Is The Camel Wormer right?

Yesterday GB made a good point about our front 3 or 4 not being strong enough and the need to improve upon our chaps in the January TW but let’s consider other PL teams.

Chelsea: Costa, Hazard, Willian, Pedro. On paper all are top players but how have they done this season? Pedro is a shadow of the player he can be, Hazard the same. Costa benched. Willian is carrying the Chavs who have scored a goal less than us

Man City:  Aguero,  Sterling, Navas De Bruyne. Silva.  Again on paper this is a fantastic front line in which every player can both create and score goals. However, they have only scored 6 more goals than us and are but 3 points ahead. Also,16 of those goals came in 3 games.

Man Utd.: Rooney, Depay, Martial, Mata. That’s it though at a push one could include Fellaini and this is why the fans are so disappointed despite a decent points haul so far. Two kids, a stuttering old man and a Chelsea reject – not what one expects from one of the world’s richest and supported clubs. They have managed 20 goals, 12 of which came in 3 games.

Spurs: Kane, Son, Eriksen, Chadli, Dembele. Apart from Kane are any top quality? They have scored 24 gaols (same as us) with 11 coming in 3 games.

Liverpool: Benteke, Sturridge, Ings, Coutniho, Lallana, Feirmino , Milner. No surpirise their are so many of them (and I could have added more) given their shopping madness. but are they are good? I like Sturridge but he has Diabyitis. How many of the others are truly top quality? I guess you would say Coutinho but Ozil is different gravy. 15 goals of which 6 were scored in 2 games.

Looking at the above, what strikes me is that front lines are the reason why we are so far behind the top clubs in Europe….

Barca: Suarez, Neymar, Messi Iniesta
RM:  Ronaldo, Bale, James, Benzema.
BM: Lewandowski, Muller, Robben, Gotze, Ribery, Costa

None of the PL players would get in those teams. None.
I agree completely with Gooner B that we need better forwards. though I think losing Theo has been a massive blow.

Which brings me to the right wing position. Theo has improved playing centrally and I expect he will place in the middle upon his return. If he does then it makes sense to keep Ramsey playing (nominally) on the right. Bellerin doubles as a winger if  we have Coquelin/Flamini to cover his runs.

What do you think?

written by Big Raddy

61 Responses to Is The Camel Wormer right?

  1. GunnerN5 says:

    Hi Raddy,

    It’s think that it’s great that you wrote a new post, you are almost single hand-idly holding the blog together.

    I agree that our forward line is nowhere near the caliber of team’s like Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern but (insert a huge IF) if we had all of our injured soldiers back I truly believe that our team as a WHOLE is more than capable of winning the PL. The CL is still a bridge to far.

  2. GoonerB says:

    Cheers Raddy. Only now just managed to come onto the site and find I am a part contributor to a new post, albeit with your own unique twist and style 🙂

    The point you made about those best 3 in Europe is more where I was coming from. I think all the top EPL sides have dropped behind those 3. Maybe I am being too ambitious in others opinions but I feel we should be aiming to emulate them and not really compare to the other EPL sides. Get closer to the top 3 in Europe and the other EPL sides will be more of an irrelevance as we will be superior to them.

    The names listed at those 3 clubs to make up their front 4 basically settle the argument for me. My big worry is how long will it be before the oilers and Utd’s start adding some of the players on those lists to their sides. The English sides may be less quality currently but are cash rich and the EPL is still attractive to players so I am expecting (likely more than 1) £80m+ deals to be flying around soon. Unfortunately I don’t think we will be at that party for those players.

    However I do think we can move up to this level without a Messi, Ronaldo or Bale, because I think the required players are there in the £30m-£40m bracket, and I actually don’t think we are far away in our front 4. Ozil and Sanchez stand up to the best in Europe for me, but we don’t look threatening or top class enough up top or on the right flank. These 2 players are likely £70m-£80m combined but still better than what I expect Chav’s, Citeh and Utd to fork out soon.

    My one big wish is that we get a top left footer with goals in him to operate from the right much like Messi, Bale and Robben do.

  3. aizedlittlemozart says:

    thanks for the post BR. its been a while for me here too.
    santi for me is the heartbeat of this team, and should be protected at all costs. i’d go with a flamini/ramsey pairing to rest santi.
    ox and campbell on the wings.
    mesut will need to earn his wages without alexis and santi around, hope he’s up to having the weight of this team on his shoulders?!
    so far this season, i feel we have rushed alexis (at the start of the season), bellerin and ramsey, back to the starting line up. theo should be eased back in.
    its going to be one hell of a ride this month, lets buckle up and COYG!!

