In Brief: Huddersfield Away.

February 9, 2019

One for Fred:

Huddersfield. Kirklees Stadium.  AW’s last game, a win.

AFC not won in 5 away games. H’field won one of last 12 games. On longest losing run in all 4 leagues.

H’field not scored against AFC in PL. AFC yet to have an away clean sheet in 2018/19.

H’field have 3 Danish players in their squad.


David Wagner.

Ozil? Unlikely. Suarez? Very likely.  Young Greek Bloke/Mustafi?


Important 3 pointer.


David Wagner. A Sad Loss

January 15, 2019

Firstly, it is important to say Mr David Wagner has not kicked the bucket, he has not shuffled off this mortal coil, nor has he run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. No, he has “chosen” to leave his club.

Wagner seems a good chap; honest, passionate. hard working and highly intelligent. Importantly, when he talks he is understandable – could one of our problems lie in the awful English spoken by Emery? I don’t understand him so why should the players?


His departure highlights just how difficult and pressurised a job being a PL manager is, it also highlights just how resilient Mr. Wenger is/was. Wagner has been the most successful manager of Huddersfield Town since Herbert Chapman (almost), yet he clearly feels he is failing his team and club.

If you massively over-achieve in your first season, as keeping H’field in the PL must be considered, when you are unable to repeat this miracle should you leave “by mutual consent”? Surely it makes sense to set yourself and your team reasonable and achievable goals. Competing with teams who have a bigger budget, fanbase, squad etc inevitably difficult, there are always 3 losers.

Will bringing in one of the usual candidates  – Fat Sam, Pulis, Moyes, Hughes etc etc – help? No, it won’t. H’field are doomed.

Has Wagner received a better offer? A mid-table club in Spain/Germany who need a mid-season boost? It seems unlikely because he seems to be an honourable man, as such it must be the pressure. I cannot imagine how one copes. A PL manager must be obsessive, totally focussed, committed to a 24/7 working week, have a strong constitution added, of course, to the necessary football and man-management requirements.

Why am I writing this on an Arsenal blog? Because the loss of Wagner takes away one of our recent in-house jokes, though he may return!

Also, it gives an insight into the pressures Mr. Emery must suffer on a daily basis.  Mr. Emery must know that millions of fans around the globe question his relationship with Mr. Mesut Ozil, do you think it is easy for him?

David Wagner, I hope you return to the PL, in the meantime, I wish you well and thanks for the jokes.

written by BR

What type of Manager would suit Arsenal for the Future?

February 28, 2018

Is it true that the general consensus seems to be that it’s time for a new Manager? It does appear so.

So considering our dressing room current state what do we need? Our main competitors have taken varying routes from employing the best coaches (with a history of trophies) or pinching potentially good managers from smaller clubs when they have PL experience.

The former seems to work well for one or two seasons, especially when it’s just a case of a settled squad that won things recently needing fresh impetus (City, Chavs etc). The latter has worked well for Spuds most recent, but not so great for Liverpool (Rodgers), United (Moyes), and in all the years Fergie was at United and Arsene at Arsenal none have proven successful long term until the last couple of seasons.

Still the chances of Klopp or Poch getting a trophy this season are slim.

So when Arsene leaves, be it summer 2018 or 2019, what are we looking for? I’ve seen TH14 and PV4 names mentioned which is frankly ridiculous, Ancelotti and friends of that generation are not going to take us anywhere new and are best at organising a well paid squad, (Maureen is probably in this bracket too).

So the only option to me is next big thing out of Europe (have no idea) or take one of the smaller teams managers that we like Howe, Pellegrini, Puel, Wagner.

For me, only Wagner would bring enough status to satisfy the likes of Ozil. And that maybe where we have to accept something, if we are going to take an up and coming Manager, we have to accept that there is going to be quite a bit of readjustment.

Written by a Gooner In Exile