Training Diet the Schwarzenegger effect‏

I watched some of the news last night on TV, and one of the things I noticed, was how drugs in sport has taken so long for the Authorities to see it as a problem. The people responsible for investigating, have come out and said, they are shocked to find its a bigger problem than what they first thought. Now I find that amazing, where have these people been. Sport is all about performance enhancing drugs it always has been.

I can remember as a kid, watching the Olympics and thinking when I saw eastern block competitors. and thinking, that woman looks like a man. Questions were asked at the time , and I suppose they had to examine these peoples bits to find out one way or the other. Would it be worthwhile to the country, to have sex changes, Men into women to win a gold medal.

Now i am no expert in the fundamentals, but i can remember many occasions when I felt cheating was in play and that’s 50 years ago, why has it taken so long, to now find that athletes are using drugs. I also remember a guy named Lasse Viren a distance runner, who was a very good runner at the time, and when he had a final, had his blood changed for high altitude blood that was full of extra oxygen, and they guy ran like the wind, bit different I know, but even in those days, they thought of ways to get an advantage.

Different sports had different ways to cheat, Drugs, blood, sex changes, its all the same, performance enhancing ways to find an edge. Arnold Schwarzenegger won many body building titles, I was always keen on this sport, as the manly thing was to look big and powerful. Seeing Arnie parade on stage was like watching a giant for me back then, bulging muscles and seeing a developed body that outshone every body else, the man was a colossus.

Arnie was a cheat he openly stated as i remember that he was a natural body builder, Nothing Natural about Arnie nothing at all. These people stand out from the rest, I myself trained to build a bigger better body, I can honestly tell you that its impossible to build a Schwarzenegger body without some kind of help no matter how hard you train. When I was doing it, and moaned that my body wasn’t developing quick enough, Other guys told me that you have to use the gear if you want results. I used to train every body part to extreme and even thought about using these treatments myself, not to win trophies just for myself, but it seemed wrong at the time and it still feels wrong now.

I remember just a few years ago when I watched Linford Christy sprinting for England, the first thing i said to my Mrs is his shape is not natural, i said at the time you cannot build a body like that in the amount of time he had, he was only young then, and nobody questioned it. He turned out a cheat, I knew it why didn’t they.

Tiger Woods, my idol at one stage, the best golfer I have ever seen. The best Golfer that ever picked up a golf club and it all looked natural For sheer talent this guy had it all, and he showed he was head and shoulders above them all. Now although Tiger was not caught taking drugs that I know of, Tiger had a secret life outside Golf, we all know the story so I wont bore you, but for a top sportsman, its also impossible to play world shattering Golf , and stay up all night with half a dozen women without some kind of help, even a fool can see that.

What’s all this have to do with football you may well ask, Well is their sports enhancing products, that can aid a young footballer, well of course there are. There are enhancing items for every sport, that’s why it has taken years for them to only start finding out Yeh Right. And not just the young ones, the old ones need help too, even more so.

People ask the question, why do Arsenal suffer more injuries than other clubs, why do our players break down more than the other’s. Boy wouldn’t we all like the answer to that one. When Arsene first came to Arsenal , he introduced new training new diets which has revolutionised the sport as we know it. Now I am not pointing the finger and saying we also used enhancing products, but the way we went about our business, has made me wonder at times, how a player has more energy and stamina by not eating certain foods. My mother used to tell me that a little of everything does you good, and i believed that to be true, but when Mesut arrived, to me he looked like a weak link, He used to perform what I felt like a misplaced player in a league which was too tough for him, he looked skinny and weak and went off regularly before the ninety minutes. Now Mesut looks like a trained athlete he looks to have gained weight he looks visibly stronger he looks the part, in fact he looks the player we thought we had brought.

As I said, I am not pointing the finger, but has Mesut done all this by training harder or even stuffing beef burgers or has he had help, as it seems a bit quick for me. Theo another who has been accused of being a weakling, not so long ago we were saying he gets shrugged off quite easily he seemed like a weak link , but just before he got injured, he looked bigger more muscled and a dam sight stronger, has he been on the burgers as well.

Body shape and mass does not happen overnight, and its not down to diet, stamina is built up and the same with strength, a player training 3 hours a day cannot build like that, but that is just my opinion, as I said I am not pointing fingers. Schwarzenegger has had lots of medical procedures for failing organs due to his Steroid abuse, once a man mounting he is a shadow of his former self, older of course but if you cheat it catches up to you in the end, injuries happen more frequently and then the body starts to ebb away.

