Who is Houssem Aouar?

Houssem Aouar is a 22 years old French player that can be deployed as central midfielder or left attacking midfielder. He plays for Lyon and is touted for his ability to keep the ball, drive the ball forward and to find the right pass. His breakthrough season came in 2018-2019 and he started the 2019-2020 season well. He is player in the mould of Iniesta (not as good as the Spanish legend but similar type of player), he definitely has talent and apparently he is not a trouble maker and is well appreciated by his coaches and partners. He has got also a decent eye for goals and his delivery on set pieces is very good. He

He is 175cm and he is not really heavy either and plays for the French U-21. Guardiola and Arteta really like him and Edu contacted Lyon to discuss a swap deal that would see Aouar join us for Guendouzi + cash. Lyon is not against a swap deal but they do not want Guendouzi and they are also not ruling out a sale of Aouar.

I like Aouar and think he will go on to become a very good player. I am just not sure if he is ready to battle it day in and day out in the EPL yet. I had similar doubt about Ceballos and we all know what happened so…let us see.

Physically, he would need to develop fast and also the pace of the game is different than the French league. If we could buy him this year at a good price and then loan him out to a team in the EPL like West Ham maybe as they will see Grealish go, it may be the best option as we will give him the chance to play a lot in the EPL.

Another information is that the club is definitely looking to offload Guendouzi. I wish him good luck, and I think we are making a mistake as he is a very good player. We would need to sell him with a percentage of the future sales and a good buy-back clause too. I think he would do really well in the Italian league and I am sure that AC Milan is monitoring his situation closely.

So what do you think of Aouar?


50 Responses to Who is Houssem Aouar?

  1. jjgsol says:

    When was this conversation that you had with Arteta when he told you he liked this player?

    When was the conversation with Edu when he told you he made enquiries about him?

    Can you confirm how many times you have watched him play to be able to decide he is ideal for us?

    Do you have any source for the suggestions in your article other than that which you read in a media article or blog?

    For my part we have brought in enough new players. Let Arteta and his coaching staff meld what we have into a winning team. After all that is their job isn’t it?

  2. Pete the Thirst says:

    Aouar – too many vowels for my liking.

  3. Uwot? says:

    The thing about ooh argh is he looks a bit lightweight but a a couple of pork pies & a burger will soon beef him up.As for Gwen Dozy looks like he’s staying.Like many of our deadwood.No one wants him? What can I say

  4. LBG says:

    Thanks for your post, RC, and your opinion based on probably more knowledge and direct observation of this player than certainly anyone else on this site!!
    After Partey to bring solidity in front of the centre backs, I think most will agree we need a significant creative influence centrally to add to Dani. I like what I has seen and heard of Auoar, BUT, a number of issues remain. I. Is Mesut going to be used this year and how much, 2. Are we selling Ouzi ( with all the extra parts to the sale outlined by RC required). 3. Will Smith-Rowe, my choice for the “box to box No 10” ( if that isn’t a contradiction) position. 4. Has Willian been bought to play centrally? 5.Will we sell Lacazette, Terrier and several defenders and have the money to buy Partey AND him?

  5. RC78 says:

    @Jigsol – Today in an interview, the Lyon’s sporting director (Juninho, for your information and also Brazilian) confirmed that he has been in touch with Edu. He also confirmed that Arteta really appreciated Aouar but that Lyon was not interested in a swap deal involving Guendouzi. Of course, the news outlet may have made the interview up or maybe Juninho lied – I cannot for sure but I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. In case you understand French, here is the link to the interview. Enjoy.


  6. RC78 says:

    @Jigsol – By the way, I did not say Aouar was ideal for us. I just posted a blog about what where he plays and how he plays and actually, I have made reservations about his ability to play for us just for now.

  7. RC78 says:

    LBG – You raise good points about our midfielders and where certain players will play. I am not sure what Arteta plan is at this point, even with the main formation…

    Uwot – it is true that we are struggling to get rid of some players but I can see things unlocking soon for Sokratis (Roma or Napoli), Kolasinac (Schalke or Lazio) and probably Holding (Newcastle?) and Chambers (Fulham?). It seems Torreira will also find a new club (Fiorentina? Milan?) but we re indeed struggling to ship out Douzi and Ozil. Laca will also find a club easily if we put him on the market.

  8. jjgsol says:

    Thank you for your responses.

    Over the years we have seen so many alleged comments by representatives of players and potential selling companies that turned out to be a figment of their imaginations, I think it may be wise to treat any such statements with a pinch of salt.

    I appreciate your efforts, but having seen on Untold how much fake information is propagated when it comes to transfers, I wonder why anyone should base an article on them.

