Stoke Pre-Match. Lee Mason?

December 10, 2016

To say I dislike Mark Hughes would be like describing  the size of the planet Jupiter as being bigger than a dog. I don’t like the cut of his jib. You can tell much about the man by his football philosophy – this is a chap who can take the wonderful artistry of Shaqiri and turn him into yet another water carrier. Stoke are a club where the manager’s personality reflects the club itself (as does ours, of course).

Just in case you forget, ask Ramsey and Debuchy what they think about Stoke’s physical approach.

But, their recent results are good, since September Stoke’s results would have them in 4th place in the PL, above the Mighty Totts. They have won 5 of the last 7 games.

We are on  quite a good run ourselves, unbeaten in the league since the opening day blip and scoring 9 goals in our last 2 games.

This is our third game in 8 days so we can expect rotation.

My Team.


Gabriel     Mustafi    Koscielny     Monreal

Xhaka    Coquelin     Ox

Theo    Alexis     Mesut

Not easy to get the midfield correct. AW loves Coquelin and he is rested after missing the midweek victory, so I expect to see him start. Xhaka is the sort of chap we need to fight the Orcs but I fear he may retaliate – perhaps he is better coming off the bench, but what the heck, let’s see if he can show grace under fire.


Warning. Today’s referee is Lee Mason. A man who is so stupid he cannot see the continuous rotational fouling Stoke use against AFC. This is a chap whom Alan Green (who knows a thing or two about football) calls “the worst referee in the PL”. A man who gives our players a yellow card for every 2 fouls and every 9 fouls for the opposition. I suppose it adds to the spectacle 😀

Stoke have yet to win at The Emirates. The run needs to continue.

Worthless Boredom Wood?

December 9, 2016

Within a space of just a few days, the flame of the youth project flicked just briefly and then fizzled out. So sad! First it was crashing out to Saints in the Mickey Mouse Cup and then to Basel Juniours in the youth version of the CL. With that went the chance to watch our youngsters for another year. Eddie and some other regulars have often expressed the opinion that the youth project is not worth it, while GiE and Total have been discussing the loss to Saints. Perhaps it is time then to organise a full and proper funeral?

It looked very promising two years back when Andy Bonkers had joined in, when youth graduate Gnabry was knocking on the doors of the first team following from The Ox, while Sanogo, Akpom and Zelalem were waiting in the wings. Fast forward to the summer of 2016 and with substantial infrastructure investments and personnel changes in place, there was still considerable discontent. It was reported at one point that Bonkers was leaving, but this turned out to be a false rumour. Henry was under-18s coach but was told he could not continue both a coach and TV pundit, so he left. However, Freddie and Tony are still very much there.

Arsenal staff graphic.jpg

On the progression side, there has been good excitement, with Iwobi and Holding breaking through with credit into the first team, with Reine-Adelaide and Maitland-Niles waiting their opportunities in the wings. All sounded good, except that the juniours then crashed out of two significant competitions within a week. In the UEFA Youth League they had to score at least twice and defeat Basel away. They put in a valiant effort and created several chances, but could only open the scoring around the 80th minute through Nketiah. They they went into all out attack and conceded a last moment goal from a counterattack. There were some significant gains from teh competition, with Mavididi, Nketiah and Keto being the top stars. Not a disgrace, but an exit nevertheless!


Which then brings us to the painful manner of the exit to Saints in the Mickey Mouse Cup. Yesterday, resident tactician-in-chief Gööner-In-Exile wrote: “I think it should also direct us back to the Southampton game where many of our squad players were questioned, amazing how different they look when surrounded by first team regulars … After that game there was a lot of hand wringing here and elsewhere about the quality of our reserves.” Which brings me to the question, if football is about playing one-two-three, and admittedly such Wengerball requires substantial understanding between the players, would we not have been better served by playing our juniours in the Mickey Mouse Cup against the Saints?

Well, we tried that in the past and then Wenger was criticised of disrespect. Damend if you do, damned if you dont! But, given the manner of our loss, would it not have been nice to see for ourselves what the likes of Willock, Bielik, Mavididi, Nketiah, Reine-Adelaide and Maitland-Niles can do as a team? A significant opportunity lost?