I do believe we have not heard the end of drugs and enhancement treatments, training gets you fitter and stronger but it takes years and years, do not be fooled by diets and different training.

Steve Palmer

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  1. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. Can you format Steve’s post – it is Mac-proof!

  2. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Big fan of drugs, so here’s a slightly different angle.

    Sportsmen/Athletes, whatever we call the little darlings, could be viewed as modern day gladiators. They perform for our entertainment, and we should have little or no emotional attachment to them. Yeah, we favour the homeboy, but let’s face it, he’s just as likely to swap sides and play for the opposition if offered more gold.

    So I say, let ’em take drugs.

    Just a thought 🙂

    Oh, and yet more thanks to Steve.

  3. chas says:

    Magnificent, rambling, all-encompassing post, Steve, thanks.

    I’m definitely going to have to hit the beefburger diet sooner rather than later. 🙂

    The Arseblog post today talks about Wenger’s introduction of creatine when he first came to the country. Definitely performance-enhancing but not banned (as far as I can see) because it naturally occurs in fish and red meat.

    Now if only I could find some decent beefburgers with some genuine red meat in them, I might not take so much heavy shit at the salon. 🙂

  4. chas says:

    Legalise drugs in sport – wow, that could be fun.
    Exploding hearts and shrivelled testicles, enough about my gym experiences.

    How about bionic limb replacements?

  5. chas says:

    Is it even possible to score a goal like this without performance-enhancing drugs or bionic limbs?

  6. chas says:

    Szcz obviously thinks not, judging by his reaction.

  7. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the post Steve.

    Raddy, I’ve sorted the formatting.

    Chas, creatine is readily available and can be bought from health food shops etc. It is formed naturally in the body – we all have it. Supplements only work either side of exercise, I’m pretty sure it is not banned.

  8. Le Coq Monster says:

    I`m with Micky ( no !…we`re not in bed together taking drugs ! ) ….let them all take the drugs, the more performance enhancing the better, because I ask you this……would you get more excited seeing Bolt win the 100M Olympics Final in 9.58 seconds or see him come last behind the winner Terry Transplant, who finishes in 4.58 seconds whilst doing his zipper up after just shagging the entire Russian woman`s 100M relay team ?. He then carries on running to win the 1500M in 2 mins with the Bulgarian entry in the woman`s shot put`s fanny wrapped around his face !.

  9. Herb's Army says:

    Hi Steve, just a quick one from me.

    We have such a hypocritical moral stance on drugs, and I cringe every time I hear how Lord Sebastian Coe is going to clean up Athletics.
    Here’s one for you to think about:
    “The global drugs trade controlled by British Intelligence is worth at least $500 billion a year. This is more than the global oil trade. The economy in Britain and America is totally dependent on this drug money.
    In Britain, the MI-6 drug money is laundered through the Bank of England, Barclays Bank and other household name companies. The drug money is passed from account to account until its origins are lost in a huge web of transactions. The drug money comes out ‘cleaner’ but not totally clean. Diamonds are then bought with this money from the diamond business families like the Oppenheimers. These diamonds are then sold and the drug money is clean.” – James Casbolt, former MI-6 Agent.

    Doping in Sport is a tiresome subject because even if it is wiped out, it ignores a much bigger issue.
    It’s okay for a national newspaper to have their front-page covered with certain celebrities ‘coked’ out of their heads, but we won’t tolerate it in Sport?
    If Sport hadn’t become so corrupted with money, maybe we’d all still trust the product we’re shown.
    Sometimes, Britain is really quite shameless.

  10. Thanks Steve, a very interesting and timely post.

    Drug testers are forever playing catch-up, it seems the drug cheats are always a step or two ahead of the field. It’s got to the point where blood samples are held for eight years so that if a new drug comes into being testing can be done on it and retrospective punishments can be handed out.

    Let’s all hope that the Zagreb player who failed a test after the Arsenal game gets banned and the points his club won against us are taken away and awarded to Arsenal.

    In a recent interview, Mesut Ozil said that during his rehabilitatiion following injury he worked for long hours in the gym specifically to build up his bulk in order to cope with the rigours of Premiership football. He now has the build of a middle-weight boxer. It’s also noticeable that he doesn’t get hauled off after sixty minutes anymore and certainly seems to have the stamina to last the full ninety.

