Why the Sky has Fallen in on Arsenal’s Finances

There are eighteen days to go before the UK transfer window closes at 17:00 on the 8th August – the day before the new season starts.

The performances of our young guns in the pre-season friendly games may have some supporters questioning whether we even need to bring in more players, but for most, this is a time of frantically F5ing Newsnow and  scanning the twitter feeds.

This is a scenario we have lived through for many years … and it is not specific to Gooners, but we do occupy a unique position in the transfer hierarchy. The level of fan optimism/pessimism is directly related to the buying power of the team. The pressure is less at either end of the wealth scale. If you’re a City fan then it’s just a question of which world-class player will be next. If your club is lower down the table then it is usually more a question of ‘can we hold on to our best players?’

We are classed as a big club. We have a rich history and the trophy cabinet bulges. But we have made it crystal clear that we are not now and will likely never again (under the current ownership) be a club that can compete financially. If anything, we are likely to slip further down the ‘rich league’ as other clubs are swallowed up by super-rich new owners whose agendas go beyond promoting football.

It was easy for some supporters in the latter years of the Wenger era. He was the man in control of everything … and therefore (in many supporters minds) took the blame for everything. Since the shake up in the management, we have a head coach, and various experts managing different aspects for club operations. It’s a rather confusing set-up, so easier to focus any blame … if blame is your mindset … on our American owners.

The idea of building the new stadium to generate the income to compete with the richest clubs was laudable, but in retrospect rather naive. The fact is that the Sky money and the other media income streams mean that even the revenue from the much moaned about ‘expensive season tickets’ is far less significant. That media generated revenue is spread across all 20 EPL teams (not equally) and therefore gives no special advantage to Arsenal.

So if you want to direct your anger over our lack of available finance for shiny new players .. blame Sky.



58 Responses to Why the Sky has Fallen in on Arsenal’s Finances

  1. fred1266 says:

    We can also blame the players like mesut who taking huge salary and they not performing

  2. Rasp says:

    Hi Fred …. I’m not sure you can. Would you turn down a big pay packet if someone offered it to you?

  3. GoonerB says:

    Hi Rasp, thanks, not been around for a bit so missed some good posts and a chance to express ones viewpoint.

    I was rather happy when the supporters trusts came together and sent a message to Stan, and I was pleased in the way they did it. It was measured without getting into a rant and demanding his head on a spike, but at the same time marked his card so to speak.

    It was basically saying we are not that happy with your stewardship to date and that we wanted to let you know this in a measured way at this stage, but ignore our concerns and things could turn in a different direction.

    This needed to be done because we have undoubtedly gone backwards under Kroenke. Your assessment of the financial clout of a big club is interesting. This has never been my forte area and I would mostly bow to the opinion of the accountants among us on this matter.

    If you are correct Rasp then it would seem that the large EPL pot doesn’t significantly place us on a much higher financial footing than most of the other EPL teams, but it does over some other European rivals potentially (not the Spanish ones obviously).

    It would seem that the prior holy grail (stadium project aim) of increased gate receipts is also only of marginal extra funds in the modern football financial landscape.

    What we seem to be left with is champions league, sponsorship deals, and the world wide brand merchandising among our worldwide fan base.

    For me there is one common link to all the above. They are arguably directly linked to on field success, or at least a reasonable possibility of this, i.e that you are one of the big clubs in contention. On field success gets you champions league. Better players want to play for you. New fans want to support you and spend on the brand. Sponsors want to sponsor you and will pay more because you are an attractive brand.

    A number of us, myself included, have been mentioning concerns for a few years now that Arsenal under Kroenke had adopted an unambitious attitude to team success. All the noises coming from the club seemed to be of a club comfortable with a stasis of being perennial also rans and were not interested in attempting anything more ambitious than this. Kroenke essentially seems to be a number cruncher of an owner rather than someone who wants sporting success.

    The problem with this attitude is that it was always based on us remaining in that stasis of “not being too bad”. I can remember times Rasp when both you and I mentioned that if we continued like this then there was the strong likelihood that other big clubs (in a similar operating arena to us) who showed a greater ambition would catch up and overtake us.

    This is what I feel has happened, and it is far harder now to try and reclaim where we were than it would have been if we had just pushed the boat out a bit (from about 5 years back) and cemented our position as one of the top clubs while clubs like Spurs and Liverpool couldn’t match us at that time.

