games in which dropped points by being unable to to those away. By the way he would be the only player in our team (perhaps with the exception of Elneny) who can actually shoot straight (not bend it always) – which is a very valuable and specific skill when charging down the flanks. Note that neither Alexis nor Wallcott can do that.

    Given that we have also lost Wellbeck for the season, it is imperative that we are able fill in the gap and replace the missing Wallcott in one go with a very good upgrade to both without spending a penny. Vardy is ready made and available. He will score hatful of goals for us. If Wenger can man-manage him so that his hunger, aggression and his fight remains on the field I see no reason why Vardy would not prove to be a huge success for us. This is my view, now over to you Mr Wenger!

  19. Peter says:

    Sorry about the few typos due to predictive text. I hope the meanings aren’t distorted. Thanks

  20. chas mobile says:

    Wilshire for Rooney was negative. Leave it out. 🙂

  21. chas mobile says:

    Devlin predictive!

  22. RC78 says:

    Vardy would be a good addition to the team but IMHO, I would rather snatch Kante or Mahrez from Leicester rather than Vardy.

    I think Vardy is a great fighter and a pacy able finisher and has a good engine/work rate. Does he suit our style and would he do better than Wellbeck? Not sure…

    In any case, with the recent additions, it seems that AW is looking to play a 4-3-1-2 with

    Ramsey, Kante, Xhaka
    Sanchez RECRUIT
    Walcott Giroud
    Wilshere Coquelin Elneny

    We have Oxlade and Iwobi as well…Wellbeck will come back and not sure what we will do with Chuba

    If we go for a 4-3-1-2, we need a striker that is good with link-up play, aerial ability, pace and also with playing with his back to goals…Someone like….Kane rather than Vardy. However, these type of players are rare and someo of them unproven like Icardi or Alcacer…

  23. RC78 says:

    Some may argue Lewandowski, Lukaku, Higuain but they are too expensive for us 😦

  24. njstone9 says:

    If Walcott is off, Vardy looks like a like for like replacement. That being so, we still need a replacement for Welbeck.

  25. Rasp says:

    Hi chas, although I wrote differently, I didn’t mean Wilshere for Rooney (I can always rely on you to pick me up 🙂 ) I meant the subsequent subs he put on to try to shut up shop = result, we defended too deep and paid the price 😦

  26. Rasp says:

    Excellent comment Peter. I have seen the hunger and aggression drain from players in the past – as you say, let’s hope his remains, I think it would.

  27. John says:

    We could snatch Mahrez…….but for goodness sake Arsenal don’t need Kante. We already have Elneny, Coquelin, Xhaka, wilshere, cazorla, Ramsey and Ozil in Midfield. Kante would do us no good. We need a Striker, Right winger and a CB.

  28. abby says:

    vardy can be of help at arsenal but if u have welbeck, Chamberlain, and Theo who play the same game as vardy, why not leave him and bring in mahrez!!

  29. John says:

    Walcott and chamberlain are not strikers. Welbeck is a Striker but can never be compared to Vardy. IMO Vardy would directly bench Giroud. Arsenal Is a Big club we shouldn’t consider walcott, chamberlain, welbeck, Giroud as starters…We can never win the EPL or advance pass the knockout stage of the UCL with them. Signing Vardy and a right winger maybe Mahrez / Mkhitaryan would be Awesome.
    Just imagine Sanchez. Vardy. Mahrez/Miki
    This will yield goals *smiles*

  30. Rasp says:

    Slovenia beating Russia 2 nil and making them look very ordinary. They have taken their chances in the first half where we didn’t.

    More pressure on England as a win against Slovenia in the last game will be hard earned.

    We need a proven goal scorer on the pitch Roy …. according to LB, he’s an Arsenal player and his name’s Vardy 🙂

  31. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey LB, just a thought

    You say “It is smart of the club to wait until after the Euros in case he gets a serious injury”, while this could be true, I guess it could also be the case that if Ollie got injured badly, then the price of any striker to Arsenal could suddenly find a premium attached.