    Is doping a worse form of cheating than diving?

  11. Le Coq Monster says:

    Interesting to know how many AAers are on post/blog enhancing drugs ?………I`m a clean blogger !….although the taste of my Ex-West German Pole Vaulting Woman Window Cleaner`s fanny tastes a bit Creatineish, probably from the days when she was the East German Pole Vaulting Champion !. hahaha

  12. A liar and a fantasist: James Calbolt sentenced to 12 years … › Life & Style › Life

  13. Rasp says:

    My son has just completed his Masters on performance enhancement in elite athletes. The ways of making the blood hold more oxygen are manyfold and a lot are perfectly legal. EPO and blood doping are not, but training at high altitude for a month before the event is commonplace and has the same effect.

    They now know that starving muscles of blood (and therefore oxygen) prior to physical exertion will also enhance performance and this can be achieved simply by applying a tourniquet.

    Steroids and other synthesised drugs that take over from the body’s natural mechanisms should be banned – but there are many other strategies that just encourage the body to perform better that are in ‘grey areas’.

    I believe banned drugs have been used in football by some coaches in some countries for many years.

    Uncannily all of Barcelona’s stored blood samples went misssing a few years ago – and this when their doctor was the same one advising Lance Armstrong …. just saying 😕

  14. Herb's Army says:

    Norfolk – James CaSbolt, not CaLbolt.
    People always turn a blind-eye to uncomfortable truths.
    “Britain has been involved in the China opium trade for over two centuries. No-one is going to be so foolish as to rock the boat when millions upon millions of dollars flow into the bank accounts of British oligarchs, and more gold is traded on the Hong Kong gold market than the combined total traded in London and New York.” – John Coleman, ‘The Committee of 300’.
    Or this one, Norfolk –
    “Hong Kong was set up by the British, literally from bare rock, as a centre for the drug trade, and remains to this day purely British, and purely a centre for the drugs trade.” – Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin ‘George Bush: The Unauthorized* Biography’.
    (*Unauthorized – American spelling).

    These people could all be wrong though, Norfolk, fantasists as you call them.

  15. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon all,
    cheating is cheating in my book, whatever for it comes in, The game has a set of rules, follow the rules of the game and you should be OK, When the governing bodies change said rules, it’s normally for a reason.

    I tend to see things in black and white, I think the game is bent, I have been a competeter in many sports so I feel I have a bit of an understanding of how things are.

    It is now coming out that the authorities have fiddled, that is no surprise for me, so when an authority changes a rho are fdlersiule I naturally wonder why. The offside rule for example is so mixed up, not even the experts know if it’s offside or not, usually it’s decided by the man in the middle . He works for the authorities who are fiddlers, are you starting to understand.

    Comps are fiddled venues are fiddled bids are fiddle and the big one results are fiddled. rules which can be interpreted in two ways is necessary askills how can they change a result when everybody understands.
    Comps are fiddled venues are fiddled and re

  16. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry working on tablet

  17. Eddie says:

    Thanks Steve!

    I’m not going to join the debate until the world wakes up to the fact that alcohol and fags are the most deadly drugs of all. That makes government of this country a drug pusher 🙂

    Booze always helped to enhance my performance – i could run, dance and sing all at the same time. Sober – nada

  18. Big Raddy says:

    Although a free drugs policy appeals to my Libertarian nature it has it’s pitfalls.

    In order to compete everyone will have to take drugs.

  19. No word from Redders yet.

  20. Sepp Blatter in hospital after “small breakdown”, the cheating, conniving b*****d will be too I’ll to stand trial by the time the authorities get him in court. Six months after charges are dropped he’ll make a miraculous recovery.

  21. Le Coq Monster says:

    Steve is the first AAer to come out and openly admit he`s on a comment enhancing Tablet !

    What`s a tourniquet ?

  22. Rasp says:

    It’s the band the nurse wraps around your arm when she’s taking your blood – type of thingy Cocky 🙂

  23. Le Coq Monster says:

    Hahaha No points for guessing what I`m going to use a tourniquet for helping performance wise !.

