Can we outfox the Foxes?

Those who are regular readers of the site will know that our pre-match posts are usually written by blogger BigRaddy but this weekend we have two build up posts in Raddy’s absence. The first is from Norfolk Gooner and the second from RA.

It’s off to The King Power Stadium in Leicester to face the “Foxes” today for a 3pm start.

Leicester City, they were originally called Leicester Fosse, were founded in 1884 but despite being around for so long they haven’t exactly set the footballing world alight.

Their best ever finish, in the top flight, was second but that was back in the 1928/29 season.

They have been runners up in the FA Cup four times and hold the dubious record of the most appearances in the final without actually winning the trophy.

The Foxes have won the League Cup three times and the Charity Shield once and that under strange circumstances. It was in Arsenal’s double year, 1970/71, when we didn’t contest the shield due to our European commitments. Leicester, as winners of the second division, were invited to play Liverpool, the beaten FA Cup finalists and won 1 – 0.

Two of the finest players produced by the Foxes joined Arsenal, Frank McLintock and Alan Smith. Frank later went on to succeed another Arsenal luminary, Jimmy Bloomfield as manager there.

This little history lesson is proof only that I don’t know much about the Leicester City team of today, save that they have made a very good start to the season, currently lie fourth in the table having won three and drawn three.

The midweek win over Spurs has, hopefully, dispelled any hangover from the Chelsea game and so we go into today’s match in reasonably good shape although we will be without the newly suspended Gabriel, Santi is serving his one match ban and Le Coq is probably out with a knee injury picked up in that infamous game at Stamford Bridge.

I expect our defense to return to it’s more normal shape with the return of Cech, Bellerin and Monreal.

With both Santi and Le Coq absent a mid-field pairing of Arteta and two goal hero Flamini looks likely. With Alexis, Mesut and either The Ox or Aaron to play just behind Theo.

I can’t quite decide between Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain, both have been a bit off lately, so a good point for discusssion.

A win today will move us up to fourth which will provide the necessary impetus to head for ever more dizzying heights.

C’mon The Glorious Gunners!!

The above is written by Norfolk Gooner. 

The following is written by RA 

Who are our opponents? None other than Leicester Fosse — oops I mean Leicester City.

Like us they have had a name change from when they were originally founded in the summer of 1884 as Leicester Fosse, so called as they played in a grotty old field filled with cows near Fosse Road.

The were renamed Leicester City after WW1 in 1919 to avoid any association with cows. [OK that last bit I made up.]

It’s most famous person was Robert de Beaumont, who became the first Earl of Leicester, c 1150, after the Normans beat up the Anglo-Saxons, but talking of name changes he preferred to be called by his Frenchie title as Count de Meulan.

He might have had pretensions to playing football by lopping off heads and kicking them around when he got bored.

In 1564, Queen Elizabeth 1st made her boyfriend Robert Dudley the Earl of Leicester again, after his forebears had become careless and lost their heads – literally.

Back to today, the Foxes as they are known, have not beaten us in the last 5 meetings between us, but this season under the Tinker Man they remain unbeaten – yikes – and lie fourth in the table above us with 12 [points having beaten a few duff teams on the way.

I am looking forward to the guy linked with us, Mahrez, who is known to be rapid. Chaser will take care of him.

For us Cazzor is back from a one match ban – and Gabriel takes his place in the naughty boy cupboard. So it will be a slightly changed team today – but who cares – we will win.

Bollox to percentages – I feel it in my water that we will cruise home 1 : 3.


Written by RA

150 Responses to Can we outfox the Foxes?

  1. Thanks guys, I’ve added the two together, hope that makes sense.

    I think Cazorla’s one match ban was the Capital One Cup so we should see him today but alongside who??????

  2. goonerjake says:

    Leicester 1 Arsenal 3 Theo hatrick and mahrez for them. Optimistic.

