Poll: Ospina or Szczesny to play in the Final.

Who would you pick?

The case for Ospina:

The current incumbent and clearly Mr. Wenger’s first choice keeper. His record is outstanding –  in 18 matches Ospina has conceded just 11 goals. He has made 48 saves and kept 8 clean sheets. Statistically Ospina is far ahead of the Pole.

A fine shot stopper who came to us following an excellent World Cup for Columbia with a reputation as a future champion, he replaced Hugo Lloris at Nice whose President considered him as good as the excellent keeper who is about to leave the N17 knuckle-draggers.

Ospina is the brother-in-law of James Rodriguez of Barcelona and is married with one child.


Mr & Mrs Ospina 

Ospina is just 26 and already has over 50 International caps, he chose Arsenal over Athletico Madrid when he signed in summer. Clearly a confident man who believed he would soon take the shirt from Wojciech – he was right..

The case for Szczesny:

Two seasons ago TPIG had the football world at his feet. He was the coming man, the man who would be the AFC keeper for the next 15 years – the next Seaman. Szczesny has the talent, the physique,  the technical and tactical nous to be a great goalkeeper. He has already played 130+ games for Arsenal. Last season he shared the Golden Glove with Petr Cech – Wojciech is no mug.

TPIG’s saves per game ratio is the same as Ospina’s and let us not forget he was the GK at the start of the season when the team was so lethargic.

Mr Wenger has shown his preference to play his second choice GK in the FA Cup and last season played Fabianski, which many believe indicates TPIG will start on Saturday.

But …. Szczesny is on the Naughty Step. After some difficult games in which his concentration wavered his mental state came into question following a “smoking” incident. Yet this is a chap with enormous confidence – some might say too much and perhaps it was his mistakes at Southampton in January which have sealed his Arsenal fate.


Mr and (the soon to be) Mrs. Szczesny

Raddy’s Opinion:

I have no real reason for saying this but I don’t trust Ospina. His silly errors vs WBA worry me – he just doesn’t seem to have control over his area. His lack of height could be costly against the aerial power of Benteke etc and Ospina will need to be a damned sight better with his punching from corners and crosses, TPIG is better in the air than Ospina as he has shown many times. He seems to be a good shot-stopper and his distribution is certainly better than Szczesny.

The problem is that I don’t trust Szczesny either. He has the potential to be a world class GK but seems to be undone by a flaky head.  If AW was going to play him at Wembley then he would surely have started vs WBA ( Fabianski played the final game of last season pre-Wembley).

The scale just about tips towards the Pole – he is due to play a solid game, he is better in the air than Ospina, he missed out last season and this could be his final appearance in an Arsenal shirt if (please, please, pretty please) Cech comes in summer. And sentiment rules – so my vote goes to Szczesny.

This is not an easy decision. What do you think?


written by Big Raddy


123 Responses to Poll: Ospina or Szczesny to play in the Final.

  1. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks Raddy

    I think it’s very hard to choose from the evidence presented.
    I’d say Mrs Sz is way better looking but….. oh shit, sorry., errr, AW will go for Ospina I reckon.
    I don’t think Arsene does always stick with 2nd choice keeper. Last season he did, but I think he’s switched back to his No1 come final day before.
    While I still think Sz could be a great keeper, I think he should stick with Ospina on Saturday just to keep a more settled defence.

  2. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all, I felt a question would come up before the game about this, and yes i feel an important question.

    Czezesney has been with us a while, and in all fairness to him, he has pulled off some absolutely fabulous saves, But and its a massive But, he has a bit of mad Jens in him, Many still talk about Jens and what he achieved, but sadly i remember the mistakes his mad rushing out and stupid decision making. I see a lot of that in Czezesney and its not going away,So Czezesney is out of my equation.

    Ospina. I feel he has come in and done a job, he has a fumbling issue and i don’t like that, he is not that tall and has problems punching, mind you i don’t like a keeper punching as i always feel that a good keeper with anticipation should, with a mighty jump and arms out stretched, should be able to pluck the ball cleanly and stop the move straight away, Ospina has not got tacky hands i dont like that either.