  4. aizedlittlemozart says:

    and i truly believe mesut would make the bayern 11 (he’s already made the madrid team), and aguero over benzema everyday. a lot of epl keepers would bench madrid’s navas too.

  5. Well done Radish, you’ve saved the blogs bacon again.

    I think the loss of Walcott was a massive blow. He was just reaching his best form and his pace and style of play fitted well with the skills of Alexis and Mesut, far better than Ollie’s can hope to.

    Consequently, we have had to adjust our style a bit to cope with the different skill set, if it can be called that, which Giroud brings.

    As to playing Ramsey alongside Cazorla, I don’t like it. Neither are anywhere near the equal of Le Coq. Ramsey might be effective alongside our Frenchman but I’d rather see Gabriel or Gibbs there until Le Coq is back. The same applies if Flamini needs a partner other than Cazorla.


    Cheers Raddy

    GB is quite right. To get close to the big teams in Europe, then our front 4 should be Sanchez, Ozil, and two others of the same quality.

    In addition to that, we need to develop a culture which nurtures an aggressive mentality both on the ball and off it.

    What I mean, is that despite the likes of Barca, Munich, Madrid, having the best forward players in the world, they also have a team ethos of collective play when on the ball, and aggressive pressing/ball winning off it

    i dont believe this can be developed over night. Indeed, none of the premiership top sides have a combination of top quality and collective work ethos comparable to the likes of Barca etc.

    Man City are a perfect example of the failings of the English league. Ok, they have not got the quality of a Madrid, but in Silva, Aquero, Toure etc they have plenty of attacking talent. But at times, they look a rabble. There ability to win the ball back is poor, and consequently concede to many goals.

    With the pace of our domestic league, perhapes its not possible to develop these super teams. You could knacker your best players out, pick up injuries etc, and allied to all of that is a winning culture, determination and self sacrifice that has to be developed from within.

    So yes, I agree with GB, more super quality up top is needed, but on its own is not enough.

  7. Le Coq Monster says:

    What do I think ?……………………….I must have missed the original chat, so first I must know why GoonerB is called the Camel Wormer ?………..I take it It`s a bestiality thing, but I will give you(anyone) the chance to explain !.

  8. I think one of our problems is that we are too nice both as a team and as individuals.

    Santi laughs and jokes with the opposition even after being clattered. I hate to see our players hugging the opposition while lining up in the tunnel pre-match. They should be intimidating them, glaring at them, spitting on their boots, Vierra had the right attitude.

    It’s okay, just, to shake hands after the match but make sure it’s always a bone-crusher not a damp, namby pamby, half-hearted squeeze.

  9. kelsey says:

    Thanks yet again Raddy .

    I agree with NG yet again but to find another 2 fowards of the quality of Ozil and Sanchez as terry suggests, will be no easy task and pretty costly and of course other top clubs in the PL will be looking to do the same all over the pitch.
    It’s unusual to have not one but three teams way above the rest though PSG will want to make it a quartet.
    Evidence shows that PL clubs are now lagging behind those mentioned above but then taking away money aside, the football we see over here is quite different and even the refereeing in Europe and here is again different.

    To be honest although it was great to win 2 consecutive FA Cups wwe will have remained a top 4 club for what seems an eternity but assuming we don’t win the league this year,that will be 12 years since we last won it and many would argue that with the resources available especially these last 4 = years that we are under performing.

    We can’t keep refering back to the stadium move and cost as the years keep passing by.
    Personally we need a lot of players to improve to the level of the big 3 in |Europe and Arteta,Flamini and rosicky will leave in the Summer,mertesacker needs to be replaced and then will Wiltshere,Walcott,Gibbs and the Ox actually remain comparitively injury free.History says no.

  10. Big Raddy says:

    Part of the difficulty is attracting the player to the club-

    Bids were made for Lewandowski, Benzema, Gotze (and of course Suarez) but none would come. Who can blame them?

    The money is probably the same and we do not have the glamour of the Big 3.

    The answer is good scouting.

    Whomever found the fellow /Aubameyang) who is banging them in for B Dortmund should be invited to join Arsenal.