  3. mickydidit89 says:

    Two really interesting pm,s
    Thank you both

    I evaluate teams purely and simply on how many goals they score

    Leicester have 13 to our 5

    They have even scored more than The Oilers which makes them the best tr in the league on the eyes of this purest. 😎

  4. Gööner In Exile says:

    Well done lads. Nice prematches. I will be mainly getting drunk in Cambridge today building up to watching the egg chasing this evening. So won’t have a stream, won’t see the game. Look forward to checking in at 5pm and seeing 5-3 score line that I predict…..not that confident on predicting which way it will go. Should I add Vardy and Mahrez to my Fantasy League team to scupper them?

  5. mickydidit89 says:

    Quack quack Ant n Duck

    Yes, we may have insulted your selfies
    Sure, the same for your snacks and clothing
    We may have also have called you a disgrace for following The Arsenal the length and breadth of the kingdom willy nilly carefree of the result but send us a sign
    Some bad shoes on the train

  6. Eddie says:

    chas accused me of pooing in the bed so I’d be surprised if he took offence to anything at all 🙂

    Going to watch Spurs. It would suit us if they won today, fat chance though. Mind you, Hugo Lloris is back

    off to read the posts

  7. Eddie says:

    Thank you for both posts! Until today I knew nothing about Leicester. I’m very knowledgeable about the City now, but still have no clue why they have been so successful thus far?

    I only know a couple of their players, ie horrible Huth, Schmeichel and Albrighton. Were they just lucky?

  8. Ant says:

  9. Ant says:

    We love you Micky but not sure about Yvonna

  10. Ant says:

    It never suits us for Spurs to win!

  11. Eddie says:

    What??!! Why not?

  12. mickydidit89 says:

    Ant 😀
    White socks, grey plastic shoes is the holy grail

  13. fatgingergooner says:

    Cech to save us some points, Sanchez to find his goalscoring boots, lots and lots of goalmouth action at both ends, Bellerin to have a blinder, and the ref to give a shocking penalty.

    These are my predictions for our game today.

    Line up:

    Bellerin Merts Kos Monreal
    Ramsey Ozil Arteta Cazorla Sanchez

  14. Red Arnie says:

    ha ha ha. Matchday, and a double bill as well. Norfolk and Redders. what a duel! 🙂 just love it! 🙂 spoilt are we AAers. 🙂

  15. GunnerN5 says:

    Leicester City subs: King, Simpson, Kramaric, Ulloa, Schwarzer, Inler, Dodoo

    Leicester City team to play Arsenal: Schmeichel, De Laet, Drinkwater, Morgan, Huth, Vardy, Albrighton, Kante, Schlupp, Okazaki, Mahrez

    Arsenal team to play Leicester City: Cech, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Bellerin, Flamini, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Walcott

    Santi Cazorla has created the most goalscoring chances (23) and completed the most passes (471) in the Premier League this season.

    The Foxes haven’t beaten Arsenal since their debut season in the Premier League in 1994/95 (W1 D6 L11).

    Only once in the 18 Premier League meetings have Arsenal failed to score against Leicester.


  16. GunnerN5 says:

    Ant does your 1;10 indicate that you are kicking off your pre game travel-log?

  17. GunnerN5 says:

    NG & RA – two fine pre-match posts, Raddy has some strong competition.

  18. Well done Peaches, you spotted my deliberate Cazorla mistake straight away. :D. There are no flies on you, although you can see where they’ve. Been.

  19. GunnerN5 says:

    Was there an early game today? – who cares anyway? – certainly not me…………

  20. GoonerB says:

    Thanks guys for 2 great reports. I quite like the modern Leicester. They are plucky, determined and never give up. They also have a couple of players who can hurt you in Mahrez (who I do like the look of) and the duracell Vardy. I would have preferred 2 quicker CB’s to deal with the live-wire Vardy and felt it was more a game for Gabriel than Merts but that is not an option. What is an option is to play with proper wing/ wing forwards with pace. Just looking at GN5’s lineup, who is playing from the right?

    Anyways COYRRG’s

  21. GoonerB says:

    To be fair it is when Giroud starts up front I don’t like Rambo to the right. It may work better with a pacier striker in front of him. We will find out.

  22. Unexpected result earlier, Spuds 4 Oilers 1.

  23. mickydidit89 says:

    So far not enough internet oomph to fire up live watching
    Like team. Ox on standby
    Come on Gunners

  24. GunnerN5 says:

    It’s usually Ramsey on the right flank GB, but who will be on the left – Ozil or Alexis?

