A Game of Mixed Feelings

So in the end no significant damage done. One of our tougher fixtures out of the way, played on the back of a number of injuries, and we are still joint top.

I must say that I really thought we were getting on top of these injuries but it seems to be rearing its ugly head again. It is entirely possible that we will fall just short in this title race because of injuries so it is really getting to the point where greater examination is required. Is it the types of players we buy? Is it that we don’t have a medical team as up to date with the latest sports science? Is the medical team actually fine but are not allowed to implement the regimes they want by the manager at the expense of a training regime he prefers?

Whichever, there comes a point when so much “bad luck” over such a long period of time has to be re-considered to a possible upgrade of incompetence, especially if it is the “n’th” season in a row and becomes the key factor that stops us winning a title we could have secured.

Now onto the game. We were poor in many parts of it but in terms of chances created and clear goal-scoring opportunities we were generally on an equal footing, so in the end I don’t think a draw overly flattered us. It was however one of those games where we again looked dis-jointed and by and large you felt we had been outplayed by the end of it. The injuries and lack of options from the bench didn’t help of course, but we did field a pretty decent side that still looked second best to Spurs in general play. Does this worry you?

Looking for the explanation to this dis-jointed performance, (and others before it), seems a tricky one but I feel a pattern is emerging. Identifying a pattern is the first stage to being able to put it right. Actually the game last year at WHL had a very similar feel to it. In that game we looked second best (and didn’t hold out for the draw in the end) but actually had a better team to choose from with better options from the bench then. I have a take on this regular return to disjointed performances………….but some of you will not like it…………and it is mainly concerned with the striker……….sorry!!

Looking at Pocchetino I feel he is one of the breed of new younger managers and is cut from the same cloth as the likes of Guardiola, Klopp, and Simeone. Obviously he doesn’t have the same players to work with that Guardiola does, but I feel he adheres to the high pressing game that Guardiola’s teams also play. This style of play seems to cause us problems, yet if we are coached to be the slick passing team that is the apparent hallmark of Arsene Wenger sides then why do we not overcome it?

The answer for me comes from looking at how the high pressing sides set up and what its potential weaknesses could be. The high pressing sides have to play a high defensive line once they have you defending. This compresses the space and makes it much harder to pass it out from the back. Also the high pressing teams like to face towards the opposition goal but the weakness of this is if you can turn them around and make them chase back. To do this you need to be able to by-pass the first couple of players pressing high and also have the ability to get behind the high defensive line.

The type of striker you are playing, for me, becomes very important in overcoming teams that want to play this way. It needs to be a striker who is moving into positions to offer himself as an option to the defence, but also one that can threaten the large space behind their high defensive line. As such I don’t think we have the right player in the squad at the moment for this, but unfortunately I still feel the quicker Theo is the better option.

Ollie just doesn’t have the pace and this allows the high pressing teams to lay their high defensive line without fear. I hope FGG doesn’t mind but I will use part of one of his comments if I may.

Even though Giroud missed some clear chances today, I think we would’ve really struggled had he not been playing. Spurs really pressed us and often forced us to play long. Imagine if all those long balls had been aimed at Walcott! Giroud’s finishing may be questionable but his ability to turn long balls into an attacking platform is second to none.

You see for me rather than that statement being a solution I see it as the problem. Firstly I don’t think Giroud secures the possession from balls coming his way as often as is made out when positively referring to him as being excellent at holding the ball up. Secondly long balls to him from defence are always going to be less accurate than a ground pass when played over a similar distance, and as such it is more likely the opposition defence will win it back and just recirculate the attack again. Thirdly, should we really be thinking along the lines of the best striker option for us is the one that is best at receiving long balls? Are we that team?

People can throw individual stats at it as much as they like, and feel free to do so, but I will make a point that I have made before. Regardless of whether he scores or not the whole team just seems to play better with the quicker Theo. Most of the performances we have been happy with have been with Theo starting as striker, while I feel most of the disjointed performances (not all) where we are scratching our heads are when Ollie starts. I just think the qualities of Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla are more apparent when they play with the quicker Theo.

This is not a slight on Giroud. He is what he is for me, and I strongly feel he is an excellent impact sub at this level, nothing more or less. I feel Ollie is both under-rated and over-rated in equal measure. Interestingly I feel Theo is both Under-rated and over-rated as well, and he still doesn’t do enough for me in offering himself as a quick option when we are defending. He doesn’t move enough into the positions where he could receive an accurate ball (rather than a hit and hope one) and make sure the team has that “out ball” when we have broken down an attack against a high pressing team with a high defensive line. This is more sad for me because Ollie just naturally lacks pace to do this while Theo has it but lacks application for me.

I know Wenger’s hand’s were tied in his options for striker in this game, but part of methinks if Theo was fit he would still have started with Ollie. Impossible to know for sure but that would concern me. At the moment I still feel Theo is our best option to start games, but still think we need a new worldy as it stands, else we will continue to struggle against teams overseen by this new breed of manager with this high pressing high defensive line playing style.

Written by GoonerB

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  1. fatgingergooner says:

    Very interesting post GB, and no issues with you using (and destroying!) my post. 😃

    I actually agree that Theo is the bigger threat and said so only last week, but I think in the context of yesterday, Giroud was actually better suited to the game that was being played.

    I totally agree that our normal game should be played on the floor and that passing our way around pressing teams is better suited to us and to Walcott, but the reason Giroud was key yesterday was because of the absence on Aaron Ramsey. If Ramsey had been playing on the RW instead of Campbell then we would’ve had an extra body in midfield who is happy to come inside and create the options to play around the high press. This then gets the likes of Özil and Sanchez in space between the lines and allows Theo to make his runs. The issue yesterday was that Campbell wanted to hug the touch line (rightly so as I’m sure that’s what he was told to do) and is not as comfortable as Ramsey on the ball. Ramsey can frustrate in that he can’t provide width, but in games like yesterday, he is vital to our passing game.

    So whilst I agree with what you say, I think the main issue yesterday had nothing to do with the strikers, and it was actually Ramsey that we missed. Without Rambo, only Giroud could’ve caused the problems he did and Theo would’ve been lost.

  2. kelsey says:

    Thanks GoonerB

    I won’t go over and over the same thing but you have to agree that a fresh, rested Sanchez is worth 5 Girouds.He is absolutely knackered but our reliant on him is greater than any other player,at least for now.

    Look again at the two unchallenged headers that Giroud fecked up (yet again) if one goes in the whole game changes. Football is often about fine margins.

    Ramsey is injured but had lost his goal touch, Walcott actually worries me as he has had too many long term injuries for my liking.Would he have made a difference yesterday,who knows ?

    It has been said Spurs tired the last 15 minutes but we didn’t exactly look full of running.

    Even though we equallised again through an exuisite pass by Ozil, something is drastically wrong when you bring on Gibbs,Flamini and Arteta when you are chasing a game, as there are no other options.

  3. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ah GB, you know me well 🙂

    The person whose opinion I would like to hear most is Sanchez’
    and I have a feeling I know what he would say
    I do see Ollie’s value, of course, but he does not assist. Sanchez looks half the player without the speed of movement to his side and in front.

    GB, you ask this “Is it the types of players we buy?”
    How about “Is it the types of players we don’t move on?”

    Thank you

  4. Le Coq Monster says:

    Thanks GoonerB.