    Given the choice for the final, i would go Martinez, a young man who has seen others come in and said nothing. When i have seen this young guy play he seems to have all the things i like in a keeper, why he has not been used more i cannot understand, but from what i have seen of all of them, i would pick Martinez.

  3. Short and sweet Widson, but why Ospina?

  4. Hmm, so Szczesny has a flaky head…is dandruff a serious problem for ‘keepers? 😀

  5. PV4 says:

    Although I don’t think either are really good enough for Arsenal, it has to be Ospina. TPIG has cost us dearly – especially this season as without his blunders and indecision we would have come mighty close to winning the league. Break the bank for Cech or Llorris.

  6. mickydidit89 says:

    Genius going for Martinez. Spanners in works and all that 🙂

  7. stevepalmer1 says:

    Mind you, Wenger will go for Czez

  8. Does anyone know when Szczesny last played a game of football?

    Ospina is the man in possession of the gloves, yes he looked a bit shaky at times against West Brom, but maybe he was lacking a bit of concentration after the first half, in which he had very little to do.

    Frankly neither of them fill me with confidence, on balance I’d stick with Ospina.

  9. mickydidit89 says:

    With nothing riding on the WBA game, surely AW would have given Sz a run out if he planned to play him in the final

  10. chas mobile says:

    Quick comment from me unrelated to the post.

    Kelsey and Arnie
    You can order a cup final programme online. I’m at work at the moment so won’t be able to dig out the link. I’ll find it later for you if you can’t find it in the meantime.

    P.s. it would be pointless me getting a programme for anyone as it would come back covered in beer, curry, kebab and vomit stains. 🙂

  11. Boukari says:

    DAVID OSPINA BY MILES. Has been so safe both in reaction, in the air and catches so far this season apart from vs west brom. The polish has never been a safe option. Always made to many mistakes throughout a season. And his footwork is horrible. Please sell him, and I believe in DAVID OSPINA with my whole heart! COYG!!

  12. Big Raddy says:

    I agree. If AW was planning to play TPIG surely he would have started on Saturday.

    Martinez?? On what evidence?

    I like the thought of signing Lloris. It would a Sol moment

  13. kelsey says:

    Thanks chas, will look it up.

    Both have faults and I would say they are amongst the second tier of keepers in the EPL.

    There is a touch of Lehmann in our Pole and he has already been red carded at least 3 times that I can remember for club and country.

    Is he perhaps the wrong man for the big occasion. (sent off for Poland in their first WC game)

    It does worry me that Ospina hasn’t got the safest pair of hands and maybe that’s why he punches rather than catches many balls and he also tends to fumble a bit too much, but he reads the game well and as others have said he distributes well..

    One of them has to play and as I have said before I think the Pole has fallen out of favour with AW on a personal level, though that is just a hunch, and if so it wouldn’t surprise me if he is off in the Summer and we really get a top top keeper.

  14. RA says:

    Kelsey, arnie,

    You would be best to wait until the internet wizard Chas gets back to you, but you might want to try;


    or, http://www.amazon.co.uk/

    or, http://www.ebay.co.uk/ [£12.99]

    But as I said – waiting for Chas might be a better bet. 🙂

  15. RA says:

    To use a Norfolkian adage – it’s a no-brainer that at this late stage it has to be Ospina – altho I would prefer Chezzer – until he makes a mistake.

    Another upgrade at GK, during the summer, would be my choice.

  16. RA says:


    That is a good and topical Post – and well done you for filling the gap with your Posts lately. 😀

  17. mickydidit89 says:


    To be honest, the programmes are utter garbage. Bought one last year for that Arnie bloke. It weighed six and half tons, was longer than any book I’ve ever read in my life, although I didn’t even bother opening it before posting it to Scotland.

    Go buy The Locomotive Enthusiast instead if I were you.

  18. mickydidit89 says:

    not here at all

  19. Big Raddy says:

    RA. Thanks. It is a labour of love

  20. Sav from Australia says:


  21. Rasp says:

    Thanks Raddy, this is a tough one to predict. Going on past decisions of this type you’d expect AW to pick Sz, my preference is for Ospina as the defence has looked more composed with him in goal.

