Flamini strikes twice!

An unlikely source was the hero for Arsenal as Mathieu Flamini helped himself to a brace against bitter rivals Tottnumb and secured the Gunners’ passage in to the next round of the credit card cup.

An enthralling cup tie captured the imagination and the very best of the Arsenal away support with fans starting drinking at North London pubs as early as Midday. The Twelve Pins was the spot for pre-match drinks and come the late afternoon there was a huge police presence. The old bill focused very intensely on the Arsenal fans watching them chanting and even climbing traffic lights waiting to see when they would leave the bars for the the ‘Frog March’ down the Seven Sisters Road.

As the Red Army came out of the tube and marched up the Tottenham High Road there was a sense of pride and unity and the Metropolitan Police on their horses found it difficult to contain the hardcore Arsenal faithful. The fans finally entered Shite Hart Lane and there was the sense this meant more than the credit card cup. Arsenal had the early exchanges and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looked bright. The decisive moment came when the Ox shot straight at Vorm which bounced in front of him and could only parry and there was Flamini to blast in the rebound. The goal sent Arsenals fans into raptures.

Despite the goal the Arsenal fans were voicing their concern at the lack of defensive discipline being shown by Mathieu Debuchy as Tottnumb were mainly attacking down the Arsenal right flank. Three friends sat together were fuming with the Frenchman saying he did not warrant his place in the team. However, half time came and so far so good as the away support were taunting the fans of their London rivals and highlighting our 13 league titles to Tottnumbs measly 2 league championships.

The second half began and again Debuchy was the brunt of the Arsenal fans anger as he was not covering and Chadli was allowed to cross low only for the unfortunate Calum Chambers to turn the ball past Ospina. The fans were left frustrated but rallied around the team and Chambers who despite scoring the own goal was having a fantastic game. The misfiring Harry Kane then had his acrobatic effort headed off the line by Kieran Gibbs who put in a steady performance on the night.

Arsenal pressed and Ramsey and Ox were trying to carry the fight but the the team needed another spark.. Welcome Alexis Sanchez. But that was not before a commotion in the stands between some Arsenal fans and the bitter stewards. The area seemed very congested with fans and stewards began to move fans anywhere to keep them in line. One 16 year old boy argued with a steward stating “Do you want another Hillsborough?”

On the pitch Alexis looked promising and cut inside only to shoot straight at Vorm. Arsenal looked the more dangerous team and were then rewarded. Tottnumb failed to clear their lines and a looping ball in the air dropped to the right boot of that man Flamini who struck a sweet volley into the bottom right hand corner. The Arsenal section erupted with people falling over, legs up on the air and seats being broken! It was a joy to behold for the Arsenal fans as the Gunners were closing in on a derby day win.

Tottnumb threw everything forward but to no avail and then came the final whistle. It was all over and the long wait to get out of he stadium did not bother the fans. Tottnumb Signs were ripped out in the stadium much to the laughter of the fans. The police then escorted the fans to the seven sistes tube station and the walk began just like it started on the way to the game. As fans poured out of Shite Hart Lane, a certain Frenchman was on everyone’s lips and was even given the accolade of “Cult Hero” status.


Written by Sir A Hussein

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  1. Big Raddy says:

    Super write-up Sir H, better than anything I have read in the papers.

    Wish I had been with you though WHL is a horrible ground

  2. Big Raddy says:

    Just spoke with Micky Didit.

    He fell off his bicycle and broke his left arm very badly, He is in fine spirits probably thanks to the copious amount of painkillers he is taking.

    It was a nasty break with the bones coming through the flesh and splintering which resulted in the muscle shearing off. It is pinned and will take a few weeks to recover.

    Didit apologises for not being on the blog but says it is due having no internet connection

    He wishes all AA’ers a fine day enjoying yesterday’s win.

  3. Nothing like a bit a morphine…. hope it mends well Micky.

  4. Hmm! Fell off his bike did he? Time to buy a three wheeler. πŸ˜€

    Get re-connected soon Micky, we look forward to seeing you back in the saddle.

  5. Thank you Sir A, a fine match report, we armchair supporters never get to see what happens on the terraces, obviously Sky prefer to ignore, wherever possible, anything that may have a negative effect on the popularity of their product.

    It seems odd that at an all seater stadium with an all ticket crowd one section can become overcrowded to the extent that stewards try to move people out. Surely they should not have allowed people into a section for which they had the wrong ticket.

    Typical Totnumb! Couldn’t organise a p**s up in a brewery!

  6. stevepalmer1 says:

    Blinding report sir,
    Sounds like you had a blinding day mate.
    I have had a few beers in the Pins, fine way to start a game day.

    Glad to hear Mcky’s on the mend, sounds like a bad one, could be a while before he is pleasuring himself in comfort, get well soon mate.

    Sir A You make an away game sound exciting, i know its not far , but still your enthusiasm is intoxicating, well done son.

  7. GoonerB says:

    Great report Sir A. A good professional win in my estimation. We weren’t dominant but weren’t dominated either. Overall I felt we controlled the game more and rode out narrow but justified winners.

    I thought that Chambers put in a commanding performance which looked mature as well, and was just unlucky with the goal. He cleared our lines more than a few times. Hopefully this shows us he has a great CB future ahead of him and that things like the Liverpool performance are more a blip than a regularity.

    You’ve got to love the Flamster. Just looks dedicated gooner through and through. I thought he was surplus to requirements but now on second thoughts he is probably a great influence to have around with his sheer determination and dedication to the cause. Many players would like just mope around if they realised they were more a bit part player but not the Flamster. He has got that old school “I am ready to do a job when you need me” attitude.

    The only down side was Debuchy. Was it just defensive indiscipline or was he just not physically up to it? Using the old cliche, “have his legs gone?”. If they have is it a permanent downturn due to the injuries allied to his age or is it just temporary as he hasn’t had enough match time to be fully match fit? Either way I was a bit shocked how off the pace he looked and have reconsidered my thoughts on him and his worth to us at present. Based on that I would have the younger and quicker corporal back tout de suite to compete with Hector.

    Debuchy certainly looked to me like he was getting roasted (even when back in his defensive position) and wasn’t physically up to it. It is hard to criticise the substitutions in a game we won but I felt from early in the second half that AW should have prioritised subbing Debuchy before any other subs because that area represented Spurs way back into the game. On another day they may have got more joy at our expense.

  8. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    Squads need all types of players and characters, and example of this are players like Eboue, Podolski and Flamini, these aren’t always first team picks but they bring something to the squad whether mischievousness as in the case of Pod and Eboue or the spirit shown by Flamini, Coq has learned well from him. I believe he is one of the men who trusts in Arsene when they step over the line that he is free to play the game as he sees fit, no one else was following up on Oxs shot except Flamini he recognises the gaps in the way of play.

    I have always liked him was disappointed when he left but fully understood why he did, we hadn’t exactly been racing to renew before he got a run in the side. And now he has returned to give us his final years. I’m happy he is around the squad but don’t expect him to start frequently.

    As I said last night Gibbs was deserving of praise last night and will have done much to give Arsene a selection headache at left back. I thought Ox showed good flashes of what he can offer and think a front three including both him and Sanchez has merit.

    Campbell also put in ahold shift but didn’t have much support when attacking.