Red Arnie

Can we win the CL? Is it too early to start dreaming?

December 7, 2016

That question was not mine. It was Eddie’s. But, here is our answer. YES,we can!

There was a lot of discussion, following Micky’s fantastic curtain raiser yesterday, as to how much risk-averse Arsene should be. Truth be told, we were not expected to win the group. Like last year, and the year before, and the previous year as well. Same old, same old!

To be fair, splitting points home and away against the French oilers PSG was no mean feat. Nevertheless, given UEFA’s strange new rules, PSG still were above us in the standings before the match, despite our far superior goal difference. Plain injustice! Nevertheless there was all to play for. We have already had a measure of PSG’s visually stunning but ineffective acrobatics in front of goal. Ludogorets had all to play for, to try and manufacture a fragile progress to the Spursday league. And so had Basel!

What can one say about FC Basel 1893? A proud club with a long name and equally tall pretences? Not! Their home record in CL against English clubs speaks volumes.

2002/03 Liverpool 3:3
2002/03 ManUre 1:3
2011/12 ManUre 2:1
2013/14 Chelsea 1:0
2014/15 Liverpool 1:0

In the event, Arsene chose a team that was fit for purpose. Perez up front which I thought was just ideal. No funny histrionics, just going about your job industriously. Use your anticipation to take promising positions within the box, and just take your chances. Simples! What a fantastic hattrick as well. Well done Perez.

The most important part of Perez’s game for me was not trying to do too much. No jostling for space in the central midfield, leaving all the opportunity, as GiE puts it, for “Ozil’s and Alexis kick a ball round a dustbin all day, you just know they’d find ever more creative ways of making it look beautiful.” In the event, it turned out even better. Not only beautiful, but also superbly effective, as we saw yesterday. To quote Beebs: “Lucas Perez’s second goal came at the end of a 33-pass move. No goal in the Champions League this season has involved more passes.” Wow, just awestruck!

And then Iwobi! What can one say. Fast, hardworking, picking up loose balls in the midfield and relay them along to the magicians, Alexis and Ozil, to weave their magic. And then wait in the box for any opportunity that might arise. And what a nice goal as well! My highlight of the game was Iwobi’s big smile after the tap-in and running off to hug Ozil. Just brought a tear to my eye. It really did!


I thought Rambo played an effective role, waking up occassionally to team up with the two magicians to weave the wand in the midfield. Xhaka (the Gooner one, the other one was rubbish) just played tango very effectively. Good solid game. So, did Gibbs. Gabriel and Kos were effective. I would like to make a special mention of Rob Holding. A good honourable CL debut! Well done son!! Could have done better on their consolation goal, but a good show nevertheless!!!

Ospina had little to do, but made a solid contribution as the first line of attack. Altogether, a pleasing team performance. As Arsene said earlier: “That is what football is about. It’s not about one player. It’s not me, me, me. It’s about one, two and three”.

Finally, it is time to wait in the wings to find out who gets the opportunity to face our next onslaught on the CL trophy this year. Onwards and upwards!

Written by Red Arnie.

Arsenal v Basel: a classic risk assessment

December 6, 2016

Fans of Big Raddy are about to be seriously disappointed, although probably not entirely surprised. More than any, they will understand the challenges he faces in being a hippy, and the lasting effects of a life bombarded by cosmic rays and shit like that.

Right, me here, so brace up and deal with it.

We all know what’s going on tonight. We could win. Paris could draw. We could top the group.

As I said earlier, a classic risk assessment is needed. I’ve had a quick gander, and Sanchez travelling gives us a glimpse into the Wenger mind. We could top the group and still get a very tough tie in the next round. For me, we had our chance, didn’t take it, should smell the coffee and lie low.

Having said all that, we could still field a very strong side and gain much, in terms of progressing as a squad. Embedding new understandings and combinations that could serve us well later in the season.

Just so you know, Basel are already 12 points ahead of second placed Young Boys in their domestic league, and steaming towards their 8th consecutive league title. They may well field a strong team simply to take another scalp.