    It really is a shame about our injury record because with such a talented squad we in theory have the ability to have not just a plan B, but a plan half through the alphabet !. We could mix with the best, we could rough it with the best…press with the best and tippy tappy with the best !. Each game could be a tailor made tactical exercise ( may be Arsene does this now, but we all know he doesn`t worry about the oppo` and rather lets them worry about us ! ), a horses for courses plan.
    Did we not press Manshafter Std for the first 20 mins ?….they like to ( under LvG ) keep it at the back and pass side to side and were pressed so hard that Scweinhunt had to go back and collect the ball from the keeper !.
    The Spuds press high and this was my worry that due to injuries ( and why I would have settled for a draw before ) we didn’t have the pace of Bellerin and Theo to counter their high line, without the threat of pace I think we suffer from these pressing teams, just look at BM away, if it works well for a pressing team we are in trouble with 3 goals conceded before Half time in that game. Sitting back and hoping that they will run out of juice is a dangerous tactic, why not press the pressers !
    This injury curse is the only reason we may stumble in the league. If Wenger goes out in January and buys a couple of quality players, then every injured player comes back and we have no more injuries, who cares if we have some unhappy bench warmers if it means being champions, the money is only sitting in the bank, let it sit on the fcuking bench instead !.
    You know what is going to happen !…..the players will come back by January and he wont buy, then on February the 1st we will have 8 players pull a muscle !….,it`s called Sods Law !…..that`s the trouble with Wenger, he is an accountant, has a degree in economics…..he should have been a Sods Lawyer instead !. hahaha

  5. kelsey says:

    If I was payed about 100K a week I would at least make the keeper work with not one but two unchallenged headers, and whilst I am on the warpath all these stats about how often he scores against minutes played,is utter bollox.

    How many vital goals has he scored against top opposition, and by that I don’t mean the the third or forth goal. The statistics change dramatically.

  6. Le Coq Monster says:

    This fatigue stuff !…..we played on the 31st Oct, 4thNov and 8th Nov !………the Spuds played on the 2nd Nov, 5th and 8th Nov…..why the fcuk weren`t they more knackered than us ?. I wonder how many more miles they ran than us with less of a break ?

    I have always wondered about this fatigue stuff as being professional athletes they should be able at their age to run all fcuking day!. Mo Farrah runs every day and not only is he Olympic and world champion at 5000M, 10000M and can run a Marathon in under 2 hours 10 mins….he is also the British record holder of 1500M….yeah the one that Ovett and Coe held world records at !.
    Any of these teams and players can be trained at their young ages to have stamina and quickness. The pressing game is more about stamina. Ozil ran the most for Arsenal yesterday some 10.5 km…..`I`m six months off of my big 60 and yesterday morning ran a gentle 11 km with my Manc` mate in under an hour without pushing it…..90 mins !….fcuking easy !.

  7. Rasp says:

    Excellent work GB, thank you.

    I’m with you on the Theo to start, Olli for impact for most games – again for the reasons you state = it offers the best outlet for Ozil, Sanchez and Santi to do their stuff.

    I also agree with Those that have recognised (and I was late to this conclusion) that Ramsey on the right brings benefits that no other player in the squad can offer.

    Yesterday’s game was OK. The only loser is the poor bugger who will have to repair out toilets after the miscreants misbehaved – I wonder if we send totnum the bill for the damage?

  8. Trying to compare the way footballers and athletes such as Farah perform is utter nonsense. A 10,000 metre runner works on a totally flat surface and can run for hours at a consistent pace, he doesn’t have to stop, start, Sprint, spin, run with a ball and have people trying to block or tugging his shirt.

    The footballer also has to jump, head a ball, be aware of his teammates, as well as the opposition’s players proximity and be ready to get kicked or tripped at any time.

    The footballer has to be thinking all the time, constantly assessing angles, distances, tactics and other options. The runner just needs to keep his left foot near the kerb and follow the white lines.

  9. On injuries, one thing strikes me, the four players who have played the most minutes this season are the least likely to visit the treatment room. Monreal, Alexis, Ozil and Le Coq.

    Any ideas why?

  10. Le Coq Monster says:

    Because they train as 10,000 meter runners !. hahaha

  11. GoonerB says:

    Thanks guys

    Cockie I was going to mention about the fatigue thing with Spurs recent games as well but thought someone else will bring it up and there you were 🙂 I would urge some caution though with your Marathon and Mo Farah analogy otherwise you will have Steve all frothing at the mouth dreaming of Kevin Keegan perms,tight shorts and the 1970’s 🙂 (no offence Steve).

    To be fair to AW though I still think we can look beyond purely the last week when considering any fatigue problems with Arsenal. It has been a grueling few weeks now not just one and the injuries have just not allowed for certain key players to have a breather.

    Rasp, I would still have to say that while Ramsey brings certain qualities to the right flank he is no world class right sided attacker. He may be one of our best options currently but we need to improve this position if he is deemed to be our best answer. He would not get a sniff at this position in any of the 3-4 best sides in Europe and that is where we ant to be.

  12. Le Coq Monster says:

    Actually GB, you probably do Steve a dishonour as (correct me if I`m wrong, Steve) I`m sure he recently said that all this fatigue stuff was nonsense and that they should be able to play every day not just twice per week…..and I happen to agree with him.
    As for my 10K nonsense, I can only go by my own experiences of when I played at Her Majesty`s Pleasure ( there`s a surprise for you all ….me being a dodgy cockney ! hahaha ), we had a team of fit 10K and Half Marathon runners and wiped the floor with all the other teams and went unbeaten with a 100% win record to win the league !………try telling it`s nonsense to the poor fcukers who couldn`t keep up with us !. hahaha

  13. GoonerB says:

    My aim on this post wasn’t to single out any player or start a Theo vs Ollie debate again. A tactical analysis post will no doubt have many running for cover, so I am not expecting a huge number of our regulars to comment on this one.

    Even without throwing in specific names I would say in a general sense we are better with a quicker mobile striker who individually scores slightly less than a slower less mobile striker who scores slightly more.

    That is my general feeling and after that you can fling any names at those descriptions you wish. Nothing brought it home to me more than many pundits saying that The Utd game was Theo’s best performance in an Arsenal shirt…..yet he didn’t score. The whole team however gelled brilliantly in attack and he was integral to a lot of that.

    I still assert though that I don’t feel we have quite the right option in the squad at present and either someone needs to step forward even more or we need to buy.

  14. Le Coq Monster says:

    Right off to the gym and then a run later……if only Arshavin was as fit as me, he would have been a decent footballer !…….nice goal against Barca though for a fat fcuker !. hahaha

  15. Le Coq Monster says:

    Oops !…..missed out the word Lazy in front of fat fcuker !. hahaha

  16. GoonerB says:

    Cockie, a few years back now I played about 90 minutes 5 a side with some friends. It got a bit competitive. Now I was doing this regularly so was used to the stop, start, sprint, half pace, 3/4 pace changes in running patterns involved. My mate joined us who was a decent amateur marathon runner. I think he had finished the London Marathon just 3 weeks earlier in around 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 hours and had very little after effect. He didn’t go running for a week after the 5 a side because he was cursing me for being in too much pain after. I was ok though and I couldn’t have run the marathon as I wasn’t trained for that, so explain that one.

  17. Big Raddy says:

    GB. Fine post.

    I agree about the need for Theo against a l´pressing team, I also agree that OG makes an excellent 70th minute sub. We are lucky to have this option.

    IMO we lost two points because our first choice right sided players were all injured. Needless to say, their goal came from that side when Rose had a week to pick a pass for Kane. Ramsey would have stopped it and Bellerin would have caught Kane.

    Debuchy is not up to speed, Campbell is not good enough and Santi was way below par (ill). We looked so much better with Flamini and should have won the game.

  18. GunnerN5 says:

    Hi GB, Sorry but I’ve had time to read through your “book of the day” but I would like to respond to your comment at 1:33pm.

    I ran a lot of long distance races, mostly cross country and was extensively involved in football on both sides of the Atlantic. I was often knackered after a long distance race but I never once got injured. I wish I could say the same about football but that is not the case as I was frequently injured and hobbled after a game or even in training sessions.

    Running certainly stretches and perhaps overuses the muscles but it does not subject them to the same rigors that football does. In football you run at top speed then stop suddenly and twist one way and then another in an attempt to confuse your opponent but in many cases you confuse your muscles and tendons instead.

    I don’t have the medical knowledge to explain this in detail but I have the body to prove that it’s true – as an example I will be having two knee replacements in the next twelve months due to old football injuries.