  11. VCC says:

    Norfolk Gooner….cheques in the post.

  12. mickydidit89 says:

    Really great post Raddy, thank you.

    In part it comes down to the Club’s owners, as to challenge the current big three in Europe will require investment, and lots of it. The English league makes things really tough because here alone we have Utd, City and Chelsea all gunning for the same thing, and all with large kitties.

    In my view we certainly need to up the anti as an attacking force just to get to the top domestically. We know Theo is always fragile, and that leaves one injury to Sanchez, and the attack looks weak and pedestrian to put it mildly.

    I heard some bad news today that huge amounts of Chinese money have been dumped into Man City’s vault. Grim prospect that.

  13. Le Coq Monster says:

    No idea what it means, but knowing our “luck”, it will mean they have enough to pay Messi £1M per week !

    In other bad news…..The Chavs are planning a new 60,000 seater stadium which will cost £600M and be paid for by Abrambitch…..probably an interest free gift !

    In other badder news of the future ( I wonder whether Kelsey sees this happening as well )…..The Spuds will have a 60,000 stadium and probably be bought by a mega money Arab and they will also jump on the “we can pay anything” bandwagon whilst we get relegated to Europa League places because we don’t have a one complete owner who will compete with the above bastards…….and that’s not counting Manshafter Std……the biggest bastard club in the world !.

    Any fcuking good news about ?. hahaha

  14. fred1266 says:

    Anyone hear going the Sunderland game

  15. Le Coq Monster says:

    Probably about 4/5 regulars on here, but not me as I like my vitamin D here in sunny Cornwall .

    I know who is not going to the Sunderland game, Fred !………..half our squad !.
    Actually Fred !……you are coming from the Caribbean ( hope I got that right )……..if you want to see most of our star players……. visit London Colney`s treatment room !. 😀

  16. Le Coq Monster says:

    You might even get to speak to them if you phone NHS Direct !.

  17. chas says:

    Cheers, BR.

    It looks as though we have a few options.

    Remain as we are, picking up the scraps from the big boys’ table (though I’m very happy with Ozil and Sanchez). As you say, in a straight fight we aren’t going to win the hearts (wallets) of the top players in the world.

    Hope that we can scout some outstanding individuals who haven’t quite fulfilled their massive potential and so aren’t in demand.

    Sell our souls to the devil and allow some outside investor to pump money into the club in a way which skirts the FFP rules.

    All leave me a little deflated and depressed.

  18. Le Coq Monster says:

    Just read this on newsnow………”An anti-ageing drug that could extend healthy lifespan to 120 years is set to be tested on humans”…….rubbish attempt !…..I will need a lot longer than that if I`m to see us win the EPL !

  19. fred1266 says:

    Yea when I saw Sanchez go down I was gutted since I wouldn’t be able to see him

  20. chas says:

    Don’t worry, lads, Theo can still make shedloads of dosh while injured.

  21. Le Coq Monster says:

    I like the “sell our souls” bit, chas……in fact, it has got me aroused !….tell me more !.

  22. Le Coq Monster says:

    Nice photo of Arnie !………it will make Steve jealous as he didn`t even have a rod !

  23. Big Raddy says:

    Lovely pic of the young Terry MHT

  24. kelsey says:

    I don’t like the look of the guy in the light coloured raincoat, glasses, high hairline and strange look (basically practically in the front row )

  25. That looks like Ronny Kray on the left.

  26. Terry Mancini says:

    Bloody hell Kelsey, your right. The bloke in the specs looks like he’s on the lookout for illegal sex. And what’s Stan Laural doing between him and Kray?

  27. kelsey says:

    What year do we think. Sometime in the thirties or later ? Strange how even in the sixties my dad wore a hat, but then everyone wore one and even the flat hat brigade had a shirt and tie,all quite civil.

    That guy gives me the creeps 😉

  28. Terry Mancini says:

    Everybody is a potential murderer Kelsey. But that bloke looks like he’s already done it

    It looks like just after the war. Either way, any one in that photo could have auditioned for one flew over the cuckoos nest and got the part

    Mind you, the bloke in the specs would have blugdgend Jack Nicholson to death in the first ten minutes, so the film would have been shit

  29. Big Raddy says:

    That’s my Uncle Jacob you boys are talking about.

