Tumbling into the Void – Brighton Player Ratings

Well, if that performance was the result of crisis meetings and players being asked by their children why the team is so poor, then there really is very little hope.

First Half

How is it possible that Petr Cech at 6’5″ and with the advantage of being able to use his arms cannot get to a ball above an opponent’s head? The keeper flaps 3 yards from the goal line, no defenders give him support – shambolic, 1-0.

Koscielny passes to a Brighton midfielder. Big, arching cross to a striker with two defenders in attendance, no danger. Hang on, first defender caught under the ball, second stood behind admiring the forward’s leap, goalkeeper allows the ball to bounce virtually under his creaking body, 2-0.

After 40 minutes Brighton could have been further ahead. They were first to every ball, fought like tigers and ran as if their Premiership survival depended on it. Oh, and they created all of the decent attempts on goal.

Forty three minutes gone, Auba diverts a Xhaka pass into the net. Suddenly we don’t want half time to come. Kos hits the post with a header with the keeper a bystander. Maybe if that had gone in……..

Second Half  

There was some hope of an equaliser after the break. The tempo from Arsenal increased and with that came more attempts at goal. Mesut forced the Brighton keeper into a decent save with a swerving drive. Auba had a couple of half-chances including rounding the keeper but being too wide to score.

The Beast clubbing a baby seal to death in the 65th minute and subsequent delay, killed any Arsenal momentum in its tracks. Not much of note happened in the Brighton half for the rest of the ninety. The 7 minutes of injury time were a damp squib, too. Holding on to the ball in deep midfield or defence was not what was required.


There has been some talk that the players might as well have been publicly stabbing the manager in the back with that colossally inept display. I struggle to believe that it could have been a deliberate act but see it more a case of a bunch of frightened sailors adrift at sea with no engine, masts torn down by the storm, no rudder and without a clue how to get back to port.  Clueless.


Cech – Clean sheets are a thing of the past – 2

Chambers – Meh – 4

Koscielny – forced by our midfield support into suicidal passes forward, may as well just hoof it – 3

Mustafi – headless chicken – 3

Kolasinac – clips of him playing for Schalke were of a dynamic attacking full back – now he’s more likely to just pass the ball back from whence it came – 4

Xhaka – an assist with a pass into the penalty area – can’t understand how he raises his arm to signal where a corner is going, the ball lands in a great spot and yet not one Arsenal player is anywhere to be seen in the landing area  – 4

Wilshere – Looks as though he wished he was still at Bournemouth – 4

Ozil – Tried to get things moving but efforts were largely futile – 5

Iwobi – Doesn’t look like a first team player anymore – even his running style looks nervous – 3

Mkhitaryan – I’d imagine he’d be very good in a team that was playing well – 4

Aubameyang – a goal at least, shame a second didn’t come – 5

Manager assessment

LBG says
If you want (really really want) to turn it round, Arsene, you have got to ‘input’ significantly. Input loud and positive change on the training ground. Input minute by minute from the bench in response to the ebb and flow. YOUR/OUR players are lost!! They repeat, repeat the method even though it isn’t working. They do not believe, and we watch you shaking your head equally not believing. Break the circle.


39 Responses to Tumbling into the Void – Brighton Player Ratings

  1. Rasp says:

    Thanks chas, as always a very fair assessment … it looks like no one wants to be the first to comment, I’m sure many have read your words and share your sentiments.

    I’m beginning to hate reading (and writing) the same thing over and over …. the one question uppermost in my mind is “what will it take?”

  2. Eddie says:

    things must be really bad is chas seems unhappy.

    I agree with rasp, no point repeating the same thing over and over again, We have to take it on the chin and admit with are no longer top team in London, let alone the country

    We have to salvage the season and win on Thursday. That’s all that matters now.

  3. fatgingergooner says:

    I think Wenger summed it up pretty well actually when he said you climb the stairs to the top but go down in a lift. We are at a low at the moment that’s for sure. Who the manager is, who we buy, tactics etc are all pretty irrelevant right now. It’s about winning a game of football. Win one and we’ll win two, win two and we’ll win three. Then at the end of the season, wherever that leads us, we can assess and try make sense of it. Confidence is so low the players have forgotten how to play, and confidence can make poor teams look great and good teams look an absolute shambles.

  4. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Chas. LBG’s comment and your assessment bit are both spot on for me. I don’t believe the players are deliberately undermining AW and not caring. It is more that they look lost in their belief of the team they are playing in and the manager they are playing for.