    One other thing, it’s really nice to have a footbally post as can be seen by the comments. So thanks again

  32. Prince says:

    What do i expect from Vardy?
    ….um (assuming he’s trailblazing to the roar of our cannon) i expect him to keep Chas very, very busy in the video attachment/posting/pasting/editing dept. 😃

    (before i get back to my healthy diet of heineken and cloudy dutch vitamin greens) i wanna say G’day and a Big shout out from Oz to the usual suspects/regulars on here.. hope your all well and enjoying your sprouts 😉

  33. Prince says:

    *Slovakia Rasp??
    err, predictive technology ay 😆

  34. Prince says:

    Slovenia might have been a walk in the park…
    One can dream

  35. Aaron says:

    Goals- simple really!
    We are not getting Mkhitariyan, he will go to manure, maybe Mahrez if not Vardy, but not both.
    If Giroud had proper rest and some goal scoring help, he would have score 25+ easy.
    Arsenal played him into the ground like Sanchez because there was not adequate reinforcements.
    Hopefully this year there will be!

  36. Rasp says:

    Oops Slovenia … thanks Prince, I don’t have a predictive brain unfortunately ….. but you got my drift 🙂

  37. Big Raddy says:

    3 halves of football from Xhaka and he hasn’t scored yet. Waste of money.

  38. chas says:

    Haha, Rasp.
    Me, a pedant – never!

    The only reason I made the comment was because I’d had the same ‘discussion’ with a Forest supporter who said that the substitutions had been negative and I told him Wilshere for Rooney was more attacking and that he was talking bollocks. 🙂

    I blamed the team tactics, sitting back after scoring instead of continuing in the same vein.
    With which team have I heard similar arguments about whether to sit on a lead or go for more? 🙂 🙂

  39. Rasp says:

    Yep, agree with all that chas 🙂

  40. chas says:

  41. chas says:

    Did anyone get this morning’s player?
    Clue – what was the character’s name?

  42. Rasp says:

    Martin Hayes?

  43. Rasp says:

    Current manager ofWaltham Abbey

  44. chas says:


  45. chas says:

    I always think of this when I think of Martin Hayes. 🙂

  46. Big Raddy says:

    I cannot use any product which is endorsed by other clubs and players. Just thrown out any Nivea products in the house after seeing an ad with L’pool players

  47. Big Raddy says:

    I had house martin Keown. Who is Hayes in the pic?

  48. chas says:

    Brad Davis played William Hayes in the fillum.

  49. chas says:

    Oh, and it was a Sand Martin. 🙂

  50. chas says:

    Apart from that, you were feckin close.

  51. Rasp says:

    Thanks Chas I knew it was a Martin 🙂

  52. Rasp says:

    France are not having it all their own way at the moment.

  53. LB says:

    Xhaka was excellent; his passing, short and long, is so accurate that he is going to find the runs of Vardy more than Leicester did last season. Exciting times ahead.

  54. Cheers LB

    As I said when the rumours broke, not guilty. Sorry, was else were for a minute. What I meant to say was I very much enjoy been linked with players we aren’t going to get, especially if it looks nailed on.

    Why? Because in 1979 we were linked with Mario Kempes. Apparently Kempes had bought a council flat in Tuffnel Park and was spotted in The Railway boozer playing darts and doing an Irish jig with John Devine

    It was after that I realised The Sun were liars. Up to that point I believed that when I grew up women with large breasts would be showing me there assets and that the natural home for a scaffolder was the Conservative Party.

    I like Vardy and want him. The geezer would give us mobility up front. But until I see his council tax bill or speak to John Devine, I will hold fire on the celebrating.

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh dear

    Anyone else see Ollie’s game last night. I said yesterday an injury would result in Vardy’s price going up, but let’s face it, an injury is temporary

    Right, I’m feeling sharp and alert and going to attack the who is it with real verve and passion

    Bring it on Chas

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    Feeling a bit psychic today to be honest

    Terry Butcher by any chance?

