Prawns in the Sun – No Thai Bride

Man City 2 – 2 Arsenal


Press conference

on the game…
It was a very intense game where we had a difficult start because Manchester City came out very strong. We suffered a little, but every time we went down we showed character and came back twice in the game. Overall, I think Manchester City had good intensity in the game and there were a few times when we were in trouble, but we delivered a very strong performance.

on finishing in third…
It is in our hands now but we have seen again today that we just want to finish the job with the result. That shows you that we have to focus and keep the focus. It is important to maintain that. We have had strong concentration in recent games and our character has been questioned a few times this season. We gave the right response today on the pitch, but you have to say if you look we have the best results against the top-four teams. That doesn’t come without character.

on Welbeck…
Danny Welbeck has a knee problem. I hope it is not too bad. We need to wait for a scan, I hope that it is not bad one and a meniscus. Danny is a strong boy, he is not a guy who moves out quickly. We tried to keep him on the pitch and straight away he tried to move on and he said it was impossible. At half time, I looked at him and he was very down so he must have pain. Let’s hope we have good news tomorrow from the scan.

on how bad it could be…
When I say good, that means he will not be out of the Euros. The bad news would be if he is out of the Euros, but I don’t know. I’m an optimist. I don’t know if it is a lateral meniscus. Let’s wait until we get the real diagnosis.

on Wilshere’s performance…
I felt that he showed he is well prepared physically. Overall, I believe that his performance was encouraging and that he will benefit from this kind of intensity in the game. He didn’t have too much time to think about it, but that is sometimes the best. His performance was positive.


A View from the Balcony

Arriving at Manchester Piccadilly, we had time for a swift couple in the Piccadilly Tap. Meeting up with our host in the bar upstairs at the station, we were greeted with Tequila shots, salt and lime. Everything else from that moment onwards is a bit of a blur!

We entered the stadium via the Platinum entrance with a large crowd waiting for the players to arrive. It was like being at the Oscars, but with a light blue carpet rather than a red one. The box was brilliant, waitress gorgeous and view from the seats just outside, stunning.


The salmon was lovely. The hard, dumplingy thing average.


The beef was extremely tasty. I could have done with half a dozen roasties. I can’t remember a Yorkie pud, though one was mentioned on the menu


Aerated mousse – hmmm, a double peanut butter Magnum would have been better.


I don’t remember eating the cake.


News that the spuddies had choked at home came as a welcome pre-match boost. Aguero’s goal was excellent. Giroud’s magnificent. We both celebrated, it was far too difficult not to. I’m not sure anyone minded, not that I would have noticed.

Kevin de Brain’s goal was a fine strike, but he should have been brought down before. Big Ollie’s assist for the Alexis equaliser was truly stunning. We celebrated again. No cigars, though.

A magnificent day out even if I can’t remember half of it!


Written by chas

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  1. fatgingergooner says:

    1 seasons TV rights money will cover 40 years of West Ham’s stadium rent! Wenger wasn’t joking when he said they’d won the lottery. Makes our stadium move look ridiculous.

    Nice post chas,

    Sounds like you had a good day but that cake looks stale. I hope you binned it!?

  2. RC78 says:

    Excellent post and great summary 🙂 Food looks amazing!

    We got the result we were seeking but I thought that we had a chance to actually win if we had played for it…

    I really hope that Man City gets the CL because I can’t stand Utd…

    Now we have a chance to finish 2nd or 4th so I am hoping for a grand finale against Villa with a lot of goals and at least 3 assists from Ozil 🙂

    – points: Cech, Monreal, Gabriel and Ramsey were awful defensively and Danny’s injury
    + points: Sanchez and Giroud’s sharpness and Wilshere’s return

    I hope that Sanchez will remain at that level the whole of next season because we need him to be that sharp to have a chance to win any silverware. I also hope that AW will try to get someone on the other side of the pitch who can provide the same level of threat.

    I am also hoping that AW will make the needed addition at DM and CB and eventually LB.