    There is no doubt in my mind that our financial decline has its roots firmly in the Kroenke number crunching regime. I never expect us to match Citeh, PSG, Madrid, but we have failed to invest properly in the team at certain times and sometimes speculate to accumulate somewhat.

    It is important that Kroenke has had fair warning of our discontent, and bucks his ideas up about how to turn it around, which will probably be a 3-5 year project from this point. I will support him and his regime if they share (at least to a greater degree) our ambitions. Everyone should get behind him if he shows with actions rather than words that he is ambitious for the club. I don’t expect immediate miracles but do expect, at the very least, that we see that the shoots of recovery are put in place. If not then………

  4. Rasp says:

    Thanks GB a great and detailed response GB … much more than the post itself 😂

    My answer would be that SK doesn’t ever put his own money into his sports franchises … so why would he change now? I think he believes in putting good people in charge and then it’s up to them to make things work financially. We may not like it, but it’s not as if he’s misrepresented himself.

  5. RC78 says:

    The club has moved to a new management structure. Am hoping that it also means that the owners are ready to invest big into the squad. We d need to invest 100 to 150 mln per year for the next 3 years just to make sure we still compete for top 6. If you look at the investments foreseen at west ham, Watford, Leicester and Everton and that the other 5 teams (Manchester, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham) are also spending, we have no choice but to invest.

    I think the owners were happy to let AW take the hit in the last 3 years of his tenure. It allowed them to delay investment but now, they know they have to spend some cash to remain competitive and attractive.

    Let s c what happens

  6. RC78 says:

    Everton deal looking likely, putting the Zaha and Pepe deal in jeopardy
    Ceballos and Saliba, consider them done deal

  7. allezkev says:

    Some interesting points being made on a very thorny subject…

    Kroenke has had a controlling interest in Arsenal for some time now, so our gradual decline has been solely on his watch, but his long term aim was always to get Usmanov out, to finally give up and sell to him until he had Arsenal 100%.
    If we won the odd cup, then great, but he isn’t a fan, he’s a property developer, so his agenda is different.

    Now it is indeed all his, his investment, but I don’t think things are going to change that much, Stan is focused on the Rams and the property and retail development in Inglewood, we are Josh’s project, a chip off of the old block, but his focus isn’t just Arsenal and like his father he isn’t engaged enough.

  8. RC78 says:

    Brahimi to Qatar
    Pepe to Man Utd

  9. fred1266 says:

    No probably wouldn’t but I would make sure am at least trying to earn my pay

  10. Uwot? says:

    Zaha in the bag by the end of the week.palace doing their best like Celtic to make things as awkward as poss.but delaying the inevitable.no longer any interest in soares.

  11. Sue says:

    I’ve read we’re upping our Zaha bid to 55m, with either Nelson or Saka (or to hell with it, maybe even Jenko!) going in the opposite direction! I doubt that’ll cut it though….
    I also saw that West Ham are interested in Elneny 😁 Now I won’t mention the mustard saying today (although I might be thinking it!) through fear of a backlash 😜 COYI please make my day!

  12. LBG says:

    The interpretation of the Kroenke family involvement in the Arsenal project seems to be clear in the eyes of most on the blog, and as I spend time with my son in Colorado, on the part of sports fans in America. They are business men, property and retail developers. Interested in shrewd investment only if for steady profit. There is no love for him(them)in America amongst his team’s supporters and he has no “passion” for those teams. Fact!
    It would be easy to get down, see no way out. Bollox. Who wants shiny new players? I want our shiny existing ones old and young, to be coached well, to be driven in the hearts and minds by the same passion I have for OUR Club, and when they wear the shirt to give 100%.I dont support Shitty, or Manure or Real Madrid or Barcelona and I dont care that we dont have their money. Give the current management and coaching teams a chance to see what they can do with what we HAVE got, stop looking for blame and try to cheer up!

  13. RA says:

    A very good, and nicely put analysis presented in your Post, Rasper, thank you.

    The only bit that I think you might have wobbled on was saying that the fans’ might want to blame Stan K for the deterioration in both our ambitions and success portfolio, if that is their mindset; but you then finish your article by saying that Sky have liberally sprinkled their financial largesse far and wide to include all the EPL clubs — and therefore the fans’ anger should be directed at them.