  25. GunnerN5 says:

    Hi Micky, sorry to hear about your unlucky break, I hope the healing process is successful.

    I’ve watched a couple of Leicester games this season and they look very dangerous up front – we may be in for a nasty surprise!

    I’m recording the game to watch later so off I go…………..

  26. RA says:

    Thank you, GN5, but to be candid I would be less than honest to claim that as a pre-match — it was just an idle thought as I had not seen NG’s attempt to volunteer me – and as no one had voted for me to do so – that was just as well. 🙂

    Unbelievably of the 5 goals in the Citeh v Spurs game – no less than 4 were clearly off-side.

    Off to find an Arsenal match link.

  27. There goes the clean sheet.

  28. RockyLives says:

    Watching it on TV here in North America – I’m afraid we have started very very badly. We’re second to everything and the entire team seems to have lost the ability to pass, even short passes.

    I was about to write “it can only get better, right?” and then Theo does the biz!

  29. Eddie says:

    Thierry!!! Lovely hoal

  30. Welcome back Rocky.

  31. Lovely what Eddie? 😀

  32. RA says:

    Rocky, 😀

    I was just typing an email to you asking where the hell you were – and there was a yell from a biddy [yep not a buddy – but a keen Goonerette] – and there you are. Telepathy?

    Hope all is well? 🙂

  33. Eddie says:

    That was a Thierry school of scoring

  34. RockyLives says:

    Cheers NG

    We’re all waiting for this very talented team to “click”. I wish they’d get on with it!

    Seems like they’ve lost the switch.

  35. RA says:

    Norfolkian and Camely, hang your heads in shame – how you could doubt Theo?

    Unlike me – I have always rated him – there’s nothing wrong with him being gunner-eyed. 😀

  36. RockyLives says:

    Hello Redders

    All good – just got back from a couple of weeks traipsing round New York and Washington, keeping one step ahead of the Pope…

  37. Eddie says:

    Listen rocky – this is neither the time nor the place to moan during a game. Rant Friday was yesterday

  38. mickydidit89 says:

    Only caught 40 seconds of live but saw the goal
    Game on

  39. RockyLives says:

    Key players who haven’t found their mojo yet this season: Sanchez, Santi, Ramsey, Ozil.

    When they’re on their game all together they’re unplayable. Three out of four on their game – we’ll still dominate most opposition. But none out of four…?

    Thank Dennis for Theo 🙂

  40. RockyLives says:

    Who’s moaning Eddie?

    Just you as far as I can see 😀

  41. Eddie says:

    I’m allowed, I don’t disappear for months 🙂

  42. RockyLives says:

    Alexis!! Get in!

  43. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky, hi everyone 🙂 Im reading that Flam has been subbed – was it an injury. And apparently it’s 1:2 now yippee 😀

  44. Eddie says:

    Rasp – not clear about MF

  45. RockyLives says:

    Hello Rasp
    Not clear whether it was tactical or injury.

    Flam had done a couple of good things but also lost the ball a couple of times.

    I suspect injury because it would be very un-Arsene to sub off a player so early for tactical reasons.

  46. Rasp says:

    DM is our Achilles heal – and whenever we have a lack of depth in a position, Sod’s law says that is where we get the injuries – Le Coq and Flamster both sidelined 😦

  47. Oh! Alexis we love you!

  48. Rasp says:

    Thanks Rocky, shame Jack is not fit, I still think he could be a good bet as DM/ box to box

  49. Santo just wide with a shot.

  50. Eddie says:

    Unbelievable game! How much money do Leicester have?

  51. RockyLives says:

    Agreed Rasp – JW10 has been very unlucky.

  52. Eddie says:

    Lots of money Eddie. They are owned by a thai travel group. Chairman’s name is Srivaddhanaprabha 🙂

  53. RockyLives says:

    Also, they’re in the Premier League, so they get gazillions every year in TV money like everyone else.

  54. That was a brilliant first half of football…

  55. Eddie says:

    Great result for spurs and the whole of EPL

  56. RockyLives says:

    Alexis appears to have found his mojo.