    Those who think it’s down to AW or a poor medical staff for our soft muscle injuries are sadly mistaken – although it may well be down to our style of play which will definitely put more stress on the muscles than say Spurs run and pass style vs our duck and weave style of play.

  19. RC78 says:

    -> Two points lost
    -> Debuchy, Meterstacker, Cazorla were way below bar
    -> Campbell also and Kos costs us the first goal
    -> Giroud should have snatched it for us

    I really think that we can see now that we have made a mistake in not recruiting a CB, DM and a FW that can play on the wing or as ST.

    A CB because Metersacker is not good enough and neither is Gabriel.
    A DM because Coquelin will soon run out of energy and because Santi’s real spot is not DM but CAM…so at one point, he will disengage defensively
    A FW that can play on the wings because Ramsey is not a Winger…

    I cannot wait for Ramsey, Ox, Wilshere, Wellbeck and Walcott to come back from injury and of course, Bellerin is much missed…

    Ozil is however doing great, which is good news 🙂

    Now let us hope to have close to a full squad when the international break is over.


  20. RC78 says:

    Our best A team is as follows when all fit:

    Cech – Bellerin, BFG, Kos, Monreal – Ramsey, Coq – Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez – Theo

    Our best B team;

    Ospina – Debuchy, Chambers, Gabs, Gibbs – Arteta, Flamini – Ox, Wilshere, Wellbeck – Giroud

    Our back up includes Rosicky, Campbell and JEFF

    With no disrepect to Debuchy, Chambers, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky and Campbell, we can find much better…

    RB: Coleman
    CB: Garay or Stones
    DM: Javi Martinez, Bender, Biglia…
    FW/Winger: Reuss, Meertens, Aubemayang

    These are players that would take us to the next level and challenge for a spot on the starting XI

    Anyways – we have what we have and let us hope that we can win this EPL….I am afraid we are missing out a great opportunity already

  21. fatgingergooner says:

    In February this year Arsenal were granted approval to expand the training facilities.

    The current buildings ‘fail to provide sufficient facilities for strength and conditioning and analytical research which are essential for teams competing at the top level of European football,’ a council officer’s report said.

    Maybe this is one of the reasons we seem to get more injuries than others on a regular basis.

  22. GunnerN5 says:

    GB, Sorry but I’ve had time to read through your “book of the day” but I would like to respond to your comment at 1:33pm

    Missed out the “not” – Should have read –

    i GB, Sorry but I’ve “not” had time to read through your “book of the day” but I would like to respond to your comment at 1:33pm


    Nice GB

    I like both Theo and Giroud GB. Excellent players and fine examples of contrasting body shapes.

    No mixed emotions for me, I hate not beating those fools. Every time we fail to turn them over i write a letter to the old bill to investigate but the Bastards have now began warning me for wasting there time and insinuated that remarks about Steve Archibalds skin tone could be construed as racist? Whats racist about saying that the man looks like he bathes in methylated spirits and is a danger to helium?

    The game changed when Ozil got involved. That mans sense of spatial horizontal vertical awareness is uncanny. You could never beat Ozil in a ruck? Just when you think hes punching a bloke in another country you end up on your arse. No wonder Santi was dizzy? Probably pissed off Ozil and got a beating from 20 miles away.

    All this stuff about injuries and different types of fitness? What do any of us know? This is no joke but when I was at school I was the Bounds Green and Haringey 400 metres hurdle champion. To wind up my opponents I used to run with a fag in my mouth and have a siesta on the last hurdle. The only time I ever lost was when I forgot my alarm clock.

    If Diaby had taken my advice and had a short kip and fag break during matches, he would now be European footballer of the year

    Cornwall, are you sure your 100% win record wasn’t because the other team was terrified of the after match shower or threats that unless they came up with half a gram of baccy and some phone credits there would be trouble?

  24. Baggy Pants says:

    So, how many hard tackles does a 10K metre runner have to put up with? How often does he get an ankle injury from a shabby deliberate kick, or a stamp on his achilles, or a knee ligament pull when someone treads on his toes when dribbling flat out with a ball, or a Costa type elbow in the jaw, or a two footed lunging tackle from behind, or have an Orc almost remove his leg during a game?

    Never? So why the comparison.

    It’s a bit like saying the tea lady never gets inured so she must be fitter than Walcott, let’s play her as striker.

    Or the conditioning coach Shad must be at fault, cos he should have stopped all the cheating tackles as it is in his contract presumably, and if he didn’t stop them its his responsibility to fix them overnight.


  25. Aaron says:

    Theo will never play 25 games a season-ever!
    you heard it here last..
    Maybe Ox will but probably not either.
    Need someone like Theo to compliment Ollie.
    Just the way it is.
    Team just needs rest!
    Arsenal will be fine.
    Next 4 games are going to be critical.

  26. Le Coq Monster says:

    Probably muscles being used in a different manner, GB.
    I too play 5 a side and it`s for over an hour ( I think most 5 a side leagues play no more than 15 mins each way ) and think that a combination different sports helps for a general all round fitness. At the height of my fitness at Her Majesty`s Pleasure I was doing running, football, weights, Squash, circuit training and a few others daily only for one night to be undone by a strenuous game of Hungry Hippo resulting in a week off injured with cramp in my fingers !.

  27. GoonerB says:

    Thanks GN5, your 1.58 is backing what I was attempting to say that different sports have specific affects on the body so 2 can’t be comparable. In all that we agree. The only part I would disagree with is the bit about looking towards AW and the fitness team for answers. No-one can keep a football squad in the modern age completely free from injury so they cannot be blamed for that, but if in relation to your peers your injury record is consistently worse then you must be seen to be culpable in some capacity.

    Thanks Terry for your, as usual, insightful view of things. Were you the one who advised Szczesny about fag breaks in the shower?

    Lovely idea about the tea lady Baggy. Maybe our tea ladies are too fit and it is causing all the groin strains.

  28. Le Coq Monster says:

    Hahaha Stretch….Indeed, we did have a psychological advantage over other teams….a team of GBHers, murderers and Arse Rapers etc` probably did help and in some cases provoking the opposition into handling swollen goods !.

    Is it a coincidence that one of our fittest running players ( when fit ) is Ramsey !……who used to do a lot of cross country running !.
    I`m not arguing the point that footballers take whacks, jump and sprint etc`, it`s just my opinion that long distance running would only help the stamina of players. If Arshavin had the running ability of a distance runner, he would have been proper world class.

  29. Gööner In Exile says:

    Well done GoonerB, I looked at the player influence maps yesterday and what interested m me most was how central the Spuds midfield influence was they effectively put 5 in the middle of the park, and left Campbell and Alexis alone, our out ball should have been one of those two.

    RC78 you have to remember why Debuchy was bought instead of Coleman, Arsene knew he had Hector he could have bought Coleman and 26 or Debuchy at 28/29 as a stop gap, it made far more sense to buy Debuchy and when he first started he looked good two bad injuries last season meant Hector got in earlier than expected, Debuchy will be kept one more season and Jenkinson will be Hectors backup.

  30. Rasp says:

    chas, thanks for the stats, I’ve updated the widget 🙂

  31. Rasp says:

    Interesting looking at the widget. Ozil has provided nearly half (10 out of 22) of our goal assists for PL games.

    He is having an outstanding season and is our best player by some distance. Even the idiots who thought he wasn’t that good are seeing the light now.

  32. fatgingergooner says:

    I think a big part of injuries is just the individuals body. We have been unfortunate in that we seem to have a group that struggle with the strain of matches. When it comes to training, what works for one persons body might be causing a different person to start pulling their hamstring on a regular basis. Maybe the club just need to look at each players’ training a bit closer and adjust it if needed. I’m sure they will do this already but who knows.

    I think something else that needs to be taken into consideration is that Arsene doesnt care about the age of a player and if they are good enough he will have them playing every week. Players bodies mature at different times so some will have a lot of strain whilst not fully developed. Wilshere is a prime example of how this can affect the body when they get older. Hopefully Bellerin doesn’t have those problems.