    It could be argued that both matters are intrinsically linked, and that perhaps both Stan and Sky, for completely opposite reasons, bear some of the blame.
    One for being parsimonious with the dosh (Stan) and the other (Sky) for paying (too much?) to buy the rights to show the Premier League games, and enriching all the clubs across the board.

    For me, one has to outweigh the other, but every person will have their own views on that.

    You have always written interesting Posts, Rasper, and this is no exception! 😁

  14. RA says:

    Mustard backlash, Sue? Surely not — mind you, I like hot peppers myself. 😜

    Wait …… you don’t mean …….. no, that cannot be it …… but, maybe you do …….. oh, no — you hate my mustard joke ——- say it ain’t true, Sue — say it ain’t so — I’m just a regular guy — just yer average Joe.

    Maybe I could give up hot peppers, perhaps, possibly ?????? 😭

  15. GoonerB says:

    Rasp (@11.11), I guess that is correct, that he hasn’t mis-represented himself. On the other hand he hasn’t represented himself either.

    This Silent Stan thing is actually an annoyance the more it goes on. No-one knows him, his mind or his agenda. We can but guess by analysing his track record and behaviour to date with his other sports interests, and this doesn’t make good reading for the future of Arsenal.

    Many seem reconciled that Kroenke will not push that bit mored to achieve sporting success at Arsenal, and as this is the inevitable fact of the matter, why worry about it. I admire that ability to be at peace with it but unfortunately I don’t feel that harmonious acceptance and I really hope that the large majority of the fan base don’t accept it either.

    If what you say is correct Rasp (and AK at 11.56), and I knew this for absolute certainty then he wouldn’t have my support now in any sense, and I would hope the public rejection of him began and gathered momentum.

    The only reason I would support him right now is in the vague hope that he does do something better and different with us compared to his other franchises. However this may be wishful thinking at best on my part, but probably more hopeful naivety.

    The likelihood is that it will get nasty between Stan and the fans in the not too distant future and, as much as I would hate disharmony at the club, it will probably be a necessity. History is littered with things that have to get worse before getting better.

    Sorry LBG, despite us agreeing on much I disagree about the leeway for Kroenke. A bit more leeway right now in this transitional period yes, but not too much longer if nothing changes. Lets support Emery and the boys but have our beady eye on Kroenke. He surely doesn’t have long to show that his regime will step up.

    I am not really miserable about it LBG, just more looking at it objectively and factually. We cannot allow this single man to deteriorate an institution like Arsenal football club to permanent mediocrity without putting up a fight. He is one person while the global fan base likely tops 100 million.

  16. Rasp says:

    Hi Redders, thank you, good points as always. The fans are blaming the Kroenkes hence the recent campaign. It’s easier to blame a person than a situation = the inevitable influx of money from the media and the resultant hike in player valuation.

    I agree with LBG, there is cause for optimism … and one thing is for sure, we will be in for some surprises in the coming months. How boring to be a Celtic fan and know what the outcome of everybody season is going to be in advance.

  17. fred1266 says:

    Damn we getting a whole team if we don’t finish in CL well somehow wrong

    Don’t think we grrr ever getting Pepe

  18. fred1266 says:

    Sue didn’t you get the memo no doom and gloom post:)

  19. fred1266 says:

  20. Sue says:

    Fred.. trust me, what I posted was far from doom & gloom!! 😝

  21. fred1266 says:

    Why is rapinoe training with us Sue

  22. GoonerB says:

    Hi Rasp, just sent in a little potential post on part of this discussion.

    I actually buy into the optimism where our youngsters are concerned and am very excited to see what they can do. This is a period where we will likely promote more than normal in one season, and I hope we can make it successful.

    Moving forwards I would love for us to become a top team that promotes heavily from within our academy and be different to many other top clubs in this sense. We can surely retain top academy graduates (aka Barcalona) where maybe clubs like Southampton, West Ham and Ajax who have had golden academy periods, aren’t big enough and powerful enough to retain their top youngsters.

    Maybe not right now this season but in the near future we will have to mix this academy promotion with recruitment of certain top players at top prices again though, and this is where I currently lack faith in the Kroenke regime.

    I am sure he would love to convince us that it is all about the academy from now on but the reality is that, even if we become one of the best of the big clubs at promoting from the academy, to be a consistently big club again and win stuff, we will need a bit of both.

