November 15, 2014

I pop out for a couple of days, and what happens? Arsenal sign Brooklyn Beckham. What utterly fabulous news.

bb arsenalThing is, I also noticed that in my absence, there has been much talk, and images, of delicious WAGS, and this got me thinking. You see, a few weeks ago I was talking with a chum who is heavily involved in Sports Marketing, and Football in particular, and he was banging on about how Manchester United’s marketing department is by far the slickest operation in world sports.

He also went on to explain how David Beckham is by far and away the best known Englishman the world over, and while I can’t see that Brooklyn has anything like the gorgeousness of his Old Man, I can see that The Arsenal Marketing Machine may be on the right track.

Sex Sells. Fact. So let’s get thinking.

There have been a series of “Questions of The Day” on here recently, so in line with that theme, I ask: “How can Arsenal Sex Up the club’s image?”

Signing footballers with WAGS that are easy on the eye really does have some mileage, but only if prudently exploited. Cameramen like nothing more than zooming in on eye candy, so the deployment of said WAGS need to be thought through. A WAG seating area, and strict dress code are obvious lines of thinking.

Now while in reality I am incredibly sexist, I see nothing wrong in having “one for the ladies”. Have you seen the state of some of the stewards, or the ball boys and girls. Wow, now there’s an opportunity. Could have something for everyone down there flaunting and taunting along the touchlines. Phewey, how about some Lady Boys for Gentleman who enjoy holidaying alone in Thailand? Why not?

Ever seen those ladies in boxing holding up the “time left” minute boards between rounds. Ever seen that bloke with the extra time board at The Ems. I know what I’m thinking.

Bar Staff in Club Level? The Burger sellers? The Door Men…. Perhaps one of those big muscle bound Right Said Fred types in hot pants for the homosexual supporter. Again, why not?

So, come on Arsenal, get thinking, and get the cash rolling in. We could really set down a marker here. Couldn’t half brighten up a gloomy winter’s day during a dull home 1-1 draw. Everyone’s a winner.

So come on readers, is there anything you can add to this sensational idea for improving the match day experience, and more importantly, ramping up television viewing figures. Let’s help make Arsenal THE footballing experience.

Written by MickyDidIt89