  33. RC78 says:

    GiE – I can understand the reasons behind it but I don’t agree with them 🙂 We need to be competitive day in day out and I am sure that Bellerin would have pushed Coleman to the wire as well.

    Now – when Debuchy leaves, Jenks will be back and I suppose it is a decent partnership at RB but not as good as Bellerin-Coleman…

    I just think that we need to have a quality bench for every position.

    At GK – we are ok
    At RB – we are not ok
    At CB – we are not ok
    At LB – we are ok (but not great)
    At DM – we are not ok
    At CM – We are ok
    At CAM – We are ok
    At RW – we are not ok
    at LW – we are not ok
    At FW/ST – we are ok

    If we fix our defensive side, we will already be winning some matches with our back-ups…

    Ospina – Coleman, BFG, Gabriel, Gibbs – Arteta, Coquelin – Wilshere – Ox, Giroud, Meertens

    Cech – Bellerin, Garay, Kos, Monreal – Ramsey, Bender – Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez – Walcott

    Then you have Wellbeck as well + JEFF and Arteta or Flamini and you can get rid of the rest…Anyways – the point is that we could have a better bench, especially defensively

  34. Rasp says:

    I am not the resident expert on these matters on AA, but surely propensity to sustain soft tissue injuries is influenced by the following:

    1. The individual’s genetics
    2. The club’s training and fitness regimes
    3. The number of games played = workload
    4. The style of play = ability to tackle/avoid tackles
    5. Preparation for games/warm up etc
    6. not luck 🙂

    Only one of the first 5 could be considered to be an area we can have no influence on.

  35. Le Coq Monster says:

    A very good point fgg………..everyone`s fitness ability is different as much as our personality`s are. The way forward imo is for each individual to have a tailor made fitness plan. If someone is struggling with a certain exercise then why carry on with it , change it to what will help the individual. I say this, but I`m hoping with todays sports science that this is the case anyway, but what we think is common sense is not always the case.

  36. GoonerB says:

    Cockie, Agree with your 3.59. I would say at an amateur level, in terms of its benefit towards football, that middle distance running at a quicker pace would be better than long distance at a slower pace.

    I don’t think anything that any of us have done or know someone who does can be comparable to the specific body demands of top level modern football. Also what teams did back in the 70’s and 80’s cannot be compared.

    I have said it before but take one of the past Liverpool sides in its pomp, (say the one with Souness and Dalgleish), and play them as they were then (conditioning wise) against a top end championship side and I think they would lose. The extra capacity of the modern footballer to run faster and harder for longer would overcome the innate extra talent within that Liverpool side.

    Those Liverpool players would have to be trained differently to back then to adequately compete over 90 minutes. If the training is different and non comparable to today then why should anyone not think that the demands on the body and how much it can cope with will be different.

    Maybe those players were only operating at 70% of what the modern player does so their body was naturally able to cope with more games, as the demand per game was not so exacting.

  37. Le Coq Monster says:

    Not forgetting the diet aspect as we all know….you are what you eat !, but Wenger brought this in years ago, so should be OK .

  38. Le Coq Monster says:

    Agree GB……the fitness has moved on and we all know plenty of footballers in the past era`s played with injuries at the cosy of their health later on in life………………..Arshavin is the exception, he was still stuck in the 80`s !. hahaha

  39. GoonerB says:

    Rasp, your 4.34. You have said it as well as any camel wormer could 🙂

    You are right IMO that there are only a couple of extrinsic factors that are out of our control. Even with this a more naturally injury prone player could be helped by getting the other intrinsic factors we can control right. We have what appears to be too many injury prone players for me to think they all fall into the first category, and many Arsenal fans talk about getting rid of them because they see it this way.

    If we let excellent players move on and then watch them largely play injury free elsewhere we will all be a bit miffed.

    For me we must be doing something wrong and I therefore find it hard to pass these players all off as injury prone without first looking towards the club and its training regime.

  40. RockyLives says:

    Great post GoonerB

    At the risk of sounding heretical, might I suggest that we didn’t give the Spuds enough respect?

    They are having an excellent season (11 unbeaten in the Prem now including thrashing Man City 4-1).

    If we had approached this game the way we now tend to do against the likes of Man City I think we would have done a lot better. Instead (the way I see it) we went charging at them, over-committing our midfield and leaving ourselves open at the back: the same sort of “cavalry charge” football that cost us so many points a couple of seasons back, culminating in a bad defeat at Sh*te Hart Lane which led to a re-think about our tactics.

    Yesterday I was going crazy about how open we were defensively long before they scored.

    We’re used to the Spuds being a bit sh*t and we approached Sunday’s game with that mentality.

    In fact, that was as good a Spud performance against us as I have seen in a long time.

    Of course it will all go wrong for them and they’ll tail off – they are still Totteringham after all. But I think if we had set out to stay defensively solid for the first 20 minutes it would have been a very different game.

    However, given the way we set up, I agree Theo would have been a much better option than Ollie. Unlike you, Gooner B, I think AW would have started Theo if he’d been available.

  41. chas says:

    Excellent analysis, GoonerB, thanks very much.

  42. fatgingergooner says:


    A lot of muscle injuries occur when a player makes a sudden, unnatural movement ie putting their weight onto one leg to avoid slipping over.

    This obviously wouldn’t be classed as bad luck as that doesn’t exist, but even if the club did everything in their power, some injuries cannot be avoided. Such as:-

    Giroud blocking a ball and breaking his leg against Everton.

    Debuchy getting shoved into a barrier.

    McNair going through the back of Wilshere and twisting his ankle.

    I think there must be things the club could do better, but we also seem to suffer a lot of ‘unfortunate’ injuries, whatever that means! 😀

  43. Rasp says:

    Hi Fgg, you seem to be arguing with one of your earlier points 😆

    The fact is that Arsenal suffer a higher number of these types of injuries compared to other clubs – this is borne out by stats over the last 10 years or more, so your points @ 5:19 do not explain this phenomenon.

    Someone earlier referred to a ‘pattern’, well a clear pattern has emerged to show that for some reason/reasons Arsenal players are out for longer periods injured than any other club over the last 10 years.

  44. GoonerB says:

    Cheers Chas 🙂

    Thanks also Rocky. You got a day off from being Gordon Gekko? 🙂

  45. LB says:

    Does anyone remember Luke Shaw’s broken leg incident? It wasn’t an illegal tackle, in fact it was a perfectly good tackle.


    Is there any other explanation?

    When humans charge around a field after an inflated sphere then they are inevitably going to incur injuries.

  46. Red Arnie says:

    nice one, GoonerB. 🙂 Sorry I am not able to come into AA these days as much as I would like. Such is life! 😦

    Generally, I agree with your prognosis. Injuries, oh dear, but we do invite it to some extent dont we? Players like Theo and Jack are by their very nature going to spend more time on the treatment table than out of it. At least we have got Diaby out of the books! 🙂

    Been there done that, well on couse to gain a 3-point advantage over a rival over the two games. As I said earlier, MWG a priori, but ex post happy with a point. Onwards and upwards.

    I also feel that we lack a strong enough bench, and this is a bit worrying for me. Theo for Ollie for me is only second best, likewise The Bushy for Bellerin, Campbell for Rambo, Ospina for Cech, Easter for Kos, and dare I say it, Gibbo for Monreal. 🙂

    However, where there can be no argument about your views is when you turn evangelical. “People can throw individual stats at it as much as they like, and feel free to do so, but I will make a point that I have made before.” In other words, I know that stats will not back my point, but I have a BELIEF, and I am going to go with this. No matter whether evidence backs this or not, and even if I am aware that evidence will not. Well, much like most of us and most of the fandom really. One cannot argue against belief, so I will not try to argue.