  9. GoonerB, I agree with you, Debuchy looks like a busted flush at the moment, will he come good with more game time? Only if Bellerin gets injured or suspended as I can’t see him getting to start in any really meaningful game.

    On a minor point, when has Wenger ever made a substitution before the sixtieth minute unless forced to by an injury or red card?

    I’m not in any way critiscising Flamini, but what was he doing so far forward, our most advanced player in fact, for his first goal?

  10. RA says:

    Hi Micky, πŸ™‚

    In the hope you can read the blog, can I wish you a speedy recovery, and remember – only Ant and Duck can drink copious amounts of the amber nectar when travelling, and only they could master a bevy or two while cycling and texting.

    All the best. πŸ˜€

  11. RA says:

    NG @ 11:58

    Err, yes, that is known as criticising, NG, – well outside of Norfolk it is! πŸ˜€

  12. RA says:

    Sir H,

    An enjoyable read, thank you, and it makes me envious of you getting to so many games, instead of being confined to the Goggle Box with GB and NG. πŸ˜€

  13. GiE you’re right, Gibbs did look good last night but for the time being I’d stick with Monreal as we need a settled back four with as few changes as possible, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny and Monreal will do for me.

    Chambers is starting to look the part, he had a very good game last night despite the own goal. If our right back had been better positioned at the start of the Spuds move, the cross would not have come in.

    Defensively things are slowly coming together…at last!

  14. RA says:

    It was an odd evening watching the game, for an analytical bod like me.

    There was plenty to yell at the TV about – the ref; the Spuds players — and even our own when they did something dopey.

    On the other hand we played with heart, even tho Rambo, Arteta, Deboosy, and especially poor old Giro seemed to be away with the fairies at times.

    I became wrapped up in the game even more when Flambo Mambo scored an unlikely goal, wondering if we could hold out.
    The Spuddies equaliser looked ominous to yours truly, if I am being unusually honest, but we battled on with some good but disjointed teamwork. [I know that sounds contradictory – but they were trying hard, and next time Arsene might introduce them to each other].

    Huge relief at the final whistle with a traitorous thought fleetingly skittering across the wilderness of my brain – ‘how the hell did we manage that??’ πŸ˜€

  15. RA says:

    Did anyone else ever think, even just for a second, that the mostly Spurs reserves were not quite as good as our mostly Arsenal reserves?

    Just curious. πŸ˜€

  16. Rasp says:

    Thanks Sir A – that was more like a report from a war correspondent πŸ™‚

    I agree it wasn’t a great game. I think we deserved the win and the plusses were that Merts managed 90 minutes although he looked shattered at the end, Gibbs and Campbell both put in good performances and Chambers showed improvement – he just needs time on the pitch.

    Flamini has sealed his place in the Arsenal Hall of Fame. We’ve got a good chance in the next game, so let’s see how far we can progress in the competition whilst still protecting our top players.

  17. Redders, cor blast me bor, thet in’t critiscism. Yew wan a hear critiscism, yew cum alonga the Old Dog and Duckpond when tha beers orf, then yew’ll hear critiscism.

  18. Rasp says:

    DidIt, now you’ve DoneIt, I hope ‘It’ gets better soon and we get you back on here ASAP πŸ™‚

  19. Redders, like all of Totnumbs teams of recent years they are suffering from a surfeit of managers, they have all come in, cleared out most of their deadwood, bought a whole slew of new players and departed. Only for the next manager to repeat the process and so on ad infinitum. (I know you like a bit of Latin now and again, no rude comments Soixante Neuf).

    They need a season or two of managerial stability. Of course I hope they continue to change both managers and players on a regular basis. πŸ˜€

  20. stevepalmer1 says:

    Just before we get a little too excited with the win last night, and go overboard at how good our ageing Substitutes were, let me remind you that these players should have been offloaded long ago.

    Flamster has had a good night, but he has been a liability for quite some time, even some of our devout AA members was betting on the times of his first card, they know i’m right.

    Debuchy had a bad night, trying to emulate a young man who has lightening speed he was always going to struggle, in my mind he is just back up quality, and seeing how our youngster was there last night in his gear ready to play only annoyed me more.

    Playing a side where winning was more important than the result, and listening to spud fans singing and chanting for an arsenal scored own goal, Was proof that this result meant some thing.

    We was lucky last night, but we did have players available at the venue who didn’t look to me to be resting. Flamster i thank you, but our strikers were pony. A top ten Cub with not enough players to field two top teams.

    This game last night made me smile, but it also showed me even more that we are a long long way away from being the club to win major trophies.

  21. Steve, I know you’ve been a disgruntled supporter for a while now, but you’re being a bit harsh on Flamini.

    His attitude has always been top drawer. Ready to play at the drop of a hat. He never looks rusty through lack of game time. Yes he gets a booking almost every game, but if he didn’t you’d probably say he wasn’t committed.

    I certainly don’t think you can call him a liability.

  22. GoonerB says:

    Walcott rarely gets booked with committed tackles Steve. just saying πŸ™‚

  23. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hiya NG, we differ with our views then, As for being disgruntled, i do have my moans, i hate it when we have five or more changes in one game only ten last night from our last game and we know who is injured.

    I will not argue the case with you, as we differ with our views, so we will just have agree to disagree,

  24. Fine by me Steve. πŸ˜€

  25. stevepalmer1 says:

    GB, it seems our views are different as well Theo’s Committed tackles, I haven’t seen one since he broke his leg

  26. RA says:


    I accept your greater knowledge on Norfolkian matters – in large part cos I dasn’t speak the lingo.

    Years ago I went on an audit in Norfolk, and the old boy who managed the company took me to lunch, and altho we were a bit late he said ‘thar’ll be no problem bor’

    As luck had it there was no lunch left and they could only offer crisps – so the exchange went something like this – [I have cobbled it together as I did not understand owt. πŸ™‚

    Speaking to the barman he said – “Thass a rummun thar-iss nowt on an’ nowt tut. I’ll hev suffun, gimme thar ole rat, ‘e’ll do.”
    Turning to me, he said, “Whassa marrer meart, carnt yer eat un? Doant yew trow it awear bor, wen yew ger it, I can eart it, too, fat an’ all. Give us hold onnut if it’s gorn a meark yer sick. You young’uns er fer too finnicky nowadears.”

    Not exactly that but damn near it! πŸ˜€

    Reminds me of you — maybe not the accent — but …..

  27. fatgingergooner says:

    Its difficult to judge a players ability to come into the first team based on a game where there were 10 changes. If one of the lads last night had to step in to cover then I think they would be more than capable of doing a good job. When the amount of changes increases then the quality of the play tends to go down. If it’s 1 or 2 changes then usually the covering player is lifted by the standard of those around him.

    Just look at how Coquelin and Bellerin stepped up to the plate last season and improved with having top players around them.

    Unfortunately you can’t have 22 world class players. Even if they all started the season at the same level, throughout the season some would improve and some would decline.

    Hopefully Debuchy and others will come good when needed.

  28. RA says:

    Gb says: — “Walcott rarely gets booked with committed tackles Steve.”

    Stevie Boy says: — “Theo’s committed tackles? I haven’t seen one since he broke his leg.”

