Why are Arsenal supporters so Fickle?

My personal pet peeve is well known to all AA readers – its fickle fans!

The Gunners are my choice of team by way of my family and where I was born; I had little option other than to support Arsenal as the “other” choice up in N17 was a taboo name on Avenell Road and 3 of my cousins and one Uncle had already become outcasts from the family due to their unfortunate choice.

I am continually upset by “fans” that purport to be “experts”

Do they really think that they know better than our Manager?

Do they have degrees in medicine?

Do they have their own scouting network? Oops I forgot – they use You tube.

Where do these armchair experts get all of their knowledge from?

What do they think gives them the right to spout their venom after every loss?

Why do they believe that anybody gives a monkey’s about their extreme views?

Why do they continually state the same rubbish over and over again?

Do they really believe their nonsense or is it just a reaction to a bad game?

Why is waiting to say “I told you so” so important to them?

To me an injury is an awful stroke of bad luck for both the club and the player, for others an injury is an opportunity to be critical of perceived lack of activity in the transfer window.

To me healthy bank balance is the sign of a well run and managed club to others it’s a sign of broken transfer promises – apparently we should spend regardless of the quality of the player – after all the Red Tops have said we were interested in X, Y and Z so why didn’t we sign?

To me Arsense Wenger is an honest man who has taken the club to unimagined heights and continues to excel, to others he is a liar who is not in touch with “modern” football.

I watch each and every game with one thing in mind – to sit back, usually nervously, to enjoy my team display their multitude of talents – and rarely do they disappoint me.

During the game I cheer and shout as if I’m sitting in the stands. I yell at referee’s who invariably make the wrong decisions. I’m a supporter and it’s my job to support with every ounce of my energy. I never waste my time being critical of my team or our Manager nor do I believe in any way, shape or form that I know better than the true experts who are employed by AFC because they are the best at what they do!

I’m a seasoned (68+) SUPPORTER and will be until the day I draw my last breath.


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  1. Ant says:

    100% agree GN5 but I would add journalists, ex players with small brains, co-commentators and people who wear plimsolls to the list also.

  2. FunGunner says:

    Hear, hear! Some fans could do with a massive dose of humility and a backbone transplant. It’s not just Arsenal fans, though, it’s football fans in general.

  3. Ant says:

    And another thing, no-one on an Arsenal blog should EVER say that the spuds are playing well, have a good team,have any good players or a manager whose mother is not a whore!

  4. Eddie says:

    ooh ooh, I think GN5 is having a pop at Didit 🙂 or maybe Rasp? or Kelsey? not me of course . Excellent 🙂

  5. Eddie says:

    hi ant! and bye

  6. PV4 says:

    Aah, GN5- a true Arsenal fan of pedigree. I am up to 42 years and counting, and in all that time (and especially in the last 10 years) have been baffled by the witch hunt of AW and AFC. There seems to be an alternative world where the spuds are some sort of demi-Gods and are heralded for their stellar achievements!!! Throw in the moronic journalists aka wanker Durham and you have the perfect blend to insight hatred and discourse.

    The majority of teams across the globe would rip your arm off for half of what we have done. AW is a genius, who in the face of adversity, crisis and personal slander has elevated our team to enviable heights without pulling the financial trigger and flushing us down the shitter. Shame on all the mugs who jump on the bandwagon and shame our club.

  7. Agree! Agree! Agree! As a 62 year old goner for life I cannot fathom what the Piers Morgan’s etc. of this world want. Do they have any conception of success. Liverpool last won the league in 1990 and have been changing managers. Spuds in 1961 (enough said) and Manure went 25 years between 68 and 93 without winning it. Get real. AW is the best bar none!

  8. fred1266 says:

    Lol @ they use YouTube for scouting-

  9. brian says:

    Another question might be=who are you to decide that the referee continually makes wrong decisions.

  10. Rasp says:

    Thanks GN5, excellent rant that I know will be well received. As you say, we all know how strident you have been on this subject 🙂

    So just to prove what a jerk I am, I will play devil’s advocate 😀

    In answer to the questions you ask in the post, I would ask these alternative questions:

    Is it possible to be involved in anything without formulating an opinion?

    Does the tolerance (or intolerance) one has towards the opinion of others say more about us?

    Should we deny supporters the right to discuss/critque/criticise aspects of the club if that is part of the way they express their support – censorship?

    Isn’t it just a case of what supporters are ‘comfortable’ with?

    Is it not the fact that humans are programmed with the ability to ask questions and to seek to find solutions to problems and that this has made us the dominant species on the planet? 🙂

  11. thank you very much for expressing my(and hopefully the majority of gunners) sentiment!!!look at manure they spend 250millions and they resort to kicking the ball to fellaini ,it shows that spending for the sake of it is not the solution,COYG!!!

  12. ‘morning all,

    That’s a fine rant GN5, you express your views very well.

    Like you I too am a life long Arsenal supporter, sixty-five years and counting since attending my first ever game at Highbury. I followed on from my father and mother, my two older brothers and numerous uncles and aunts.

    Unlike you I can see imperfections in the club that I support and I feel that my football knowledge, garnered from the number of games that I have watched, entitles me to have, and to express, an opinion on what I see before me.

    Long gone are the days when we could watch maybe only one game every two weeks, away fixtures outside North and West London were beyond the financial means of my family, and our knowledge of other clubs was very limited, we seldom saw clubs from other parts of the country more than once a season and foreign clubs almost never.

    Nowadays I could, if I so wished, watch probably twenty games a week covering leagues from all over the world. I can watch different teams with different styles of play, I can watch a multitude of different players with a wonderful array of skills and talent.

    Why is it wrong for me to want our club to have some of the players demonstrating those skills and talent available to play for Arsenal when our own squad is, by common consent, not entirely made up from the best around.

    Arsene Wenger has been, and still is, a wonderful manager and has brought unprecedented success to the club. He has brought in some terrific players as well as nurturing some wonderful young talent, but to my mind he neglected for a long time one vital aspect, that of defence. Having inherited George Grahams famous back four, Wenger failed to maintain that level of excellence and concentrated instead on creating goals rather than preventing them. It is only in the last season and a half that he has got our defence back to anywhere near the level required by today’s football standards.

    Arsenal Arsenal exists to encourage discussion, discussion would be pointless if we all withheld our opinions. If we don’t like somebody else’s view we are entitled to attempt to change that view by reasoned argument, we may or may not be successful but surely we should be allowed the privilege of free speech.

  13. kelsey says:

    What do I say GN5 😉 It is nevertheless Rant Black Friday (at least over here).

    I can agree with 50% of your opinion but I would be pushed to increase my percentage, but you knew that anyway.

  14. GoonerB says:

    Great Rant GN5 and your unconditional loyalty to the club and its manager is a credit. Let me start with my points of agreement:

    Knee jerk reactions and the spouting of venom after every loss grates on me. We all know the blog sites where these people comment and they are not a happy place. I avoid them. You are right GN5 that many on those sites are almost hoping for the failure of the team just to justify their extreme views.

    In many instances I almost feel they have been brainwashed into a perpetual programme of moroseness that they don’t know how to come back from. They literally suck the joy out of being an Arsenal supporter.

    I don’t really know where I would be perceived to fall in this category but I know I have been critical of the team in defeat but have also been positive after some defeats. It all depends on the manner of the defeat and the bigger picture rather than the one individual game to me.

    The media and pundits. There are some decent ones but by and large they are an awful lot that spout sensationalised rubbish without proper analysis just to create controversy.

    Now being pedantic there are undoubtedly some bloggers with medical degrees who maybe are better placed to comment. Also there are likely bloggers who have coaching badges of varying levels who again are better placed to comment. Also there probably are many who do give a monkey’s about some of the views from some of the bloggers, pundits and media.

    Now I need to have a mini GoonerB rant in return on some of your pointsGN5. This is nothing personal to you GN5 but more picking up on some of your points that exemplify a feeling I have had for some time now. Those points being as follows :

    I am continually upset by “fans” that purport to be “experts”

    Do they really think that they know better than our Manager?

