Is the Carabao Cup worth the effort?

Today, the draw for the Carabao Cup took place and we are playing Leicester away in the third round.

The competition has been under scrutiny as players have a gruelling schedule packed with league games, European and sometimes national team games.

So many clubs play their young players in the Carabao Cup and if they get closer to the final, they tend to play more players from their usual starting XI.

How do you feel about this Cup and about the draw to Leicester?


31 Responses to Is the Carabao Cup worth the effort?

  1. Moses says:

    Play it whatever happen happens.our objectives dis season 4 me is to win a trophy n qualify 4 champions league

  2. Joe says:

    It’s the Football League trophy so why are Premier League clubs involved?

    Should have stopped participation for Prem teams this year and then asked next year if anyone wanted it back.

    As we’re in it, good opportunity to play some youth, give Balogun a run out if he signs a new deal.

  3. LB says:

    I am happy for it to continue to serve its purpose as it has done in the last 25 years and that is to give us a look at up and coming players we have heard about but not had a chance to look at up close.
    There is no need for it to affect the main squad.

  4. fred1266 says:

    Leno against xhaka

  5. RC78 says:

    I also think that we can keep it to field in our promising players and our back-up players.

  6. LBG says:

    Worth entering to showcase youth and Champions League slot, but roll on the proper stuff!

  7. LB says:

    There’s a Champions League slot to be had from the Carabao Cup?

    Have I understood that correctly?

  8. RST says:

    Never mind Losing. it is about giving games time to those lacking. So, if team loses the players loses opportunity … better do your best to win for more games time

  9. Aaron says:

    Nope, right between two important games.
    Play the under 23’s.

  10. LBG says:

    Clear evidence of dementia of course from me. Confusing winning Europa League with Carrier Bag Cup. Sorry!

  11. LB says:

    “Carrier Bag Cup” lol

  12. VP says:

    Good opportunity for the Arsenal WFC players to be given a chance to show their skills.

  13. LBG says:

    Bellerin, second largest share owner of Forest Green Rovers. Fits with his tree planting. Would still sell him if we could get Partey.

  14. LBG says:

    Take back my dislike of marble Halls change kit! Check out Manure’s ‘zebra’ kit!!

  15. RA says:

    Every time I get a chance to check out the transfer news rumours, the one that aways catches my eye is the likely departure of our star goalkeeper, Martinez, to Aston Villa.

    What the heck is that about? He has produced some of the best GK displays we have seen for many a day over the last few important games of last season.

    What about Leno I hear you say? To which my reply is – yeah, yeah he is OK-ish – and a good shot stopper to boot, but overall he is nothing special to my eyes whereas Martinez has clearly learned a lot from the many loans he has had, and he has been passionate about getting a chance, at long last, especially in the FA Cup.

    Keep him – sez I – and let the best man win betwixt him and Leno.

  16. RA says:

    Also – what the heck is supposed to be going on at Arsenal regarding the midfield?

    We are all in for Thomas ‘Have-a’ Party – if only we had the money to buy him, and to get that we seemed to have plans to sell Torriador, AMN, Mezut, Douzy.

    For various reasons that seems to have gone off the boil, with the only likely ‘leaver’ being El Torriador, as Mezut, AMN and Douzy apparently making Mikel change his mind about letting them go.

    So, the potential midfield would be; Mezut, Douzy, AMN, Xhocker, Dani and Partey together with a whole bunch of others – Tierney, Pepe, Sakha, Elneny, – depending on the tactical set-up – not to mention a shedful of promising kids – Willock, Nelson, Emile Smith Rowe, et al.

    Too many fish, and not enough plates??

  17. RA says:

    Hi RC,

    In Answer to your question about the Carbuncle Cup. I concur with the assessment of others in that these competitions have historically (well going back to Arsene’s heyday, at least) gave aspiring tyros a chance to show their mettle, and also give the fans a chance to see players that we have not seen before, and may never see again, if they fail to shine.

    So yes, the CC is OK for me, and the hopeful, young Arsenal stars of the future may have their careers dictated by how well they play, or not.

  18. RA says:

    There has been a lot of criticism of Foden and Greenwood, and in the context of being part of the England squad for tonight, rightly so.

    However, it should not be overlooked that they are young adults, with loads of money, and willing young women more than happy to help them ‘celebrate’ their England debuts – middle aged men are not necessarily the most unbiased judges to decide what their punishment should be – they would probably love to have had the chance to be naughty too but I hope they let the lads off lightly. 😜

  19. RA says:

    Where is my special friend, of many years standing, RockStar, he seems to be taking a sabbatical – and without permission either.

    Better get back soon, maestro, or we will send Sue out to bring you back, holding you by the ear.
    [You will have to get on your knees so your ears are accessible, of course!!] 😳

  20. LBG says:

    Young men, with loads of money, whose experience of life ( to plagerise) has been ” two Academies fawning over them since they were kids.”
    There punishment was to totally wipe from the mind, their debut cap performances! We all made mistakes when we were youthful, but the money they are paid and their representation of the Country in sport, brings responsibilities!!
    However, I think I’m inclined to agree on this first occasion, relative leniency should be applied.
    What I cant abide, as an ex PE teacher, Ward- Prouse arguing that scuffing up the penalty spot is part of the “dark arts” we, as a Country should be practising more.
    Realise I may be in a small minority here but, “taking one for the team”, diving, professional fouls are ALL cheating……..and are copied by youngsters. It is Dominic Cummings on the football field!
    Needless to say, I feel strongly!

  21. RA says:

    LBG, @ 4:52

    Totally agree!

    Footballers are a cross section of society, so there will always be those who think it clever to cheat,

    I understand that in some countries, successful diving, etc, is not seen as cheating, but as a skill in its own right.

    Bah, humbug.

  22. fred1266 says:

  23. LBG says:

    Pleased de Bruyne got PFA award and not another Scouser.

  24. Sue says:

    Hear hear, LBG
    Congrats to KDB….. and our very own Auba, for making team of the year – well deserved 🤩

  25. Sue says:

    Eddie 📞🔥

  26. LBG says:

    Way to go Ainsley!

  27. Sue says:

    Great night for the Arsenal:
    Eddie scored again!
    AMN made his senior England debut
    Our U21s beat Ipswich in the EFL trophy. George Lewis and Folarin Balogun with the goals.. Lewis has hit the ground running! We really need to convince Balogun to stay!!

  28. RC78 says:

    New post about Aouar 🙂

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