  24. Le Coq Monster says:

    Even better, Rasp, if a nurse or someone in the uniform applies it !. hahaha

  25. Terry Transplant says:

    Excellent Steve

    In my early 20s I admit to doing anabolic steroids. I was skint in them days and scraped through doing male modelling. Nothing spectacular, nude artist model, C&A reserve etc

    I wanted the big time, the man holding the Argos screwdriver, the bloke leaving the milk tray, that sort of thing. Besides I was crap at nude modelling, kept getting excited if there was a female artist so had to constantly recall Steve Archibalds boat to keep control

    I decided to join a gym to add muscle and that’s were I met Barry Norman. I think he used to present a film show, but got thrown off for been shit.

    I got friendly with Norman and it was then I realised that he had gone from reviewing the thespian skills of Michael Caine to a steroid drug dealer.

    “Honestly Terry, Dianabol is the breakfast of champions. Schwarzenegger swears by it and before Fatima Whitbread took it, she looked like Olivia Newton John. It might even turn you straight?”

    I looked behind me to check he was talking to me, but there was no one there?

    I started taking it at 25 mills per day and after three weeks the results were amazing. F*uck the drill, at this rate I would be the face of the Argos lawnmower

    Then all of a sudden things started going wrong. I noticed an itch on my nipple and realised it was swollen

    “Bloody hell Barry, ime growing tits. I want to be the geezer delivering the milk tray? not the bloke receiving it”

    “Ah, sorry Terry. I thought blokes like you might like that sort of thing”

    I looked around to check wether he was talking to me, but there was no one about

    He reccomended Novadex, guaranteed to stop you turning into Dame Edna Everidge. Thankfully it worked but after the dose of Dbol, despite how hard I trained, the gains were wearing off

    “That’s because Dbol is a kick starter Terry, what you need is some Test. You inject 500 mild into the buttocks every day. Piece of cake, your probably use to that sort of thing”

    I looked around to check he was talking to me, but there was no one about.

    Anyway, I took the Test, and the results were incredible. Overall I gained two stone of bulk over three months and felt great

    I got an interview at Argos, but when I got there the bloke laughed at me. What I had not catered for was that the roids had turned me into a middle aged Ronnie Kray, but madder

    Suffering from roid rage I beat up the effeminate interviewer, shouting”salt of the earth yer bastard, love me mumm” I was so confused that whilst sitting on top of him I contemplated doing something else to him? But then realised my balls had shrunk

    For the next few weeks, still suffering from the rage and with my dreams of been an Argos twat in tatters, I swore revenge on Norman.

    I couldn’t find the geezer anywhere. I so wanted to do the wanker, not just for me, but also for his condescending criticism of Tom Cruise performance in Cocktail.

    Yes, drugs are bad.

  26. chas says:

  27. Big Raddy says:

    Another masterpiece from Terry 😀 😀

  28. Big Raddy says:

    chas, If we had any Ikea shit it would be burned as a sacrifice on Saturday, as it is the H&M t-shirt with the Stones logo which I bought last summer is about to be used to polish Mrs. Raddy’s shoes

    Lucky we don’t have a Saab or a Volvo.

  29. stevepalmer1 says:

    Blinding Terry, did that really happen 🙂 You do it every time son, Magic

  30. stevepalmer1 says:

    Thank you Herb, very educational . Your no mug Mate thats for sure. I think its me that needs to see some one 🙂

  31. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Who or what unlocked your imagination?
    If the answer involves an act illegal in the Christian world, then fear not, I’m game

  32. Mind altering drugs Micky. 😀

  33. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I was imagining something altogether more repulsive
    An intimate encounter with Archibald S. deep amongst the desert dunes, or God forbid, worse 😦

  34. Big Raddy says:

    I was once in the same room as Teddy Shittingham. Even now, 15 years later, I feel dirty

  35. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Blame whoever you please Erik, but you’re a Dirty Dane. Always will be

  36. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Someone, anyone, please take me from my suffering and tell me neither Mesut or Alexis will playing crunch games during this break

  37. Big Raddy says:

    I can relieve you of half your suffering. Ozil is not playing but Sanchez is flying to Chile to play in two qualifiers.

    Ramsey, Theo, Ox, JW, Monreal, Debuchy, Bellerin, BFG, Santi not playing.

    OG and Kos in the French squad. Gibbs with England.Gabriel with Brazil to play Argentina in WC qualifier

  38. LB says:

    Fascinating read Steve.

    There are a few obvious things there.

