Arsenal Supporters – disillusioned or pathetic?

How things have changed? This is a post from dandan, our much missed and respected blogger, dated 27th January 2012.  Over six years old, yet it still resonates in an up-to-the-minute way with the current profusion of ‘fans’ who monetise Arsenal failure. Take it away, big man.

Witch hunts, apathy, delusion and greed, all pathetically wrapped up in an unshakable belief in a divine right to win. Recognise it? Of course you do. Unfortunately it describes many so-called Arsenal supporters, who today stand supreme amongst football folk in their ability irrespective of the injury situation and short of any real knowledge of the internal politics or financial situation facing the club, to defame our great club’s name just by confessing their poisonous support.

They twitter and blog in expletive enhanced anonymity, hiding behind a nom de plume often itself of a sarcastic nature, whilst venting their vile ranting’s. Should you bother to look behind the façade of these ne’er-do-well’s then you will often find the courage of their conviction is underwritten by an email address as ‘Mickey Mouse’ as the support and comments they dispense.

Of course all is not well with the club and anyone who denies that has his head in the sand, but how is it helped by Boo boys and derision.

A gaggle of players are approaching fitness again too late probably to rescue our season. So for once, perhaps, we will have to live with finishing behind the spuds and out of the top four. Big deal, if it happens we will take some stick, a mere smattering I guess compared to that we have inflicted over other supporters over the years. Let’s at least accept our fall from grace should it happen with equanimity, calm and a touch of class, secure in the knowledge that we will be back to full strength by season end, when in every likelihood there will be a clear-out, with new faces joining the first team squad.

Do I think AW will have walked away? No! I dont for a moment believe he will and nor should he. The man’s record is phenomenal and no-doubt will continue to grow in years to come, much to the chagrin of the Tony Cascarino’s and Brian Woolnough’s of this world, and the anti-brigade who follow  them. He could of course walk to a better paid job of his chosing anywhere in Europe, and given the dogs abuse he is receiving at present who could blame him. The French national team or indeed our own would be his for the asking should he wish it.  No doubt SparkyHughes or  Sam the Hammer would love the chance to take over at the THOF, much to the relief of the respective fans who have to watch their efforts at present.

Season ticket holders, many of them of long-standing are unhappy. A season ticket is a major investment in households where for many, disposable income has substantially diminished in recent years and this season’s price increase has just exacerbated the problem, leaving difficult choices to be made. No doubt for many, guilt at such expenditure creeps into the equation and when faced by lack lustre displays, perceived lack of ambition, underlined by the supposed reluctance of  the club itself, it would seem, to make reciprocal investment it is not surprising that resentment leads to a wider discontentment.

But does that give genuine supporters Carte Blanche to act in a manner that if it were directed at them or their families would undoubtedly escalate into something more serious. Or should we as Arsenal fans uphold the traditions of our great club, display a little class, weather the storm with dignity and await the cyclical turn around that is surely not far away?

Written by dandan


58 Responses to Arsenal Supporters – disillusioned or pathetic?

  1. chas says:

  2. What a load of crap crap😂

  3. chas says:

    Hey, gnarley, how’s it going?

    Do you fancy writing us a post sometime?
    Your English has improved since the last time you were on.
    Have you been going to night school? 😆

  4. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey Chas

    How the heck did you dig that out? Did you actually remember the post itself? Wow, I barely remember which day of the week it is.

    Anyhow, the Dandan message resonates loud and clear. Our current predicament really isn’t the end of the world is it?

    Perspective and goals required 🙂

  5. Jay says:

    Its not the fact that we lose its the manner in which we lose, nobody has a divine right to win football matches but it’s about giving yourself the best possible chance by:

    Playing players in their preferred positions…something Wenger violates time and time again!!!
    Reliance on players who don’t perform
    Welbeck, iwobi, xhaka, mustafi, Cech to name a few.
    Employing a defensive strategy via coaches trained in that area of expertise…something wenger hasn’t addressed since 04!!!
    Evolving the style of play and bringing in new attacking coaches to teach a pressing style of play….something Wenger would never allow (don’t take my word for it the players have made this clear in dressing room leaks)

    The players have lost faith in him, the fans have lost patience with him and to top it off he’s given a pay rise for mediocrity? He is the architect of his own downfall and his stubbornness/narcissism is what will tarnish his last year/s in charge.

  6. chas says:

    I had the idea to perhaps use some of the vast catalogue of AA posts since they’re just sat that there, partly ignored.

    Having the keys to the office and looking at viewing stats for the site, I realised that quite a few posts get the odd view on a daily basis.
    I suppose people google various things and quite often AA posts turn up in their search results.