    Do they have their own scouting network? Oops I forgot – they use You tube.

    Where do these armchair experts get all of their knowledge from?

    Now I would question what is A.A and why was it set up? I always thought it was a football blog where different fans could, in a civilised way, discuss football matters about the club they love and support. Do you have to be “an expert” to be justified in airing your opinion whether it is positive or critical?

    This site has always been one of better balance. It doesn’t stand alone however as there are a couple of other decent ones that perhaps allow for a bit more football chat. I am not saying A.A doesn’t allow it as a rule but more looking at it from the aspect of whether the balance of bloggers prefer footy chat or non footy chat as a whole.

    If the remit is that you are not allowed to have an Arsenal related footballing opinion or criticism if you have less knowledge than Arsene Wenger, and do not have your own scouting network then my question is what is the point of a football blog, and further, is A.A actually still a football blog or is it just a chat room that occasionally brings up football matters?

    Don’t get me wrong GN5 I know you are not directly stating this about this blog and are aiming your ranting points at a greater population of those who get involved in football commenting in some capacity. However, I unfortunately feel that your feelings (not just from you personally) have seeped into being representative to a degree on this site as well.

    Should the standard response to any footballing related question be “What do I know compared to the manager, I will leave that to him, here is another cat video”…..and repeat and repeat.

    Actually that is unfair to a degree because the videos and general chat are excellent on this site. They are what makes this site unique. I have had the pleasure of meeting many A.A’ers and to a man (and woman Peaches and Eddie) they are all great people and great characters whose company is highly enjoyable. Chas et al are absolute stalwarts in making this site enjoyable………… but………. no football opinions unless they are only of the positive variety because we don’t know as much as Arsene Wenger does?????

    I do sometimes feel that on here has become the antithesis of that other site which is full of vitriol. You all know the one I am talking about.

    I personally get very busy at times and can be AWOL from the site for days. I wish I could be part of the general banter more often posting regular short ripostes over a short period of time when it is happening, but I most often miss those moments, and so when I come on I am often commenting on 48hrs of chat and I tend to keep it more football related.

    I do feel that A.A has somewhat transformed over recent times into something new and has passed the poor old camel wormer by. That is by no means a bad thing as this still remains one of the best sites around, if not the best due to the unique characters on here and the general chit chat they enjoy together.

    I still enjoy looking back and reading and seeing the videos and pictures but from a commenting point of view I have felt largely redundant for a while to be honest. I always felt that I would try and bring balanced football debate to the table but there seems to be an underlying impression of being considered negative if one is critical of the club, its manager, or players in any way and that one, as it is often put, “is banging the same old drum”.

    I don’t think I am the only blogger on here that feels that but others may get away with it more due to being able to come on and get involved in the general chat more regularly. I don’t think the site should change as it has its own unique niche, but I will probably be more sparse in my appearances from a commenting aspect, so count the words of this one, it could be the last epic one 🙂

    Don’t for any minute think your post has pushed me this way GN5, and as I said your contribution as a blogger and unconditional die hard fan is admirable. It has more just prompted me to air a feeling that has been there for a while.

  15. RA says:

    That is a terrific Post, GN5 and heart warming to hear, as is the complimentary response from many others this morning.

    I feel a little uncomfortable in discussing this because you and the other guys have set the bar so high. And perhaps that goes someway to explaining the difference between yourself and many others – age.

    In the ‘me, me, me,’ and the ‘I want it now’ society which is endemic today, rational thought processes go to the back of the line and the mouth opens before the brain engages.

    The very strength of football that makes it so wonderful to watch, and attracts many thousands (millions?) of people to each club, inevitably leads to the competitive streak inherent in all of us to come to the fore, with everyone wanting their club to win and win frequently, but with so few league and ‘cup’ titles available it does not take long for the howls of dissatisfaction to let loose.

    Personally, I have no problem with fans voicing their concerns, their disappointments, their suggestions for improvement, their calls for new players and so on — it happens down the pub all the time, and on many different topics, football, women (men) politics and so on, and probably has done since the invention of the pub. 🙂

    My only caveat is that it should always be done with respect for the club, manager and players — you know, the ones that each fan purports to support, and without the asinine, puerile, deep seated hatred that some seem to show instead.

    It won’t happen, of course, those that just let rip because they paid their money and have their ‘rights’, eh, Piers? do not see what is wrong with cussin’ and swearin’ at the very thing they say they love.

    But there will always be the other side of the coin, and the vast majority of bloggers on here are proof of that.

  16. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all, Nice one GN5 and belated birthday wishes.
    Me and you GN5 often have different views, i often think its not the years you support, that makes a good supporter its the way you support.

    From what i have found out on this blog, you were born on Arsenals doorstep, supported by way of buying tickets and watching on a regular basis. On this blog you wear your heart on your sleeve, as far as the club is concerned, your a supporter of the Manager and Players alike, you know all about the Arsenal history and are a proud man, after a successful working life you have moved abroad and still watch the Gunners by any way you can, like a good supporter does.

    We all believe we are good supporters, whether we have been successful or not, Many can afford the Arsenal prices where others have difficulty making ends meet, so many watch from the tv or radio. Which of course makes them no worse than a regular.

    You say about fickle fans, a term i have used on occasions. but in all honesty if supporters do not question what Manager players and owners do when they feel things could be better, Knowing full well nobody really cares what they think anyway, there is little point in having Websites devoted to Arsenal FC.

    I moan regular, i criticise and i name names i feel are not good enough, why do i do this, because it matters to me, i know by how many bloggers answers my comments , how much my two pennath is worth but it makes me feel better getting it out of my system.

    Reading peoples rants moans and groans, is quite educational, i have learned much by people that know what they are talking about, and are upset by things the club does. I also like the nutters we get on blogs such as this, Wenger Kroenke and Arsenal FC rely on supporters money, They are there earning fortunes, and if we think it could be better, we have a right to say so, Because if people start being stopped from saying and lose interest, Arsenals down the pan.

  17. RA says:

    It seems that there is a general consensus of opinion expressing respect for the views put forward by GN5, but as I suspected there is also the notion that fans should also be able to put forward for discussion constructive alternative points of view.

    At the time of typing this, it seems that Norfolk, GoonerB Gone, and I all have similar opinions on this topic, expressed in our own individual ways.

    As said by GB, (I think it was him, altho I usually nod off halfway thru his attempts to rival War and Peace) 🙂 it would bring into question the raison d’être of any blog, not just AA , if consent was de rigour and dissent were not accepted as part and parcel of the cut and thrust of a fans focal point.

    I cannot deny that I do sometimes blog elsewhere simply because I am able to engage others in discussing very different points of view – and that in itself can be very satisfying.

    I would be disappointed to lose GoonerB-A-Gonner should he sod off, but if he leaves his camels that would probably be a move in the right direction as they always have the hump.

  18. Rasp says:

    GoonerB, I am sad to hear that you “have felt largely redundant for a while”. I for one value your opinion and always enjoy reading your comments.

    The balance of opinion on the site will always swing one way and then the other (probably directly related to how the team is performing). The whole point of AA is to allow all shades of opinion and in reality that means encouraging those with a minority viewpoint since the majority can look after itself.

    As I’ve often said when the heat gets turned up, we should all thank someone who writes a comment with which we disagree – it affords us the opportunity to put forward the counter argument. Voting is an example that takes all the personal stuff out of the equation 🙂

  19. GunnerN5 says:

    Sorry guy’s I’ve just finished my morning shower (7:00am) and will make myself some brekie and then i will read through the comments. Beware those who disagree with me – I’ll get RA to out word you – with the exception of GoonerB.


  20. GoonerB says:

    Not gone RA, just more infrequent and fleeting. I will get on here and look just for the sheer comedy value that the regulars bring. In terms of commenting if I am around more at banter times then I will get involved. If not about at those times it is normally a case of being after the Lord Mayors show for me and there is no point in commenting.