    Arnie used steroids.

    Tiger adopted a penchant for Peruvian marching powder.

    Performance enhancing drugs are rife in athletics.

    And Mesut Ozil plays for Arsenal and therefore above reproach 😉

  39. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Dear Lord Erik
    That does not make happy reading at all
    Sanchez looked knackered before the break!
    We really do need to get smarter in England
    Same old. Bin League cup and reduce Prem size
    Bloody shouty money

  40. stevepalmer1 says:

    Thats why i said i am not pointing fingers LB 🙂

  41. Herb's Army says:

    Hi Steve

    I only intended leaving the one comment, just to highlight the futility and hypocrisy surrounding any drugs debate, but within ten minutes of posting, Norfolk was desperate to discredit me and rubbish what I’d said, so naturally I was forced to defend my statement with further evidence, which I’m taking to be true since Norfolk hasn’t been back to disprove it.
    I’d be amazed if some of that drug money didn’t find its way into the coffers of a few football clubs, maybe even our own. We’ll never know, which is probably for the best.
    I was conscious that too much politics can kill a football blog, so I hope that wasn’t the case.
    The West Brom game feels a long way off.

  42. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry Herb, just logged back on, Herb the information you put in your first post, was interesting. I wasn’t aware of all that, if its true. Drugs of course is one of the biggest industries on the planet, it’s only natural that governments are involved.

    Drugs in the medical profession is a wonderful thing, recreational drugs, bad., Performance enhancing drugs in sport, is cheating and that is what my post is all about.

    You have given me food for thought, and why this drug induced society seems to have taken so long to be clamped down on, You have high lighted why the drugs are rife in the world, and to be honest frightening.

  43. stevepalmer1 says:

    Eddie in her comment, also brought it home when she said that booze and fags are the worst, she has a point, and of course both are taxed to the hilt.

  44. Gööner In Exile says:

    for me the way to spot the ‘roid boys at the gym was generally unnaturally big necks and bad skin, and of course the ripped physique. I always wondered about Ronaldo.

    But do I think similar results can only be achieved by steroids? Not at all, muscle growth is easiest by consumption of protein coupled with short sharp explosive reps on heavy weights, and very little aerobic exercise. Has Mesut beefed up that much? Need a before and after picture.

    As for government involvement in drugs trade and some kind of contradiction I’d have to ask why it would be a contradiction, there is nothing illegal about steroids, there is nothing illegal about many performance enhancing drugs they are just controlled substances like morphine or other drugs that you can only get from a pharmacist, however various sports have said those products would enhance performance and so are banned. The main opponents of drugs in sport are the media (from memory not state sponsored) and yes Lord Coe, does anyone think he would have some kind of state secret clearance to know if this stuff was going on? He was a sportsman and believes in fairness in sport.

    Listened to an interview with Mark Cavendish last year and he was suffering a cold, the interviewer signed off with something like “go and have a lemsip”, to which Cabendish replied something like “not a chance, just lemon and honey for me”. Simply he didn’t dare take any over the counter medicine just in case it would contain a banned substance, and even if it wasn’t on the ingredients he would still avoid because you never know whether the manufacturer process is consistent or free from contamination.

    The recent football revelations seem to be down to testosterone levels being unnaturally high after games, but one would expect that was probably quite normal after a football match due to emotions displayed during the game. The problem in football is only two players per match are tested, one of Zagrebs players got caught after we played them, awaiting a b sample before sentencing.

    What is strange also to me is that in English football most players get caught for social drugs rather than performance enhancing drugs, I can’t see how snorting the marching powder is really going to get you up for 90 minutes of football. Maybe 10 minutes where the player thinks he is the best in the world and tells everyone he can that he is.

  45. Gööner In Exile says:

    On alcohol v drugs I always go back to Bill Hicks comparison between marijuana and alcohol:

    “If you’re in a bar and a guy is getting loud and obnoxious is he drunk or high”

    “If you’re at a ball game and a guy is getting loud and obnoxious is he drink or high”

    I am for legalisation of certain drugs for two reasons, safety of the product and financial ability to tax it, oh and the fact that if you legalise it maybe they’ll be more funding of help to people who become addicts like smoking and alcohol.

  46. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Exile, morning.

    You are an ex-pro, so what are your thoughts on Eddie marrying Erik?

  47. chas says:

    Plenty of drugs and they should be ok.