    Arsenal are such a closed book that each of us is guessing what is actually happening behind the scenes, based on the circumstantial evidence we witness and our gut instinct. I am not one for ridiculing others opinions citing a lack of evidence or proof, even if I don’t agree, and have enjoyed digesting some of the varied opinions recently.

    Looking at Arsene’s relationship with the players I believe it is possible to still have respect for someone as a person (and their history), but to develop a lack of belief in their methods in the here and now. I feel this looks like the relationship between Arsene and the players now, and that psychological lack of faith can easily create what we are seeing, rather than them just not caring.

    I always hoped AW would leave at the end of an appropriate season with head held high, but if we are really looking at the current situation, and basing any decision purely on what is best for the club and team, I think there is a strong argument for making that change right now.

    I can see us crashing out of the EL as things currently stand due to the apathy and lack of belief, when we actually have the squad that should make us one of the 2-3 favourites to win it. This competition and its path to the ECL cannot be under-estimated in what it will mean to our summer transfer business going into next season.

    Crash out of this and the rest of the season will be poisonous and horrible and could witness the most ungracious departure of a man who has done so much for us. Almost better to wield the axe now than see this happen.

    I really can’t see what Arsene can say that is different or new that will get the players buying into his methods and believing in his football anymore. The players need that psychological boost but I just wonder if Arsene has run out get of jail free cards this time to turn around the poor runs we have witnessed in every recent season. It just looks like a threshold has been crossed over by the players now.

    Looking at what he says to the media after games we have been poor in he seems to use the same repetitive rhetoric without any fresh perspective or angle and my gut feeling, in a similar vein, is he will not have anything new or different that he can take to the players.

    I don’t think Arsene is the sole problem by any means at the club, but I think he has become the most immediate factor to look at that can have the quickest impact on either seeing further deterioration or a massive change of fortunes for the better. This team just looks like they need to hear something new from someone new.

    If something was to happen right now then you would just have to go with the available Ancelotti to steady the ship, preferably with say a Vieira as the right hand man.

  5. Harj SIngh says:

    Hi guys, me again …. after the Liverpool v Spurs game a lot of Gooners lambasted Tottenham for being divers, especially Kane and Dele. I didn’t defend either player but did take exception to the tone of the argument which suggested Arsenal players have never dived unlike their scummy cheating neighbours. So … what did you make of Xhaka’s blatant exaggerated fall in the box yesterday???? #hypocrites

  6. block 07 row 18 says:

    Arsene has lost the changing room again. Behind closed doors they do not believe in him. They see an old man stuck in the past. A narcissistic man believing he is the best manager in the world. He believes we should love and adore him because of what he did 15 years ago. A Narcissist can not understand why we wouldn’t !

    They have no empathy with the real fans and does not care for them. Its all about him and what he wants. He has been found out yet again. Any sane person would have left on a high after beating Chelsea. Accepted its time to move on and let a younger manager take the club forward.

    A narcissistic cant do that due to their self indulgence and belief they are the best ! He is embarrassing him self and the club with his pathetic comments . His legacy is collapsing around him.

    Unfortunately due to the inept owner of the club and a board that merely acts as a puppet to the American clueless owner, Wenger will continue on and suffer more public humiliation.

    This is all very sad and Arsenal Fans are the ones suffering . Wenger , the owner and the board will continue taking the huge amounts of money and ARE laughing at ALL of us..

  7. chas says:

    It sounds like Harj Singh is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that his team is full of cheats and divers and also that his manager not only condones cheating but actively promotes it.

  8. chas says:

  9. RC78 says:

    Cech – 2 ; Cham – 3 ; Kos 3 ; Mus 3; Koli 3 – Xhaka 3 – Wilshere 3 – Mikhy 4, Ozil 5, Iwobi – 2 – Auba – 5

    Who do you build the team around next year?

  10. Eddie says:

    RC78 – Ozil of course. He got the highest mark.

  11. Harj SIngh says:

    hey Chas …Spurs are a team full of cheats and divers and have a manager who actively promotes it? At least we’re a TEAM, everyone can see Arsenal is a sinking ship, no spirit, no heart, no passion, no interest … and Wenger says (this morning) he is going to turn it around. Your club mate is not just at the point of no return, it’s sailed way past it …..

  12. chas says:

    Yep, a TEAM full of cheats.
    Thanks for finally agreeing.