  57. We love you Alexis we do.
    We love you Alexis we do
    Oh Alexis we love you.

  58. RockyLives says:

    By the way Eddie, I agree with you about Theo. Whisper it softly but has looked a little bit Thierry on occasion with his movement and running and that finish.

    Albeit “late-period Thierry” with the bald head and beard…

  59. Eddie says:

    And minus 3 inches 🙂 I’m sure they practised together
    Ozils cross was brill

  60. RA says:

    I have given up on a crap stream – but I saw intermittent scenes with some iffy decisions made by this Arsenal player or that – and then some great stuff by the same ‘this player or that’. 🙂

    I don’t know whether to shake my head in sage resignation or grin like a loon at the score. 🙂

  61. RockyLives says:

    Wahay – Alexis hat trick!

  62. RA says:

    I just do not see what you lot see in Sanchez — just a hat-trick? Pfhttt. 😀

  63. Gööner In Exile says:

    Not faraway from my 5-3 prediction, bless the spuds for their win.

  64. RA says:

    Incidentally, Norfolk, I told you I felt this result in my water – and to stuff the Hippo % calculation.

    I think we should sell Sanchez – look what he’s done to my 1 : 3 score prediction. Honestly – he is as bad as you! 🙂

  65. RA says:

    OI, Exile, you chancer.

    What you actually said was that the score could be 5 : 3 to one of the sides — or the other.

    Anyway, 5 : 3 doesn’t seem much like 1 : 4 — but 1 : 3 does, of course! 😀

  66. RA says:

    Umm – forget the above — 2 : 4 does look a bit closer to 5 : 3 to one of the sides – or the other. 🙂

  67. Yeah, anyone scoring more than one goal in a game should be sold forthwith, if you say so Redders.

    Oops 4 – 2, 89th minute.

  68. RockyLives says:

    Ollie! 5-2

  69. Ollie makes it safe, 5 – 2.

  70. RockyLives says:

    That’ll do.

  71. RA says:

    OK, Exile, you win — sort of! 🙂

  72. Well my prediction went out of the window, Alexis got three on his own and Redders little idol, Theo and Ollie one each.

    I look forward to.reading Herb’s thoughts.

  73. Now it’s time to relax and rearrange the cushions on the sofa in readiness for England v Wales match at Twickers.

    Swing low sweet chariot!!

  74. kelsey says:

    Crystals was right again, a tight game and a low score draw. I will get my coat 😉

  75. Excellent result and it sounded like a fantastic game. Some dodgy defending by us of course but if you’re gone score three more goals than the others who cares 🙂

    Sir A was at the game and offered a match report which I accepted, so you can all relax as I won’t be nagging anyone tonight 🙂

  76. Oh crystals you must be a bit out of practice, I’m sure with a few more predictions you’ll get back into the groove.

    Happy Invincibles Day Gooners 🙂

  77. GoonerB says:

    Great result. Just reading back and a LOL to Redders 3.24 and also NG’s 4.51. I presume it was meant as humour NG?

    Yes the only blot is in the DM area. Lets hope that Le Coq’s and Flamini’s injuries are only minor. If neither are available next week for Utd AW will have to drop Santi to the bench IMO and play Rambo next to Arteta or I fear we will lose the midfield battle. Is that the sort of thing that AW does though?

  78. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh behave 😎
    What a fantastic score line
    Cannot wait to see motd

  79. mickydidit89 says:

    Great day for the travelling Fans
    Even if they are a disgrace 😀

  80. RA says:

    Hi GB,

    Can you imagine the sheer cheek of the players scoring more goals after they reached my predicted score?

    I think Sanchez and Giro and Vardy should take a hike — they did irreparable damage to my effort to rival Crystals prestige — oh, wait , a low scoring draw? nah, I’m good — Sanchez and Giro can stay — but needs to be transferred out of Leics —- to us! 🙂

  81. Rasp says:

    GoonerB, apparently Flamini picked up a hamstring injury so 2-3 week’s’ish?

  82. Ant says:

    Woo hoo 5 goals for disgraceful away fans and only 3 dm’s in sight

  83. chas says:

    I’d like to celebrate but I’m too worried about our DM position.
    Love from a disgraceful fan.