    Don’t let him lure you in Steve. He thinks Theo has the grace and determination of one of his camels — but you and I know Theo has a clause in his contract that says he is not expected to tackle – because he can’t — and as a good boy he sticks to his contract terms. πŸ˜€

  29. stevepalmer1 says:

    FGG, your talking my Language, don’t tell me, do you go with the notion of two changes per game as a rotation throughout the season, so they all get a break without to much confusion

  30. fatgingergooner says:

    Discussing Theo’s tackles is like analysing Ospinas finishing!!! πŸ˜„

  31. GoonerB says:

    Actually not Steve, and no offence meant as I actually agree with much of what you say, but not all obviously. It is impossible for almost anyone to agree with everything I say because people just aren’t that sensible a don’t possess that level of insight πŸ™‚

    I concur with GIE’s view that a modern day squad needs a variety of characters and skill sets to be at full functioning capacity.

    We likely need to add a couple of players with certain skill sets to get to our optimal potential but with what we have I don’t expect our players to be all things to all people. I don’t actually expect Theo to bravely go into 50-50 challenges with Stoke defenders as I don’t expect Flamini to leave a full-back for dead. Flamini brings what he brings and ditto with a player like Theo.

  32. RA says:

    GoonerB a bad’un — are you suggesting Steve is a camel? πŸ™‚

  33. RA says:


    I think you are spot on — Theo/Tackles – like strawberries and cream — not! πŸ˜€

  34. stevepalmer1 says:

    Yes your right FGG, πŸ™‚ we do have our differences, I feel that a player has shelf life, obviously other people still think that some plays have their uses, I just dont think that using a player twice a season is worthwhile thats all

  35. fatgingergooner says:


    I tend to think more than 3 changes is asking for trouble and you should keep a settled back 4, but then again, I have no issue with us swapping 10 players for what is basically a dead rubber. I’ve seen us go into meaningless CL ties before and have our best players get crocked. For that, there is no excuse.

    Wenger usually finds his best team and sticks with it for too long until everyone is shattered, so I’m actually enjoying him changing the team around.

    As a general rule I agree that the changes should be limited, but with a game every 3-4 days that just isn’t going to work.

  36. GoonerB says:

    Afternoon Redders, I see I have lured you in πŸ™‚

    You know full well that anyone that disagrees with me is lined up for worming when they least expect it and the level f disagreement depends on whether I use the nice method or the other one.

    Steve is safe for now πŸ™‚

  37. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    Afternoon all, Steve I agree regarding number of changes to team for certain games bringing a level of confusion. I have been saying it for ages. But to play devils advocate you do have to think about the bigger picture sometimes.

    Let’s assume a player should play no more than 4 in 5 games to aid recovery etc.

    Match 1:

    Hector, BFG, Kozzer, Monreal
    Coq, Santi, Ozil
    Rambo, Theo, Alexis

    Match 2 (3 changes)

    Debuchy, BFG, Kozzer, Monreal
    Flam, Santi, Ozil
    Ox, Theo, Alexis

    Match 3 (6 changes)

    Hector, Gabriel, Koz, Monreal
    Coq, Arteta, Ozil
    Rambo, Ollie, Alexis


    Match 3 (3 changes)

    Debuchy, Gabriel, Koz, Monreal
    Flam, Arteta, Ozil
    Ox, Ollie, Alexis

    If you only want to make three changes you have to leave the back ups in the team.

    And then you end up in a position where one bunch of fans is saying too many changes and the other bunch are saying why is Hector still on the bench?

    Put it this way it was much easier to manage a team when we had 11 + 1 sub πŸ™‚

  38. RA says:


    Your comment that Theo rarely gets booked for committed tackles is a truism, and cannot be argued with — but you are being a little unkind to Theo – he has never been booked for a tackle, as he never makes one.

    You are also linking your Theo comment with Exile’s comment about teams requiring players with different skill sets, and that is also true – but, a player who cannot tackle? is that a skill set?

    Does a dromedary have the hump, and is that a skill set, and does a bactrian say ‘two please’?

    No! I have no idea what I am talking about either. πŸ˜€

  39. RA says:

    Threat understood, GB, and I am putting my best Nikes on – so you will have to catch me first!! πŸ™‚

  40. RA says:

    Before I go — someone said Shard is not well — does anyone know what is wrong with him?

    He must be quite unwell as he has not come in with all guns blazing to sort me out! As he usually does πŸ™‚

    Now it seems Herb has buggered off again too.

    Bugger! Clearly being a ‘peace maker’ is not one of my skill sets! 😦

    Oh, well, I’ll just carry on bugging NG and GB when I get back.

  41. stevepalmer1 says:

    GIE, πŸ™‚

  42. GoonerB says:

    Redders, some of my worming implements have a long reach πŸ™‚

    I think tackling is one of those things that is both a mind set and a skill set. Scholes had the mind set for tackling but was by and large awful at executing it. Vieira had both IMO. Theo has neither granted.

    What is tackling? Among other things probably the most important aspect is to dispossess the opposition and when possible secure possession for us. If a player like Theo can close quickly and get a toe in to dispossess or force the stray pass so that they lose possession and we perhaps regain it then that is job done and I wouldn’t be concerned if he pulls out of a 50-50 with Shawcross in a nothing area of the pitch.

    I would be asking Theo to do more in terms of using his pace to close players down more, particularly from behind when he is an advanced player. Use his pace to close them quickly either nicking the ball from them or forcing them to hit a stray pass.

  43. RA says:

    Finally — Steve, I know you will have heard the expression – “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and I think that applies to your concerns over the changes in the team.

    If we had played with only two changes from the Chelsea game – and lost last night – everyone would be saying, with some justification, that AW had screwed up.

    He brought in 10 changes and we won — a brilliant decision in the circumstances. Proof of the pud – and all that.

    AW may have wanted to give players recovering from injury a run out in a non-Premier League game, or for some one like Rambo to slip into the groove as he has been out of sorts for a while, or to give game time to Gibbs, Giro, Ospina and Chambers etc.

    He also might have wanted to rest youngsters like Belli Bellerin, and even established players like Santi and Sanchez.

    Again it is better for them to do so in a minor Cup match than to blow it in a Premier League game, don’t you think?

    Quite complex being a manger I think – so I go with Arsene’s judgement on this — and as I said above, his decision, and he was right the team won. πŸ™‚


  44. stevepalmer1 says:

    I watched Ferguson’s interview on TV last night, i am usually the last one to see these programs so sure you guys have already seen it,
    He was talking about some of his best players , and why he felt they were special.
    He spoke about Ronaldo, and said that after training, Ronaldo would carry on firing shots at goal, he said he had an obsession for practicing, he said he was watching out the window and it started to rain and he felt it may be dodgy with a greasy pitch, so shouted out to pack it in as the ground was to wet, i suppose he was worried he may injure himself.

    He said he looked out in five minutes and Ronaldo had moved to the astroturf where he continued firing shots at goal He said i just shrugged he said thats why he ended up scoring so many goals.

    He spoke of Beckhams halfway line goal, and said people think that goal was lucky, he went onto say it wasn’t he practised that in his own time practice practice.

    I reckon that when it rains at Colney they all race in, as our shooting is absolute awful

  45. RA says:


    Oddly enough, I agree. πŸ˜€

    There is no point expecting Theo, or any other player to try and do something they are not skilled at – usually that is counter-productive.

    Far better that they concentrate on their prime task in the team.