    You can only win with a strong spine and defensive solidity. Barcelona and Bayern Munich are solid defensively and that allows them to be so free flowing upfront…

    Cech – Bellerin, RECRUIT, Kos, RECRUIT – Ramsey, RECRUIT – Ozil – RECRUIT, RECRUIT, Sanchez

    Cech – Bellerin, PEPE, Kos, BAINES – Ramsey, JAVI MARTINEZ – Ozil – WILLIAN, PEA, Sanchez

  3. mickydidit89 says:


    Sounds like a great day.
    Did Ant ask for Ketchup to go with the beef. I would have 🙂

    I think it was fine game, and a very good point. I am, though, beginning to wonder whether Ramsey fits our system.

    No I’m not, I’ve decided he doesn’t 🙂

  4. Rasp says:

    Excellent report chas, I hope your liver recovers for next Sunday.

    So did you celebrate our goals?

    I’m with Micky (and Paddy Barclay who was saying the same thing on the radio last night) Ramsey as a DM doesn’t work. Elneny was far more effective and involved in the game. This begs the question where should he play – and I can’t answer that as he wouldn’t be in my first team on current form.

    It was an OK point and an entertaining game. Not all Ramsey’s fault, but we really have to stop trying to shoehorn players in to the side at the cost of the balance of the team.

  5. RC78 says:

    Ramsey is a B2B midfielder that operates best on the right side of a midfield in a 4-3-1-2 set up

    Ramsey – Coquelin – El Neny
    —————– Ozil —————

    If he plays as a CM along with a DM only, we are not maximizing on his attacking potential but ultimately, he has a great engine and should just grow tactically and defensively because he should be able to play as CM given his talent…

  6. chas says:

    I just emptied my jacket pockets and found the cake. No wonder I couldn’t remember eating it! Luckily it was wrapped in a plastic bag. 🙂

  7. fatgingergooner says:

    It looks much more appetising now, chas!

    We’ve had this issue with Ramsey all season. I said before the game I’d have gone with Coquelin. You can get away with Rambo against lesser sides but it’s too attacking away at City. His engine is fantastic though and he is very capable in attacking situations, so I’d like to see him find a role in the team. Once again though it all comes down to Özil’s role changing or going with the option above of 3 midfielders, Özil at 10, and 2 forwards

  8. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Chas. Sounds like you had a great day. Don’t worry too much about the food being a bit posh and scary for you and Ant, as I am certain that come next Sunday normal service will be resumed and you will both arrive at the FFB swallowing your last bit of Donner kebabs while trying to brush away some of the chilli sauce stains on your tops 🙂

    A good result yesterday. It was what we needed. I thought we rode our luck at times and it was one of those games that sat on the precipice of either being viewed as a good gritty performance or going the other way and showing that we again have not proven good enough and look naive with poor tactics and structure. It went to the former, which I am delighted about, but the fact that it was close to going the other way shows we still have a lot to improve. Will new players bridge this gap or are there other factors at play as well?

    On Ramsey I agree with Rasp and to a degree Micky. I think there is a top player in Ramsey but I feel that this season is showing more and more that he has a very good skill-set but it is limited to a certain position. He is not adaptable enough to play the 10 different positions Arsene wants him to throughout a season.

    I still maintain that Ramsey looks a goal-scoring number 10. His best position is where Ozil plays and he should be an understudy to Ozil. The problem is that Arsene was presented with a prime opportunity to try him in the role yesterday and didn’t. He continued with him in the role that looks increasingly to not suit him. I really scratch my head at this and it is decisions of this nature that make me question Arsene’s ability to really hone this squad to title challengers.

    I think we have seen the same opportunities come and go to try AOC in a potentially better position, and also with Sanchez as a possible striker (despite AW actually stating he is one of his striking options). It all just looks like being a bit too tinkery and trying to be too clever. The original tinkerman seems to have abandoned this folly and look what he has just managed.

    I am afraid that our boss isn’t showing any imminent signs of changing his outlook. I give Giroud a thumbs up for yesterday, but similarly I worry about him as well. A few flicks and a couple of goals in the last 2 games and he will all of a sudden once again be the striker we need all over again. No need to get another one because there are obviously none better than him that are available.