I think we’d all pretty much agree on the players for whom an injury would hurt us the most, so I’d like to see them rested.

Lucas Perez is someone I’d like to see more of, and as striker. He scored 17 goals for a very low placed Deportivo last term. Arsene has so far deployed him largely on the left, and while Ollie is a great option, Perez may be the one to rotate with Sanchez if we wish to keep the same style.

I won’t put up my guess for an XI, and leave that for you lot. I will be interested to see how you’d play things tonight, and of course, ultimately what Arsene will do.

Written by MickyDidIt89

Are Arsenal better than Chelsea?

December 5, 2016

Chelsea are on a six match winning streak and looking very impressive. When this fact came up over the weekend amongst my red and white friends the first thing that got mentioned was that not so long ago we soundly beat them 3-0. This is obviously correct but truth be told we never beat the current formation; the winning formula that Conte has managed to find. On the subject of Conte for a moment; there is an interesting comparison going on out there between the Italian who clearly does everything possible to encourage his players and Mourinho who has no qualms about publiclly berating his: fairly obvious which of those two strategies is reaping more reward.

No, we may have beaten Chelsea but we did not beat the current formula; I mean, if we were to beat them next week then that would be a different story; we would and should crow about such a victory from the roof tops.

The title of this post: Are Chelsea better than Arsenal was a thought that sprang into my mind just after they had beaten City; I didn’t watch the game so the result of 1-3 away was all I had to go on before the start of the West Ham – Arsenal game and that score line was scarily impressive.

I continued pondering this while watching Oxlaide-Chamberlain and Monreal wreak havoc down West Ham’s flank and while Monreal may have an excuse for not being able to deliver the killer pass, Oxlaide-Chamberlain doesn’t. Alex was pants and as hard as I tried I could not stop myself from thinking Oxlaide-Chamberlain is no Hazard. The Belgian can use both feet and he has excellent close control. Then there is Walcott. Theo’s close control is so bad that Sanchez and Ozil are playing with a man short which although they are better than anything Chelsea have they cannot do is all on their own. In a nut shell Willian is so much better than Walcott.

It was still nil nil at the Olympic Stadium and I was thinking that over the length of a season those two advantages that Chelsea have will surely make a decisive difference.

I watched Match of the Day later that evening wanting to see how good Chelsea were and to my surprise I quickly realised how lucky they had been to win the way they did. It was not the all conquering performance that I feared. David Luis should have been sent off and Debruyne should have converted the sitter, not to mention the umpteen other golden chances Man City had to put that game out of Chelsea’s reach.

Fabregas was back and he sent one of his trade mark majestic forty yards passes that found Henry who used his body to shield himself from the ineffectual Otamendi before firing home to level the score. The only thing is of course is that it wasn’t Henry it was Costa. Meanwhile Arsenal had gone ahead at the Olympic Stadium with a Sanchez-Ozil combo and the reassuring realisation hit me that Chelsea can only win the title if the Elephant man stays fit for the length of the campaign; it can happen, the last time they won the league they had hardly any injuries as was the same last year with Leicester but these are rarities.

So the balance starts to swing back to the Good Guys because although the loss of Sanchez would be painful we still have Giroud, Welbeck, Perez and even Walcott.

We have a better defence than they do and we have more defensive back up. On that subject didn’t City look pants at the back, very poor? Leicester may have won the league with a lot of luck on the injury front but their defence was rock solid; there is no way that can be said of either City or Chelsea for that matter.

Arsenal, although, having gone one up were not dominating as they should have against a poor West Ham side. Enter Ramsey exit Walcott and hay presto we suddenly took complete control and as you know we ended up thrashing West Ham 1-5.

As to whether Arsenal are better than Chelsea only time will tell, the league does not lie. I know who my money is on.


An LB offering.

West Ham 1 Arsenal 5 – Player ratings

December 4, 2016

Subjective as always and I realise the opposition were very poor on the day, but you can only beat what is in front of you and I had a wonderfully rose-tinted day out in Straford.