    Taken on the Clock End in 1946 he was just having a day off from his job as prison warden in Holloway – a job he loved as he was one of the few men in a woman’s prison.

    If it wasn’t for folk like him the streets would have been full of wanton women. and yet here we are dissing the poor chap.

    Very sadly for Uncle Jacob and the family he was later imprisoned for deviancy. I don’t know his exact crimes as it was hushed up and no-one mentioned ever his name at the dinner table.

    The family say I remind them of him

  30. Have Micky’s uncle Earnest and Raddy’s uncle Jacob ever been seen in the same room together?

  31. kelsey says:

    I was thinking the same Raddy, there is a resemblence, when you had hair 🙂

    He might have shared a cell with NB 🙂

  32. Le Coq Monster says:

    Only when they were playing Doctors and Nurses with Micky and Raddy, which lead to the beginning of the NHS……Nice Humping Session !.

  33. Le Coq Monster says:

    True Stretch !……everyone is a potential murderer !……………I`ve just got back from hard session with my local Road Runners and could murder a Kebab !……….anyone got Diego Costa`s number ?…..will he deliver to Cornwall ?

  34. Le Coq Monster says:

    That photo makes me think…….”If only I was around in them days, I would have the pick of any wanton women ! “…….lets face it !, they might be Gooners, but they are an ugly bunch of muvvers !…..lets hope the women were better looking, otherwise I will not travel back in time and shag them all !………………..better make sure I don’t visit Bethnal Green as I don’t want to accidently be my own father !.

  35. LB says:

    I have absolutely no problem living off of the scraps of the top table. Ozil and Sanchez are proof that our transfer policy is a step towards being part of that very top table.
    Confused? Would we have brought such players five seasons ago? No, is the answer, those two joining the club shows just how much has changed.

    Another good read BR, as GN5 says, you are holding this blog together.

  36. Terry Mancini says:

    Hahaha, no, you wouldn’t want to be your own father Cornwall.

    Honestly mate, last month I went to a clients fathers funeral and was shocked they all looked like clones. I couldn’t work out who my client was but eliminated the women due to long hair and the kids because they were taller than him.

    There Maltese so all looked like the Mona Lisa

    As the funeral dragged on the more obsessed I got on getting a look at the clients father. I had to know if he was the progenitor clone, or more freakily, looked different to all the others. Black or something?

    I spent the rest of the funeral making suggestions like “it’s really stuffy in here, maybe we should open the lid and give him some air” but people just gave me dirty looks.

    When we got to the cemmetary, I knew time was running out. I couldn’t dig him back up, I was wearing white shoes.

    The only option was to feign emotional turmoil. “No, I love this man. Does anyone know if he looks like the Mona Lisa? or if he’s black?”

    They weren’t having it, so in a last ditch attempt, I tried to jump into the grave, but slipped and ended up hitting my head on the headstone of the geezer next door. I think a bunch of the other mourners took the opportunity to stick the boot in, but why would they?

    The next day I woke up with a splitting headache, and a bill from the family of Mr karabakan of £500 for damaging there uncles resting place

  37. Ella, chu ina da white shoos I gonna haunta chu. Chu falla ona my gravee, why chu noa respecta the dead more?

  38. chas says:

    Astonishingly we are still top of the 2015 calendar year table, but with 5 fixtures coming up in December, there’s plenty of time to feck it up and finish 4th cement our lead and run away with the non-trophy.

  39. chas says:

    Cazorla now fecked as well.
    Dust off those plimsolls, Micky

  40. mickydidit89 says:

    Post sent

    Well, brief talkie anyway

  41. mickydidit89 says:


    Back on laptop in 30 mins 🙄

    I’m so pissed off about our pathetic squad, as our chances of CL qualification look very very slim 😦

  42. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all, nice one Raddy,
    Yesterday i wrote a couple of long comments and just as i was about to submit, i felt that what i had put down would be con strewed as a negative comment, so i deleted them.

    Arsenal this season, game after game has really been a bit of a disappointment, High hopes at the start of the season, only to see us lose our first game, from then on we did perk up but started to lose players to injury.

    Being fair to Arsenal we have kept up with the leaders even though we have probably suffered more injuries than most, but because the other so called top teams have had bad seasons, we of course have not been able to take advantage.

    Other clubs who have not normally been at the top end of the league have found form, many have beaten teams they usually lose to, they have maintained their form and now top the league.