  9. fred1266 says:

    Luiz out for 6 weeks apparently

  10. Sue says:

    Nice one, RC.. Our business is as slow as a sloth right now! Thought we’d have seen a few more outgoings by now… with Luiz having done his neck in, that explains why Holding hasn’t left for Geordie land…
    Talk of Sokratis leaving for nothing, not even a bloody bag of maltesers!! Just hope we make a chunk on Torreira, to pay for Partey 😉
    I, like you, don’t want Guendouzi to leave. I really like him! He tweeted about getting back to work at Arsenal, so let’s hope he grabs that olive branch from MA with both hands! I haven’t liked what’s gone on and would hate for him to leave under such a dark cloud… and I was hoping to see him play for us again and score a bloody goal 😜
    3 days to go….. and guess what?! You got it, I’m soooo excited!! COYG

  11. Pete the Thirst says:

    @Jjgsol I think it would be wise to take some the of the articles on Untold with a ‘pinch of salt’.

    Mr Attwood’s articles come from one point of view regarding Arsenal. They should not be taken as fact. Some agree with them others don’t.

  12. RC78 says:

    3 more days Sue…3 more days…can’t wait!

  13. Sue says:

    Guendouz is back training with the first team! Yippee! 😊

  14. fred1266 says:

    Wasn’t impressed with aour in the Champion league games against city and bayern

    I heard about him a few years back so expected a bit more than what I saw from him

  15. fred1266 says:

    Lbg apparently yesterday I hearing arteta actually intends to actually use mesut this season in the lesser games so he could unlock there defense

    It didn’t go so well cause the game we play against Aston Villa mid week mesut had run out in it

  16. fred1266 says:

    Holding staying cause of the apparent injury to luiz

  17. LBG says:

    So you are happy to blame Mesut for a pre-season friendly, in a team of several “extras” to the squad, when he hasn’t played competitively since March??

  18. RC78 says:

    @Fred – I think we should actually really consider Wesley Fofana from St-Etienne, even if it means selling Holding or Chambers. Fofana is a future Van Dijk. The kid is a rock and I think he can excel also as a DM. He is really outstanding. Still raw and young but he is going to be exceptionnal and he wants to leave St-Etienne. If we play a back 3: Fofana, Saliba, Gabriel, we are OK for the next 10 years…lol Even if we play a back 4, we would have 3 outstanding young CBs and be ok for the next few years.

  19. fred1266 says:

    You see me blaming anyone

  20. LBG says:

    So “it didnt go so well”…wasnt a criticism at all.
    My apologies, sir!

  21. RC78 says:

    PSG keen on Douzi and offering Draxler in a swap deal…

  22. LBG says:

    No thank you re Draxler for me! A classic example of a spoilt modern day footballer who has had it easy and lacks desire. Much more chance with a Martinelli or Saka who ‘need’ to prove they are the business. Draxler is a modern day equivalent of Jeffers or the million pound Notts County player we bet on! (Sorry, forgotten!)

  23. Sue says:

    Auba to be announced tomorrow?!! Fingers crossed!!

  24. LBG says:

    With Luiz out, are you going to throw Gabriel and Saliba as a pairing to the Fulham wolves (pussycats)? Or will you keep to a three at the back and add Holding or Tierney for Premier League experience.
    Must get a good start on Saturday to the League, but for me its “they have got to learn sometime/quick”. Adams was playing at 17. Of course there will be mistakes, but back ’em and the rewards will come.
    Maitland-Niles Saliba Gabriel Tierney for me!

  25. LB says:

    Certainly brings into focus for me just how important Luiz has become.

    Seems like a very big ask to have Gabriel and Saliba hold the fort.

    Can’t think of a better solution though.

  26. RC78 says:

    LBG – you are spot on with Draxler. He has been a very frustrating player for PSG.

    If Luiz is out, then I think we may see Holding-Tierney as a CB pairing and Bellerin and Kolasinac as full backs if we play as a 433 but if we play as a 352, then I think Saliba will play along side Holding and Tierney

  27. LBG says:

    If Auba’s contract is to “eclipse” Meut’s £350,000 a week, hope everyone will get off Ozil’s back!!!

  28. RC78 says:

    French press says that AFC would be willing to sell Bellerin for 38 Mln EUR…PSG still keen on Bellerin and in case of a move, Bellerin would give his priority to PSG. Not sure about this one…This would then mean that the RB would be battled out between AMN and Soares.

    I think Bellerin will stay so not sure about this rumour

  29. Sue says:

    Not keen on our 3rd kit…

  30. RC78 says:

    Hi Sue – good news for you:
    – PSG will get Florenzi in the end, not Bellerin…
    – Auba to earn 18 Mln/year for the next 3 years – deal to be announced imminently

  31. RA says:

    Loved the Post, RC, and frankly without your articles we would be at a great loss, and have nothing to chat about.

    I admire your many Posts, and the opinionated responses of bloggers to the issues you raise, even if it is understood that they are not always factually based, but are valid personal observations.

    Incidentally, please ignore the snide comments from the usual tiresome source.

    For myself, I am somewhat agog that we are supposedly moving from having a ‘desperate’ defence totally lacking in the required quality of players at CB (which in itself is arguable) to a mixture of experienced defensive incomers (Mari, Soares) and skilful but relatively inexperienced young men (Saliba, Gabriel and Tierney) to join some really promising kids coming through from the U21s and U23s.

    Let’s see: who are these young players beginning to make their mark at the junior level?

    Well, there is Medley, Ballard, Harry Clarke, McGuinness and Bola all of them skilful and with the appropriate physical attributes with great futures beckoning.