    In Theo’s case, for example, he does still need to work on his finishing,
    That miss in the last few minutes of last night’s game is a case in point. He did all the hard work, collecting the ball, dribbling thru their defence, making a space – and……then he flashed his shot wide with no one to beat except the keeper.

    It will come, but he is not there yet.

    Sayonara, Oh, Wormy One. πŸ˜€

  46. and Redders departs in a triumphant puff of smoke!

  47. stevepalmer1 says:

    I know your gone RA, but felt i would comment anyway. Footballers in my mind are employed to play football, I have never played to this level, so i dont know the ins and outs of employment details, being guided by some on here, i see a young talented player being contacted by said club. Would you like to play for us he would be asked, I imagine that like most people, he would ask about money pretty early. the next about length of contract and then first team football. I would assume he would be interested in whether he would feature in EUrope as well. What ididn’t realise that he would have a clause which would only allow him to play limited games in case of burnout.

    I wish i had been a better player as a high wage good conditions and only having to play one game in 3 weeks would have been right up my street.

  48. GoonerB says:

    GoonerB reaches out his extra long worming probe only for it to reach nothing but thin air. “He’s gone that Redders, blimey he was quick in those Nike’s”.

    I happen to agree with the rotation policy. It is not an exact science so who, how many, and in which games to rotate is a tricky decision.

    FGG said the C1C was a dead rubber. I don’t quite see it that way. I think that we should take it seriously in terms of those playing always giving their best effort and trying to get things right on the day but not to necessarily put out the strongest 11 available. It is a competition to give some players a rest, others an opportunity to put themselves more in the managers thoughts, and others much needed match fitness playing time.

    Maybe Debuchy needed to play the full 90 regardless of him looking not up to it, and if it happened to leavet us looking exposed, as he needed to get that critical match fitness under his belt. If he didn’t maybe we wouldn’t have good enough back-up to Bellerin when it is required possibly in a more important game than this one.

    Anyway the most important thing is we have stopped Spuds progressing in the 1 competition they likely had any chance in. Season over maybe? πŸ™‚

  49. GoonerB says:

    I don’t think that clauses on burn-out are in evidence Steve. I think (aside from 1-2 world class players) a manager would give no guarantee of how much 1st team football they play and every player has to earn that right to be classed as being in the strongest 11. I also doubt Bellerin was at all miffed about not playing and the reality is he has played a lot while Debuchy has little match fitness under his belt.

  50. stevepalmer1 says:

    Gooner B i feel i am getting sucked in but what the hell.

    GB so your telling me that a forty million Marquee signing would play reserve football while he convinces the Manager of his quality, well i find that a tough ask.

    So Belerin wouldn’t have minded sitting on the bench, well i know it was only Spuds but i would have thought differently, still what do i know.

  51. fatgingergooner says:

    Interesting that Ramsey was given a game yesterday. I think the only reason he played is because in the PL and CL he has been used out of position on the RW and therefore Wenger saw this game as a good opportunity to play him where he wants to play in order to keep him happy, but also because he’s not yet 100% convinced of where he would be more effective.

    Had Ramsey been playing central recently, I’m convinced he wouldn’t have started that game yesterday.

  52. Eddie says:

    Raddy – did you ask Micky if he took selfies πŸ™‚

  53. Eddie says:

    An unlikely hero indeed! What a goal that was, memorable
    I am so pleased for Flamini that he is nearing the end of his career on the high; we will remember him for much longer now

    It was a very equal game and both teams played some good footy and some shocking defending. I would have been relieved with a draw but hey, we won and Eddie is not going to complain.

  54. Bryan says:

    Well that was a turn up for the books, I really thought we would lose πŸ™‚
    Just goes to show that the Spuds are shiter than shite haha

    & well done Flamini maybe we don’t need a world class striker afterall πŸ˜‰

  55. Big Raddy says:

    Bryan. Well played – you made as much as a contribution to the win as OG.

    FGG. I think AW believes Ramsey is integral to the team going forward and our future captain.

  56. Bryan says:

    To be honest, its good that I thought we would lose cos when I think we will beat them, that’s when we normally lose haha

    Big Raddy don’t diss OG’s contribution πŸ˜‰

  57. So Bryan basically you’re saying you know nothing about football? :d

  58. Big Raddy says:

    NG. And you, of course, predicted that Flamini would/could score two goals including a wonderful volley?

    I guess none of us knows anything about football (apart from Arsene) πŸ™‚

  59. GoonerB says:

    Sorry Steve been away. No I don’t expect a Β£40m marquee signing to sit on the bench (not actually what I was saying in my 2.37, if that’s how it came across), but I would expect them to sit on the bench sometimes, which is what I think most people are saying.

    Our Β£40(ish)m signings in Ozil and Sanchez both started on the bench last night. Why? Probably for all the reasons that others are saying, that AW is prioritising their use in forthcoming games and saw an opportunity in the least important and prestigious of all the competitions to give their bodies a rest and give others some much needed playing time.

    I honestly don’t think Bellerin minded at all. He, like most of us, probably realises he is now 1st choice at a big club at a young age, and so has done very well. I am also fairly certain he understands the need to have some games off as they come thick and fast and to give the back-up players in his position some playing time to improve match fitness and sharpness. I would expect he will start on Saturday.

  60. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    In all this celebration today it seems Maureen’s remarks have gone unnoticed.

    “Now we know retaliation is allowed, no problem you can do it”

    Commenting of course on Gabriel’s overturned suspension.

    Where was the follow up question:

    “Erm excuse me Jose, you called a man who now has a three game ban a man of the match on Saturday, was that because you condone violent conduct?”

  61. BR, if I could have predicted Flamini’s goal scoring exploits I would be considerably richer and some bookie considerably poorer. πŸ˜€

  62. GiE, simply by selecting Costa, who by nature appears to be a violent character, Mourinho positively encourages violent conduct.

  63. Big Raddy says:

    NG. I would sign Costa if he was available … wouldn’t you? The man is just what we need.

    Hard as nails, a proper goal scorer, hard working and is teflon when it comes to referees.

    Hate to say it but I can sympathise with Jose’s reasoning – why was the red card overturned? Gabriel was already booked and kicked out at Costa; whether he hit him or not is irrelevant because there was definite intent on Gabriel’s part and therefore a second yellow.

    It was a strange decision by the FA. Perhaps Dean’s straight red meant there was room for doubt.

  64. GoonerB says:

    Norfolk and GIE, where Maureen is concerned I, probably like you and many others, consider him to be the most hypocritical of all in a game full of hypocrites in the media and punditry areas as well as the managers). Maureens teams have always been dirty cheating barstewards trying to get people sent off and conning the ref.

    I remember I think 2 seasons back in a game against Spurs Vertonghen over-reacted to a handbags at dawn situation to make it look worse to the ref. Exactly what Costa, Hazard, Drogba before them, and now sadly even Fabregas do regularly. When this happened with Vertonghen Maureen launched into some moral tirade about how it is unbecoming in football and ruining the game.

    You thought he was off on some personal moral crusade. It was obviously hypocritical in how he had allowed his teams and players to behave exactly like this in preceding times. He alone is now the one allowed to draw a line in the sand and say “I the great Mourinho have now decided this is not allowed anymore”.