  57. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh blimey, more troubles with England fans again I see. Will they actually boot us out? Can’t say I’d blame them.

  58. Eddie says:

    go to France micky, English fans need you 🙂

    English FA seem to think that the Brits are being targeted by the French and Russian mobs. How do the others know they are English fans? Tattooes? Baggy shorts? very white skin? they should disguise themselves somehow

  59. mickydidit89 says:

    Eddie, long time
    Me and English fans do not get on at all well

  60. Eddie says:

    I don’t think I have ever been in a big fight scene; I always wondered what I would do – run away (unlikely), try to pacify fighters (maybe), join in the fun?

  61. Eddie says:

    why is that micky?

  62. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh many many years ago, I went to an England Italy game at Wembley and witnessed English fans abusing an Italian man and his grandson. We fell out. Never been to a game again.

  63. Eddie says:

    wow!! why do I get a feeling that the fans regretted their actions?

  64. LB says:

    Morning Micky

    I realise that I didn’t answer your question.

    “I guess it could also be the case that if Ollie got injured badly, then the price of any striker to Arsenal could suddenly find a premium attached.”

    The principal reason I can see for the price of Vardy to go up is if other clubs were interested in buying him and here’s the thing — there aren’t any. Think about it, which other club would want him?

    Manu? Nope, City? Nope, Chelsea? Nope — they all need long term quality.

    We are the only club who need a short term fix: a someone to help out while Welbeck recovers and as such it is my opinion that the Vardy deal is a done and dusted.

  65. LB says:

    I can’t believe it

    That was the first and last time I went to an England game

    England – Italy at Wembley and I was appalled at how some England fans were treating an Italian husband and wife.

    I have never been since and will never go again.

  66. Eddie says:

    LB – you too? how many did you kill? I’d say micky did pretty well, maybe 5,6?

    Vardy – Everton apparently

  67. LB says:

    Sorry to jump about on the subjects here but the real nightmare scenario to Giroud getting a serious injury is not the Vardy price moving around a few mil, it is the fact that we would have to keep Walcott!

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  68. LB says:


    Everton, hmmm, good call.

    The only reason that Vardy would go there is if we didn’t want him. It would be our choice. We can offer as much in wages plus we have Champions League football and that is something he will want to experience at least once in his career.

  69. LB says:

    I was actually really upset by what I saw at that England game.

  70. LB says:

    I’m going to Japan today, hence the surge in blogging, killing time, waiting to leave.

    Family holiday, 6 days in Tokyo and then take the bullet train to Kyoto to stay 4 days in a traditional Japanese house.

    Overnight flight, it’s going to be hell, I miss my first class travel days, damn kids.

  71. Eddie says:

    Japan!! Enjoy! and write notes to tell us about it.

  72. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Sayonara LB. Have a fine holiday.

    I have been to may England games – too many to count. There are always a-holes singing anti-IRA and racist songs. Thankfully they are the vast minority.

    If I had been affected by violence and verbal abuse from stupid football fans I would never have become a Gooner because those early days on the North Bank were no demonstration of generosity and peace on earth.

  73. mickydidit89 says:

    Sorry to bunk off Eddie. School run. Sorry to disappoint, but there was no violence.

    LB. Spooky coincidence re Italy at Wembley. Would love to go to Japan and see the temples and their gardens.

    Heck, if Vardy goes to Everton, does that mean Arsene is happy with what we have? Yikes, and double yikes.

  74. mickydidit89 says:

    In fairness, the on-terrace troubles were generally oik on oik action, as opposed to Northerner on innocent family action.

  75. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey LB
    True story. I was going to New York on business and was in Business Class. There was a bloke next to me who had his girlfriend back in cattle class.
    Get this. He was going to propose to her once there. Hope she read the signals clearly 🙂
    You, however, COULD get away with putting the sprogs in the back 🙂

  76. Rasp says:

    Morning all …..

    ….. New post ……

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