  84. Yes GoonerB, it was be humour but was no where near as funny as Redders’ attempts at justifying his predictions. 😀

  85. Gööner In Exile says:

    I would just like to say I was very close to predicting the correct result RA even at 4-1 I knew the game had more goals and all I’m doing is drinking fantastic beer and eating great food at The Cambridge Bewhouse…..I have acquired Mystics powers 😀

  86. kelsey says:

    It was 70 seconds from Leicester hitting the post to us scoring our second.Fine margins indeed.

    A word about the ref.He had a good game and did what all refs should try and do, that is let the game fow.
    theo’s goal wasn’t much different to the one he got the other week. He will always score a certain amount of goals like that.

    I also noticed that the plan was to attack our right hand side of the pitch as some other team did the other week, honestly can’t remember who it was,but Leicester’s first goal though well taken showed up our defensive frailities.Not one Arsenal player in sight except mertesecker who can’t give any forward a ten yard start.Bellerin was still near the leicester defending corner flag. This counter attack defending just has to be worked on, we are getting caught too often for my liking.

  87. kelsey says:

    GIE don’t kid yourself, I just had a blip today 😉

  88. Ant says:

    How small is your dongle M?

  89. GoonerB says:

    NG, it was Redders self proclaimed faith in Theo, (that had never left him from the moment he first set eyes on him), that made me laugh allied to his pointing out how little faith you and I have ever shown 🙂

    Bloody awful fans those Vines. Really ought to pull their finger out and show some true commitment to the cause and faith in the club and the manager 🙂

  90. Rasp says:

    Toon 1 nil up at half time against the chavs – this could be a very good weekend for us 🙂

  91. jmwatkins2014 says:

    Magpies one up at half-time. Moaniho not happy.

  92. Ant says:

    Thanks GB 😅

  93. RA says:

    GB, @ 6:18 😀

    [Don’t explain it to NG – he thinks ‘irony’ is what a wifely, womanly female does to shirts.] I think it was shirts! 😀

  94. RA says:


    You always have a smile – whatever happens to Arsenal. Good man! 🙂

  95. Ant says:

    We are invincible!

  96. RA says:


    Micky’s dongle is almost indiscernible — so Eddie says! 😀

  97. OMG come on you toons!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. RA says:

    The magpies are doing well 2 : 0

    I cannot believe that the referee allows Cahilland Ivanovich to cheat in the penalty area by all the holding they do.

    I know I put this up yesterday, but maybe the refs should read it too.

    Cautions (Yellow Cards) for unsporting behaviour:

    There are different circumstances when a player must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour, e.g. if a player:

    • commits in a reckless manner one of the seven offences that incur a direct free kick
    • commits a foul for the tactical purpose of interfering with or breaking up a promising attack
    • holds an opponent for the tactical purpose of pulling the opponent away from the ball or preventing the opponent from getting to the ball
    • handles the ball to prevent an opponent gaining possession or developing an attack (other than the goalkeeper within his own penalty area)
    • handles the ball in an attempt to score a goal (irrespective of whether or not the attempt is successful).
    • attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled (simulation)
    • changes places with the goalkeeper during play or without the referee’s permission
    • acts in a manner which shows a lack of respect for the game
    • plays the ball when he is walking off the field of play after being granted permission to leave the field of play
    • verbally distracts an opponent during play or at a restart
    • makes unauthorised marks on the field of play
    • uses a deliberate trick while the ball is in play to pass the ball to his own goalkeeper with his head, chest, knee, etc. in order to circumvent the Law, irrespective of whether the goalkeeper touches the ball with his hands or not. The offence is committed by the player in attempting to circumvent both the letter and the spirit of Law 12 and play is restarted with an indirect free kick.
    • uses a deliberate trick to pass the ball to his own goalkeeper to circumvent the Law while he is taking a free kick (after the player is cautioned, the free kick must be retaken.

    I have highlighted the relevant bit,It seems that refs are changing the Law 12 by not enforcing it.