    On footy matters alone, when I do get the time, I think there may be better alternatives for me but I might not even venture that way, who knows. I have a sneaky feeling you will find and identify me anyway.

    None of it is a problem Rasp as I am not one of the key contributors that keeps this site the unique one it is, so in reality not much changes. Just airing my feelings today really. Will still look forward to catch ups at the FFB when I am attending and agreeing with you and disagreeing with Chas 🙂

  21. GunnerN5 says:

    Well argued NG and as strange as it may seem I have very little disagreement with your comments. My issue is, and always has been, is that people views go way beyond a reasoned viewpoint; they are attacks on the club, the manager, individual players and the club ownership. Worst of all the vilest criticism comes from those who have no obvious experience in the areas they are critical of.

  22. Rasp says:

    Aherm GB, I consider you to be a key contributor 🙂

    We can’t force you to blog with us, but any time you do, you are most welcome.

    I shall look forward to putting the world to rights with you pre-match at the FFB whenever I am able 😀

  23. kelsey says:

    I have to say that was a mighty impressive initial response Gooner B and I agree basically what is the point of a blog if one can’t give diverse opinions.
    Don’t be fooled by me, Mick, chasy etc .We have our happy hour or two early in the morning but maybe not Micky, I speak my mind and hardly ever waiver.If we play well I acknowledge it, I just wish we were more consistent. I have my own views on AW but will and have always been respectful to the man.
    I don’t really know what you are saying.Do I assume that AA should only ever talk football each game at a time or just in general everything Arsenal. Do you not like the attempt of jokes or piss taking all down in jest 🙂 I would really be interested in your views in a more concrete fashion.
    When we started up AA we always had our frivolous moments and in fact it all started when we were all on LG some 6 years ago, diverting often from football to music, food, gardening, cycling and a whole range of topics, so in that respect nothing much has changed except throughout the football blog world comments are down since the arrival of Twitter..

  24. GunnerN5 says:

    GoonerB – let it be said and understood that you are a very unique blogger and set a very high standard that old farts like me could never hope to emulate. Yourself and RA are so articulate that it’s not possible to misunderstand your views. Whereas I write in pigeon English which leaves readers to make their own (mis)interpretations of what I really meant – which for a writer is extremely poor and my cross to bear..

    I applaud open dialogue and diverse opinions, I chose AA as my blog of choice in the first six months of its inception and I stayed the course due to the high quality that writers like yourself bring to the site and the wonderful characters that we are blessed to blog with. We come from different time zones all over the world and are a bunch of eclectics that have found a mutual place to settle down.

    However what I truly detest is redundant repetitive rhetoric – crap we’ve heard a thousand times before – frankly after a defeat I dread
    the thought of what I will read and hear the next day – out come the well thumbed song books with the “I told you so” chorus.

    You personally are not a member in that club.


  25. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Rasp for the kind words. However……I am not even on the authors list. Rumour has it there was only so much room on the authors list and it was a toss up between me and Spectrum 🙂

    As I said I am not abandoning completely just taking a back seat more, and the catch ups are always good 🙂

  26. Rasp says:

    Oh nooo – did I forget to put you in the authors list 😦 😦 my bad

  27. Rasp says:

    Oversight rectified …. 😳

  28. GunnerN5 says:

    SteveP, We will never agree on certain viewpoints that you hold but we are both well trod Arsenal fans, we just express our views differently.

    It was years before I could afford to buy a ticket, but being a “street wise” N5er I found every way it was possible to get in without paying and it was a rare occurrence for me to miss a game. I become well known to the stewards who befriended me and made it very easy for me to “bunk”in.

  29. GunnerN5 says:

    Ant, If I had stayed in England I have no doubt that I would have become one of the away supporters just like Chas and yourself, I just love your “away travel logs” and look forward to each rendition. The only difference is that my diet would be a lot different – if I ate like you two I’d be 400 lbs by now. But I must say the pies and beer do make me very envious!

  30. GunnerN5 says:

    Kelsey my friend, we agree to disagree but at least your viewpoints are consistent and without vile unnecessary personal attacks on the manager aor the players.

  31. GunnerN5 says:

    Looks like I froze the blog again…………………..

  32. RA says:

    You are correct, GoonerB, I would easily identify your writing style on whatever other blog you home in on, and in fact I think I have already done so. 😀

    I keep a pet ladybird with 2 dots on each wing casing, and when in doubt I put her on the screen with her hairy feet enabling her to hang on, and when she reads a dodgy comment, falls asleep and drops off the screen – I know I have found you! 🙂

    Many of my friends over the years on AA (well they were friends from my standpoint – they may not have shared the same sentiment) 🙂 have moved on or packed up blogging altogether and taken to twitter twatter instead.

    Like you, I am also on the verge of seriously cutting my visits to AA as the ‘populace’ has reduced a lot in recent times, and I often find myself talking to the same few bloggers, [and, yes, I do feel sorry for them] 🙂 as many others are busy earning a living and often cannot spare the time.

    I suppose that is life – nothing stays the same.

  33. GunnerN5 says:

    Oh dear, looks like I’ve managed to scare away two of my favourite bloggers……………………….

  34. GunnerN5 says:

    I will hang my head in shame and never blog again if they disappear!!

  35. RA says:

    Not at all, GN5, your wonderful historic Posts, in particular, have dragged me back time and again, if only you had known it. 🙂

    Your Post today was top notch, and it is just a coincidence that it prompted GB to say how he felt – and in turn I thought it was right to be supportive and mention I felt something similar.

    I would have said as much, another time, as I did not want Eddie telling the world I had snuffed it – my health is not too good, but when I do pop off, I will let her know! 🙂

    Actually, the string of pointless “RA” comments, one after the other, on many days tells the real truth of it.

  36. Big Raddy says:

    Gn5. Thank you for the post.

    I tend to agree with Rasp’s 10.48. Everyone has a different way of supporting depending upon so may reasons.

    GB & RA. Shape up. We need you both.

  37. GoonerB says:

    Rasp, don’t worry I was only pulling your leg about me in the list of authors. I have not just become aware of it as an oversight, and if I had been bothered I could have cornered you in the toilets at the FFB 🙂 Just having a joke at your expense.

    Kelsey as I said I don’t want any changing of the format of the blog. It is fine as it is and I enjoy it, from a perusing aspect, exactly as is. It is not about any other individuals on the site and is really more about me and how I fit in with its format from a commenting aspect. I usually miss the banter bit so don’t bother getting involved in that, which is a shame because Chas and Ant would no doubt tell you what a hilarious individual I am 🙂

    In fact Chas said that if I ever gave up the camel worming day job I could get a job in….what was it now?….can’t remember but I think it was something to do with comedy……or clowning…something like that anyway. He used the term “bloody joke” when referencing me anyway if that helps 🙂

    Anyway I digress, after missing the banter I only have the footy bit to comment on. Again I am often late to the party and what I want to say (and if I do say it) often doesn’t fit with the flow of the blog and seems disjointed and out of context. It then often doesn’t allow for any interactive debate.

    Take this comment for instance; 2 1/2 hours after my last one and also after some of you have referenced me in a comment that I should reply to. I haven’t taken this long out of choice but it can seem like I have disappeared with the dromedary spinal mound, when I haven’t.

    This blog does ebb and flow and change (often in great comedic fashion) direction quickly, and long should it continue to do so. There isn’t another blog like it as far as I am concerned, and as I say I am not abandoning completely. I have just thought that when it comes to footy matters my comments may be a better fit elsewhere, where if I can only put in one comment or it is later in the day it would still remain in context and not seem like I was talking about something that had been done and dusted a week ago.

    I hope that makes sense Kelsey….not sure if it does to me.

  38. chas says:

    Thanks for the post, GN5.
    We can’t all be disgraceful fans like younger brother and me.
    It really does take all sorts.

  39. chas says:

    FFS, GoonerB, if you stop posting comments with your current regularity, I’m stopping commenting as well about anything other than football i.e. stopping altogether.