    One of your posts called ‘Sex up, Arsenal’ seems to get a couple of views every week – I think I can guess the two words in the google search but for the life of me can’t think what anyone might be looking for!

    Anyway, a dandan post on Joe Baker was viewed a few days back, so I had a quick scan through his posts this morning and the title of this one jumped out at me.

    If anyone was wondering and in answer to dandan’s question, I think I’m both disillusioned and pathetic, much like a large chunk of our fanbase.

    I honestly thought the post might stimulate some responses other than that knobhead GG9’s abuse.
    Perhaps we’re all just a bit Arsenalled out at the moment.

  7. Rasp says:

    Thanks chas/GiE?

    I published this post originally I think.

    Dandan … what a great guy.

    I think his words then were spot on then … and to a lesser extent resonate in relation to our current disquiet…..

    …. but that was 6 years ago, and a lot of the things that frustrated supporters then have persisted or become worse. Back then it was ridiculous, only a year or two earlier we were winning the EPL.

    Since then the big money merchants have come in and our chances of winning the EPL have decreased significantly.

    But that’s not what a lot of supporters are complaining about … well not this one any way.

    What I have perceived (and it seems to become more valid after every game) is that we are performing well below our potential even after taking into consideration all those other factors.

    We should forget the other teams, their wealth … all that … it’s about what we can do with the resources at our disposal. We should concentrate on producing a playing style and clearly defined coaching that motivates the players so that the team is greater than the sum of it’s parts … instead we see the lesser version that failed to compete with Brighton.

    So I make no apology for thinking the way I do.

    I cringe at the sight of Claude and others displaying the sort of ignorance Dandan describes in his post … but underlying that base level reaction, we are a club in need of change.

    This site was created to give voice to those who have a more measured view of Arsenal related matters … and I believe we still uphold those values today.

  8. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Chas, and thanks to the much missed dandan. You will certainly tweak some tails putting that one up Chas 🙂

    I think Jay makes good points and echoes my position that I don’t feel a divine right to win but would like to have seen us as a progressive side that is developing towards at least being serious challengers.

    We are further away from that than ever, and while for a few years I felt we had stagnated with a lack of progression it now starts to feel like it has moved towards regression. What we have seen in the last few years is simply not good enough, before you even consider the concept of entitlement to winning.

    Personally I wouldn’t have overly questioned AW just over 6 years ago and always wanted to see what he could do with access to better players, once the purse strings were loosened to a degree. I wanted to see if he could start a new project of developing a top side that could be serious challengers.

    My feelings were that he deserved that opportunity due to his loyalty in sticking with us over those first number of austere laden years after the Emirates move. He kept us near the top and relevant in that period which is as much an achievement as any of the silverware.

    I must admit though to having nagging doubts for a number of years regarding his tactical nous in games in how teams were set up and how we performed against different types of opposition, however I still wanted to see what he could do. Unfortunately my nagging doubts grew further, and the last few seasons for me have sadly shown that AW no longer has the required methods and skills as a coach of a top side.

    Dandan’s post is interesting Chas in that just over 6years ago it was correctly pulling people up on their over-reaction to the situation. The post paints a temporary picture of what was obviously a dodgy period back then, and requests (in dandan’s own way) people to not impulsively over-react, to put things into greater perspective, and that we will turn it around with better times on the horizon.

    Over 6 years on, and having witnessed the same situation in every season, unfortunately I actually think the post now more vilifies the position of those more critical fans rather than point out the error of their ways. They can now say that their critical assessment was to a large extent correct.

    Still, an excellent post to get discussions started on all sides going Chas.

  9. seedeee says:

    Just wanted to say that I never post on here but do enjoy reading all the articles – I think you all convey your thoughts and feelings on the various topics very well and with some humour to go with it, so thank you to all involved. In terms of my feelings for the Arsenal, let’s just get behind the team (players mostly) the best we can – especially on such a big occasion on Thursday. It is simply the most important and defining game we’ll play for a while (along with the second leg ofcourse). I hope what negativity there is in the ground is put on hold at least for the 90mins. Onwards and upwards. COYG

  10. Rasp says:

    Hi seedeee. Great to hear you are an AA reader … even better that you’ve placed a comment. Nothing to disagree with in what you say ….. please feel free to join us anytime you’re of a mind.

  11. chas says:

    Apols, I only read the last complete paragraph. (I think you meant vindicates rather than vilifies but we knew what you meant anyway) 🙂

    Since dandan wrote this, we’ve finished 3rd, 4th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 5th in the League and won the FA Cup 3 times.
    I’ve no idea how you can say, “They can now say that their critical assessment was to a large extent correct.”

    A year or two earlier from 2012 we were winning the League?