    Cech to Arsenal …. yes please 😀

  22. LB says:

    I think that Wenger still has high hopes for Szezsney based on no knowledge what so ever but on Saturday I would prefer


  23. GunnerN5 says:

    Thanks Raddy, I voted for Ospina.

    I would prefer him to start as I feel the team have gained in confidence since he has been our goalie, and I don’t think that is a coincidence.

    I really do not want to see a shaky Pole waving about in the wind as the ball flies past him………

    That said I don’t believe that either keeper is world class or our long term solution so we need to find the right man.

  24. kelsey says:

    From a Villa fan:

    Let’s face it, if you play the way you should this one is in the bag for you. The dossiers should have been written on us, weird wingers at fullback, playing a high line in defence. If you pass through us rather than around us we don’t stand much chance. If you look wide you will force Delph and Cleverley to spend the entire game covering our defensively clueless fullbacks, depriving us of our drive in midfield. The only thing we have going for us is the slight hoodoo you have with the actual winning part at the end of things, and that Benteke could get right at your centre-backs if they are not 100 percent alert all game. The obvious thing Villa should do is soak up as much of your pressure as we can and counter attack at pace. I’ve yet to see Sherwood do much more than all out attack though. Still, let’s have an awesome atmosphere and avoid silliness before and after the game. I’ll never forgive Chelsea fans for their arrogance and stupidity after they beat us in the League Cup. We were down and dejected and they were absolute things about it. Had the nerve to deride our history and tradition to our faces because of their sudden (and paid for) success. The irony was they weren’t even celebrating, just mocking Villa for having the nerve to play them. Arrogant in the extreme. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Good luck in the final lads, but not too much!

    I think that’s pretty fair.

  25. arnie says:

    very nice question, Raddy, 🙂 even if the supporting evidence is a bit dubious. 😛

    quick and short. I voted Szcz because he is our cup keeper, and I find no reason to have him deposed. But I am also surprised by the support for Ospina. 🙂


  26. Since voting for Ospina earlier, I’ve been thinking a bit.

    Szczesny was ‘keeping whilst we were playing headless chicken style attacking football. Things must have got a bit easier for the ‘keeper since a somewhat more pragmatic approach to defending has been introduced.

    On reflection I’m still in favour of Ospina, he has been playing regularly, whereas Szczesny has been riding the pine.

    So it’s a no-brainer, Redders. 😀

  27. Aaron says:

    okaaaay, this is an easy one!
    Szcz by a thousand miles, all day every day, unless he needs a rest, think Courtois.
    Szcz strengths: the box, the box, the box, anything above 6ft, he is in sweeper keeper mould, think Neur, kicks futher, more accurate, and if you need a game saving stop he will get it done, save a point, he can do it. Young and learning.
    Ospina strengths: calmness, and does not make many mistakes, but and this is the big but, he won’t make that crucial game saving stop most of the time when needed. Remember we are not talking avg keepers here but world class, he is a good keeper, but not great!

    Put the starting back 4 in front of Szcz for one game, no subs, no injuries and he will get you the W in most cases. Put the makeshift back 4 in front of Ospina and there goes 3rd place, CL, and even maybe the FA Cup.

    Will look forward to Szcz getting his chance to win a HUGE game, and be part of a team FA Cup Win!

  28. Rasp says:

    Back to the FIFA debacle ……

    Richard Keys, bow your head in shame.

    After getting the boot from Sky Sports for his misogynist views, he worked for TalkSport for a year and has since resided in Doha (Qatar) with Andy Gray working for Al Jazeera.

    He often presents programs for TS as does Gray and I often wondered why every time he was on air, the first 10 minutes was spent saying how amazing life was in Doha and how wonderful the people of Qatar are – but this morning it all became clear. He was interviewed on TS to get the Middle Eastern perspective on the FIFA situation.

    What followed was a disgrace to professional journalism. He dismissed the evidence presented by the FBI and just kept repeating the ‘innocent before being proved guilty’ line.

    Keys has sold his soul. He is supposed to be a lifelong football fan and yet he is simply a paid mouthpiece for the Qatari propaganda machine.

    Allan Brazil was clearly surprised by his responses but failed at any point to challenge his motivation.