  40. GunnerN5 says:

    Just my opinion BR.

    There are those who want to rant about everything they see wrong with Arsenal and many of us who get upset by all of the negative dialogue. I guess I’m an extreme case who sees so much good these days after witnessing our team in the gutter for so many years of my life.

    After so many years of standing on the terrace under the clock, watching us play crappy no hope football, in all sorts of inclement weather – fast forward to watching our team play on a billiard table and perform ping pong football is a joy beyond belief. I see so much good that it makes up for the few things that are not – unless one craves the bragging rights of a trophy season.

  41. kelsey says:


    I mentioned something akin to your post addressed to me, a few days ago that often there is very little interaction on here and many posters do not read the comments (perhaps they haven’t the time) and then repeat what someone else has said possibly a short time beforehand. The words may differ but the gist is the same. personally I think diversity is a good thing that together with NB and cockie and you would have to have a very good look round to find someone as unique as Terry.

  42. GunnerN5 says:

    I guess that my age has also helped to formulate my strong opinions – you see given my advanced years I have far less time left to enjoy my team than most AAers. I am also a very positive individual and I tend to go to extremes to avoid any form of negativity in my life.

  43. Aaron says:

    We currently live in a world whereby everyone deems themselves to be an expert on anything.
    Opinions are like……..
    Anyone who reads on this site knows what I am talking about.
    The level that some people will descent to in order to get their point across is alarming. Think about that tool in the train station that went after Arsene.
    There are no boundaries anymore, nothing held sacred on a personal level for people to have a go at, especially if you are a player or coach. The video has killed all sense of privacy.
    Me, just some random who has been following Arsenal since the early 70’s when my best soccer mate came over from England and never left. I chose Arsenal because his brother had a cool shirt. That is how you choose a proper futbol club.
    Now, I am loyal as they come, but not a blind follower, if somehow we get a Jerry Jones, Or York (think Cowboys or Niners in AFL)running our club I will say thanks for the memories. Those people ruin clubs and team spirit.
    Am thankful for our the fans we have, the board that has been solid for decades, and most of all Arsene.
    A person who is a better writer than me once said “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”
    Many people on here exhibit that quality and that is why I come back to read, laugh and watch cat videos!

  44. GoonerB says:

    Not absolutely sure what you were saying there Chas. Are you saying we are joined at the blogging hip? 🙂

    Kelsey, I think you are right and I am never put out if I am not answered. I don’t want what I am saying today to sound like a bid for attention ( although feel free to do a bit of fawning if you wish 🙂 ). I may just be a bit more sporadic and selective on when I comment and on what, especially if the conversation topic has moved well beyond what I wanted to comment on.

    After all,sparing you all from a comment with a word count that would put the King James Bible to shame has to be a good thing, right?

    To be fair as I often disappear for a few days at times anyway, so nothing much may actually change, or not that any of you would notice anyway.

    The bloody irony of the situation is that since putting up that long comment earlier I have been on here commenting more times today than I have in the entire last 3 weeks.

  45. Big Raddy says:


    I have always thought of AA as a local pub. There are some who are always in the bar at their usual seat and others who come in every now and then. You are one the chaps who will always be welcome whenever you pop in for a sherbet or two

    I guess we regulars have done most of the footie chat to death and this gave rise to the Morning Crew to whom football chat pre – 09.00 is unusual 😀

    But this is an Arsenal site and AFC is the core of our chat.

    Over time we have lost and gained bloggers as has every site. None of the blogs have as many active members as they had a few years back – I do not know why but perhaps it is because the chat tends to be repetitive.

    AA is lucky insomuch as those who do blog with us are top blokes to a man (and woman)

  46. Eddie says:

    That is a very good post, thank you very much GN5.
    I am not as virtuous as you and guilty of having an occasional pop at AW, joining others in saying that his time is up. But that only happens after West Ham, Olympiakos and Zenith like games, not very often so 🙂

    But you are spot on – the armchair managers drive me nuts – what the hell do they know about running a monster like the AFC?? The most many of them managed were their own lives and even that didn’t go too well 🙂

    Look at our regular moaners – Steve, DidIt, Rasp and Kelsey – they couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery between them. But you ask them about the Club and they have all the answers – new players, bloody formations, answer to injuries, they can even design better kits if you ask them. I am glad you put them in their place 🙂 🙂

  47. Eddie says:

    I am only joking boys 🙂

  48. Rasp says:

    Hmm, I don’t know about Steve, but DidIt, Kelsey and Rasp have all run successful businesses – just saying 🙂

  49. kelsey says:

    Well at least I came 4th out of 4 😉 I love you too 🙂

  50. kelsey says:

    Not you Rasp, that was for Eddie 😉


    Cheers GN5

    Of course I agree with you, dissent must be crushed. Apart from that, I am in favour of free speech, as long as its monitored.

    Happy birthday by the way. Your longevity is an example to us all, especially those who feel the time is nigh.

    There is an upside to people thinking your going to snuff it GN5. I have been seeing this bird for about 3 months. Shes not much to look at, but i find women less attractive than myself very grateful, and a very rare commodity.

    I met her on this dating site recommended by a mate. He told me to look out for the scammers. Apparently there’s loads of Nigerian men posing as fit birds by posting photos from long range, To weed them out ive been using a telescope. The other ones to look out for are women talking to you in order to gain access to your wallet? As far as ime concerned thats normal, so no problem. Besides, my mates parting words were, “Terry, basically if any women shows interest in you, then there definitely a scammer”.

    Anyway, back to snuffing it. This women is convinced that I will soon be brown bread, bad diet, smoking etc, so wants the relationship to be on a day to day basis. This is absolutely brilliant. No talk of moving in, meeting her mother (Christ, if she looks like an older version of her, I will need a mirror and sword)

    I have never felt so good or alive in a relationship, and its all because of death. So my advice to all out there is convince the Mrs your close to croaking it, you will love it.

    GB, come on mate, who cares if no one reads your comments? I certainly dont.

    What you are suffering from my friend is physiosexless. Its a condition well know in your profession, were by you spend all deal laying your healing hands on some hot birds ankle, only to tire of the pretence and have an irresistible urge to smother yourself in the warm embrace of her ample bossom

    Whats stopping you? A short prison sentence and with your youthful good looks, it will be your bossom in need of protection. Before you know it Big Bert will want you to wear his underpants and smoke your baccy from a fag holder.

    Next time your going to a game let me know. We can meet up in the pub were you can buy me a large brandy, and stop this nonsense talk of posting less

  52. Rasp says:

    Also Raddy, GN5 and GiE have run successful businesses 🙂 Apologies to anyone else who has run a successful business and not been mentioned. P.S. Shard, GoonerB and LB have also RSBs 🙂

  53. Eddie says:


  54. chas says:

    I haven’t even run an unsuccessful business, but I do have a masters in shite.

  55. Eddie says:

    have you? masters in what darling?

  56. Big Raddy says:

    chas. Don’t be modest, Didit told me you had a Doctorate and I don’t think he was being kind 🙂

  57. Eddie says:

    really? a doctorate? in what????!!!! I am such a sucker for diplomas. But you don’t look that clever 🙂

  58. mickydidit89 says:

    Still put on mobile but had to make two comments

    Thank you v much GN5

    GB. If you don’t continue to talk to me about my feelings over the centre forward catastrophe, then I will……

    Can I get back to you when I’ve decided what treatment to administer

  59. mickydidit89 says:

    And rasp
    If you do quit on favour of Twitter
    I too will quit
    Then I’ll track you down in the cyber land of few words , stalk you, and make your life there a fucking nightmare. Alright? 😷

  60. mickydidit89 says:

    And rasp
    If you do quit on favour of Twitter
    I too will quit
    Then I’ll track you down in the cyber land of few words , stalk you, and make your life there a fucking nightmare. Alright? 😷

  61. Rasp says:

    Hi Micky, did I say I was going to quit? 🙂

  62. Le Coq Monster says:

    Thanks GN5

    As far as fickle fans go, well I`m a fcuking poster boy……..I will send you an autographed one !.

