China or Arsenal?

January 26, 2017

Imagine the situation …. you are sitting at your desk doing whatever it is you do (or in some  cases out on the streets) when you get a call from a friend who says” There is the possibility of quadrupling your wages but you have to move to the suburbs of Shenzheng”.

Shenzheng is a smog filled, uninspiring, industrial city without a redeeming feature. You do not speak the language, no-one speaks yours. You have no contacts there, no friends. You look different so can never melt into the background, as such you are always a source of interest – there is no escape from the spotlight. They eat dogs.

Is more money enough?


Is it better to be in the footballing wilderness and earning an unspeakably disgraceful amount of money than to be at a club where the fans love you, you are an important cog in a team playing great football and you live in one of the world’s most interesting cities earning more money than you can spend.

Do you move?


I have given this much thought. What would I do?

Aged 25 I would stay in Europe. Aged 30 I would be on the plane, chopsticks in hand.

written by Big Raddy