  23. allezkev says:

    GB, I guess if we look outside of our club and sadly Tottenham spring to mind ( a horrible thought) – in Joe Lewis they have an owner who whilst purporting to being a Spurs fan, isn’t really involved and is as absent as Stan & Son, but they have Daniel Levy and he’s done a pretty good job, certainly better than Gazides when it came to buying and selling players. Under Levy the Spuds have not only narrowed the chasm that was between us for many years but they’ve arguably overtaken us.

    I’m not sure but I doubt that Lewis has spent any of his money subsidising them, they’ve just had good management whilst ours has been not up to the required level.

    Hopefully that will now change under our new Director of Football Operations Supremo and we’ll be able to recover top four status.

  24. Sue says:

    RA.. I think you’ve eaten too many jalapenos 😂
    All joking aside, you do make me laugh.. and for once (did I say once 😳 oh surely not!) I actually understood what on earth you were going on about 😂

  25. Sue says:

    Bloody hell, Fred.. ain’t she got nowt better to do?! 🤣

  26. fred1266 says:

    Any news about losing your players is doom and gloom IMO especially the 2 am most excited to see this season

  27. RA says:


    I ham so appy that your appy, cos like Rasper said, an all, thruppenny aypenny ent nuffin to larf abart.

    I now speak real Cockney, thanks to the gaffer, but unlike him. GB is surely a Blackboots gang member, and is undermining the multi-million dollar$$ Stan the Man who is shaking in his own black boots.

    He will be so sad to know It were GB whodunnit and not Micky-Did-It, who dunnit.

    [Don’t think you know our friend Micky — but he is charm personified — and we all miss him.] 😎

  28. Mike M says:

    Morning all. Been very busy but have been reading the posts. Went to Real vs Bayern on Saturday night. It was very much a pre- season friendly. Real weren’t very good, Bayern did enough to win. I don’t really like reading too much into these games. I do think our youngsters look good so far and that must be a positive. As far as the Kroenke’s go, Aaron made a great comment last week in response to mine and I really think that sums it up, two very differing opinions using as many facts as are available but in the end, not really knowing what the truth is. @ Rasp, you’re article is pretty much correct factually. In 1999-2000 when Arsenal (Dein, Fizman, Friar Arsene etc) made the stadium decision, match day revenue was what separated the big clubs from the rest. Over the following 10 years, TV and broadcasting rights changed that dramatically, so to say that (Sky) is the reason would be 100% correct. It’s really not a “blame” thing, just a reason. I think the Emirates decision was the right one at the time but it didn’t work out as well as it might have. Now we have to look for another one and as FGG said, maybe we should trust the Kroenkes. I know that’s not universally popular to say the least but I do think as Gooner B pointed out, they signed up for a self sustaining model and as of right now. are trying to make it work. It’ll be interesting to see how Spuds new stadium works out but one thing I am sure of, I’m glad we’re not hosting NFL games and who knows what at ours. Maybe Stan will decide to go that route? Will that make anyone happy??

  29. Sue says:

    Fred.. I’m sorry.. and I will think twice before I post about potential transfers 😁 in my defence though, it is a load of crap & I seriously doubt it will happen, so happy days! And I know you love Jenko, but fear not.. i still reckon he’ll be with us in another 5 (maybe 6 😛) years, as what? I don’t know, he may even be dressed up as Gunnersaurus, but he’ll still be here! Ok? 😁

  30. Sue says:

    RA.. haha! I told you once before, how I just lurve the American accent, so to hear it with a Cockney twang 🥰 would it be as good as Hector’s twang?! Probably!!

  31. fred1266 says:

    Hmm we have a Susie now, welcome to AA Susie

  32. allezkev says:

    As you said Sue, the Bayern game was a really good contest for our team, it was more like an Old Bundesliga Select XI with Sokratis, Aubameyang, Mkhitarayan, Xhaka, Ozil, Leno, Mustafi, Kolasinac and even Nelson vs Bayern.

  33. allezkev says:

    Both sides created a lot of chances, it really could have gone either way, I thought that Martinez was impressive.

    Our legs went a bit in the 2nd 45 and Bayern put 11 fresh players on at half time but I liked Burton when he came on, very neat and tidy, in fact the energy our youngsters brought to the game in the last 15 tipped the balance and we could and probably should have won 3-1 with John Jules missing a sitter.