    I am continually upset by “fans” that purport to be “experts”
    I don’t purport, I just am an expert !, as my wife always tells me….”so you`re some fcuking expert !”

    Do they really think that they know better than our Manager?
    Listen GN5, I told Arsene don’t try and do the “Bond” look, I begged him !…..you judge who knew better !

    Do they have degrees in medicine?
    Do I really have to get my -15 degrees medicine ball out of the freezer ?…..just take my word for it and frustrate the life out of yourself in wondering why I have one in the freezer !.

    Do they have their own scouting network? Oops I forgot – they use You tube.
    As my mate Transplant will agree ……nothing wrong with free internet porn…it`s free and we all know Arsene too likes a bargain !

    Where do these armchair experts get all of their knowledge from?
    Back to the missus again who can vouch for me …….”so you`re a fcuking know it all !”

    What do they think gives them the right to spout their venom after every loss?
    Back to the free internet porn again……. a great way to spout some venom after a loss…… try it yourself, but not like Transplant at his local PC World trying to mount a 3D screen !.

    Why do they believe that anybody gives a monkey’s about their extreme views?
    Not sure I`ve read any extreme views on here ….although I know that Transplant goes to some extreme meticulous lengths to get his Arsene shrine perfect and spends hours after a defeat clearing up the venom he has spouted !

    Why do they continually state the same rubbish over and over again?
    Probably because they are forgetful or maybe it`s dementia .

    Why do they continually state the same rubbish over and over again?
    Probably because they are forgetful or maybe it`s dementia .

    Why do they continually state the same rubbish over and over again?
    Probably because they are forgetful or maybe it`s dementia .

    Do they really believe their nonsense or is it just a reaction to a bad game?
    I have degrees and qualifications in nonsense…….if I didn`t believe it, it would make a mockery of my qualifications and the education system !

    Why is waiting to say “I told you so” so important to them?
    Look GN5, when the missus is stuck in front of the TV watching a soap stuffing her face and being a lazy bitch and I have to go out on the pull and have holes in my socks which could be embarrassing when I strip off , it gets me angry and I just chuck the socks and a needle and cotton and say….” I told you sew !”……………..I then run for my life !.

  63. Eddie says:

    Le Monster 🙂 I am glad I read your comment before going to bed 🙂 I shall fall asleep smiling 🙂 night

  64. Eddie says:

    oh no, I should not mention bed to him, should I, he will be so rude now…. sorry all.

  65. Terry Transplant says:

    Hahaha Cornwall. ive watched so much porn I need help mate. Went to see the local quack begging for assistance and the bastard just gave me some oven gloves.

    I spoke to a counsellor about it, he asked me how I felt and I said, with the oven gloves, with great difficulty

    In final desperation I got rid of the laptop, but only ended up breaking into the neighbors gaff at three in the morning to get on there laptop. The geezers wife caught me at it, but I think I might have got away with it? With the gloves, she thought I was baking a cake

    It all turned out all right Cornwall. I broke in to the blokes. Drum across the road and got into his computer. He caught me at it to, I was a bit worried because he’s a bit of a loner and there’s a rumour he chases badgers in the nude, but he just went back upstairs and came back wearing boxing gloves and watched it with me. Hahaha

  66. GoonerB says:

    Cockie 8.24 🙂 those were the answers to GN5’s post I was looking for but I went into morose bastard mode. It happens to us wormers around the time of the full moon from fear for our camels due to the danger of werewolves.

    Speaking of Transplant, Terrence you know I have left a large Brandy behind the bar for you at the FFB. The staff have been left with a description of you should you wish to go in and claim it. Not sure why they immediately got on the phone to Scotland Yard though…

    Actually best you do go with me actually Terry so I can vouch for you. They love Mr Cottee in there and any friend of his is a friend of theirs, thus removing any need to contact the serious crime squad……..or David Attenborough.

  67. GoonerB says:

    Terry 🙂

  68. Herb's Army says:

    Hello everyone.

    I’ll tell you what I know, GunnerN5, less than you, mostly because of your seniority through age.
    You’ve had this one on the back-burner haven’t you.
    Whilst I’d never be so presumptuous as to think a whole Post was aimed particularly at me, there are echoes of what has gone before.
    I’ll try and respond to your questions in order that you’ve put them.
    I’m no expert, but have followed Arsenal and football closely for over forty years, so I know a bit about football. In the same way people could argue that those on the inside (i.e. players, managers, coaches etc.) might have superior knowledge over us outsiders looking in, such as Alan Ball, Bobby Charlton, Jimmy Greaves, Geoff Hurst or Nobby Stiles. All World Cup winners, and all terrible managers. The only exception in that team was Bobby’s brother Jack who strolled the Second Division with Middlesbrough and years later took Ireland to the WC last eight. So it depends on the definition.
    Do I know more than our manager? A resounding no to that one. For a start he speaks seven languages, I struggle to speak the only one I know properly.
    I don’t have a PhD or a degree in Chemistry, and never trained to be a doctor, but when a recurring pattern emerges surely the first option would be to find the root cause and adjust accordingly to prevent this from happening over and over again.
    I’m not a scout.
    I think the fifth question ties in with the first.
    Sometimes it’s natural to be angry at a loss, and you want to let the world know. Not every loss causes the same amount of hurt, it depends on the circumstances. The defeats at Sheffield Wednesday and Bayern are perfect examples of this, and are different in context to the loss at West Brom. And often we’ve witnessed repeated defeats, caused purely out of previous lessons not being learned, which tend to be the most annoying.
    Nobody has to validate anyone else’s views, we’re not clones, we’re intelligent individuals capable of forming our own thought paths. If we all agreed all of the time, AA would have ceased to exist a while ago, and our lives would be all the poorer without it.
    As for repetition, there’s only so many ways to recreate the same point. If you go back five years you’ll see pretty much the same conversation largely around the same issues. We all recycle, even you. Given that Arsenal are in a similar position now – football-wise – as they were when they moved to The Emirates, it is natural that this would happen.
    Sometimes it is a bad reaction to a game, but again it’s all in the context of the defeat, the competition, the opposition, and the damage/impact it has on the season overall. The point of any debate is to reach a definitive rational conclusion from all parties involved. I’ve been wrong about things, just as I will be again, but it doesn’t change my opinion of Arsenal.
    I don’t get the sense on here that someone would be immature to say ‘I told you so…’ As Arsenal supporters we’re all in it together, people see and look at things from different perspectives, I would assume we’re all grown up and respectful enough to appreciate that.
    Right, enough from me, I hope that clarifies a few things, have a pleasant evening all.
    Sorry to hear about your health RA, get well soon.
    GoonerB, I know we’ve only chatted briefly, but you are an asset to a quality blog, and your input would be missed if you departed.

  69. GoonerB says:

    Not departing Herb. As I said probably just posting less, particularly on the football matters (apart from today obviously). I am going to join the ranks of the other loons on here. As it is Black Friday I have seen a good deal online and I have just ordered a cat and a cam-corder.

  70. GoonerB says:

    Typical one of the few times I am about for a chat and none of you b*st**ds bother coming on.

  71. Terry Transplant says:


    The thing is, it’s about respect. When your emotionally invested in something like what we are with Arsenal Football Club, then why beat and barrage a man who has given his soul and heart to that thing with which we have investment to?

    I can never understand the rudeness dished out to Arsene. It smacks of a spoilt son who got used to having everything on a plate but when the old man fell on hard times because he lost his job or something, the spoilt brat on turned on him.

    You are not like that Herb. Your not rude or insulting, but you do react emotionally when we have a bad patch. Your a good guy Herb, we just see it differently, that’s all.

  72. Terry Transplant says:

    Hahaha, bloody cats GB, not you an all.

    I seriously can not see this fascination with Animals? When I see a cat I simply wonder wether ime missing out on something that a Korean geezer ain’t.