  48. chas says:

    I rarely, if ever, dream about football, but dreamt I was chatting to Mesut last night.
    Must have been this graphic from which did it, DidIt.

  49. Gööner In Exile says:

    Rejected 😦

  50. chas says:

    I was thinking, wouldn’t it be amusing if you could watch a game where everyone was pissed?
    Then I remembered Arsenal in the pre-Wenger era.

  51. MickyDidIt89 says:

    After a buoyant start to the day, I’m now feeling a little down

    Just been to interrupt my son’s piano practice to find out if he managed to ask Mrs Frith whether she would give his beginner Dad viola lessons

    Apparently her reply was “Oh God”

  52. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Rejected? You too eh. Nasty feeling isn’t it.

    Just asked Son about reason for Mrs Frith’s Oh God response, and he’s just told me that he had explained that I can be “quite difficult” !!!!!!

  53. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning Chas
    Maybe you sub consciously fancy Mesut. Just a thought.

    See, I’ve read Freuds Interpretation of Dreams, and sounds to me like you either fancy your Mum or you’re a poof

  54. chas says:

    Mesut Sept 2013

  55. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Yip. Confirmed 🙂

  56. chas says:

    Mesut summer 2015

    Doesn’t everyone?

  57. chas says:

    You being described as “quite difficult” is absolutely hilarious. 😆

  58. chas says:

    Why are you feeling rejected, Mr GIE?

  59. MickyDidIt89 says:

    BY OSCAR!!!
    ie he’s dissing me

  60. Gööner In Exile says:

    Chas i was answering Mickys question about Erik and Eddie. But you interspersed with your man crush images 😉

  61. chas says:

    I’d imagine all fathers are regarded as ‘quite difficult’ by their teenage sons.
    Was Mrs Frith’s ‘Oh God’ response remembering some carnal experience, then?

  62. Gööner In Exile says:

    Hmmm the graphic that shows who has benefitted most from Mesut assists seems to fly in the face of the perceived wisdom about who Mesut prefers to play with……obviously the Giroudists will claim it’s damn lies and statistics.

  63. chas says:

    Sorry, mate, you have to move fast on the morning watch.

  64. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I have observed Mrs Frith from a short distance over many years

    Having attended many concerts, I’ve always been super impressed how superb the Little Scot is with beginners on strings
    About a year ago, when I though Cello was the right tool for me, I did approach her, and she was, how do I put it, non committal

    Anyway, I now have her email address, so I will up the stakes today

  65. chas says:

    I thought it was Sanchez preferring to play with Theo rather than Ollie from the Giroudists, wasn’t it?

  66. Gööner In Exile says:

    Bit of a long vid forward wind to 1:00 for best bit.

  67. chas says:

    Non-committal 🙂
    So, the arm is progressing well?

  68. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I may have Mrs Frith slightly cornered as she wants Oscar to accompany one of her more advanced fiddlers in a duet

    My opening gambit may well be no lessons, no pianist

  69. chas says:

    Is that you laughing like Muttley in the background; very fatherly!

  70. chas says:

    By the way, my dream was about talking to him about why he was leaving after only 2 seasons.
    Even in my dreams I can’t get my facts straight.

  71. chas says:

    Blackmail her by withholding your son’s prowess.
    Perfectly acceptable.
    No idea why he would say you were ‘quite difficult’.

  72. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all,
    Mesut certainly looks ripped doesn’t he. Now the guy is a pro so he should be fit no question about that, but how does some one go from being Knackered after an hour, and then be up for the full ninety, by doing sit ups. Mesut certainly looks the part and his talent is not to be confused with a flash in the pan, but i have to ask myself how he got away with sixty minutes before he came to us.

    I assume Theo is on the same training as Mesut, as he also had the same transformation, Theo of course does get injured quite a lot, hopefully Theo stamina will also last ninety as well.

    Theo lasted less than 15 minutes last time out, Chamberlain the same, hopefully once the Burgers kick in, we might have players who can do the business for the full ninety.

    Thank you GIE, you have made me understand more about the illegal and legal side of drugs, but of course we are the Arsenal, so no problems 🙂

  73. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Mmm, well got the all clear to drive, but re viola, the left wrist won’t twist to the right, but will to the left, so I can’t see there’ll be a problem
    Off to see a luthier today hopefully so may find out if I’m up to the job

  74. chas says:

    I guessed what a luthier was, but still had to look it up to check.