  99. Red Arnie says:

    2-0. ha ha ha

  100. Red Arnie says:

    brilliant. such a nice game. kudos to the Foxes as well.

    Sanchez!!!!!!! what can one say!

    only one further thing. 1 in 80 versus 1 in 10, but the opening goal is always more important. COYG. 🙂

  101. Red Arnie says:

    Micky. nice to see you back! when will motning batner resume? 🙂

  102. Eddie says:

    ‘feck off Maurinho’ is sang wherever chavs go 🙂 music to my ears 🙂

  103. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, Thank both of you for the PM’s.
    I watched the spud game first them our game,, and both games had players who have struggled to score.

    But today Sanchez found the goal 3 times , Giroud also got on the score sheet, Theo of course is still keeping his goal a game going.

    Yes we missed Coquelin, Flamster two games on the trot was a little too much for our two goal scorers Hammy, so a well earned rest should be on the cards for him, I did say he would be a liability but didn;t expect it quite so quickly.

    It seems that our Premier bans have now been served, only Girouds ban has to be worked off. With Theo now building confidence, we just need to see if he can last out for a full ninety,

    Leicester was a good test for us today, and their fast breaks was a match for our own, We of course managed to finish some of ours off and that i felt made the difference. 5 goals has doubled our goal tally so another good day for us.

    I did feel that some of our players gave the ball away which always causes problems, i also felt that legs from some was well finished before the 90 minutes, and for top athletes that is not good , 2.5 well done lads.

  104. RockyLives says:


    Cahill actually wrestled a Toon player to the floor during the corner from which Newcastle got their second. It didn’t get any attention because of the goal, but it’s standard Chav tactics and it’s mystifying how they are allowed to do it week in and week out.

  105. fatgingergooner says:

    Didn’t do great in my pre match predictions!

    Lots of goalmouth action – tick
    Cech to save us points (made some good saves but when you score 5 you don’t need a keeper!) – fail
    Bellerin to have a blinder (had a hand in a couple of goals but not sure he was that good) – fail
    Ref to give a dodgy pen – fail
    Sanchez to find his shooting boots – massive tick

    Starting to see why Ramsey plays RW. At times he doesn’t like it as he’s out of the action, but when you have Bellerin at RB it makes perfect sense. I remember Ashley Cole bombing into the space left by Pires and I think the Rambo/Bellerin pairing is starting to look similar. Bellerin has the pace to be a wing back and Ramsey can thrive out there if he embraces it and learns the position. Still see him central in the long run though!

    Özil will get a lot more goals this season if he keeps making the runs in behind and getting in the positions he does. He has a gift for seeing pockets of space on the pitch and this will eventually lead to more goals. Some of passes today were different class.

    Sanchez is back!

    Walcott was outstanding and looked greedy for goals, which I like to see from a striker. He had an easy square ball for his goal but took the risk and scored. 12 in 13 starts shows signs of ruthlessness.

    Love Leicester. If they carry on like that they will be a joy to watch this season. Mahrez and Vardy look very good and will be lethal against the lower teams this year.

    Mourinho is a prick.

  106. fatgingergooner says:

    Oh, and Coquelin is huge for us.

    Also we could easily have been 2-0 down and that’s a different game. Fine margins in this league.

  107. chas says:

  108. Eddie says:

    see micky, 5 goals – we don’t need a striker
    chas – you kept a low profile, why? Great vids, cheers

  109. chas says:

    I’m still banned.
    Besides, no-one wants to see the same tired old photos of two disappointing middle-aged Arsenal fans who are too pissed to care if we win or lose, eating gargantuan pack-ups and guzzling beer.

  110. Eddie says:

    Villareal top of La Liga and Messi out for 8 weeks with a knee injury. Blimey, I never thought he could get injured, freak

  111. Eddie says:

    pee off, of course we do, it is part of the parcel – raddy’s PM, Ant and Deck show and Crystal predictions. It is the AA culture you know

  112. Eddie says:

    duck even 🙂 Raddy skips PMs, Rocky stopped his Mondays and now you joined in the dereliction of duties. Great, fecking great

  113. mickydidit89 says:

    Saw motd last night
    Dear god those “gold” shirts are awful
    Muddy yellow
    Surely sequins was the only way to achieve the right look

  114. Eddie says:

    there is a really boring and weird tv pundit called Thierry Henry, sometimes he wears a tie with black sequins, jeez

  115. It’;s 9am (10am)… it;s Sunday… and I’m in a good mood.

    I agree about the new away shirts…more dirty than gold.