    The hypocrisy of this is now even greater that having gone into one about it then he now openly allows and condones his players behaving like this. His team with no exception is the worst in the EPL for this type of cheating and conning and probably not far away from being the worst worldwide if they actually already aren’t.

    Costa is probably the worst because he actually seems to assault other players and complain like a little girl at the slightest thing coming back his way. His misdemeanors are there for all to see even before the weekend (see Chas’ videos the other day, and there are probably more) . The fact he has only 7-8 yellow cards and no reds in his time in England speaks volumes of the incompetency of the authorities or possibly that they are afraid of Maureen and Chelsea, which is just as bad.

    What really annoys me is that no media outlet has linked that Vertonghen thing to what is happening now and really out him for what he is. Make him squirm and really corner him so that everyone can see exactly what he is. Maybe we can find his post game interview from that game and his post game interviews from the weekend and put them out there on the net allied to the worst clips of his constantly cheating players.

  65. GoonerB says:

    I wouldn’t sign Costa Raddy. He is exactly what Chelsea need because as a Chelsea player he is allowed to get away with these things, a situation so fishy that you have to ask if we have a potential Italian football scandal of our own hiding in the background. In the red and white of Arsenal he would have probably been pulled up on most of these misdemeanors, would be sitting on 6 red cards in his time with us, costing us games and points and would have become a liability.

  66. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    To be fair GoonerB this is the second time Costa has been retrospectively punished, but it won’t stop Maureen encouraging the player to continue doing it because it tends to be big games and it is intended that he gets the reactions he does whilst breaking the law out of view of the officials. That he will miss him for three games his team should win without him will not bother Maureen that much.

    I have still yet to watch the replay of Saturday so do not know whether overturning the red is warranted or not, but from what I have read it appears Gabriel raised a heel while walking away from Costa and that the latter made the most of it.

  67. Big Raddy says:

    GIE It is still intent and a second yellow

  68. fatgingergooner says:

    There is no common sense in football anymore. A red card is supposed to be a last resort, but now they get handed out for the most stupid things. Gabriel flicked his leg at Costa and it is sad that a large amount of people now see that as a red card offence. I’ve farted on people harder than that. The fact it comes under the heading of violent conduct just takes the piss! What would it be classed as if Gabriel had slapped him? Attempted Murder!?

  69. I think the videos that the panel watched showed that Gabriel did not in fact make contact with Costa. If that was the case, then only a caution was called for, I believe.

  70. RA says:

    The FA Law 12:

    Violent conduct

    — A player is guilty of violent conduct if he uses excessive force or brutality against an opponent when not challenging for the ball.
    — He is also guilty of violent conduct if he uses excessive force or brutality against a team-mate, spectator, match official or any other person.
    — Violent conduct may occur either on the field of play or outside its boundaries, whether the ball is in play or not.
    — Advantage should not be applied in situations involving violent conduct unless there is a clear subsequent opportunity to score a goal. The referee must send off the player guilty of violent conduct when the ball is next out of play.

    Referees are reminded that violent conduct often leads to mass confrontation, therefore they must try to avert this with active intervention.

    A player, substitute or substituted player who is guilty of violent conduct must be sent off.

    The ref gave Gabriel a direct red card not a second yellow, therefore he would have received a 3 match ban, not a one match ban for two non-violent yellow cards.

  71. RA says:


    A lot of fans mistakenly said that Gabriel may not have actually contacted Costa with his back flick, but his ‘intent ‘ was clear.

    There is no mention of ‘intent’ in Law 12. He either did kick Costa, or he did not – that is why Gabriel got off. πŸ™‚

  72. There’s a very good article written by Tim Stillman about going to WHL for a derby game. I’ll try to find it and put up the link. Scary stuff 😦

    The son of a friend of mine went last night, sat in the away end and told his mum he was pleased to get home safely.

    I hope we don’t treat spuds at our ground the way they treat us at theirs 😦 am I being naive?

  73. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry to butt in but Gabriel was a victim of getting control back, in actual fact i don’t think he saw the incident i feel the linesman reported it and it gave him the opportunity to get order back. Obviously the board understood that’s why the ref was was left alone, just thinking allowed.

  74. LB says:

    Top match report Sir A, your best so far, if you don’t mind me saying.

    I have just read all the comments and this is my favorite:

    “Bryan. Well played – you made as much as a contribution to the win as OG.”

    Rolf, absolutely Rolf………….

    I must admit I was thinking: where are these guys that criticise the club all week and then we win and they disappear. I mean how many comments are the from Herb today?

    Not being able to enjoy a night like last night is a great loss in my opinion.

    Anyway, well done Bryan, I do not share your views but I am glad you feel welcome here.

  75. Here it is

  76. LB says:

    Sorry to butt in but I feel more annoyed with Gabriel than I do with Costa. Look at the way Koscielny dealt with the Neanderthal? That is the way to deal with Costa not in the school boy manner that Gabriel did.

  77. I feel it’s the whole accumulation

  78. RA says:

    I suppose for clarity I should include Law 12 on:

    Cautions for unsporting behaviour:

    There are different circumstances when a player must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour, e.g. if a player:
    β€’ commits in a reckless manner one of the seven offences that incur a direct free kick
    β€’ commits a foul for the tactical purpose of interfering with or breaking up a promising attack
    β€’ holds an opponent for the tactical purpose of pulling the opponent away from the ball or preventing the opponent from getting to the ball
    β€’ handles the ball to prevent an opponent gaining possession or developing an attack (other than the goalkeeper within his own penalty area)
    β€’ handles the ball in an attempt to score a goal (irrespective of whether or not the attempt is successful).
    β€’ attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled (simulation)
    β€’ changes places with the goalkeeper during play or without the referee’s permission
    β€’ acts in a manner which shows a lack of respect for the game
    β€’ plays the ball when he is walking off the field of play after being granted permission to leave the field of play
    β€’ verbally distracts an opponent during play or at a restart
    β€’ makes unauthorised marks on the field of play
    β€’ uses a deliberate trick while the ball is in play to pass the ball to his own goalkeeper with his head, chest, knee, etc. in order to circumvent the Law, irrespective of whether the goalkeeper touches the ball with his hands or not. The offence is committed by the player in attempting to circumvent both the letter and the spirit of Law 12 and play is restarted with an indirect free kick.
    β€’ uses a deliberate trick to pass the ball to his own goalkeeper to circumvent the Law while he is taking a free kick (after the player is cautioned, the free kick must be retaken.

    Sorry, Raddy, no mention of ‘intent’ there either.

  79. Oops didn’t finish …….

    It’s the accumulation that rankles, the assault on koscielny that went unseen, Gabriel stepping in and not staying in control of himself. I think the FA still haven’t punished Costa enough but maybe he’s a marked man now. Only time will tell. The FA can’t be in the business of making it fair but if they were they should deduct the chavs 2 points and give us one point for a draw.

  80. RA says:

    The ‘holding’ offence, above, is moot as in the Spuds match last night Fazio almost undressed Giro when he was trying to dribble past him, with the ref looking directly at him and taking no action.

    Perhaps I could give the refs my crib sheet to help them when they are officiating Arsenal games.?

  81. GoonerB says:

    I think you should give them your sheets RA.

  82. LB says:

    If you guys think what Costa did against us was bad you should see the footage of him against Real Madrid to try and get them to react.