    Giroud will pop up with some moments like this across a season but for me seizing on those few moments to really talk him up papers over cracks, or possibly chasms. Even yesterday there were a few not so world class moments on show with touch and control and losing possession often with back to goal despite this legendary holding up play I keep hearing about. However, these are conveniently forgotten because he scored with his head from a corner and did one of his flicks that come off 1 in 15 times.

    If Walcott had his record since the turn of the year while being played regularly as a striker his head would have been mounted on a pike outside the Ems….just saying 🙂

  9. GoonerB says:

    RC, Ramsey on the right? Not for me. I can’t think of any other top side that would play him as a right sided midfielder / wing forward. Shoe-horning again I feel.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    All that good food and drink, glorious sunshine – very rare in Manchester – and a very good game of football with three fine goals: you is a lucky man, Chazzo! 🍾🍾🍾

    They only had three shots on target so we should give the defence a bit of credit. Glad to see you highlighting Giroud’s fine assist; he, and the rest of the spine, played very well and I thought Jack strengthened it further.

    What this game also showed is the depth of our squad and people who think Arsenal should/will buy more than one or two quality players this summer are deluded. Quality on the right wing would be welcome and a beast of a CB is necessary, but Wenger will do it his his way no doubt.

  11. Rasp says:

    I’d like to think that if he’d played, Coquelin (or Kante next season??) would have put in a strong challenge on De Bruyne before he scored. Elneny was there but was behind and didn’t want to commit the foul – that’s just the sort of player he is, I’m a fan, we just have to accept he is a bit more silky than the Coquelins of this world.

  12. fatgingergooner says:


    Agree with you on that. I’d be very surprised if we signed more than 2 quality players. I expect a few of our loanees to make the squad next season and bigger roles for the likes of Chambers and Iwobi.

    I’m actually more worried about who might leave. There have been rumours of interest in Koscielny for a few seasons now and I’m not sure how patient he will be as he could be winning trophies at any of Europe’s big guns. I’m also a bit worried we might decide to keep the likes of Walcott when we could be doing so much better.

    It should be a fun summer as always!

  13. mickydidit89 says:

    I think every side can afford one luxury, and we have Mesut.

    He is a luxury because he doesn’t score anything like enough, and therefore needs others around him to both optimize his brilliant skills, but also compensate for his pathetic scoring.

    As a result, there is no room for Ramsey. Coq Elneny is a better attacking platform as well as stronger defensively.

    I’d flog Ramsey

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    FGG, agreed re risk of losing one or two qual players, like Koz, Alexis or Belerin. We will always be vulnerable to this but hopefully Wenger will be able to persuade them to stay. We may just need to get a quality player soon to do this.

    Like you, I hope Theo will go this summer. Nothing against him personally, and I have defended him for a long time, but he needs to play regularly now and his skills are not good enough for Arsenal to allow for it.

  15. fatgingergooner says:

    In my eyes we have 2 options upfront. Either stick with Giroud and Welbeck but get a threat from the RW who is equal to Alexis, or get a brand new ST and use Welbeck and Iwobi as wide players. We could do both but I don’t see that happening. Something tells me AW will go with the second option and we might say goodbye to Giroud or have him as backup. 1 goal in 16 PL games just isn’t good enough I’m afraid, even if he does have other qualities like we saw yesterday.

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    I am not sure whether people realise what we just did to Man Citeh. They are at a big risk now of finishing outside the top four, which, as Man United have shown, will make it harder to get back in there. Yes PG is a fab manager and they have money to burn, but so did MU and look what happened to them.

    Playing in the CL is vital for testing ourselves against the best, learning and gaining confidence; and it’s a playground for the very best. The Citeh fans and management, and a few of the players,were very down after giving their bitter rivals a priceless chance to qualify for the CL instead of them.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    FGG, I agree those are the options for Arsene, and I would be happy with either of them. We had 13 PL goals by Ollie and Alexis and if we had had 13 from another mid winger, we might have won the league. 25 PL goals by a super, pure CF and 15 by Alexis would also work for me.

    I have little doubt that Ollie will stay, even in a bench role.

  18. Rasp says:

    Hi Gooner Guest, thank you for taking the time to comment.

    You ask a very challenging question that is away from the topic of today’s post.

    If you’d agree, we could use it tomorrow for a headline post (with a couple of minor tweaks), in that way, you could get many more responses to your question.

