Liverpool. A stern test.

November 3, 2018

Stevie Me, Small Head Carragher, Thicko Rush, Dirty Souness, Thunderbird Hansen, Biter Suarez, Steve One Minute, Fatboy Molby, Idiot Lawrenson, Big Nose Thompson, Steve Boring Macnanaman. What unites them? Yes, they are all Liverpool greats but they are also media darlings and Complete Lemons to a man.

Since the 80’s  Liverpool F.C’s is a history littered with broken dreams allied to the occasional banana skin, and the odd phenomenally lucky Cup victory. However, prior to “The Fall”, the Dippers were the best there was and I think we can date their demise back to May 26 1989.

No-one expected us to win that day and no pundits expect us to win this evening. Can Arsenal prove them wrong?


Under  Klopp (who really should be managing AFC) they are playing lovely football and sans City, would be likely title winners. But we aren’t sans City and Liverpool, having spent an absolute fortune, will (IMO) remain also-rans.

I know a number of Danish chaps (saddos) who have YNWA tattooed somewhere on their body, such is their devotion. Liverpool have probably the largest foreign support of any team apart from MU and Barca. They are a massive club and finally appear to be matching performance to promise.

Klopp has created a wonderful team with quality in every area of the pitch. He has spent a fortune on defence, midfield and attack but without Klopp’s coaching genius L’pool would be another MU. And the massive difference between those two Northern giants is the demeanor of their managers which sums up the current state of both MU and L’pool.

Can our weakened and out-of-form defence stop the “best front three in the PL”? I doubt it. We have conceded 13 goals in the PL and are likely to ship more. this afternoon.

Can we score against a defence who have conceded just 4 PL goals this season? Yes we can.

If we start as we have been the game will be lost by half time, yet Emery cannot PTB and hope to score on the break …. actually he can, and that would be my tactics for the first 20 minutes!

My Team.


Hector   Greek Bloke   Holding    Kolasinac/Monreal

Ramsey  Terrier   Xhaka   Iwobi



Yes, PEA on the bench. Unleash the Gabonese Goalgetter on 60 minutes. The team doesn’t, as yet, function with him out on the left and Mr Emery doesn’t seem to want him leading the line with Laca anywhere but central.

Iwobi will be important, he will need to cover his full back and be in place to attack down the wings.

Ozil??? If he turns up we have a chance, if not …

Mustafi has to be rested and instructed in the art of defending. His mistake at Palace was that of a player lacking in common sense; who dives into a tackle in the penalty area with a referee as whistle- happy as that comedian?

If we see Xhaka walk out to play at Left Back then we are screwed, Salah and Mane are much more dangerous than Zaha. I would prefer us to play Holding and go 3 at the back.

Bent has done enough to take Helmet’s first choice place as GK.

Are you confident we can win or even draw today? If so, you are a better man than I. If we continue our unbeaten run my confidence in the team and especially Mr Emery will soar.

That’s enough from me. Enjoy the game


The Opener.

August 14, 2016

It starts.

What an interesting couple of games to get us going – especially with our injury situation.  Two teams beginning with L. No idea what our record is agains teams beginning with different letters of the alphabet but I know we do well against T teams.

Strangely last season Liverpool struggled upfront despite having Origi, Benteke, Ings, Sturridge and Balotelli :-D. This is a massive investment into centre forwards but Klopp is so unsure about his attack that he has spent another bucket of money on the potentially excellent Mane (who would have fitted well into our squad).


I noticed that they have signed an ex-Gooner in Alex Manninger. A pleasant and unexpected  addition to Alex’s pension fund.

If you look at Liverpool’s squad they are very strong in all positions, especially midfield. Klopp has strengthened an already promising team and in Coutinho they have a player who is almost Ozil-esque … almost.

But despite having a manager we coveted, a team which cost way more than AFC’s and a huge fanbase, they have consistently failed to get amongst the Big Boys. Why? In all honesty I do not know and more to the point I don’t care; this is an Arsenal blog!

So, what of our boys? Well, the Boyo is likely to start following his heroics in the Euro’s, so is our new boy, Xhaka, who is likely to have a major influence upon our season should he stay fit and strong.

Injury problems in defence will surely result in us playing with two DM’s to assist the youngsters. It will be interesting to see whether Coquelin or Elneny starts alongside our the Swiss chap. Midfield is going to be fascinating as we progress through to Xmas we have Cazorla, Ramsey, Iwobi, Wilshere, Ox and Ozil all vying for the attacking MF position.

