EPL – Episode 6 – Return of the Gabys as AFC Travels to Old Trafford..

Sunday 430 at the Salford Public Conveniences.

This is a game we might lose. No Partey, Zinchenko or Elneny. Odegaard questionable (it wouldn’t be surprising if he has one of those small annoying fractures). Ramsdale not certain.

The No. 6 is easy: Sambi played really well against Vile, and will be better for minutes on the pitch. The No. 10 is harder should MO not be fit. Next in-line is ESR, but the natural like-for-like replacement is Fabio. But what a game to make your debut!

If MO and Ramsdale are fit, I predict a strong victory. If not, defeat would not be surprising, or dishonourable. But equally not certain. We will still have the dynamic front three plus Eddie when called upon. How so-called supporters are undervaluing Eddie, I cannot get my head round. He’s a genuine player, and he’s much stronger this season.

Our opponents are as they have been for a couple of years – a disparate assembly of expensively-acquired overpaid footballers. Watch out for MacTominay carrying on where McGinn left off, without censure from the referee Paul Tierney (from Greater Manchester) or VAR assistant Lee Mason (from Greater Manchester). How sensible of the PiGMOb to make economies on travel.

Unfortunately ten Hag has realised what a liability playing a refrigerator as your last line of defence is, and is going with the more balanced Varane and the dwarf Lisandro. Casemiro might well start (see MacTominay for critique), but will be slowed by all the banknotes bulging his pockets. I hope Anthony starts – he’ll be jigging about unsteadily under the weight of a preposterous transfer fee. Ten Hag knew him at Ajax, so obviously rates him; but KT will have his measure. And his goal contributions have always been negligible – a case of style over substance?

They have won three on the bounce, which is irritating, but they have all been by the odd goal, and reportedly unconvincing.

I expect us to go with:

Tomi Saliba Gaby Tesco
Sambi X
Saka Gaby Gaby

A post by Maxwell the Magnificient

Few add-ons from RC:

  • I hope Ramsdale starts because I have not been impressed by Turner at all
  • Our back 4 is known – I don’t think Tomy will start and maybe it is good to have the more defensive KT rather than Zinchenko at LB…
  • I am quite sure we will see Sambi, Xhaka start as our double-pivot
  • As for Ode, better if he plays but if he does not, ESR will slot in and he is not too shabby of a player
  • Man Utd is finding a bit of consistency and the worry part for me is that Rashford and Sancho are finding their form…they will cause us trouble
  • I can see Casemiro and Anthony come in as substitutes
  • Ultimately, we need to target McTominay – Malacia, Lisandro, Varane, Dalot. Their back line especially Dalot and not fully settled Lisandro can be tested. McTominay is a dirty player, he works hard but also is not the greatest on the ball and can make mistakes under pressure. We need to control Malacia (he is good going forward), Fernandes and Sancho and that will not be easy but we can do it.
  • I think Martinelli can score again and I think that if we have Ramsdale and Ode, we will come back with 1 point at least but without, we may just register our first loss of the year…
  • COYG we can do it!

12 Responses to EPL – Episode 6 – Return of the Gabys as AFC Travels to Old Trafford..

  1. allezkev says:

    Two very magnificent posts in one, great work fellas.

    It’s gone very quiet on the injury front and that’s not a good sign, to lose both Ramsdale and Odegaard would be a terrible blow, Zinchenko is training again but maybe he’s not quite ready?

    Old Toilet doesn’t carry too many happy memories for Arsenal, was our last league win there when Adebayor scored in a 1-0 success?

    It doesn’t seem to matter how terrible United are or how good our form is because when we go to Salford they suddenly start playing well and Arsenal dissolve into a park team on that horrible pitch of theirs.

    Even with all that is stacked against us, history, injuries, negative recent memories, biased officials, I still reckon this Arsenal can still get a result at that dustbin of a stadium – a positive Arsenal result there is way overdue and I’m positive.

  2. LBG says:

    What a first class w*****, Hasselbaink is!

  3. LBG says:

    Salford ref, Manchester VAR overseer, three anti-Arsenal pundits. Balanced coverage on Sky and at Old Trafford from the start. COYG.

  4. fred1266 says:

    The only side to get that type of call is united, I saw a similar goal either this week and it was given

    When I referee takes 2 minutes to make a call how how can the the decision be right clearly

  5. Aaron says:

    Played well, given the situation.
    vaR is $h*te.
    Highline with no pressure will most likely lead to scores like this.

    Say it again with me, will you?

    Until we win at ole toilet, we ain’t winning league, EVER!

  6. RC78 says:

    Hello people – it seems that someone called Alejandro Tejada is google translating our articles to Spanish and posting on his blog…

    @peachesgooner – how do we deal this situation or do we just let it run its course?

  7. Mike M says:

    Tuchel’s gone then. Hilarious. Not sure who’s worse between him, Klopp and Conte. Obviously our pounding of them on their own ground last season was the beginning of the end. Hope they get relegated. The most disgusting club in the PL by far. Have been for 20 years. What a joke of a club. Just spent $250m on “Tuchel’s players” now fired him. HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!

  8. RC78 says:

    I am sad for Tuchel – he is an astounding coach…Not so sad for Chelsea…now the best thing for us would be if they appointed Pochetinno who is really amazing at making good players average

  9. Mike M says:

    Leno’s “politics forced me out” comment aimed at Xhaka? He’s probably the most transformed Arteta disciple. If politics means buying in to the club culture and allowing the manager to run the team, he’s dead right. But if he thinks Arsenal let him go because of politics instead of ability as he claims, maybe he should look at our winner against Fulham. I’d say that’s a big clue. Good luck Bernd but perhaps you ought to think before you whine.

  10. LB says:

    Brentford 0 Arsenal 3

    Ramsdale: not a lot to do but what he did, he did very well. 7

    White: made his role look easy today which should not be underestimated. 7

    Saliba: our French Colossus, wow what a player, was playing with authority before his goal but visibly improved after it. 8

    Gabriel: another situation of making his role today look easy, many a team have come unstuck against Brentford’s attack but Big Gabbi held the line superbly. 7

    Tierney: we got reminded just how much more defensive nous we get with Tierney than with Zinckenko and I am a massive fan of the Ukrainian. Easy with hindsight I know but the scot should have started against United. 7

    Xhaka: Captain and rightly so; you were right Total, you were right. Granit aint going nowhere and neither should any Arsenal fan want him to do so. Superb performance today. 8

    Partey: MOTM for me; controlled, not just the midfield, but orchestrated the whole game, everything went through him and had he been available I feel confident we would have won at Old Trafford. 9

    Vieira: take a bow young man and can we have more goals like that please. I thought he was starting to fade towards the end of the first half but then popped up shortly after the break to give us a glimpse as to what he has in the locker, great goal and one that will last long in the memory. 8

    Martinelli: he has set the bar so high if he doesn’t score it seems as though his standards have dropped. Played perfectly well for me. 7

    Jesus: not been picked for the Brazil squad – GOOD, have a well-deserved rest Gabriel and come back and score more goals like that. 7

    Saka: like Martinelli, has set the bar very high and without a goal he gets less song time from the away support, still exciting to watch. 7

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