    Notwithstanding the fact that Theo was not available for selection yesterday, so what the relevance is I dont have the foggiest! 🙂

    Finally, I agree that there could be better alternatives to Giro. But they are not available to us this year, at least not till January. So no use slagging a player whio is best suited to us under teh circumstances, IMO. 🙂

  47. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Agree Rocky about AW starting Theo. And hello.

    Can’t get too stuck in right now, and anyway the fitness/injury thing is not really my bag, but is it more of a problem for players who have been at Arsenal since a more tender age?

  48. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Red Arnie
    Which ever striker camp we may be in, I think we’d all be grateful that least Ollie was available yesterday 🙂

  49. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sorry Cockie, but the Mo Farah comparison. ROLF

    He’s East African for crying out loud, and those fellas have lungs like Zeppelins and the body fat of a cricket

  50. Rasp says:

    Hi LB, resorting to the old scapegoat luck, When statistics show a long-term pattern is tantamount to burying one’s head in the sand – i’m sure you weren’t doing that 🙂 we can all “individual incidents but when a larger number of incidents over a long period of time show a trend then you can start looking for reasons

  51. Red Arnie says:

    Micky. Never mind how good or bad he is as a striker, one great advantage of Ollie is that he is strong and fit. And he does not spend much time on the treatment table. Given our injury prone team, he is therefore invaluable for us. 😛

  52. Gööner In Exile says:

    RC78 is there any squad in the PL that has that luxury in every position?

    What I think most have is a very good first XI then they have utility players who can maybe play 2 positions maybe more, not necessarily the greatest footballers but can be relied upon to do a job.

    Chavsfor example have Baba, Ivanovic, Terry, Cahill, Zouma, Azpulicueta. That’s it. With Ivanovic out who comes in if they suffer another injury at the back. In DM they have Matic and Mikel, not exactly like for like.

    I always think we are very Arsenal centred in our thinking and think others have better squad depth, I really don’t think it’s the case.

  53. Terry Transplant says:

    Another crap theory about our injuries, but perfectly correct and valid for those who live in a loft and have encounterd consistent cranium injury.

    Most of our regular injured are British? I remember once reading how when Alan Ball was a kid he played on cobbled streets covered with Ferrets. In addition Bally recounted how the bigger boys, though younger than him, would always try to nick his ball, hence the high pitched voice, so he learned how to Bob and weave on ferret filled surfaces

    In a similar vein, when I visited Crete I was amazed to find the kids playing on pitches covered in rocks bare footed. On one occasion a mule invaded the pitch so they all showed there dexterity by avoiding the beast by dancing on the rocks. All except some fat kid, who is now in a happy relationship with the mule.

    My point is that today’s British kids are a bunch of soft pansies who are scared to go school on the bus incase some bloke asks them if they would like to stroke his rabbit, and for them to play football it must be on pristine pitches were if they get fouled, it’s okay to start crying

    Honestly, no wonder our British crop are always out. If they saw a Rod Hull lookalike on a bus they would call the police, and if there forced to play football with non multi couloured boots, they would take up opera

    Which by the way, I actively encourage

  54. Le Coq Monster says:

    hahaha True Micky……we need some Kenyans in the team. Some races are naturals by fact of 1000`s of years running at altitude and it must be in their DNA to just get up and run all day long, whereas we have only needed just over a hundred years to become couch potato football managers and get exhausted by over reaching for the controller in the unlikely event that it`s not chained to your wrist !

  55. Le Coq Monster says:

    GIE….Personally, I`m not one to think the so called big clubs have better squads than us, yes in the past, but these last couple of seasons I think our squad is as good or nearly there, it`s just the flaming injuries !. I know it`s nothing to do with bad luck, but it sure feels like it !

  56. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, Decorating all done thank Christ.
    Gooner B, thank you for a quick knocked up post, boy you must write quick blinding son.

    GoonerB, even though i feel this is a good post, i feel that you have left out a very important fact. That fact is physical contact. Looking at the players who play their game physically Kosi Belerin Gibbs Giroud Sanchez Coquelin Ramsey even little Cazorla Monreal and Bebuchy Campbell. Probably more that will fight their corner to win or hold the ball. Small guys like Santi and Sanchez make challenges for headers not just jumping they actually win headers, We do have guys in the team who do not like physical contact, not many but the position they play requires physicality. Theo looks as healthy as any fit footballer anywhere in the league bulging muscles big chest built like a sprinter. Trouble with sprinters is they have clear lanes and dont have to touch, but in football a challenge a ruck a 50 50 has to be won, and if you bow out you lose possession. Theo for many years has got away with his lack of tackling, when he presses a goalkeeper he slows down as he approaches the same as rushing to the touchline he bottles.

    I often wonder like you GB why some players get injured a lot and others dont, i wonder why Coquelin who spends most of the game wrestling and throwing himself into tackles challenges for headers always being physical, how is he not injured after every game.

    When i played i was lucky i got stuck in and hardly suffered any injuries, not the same quality of football for sure but over a 30 year’s of playing i had 2 hamstrings. Our training was a game of football at work dinner times, none of us were exactly ultra fit but Hamstrings were thin on the ground in our teams. The Names we hear of now, were never used, a broken leg now and again or a twisted ankle one of the guys had a broken collarbone once, never heard of it before till he told us .

    The point of all this chat, is that guys seemed tougher in my day if a guy missed a tackle he got slated, Theo gets away with it over and over for nine years and still he is in the team.

    If you pull out of a challenge you end up worse i was always told that as a kid and i do believe that somewhere in the old brainbox if you go in with commitment you usually come out ok if you bottle you suffer,

  57. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hate to say this kind of thing, but I agree with Transplant

    Like I said earlier, our problems lie with the Theos and Jacks. Pampered by Arsenal during their formative years (physically speaking)

  58. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think you are right about our squad. On paper, and therein lies the problem. As a complete unit, it’s only ever just that ie on paper
    Look at our menacing goal threats on the bench yesterday. Imobi!!
    As first choice back up menacing goal threat to Campbell!!

  59. stevepalmer1 says:

    The Japanese or is it the Chinese, they call it Chee or something like that, they can move it to to your hand your leg or your head, dont know how it works but i think its like bottle if you have it you can use it.

  60. Herb's Army says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for the match report GoonerB.
    ‘If you can’t beat them, don’t lose’ seemed to be the mantra yesterday.
    What I sometimes find difficult to fathom is how we can defend so poorly when our last two assistants are legendary defenders, Bouldy part of one of the PL’s meanest defences ever.
    I don’t understand why we seemed more tired and laboured than Tottenham.
    We really do need a more commanding centre-half when we come up against strikers like Kane and Carroll. It has been an achillies heel in recent years.
    It’s the ideal time for a break, hopefully Bellerin, Ramsey and Walcott will be back for the West Brom game.
    If we don’t win the title this year it will be purely down to our fragility, and given the state of the PL and where we are, Arsene’s gamble not to buy reinforcements will look very naïve.
    Hopefully the worst is over, but the onset of winter will definitely test our mettle.
    We’re in the shake-up which is all we can ask for, the PL title is still very much on.

  61. Le Coq Monster says:

    “If we don’t win the title this year it will be purely down to our fragility, and given the state of the PL and where we are, Arsene’s gamble not to buy reinforcements will look very naïve.”………………………I like that Herb !……so much so that I did say it myself previously, but don’t remind Steve !. hahaha

  62. Red Arnie says:

    yes, Herb, can agree with all of that. too much agreement! 😛

  63. Red Arnie says:

    Cockie. I like your new name. 🙂

  64. Terry Transplant says:

    I can’t let this perception that somehow if we don’t win the league it’s because Arsene has been naive in the transfer market.

    I forgive Cornwall. Firstly he’s my mate and secondly when your constantly on the hunt for a bunk up it makes you go all funny hahaha

    But for all the others who spout this rubbish I can only assume it’s there own fragile mental state that makes them spout such nonsense. That’s not a nice thing to say and I am genuinely sorry about that, but I believe it to be true

    To lie in wait to accuse the manager of naiveity when the mans own handy work is the reason we are joint top in the first place is crass, dumb, and reeks of ones own warped personal agenda

    It is also my opinion that those who agree with the niavety proposition are undeserving of the greatest manager in our life times and unworthy of any future success that as a fan the club may bestow on them

  65. stevepalmer1 says:

    Here Here. Well said that man.

