China or Arsenal?

January 26, 2017

Imagine the situation …. you are sitting at your desk doing whatever it is you do (or in some  cases out on the streets) when you get a call from a friend who says” There is the possibility of quadrupling your wages but you have to move to the suburbs of Shenzheng”.

Shenzheng is a smog filled, uninspiring, industrial city without a redeeming feature. You do not speak the language, no-one speaks yours. You have no contacts there, no friends. You look different so can never melt into the background, as such you are always a source of interest – there is no escape from the spotlight. They eat dogs.

Is more money enough?


Is it better to be in the footballing wilderness and earning an unspeakably disgraceful amount of money than to be at a club where the fans love you, you are an important cog in a team playing great football and you live in one of the world’s most interesting cities earning more money than you can spend.

Do you move?


I have given this much thought. What would I do?

Aged 25 I would stay in Europe. Aged 30 I would be on the plane, chopsticks in hand.

written by Big Raddy

Hello Arsenal, Shanghai Shenhua calling”

December 30, 2016

32 year old Carlos Tevez transferred from Boca to Shanghai for £70M.

Oh, and if you think that’s funny, then let me tell you his wages: £615,000. Per week.

We’re talking New World Order stuff here, and I reckon David Beckham could be lacing up again any minute. I would.


These are exciting times, but like all good things, the window of opportunity will be small, and by that I mean the gulf in value between some old has been and serious investment value European old world value.

32 yrs Tevez at £70M, 23 yrs Pogba £90M. The world’s highest wage earner v the world’s highest fee. Wow, this does not stack up.

I don’t want to be a shit stirrer here, but just thinking out loud, we have a buyers and a sellers market at the same time. That is insane. What would be even madder, would be to keep any cash in the bank (I know, it has been for a while), as it should be so easy to trade up in quality.

Any player with any kind of pedigree and star quality has seen his market value rocket.

If I was, Ooo I don’t know, say Theo for example, I’d be thinking: chances of playing for Barca or Real slim, winning the CL with Arsenal slimmer still, success with England don’t care, had a new baby and he’s going to want a new iphone any minute now and these things ain’t cheap.


Ring, ring “Hallo Shanghai, Theo here. I’m free, and I may well have two mates as well who’d be interested”

Or, will the phone call be coming from the other end!

Arsenal’s Acupuncture Remedy

July 16, 2011

Written by Carlito11

Feeling gloomy about the Cesc/ Nasri tabloid furore and our end of season capitulation? Worried we may not sign a “big name” or even the experienced leader we need? Feel like slitting your wrists that we could end up playing Bayern Munich in the Champions League Qualifiers?

Well here’s the thing, since watching our team with a sprinkling of new blood turn out to great fanfare and support in Malaysia, none of the above are remotely near the forefront of my mind. In fact, optimism has been born anew, less out of any logical sequence of thought but more out of just the pure buzz of having our football team back- Jack’s biting challenges and ghosting forward runs, Ramsey’s vision and undoubted goal scoring instinct, Vermaelen’s precision at winning the ball back and all the excitement I feel at Walcott playing in a more central role and Ryo Miyaichi giving his full back a headache.

This is the stuff! Not the transfer window. Not the merits of financial deals. Not the never-ending and ultimately unresolvable hypothetical arguments about Usmanov, David Dein or what if we had kept big Pat for another season or two. None of this is why I love my club. The passion of the fans in Malaysia was infectious- the youtube vids of them singing OUR songs and cheering on our boys was the simple pleasure we all once felt- pride in the colours and values of the club and excitement at seeing them play.

Today we play again in China. I’ll be on the road and unable to watch it and I am actually sad about it! I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to watch a pre-season game more! My Arsenal is back and the media side show is just that now- no longer my only sustenance.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!