  12. GunnerN5 says:

    Great idea to refresh an old post Chas, it’s extremely topical and so well written, Dandan always had a calming influence.

  13. RC78 says:

    i think we re both –
    now i d like to add also loyal to the list

  14. GunnerN5 says:

    Thursday’s Europa League game is where our players need to stand up and be counted. They have been seriously under performing, with the most obvious deficiency being the porous defense. This is their time to bring some fans back on their side and to instill some pride back into their performances.

    I’ve lived through these down trends far too many times in my life and I thought they were a thing of the past – winning the Europa League can be a great tonic for the team and the future of the club.

    The outcome of a loss is almost unthinkable.

  15. Rasp says:

    Hi chas … I knew when I wrote it someone would pick me up on it …. OK … 8 years earlier …. it didn’t seem that long ago then, maybe that’s why some were more incensed in 2012.

    I stand by my point that whilst I agree we cannot expect to win the league every year …. we should be competing more strongly. Our success in the cups compared to our league form is an illustration of how inconsistent we have become.

  16. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp, I beg to differ.

    I believe that winning Cups and not the league is a sign of the overall strength, depth and positional coverage and not inconsistency. We have been capable of winning trophies where only a few games are involved – but the amount of games in the league intermixed with all the cup games has proved to be a bridge too far.

  17. Rasp says:

    Hi GN5. Cup matches are one offs. The true measure of a team can only be assessed over a greater number of matches = a league campaign. We are winning fewer games now than before in that respect…. and at a time when we have broken our transfer record several times and recruited some world class players. To me, that means inconsistency .. or worse, a consistent decline 😦

  18. RC78 says:

    If we win the Europa League – season is successful but given our team s recent displays, it would be a miracle to win this cup

    Ospina – Bellerin BFG Kos Koli – Ram, El Neny, Wil – Miky, Ozil – Well

  19. RC78 says:

    If AW leaves, I d like to get Ancelotti in and to have either Overmars or Henry as an Assistant Coach.

  20. GoonerB says:

    Haha Chas, yes vindicates. I was getting tired by that time having been compiling my comment for 8 hours solid.

    How can I say this (your 1.42)? Well I think there are many angles you can look at things from in football. Your pointing out the positions in the table being one of them. Another would be in looking at our traditional league points average over these seasons and comparing it to the traditional points average it takes to win the thing, and see if we are in fact getting any closer to being challengers.

    This is the one I prefer as I feel it shows a greater accuracy of analysis in the progression or lack thereof in a team. It has less reliance on certain external factors outside of our control, such as any capitulation from other clubs in any given season.

    I have mentioned on a few occasions in recent seasons that I felt we have been getting away with it (getting in the top 4), and that others were showing signs of catching up, (but had kind of let us off the hook), all while we seemingly stood still not addressing the key issues that would allow us to progress and increase our league points average total; i.e to get closer to being serious challengers.

    I still stand by this and feel that some of the times we have scraped in the top 4, and won the cup, have been used to deflect away from where we have truly been going. Not that I would take any of that away (the cups and top 4’s), just that I feel they added to (what I consider) our position of comfortable complacency and seeming lack of critical self assessment that things weren’t actually as good as we wanted to believe or portray, and that certain things needed to be changed.

    I have always used AW’s own position, that he stated on a few occasions in the past, that the true measure of a team is in the league, not in the cups that he has always stated required a degree of luck. His own words really.

    We have seen the same faults repeat themselves, (that undermine our ability to challenge in recent years), left go unaddressed and we haven’t moved in the accrued league points arena despite our ability to add better players.

    This to me suggests a club that has stood still, and now one that is regressing. Part of that regression is that the other clubs are now showing less signs of capitulation and are not letting us off the hook anymore, but the warnings were there that this time would come.

  21. chas says:

    Far too much to read – I’ll just assume you’re agreeing with me.

  22. PJ says:

    You wankers if you had listened to me 6 years ago Arsenal would not be in the mess they are in now

    Be careful what you wish for was the cry…fuckin lemons

  23. Eddie says:

    PJ – I beg your pardon, I am not a wanker and I did listen. Still, things are what they are. What would change if the world listened to you? Nothing mate. And that is why people do not listen to you.

  24. mickydidit89 says:

    Serious question PJ

    Which manager were you calling for back then? Be honest.

    No point saying Pep, for obvious reasons

  25. Eddie says:

    micky – did you listen to PJ or are you a wanker?