  66. Gööner In Exile says:

    That’s the image I was referring too earlier. Look how central the Spuds were in midfield, this should have meant we had space to operate on the flanks,

  67. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh right Transplant
    Like you couldn’t be accused of a warped personal agenda at all 🙂
    You smutty hurdler you

  68. Red Arnie says:

    I have a feeling we have been using the width better in the last 4-5 games. Dont know.

  69. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That’s a shit map Exile. No heat 🙂

  70. MickyDidIt89 says:

    How do these “feelings” assault you Arnie. I get a tingling sensation when Mesut’s on the ball.

  71. Terry Transplant says:

    Micky my dear boy. Now and again, every one must be accused. Except for the geezer doing the accusing hahaha

  72. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Blimey. Must go

  73. MickyDidIt89 says:


  74. fred1266 says:

    Yeah if theo was fit Giroud would have buried those chances

  75. Herb's Army says:

    Hi Terry

    As yet I’m not criticising Arsene, the demolition of United was reminiscent of the football his teams played at Highbury.
    But for several years we have had this recurring injury pattern
    which has left us short at the most important times.
    How many times have Arsenal fans lamented being a player
    or two short of winning the PL?
    The first-choice XI is probably the best, most balanced team we’ve had for a few years, and if they played every game we’d destroy most sides.
    But the amount of competitions doesn’t allow this. We were left in a horrible situation in a nothing League Cup tie with Sheffield Wednesday, and suddenly our only option on the right is Joel Campbell.
    It is a huge gamble with our injury record to go into the season with no outfield reinforcements. It’s not even a case of hindsight.
    No-one can legislate for injuries, but ours happen with too much regularity to be a coincidence.
    But what you can do for the sake of a few million is reduce the impact by having decent, adequate cover.
    Tottenham were better than us on our own patch yesterday, and they had a stronger bench. They don’t suffer injuries like us. No other club in the world suffers the amount of injuries Arsenal do.
    If that were to cost Arsenal the title, it would be a damning, systematic failing.

  76. Herb's Army says:

    Hi Cockie, hope all is well in Cornwall – (and for you Micky, obviously).
    I can’t remember whether I read your comment to Steve or not, though quite possibly.
    Sorry if I duplicated what you’ve flagged-up already.

  77. RC78 says:

    GiE – I think that to win the EPL, you need a group of 18 quality players that challenge each other for a spot in the starting XI.

    I look at Man City this year and they have the 18, including at least 2 players that can challenge the starting XI per line…and IMHO, this depth will get them the EPL…

    We are just three players away IMHO and I am hoping that this will not cost us the league but I think that it will…

    Our fragility is esp. at the back…with RB, CB and DM…For the CM and upfront, we are doing rather well.

  78. Le Coq Monster says:

    It`s OK Herb, I only said that Arsene was naïve in not addressing our historical and perennial injury problems by covering this with some acquisitions as wanted by 99.99999999999% of the Arsenal fanbase…..Terry being the 0.000000000001% not bothered, but he does have a tattoo of Arsene`s face on his bellend along with a puffer jacket condom !. hahaha
    I maybe should have said instead of “naïve” that he “should” have addressed these historical and perennial problems, but he failed to address it so many times and has had season after season of “hindsight” that he is basically naïve !. hahaha
    I have said on numerous occasions that we have a very talented squad more than capable of winning the league and this is obviously down to Arsene, but year after year falling at the last hurdle because of the injury problems should be a slap in the face to an intelligent man to use some common sense !…….are the 99.99999999999% of fans the only ones with common sense ?……do I have drug Terry and slap Arsene in the face with Terry`s little Arsene and say….”Oi Professor….this year will be the same as the previous one`s where we will look like competing for the title until the monsoon of injuries appear, cover yourself and buy some players”.
    Arsene did say at the end of the TW that he thought he had a squad strong enough in depth to compete for the title and no players were needed !….great but he failed to take injuries into the equation.
    I pray that I am wrong and we can over come this injury adversity to win the league….as we wont get a better chance than this year.

    PS………All is well in Cornwall and don’t worry about Micky, he`s from Devon, although he would like to live in Cornwall……bloody emmet !. hahaha

  79. Red Arnie says:

    Micky. 🙂 Yes, we want some heat! 🙂

  80. stevepalmer1 says:

    One in the pipe, should we need a change, morning all 🙂

  81. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Here’s the deal Arnie, you sitar us, I viola you

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Another Post
    You star. We’re off the hook and free again.

  83. Eddie says:

    chas – please come back. You know how the blogs work – if you don’t like something or someone, just ignore it!

    we love your cats videos, well most bloggers love them

  84. MickyDidIt89 says:

    He’s probably sulking
    He finds it very difficult to cope with the news that we are 2-3 players short
    By the way, I loved your revelation that you’re a Catholic, and therefore cannot be married again. The news could explain Chas’ absence, or Raddys for that matter 🙂

  85. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Catholic schmatholic. My fear is that Eddie wants our marriage to last. As if …..

    Hope Chas is just sulking and nothing untoward has happened on the treadmill

  86. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Crikey, nasty but sensitive thought there Erik. Maybe smashed into the mirror. Eeeks


    Yes chas, please return.

    I find your your punk socialistic ideology an excellent gage to the mind and workings of Jeremy Corbyn. I have my eye on him…and you.


    On another note, does any one know a good Stalinist? I have a client who owes me money but wont pay. I know he has an empty property and need some group who enjoy graffiti and masks to occupy it.

  89. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “does any one know a good Stalinist?”

    Just one of those ordinary everyday questions we all ask ha ha ha

  90. Eddie says:

    Catholic schmatholic 🙂 and yes Raddy, I want my next marriage to last forever. There is no way I am paying for another divorce. I would be a rich woman if I didn’t have to pay off the 3 husbands

    Chas is not sulking. he is upset with the way we respond to his cats videos, not enough tits, too much negativity, overally poor spelling, he cannot stomach it anymore

  91. Red Arnie says:

    motning all.

    Micky. apols. just not being able to stay long enough to engage in conversation. 😛

  92. Eddie says:

    Terry – give me the address.


    Interesting chas. So Corbyn is against cruelty to poultry. More worrying to me however is he is also adverse to ugly hairy,bastards who enjoy attacking vegetarians with a shovel whilst dressed in there underpants?

    If he ever gains power, I would be shot.

  94. Big Raddy says:

    B’strd French will eat anything. Poor little finches – just enjoying an afternoon out with the family end up in a baguette with some lettuce and mustard.


    The address is “21 Spencer Avenue, Palmers Green, N22”, Eddie.

    This is a true but random address. This makes an attack even more exciting.

  96. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. You don’t have to tell me about the cost of divorce in the UK. 😐😨

  97. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just think Erik, had you married Eddie, the financial tables would have been turned, and many holidays paid for 🙂

  98. Eddie says:

    Raddy – not just the divorce – I had to pay them for living in MY HOUSE for a few years. Never mind, you and I are going to last, ,there won’t be a divorce

    Terry – Palmers Greek is N13. N22 is Wood Green. I don’t want to burn down a wrong house

  99. Eddie says:

    micky!!!! I will not pay for his CL trips with you and apart from that – he won’t be going away anywhere without me.

    How are we going to survive 2 weeks without EPL?

  100. MickyDidIt89 says:

    When exactly did this site rely on football?

  101. Red Arnie says:

    good question, Micky. 🙂

  102. Rasp says:

    I don’t know why you lot insist on getting married all the time – overrated in my estimation 😆

  103. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. No way. You are not coming on our CL tours.

    What happens on tour, stays on tour ……

  104. Red Arnie says:

    ha ha ha ha. hilarious.