  116. I think the away shirts are great, they make us look mean and dirty. Surely that’s just what we need on the road, kudos to whoever thought of it.

  117. Haven’t heard from Sir A yet so we’ll have to chat amongst ourselves for the time being.

  118. The Cockie Monster says:

    I too love the new away shirt, but don’t like the new home one with the gold piping and collar !. Preferred last seasons home kit !.

  119. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all, up into fourth, 3 points behind the leaders United. who will have 3 points taken from them next week. We dug in and took the spoils and deserved them, Goals from Theo and Oly, and 3 from Sanchez, we had a very good goal day which has been missing.

    Leicester i felt were very good, made some very fast breaks but we did handle them well. What a difference when a good ref is in charge and wants to let play flow. I doubt next weeks ref will be as good.

    I hate our away strip, Brand new Shirts that look like they are soaking wet. Not classy at all. Sweaty Betty’s terrible..

  120. Perhaps a vote needs to be put up on AA about the gold away kit…. I think a better job could have been done with the colour. I don’t mind gold as a shirt colour… but something seems to have gone wrong with the current one. Not sure if it’s the material or that gold isn’t really a good colour for a sweaty football shirt. But sumfink ain’t right.

  121. mickydidit89 says:

    Shirts look mean eh
    Could have a point and certainly puts my sequins suggestion into context

    Hopefully internet back tomorrow pm 😦

  122. kelsey says:

    I think the shirt is shite and looks shite 🙂

  123. stevepalmer1 says:

    Your feeling better then Kels 🙂

  124. kelsey says:

    Oh I made a mistake to all the budding accountants out there .We have a reserve of 228 million not 200 million as previously stated.
    Any win scoring 5 away is very comendable but the injury crisis is worsening as it always does and AW won’t win a title without a better squad.There are no excuses whatsoever that he didn’t strengthen. What would we do without Sanchez and Giroud again missed a sitter that my late grandmother could have blown in.:)

  125. Eddie says:

    I never noticed the shirts, but keep wondering about the purpose of 2 little red rectangular patches on white shorts between players’ legs. What are they there for? Surely, not just for dirty old birds starring 🙂

  126. kelsey says:

    Come on you reds sounds a bit better than come on you shitty gold colours

  127. Football kits are not designed by footballers. They are concieved by someone at Puma/Nike or Adidas who went to Art and Design University and sometimes they do something that they consider innovative but is just different for the sake of being different. I wonder how much input the club have when it comes to our kit design. Perhaps I should leave this subject and wait until rant Friday and write a piece??

  128. kelsey says:

    In any case there must be some new deal going on NB as traditionally we would wear our home kit against a team who play in blue.

  129. ……… or the players love feeling mean and dirty in the away shirts 🙂

  130. Kels

    Perhaps they’re having problems selling ‘dirty gold’ to the fans… the money isn’t coming in for away shirts so they play in it even when they don’t need to. But anyway, Peaches and Cockie have bought one apiece:-D

  131. Steady Peaches… you are delving into your sexual fantasies 🙂

  132. Possibly nb 🙂 I just think they look great in it

  133. kelsey says:

    It’s the worst away shirt I can ever remember it has nothing Arsenal about it,if you get my drift

  134. Even in the photos it looks ‘mucky’…. I don’t mind the idea Kels… but something has gone wrong with the shading and choice of gold, which results in the dull look. As an artist (piss) I know how difficult the colour gold is to work with… out of a tube it can lack vibrancy, but a bit of Gold Leaf shows its brilliance. Just ask Gustav Klimt 🙂

  135. LB says:

    It’s not even a clean gold, it’s a dirty gold.

  136. Klimt knew how to work with gold

  137. Post is in, just sorting it, back in a bit

  138. New Post everyone …………………..

  139. LB says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how that picture works.

  140. discrete says:

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