    The man blocked one nostril and blew what was in the other onto his finger and then flicked it in the face of Sergio Ramos……………

    It beggers belief.

    I have theory that Italy do better than England at football because they don’t play cricket, the Italians play to win at all costs and don’t let that cricket fair play thing get in the way.

    But flicking snot at someone?

    Costa is sub Italian; he is an animal…………………….

  83. GoonerB says:

    I potentially think the most damning incident on Saturday in terms of Deans incompetence / bias is the last one with the Ox. I would love to see that clip again. All the others Dean can claim to have missed, but Costa goes into Ox long after the ball has gone and the camera angle seems to show Dean following this off the ball incident rather than the ball cleared by Ox. That would suggest bias on a very high level if he sees this clearly. It also speaks volumes that Maureen takes Costa off immediately after, almost as if Dean has indicated I have done as much as I can now, all get out of jail free cards used up.

  84. The Cockie Monster says:

    Fcuk Costa !……………………if I want a Kebab I`ll phone him, but I`m still floating from beating the Spuds !……… it is and always will be the greatest feeling in Goonerdom no matter what any Chav and Manshafter haters say !.

    UTA & FOYS

  85. chas says:

    I’m not ‘ere, still on self-imposed ban.

    Thanks to SirAH for an excellent report of a game at a hideous place to go.
    So pleased you were rewarded and got home safely.


  86. chas says:

    [video src="https://cdn.streamable.com/video/webm/wlu2.webm" /]

  87. LB says:

    Fair enough Cockie

    Costa should not be allowed to dampen our buzz.

  88. LB says:

    The funny thing is White Heart Lane is my favorite ground I love going there. I wish I could go more, but tickets are practically impossible.

  89. GoonerB says:

    self imposed ban Chas?

  90. The Cockie Monster says:

    Only said in jest, LB !……….carry on as you wish. πŸ˜€

    Definitely my favourite ground to win at !…..aint been there since the 5-0 ……must get out more often !. hahaha

  91. fatgingergooner says:

    Just watching Rugby League, a sport which has had video refs for quite a while now. It’s interesting that there is a bit of unrest in the game at the moment because some coaches, players and commentators are getting annoyed at the amount the video ref is being used in the game and how some tries are getting chalked off for things that look different in super slo-mo than they do in real time. It would be interesting to see how video refs would be used in football and wether it would become a bit of a safety blanket for refs like it has in rugby.

  92. LB – I suppose WHL would be ok if there were no spuds there πŸ˜‰

  93. I’ve nothing against goal-line technology, but I don’t want it extended to video-reffing.

  94. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi LB

    I always enjoy beating Tottenham, but it’s become sort of an expectation. Sure they give us a game occasionally, but there’s a whole generation who have never seen them finish above us.
    I would enjoy Arsenal’s wins a lot more if it led to something a lot more meaningful than settling for a top four slot.
    Arsene has never won the League Cup, does it mean anything if he wins it now?
    We have differing opinions on Arsenal and Arsene, LB, if you read yesterday’s comments I did say that I would take more of a reading brief.
    I think everyone on AA is aware that I think the club could be administered better, but there is nothing to be gained from repeatedly preaching the same mantra. People either get bored very quickly or it stirs other bloggers anger.
    Football itself is dying as an exciting passionate entertainment because of the ridiculous sums of money which has taken clubs further away from their fan base, and because the pressure on managers is so great because of the money, we’re seeing less goals. Every club used to have it’s own maverick, capable of an audacious piece of skill that would win their side the game. Those characters have disappeared. Too many teams play a similar brand of football with the same formation and cancel each other out, which rarely makes for a thrilling game anymore.
    It has all become far too sanitised.

  95. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Lovely day here.

    I have no time to write the Leicester PM …. sorry, but I think it could be a cracking game and one we could well win (but I thought that about WHU and DZ).

  96. RA says:

    Oh, this is intolerable! Micky has the nerve to break his arm – not fracture it mind – just to get out of his duty to perform for the Breakfast Club, allowing Chas, Eddie and the Hippo to abscond too.

    Altho I suspect the Hippo has gone back to his estate to oversee the wine production, and to pose, hand on hip, on his Harley Davis wearing only shorts just to outdo the guy @ 12:27.


    And good morning to all. πŸ˜€

  97. RA says:

    Oh, there you are – don’t think I won’t tell Micky you have buggered off, Hippo.

  98. Big Raddy says:

    Not yet RA, not yet.

    I am going to check out some Viking stuff in Jutland. Must be something there I can bring back for my coven πŸ™‚

  99. chas says:

    The guy @ 12:27 is Mathieu Flamini.

  100. Red Arnie says:

    lovely report, Sir A. πŸ™‚ No complaints.

    oh, by the way. Shhh. knot ear.

  101. RA says:


    I read yesterday that the guy who scored the two goals against the Spuds is now an official Arsenal legend and will never be forgotten – just can’t recall his name at the moment.

    The bike is famous – not sure about the bloke. πŸ™‚

  102. RA says:

    Hi Arnie,

    Umm — have a quick feel and I suspect you will find you are really still here. [Don’t let anyone see you doing it tho’] πŸ˜€

  103. RA says:

    Eddie, πŸ™‚

    Get your ass out here — you are a definite draw for NB, and he will bring his special brand of fluffy pussy pics – and that will make Micky come on as he loves surfing pussy cats.

    You know it makes sense.

  104. Eddie says:

    chas @ 8:13 – no shit Sherlock πŸ™‚

    RA – arse arrived.

  105. RA says:

    Well done, Eddie, it won’t be long now until North Bank appears! πŸ™‚

  106. Eddie says:

    my silly pug stole yoghourt from the bin πŸ™‚

  107. Eddie says:

    David Beckham was asked about Fergie’s sweeping statement that he only hired 4 world class players (Giggs, Scholes, Ronaldo and Eric). Beckham very wisely replied that he was blessed to play with many world class players. Nice one David, very cool

  108. Eddie says:

    LB – agree about Paulista. It could have very easily be a pen in the first half. He needs to learn about EPL yet

  109. Eddie says:

    cannot see the 9:16

  110. Morning all

    Is there going to be a Friday Rant? I think as the Hippo is avoiding his duties this weekend for the PM, he should at least do the Rant this morning!

  111. RA says:

    Morning NB, πŸ™‚

    I knew Eddie would get you on — I love the pics you have both put up – and it tells me that Eddie buys her yoghurt by the gallon. πŸ™‚

  112. RA says:


    I think the Hippo has his fingers in many pies – and you know how tricky that can be. πŸ™‚

    Why don’t you pick a topic – and then watch GB and Norfolk give it a good kicking? πŸ™‚

  113. Redders…. it shows me that Eddie has some nice florr tiling in her kitchen πŸ™‚

  114. Eddie… the 9:16 is a video of Terry Thomas saying, “well, helloo, helloo, helloo”

  115. Wenger has just turned up for his presser…. 30 minutes late πŸ™‚

  116. “Coq au Vin is improving well”

  117. Fine here goonermichael thanks πŸ™‚

    I hope the Ciq is fit for tomorrow… we’ll need someone to tame Mahrez.