  105. MickyDidIt89 says:

    They believe in love
    Poor misguided creatures 🙂

  106. Red Arnie says:

    Micky. 🙂 Rasp. 🙂

  107. Red Arnie says:

    and marriage, like a horse and carriage 🙂

  108. Eddie says:

    gotta laugh 🙂 🙂

    “Research by the CIES Football Observatory found 11.7% of top-flight players graduated from their club’s academy, down from 13.8% last year” – I am surprised it is 11.7%, I thought the academies dead

  109. Red Arnie says:

    Well, Evonne, our academy is not dead. 🙂 just my view. likewise, Soton, Everton, Pool, ManUre? I have not checked the data, but just speaking off the top of my head. 🙂

  110. GoonerB says:

    G’day all. Someone put up another post for Dennis’ sake. My one is reaching almost 200 comments at which point I tend to get delusions of grandeur and an inflated opinion of my own popularity and self importance, after which I consider sabbatical holidays in the Middle East under the impression that I can solve the whole Middle East crisis with some tactical analysis and debate.

  111. GoonerB says:

    BTW is Redders ok? Has he been on and I haven’t noticed. He seems to be a bit AWOL.

  112. Eddie says:

    BTW GB – I forgot to thank you for your great post – cheers! And you are right – let them throw the stats all they want – Theo gives us what until recently was called ‘another dimension’. I am not sure what that means, but yes, we play better with Walcott on

  113. Redders hasn’t been on here for nearly a week now, has The Fiend got him locked up in her cellar?

  114. Big Raddy says:

    It is a worry about RA.

    Hope the giant is in transit and not unwell

  115. Big Raddy says:

    A story on Sky Sports about children in USA, USA, USA are not going to be allowed to head the ball in any football match.

    I am amazed they are allowed to run – it’s dangerous because one may fall over and then who would one sue?

  116. GunnerN5 says:

    RA is one of the very best bloggers around and he among others is why I participate – I just hope that he will be back sooner than later.

    Blogging is such a flat medium that its impossible to determine the intent of some comments and therefore they can easily be misinterpreted.

  117. GunnerN5 says:

    Raddy, Parents in the USA will sue at the drop of a hat. Clubs/schools/colleges etc. are very wary of the potential of concussions. Many NFL players have ended up with brain injuries due to repeated concussions hence the overreaction.

  118. Rasp says:

    I’ll send Redders an email – he can’t bugger off now, I’ve just made him a banner 🙂

  119. Eddie says:

    GN5 – how could I misinterpret chas calling me old, hairy lesbian?

  120. Rasp says:

    😆 To be fair Eddie, you give a good as you get 🙂


    The place is not the same without Redders. The way he intimidates bloggers with the written word is great. I to get intimidated, but enjoy it.

    My old mum, gawd rest her soul, halted my sparkling school football career by stopping me heading the ball “Terry, you willer geta der brain damage”.

    Many disappointed years later she would say “Terry, ima sure you headed thater bloody ball”

  122. chas says:

    Pretty easy it seems, since I was calling you a puncher of an old, hairy lesbian’s husband.

  123. chas says:

  124. Eddie says:

    Rasp – look, I had to stop myself from responding to you about the overrated marriages. But please tell us, if you were to make honest women of your sweethearts, how many divorces would you have gone through 🙂

    chas – you can call me all you want, I am sure I have been called worse. just leave my spelling alone, all right?

    Terry 🙂

  125. chas says:

    Yeah, but how else am I going to wind you up quite so easily?

  126. Rasp says:

    See what I mean about giving as good as you get 😆

  127. Rasp says:

    I think we’ve got a rich and diverse complement of bloggers …. most of whom are bonkers and one tackle short of a red card 😆 (note the correct spelling of complement Terry 🙂 )

  128. Rasp says:

    I’d like to see Gibbo given a run out at left midfield more often, he’s too good a player (and Arsenal through and through) to be collecting splinters.

  129. Le Coq Monster says:

    I was collecting some money from the Old Quay House at Lelant….( it was for goods, not protection money, them days are over ! hahaha ) ……and I noticed framed LP records on the walls of groups like the Stones etc`, I then see a framed Fabregas signed Number 4 Arsenal shirt !, I was alone. I`m OK with him as he obviously wanted to come back, but Wenger didn`t want him !. What should I have done ?

  130. chas says:

    Get your facts straight?

  131. Eddie says:

    buy some flowers and place under the photo. That’s what you normally do for the departed

  132. Rasp says:

    Thanked your lucky stars that we bought Ozil the year before?

  133. Rasp says:

    …. stars can be lucky 🙂


    You should have nicked it Cornwall. i believe the shirt to have magic properties. Once you put it on it turns blue and the wearer becomes a snidey little shit demanding red cards for players who dont dive. When confronted, you hide behind Matic and give it the bigun about how you played for Barcelona and celebrate the fact they got rid of you because you were shit.

  135. Le Coq Monster says:

    Good idea Eddie, next time I`m there I will steal some flowers out of their garden !……not sure what chas is on about, but the pub is probably open !. 🙂

    I love it that Wenger has been bigging up India`s culture, it can only help in bringing in more revenue with Diwali Wenger shaped lamps being switched on !……….down side is that Arnie will now expect some awful sitar music being played when the players come out at the Emirates ! hahaha

    Bet Arnie cant find a sitar version of Good Old Arsenal !.

  136. Le Coq Monster says:

    Come on lads, that sounds very Sour Grapish !. hahaha

  137. Big Raddy says:

    The Sour Grapes. My favourite pub

  138. chas says:

    “A team that has a stunning season opening, but with a PDO much bigger than their xPDO has achieved their success on the basis of an unsustainable efficiency. Some people would be happy to call this luck, others may prefer to keep to ‘unsustainable efficiency’. For me that is a semantic debate, where I’m willing to respect personal preference.”

    The above quote from this stats analysis site.

    You can thank your unsustainable efficiency stars that we’re not as smart as we’d like to think we are.

  139. Rasp says:

    I know its ridiculously sloppy but I really love that song by Deano …… probably because it reminds me of a particular time in my life 😆

  140. Le Coq Monster says:

    Just needs Arnie on the sitar for backing !.

  141. Le Coq Monster says:

    Who is this then ?………extra point for the Lazio player brought up in Wales !.

  142. Red Arnie says:

    Redders. one line whip!

    Return. Immediately. SOS. 🙂

  143. Le Coq Monster says:

    Won by

  144. Red Arnie says:

    oh dear, Cockie! 🙂

  145. Big Raddy says:

    6.13, Not easy, not easy at all.


  146. Big Raddy says:

    I know the Lazio player because his dad had a shop I frequented in Cardiff

  147. VCC says:

    Cockie 6:13…is it John Roberts?

  148. Red Arnie says:

    I know now. OK, I admit, I cheated, but blame Cockie who made it too easy to cheat. 😛

  149. Red Arnie says:

    Yes, VCC, you are right. I can confirm. 😛

  150. VCC says:

    cheers Red Arnie. 😉

  151. VCC says:

    Red Arnie. Like you, I had to cheat to find out the other player.

  152. Red Arnie says:

    VCC. 🙂 blame Cockie, he made it easy-to-cheat. 🙂

  153. Eddie says:

    RA – a few years ago you have disappeared without a word for a few weeks and we were all sure that you were dead, remember that? We just didn’t think it was possible you not blogging 🙂

  154. Le Coq Monster says:

    Correct !…….John Roberts !, I never see anyone beat him to a header, I think he had gadget springs in his heals !.
    I went to that Lazio game and thinking of all them 70`s players like Storey, Harris, Hunter etc` that I`d be used to the hatchet man stuff, but those Italians took it to another level !.
    Giorgio Chinaglia grew up in Cardiff and played for Swansea.

  155. Red Arnie says:

    Cockie. 🙂

  156. Gööner In Exile says:

    Injury lay offs explained:

    “I try to be faithful to the values that I believe to be important in life and to pass them on to others. In 30 years as a manager, I’ve never had my players injected to make them better. I never gave them any product that would help enhance their performance. I’m proud of that. I’ve played against many teams that weren’t in that frame of mind.”