  13. Eddie says:

    harj – I would be very funny if the club at the point of no return wins a trophy this season and Spurs, AGAIN, win f all 🙂

  14. Rasp says:

    We normally only entertain guests from other clubs when the post has a relevance to their team.

    I think Harj has overstayed his welcome.

  15. Eddie says:

    no rasp, give him enough rope and he will hang himself

  16. Harj SIngh says:

    Ok guys you’ve got me. I realise that my beloved Spurs will never match your lot for class or trophies but at least allow me my two minutes of gloating while you are temporarily below us. I won’t darken your door again.

  17. chas says:

  18. chas says:

  19. Gööner In Exile says:

    There’s a post coming out of all the hilarity that people are finding in our current situation.

    I mean Brighton fans singing “Arsene Wenger we want you to stay”. Seriously Brighton fans? Don’t get me wrong you are having a great season and have reached the heady heights of tenth. But what the f*** has your club ever won that gives you the feeling you can mock Wenger. I’ll acceot it from Shitty, Spuds, Chavs and United, it’s banter but pleeeeeeease, clubs with no trophies in their entire history?

    Problem is we Arsenal fans bring it on ourselves. As I say post incoming on that subject

  20. chas says:

  21. Eddie says:

    bottler 🙂 I am gaging for a good fight

  22. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks Chas

    I think I’m quite lucky in that I missed the first half.

    Also quite lucky that I’m seriously busy at the moment leaving little time to get Arsenally miserable

    I wonder if Eddie coming on was in preparation for the Milan game as I’d imagine he’d be back up to Danny

  23. mickydidit89 says:


    Not sure why I did it, but I just clicked on the League Table

    You know you’re in trouble when you have to double click to find your team if you’re not top five

    Really grim thing is we’re nearer to Burnley than Chelsea regarding points total

    I promise not to look at the league table again this season

  24. Eddie says:

    sir Bradley Wiggins doesn’t sound very convincing, especially with the ridiculous hair cut

  25. Rasp says:

    It’s a storm in a tea cup. Wiggins has not used a banned substance, he’s being accused of using the regulations to take a performance enhancing drug that is allowed to treat his asthma. I’m sure many other riders are doing the same thing.


    Cheers chas

    Terrible result, but let’s put it into perspective. In the early eighties I went to Brighton when they beat us 1-0. People will say “so what?” Let me explain, Steve Gatting was playing. For them.

    Arsenes days are nigh but I will have no part in it.

    As long as he is manager he has my full support, and when he eventually gets the boot, I will claim that’s what I wanted all along. This is an art I have perfected, colloquially known as “An irritating Bastard”

    Some of the criticism the great man is getting is nothing short of hysterical and most dishing it out are not fit to lace his boots. This is not me making excuses. I have blown out birds with “my hamster just died” and “I have just been diagnosed with a terrible disease and only have 35 years left to live”.

    Let’s get behind the manager and players, and go win that Europa League.

  27. LB says:

    I remember jumping on my high horse when Eddie brought up Wiggins before, I am much less convinced than I was, he played the system far more than I realised, although, had he broke the rules he would have been retrospectively banned — but he hasn’t.
    That said, Sky’s hollier than though position has gone, it stinks.

  28. LB says:

    Well said, Terry

  29. mickydidit89 says:

    All Mods take drugs

    Hardly like Wiggins was concealing his allegiancies 🙂

  30. mickydidit89 says:

    Apart from the fact that Arsenal will, presumably, be playing in their powder blue outfit, I’m looking forward to the Milan game

    As for Watford, let’s just say I’m expecting another bumper 58,650 crowd 🙂

  31. mickydidit89 says:

    Ohhhhh, poor Granit

    I do think he’s misunderstood. In fact I think he’d be a really top player, just not in the PL. He would blossom in a slower, less frantic league

  32. chas says:

    Deffo, Micky.

    Serie A, I reckon, where the DM can play quarterback style like Pirlo.

  33. Eddie says:

    LB – I am as gutted as you. As gutted as I was when I found out the truth about that prick my hero Armstrong.

    I sincerely hope Wiggins did nothing wrong, but he looked guilty as hell, his body language told a story different to the one coming out of his mouth.

  34. Eddie says:

    Wops want super fast Hector, not Xhaka.

  35. Eddie says:

    terry – I didn’t know you had a hamster, how sweet 🙂
    I once worked with an Iranian called Reza. I am guilty of hating all Iranins, I have good reason, but I will skip it. That Reza was just like you – he would say something and then he was found out to be wrong he’d say he said the opposite!! God I still hate him

  36. chas says:


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