  19. chas says:

    I’ve moved Gooner Guest’s comment and copied the text into a draft post.

  20. chas says:

    I’ve also removed any feedback comments except your’s Rasp.
    So that Gooner Guest knows what you have in mind, subject to his approval.

  21. Aaron says:

    Wish I knew why Arsene could not sign Hinguain. Did he just not want to come to Arsenal?
    Napoli are not as good as Arsenal are, actually we are about the same place in the standings. But, instead we have the lousy first touch, middle touch, last touch, no defending Walcott to score for us. NOT!
    As for Giroud he has carried the burden of scoring with no rest for 3 years straight- give the guy a break. No, sadly Danny is not the answer as he can’t stay healthy and Sanchez is being played into the earth.

  22. Rasp says:

    Excellent chas, thank you 🙂

    Aaron, I guess that is one of those questions we will never know the answer to – unless Arsene writes his memoires


    Cheers chas. Looks like you and Ant had a good one

    Shame about the Thai Bride? Ive got a mate going back 25 years whos been very unlucky in love. He met this bird on the internet and transferred her his life savings only to find this poor women was already married to some geezer called Oleg. This bloke was such a brute, he forced my mates bird to take a three month cruise round the Caribbean.

    He then got married to some lovely girl from Kent but coming back home early from work found her in bed with some Bastard. Luckily, my wig had fallen down obscuring my face.

    Eventually he went to Thailand and came back with a very attractive Thai bird and they seem very happy? Ime waiting for him to confide in me when they run into difficulty’s. Then I can go round whilst his out, sporting a very loose fitting wig and ask her some questions.

    I was delighted to see Wilshere get a good run out. After all this time I almost forgot how good this boy is. Hes a very special player.

    Since Elneny came into the side we haven’t lost. He may have his weaknesses but hes the perfect Wenger player, superb touch and vision.Bit like a fezzed up Steve Williams.

  24. Big Raddy says:

    chas. Very enjoyable. It is always good to go on an away tour with you and Ant and this one has the added spice of The View from the Balcony.

    Food looked a bit poncey but that is what “cooks” think people want. Idiots. What football fans want is meat and two veg followed by a proper pudding. Aerrated mouse is probably French and they know nothing about puddings.

    I ask you this – was sticky toffee or plum duff invented by the French? No, it wasn’t.

  25. fatgingergooner says:

    David Sullivan says West Ham have bid £24m for someone. Going by the press that could be Icardi from Inter.

    He then said they will bid up to £25m next week for a player based in England. Fingers crossed its Theo Walcott!

    Going to see a lot of PL clubs paying £20m plus for players next season. A decent talent now is going to be £40m. Every club in Europe knows that English clubs have the cash and will put prices up accordingly.

  26. chas says:

    I think they invented Spotted Dick, though.

  27. chas says:

  28. Eddie says:

    now I understand the suit 🙂 shame you missed the game, it was really good!

    GiE didn’t understand why we were so happy with 1 point – well, it was because City away is not exactly a walk in the park. We did well, glad you enjoyed the beef

  29. Gooner Guest says:

    Go ahead and use it mate, sorry for late reply, haven’t had a chance to check back on until now. I don’t think I intend on becoming a regular poster at all, I just don’t have the appetite for it, but enjoy reading a lot, but feel free to use my orignal comment.

    Also think I saw a comment which said the fighting was no more than handbags, just didn’t have time to reply properly then. Don’t get me wrong, from what my boys said that’s all it was, and that’s all I’ve seen on the rare away day I still go for. I just find that upsetting in itself as the handbags are over Arsenal, and becoming more common. There are plenty of idiots who follow Arsenal and if they have a personal dispute that results in handbags, it’s not my business, I don’t care! It’s more Arsenal fans coming to blows (or over dramatic shoving!) over things like the manager/banners etc that I find depressing. You can dislike each other (I’m sure we all know arseholes who follow the Arsenal ), but you should be united in supporting the club, not fighting over Arsenal.