  34. fred1266 says:

    Yea Jules playing better than Rapinoe unbelievable

  35. Sue says:

    You’re getting there then, Kev! At this rate it’ll definitely be before Anfield 😀 It was a good game, I really enjoyed it. Let’s hope for more of the same against Real!
    Good to know we’ve still got 4 games left to watch, before the league starts.. Do you think when they come back to the good old UK, things will finally start happening??
    I saw a picture of what looked like Saliba with Auba & Laca.. was just trying to work it out if it was a very clever photo edit though 😁

  36. allezkev says:

    We’ve got Real on Weds, so they’ll probably be back in the U.K. by Thursday with the Lyon game this coming Sunday, so hopefully we’ll have a couple of deal finalised by then Sue.

    I did read that Raul is back already working on some deals…

  37. LBG says:

    Dont believe we are in significant disagreement. I think the self- sustaining model has been in operation for a longish time now, and anyway in disagreeing in part with me – what can we really do about it? Kroenke wont sell while he is still taking profits. Hard nosed he is, and even if we commission a few blimps, believe it would be water off ducks back, as evidenced by his reaction to shareholders meetings!!
    My attempt at optimism is because get pissed off somewhat with all the negatives. Let’s not go back to ” Everybody Out”, it’s boring! We have a potentially competitive squad (improved in the future with Tierney and Saliba IMO) and all I want is to enjoy my Club and its football.

  38. Sue says:

    That’ll be good, Kev. All of this waiting & will he/won’t he sign gets a bit much after a while! It’d help if I was a patient person!
    I’m still optimistic (yes, you read that right 😀) that by the time the window closes, we’ll be happy (or reasonably haha!)

  39. RC78 says:

    If Saliba joins AFC, we can maybe lure Mbappe when he leaves PSG. These two are great friends 😛 One can always dream…

    Rumour mill:
    – Alves still in talks
    – Ruben Dias seen as potentially Kos successor

    On my side, I am hoping that Edu just gets rid of some players now like Jenko, Mustafi, Koscielny (I think he needs to go after refusing to come to the US tour), Xhaka (unlikely), El Neny and Asano.

    Ljunberg apparently doing a good job so I hope he continues to nurture our young players and ease their transition into our first squad.

    Now – no one is talking about the Greek Elephant in the room. What do we do with Maropanos? I think he should be loaned out and that we should give Bielik a chance. Bielik has been an AFC player for a while, did well in the lower league and had a strong Euro. I d rather bet on him than an unfit Mavropanos.

    As for the RB position, I think that we should definitely give the Alves option a chance and then for the LB, I dont think we should be held hostage by Celtic. Benfica is willing to let Grimaldo go and Mainz is ready to let Martin go. The discussions will be easer and faster and both players are promising LB. If you go for Ruben Dias at CB, then make it a package deal with Grimaldo as LB. Grimaldo was scouted in February and March by our club so…

  40. LBG says:

    Got to disagree completely. Dont mind keeping Bielk, even though he lacks pace, I think Mavrapanos can be a future star with proper nurturing and not on loan.

  41. RC78 says:

    LBG –
    I think Bielik should be given a chance. We would not make much profit on his sale. He is young, he is hungry, had a good Euro with Poland and good season with Charlton. He is home-grown – like Chambers, he can also play at CB and deputize as DM. I think we should at least give him a chance to show what he has got and we should also extend him by at least 2 years.

    As for Mavropanos, good potential indeed but we have hardly seen him. He has not really had a chance to test himself in the EPL and we could not really be impressed or disappointed – he had both good and poor games for us but there were so few of them. Why not loan him to a team that just got accession? He could be played regularly if he stays fit. He is with us until 2023 so we can always have him rejoin us if he has a breakout season.

    If we play a back 4 or a back 5, we need 5 CBs maximum.
    We have Sokratis, Holding, Mustafi, Monreal.

    We are about to lose Koscielny and we re hoping to get rid of Mustafi.

    We are looking at Ruben Dias (and am secretly hoping at Tarkowski, Duffy, Koulibaly, Djakenam too) to replace Koscielny so we would have our 5 already.

    Hoping that we can get rid of Mustafi, we d need to replace him too but that can be Bielik or Mavropanos. For me, it should be Bielik.