  118. goonermichael says:

    He looked like he may have done his knee. I hope it’s not serious

  119. Eddie says:

    GM!!!!! wehey πŸ™‚ happy days πŸ™‚

  120. goonermichael says:

    It’s much harder following from here. Time zone is really annoying

  121. Eddie says:

    nb – slate tiles, horrible to keep clean. RA – yes, I love yogeyurt with honey πŸ™‚ What about the pug???!!! Isn’t he gorgeous?

  122. Eddie says:

    excuses! We need you here, we have more injured AAers than the AFC! What’s your take on the state of the affairs at the Club?

  123. goonermichael says:

    I don’t think we’ll win the league or cl but I think we’re ok.

  124. ‘Morning all, taking my name in vain Redders?

    In the absence of the Viking Radish, I propose Redders should write the pre-match.

    Those in favour say aye, those against stay schtumm.

  125. Oh well…. Coq au Vin not fit for tomorrows game… Famini will have to do πŸ˜€

  126. Can’t stay around to see the vote result, off for a beach walk from Overstrand to Cromer and back.


  127. RA says:

    That’s a tiddly beach walk, Norfolk — I did Wells-Next-the-Sea to Cromer for breakfast, in June 2013, then walked back and had my elevenses!! πŸ˜€

  128. RA says:

    Hi goonermichael, πŸ™‚

    Long time no see. Remind me, are you back in Thailand, or still in Canada? Or have I totally lost the plot.

    I had my haircut three months ago – the first time in over a year – luckily no one had the heart to tell me I looked like a hobo.
    [That’s hobo – NB – h-o-b-o.] πŸ™‚

  129. RA says:

    I love your pug, Eddie, but I am a big dog man — and I also like cats too. πŸ˜€

  130. RA says:


    Unfortunately I think I am mixing you up with neaman who has not been around for a longtime either.

    Anyway my apologies. πŸ˜€

  131. goonermichael says:

    RA I think you morphed us

  132. goonermichael says:

    I’m in Vietnam and still a hairdresser

  133. Eddie says:

    gm – you are also a very witty, passionate supporter. Famous hairdresser and all

  134. RA says:


    neaman — when I last heard — was moving between Thailand and Canada (I think) – but there has been a lot of water under the bridge since I last heard – and I am probably wrong.

    If you had been in the UK it would have been sensible for me to visit you, as my hair is thick and straight and looked like a busby — I finally took the hint from my friends, and had it cut – now I look like someone from the set of Planet of the Apes —– and my hair does not look good either. πŸ˜€

    On the other hand – you would not want me in your in your high class salon — I have never had any style. πŸ˜€

  135. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi GM

    Good to see you’re still around, hope Vietnam is treating you well.

  136. goonermichael says:

    Thanks Herb. i hope you are well too. I love it here. Apart from the 2 am kick offs and terrible internet.

  137. Big Raddy says:

    GM. Great to see you, hope all is well with you and life is better than ever.

    I miss your input

  138. goonermichael says:

    Thanks Raddy

    I just read your comment about costa being hard as nails. Do me a favour. Hard? He’s on the floor crying trying to get people booked half the time.

  139. GunnerN5 says:

    RA, I contacted Neamann just before the FA Cup final to inquire about him watching the game with my old gang in Mississauga (as he did the previous year), he responded that it would be difficult as he was currently in Malaysia.

  140. goonermichael says:

    He’s everywhere

  141. GunnerN5 says:

    GM, He just loves touring in Asia.

  142. goonermichael says:

    it’s a fantastic place

  143. GunnerN5 says:

    GM, I’ve traveled extensively in both Europe and North America but never in Asia.

  144. Eddie says:

    GM @1:29 – that’s what I missed about you πŸ™‚ Mind you, Asia mellowed you a bit, the old you would have a few fecks in the sentence πŸ™‚ Glad you are happy there.

    Do they play footy in Vietnam or are they all cooks?

  145. Red Arnie says:

    Redders. Life is tough! sometimes. πŸ˜›

  146. Eddie says:

    sometimes? lucky you arnie

  147. Eddie says:

    good news:

    Swiss prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into Sepp Blatter, the head of football’s world governing body Fifa.

    The attorney general’s office said he was suspected of criminal mismanagement or misappropriation over a TV rights deal and of a “disloyal payment” to European football chief Michel Platini

  148. RA says:

    So that implies Mr Platini received a million dollars he was not entitled too as well?? But what the hell is a ‘disloyal’ payment?

    This is getting interesting.

  149. Eddie says:

    yeah, the Platini bit worries me….I thought he was a sound Frenchie. No DidIt to put me straight about the Frogs πŸ™‚

  150. RA says:

    Poor old Norfolk is not back from Cromer yet, and has probably had to set up base camp to rest up before setting off back tomorrow. πŸ™‚

    I made a much lengthier trip than his a couple of years ago, and I was even thinking of going further, as I felt fine, but my nurse told me to go get another mug to push the chair, as she had had enough of me.

    Ah, she was a weakling — anyone want to take her place? πŸ˜€

  151. RA says:

    A straight Frog, Eddie? Tricky Micky is kidding you, those legs are made for jumping, and with a little garlic taste like chicken. πŸ™‚

  152. Eddie says:

    brrrrr…I’d rather starve

    Seriously though – if Platini is proven to be as corrupt as Blatter that would put football in a really poor light. There are so many people already dissing the game that the last thing that is needed is the big cheeses’ show down

    at the same time we have known for a long time that the core of the sport is rotten and a dramatic changes are needed, sooner rather than later and definitely before the world cup in Qatar or even in Russia

  153. Home safe and sound thanks Redders. A nice refreshing pint in the White Horse at Overstrand, cod and chips in Roughton and an afternoon nap on the sofa.

    Platini and UEFA will be the next to come under investigation, they’re all as bent as a nine bob note.

  154. Herb'sArmy says:

    I’m not sure if it has any relevance, but Michel Platini’s brother works as a lawyer for PSG.

  155. Hi all

    I haven’t had a chance to read back through the comments but I wondered if anyone had offered to write a pre-match for tomorrow in Raddys absence. Can someone let me know please

  156. I proposed Redders but nobody voted for him sorry. πŸ˜€

  157. GunnerN5 says:

    Gabriel: Arsenal defender given one-match ban and Β£10,000 fine

    Arsenal defender Gabriel has been banned for one match and fined Β£10,000 after admitting a Football Association charge of improper conduct.

    Gabriel, 24, was sent off by referee Mike Dean for violent conduct after a clash with Chelsea’s Diego Costa during the 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

    Arsenal appealed successfully against a three-match ban for the red card.

    The charge related to the Brazilian failing to leave the pitch immediately after being sent off.

    Chelsea striker Costa, meanwhile, was found guilty of violent conduct and banned for three matches following an altercation with Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny.

  158. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    See Maureen is at the “poor me” game again. Apparently he never talks about refs and decisions answer he does he gets banned. Oh and he had a moan about Wenger pushing him in the technical area last season……poor Maureen.

    Who wouldn’t do anything as reproachable as that……

  159. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:


  160. RA says:

    Morning Fellows, πŸ™‚

  161. RA says:

    The day has dawned – and the next game is chomping at the bit raring to go.

    Who are our opponents? None other than Leicester Fosse — oops I mean Leicester City.

    Like us they have had a name change from when they were originally founded in the summer of 1884 as Leicester Fosse, so called as they played in a grotty old field filled with cows near Fosse Road.

    The were renamed Leicester City after WW1 in 1919 to avoid any association with cows. [OK that last bit I made up.]