    So add those 4 to recent incomers, Mari, Soares, Saliba and Gabriel, as well as the marmite Luiz, Mustafi and Rob Holding and it seems we have riches to spare.

    I cannot wait to see our team in action under their classy manager Mikel, and we will give some of the shoe-in clubs a fright when fighting for the top four at the end of next season.

    [Snide Warning:] This is an opinion, no certifiable ‘facts’ are available, but is based on observation, hearsay and chatting to other bloggers. EAOE.

  32. Sue says:

    Great news, RC… once Auba is announced tomorrow 😉 I will be screaming and cheering from the roof tops and I believe you may very well hear me in France 😄

  33. RC78 says:

    Nothing to do with Arsenal but…just in case ppl care about PSG.

    PSG coach toying with the idea to also play in a 3412 with:

    Navas – Kehrer, Marquinhos, Kimpembe – FLORENZI, Verrarri, Paredes, Bernat – Neymar – Di Maria, Mbappe

    Bench: Rico, Dagba, Diallo, Kurzawa, Gueye, Herrerra, Sarabia, Icardi, Choupo

    Seems this system with 3 CBs is gaining ground. France also played in a 352 during the League of Nations

  34. LB says:

    Enjoy RC

  35. RC78 says:

    PSG lost to Lens 1-0…7 players missing due to Covid-19 and a non-existing recruitment…PSG will struggle this year unless they get 4 players (RB, CM, AM, FWR)

  36. Sue says:

    Better luck next time, RC 👍

    Just saw this on Twitter:
    Arsenal are supposedly set to announce Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s contract extension tomorrow. #AFC

  37. RC78 says:

    Auba has signed the deal apparently, 18 Mln/year for 3 years…not bad…It will be announced before the Fulham game

  38. Sue says:

    Rumour has it Martinez has agreed personal terms with Villa. 60k a week over 4 years, which is more than what we were offering him apparently, plus he’ll slot straight in as their No.1…
    It’s a great shame, but one which cannot be begrudged. 10 years and various loans later.. he’s 28, no spring chicken.. so good for him.
    2 things I’m thankful for (besides how fantastic he’s been for us!), is that he got his hands (or gloves 😄) on some silverware and that he hasn’t ended up in West London!!
    Thank you Emi and best of luck!!

  39. LBG says:

    Freddie and Cesc signed for The Arsenal on this day.
    Two pocket battleships that brought such joy to the last thirty years of supporting the only team in London.

    West Ham and another leg end, Jack Wilshere, negotiating his departure. Easy to feel sorry (curse the bastards who kicked him out of football at the very top), but we appreciated your talent Jack, your love of the Gunners and those of us who were outside the Armoury will always remember “What do you think of Tottenham………?

  40. Sue says:

    Today’s the day… brace yourselves.. excitement overload incoming….😁

  41. fred1266 says:

    Tom Kershaw (@trlkershaw) Tweeted: Arsenal have decided to sell goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez. No fee agreed yet, but negotiations with Aston Villa will now resume. Personal terms have already been finalised on a four-year contract #afc #avfc https://t.co/9lKLRjcDbJ https://twitter.com/trlkershaw/status/1304132378915373057?s=20

  42. fred1266 says:

    Yea good luck emi

    Very strange how the keeper we win the Fa cup with always seems to leave

  43. LBG says:

    Question :- Would you prefer Martinez and no Partey and/or Aouar or a significantly younger Leno and, with the money ++ , one or both of above.?
    Clearly I would like to keep both, but good luck to Martinez if he can go straight into a Villa team ( who might go down when Grealish is sold!), and have a well deserved end to his career. Thank you for last season, EMI, we wont forget you.

  44. fred1266 says:

    Personally I would prefer Martinez,

    I tend to have personal attachments to our players especially when there one of our own, hence my decision to always want them to stay when dey doing well in the team.

  45. fred1266 says:

    Personally can’t see aour improving our team that much cause imo the likes of mesut ceballos willock can do the same

  46. RC78 says:

    I d like to keep Martinez. I think he made the Nr.1 shirt his own, he won a trophy and he played well once Leno was injured. I think Leno has to challenge Martinez now. Having two good GKs is key to our domestic and European success.

    Leicester put in 28 Mln EUR for Fofana, AC Milan and Rennes also keen on him…If somehow, we can get a deal for Fofana, I can guarantee you, we are sorted for the next 5-7 years in our CB posision with Saliba, Gabriel, Fofana and even Mari.

  47. Aaron says:

    Martinez all day!
    Hope we stick it to them and ask for $30 mill minimum that way it might be possible to get 2 players if Tor goes the other way too.

    But, has to be to improve the team not the balance sheet!

  48. fred1266 says:

    Giroud to juventus

    Juventus surely winning champions league now

  49. Aaron says:

    Man, was fired up for this very early game on Saturday.
    Now with Emi not travelling, and Luiz out, I am a bit concerned it will mess with team cohesion. (Yes, I said Luiz, but in a back 3)

    If Leno does not play the well, there will be hell to pay on so many levels, blogs, twitter, that it will make the season ending like a year ago.

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