    My only other interest is there fur. For the last 20 years I have been tormented by these idiot scientists growing hair on mice but when tried on humans? Nothing.

    Hair and meat are important

  73. GunnerN5 says:

    Terry and Le Coq, you have brightened up my day once again, I can’t thank either of you enough for all of the smiles that you have put on my face.

    I know that you are both massive fans and my hope is that next season I will make it over for a few games and will be able to purt faces to all of the pseudonyms.

  74. GunnerN5 says:

    I want to thank everybody for a very sensible day’s blogging.
    I also get concerned about certain aspects of our club, specific events, individual players, tactics, substitutions etc. but i don’t think there is anything to be gained by complaining or suggesting how we could do better.

    If I was in a position whereby my suggestions would be considered or even implemented then it would be very different – but I don’t see anything to be gained by pissing into the wind.

    Well that’s my rant over now it’s another bloggers chance next Friday or even after our next loss.

    Good night to all, time to crack open a bottle of red and eat dinner.

  75. Red Arnie says:

    ha ha ha ha, GN5. Brilliant rant. 🙂 the main point of footie, including Gooner, blogosphere is to practice the dark art of bolleaux mongering. So who gives a flying fig anyway! 🙂

    Mainly it is way to vent one’s frustration at every challenge in life, and to express one’s socially unacceptable alter ego! That is how such bile spewing should be seen I think. 🙂

  76. kelsey says:

    Quote of the day

    “GB, come on mate, who cares if no one reads your comments? I certainly dont. ” 🙂

  77. kelsey says:

    only 3 titles in 20 years, dear oh dear 😉

  78. kelsey says:

    I have every faith in the man sometimes 😉 but of course he may sign an extension to his contract for a further 3 years taking him up to about 70.It’s not beyond the realms of possibility, though unlikely.

  79. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all, Before the cat vids start i thought i would comment on GN5’s great days blogging, We hear that some stalwart AAers have reservations about blogging regularly, a sad thing to read ,as these peoples comments, is the reason that many others log in.

    At the end of the day, people have lives to live, and wages to earn, time on blogs can eat away hours of time. Personally i will miss many of these guys comments, but i feel that most of these people will find it hard to stay away.

    I also read that many have ailments, usually the case when we age, but i wish all of the people well and add a get well soon to all of them.

    Of course over the years, many of us believe we know a fair bit about the Arsenal, As has been pointed out, how can a normal bloke or lass know more than the experts in the job. What i would ask you is why do Managers, Players, look at social media, to find out what the public think, Why should non experts comments. make any difference to them, if they are the experts.

    My thoughts on this, is because they feel they are being judged. They also are vain, the same as all of us, they like to feel that supporters feel they are doing a good job.

    Do they feel that they have the backing of the people that turn up on match day, Do they take notice of criticism, i believe they do, and if that criticism has any merit, would look at ways to quell it.

    The signing of Marquee players, in my eyes was an answer to supporters comments, of spend some fffing money. Yes we did need new players, and in my eyes we still need more, but it did quell a lot of the venom.

    Some times even the experts need a wake up call, even if it stems from non experts. Public opinion makes a big difference to many experts as they make a person look at what they are doing and start to question if that is the right way to go. So public opinion does make a difference.

    Mr Wenger is coming to the time when he may pack it all in, He has in my opinion been a stalwart to his own plans, as far as Arsenal mangers go, he has been a success, but he has also been a stubborn man. He has stuck by players who have through injury or talent, not been good enough, He has had injury problems for years and has not found a way to change the system. The public have been saying for years, that this is a major reason we have not been more successful. Sticking with permanently injured players has in my opinion hampered our progress.

    I tend to feel that a new broom may just change our injury history, by way of moving on the players who have almost taken up residency in our treatment rooms.

    Of course i am no expert, but i do read peoples views, i read the papers watch the media and watch every Arsenal game i can. I have supported Mr Wenger in his time with us, but that has not blinded me to the problems we have. £200 million supposedly in the kitty and we struggle to field a team. Arsenal have problems and from where i sit, are not addressing them, the big question is, if they do know all the answers as they are experts why haven’t we addressed our problems

  80. LB says:

    Wow, cat vids took a pounding yesterday.

    So we have to talk about football, hmmm? Are we going to win tomorrow? Of course. Who will play? The team picks itself. Right then, cat vid time. Yah.

  81. mickydidit89 says:

    I’m on a mobile so everything is a problem
    Great rant Friday for people to let off steam and that’s the point
    Now the air is clear we can get back to exactly where we were on thursdY 😀
    For us, the realists, tomorrow’s game will be like any other
    Must win
    Ie win :roses and cigars all around
    Lose: blame Ollie and the disaster of the transfer window

  82. Eddie says:

    Kelsey – I couldn’t sleep last night and remembered 2 other great comments, for an unknown reason 🙂
    one – GM on Wenger as the manager – ” I don’t know, I’m a hairdresser”
    and two – chas on Eddie: “you is not fat, even though you behave appaulingly sometimes” 🙂

    then I went on to guessing what successful businesses DidIt and you are running; fortune telling by gazing into a crystal ball is hardly a success story especially when you get it wrong so often, and didIt’s rounding farm animals on a bike ended up in a disaster 🙂

  83. kelsey says:

    Didit has been a successful pimp for years, has a whole are of London and Birmingham under his control, but keeps a low profile in Devon.

    Me, I just inherited the lot 🙂

    GN5 is/was a director of dozens of businesses but the one thing we all have in common Evonne is that none of us are accountants 🙂

  84. Eddie says:

    none of us are accountants 🙂 🙂

    George Best on the telly, I loved him

  85. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All

    I had the privilege of seeing Best play on a number of occasions. The man was a magician.

    Kelsey was right about Didit’s profession though I fear that by now Old White Hair could be” sleeping with the fishes”. Didit is not man to mess with.

  86. Eddie says:

    Thinking of great footballers…..we had some exceptionally talented players, but I think red Mancs had more. Georgie Best and Cantona amongst my all time favourites

  87. Eddie says:

    Raddy 🙂 I thought nb was a pimp, all those “ex grilfriends”

    I never saw Georgie play, a great regret of mine. But even on the telly he looks good

  88. mickydidit89 says:

    Make No mistake I do not run a successful business by any stretch
    Could argue I have forged a reasonably successful lifestyle

  89. Eddie says:

    thank feck for that DidIt, I feel very inferior in a company of clever and successful people 🙂 Successful lifestyle is much more acceptable

  90. Eddie says:

    I showed the brilliant photo of Tony and chums to my project manager yesterday explaining that they are great Arsenal’s explayers. He thought that Stevie B was Freddie Ljungberg! When I laughed he asked ‘So what is Bould doing amongst Arsenal’s great players, he wasn’t great’ 🙂

  91. Good morning oh successful and royal people 🙂

    GN5…. great rant yesterday and followed by a very reasonable discussion.

    Eddie…… fancy coming over for some creamy cucumber soup and a look at my diplomas? 🙂

  92. Big Raddy says:

    Money means nothing if one hasn’t friends, serenity and health.

    Add in a good woman/man and family plus some hobbies to be passionate about and that is a successful lifestyle

    This is the Hippy Way.

  93. kelsey says:

    You see Evonne, Micky didn’t actually deny it 🙂

  94. Eddie says:

    amen Raddy. “Friends, serenity, health and dogs”

    pee off nb, Micky can make soups too 🙂

    Tyson Fury singing, what a bumhole

  95. Eddie says:

    stop it Kelsey 🙂 he would never make it as a pimp, he has a tendency to treat women well, he even opened the doors for me and Peaches. No bling either

  96. kelsey says:

    That is absolutely true Raddy, speaking as someone living on a thread in splendid isolation.

    Most really extremely rich people who are in the limelight 24/7 say in football, Ronaldo, beckham, Messi, Rooney, no forget Rooney can never really relax have bodygards wherever they go, have a great lifestyle but need to adjust their lifestyle completely.