    What I was interested in asking you here, as I always enjoy reading the regular contributors thoughts, is can we ever reunite the fan base around Wenger? Is he worth keeping if that’s not possible. Arsenal isn’t about winning for me, they’re my team. I am (or was, moved south of the river) a Holloway boy. So while I actually back the manager and think he’s still right for the job, I’m not sure I want him to stay if he divides the fan base so much, because football’s about more than winning for me, it’s about being united in support of your team. Even my sons were having a go at each other last time they were home for dinner!

    I’ve heard lots of Wenger in Wenger out shouting matches in pubs around the ground based on football, but lately I’ve come to think that off the pitch is an important consideration too. Don’t think I’ll post here again, but this is something I’ve really been considering lately, and wanted to hear others opinions. Maybe it’s an idiotic point of view, but I look forward to your thoughts

  30. chas says:

    Gooner Guest
    Please come back tomorrow to see the responses you get.

    Maybe that little anecdote about your lads having a go at each other could be included in tomorrow’s post.

  31. I will give you my opinion now Mr Guest

    Having a pop at a manager is nothing new, and you been an old time Gooner know that, so what makes this different?

    In my opinion it’s the tenure of Arsene Wenger itself. When people use to have a pop at Terry Neil or George Graham, no one really cared. There tenures were shorter, Terry never took us to the heights and George, let’s be honest, was a bit of a horrible bastard.

    Now let’s look at Arsene. 20 years in charge, plays pass and move football, oversaw our move whilst keeping us competitive, won five FA cups, three titles, managed the invincibles, and as most would admit, is a decent and honourable geezer

    Now, when people have an over the top pop at him, my natural reaction is to defend him. I never felt that about other managers, but this guy as I’ve explained in his record above is different.

    It don’t matter if you think his time is up, methods outdated, or he’s now just a shit manager. What matters is what 20 years of outstanding service to our club means to you?

    Now when I see some one hold up a banner against him or worse calling him a nasty name with expletives then I get upset and angry

    Arsene is a one off mate. Once he goes we will slag off the next guy, defend and attack him, and all hold different opinions, but the emotional investment won’t be there, so neither will the agro

  32. Gööner In Exile says:

    Gooner Guest,…..we like having different voices around here, and although I haven’t seen the comment to become a post your reply says you’d enjoy it round here as we don’t just write one liners if ten paragraphs will do 🙂

    Thanks for view from stand Chas, food looked a bit poncy for a football stadium but I guess that’s the way of the world, football stadium are becoming a bit like airlines in that those that pay the top money fund the rest of us attending in the (not so) cheap seats.

    I find worries about Kos leaving a bit over the top….he reminds me of Gary Cahill, a good defender, pace, ability to tackle and stands up to the physicality of the role with little fuss, however whenever he is without someone telling him where to be (normally BFG) he gets flustered too easily, and often ends up in strange positions or making bad decisions with ball at feet. Unfortunately he is too old now to learn to adapt that part of his game. If Cech was a bit more vocal maybe Kos would be ok without BFG.

    My concern is not just PL clubs regularly paying £20-25m for players, in January Ramires left Chavs and went to China, Texeira chose China over Liverpool, which I guess tells us how much money they are paying over there in wages. That’s going to be where real competition comes from for the mercenary types.

    And on Rambo here’s the thing for me, his pass to put Theo in was what tells you he is a good player with good vision, he took one touch under pressure and played a perfect pass which Theo screwed up with terrible first touch and even worse second. He has weak parts to his game, mainly his defensive awareness, but I think Wenger plays him deeper to give him more of the pitch in front of him. His biggest fault is his over eagerness to get forward, I don’t think he did that as much yesterday.

    After that pass we suddenly found some fluency and pace to our passing that we haven’t seen for weeks. Unfortunately after Alexis scored we lost it again, if we’d tried to carry on in that vain I think we could have caused their back two a lot of problems.

    The forward line and attacking midfield needs the most work, you rarely see opponents forwards relying on their full backs to give them the bodies necessary to overload a defence. So our attacking 4/5 needs to be much better.

    I don’t mind playing off a big man, compare Aguero against us to Aguero against Madrid, having the youngster occupy our centre backs yesterday meant Auguero could go wherever he liked, mainly onto our fullbacks and the spaces they vacated.