  26. mickydidit89 says:

    wanker and a lemon

  27. chas says:

    Haha, that’s more like it. Hooked a proper arsehole. 🤫

  28. Eddie says:

    what are you chas apart from being self-righteous prick:)

  29. Eddie says:

    how anybody, no matter how thick, think that if other bloggers listened to him we would be better than Man City 🙂

    they should bring the death penalty back. Hang the morons

  30. Rasp says:

    PJ and Claude must be mates …. who knew they had such powerful influence 🙄

  31. Eddie says:

    rasp – since Brexit vote people feel empowered

  32. fatgingergooner says:

    I fail to see how winning the EL this year makes it a successful season. It’s been an absolute farce, which started with the Sanchez mess over the summer and has continued ever since. If we were to somehow win the EL then it would be papering over some very large cracks. I hope we win it, and I hope Wenger leaves after lifting it, but I just can’t see it based on current form.

    As for what type of fans we are, I think we are a set of moaning buggers, but ultimately a large part of our enthusiasm and enjoyment comes from what the team does on the pitch. The fans have lost faith in the current set up, whether it be owners, managers, coaches or players, and it’s very hard to find enthusiasm and belief when you fear the next performance is going to kick you back down again. What I struggle to understand though is where the sheer anger and vitriol towards the team and manager comes from. I’ve just watched some Arsenal Fan TV and it’s laughable to watch grown men get so angry about a football club that is far more successful (and has had far more recent success) than many others. I agree with Rasp in that I think we need a new direction and we should be doing better with what we have, but some of our fans really need to take a step back and realise they are harnessing their ‘passion’ for the club in totally the wrong way.

  33. VP of Oz says:


  34. chas says:

    Bang on, fgg.
    That is exactly what dandan’s post was about.

  35. chas says:

    Besides being an SRP, I am in training to be an A hole.
    However it’s going to take years and years of intensive work to reach PJ’s level.
    Wish me luck.

  36. Eddie says:

    Ha ha ha ha 😬😬😬

  37. Eddie says:

    flipping ell, 4 best teams in the world, 45mins and not one goal amongst them

  38. chas says:

  39. chas says:

  40. chas says:

  41. chas says:

    Cue the ‘yeah we all know he was good at the start for Arsenal’ comments.

    It’s these ex footballers who know eff all about management who wind me up.

  42. LB says:

    I wish I had thought of calling myself “Dusty Badger” I like it. I also like his point.

    I don’t think I can remember a time when I liked supporting Arsenal less, not just the results part but the disturbing fact that I share the same team as some of the people above.

  43. Gööner In Exile says:

    What a lovely reminder of Super DD, he was always such a calm and reasoned voice. And wise too.

    When we knew we were expecting G, DD said “your parents will spoil their grandchildren more than they ever spoilt you”. He was absolutely correct. 🙂

    I do have to wonder what some want from supporting football clubs, but I think I’ve started to realise it’s to do with the change in the way most attend and the demographic of those that go.

  44. Aaron says:

    I like GunnerN5’s perspective from being a super long term fan, even counting last 6 years.
    6 trophies in 6 years, Champions league for 5 of the last six, all the while playing against financially super doped teams.
    Can one imagine the NFL, NHL or NBA without a salary cap?

    Been a fan for a long time too..
    And before anyone starts in on me, I follow the Lions- yes the same Detroit Lions who have not won a playoff game in 25 years, so do not give me any crap for being a fair weather fan.

    Really want the team to win Europa league and allow Arsene to go with his head held high!

  45. chas says:

  46. chas says:

  47. chas says:

  48. mickydidit89 says:

    6:56 from running to two front brakes down sumiltaneously. Never seen that before. Dying to get outside to test the Dotty breaks

    Aaaaaand morning

  49. mickydidit89 says:

    Looks like the shame of losing to a team like Totnum must have really shaken up Real Madrid players.

    PSG must be thinking they are two top players short, and my guess is, they will not be bargain basement grabs

  50. chas says:

    They need a new manager, too!

  51. mickydidit89 says:

    Yes, I had thought about that 🙂

  52. Eddie says:

    Juve are much better than Totts, I am hoping for a slaughter tonight

    Juventus games 26 GD 48 points 68

    Tottenham games 29 GD 31 points 58

  53. Eddie says:

    I don’t mind telling you months ago that Poch is heading to Madrid. Remember 🙂

  54. chas says:

    Those two away goals though.
    Means Juve have to win really – though 3-3 would be just peachy.

  55. Eddie says:

    chas – they have to fuck up soon, it’s been long overdue from them. Juve will win, I am sure of it.

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    3-3 with an offside, 93rd minute Juve equaliser completes the picture 🙂

  57. chas says:


  58. RA says:

    Good Morning,

    That was a lovely surprise to read a DanDan Post — I really enjoyed the care he always put into them, and the mellifluous prose he used that made them so easy to comprehend.

    Good idea, Chas — always knew you were managerial material! 🙂

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