  97. Tyson Fury is the bumhole in that clip ha ha. He should stick to boxing. 🙂

  98. Eddie says:

    nb – I still want him to win tonight, but he has no chance

  99. kelsey says:

    Nothing stands out today on the fixture list bar the hype around leicester which is reasonable I suppose but United are playing shite but it wouldn’t surprise me if they just win, yet again.

    Oh Evonne, Micky doesn’t wear bling 😉

  100. Eddie says:

    kels – just as well, bling would look sort of off with the flat cap

    City v Southampton could be good today

  101. Big Raddy says:

    True. Bling and broken daps is a poor look.

    MU will beat Leics nad MC will win as well.

    Leicester will be 5th come NYE

  102. Big Raddy says:

    & I would like Fury to lose in the first round.

  103. Red Arnie says:

    motning all. nice batner. 🙂 where are the cats n’ dogs? 🙂

    Arsenal related discussion, even if bile-spewing, keeping people away? Not me, and I dont believe so? 🙂

    On the other hand, politics, particularly fascist views, yes it does!

  104. Gööner In Exile says:

    Fine rant GN5, I think it’s possible to have a debate about football whilst holding onto the values you suggest and without being insulting.

    You can discuss a managers strengths and weaknesses without being personal.

    But I prefer that the debate sticks within the realms of what we can see and what we know without trying to second guess what is going on behind close doors.

    Maybe we have all been spun so much by politicians etc over the last decade (since Blair and Campbell) that we tend to try to read between the lines or suspect cover ups when none exist.

    A differing opinion on the way we have played or set up is expected and fair game, we tend to know who are available to play and we can see the result for ourselves.

    A differing opinion on a player is again expected no two people watch the same game, whether they be in the ground or watching at home.

    Opinions on who we could bring in is again expected.

    As for Leicester we will find out in the next few games whether they are as good as the league table suggests, I think if us or Man City had their starting fixtures we would hope to be on well over 30 points.

  105. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning all – What should we rant about today.

    Talking about Leicester City,(as GIE was 2 hours ago.

    Their next 6 games will be a very rude awakening and will definitely highlight their real potential, one way or the other.

    Man U H
    Swansea A
    Chelsea H
    Everton A
    Liverpool A
    Man C H

  106. kelsey says:

    I know you all can’t wait to get on and put your point across 🙂 but I have to say regardless that it was a Friday rant bty GN5 that it was inappropriate for a couple of posters to say that are considering not posting on here anymore or at the very least say they would be reducing their input, though neither said it was work related.If it was my post I would have been annoyed that this was mentioned so openly, as that certainly isn’t a rant.

    Going back to the 12000 missing people on Tuesday, I understand that security had been stepped up considerably, the Paris shootings still played on many peoples minds, and unfortunately to many so called fans it was a dead rubber before the game started.Are these real fans, as 12000 is a fair percentage of the capacity.

    I have just spoken to a lifelong friend who supports Spurs and has had a season ticket for decades and he told me that before the West Ham game there was a stabbing just outside the main stand and that everyone was frisked before they entered the ground,so security is being taken very seriously, though I do find it hard to believe that everyone was searched.

  107. How about this? Arsenal are to take a fifteen minute flight from Luton Airport to Norwich International for tomorrow’s game.

    I’m pretty certain that I could get from London Colney to Carrow road in two hours even driving a coach.

    How long will it take to get from LC to Luton, get through the airport, land at Norwich get through the airport and onto a coach for the twenty minute trip to Carrow Road.

    No wonder there is such a thing as global warming.

  108. Norwich International Airport……… 🙂

  109. One of the things that I like about Arsenal Arsenal is the welcome extended to all commers and the fact that so long as they do it in a reasonable manner they can express their opinions freely.

    A few months ago I went on another site and disagreed with the opinions being expressed, I was told to f**k off as my views were contrary to those of their regulars.

    Needless to say I haven’t been back.

  110. This is a great lecture, well worth the 17 minutes…. about orgasms. Just wait till it gets to farmers stimulating pigs to make sure they concieve??? Something for Norfolk, Micky and Cornwall to consider, being as they are all farmers. The lecturer seems to get some plesure from the subject as well 🙂

  111. That’s what it calls itself NB,

    One can take a direct flight to such outlandish places as Aberdeen and Edinburgh. 😀

  112. GunnerN5 says:


    I was mot the least bit upset by GB and RA’s comments as like a lot of us they drift in and out of blogging – many a the time I’ve been so upset by the blogs content that I stayed away for days on end.

    However I always get drawn back in by the more positive aspects of AA – things like – Chas’s clips, The Ant & Chas away game logs, the humour of Terry or Le Coq, the frankness of NB69, Raddy’s pre games, GB’s mini books, RA’s writing, GIE’s knowledge, I could go on but my point is that there is way more good than bad on AA and it’s worthwhile persevering.

  113. Rasp says:

    Mainland Niles on the telly playing for Ipswich in the early game for all in the UK

  114. Red Arnie says:

    Nice Saturday batner.

    Norfolk. “One can take a direct flight to such outlandish places as Aberdeen and Edinburgh.” 🙂

    and NorthBank on orga(ni)sms. 😆

  115. Red Arnie says:

    GN5. Good point about Leicester’s run. Actually at the moment, the only team I am worried about is ManUre. 🙂 And Olympiacos of course. 🙂

  116. Red Arnie says:

    GN5. I take deep exception that you forget to mention my sitar music posts. 😆

  117. Red Arnie says:

    and on that note, I think it is time for some more music:

  118. GunnerN5 says:

    arnie, that’s one of the reasons I drift away 🙂

  119. Red Arnie says:

    GN5. ha ha ha. 🙂

  120. chas says:

  121. Eddie says:

    Vardy has just beaten van Horses’ record!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come on Jamie!!

  122. Could we squeeze Vardy into our squad? Eddie.

  123. chas says:

    At this early stage of the game (and of their 6 game run) Leicester are showing no signs of following the script.

  124. Pigsticker has equalised.

  125. chas says:

    Sorry Leicester, massive bok.

  126. Eddie says:

    NG – don’t know, but Ranieri is a good manager, brings the best in players

  127. LB says:

    What an excellent post, I finally got round to reading it, I think the reason it took me so long was that I was scared that I would disagree but, nope I don’t. If there is anything that concerns me it is that although I am as pro Wenger as yourself, I do think it is important that people express their concerns when they feel their concerns need to be expressed.

    I have only recently started to be this generous, the main reason for this is because I think we won. There was a battle among Arsenal supporters as to whether Wenger should stay or whether he should; well, never mind go, whether he should be pushed. Wenger has since won the FA cup twice and Mourinho, so many Arsenal supporter’s secret hero, has made himself look a dick that Arsene Wenger once again looks the classy manager people like me always thought he was.

    I particularly agree with this paragraph:

    “To me an injury is an awful stroke of bad luck for both the club and the player, for others an injury is an opportunity to be critical of perceived lack of activity in the transfer window.”

    If I have understood things correctly, Rasp seems to believe with all his heart that is it the managers fault that we haven’t got more back up in the DM department. I like you agree with the above, however, I do respect Rasp’s view and feel it important that he be able to express it.

  128. GunnerN5 says:


    I agree with your comments, everybody should be able to freely express their views and I have no problem with that at all. What I find offensive is that as soon as we have an unexpected loss the knives come up and are quickly covered in the blood of Arsene or the team.

    So I took the opportunity in the Friday rant to express my feelings – just to level the playing field – so to speak.

  129. GunnerN5 says:

    Ideal result Leicester & Untied 1-1

  130. Herb's Army says:

    Hi LB

    If one of those FA Cups were a PL title or CL trophy, you’d have a very good point.

  131. LB says:

    A PL or a CL would be even better but I cannot see a single person who would, could or can do a better job for Arsenal. But hey ho Herb I appreciate that we both have different standards.