My Team:


Bellerin    Holding   Chambers    Monreal

Xhaka   Coquelin


Ox     Walcott     Sanchez

It hurts to leave out Santi – he is such a wonderful player and perhaps he will take Ox or Ramsey’s place, more likely he will be a super-sub. Iwobi is a Wenger favourite, and rightly so, but I just cannot find a place for him although an alternative could be to play Ramsey on the left in place of Ox with Iwobi on the right of midfield

Walcott has to lead the line; he is a confidence player and should he score a goal we will benefit.My fear is that the Emirates faithful will scapegoat him should he endure a poor half and then we know that Theo will hide. Alongside Ox, Sanchez and Rambo we should have enough.

I don’t think we can judge how the season will unfurl from this afternoon – we lost to Villa a couple of season’s ago and our record over the past 5 seasons is W1 D3 L1, not too dusty.

A win today would be terrific, the bookies have us at 55% likely to win and Liverpool just 33% (the remainder is the draw).

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners

written by Big Raddy



Take a bow Jurgen Klopp…

December 17, 2015

It has interested me reading the reaction to Liverpool’s “celebration” of a 2-2 draw with WBA, Klopp led the team towards the Kop holding hands and apparently celebrating the win.

Was that really what happened?

This was first brought to my attention watching a roundup of the day’s action on the news, the presenter seemed to be winking at us with a grin saying “look at this, Klopp thinks a 2-2 draw is some kind of success”.

And then I watched the highlights on MOTD and I could hear the noise within Anfield before they equalised, and noticed the stadium looked very full.

Cast your mind back to a few weeks previous when Klopp said this “After the goal on 82 minutes, with 12 minutes to go, I saw many people leaving the stadium. I felt pretty alone at this moment. We decide when it is over. Between 82 and 94 [minutes] you can make eight goals if you like.”

So that celebration with the fans takes on a new meaning, they stayed to help the players achieve a result in the 96th minute, not a win, but more importantly not a loss. They did it together. And Klopp seemed to be asking his players to thank the fans rather than celebrate. Far be it from me to heap praise on an opposition manager, I am not sure about Klopp, but he certainly plays the media well and also it would appear his own fans.

I have read on these pages that you never hear fans being congratulated for a result but often blamed for a defeat. I think in that one comment after the defeat to Palace he has changed the mind of Liverpool fans about leaving early he asked them to look at what they were doing to help the team. And on the weekend they came good for him.

Maybe fans of all clubs can learn a lesson, I know many from this forum do not leave early but I really struggle to understand why there are so many empty seats at the end of every game at the Emirates, I have been there when we have secured qualification from Champions League but the fans are still more worried about their journey home than staying on to applaud the team off the pitch.

So well done Klopp, for changing the fans attitude at Anfield, undoubtedly we can’t expect Arsene to do the same, he has accepted it happens and any comments he might make in a similar vein would probably have mugfuls of scorn poured over them.

Who would the Arsenal fans listen to? Would it be Mesut, BFG, perhaps Rambo or Jack? I don’t really care who but I think one of them or maybe even Bouldy should come out and say something that can make a few Arsenal fans that leave early change their mind.

Gooner in Exile

Would Jurgen Klopp be the perfect fit for Arsenal?

April 17, 2015

I know! I know! Arsene can walk on water….at the moment. One fine run of Premiership wins, allied to a new defensive awareness and an almost fully fit squad has propelled the club to the heady heights of second place in the League and an FA Cup semi-final against Reading.

What’s more Le Professeur has two years left on his current deal and has never reneged on a contract. Meanwhile, the board are no more likely to sack him than voluntarily enter into a ground-share scheme with Totnumb.

Could the current purple patch prove to be Arsene’s Indian summer?

With an outstanding candidate about to become available would it not make sense to at least consider the option provided by the resignation from Borussia Dortmund of Jurgen Klopp?

Described in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph as “one of the World’s most wanted managers” the somewhat eccentric Herr Klopp is open to offers and has previously expressed his desire to manage in the English Premiership.

No doubt various other clubs both inside the EPL and abroad will be salivating at the thought of signing up a manager of his class, chief among them must be Manchester City and perhaps Real Madrid. Would Arsenal be an attractive destination for him? I think yes!

Klopp once set of an alarm clock in the dressing room immediately before a game, the message being “it’s time to wake up” Perhaps it’s time to set of an alarm clock in the Arsenal boardroom.

Written by Norfolk Gooner