    Have a good day, all.

  75. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    It is well known in amongst musicians that the viola is a woman’s instrument, it is to do with triangle made by chin, arm and leg position.

    Graham Norton plays the viola, so did Quentin Crisp.

    Mrs Frith is doing you a favour

  76. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Chas holding fort on four simultaneous conversations. Cracking 🙂

  77. Big Raddy says:

    I don’t understand the moveable graph above. Why aren’t we top?

  78. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Look here Erik
    You have spent decades rounding up weak women with your “I’m in touch with my feminine side, acoustic, short sensitive stories, long haired nancy boy bollocks” so don’t give me that triangle shit

  79. Big Raddy says:

    Well, your seal-training, soft -hoe shuffling, hawaian shirt, anti-establishment ,full head of curly hair schtick has done you well so far, why jeopardise it with a ponce’s instrument?

  80. Eddie says:

    I am an insomniac, but when I sleep I often dream of football and footballers; dancing with Thierry Henry was very memorable. We lost and won many games in my dreams, suffered some horrid injuries and unjust decisions from the refs…..I love football dreams, I wish I could sleep longer

    Mezut has a fantastic body – very proportionate, lovely shaped, beautiful to watch him move – the nicest physique in the squad. He looks like a toy doll. Please chas, don’t post photos of his eyes 🙂

  81. Eddie says:

    micky – why don’t you want to take a few viola lessons?

    BTW – you’d be glad to know that bike sales have plummeted last year

    I sent a rubbish conversation starter to nuts yesterday, I hope someone came up with something better

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    soft shoe shuffling
    ha ha ha ha ha

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:

    And hello Eddie

  84. Rasp says:

    A rare treat today ….

    …. New post ….

    …. Courtesy of Eddie ….

  85. Eddie says:

    Hi, what soft hoe shuffling mean?

  86. RA says:

    Here it is Rasper!!

    Who is going to be Arsene’s Successor?

    There is clearly a need and indeed an obligation for a top football club, such as Arsenal, to have begun the intricate process of longer term planning for the managerial succession once Le Roi, Monsieur Wenger, finally calls it a day as he seems to have obliquely indicated in recent times.

    The conundrum the Board have is that it may not be as straightforward as it might seem on the face of it.

    All public limited companies, which includes Arenal Football Club are subject to the requirements of the Companies Act to avoid foreseeable risks and therefore they need to plan for the inevitable succession and also carry out due diligence would seem to rule out any appointment from left field which would rule out and this raises some problems.

    For myself, I have absolutely no doubts that conversations between the Board and Arsene have taken place and he will surely have an input as to who his likely successor might be.

    The need to carry on the momentum of the club and its need to remain at the top of the footballing tree, would seem to rule out any appointment from left field which would seem to rule out the appointment of an inexperienced wannabe manager including someone who is currently taking his coaching badges, such as Thierry Henry and the like.

    What is needed is an established, successful, well grounded, experienced manager conversant with the needs of a top, top football club, and that would bring its own problems in terms of the timing of Arsene’s retirement, and the then availability of the required quality of mangers, with an eye on the advancing age of those currently managing other top clubs, as that is part of the price that is paid for experience.

    I do not have any real idea who would be the fans’ favourite to take over, other than the obvious one of Guardiola, but no doubt you guys will have your own ideas on who should be recruited when King Arsene steps down and who will be crowned the new king of Arsenal.

    There is an alternative to the above, which despite my pooh-pahing of a left field appointment could actually happen if all the pieces fall in order.

    IArsen’s contract has been extended for another three season, so I have heard, finishing in the summer 2018. Meanwhile, the appointment of Remi Garde as the Aston Villa manager for a similar period has also been announced, and this may not be entirely a coincidence.

    If an ‘Arsenal man’ is the preferred option for both the Board and the fans, other than the inexperienced ones, and it may not be, then it is entirely possible that someone who has had experience of running an EPL club by then and has also managed a top French team could be the answer.

    Whatever happens, or whoever is appointed, it will be a novel experience for many of us after all these years of the Professor, but everything and everyone has a beginning and end, and I for one will be sorry to see Arsene step down, it will also be an exciting move into an new era at the club.

    Vive La France, Vive Arsene, Vive L’Arsenal. 😀

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