    9 defenders total (without Medley) next season for me and here they are:
    Back 4: Bellerin, Sok, Holding, Grimaldo
    Back-up defensive line: Alves, Bielik, Tarkowski, Monreal, Kolasinac

    I think this gives us enough solidity and Alves is free, Grimaldo + Tarkowski = 50 to 60 Mln EUR max. We need to fork out anyways so…I think we can recoup 45 Mln for Jenko (10), Kos (10) and Mustafi (25) so it should be ok but am just speculating a la “football manager”.

    Saliba is joining next year too and that would mean that our Greek warrior Sok or our Spanish Terrier Monreal may pbbly be pushed out then…In any case, one of them will make way for Saliba.

    The point is that I think there would be greater value in loaning out Mavropanos so that he can grow into the EPL and in trying to integrate Bielik in our team and really see if he can cope with our Club’s demands. I think he can be a good surprise in the end.

    Few weeks back, I was arguing that Chambers and Bielik should be sold but given the home-grown rules, I d rather keep them and give them a chance at the back of their good loan spell.

  42. fred1266 says:

    25 what for mustafi pounds cause no one paying 25 mil for him

  43. RC78 says:

    In Italy, Spain, Turkey Germany, he is still relatively well rated. He is still young too at 27 and can play CB and RB. We can get sucker teams like Lazio, Sevilla, Leipzig, Fenerbace to maybe take him 🙂

  44. RC78 says:

    Confirmed – Ceballos to join us on a one year loan. Now what do we do with Ozil and or Mkhy?

  45. allezkev says:

    It’s looking like Arsenal are giving up on Tierney, so onto the No.2 choice for a new left back, whomever that is?

  46. LBG says:

    Nacho and Dominic Thompson if you are right.

  47. Aaron says:


    Not always being out, but how about some youngsters being played.

    For goodness sake it has to be better than the defensive crap and unbalanced midfield we’ve been fed for over 5 years running, most likely more.

    According to 7amkickoff “Only Newcastle and Crystal Palace have signed fewer players than Arsenal this summer.”

    Now, it feels like a few deals are going to happen, so this should change, but if the Arsenal are really in for Zaha, I have to ask who is playing defense, and who is going to bring the ball forward? The Arsenal had problems getting it out of the back against Fiorentina, who were very poor last year (16th place)

    Because a makeshift defense is not way to start the season, Kos ain’t playing for us, Bel and Holding can’t play every 3 days to start the season, and if they do then they will be being played into the ground, and most likely be re-injured for long periods of time or chronically.

    Really hope Emery has the courage to give the youngsters a chance, and I am not talking injury time nonsense, and allow them to become part of the team. Or just sign a ready made to play right now cb or dm, naw that will never happen. What I am saying is I am not really confident in Ceballos adapting to the EPL at the highest level, just feels like Saurez all over again. Not good enough for Madrid, and not good enough for the Arsenal.

    Emery already hedging his bets by saying he will be playing most of the starters against Madrid, but as he will find out, the defense has been found out for ages.

    Homeostasis in this squad will only have a similar outcome as in the past, not quite good enough.

  48. fred1266 says:

    Boy let we just released yes no money needed give him away

    Just tell them pay he wages and he is yours

  49. fred1266 says:

    Cellabos is CM ent

  50. fred1266 says:

    U are correct Aaron but I think it was down to thr formation rather than personal so as we switched to 4231 we were easier to get the ball out

  51. Aaron says:

    I know Ceballos in a cm, but is he good enough? For if not we have a high powered offense and no one to get them the ball when teams pack the box and sit back.

    We changed formation, but added more youthful players as the game went.

    Emery still trying to play 3 at the back with Mustafi in the center. WTF

    Just scrap that, go with 4 at the back, and see what we have at this time, with the players we have, darn it, it is not rocket science.

  52. Sue says:

    Does anyone rate Ceballos? I don’t know a great deal about him, I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Suarez, where he ends up playing 67 minutes, or something ridiculous like that, and that’s yer lot!!

  53. Rasp says:

    Morning all …

    … New post …

  54. fred1266 says:

    Yea I think the 343 was experimental and hopefully we never see it again

    Nope I think ceballos is another Suarez a loan without a purpose we have fuss like torreira AMN etc who can fill that role

    If we doing loans why not get a loan on CB

  55. fred1266 says:

    Out of 10 I rate him a 3, emery keep getting this underperforming CM from la liga u would think he would notice we already have enjoyed in that area

  56. fred1266 says:

    Je would probably play 90 in league cup or someday

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