  157. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Bet Chas takes some heavy shit when he goes salon

    But actually, sod that, why oh why does Eddie want to marry Erik?

  158. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Micky. Perhaps it is the excitement of living with a pauper

  159. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Well a two house, two ipads, twenty two holiday pa pauper

    Nope, not that. However, if she comes on and uses a word like, or similar to, sensitive, I WILL hurl

  160. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hey Erik

    Do your tours include much/any on Vikings. I know they were a people from all over, not just Denmark

  161. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Yes. In fact last Friday I toured with a couple who had come all the way from Oz to see all the Viking shit. I have become a bit of an expert as most guests want to know about them and about Nordic mythology (though that is a far more difficult subject).

    I meant an emotional pauper 🙂

  162. Eddie says:

    Micky – he is kind, sensible, knowledgeable, well travelled, handsome, writes good short stories, likes same books as me, supports the same team as me and I bloody want to know why all those previous wives left 🙂

  163. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Eh? Your always on about how “blessed” you are and shit ( 🙂 ) like that
    Emotional people are weak 🙂
    No, she’s after something else

  164. MickyDidIt89 says:

    SENSIBLE !!!!!!!

    And you see that as a quality 🙂

  165. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “I bloody want to know why all those previous wives left”

    As someone who has done two day stretches with him, I can tell you the list is long

    School bus run. Back in 15

  166. She probably meant sensitive Micky, you know like when you have sensitive teeth, it hurts when you drink a cold beer.

  167. I forgot to say good morning, to you both. But as Micky has gone, good morning Eddie.

  168. Eddie says:

    Ha ha ha, don’t worry micky
    1 I’m not a marrying type
    2 I have no money – all is borrowed and hence could not afford another husband
    3 I have no use for husbands, even as charming as Raddy

  169. Eddie says:

    Hi NG

    I worked with a vietnamese guy once called James Ng

  170. Big Raddy says:

    Bugger, that is bad news Eddie. You were my fall-back position 😀

    NG. Is UK enjoying unseasonably warm November days? It was 16C here yesterday! Fantastic walking/cycling weather

  171. MickyDidIt89 says:


    The Charmer: “Eddie Dearest, someone like you would always have been my first choice. I simply never found you in time”

    The Oaf: “You’ll do as back-up”

  172. Eddie says:

    You are right micky, I should marry you 😆😆😆

    Chelsea have been fined again and warned about future conduct

  173. chas says:

    I find I get all the romance I need from Tinder

  174. chas says:

    Here’s my failsafe guide to dating profiles.

  175. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Watch it Gorgeous, you’re “back-up” on Eddie’s list

    Have to say, “picky” is not a word one would use too liberally around these parts

  176. MickyDidIt89 says:

    ha ha ha
    All true

  177. Eddie says:

    I am headstrong 🙂

  178. Rasp says:

    The morning stuff on here just keeps getting better and better 🙂

    Perhaps we should rename the site Arsenal In Stitches 😀

    That’s why I hate having to come on in the morning and send you all scuttling away by means of the simple plea for a post to publish 😦

    It really only needs to be 1 paragraph that makes a point or asks a question, I know you lot will go off at a tangent any way 🙂 – how hard can that be?

  179. Le Coq Monster says:

    hahaha……You cant beat New Age !.

  180. Eddie, that guy you worked with is probably a distant cousin, instead of writing a post for this morning, I’ll go off and check my family tree on Genes Reunited.

    Sorry Rasp, blame Eddie. 😀

    Hi BR, yep we’re having a very unusual November, it’s really warm so I’m going for a swim later this morning, I can’t quite make up my mind between the sea at Overstrand or the heated indoor pool I usually use. I’ll let you know later.

    Could it be that your habit of wearing your viking helmet in bed drove all those wives away? 😀

  181. Big Raddy says:

    chas. 8.42 As Micky says, so true (not that I have ever on-line dated) but I know many who have found love and disappointment through t’internet

    I know why you are blogging later in the morning, you have not realised that the clocks went back an hour or perhaps in chasworld it is perpetual summer

  182. Big Raddy says:

    NG. On the packet it said “ribbed” nothing about horns 🙂


    I find the best way to charm a women is to reach into ones pocket and withdraw a bundle of cash and start counting. Make it romantic though so mutter “Sexy times baby” constantly when doing so.

    If your skint and look like you have just eaten bake beans, then bring monopoly money instead. To make sure she doesn’t realise the money is fake, bring that monopoly metal dog to distract her.

  184. chas says:

    Did the clocks go back – shit, when was that?

    Seriously though, I was up late yesterday trying to restore a laptop with Linux on it.

    I’ve tried to come up with even just one paragraph and failed, sorry.
    My ideas were…..

    1) Is Wenger the only light in the Premier League? with reference to his comments about India and Diwali starting today. The festival of lights honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity and as we have a quarter of a billion pounds in the bank, surely Arsenal know something about that.

    2) Discussing the comments Wenger made about injections in that interview which GIE referenced first thing. Then I read Arseblog and he’s already done it.

    3) A post dedicated to finding the fabled 2 or 3 players which would give us a title-winning squad. 🙂

  185. chas says:

    I’m not sure about Arsene bigging up Gandhi about pacifism though.

  186. Rasp says:

    Hi chas, yes, all good topics to consider.

    Certainly Arsene’s moral stance on the use of drugs to enhance performance is worthy of discussion and could be expanded to cover the idea of winning at any cost versus winning the right way.

  187. chas says:

    Arseblog mentions creatine – is that banned now.
    GoonerB would know, being a camel wormer.

  188. Red Arnie says:

    ha ha ha. nice batner. getting back towards old times. 🙂 oh sorry, motning all. 🙂

    So, my learning from the morning was some things about Evonne, some new and some old.


    Eric “writes good short stories”. hmm, so Evonne thinks of Raddy’s pre-matches as short stories. 🙂

    “I have no use for husbands”. hmm, good to know! 🙂

    and finally, “I am headstrong”. Well this one we knew anyway. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  189. chas says:

    Right, need to go swimming outdoors since the sun is always shining in chasworld. 🙂

  190. Red Arnie says:

    On the less serious footie side:

    Chas’s list is brilliant! 🙂

    Nice of GiE to point out Arsene’s philosophy. Yes, Rasp, worth a post! 🙂

  191. Red Arnie says:

    How long is Theo out for?

  192. Theo is out on bail Arnie, but Terry will know more about it, I think it was something to do with bulk buying Retzina with drachmas, but I could be wrong.

    Or were you talking about Walcott and not Theodophulous Papakakis who runs the wine wharehouse in Bounds Green?

  193. Red Arnie says:

    On Chas pictures: Moaninho should really be doing his pushups lying down, and should not be looking for Arsene’s help with his pushups.

    That woman doctor would have been a better option. I would have thought.

  194. Le Coq Monster says:

  195. Red Arnie says:

    ha ha ha. Norfolk. 🙂 Now that you mention it, I can see why Theodophallus can be more exciting. For some! 😆

  196. Le Coq Monster says:

  197. Red Arnie says:

    Cockie. Yes, thats the kind of Diwali I would love. Bring it all down.

    Happy Diwali to everyone and their loved ones! 🙂

  198. Red Arnie says:

    You see, the small town that I am from is still dark on Diwali. hmmm. 😦

  199. Le Coq Monster says:

    People in Totnumb must think it`s Diwali in Islington all year round !

    Gooners get Diwali and Spuds suck Da Willy !.

  200. Eddie says:

    good on Wayne

  201. Big Raddy says:

    That big fellow has learned how to dive from Wayne

  202. Eddie says:

    I sent something to Nuts

  203. Big Raddy says:

    Brilliant decision by Morgan to bat first. Oh dear

  204. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. Could not find it but I did find a post from Steve which I will publish now.

    There is a new post

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