    I think I’d like to see us try two up front (maybe Ollie and Alexis or Welly and Alexis, play a disciplined holding midfielder, and three more attack minded with engines to get up and support the front two when necessary (Rambo, Ozil, Jack)?, and I’d like that to mean that our back 5 could retain some solidity. We may end up too narrow but the idea would be that the strikers could pull big holes in the defence for midfielders to exploit.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Love that last paragraph, GiE – exactly how I see it. 😄

  34. Gööner In Exile says:

    Question isTA does Arsene?

    Maybe early season selections of Rambo, Ozil and Santi suggest he does? Maybe only selection graphics said Rambo was right wing, he was more a right sided midfielder I think and Alexis was definitely further forward.

    I honestly can’t remember how we were starting up top tho….I think it’s been noticeable as the season has progressed our fullbacks have been required to help out more offensively.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    I think he genuinely is looking to get the balance right, and not having either Santi, Jack or even Rosicky available for a large part of the season didn’t help. On top of that Ox, Theo and to some extent Campbell, have been very disappointing on the right mid wing, when they were played there. In my opinion, this has cost us a lot this season

    Width is to come from the wing backs as well as the the midfielders…. but usually by passing our way to the byline.

    I reckon the system is to play effectively with two up top, with a more mobile attacker feeding off the space and passes Ollie, or indeed Welbeck, creates. 4-1-3-2, with either Coq or Eleny in the ‘1’ and three of Santi, Jack, Ozil, Iwobi, Rambo, Zelalem(?) in front of them, and then two of Danny/Ollie/Alexis/new buy(?) up top – with one also having ‘wing responsibilities – could well be the formula for next season.

    If Wenger buys a mid winger, say Reus, Mahrez or even Hazard, instead of a typical, 25 PL goals a season, beast of a CF, I think we can say that Wenger will continue with the holding CF concept. I think there is an 83.5% chance that this will happen. 🙃

  36. VP of Oz says:

    TMhairT, thank you

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Of course it is also vital that the deeper midfielder gets defensive support from the three midfielders in front of them, if and when required. To get this balance right has proved to be very hard, but, as per the Guardian article, Jack could be the answer.

  38. JM says:

    4-4-2 Diamond version 1 (with deep-lying playmaker and twin engines-runners by his side)

    Wilshere sharing Cazorla’s role in deep-lying playmaking.
    Coquelin and The Ox sharing Elneny’s and Ramsey’s role in engine room.
    Iwobi sharing Ozil’s role in advanced playmaking.
    Welbeck sharing Alexis’s and Giroud’s role in CF.
    Gabriel and Chambers sharing Koscielny’s and Mertesacker’s role in CBs.
    Jenkinson and Gibbs sharing Bellerin’s and Monreal’s role in FBs.

  39. JM says:

    4-4-2 Diamond version 2 (with defensive anchor and trio creators in hybrid midfield)

    Cazorla, Ramsey, Iwobi and The Ox sharing Elneny’s, Wilshere’s and Ozil’s role in creative midfield.
    Giroud sharing Alexis’ and Welbeck’s role in CF
    Mertesacker and Chambers sharing Koscielny’s and Gabriel’s role in CBs.
    Jenkinson and Gibbs sharing Bellerin’s and Monreal’s role in FBs.

  40. JM says:

    2 CFs vs opponent’s 2 CBs.

    Presently, there is a lack of good top quality CBs skilled in 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 situations. In a duration of 90+mins per match, there should be occasions when a centre forward could go against a centre back in a personal duel and have fair chances to score a goal.

  41. chas says:

  42. chas says:

  43. chas says:

  44. mickydidit89 says:

    I think W’Ham take on Utd tonight in their last game there.

    Could see us secure top four and the spending big begin 🙂

  45. fatgingergooner says:

    If we are going to spend big, instead of going for Bale as our left footed RW option (unlikely) how about a cheeky bid for his team mate James Rodriguez? Rumours Real may be willing to sell.

    Under Wenger we are always going to have attacking FB’s and be an attacking side, so I think the only area that we will look to make drastic changes is in front of goal. If we score more goals then that eases the pressure on the defence and the HM. I don’t believe there will be any major changes to formation and all that will change is personnel depending on who we buy/promote to the team.