    Arsenal are still not out of the running, but with so many not being able to take part, we now have very few players to actually win games. Champions league for us this season looks bleak but we are still in with a chance, Looking at the bright side of things, many of our long term injured, should be almost ready for a comeback. and seeing how many have not played hardly any games, should all be a positive nearing the end of the season.

    The transfer window opens in a few weeks , will we enter the market or will we rely on the players returning. I suppose we need to see who is available to find that question out.But if we can hold on to the shirt-tails who knows what might happen.

  43. Eddie says:

    Santi crocked? Really? well, I’ve had enough of it

    I am not watching till next season. Next season we will win the treble! Following an awesome summer transfer window of course

  44. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh stop being so wet Steve 🙂

    Firstly, the waiting for the recoverers to recover is so obviously nonsense, because as we’ve just seen, by the time they do you have driven other essential players into the ground

    Then there is the transfer market “if anyone is available”. Sorry. but wet again. If you want something, you go and get it.

    Not being rude or anything, but you do angry better 🙂

  45. kelsey says:

    Let’s all become real and good morning. We haven’t got a dog’s chance of winning anything this season though the anti Arsenal media are dismissing our appalling injury record saying it is no worse than other clubs.

    Now close your ears if you are 100% pro Wenger.I don’t care what he says, you don’t risk players if there is a still a slight doubt about their fitness. Christ we brought in a new team with all the state of the art inventions that measure this and that and changed the players diet.

    A don’t care a fig about stats how far they run, how many passes they make etc, we are literally down to the bare bones and players like Campbell and Jeff and to a certain extent Chambers have very limited experience at this level.
    He will now rush players back like Walcott and The OX who are injury prone players. Sunderland are utter shite but will beright in our faces and now we can bet not on the score but who gets injured next and then we have Olympiacos.

    It would have been nice to have a slightly loonger run for my money.

    I tell you now despite somehow only being two points off the top we are in a false position and will finish vieing for forth yet again unless we get one or two players in January, our injuries diminish rapidly and players like Ramsey and Giroud start banging them in the net.

  46. kelsey says:

    Say it like it is micky 😉 just like me.

    By the way that picture with uncle Jacob when was that Raddy, IMO it looks earlier than the fifties as I went in the late fifties by tram lol.

  47. Le Coq Monster says:

    Loving the doomy comments this morning, they are so much more entertaining than the deluded ones !. hahaha
    Steve makes me laugh having a rant and he moans at me for saying Wenger was naïve in the transfer Window !. hahaha
    Wenger has an opportunity to learn from the past in January, if anyone thinks that we are going to get a load of players come back without other players replacing them on the treatment table then you need a slap !…`s already happening !…….if Wenger does not buy seriously in January then I will express my opinion again about his naivety and he too should be slapped !……in fact, I think I have just invented a new charity raising exercise called a ….Slapathon !……we will need quite a few slappers to make the AKB`s see sense !………………Stretch !……you know a few slappers don’t you !. hahaha

  48. Le Coq Monster says:

    Obviously, It goes without saying that any new additions will almost certainly end up on the treatment table after Forsythe has got his dirty mits on them !…………………fcuker needs slapping !.

  49. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Bloody hell. What a load of negative tosh. This is what happens when there are not enough vids of surfers and cats and silly stuff.

    You bastards have ruined the start to my day. Now I will have to go on Youtube and find some Laurel & Hardy to cheer me up

    kelsey. I already said …. it was taken in 1946.

    BTW Costa Karabkian dscd. Thank you so much for the only funny stuff this morning.

  50. Le Coq Monster says:

    5 Questions .

    1) Sunderland….is it a MWG ?

    2) Did our injuries and form turn bad after Herb became such a happy optimistic Arsene lover after the Manu game ?

    3) Shall we all blame Herb ?

    4) Does he need a slap ?

    5) How long is the queue to slap Herb ?

    6) Do you long for the miserable pessimistic bastard Herb ?


  51. Le Coq Monster says:

    Oops ! that’s 6 questions….I need a slap !

  52. Morning all

    We have a New Post ………………..

  53. kelsey says:

    13th final position. Arsenal 42 W16 D9 L17 F72 A70 41points

    That was 1946/7 the first season after the word.

  54. RC78 says:

    What about PSG:

    Cavani – Ibrahimovic – Di Maria
    Pastore – Lavezzi – Lucas

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