Cech – Didn’t have a deal to do against a team struggling for confidence. Covered his posts nicely when the Hammers did threaten. Stood and watched when the ball came back off the bar for the West Ham goal  – 8

Gabriel – We really couldn’t work out whether Gabs was severely injured or not. Appeared to have Chazzed his knee at the end of the first half, but, to our amazement,  came out in the second half only to sit down injured again moments later. Seems to be settling in at full back and wasn’t unduly troubled by this season’s Payet. His height is useful at corners, too. The Hammers most dangerous chance did come from their left flank, but compared to the Hammers’ right side of the defence, Gabs’ side was like Fort Knox  – 8

Monreal – Looked excellent going forward, linking with Ozil, Alexis and the Ox – 9

Koscielny (C) – Settling in nicely to the Captain’s role. He drove the team on all game with his flawless example – 9

Mustafi – His instant passing forward is becoming a useful weapon in Arsenal’s armoury. Defended as if his life depended on it as has become customary. Love him – 9

Walcott – Poor Theo must be having a few disturbed nights with his new bab. Barely touched the ball before being subbed. Had one excellent chance but failed to get a shot off quickly enough – 6

Ozil – I just don’t think you understand. Majestic world class, a Rolls Royce of a footballer – 9

Coquelin – Excellent throughout. Really silly getting booked by kicking the ball 50 yards to the advertising hoarding. Wasn’t made to pay by being booked a second time – 8

Oxlade-Chamberlain – Alex looked the player we all know he could be at the London Stadium yesterday. Driving forward at every opportunity, using the ball wisely, involved in the goals and to cap it all scored a peach. More of the same, please, young man – 9

Xhaka – Another settling in, in a most agreeable way. Staying on his feet more in the tackle is helping and his quality on the ball was very evident yesterday – 8

Alexis – If Mesut is a Rolls Royce, Alexis is a Ferrari. His road-holding, acceleration and fancy handling are all qualities from the top echelon of motor vehicles. Three glorious and very different goals capped his MOTM performance. I’m not sure about this short backlift business but more that it’s the speed he gets a shot off which is his strongest feature in front of goal. The dummy and chip for the hattrick were just sublime –10

(Alan Shearer knows almost nothing about football even after playing it for 20 years. I suppose his managerial record is testament to that, in part)

Arsenal's Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez (L) scores his third goal, the team's fifth, during the English Premier League football match between West Ham United and Arsenal at The London Stadium, in east London on December 3, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / Justin TALLIS / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE. No use with unauthorized audio, video, data, fixture lists, club/league logos or 'live' services. Online in-match use limited to 75 images, no video emulation. No use in betting, games or single club/league/player publications. /

courtesy Justin Tallis


Ramsey – I saw a comment on twitter that someone at the game thought we’d be holding on to the 1-0 for the last 25 minutes. I’m not 100% sure that it was Rambo who was the catalyst for the bombardment that followed his arrival on the pitch but he certainly contributed a large amount. Aaron finding some form could go some way to making up for the loss of Santi – 8

Written by chas

Arsenal travel to the London Stadium

December 3, 2016

Today’s pre-match is written by a long suffering West Ham supporter, hope you enjoy the read.

Towards the end of last season, the vertically challenged of the porn brothers was asked whether the club were about to offer Slaven Billic a new contract, given his impressive first season.  In classic Sullivan style, he said not yet as the owners wanted to make sure Slav wasn’t a one season wonder.  Many pundits thought this disrespectful and just plain wrong.

But over in East London, we have a bit of history in this area.

In 2001 Harry Redknapp was replaced by Glenn Roeder.  The supporters were rather perplexed as he hadn’t achieved anything from a managerial standpoint but by the end of that season Roeder led the club to a respectable 7th place .

Unfortunately his second season was nothing short of an unmitigated disaster culminating in relegation.  Quite a feat that with a team boasting David James, Jermaine Defoe, Michael Carrick, Paulo Di Canio, Joe Cole, Trevor Sinclair and Freddie Kanoute to name just a few.  Incidentally, many fans believe the first home game of that season set the seal on what was to come when 2-0 up with 30 minutes to play, goals from Wiltord and Henry denied the Hammers a winning start.  By the time of the return fixture in mid January – won via a skanky hat trick by Henry – we had failed to register a single win at home.