  46. Eddie says:

    leopards don’t change their spots Micky. Wenger is a miser and always will be.

    My son’s father didn’t have a pot to wee in all his life (or a job for that matter). He always drove falling apart cars and went on cheap holidays in Spain (plenty of time to go on holidays). Then he inherited a fortune, a couple of mills and guess what – he still drives falling apart cars and goes on cheap holidays in Spain.

    Big spending me arse

  47. fatgingergooner says:

    How about we do a poll on how much Wenger will spend on transfers this summer? I’m going for 80-90m as I reckon he might spend a bit if he gets 35m back on players leaving. Plus we are saving a ton of wages with Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini and possibly Theo leaving. That’s 300k a week easy.

    There’s an idea. Get rid of those 4, bank 25m for Theo and give the 300k to Ibrahimovic! 😉

  48. Eddie says:

    you are off you head fattie!!! 80-90 mil ha ha ha ha ha, in 3 years maybe

  49. Eddie says:

    chas – if you could go to suit wearing matches at the Ems all season would you prefer it to the packed lunch experience?

    I like the look of the food and nice plates, but it’s not really a footy experience, is it? And the pathetic cake…like kids birthday party

  50. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Love the Spurs mascot but Gunnersaurus is nothing to be proud of.

  51. Big Raddy says:

    FGG. What may work better is if we just ask the question “How much will we spend nett and gross in summer?”

    That way we can have a winner and possibly offer a prize.

  52. fatgingergooner says:

    30m on Xhaka, 50m on a forward player!

    Easy! 😉

  53. fatgingergooner says:

    Sounds good BR.

    Is the prize a warm, squashed Man City cake!?

  54. mickydidit89 says:


    “If we score more goals then that eases the pressure on the defence and the HM”


    School run, then back to discuss how much we’ll spend 🙂

  55. Eddie says:

    don’t rush Didit, it’s not much to discuss

  56. Ant says:

    Anyone who spends what he did on Ozil and Sanchez is not a miser!
    Arsene is all about value for money. He has had to compete with the oil clubs who can out bid us on anyone they want. So he doesn’t buy the very top known players, those who offer no further potential to improve or anyone past, or at , their peak playing age. But he loves snapping up under utilised gems from clubs that have overspent like Barca and Real or younger gems with real talent.

  57. Eddie says:

    come on Ant, don’t be naïve boy. He did want to buy Suarez, just wasn’t prepared to pay the full price, the miser. There are clubs with less in the kitty than Arsenal that buy top players – look at Tottenham – how much have they spent in the last 3 years? Ok, it is only now that the team is coming through, but that’s not the point I am making. What I am saying is – there is money to buy players.

  58. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. You are corrupting the facts to fit your narrative.

    Liverpool refused to sell him and eventually sold Suarez for 70+m. No English club would pay that (yet). As Ant says AW has twice spent over 30m and will again.

    As you say there is money to be spent and IMO it will be.

    p.s & n.b. I will NEVER compare us to Tottenham who are a complete shower of faeces and have had one lucky season in 20. If St Totteringham’s Day occurs on Sunday, are they a club to look to?

  59. RC78 says:

    New update:
    – West Ham have made bids for Theo Walcott (30 Mln) and Wilfried Bony (25 Mln) as well as for Batshuyi

  60. chas says:

  61. chas says:

  62. chas says:

  63. Eddie says:

    happy birthday Dennis!! xx

  64. Eddie says:

    No raddy, it is you who is corrupting the facts to suit your narrative.
    Liverpool refused to sell Suarez for £40000001 and rightly so. Why take the piss out of them offering the single pound? He was eventually sold to Barca for £62m. Why wouldn’t Wenger pay that money for him? Don’t you think it would have been better to have Surez than Sanchez and Ozil together? I do. He would have won us the league this season.

  65. […] The following post is based on a comment placed on AA yesterday. We are aware that many read the site without wishing to join us in comments. Once in a while, a blogger will bite the bullet when a topic that concerns them compels them to put something in writing …. this is one such occasion …… Gooner Guest says: May 9, 2016 at 2:06 pm […]

  66. Morning all

    We have a New Post ………………….

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