    It’s most famous person was Robert de Beaumont, who became the first Earl of Leicester, c 1150, after the Normans beat up the Anglo-Saxons, but talking of name changes he preferred to be called by his Frenchie title as Count de Meulan.

    He might have had pretensions to playing football by lopping off heads and kicking them around when he got bored.

    In 1564, Queen Elizabeth 1st made her boyfriend Robert Dudley the Earl of Leicester again, after his forebears had become careless and lost their heads – literally.

    Back to today, the Foxes as they are known, have not beaten us in the last 5 meetings between us, but this season under the Tinker Man they remain unbeaten – yikes – and lie fourth in the table above us with 12 [points having beaten a few duff teams on the way.
    I am looking forward to the guy linked with us, Mahrez, who is known to be rapid. Chaser will take care of him.

    For us Cazzor is back from a one match ban – and Gabriel takes his place in the naughty boy cupboard. So it will be a slightly changed team today – but who cares – we will win.

    Bollox to percentages – I feel it in my water that we will cruise home 1 : 3.


  162. Eddie says:

    maurinho is great, without him it would be a tad more difficult to hate everything about Chavs. Have they had a nice manager I would struggle

    OMG, Stevie Gerrard said in public that he didn’t know if Benitez loved him!!! What the feck? what an idiot! can you imagine Tony Adams complaining that his love for Wenger wasn’t returned?

  163. RA says:

    Chaser = Kozzer but good name for him! πŸ™‚

  164. LB says:

    Good pre-match RA, a very entertaining read.

  165. Eddie says:

    Ranieri is a good manager and an honourable man. It is going to be tough. 45%

    I don’t understand why micky and shard are not bloging – a left arm and a knee have nothing to do with typing. They don’t even behave like real men – windging,crying, agonizing …nothing.

  166. Well, Eddie is on so I might as well join in……

  167. Peaches/Rasp, Pre-match e mailed to arsenalnuts

  168. Eddie says:

    I have a feeling that RAs comment will become today’s PM, so we mustn’t discuss it now πŸ™‚

    you are an ape nb

    The Blatter investigation is gathering pace yeepee!! He is not going to survive that. Sadly Platinin is implicated, so who else is there? I know Eric Cantona

  169. Eddie says:

    oooohhhh NG’s PM πŸ™‚

  170. mickydidit89 says:


    That’s a briiliNt pre match. Fabulous read.

  171. Eddie says:

    o!! DidIt !!

    I think RAs PM should be published together with NG’s, Rasp??

  172. mickydidit89 says:

    The ONLY reason I’m not blogging is bad internet not mushed bones

    Some help may come today with a signal booster so I can use laptop

  173. Eddie says:

    Thank Dennis for that, blog is not the same without you. Did you take any selfies of the arm πŸ™‚

  174. RA says:

    Thanx, guys — I was not around much yesterday and did not see Norfolk’s suggestion to do a quick pre-match, and did not want to let anyone down. πŸ˜€

    Anyway, NG will have a super-dooper pre-match for you, and now he lives in Norfolk he will no doubt tell you all that the Earl of Leicester is now a well respected resident of Holkam in ……. Norfolk …….. I didn’t bother because the most famous people in Norfolk, Exile and NG both blog on AA. πŸ˜€

  175. RA says:

    Can’t wait for you to get back, Micky, and get a grip on Coiffured Chas, and Hippo Raddy. πŸ™‚

    Hope you are soon back to tossing the welly with one arm, and piglets with the other. πŸ˜€

  176. mickydidit89 says:

    But omg people are weird
    There were about 50 villagers around
    Took two hours to scoop me up and pop me into the chopper
    And oh do they like a look

  177. ‘morning all, sorry Redders I wasn’t intending to steal you’re thunder, I e mailed my.effort before reading this morning’s comments.

    Good to know you’re OK Micky.

  178. Eddie says:

    chopper??!!!! OMG, you don’t do things by half! 2 hours?? you were in agony for that long? shit

    People are weird? ha ha ha, bastards, the lot of them me dear

  179. Ah Redders you’re talking about me old mate Viscount Coke, or Okey Cokey as we call him down The Dog and Duckpond.

  180. RA says:

    Not a prob, NG – I’ve read my effort – so now looking forward to yours. πŸ™‚

  181. mickydidit89 says:

    Cheers RA
    Ok off to sort out this booster
    Only hope of seeing the game

  182. RA says:

    For what it is worth, I hope that Shard, Herb and other esteemed AAers can find the time to give us their opinions before, during and after the game. πŸ˜€

  183. kelsey says:

    Morning all πŸ˜‰

  184. Hi Kelsey, what’s the result of today’s game? πŸ˜€

  185. kelsey says:


    never during a game as so often the emotional frustrated comments come back to bite you.

    I know I may be a little late on this but watching flamini’s second goal on Wednesday, that’s just the sort of position and strike that Ramsey needs, to get him back on the goal trail.

    Only a personal opinion but the Ospina I now see and rated very highly at the WC lokks a shadow of a keeper these days.I think he has caught fabianskitis.

  186. kelsey says:

    I am going for a low scoring draw. Reason being leicester are in form and proving many wrong but we will get an open game, which will suit us, but no one seems to find the net that easy at the moment when talking about our boys.(did I mention giroud πŸ˜‰ )

  187. Eddie says:

    micky – you can watch onlinefooty on mobiles

    Kels – Ospina made me VERY nervous on Wednesday, he has lost his nerve

    Flamster goal Goal of the Month imo

  188. RA says:

    Agree with all that @ 10:21, Kelsey, and morning to you – I hope your day is going well? πŸ˜€

  189. kelsey says:

    Why thank you RA, people don’t usually agree with me, especially this early.

    Any news on Welbeck,hasn’t he been out since April.

    I am afraid Debuchy wasn’t a very good buy, but bellerin improves with every game,will turn out to be a star RB for us.

  190. RA says:


    It has to be said that the 12 points Liecs have gotten so far this season was agains some very ordinary teams;

    Wins against: Sunderland, Villa and Wham (at home) and
    Draws against: Stoke, Bournemouth and Totteringham.
    Losses against: No one. Until today! πŸ™‚

  191. I like your confidence Redders, care to take a chance and predict the score?

  192. This will probably put the mockers on us but I’m expecting a clean sheet and two or even three goals for the good guys.

  193. Well to balance out the mockers NG, I don’t think we’ll get a win, possibly a draw, but not a win.

  194. RA says:

    I already did, NG, 1 ; 3 πŸ™‚

    But I don’t have a great record of predicting anything – which is why we need Crystals, and he says a low scoring draw.

    Anyway, where is your pre-match tome?

  195. Oh yeah of little faith. πŸ˜€

  196. That should be Oh ye of little faith. Bloody tablets. πŸ˜€

  197. Locked up in Peaches cupboard seemingly.

  198. I’m on tablets too NG…. they keep me calm and realistic πŸ™‚

  199. Morning all

    Apologies from me, I didn’t notice either Norfolk’s email or RA’s comment and took more painkillers for my aching jaw and went back to sleep. I’ve got Norfolks PM ready to publish so shall I add RA’s to the bottom of it and we have two?????

  200. We have a New Post ……………

    I’ve published Norfolk’s and I’ll try and add on RA’s now

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