It took 3 seasons and two play offs to make it back to the promised land.

Fast forward to 2008/09 and early in the season, Alan Curbishley threw his toys out the pram following the sale of George McCartney to Sunderland and was replaced by the flair, but managerial inexperience, of Gianfranco Zola.  A respectable 9th place finish was achieved playing an attractive brand of football.  Although there was turmoil off the pitch with the Icelandic owners checking their bank statement and discovering they were more likely to be shopping at Iceland than at Harrods, supporters looked forward to the following season with great anticipation.  Incidentally the Gunners took 4 points from us that season with a 2-0 win at Upton Park followed by a hard fought 0-0 draw at The Emirates.

Sure enough, a combination of off field turmoil, second season syndrome and the arrival of the Porn brothers created enough instability to take the club spiralling back towards the Championship.  The only thing that saved them (and their paltry 35 points) were three worse teams in the shape of Portsmouth, Hull and Burnley who finished with 19, 30 and 30 points respectively.

That season also saw a reverse of the 2003 fixture between the giants of North and East London as The Hammers came back from 2-0 down (Van Persie and Gallas) to draw 2-2 at Upton Park.  Zola was dismissed at the end of that season but it was hard not to feel sympathy for him as that genius football club chairman David (Dildo) Sullivan weaved his magic wand in the January transfer window.  Desperate for a goal scoring forward he recruited Mido and Benni McCarthy who legend has it both signed their contracts at McDonalds on the A13 where they’d been holed up for 6 months gorging on Burger and Chips.  Unsurprisingly, neither registered a goal during their short but ill-fated stay.

Having failed to ensure relegation that season, The Porn Brothers recruited Avram Grant and sure enough, got the job done 12 months later.

So, fast forward again to now and what does the future hold following another successful first season for a new West Ham manager?  Well, to be honest, it’s not looking good at all.  Once again we have ‘off the field’ turmoil, this time between the club and supporters, who have now realised they’ve been sold 2 pups.

The first in the shape of an athletics stadium masquerading as a football ground.  The atmosphere at times is toxic and promises made a year ago by The Duchess, in a video promoting the new ground, have been proved to be outright lies.  A recent survey on popular forum ‘Kumb’ suggests only 35% of season ticket holders are certain to renew their season tickets next season. There is even talk of a protest tomorrow in front of the cameras.

Secondly, the move was sold as our chance to challenge the Premiership big guns by attracting world class players.  At the end of last season, buoyed by a seventh place finish and a prospective European campaign, Sullivan boasted about getting ready to sign a top quality goal scorer spending £25 million plus in the process.  But despite repeated attempts to entice Carlos Bacca and Arsenal target Alexander Lacazette to East London, we have ended up with a promising but untried striker from Man U, a promising but untried young striker from Argentina and a loan (with an option to buy) joke of a striker from Juventus.

Coupled with the obligatory Andy Carroll injury before the second Premiership game of the season (he may be on the bench tomorrow) and a sulking Diafra Sakho who came back to pre-season in a shocking physical state (is now injured again and out for 6 weeks having only just made his seasonal bow) we have had zero cutting edge.

We also failed to solve the problem right back position and managed to destroy the confidence of one of our best attacking players, Michael Antonio, by playing him in a back four where he clearly struggled. (and NO – we don’t want Jenko back).

Payet, without a target man to find, has failed to reach the heights of last season (there is actually a feeling that he has pretty much thrown in the towel and will be off in January), Ayew, who the club had a chance to sign for free last year, but stupidly paid Swansea more than £20 million at the start of this season has been out for pretty much the whole campaign.  Creswell has only recently returned from 4 months out only to get injured again at Old Trafford on Wednesday night (and also looks like missing out tomorrow).  Mark Noble, outstanding last season, has been poor and Lanzini, also injured before the season began has struggled to recapture last seasons’ impressive form.

We sit in 17th and with matches against you boys and then Liverpool away, we could soon be sitting in the bottom three as we head towards Xmas (and we all know what that means).  So the prospects for tomorrow are not great.  Our defence are unable to keep a clean sheet and we have no one to put the ball in the back of the net.