  132. Herb's Army says:

    The whole point of signing the contract when he did, must mean he feels he can take the club on to the next level. Repeating the same achievement a year later, in a cup that has lost its appeal since fourth place guaranteed CL qualification, is not a significant step forward, it is maintaining a comfortable level of consistency.
    We still haven’t had a top two finish since moving to the Emirates.
    We’re still seven titles behind United, and five behind Liverpool, who haven’t won it for almost 26 years. And after 18 consecutive years in the CL, you’d think we’d be a lot better at it by now.
    I think Ancelotti would do a great job at Arsenal, he’s done it everywhere else.
    Is that me setting my standards lower than yours, LB?

  133. Rasp says:

    Hi LB, thank you for your reference.

    Actually my position hinges on two factors:

    1. Our consistently high level of injuries is due to cause and effect. I’m sure we are trying to discover the cause but as yet we have not been able to reduce the effect despite our best efforts.

    2. This point is made more crucial because of point 1. Coquelin’s influence at the end of last season showed how much we had missed a player who could shield the back four. Mertesacker can continue to venture up to the half way line as long as we have Coquelin, Kozzer and our excellent fullbacks to cover for him. It was inevitable that at some point Coquelin would get injured and our defensive frailty would return – therefore bringing in a player who could do that job just seems like common sense.

    If you or anyone thinks that I am using this purely to have a go at AW then you are incorrect. In the same way as he has consistently showed his class, vision and commitment to Arsenal, he has also displayed a perplexing tendency to continually repeat something that hasn’t worked.

  134. LB says:

    We have been round this circle before Herb, the simple fact is we see things differently.

    And please note that I do not say or even imply that you set your standards lower than mine, my first comment clearly says that we have different standards.

  135. Herb's Army says:

    For me, LB, to justify signing the new contract, he has to win the PL title. He has to rediscover whatever ingredient that made him and Arsenal a major force before the stadium move, otherwise we’re just in a continual repetitive loop.
    But naturally, I respect your opinion.

  136. GunnerN5 says:

    We get stuck in this loop all the time! The reason I don’t get involved in circular dialogue is because it’s circular endless repetition with the same recycled views restated – whats the point – where does it go?

    I find myself having more in common with LB than I had previously.

  137. Herb's Army says:

    Which is exactly what Arsenal have been doing for the last nine years. When nothing changes it offers nothing new to discuss.

  138. LB says:

    No probs Herb, we will win the league this season.

  139. Red Arnie says:

    OK, just to wade in briefly. I have decided to change my position from today. Based on today’s games, I would like to see Vardy and Ranieri in our team from January. 🙂

    Probably my preference will shift to some other players next week. But then, what do we expect! I am just an ordinary fan. lol:

  140. Gööner In Exile says:

    You do have to wonder how Toon fans that called for Pardew to go for so long are feeling?

    He managed to get a pretty similar looking side/squad to the top half of the league.

  141. Herb's Army says:

    I still believe we can, LB.
    Those performances against United and Bayern were brilliant and shows exactly what we’re capable of with our strongest XI.
    Our constant string of injuries have taken the gloss off this a little bit, but as long as we’re in the mix I retain the faith.

  142. stevepalmer1 says:

    Tyson Fury new world champion, its back where it belongs well done son.

  143. Rasp says:

    Steve, don’t you think Fury beating Klitschko is like Stoke beating Arsenal? Not good for the art and culture of boxing. I look forward to Antony Joshua putting him on his backside in a year or two.

  144. stevepalmer1 says:

    I feel Fury deserved it Rasp, We usually believe we are not good enough, tonight Fury was, Twelve rounds with a heavyweight champion who hasn’t lost for ten years, shows it was no fluke, I watched this fight and Fury didn’t ever look out of place, He had points taken off of him and still won with a unanimous decision.

  145. Le Coq Monster says:

    Nice one Fury !……………………..Stoke beating Arsenal, Rasp !………more like England beating Russia or Ukraine !…..anyway, Klitschko is the boring one and Fury the entertainment value, so surely you`ve got it the wrong way round, Rasp !. 😀

    I shall be down my gym tomorrow and put Vladimir Kroenke`s face on my punch bag !…..he will feel the fury of Le Coq !. hahaha

  146. Rasp says:

    Fury is not English Le Coq, he is Irish by descent. He is a relative of the King of the Gypsies, Bartley Gorman V. His family have a long history of bare knuckle fighting.

  147. kelsey says:

    I am XL if anyone wants to buy this for me 😉

  148. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I bet Ant has one of those jumpers 🙂

  149. mickydidit89 says:

    Tucked into his trousers

  150. Eddie is knitting one as we speak.

  151. mickydidit89 says:

    Still on effing mobile
    Afraid I did selective reading through comments on Fridays post but did see LB’s saying cat vids took a pounding

    Who was the guilty party?

  152. Tyson Furry 🙂

    Good morning Ladies…. and Eddie 🙂 her majesty

    Waiting for Raddys’ pre match…. but I’ve managed to get mine up this morning. Have a butchers chaps… it’s not bad for someone who’s been on the piss practiculy all fucking night.

  153. Eddie says:

    yey! Tyson Fury!! Unbelievable!

    Tyson Fury and Jamie Vardy – that’s 2 of my weekend wishes. I am waiting for the 3rd 🙂

    LB: “No probs Herb, we will win the league this season”

  154. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All

    “Tucked into his trousers” 😀 😀

  155. Big Raddy says:

    Better start the PM. Trouble is I am in post-booze fest mode, however if NB can, so can I though it might be a little late (I need some eggy bread and coffee)

  156. You can do it Raddish…. have a glass of wine with your eggy bread.

  157. Eddie says:

    I love ozil’s jumper 🙂 I hope Ant is wearing one, only real men can wear such clothing without giving a feck what others think about it. Go Ant!!!!

  158. ‘Only real men can wear such clothing’ >>>> like Ant, Chas and Didit 🙂

  159. Gööner In Exile says:

    Arsenal travelled up by plane….when?

    Train would make most sense, however round trip from London Colney is probably 3 hours? And it can be a disaster on weekends.

    By road by car it’s doable in two hours or so, but in a coach? Hmm 60mph on motorways and 50mph on single carriageways, probably about three hours, especially with all the roundabouts on the A11 that a coach might have to take more notice of than a car.

    Although I’d understand it more if we were away in Europe this week.

  160. If they’re flying up this morning, good luck to them as it’s pissing down at the moment. I just hope Norwich International Airport’s grass runway isn’t waterlogged.

  161. Le Coq Monster says:

    Lets get this straight, Rasp !………………………Fury was born in Wythenshawe, England……..I don’t care if he was selling lucky heather dressed as his sister or mum last week…….he was born here, he`s English !……….had he lost !……he could have been any nationality ! 🙂

  162. Le Coq Monster says:

    I thought Norwich International Airport was a Turnip field where local families have dogging night`s out and having six finger hands makes it a more pleasurable experience at the Fakenham Fist Fcuking Festival!.

  163. LB says:

    We need a special side bar to Name and Shame all those who have dissed Cat Vids.


  164. kelsey says:

    Only real men can wear such clothing’ >>>> like Ant, Chas and Didit 🙂

    well feck you too 🙂

  165. kelsey says:

    I hope we play like mustard. The Ox is fit to play and a knackered Sanchez.

  166. Red Arnie says:

    motning all. matchday, is it? I need coffee, plenty of …. 🙂

  167. hey Kelsey…. you can’t be classed as a real man…. not with your haircut ha ha…. so feck you too 🙂

  168. I think Raddy may have taken my suggestion for a glass of wine with his eggy bread seriously….. only real men can drink wine at 9am in the morning, so we may have to wait a little bit longer for the PM! Like sometime towards 4pm. 🙂

  169. Big Raddy says:

    NB. Excellent suggestion about the hair of the dog. I am mellow and ready for an afternoon of the sofa 🙂

    There is a New Post

  170. Thanks for another excellent write-up German Tutoring. The place more may anybody obtain that sort of details such a great a style of crafting? I’ve got a presentation next week, and I am with the seek out similarly info.

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