Big Raddy tells me he has a bad feeling about the game but I’ve known him for close to 50 years and he’s one of the worst predictors of a football match I’ve ever come across – I’m expecting a 2 goal win for The Arse with Walcott getting one and Ozil the other.

I also think Bilic will be gone by the end of the season (sadly) and the Porn Brothers and The Duchess still there (a bigger shame) but we will retain our Premiership standing (just).

Enjoy the game.

Written by WestHamBob

Arsenal out, should we care?

December 1, 2016

We all know the drill here: if we win at this stage of the competition we all talk about how good it will be for the youngsters to have a day out at Wembley and all that and if we lose, as we did, then we remind ourselves that we really have bigger fish to fry. I’ll start heating the frying pan then……………

Southampton were the better team or at least that is how it appeared on my blurry stream and they scored two very well taken goals; that, in a nut shell, is the match report. What we got from the game; or, at least, what we got from my perspective, was that we got to see a bit more of Sanchez’ understudy: Perez; we got to see a bit more of Ozil’s understudy: Ramsey and we got to see Theo’s understudy: Oxlade-Chamberlain and my conclusion is heaven help us if our starting front line suffers a flu epidemic, cus we ain’t gonna be scorin a whole lotta goals.

The same is true with the defence really in the sense that we saw the understudies for the whole of the first choice back line and that includes Jenkinson for Bellerin. There was a lot of talk about Jenks being dropped last Sunday due to his performance against PSG, I don’t agree with that, I think it was a clear attempt to get Debuchy back and ready for the January transfer window; this is not financially motivated by the club, this is Arsene trying to help a senior player find a way to finish his career; Wenger did the same with Rosicky last season and unfortunately the same thing happened: Super Tom sustained an injury on his first outing. The difference between the two is that Debuchy has two more years left on his contract so we could see him again: we do of course need back up for the currently injured Bellerin and we might again in the future.

No, Jenkinson wasn’t dropped on Sunday in the same way as he wasn’t subbed for a poor performance last evening; he was subbed because right now he is very valuable to the first team. Maitland-Niles (Cons) replaced him but it was hard to get an understanding of just how good he is although there was one very impressive 40 yard diagonal pass that he let go with pin point accuracy. This seems like the classic Arsene three layer position: First team player: Bellerin; experienced back up: Jenkinson and youthful up and comer: Maitland-Niles (Cons).


Back to the attack: I still have high hopes for Perez; I know that people’s view has dipped from the initial expectation but in my view it was the initial expectation that was wrong; a classic a case of watching the YouTube clips and expecting far more than was ever realistic so in his first game when Lionel Messi didn’t appear everyone let out a big sigh of disappointment. We should remember that we were all crying out for someone who can play with Ozil and Sanchez; that’s to say someone who can combine with them on the floor rather than Giroud who adds aerial umpff. I still think this could happen, in my view we have not seen what Perez can do at all.

Ramsey was Ramsey last night he had the rare opportunity to play his favoured position, the Özil role if you like; the one he played so well in the World Cup, the thing that people like me have recently been forgetting is that probably one of the reasons that Ramsey shone so brightly in that competition was that he was playing with Bale ahead of him and my hopes for Perez may be high but they are not that high. All in all it was a bit wishy washy from Aaron.

And on the subject of wishy washy, no not Oxlaide-Chamberlain, Iwobi: not enough goal threat at all, the boy has plateaued and needs to find a way to kick on.

Elneny was fine, taken off for what I hope were precautionary measures rather than something serious and was replaced by Xhaka who started showing some glimpses of the commanding role he was obviously brought in to play.

Reine-Adalaide was a disappointment, in the sense that one of the silver linings from this kind of game is that we usually get a glimpse of something special from one of the real youngsters, well not last night. I am starting to get a bit dower as I am prone to do when we lose so I am going to stop here and leave the last word to Micky.

“If we were being really brutally honest with ourselves, we’d admit it’s a poxy tournament anyway”

An LB offering.