  29. RA says:


    I am surprised that you are surprised.

    Putting Keys on TalkSport with his ‘buddies’ is like putting Raddy in charge of the Veuve Clicquot vintage champagne.

    Keys has always seemed to be someone with his eye on the main chance.

    The fact is that there are too many vested interests involved with FIFA and powerful men at that.

    The FBI will not be able to nail Bladder.

  30. arnie says:

    No, Micky, it is very valuable. 🙂 whatever the result. 😛 Please, pretty please. A bottle of single cask (not only single malt) awaits. 🙂

  31. mickydidit89 says:


    Staggeringly I suspect Blatter will survive.

    The whole Qatar saga is just too disgusting to think about, other than sparing a thought for the poor souls (many from Nepal) who are slaves to that disgusting regime.

  32. Rasp says:

    Hi Redders …. au contraire, I think the FBI will not rest until they have nailed Blatter and had the WC finals taken away from Russia and Qatar. For once I am all in favour of the gung ho yanks (no offence intended 🙂 ) Bring back John Wayne and put ’em on their asses I say.

  33. Rasp, yesterday could well turn out to be the best day in world football ever.

    If the FBI, the US Justice System and the US Attorney General between them can bring down the conniving, crooked scum that have floated to the top of Blatter’s cess pool, then it can only be a good thing for football.

  34. Rasp says:

    Micky, it is now clear that FIFA knew this was coming. They pathetically asked the Swiss authorities to look into allegations of corruption after having paid a lawyer to do the same thing for massive remuneration only for him to conclude that there was no case to answer.

    Blatter will not survive this in the long term. Its a shame he doesn’t have the dignity to resign just because the has been the head of an institutionally corrupt organisation. His 2 vice presidents have both been indicted and yet Sep knew nothing. If true, he should go for pure incompetence.

    BTW Keys pointed out this morning that although the Qataris had been exploiting slave labour to build their stadiums, they were in fact employed by western companies … so that makes it alright then 😕

  35. RA says:


    A few years ago, I saw an old sketch on Dave TV – or something like that – and altho it was very grainy and only lasted for a minute or so, it both had me laughing then, and, now, instantly puts me in mind of Bladder.

    In brief, it had an actor moaning about floaters, and then the camera pulled back and there was a shot of him flushing the loo and yelling “Sink you bastard!”

    Perhaps we should all yell that every time the unsinkable Bladder appears on TV. 🙂

  36. Rasp says:

    I agree NG. I was seething when Qatar got the WCF. It was the final and most blatantly obvious evidence of corruption I have ever seen.

    The reason they don’t have a history of playing football in the Middle East or any other high energy outdoor sports is because it is too bloody hot …. they can’t even grow grass under normal conditions FFS!

  37. An excellent idea Redders, I second the motion,

  38. Rasp, in the words of the ABBA song…..money, money, money, it’s rich mans’ world (cup).

  39. Rasp says:

    Norfolk, my favourite saying is “bad things happen when good people do nothing”. This whole sorry state of affairs resembles the Jimmy Saville saga – not in terms of content but in the way I predict it will transpire that many, many people knew the corruption was taking place but did not have the decency to speak out against it.

    Think of all the millions that should have percolated down to fund grass roots football around the world but instead found its way into the pockets of the greedy bastards who were already handsomely paid and were appointed to represent the interests of the footballing community. The FIFA hierarchy lived a life of luxury – the hotel where they were arrested was a top 5 star joint, all expenses paid.

  40. RA says:

    Be careful, Rasper, the incorrigible NG is passing another motion! 🙂

  41. Rasp says:

    Michael Garcia was the man appointed by FIFA to investigate corruption in relation to the Qatar WC bid – he found there was no case to answer (after having been paid a fantastic salary) ….. see link …..


    I wonder how FIFA will explain this now?

  42. mickydidit89 says:

    To be clear, I am not going to Wembley, so I’m out of contention.

  43. Rasp says:

    Incidentally, the Americans have also turned a blind eye to a corrupt sport by taking so long to do something about Lance Armstrong. But at least in that case, there were not millions of other people being deprived due to his activities as with FIFA or 100s of children being abused as with Saville.

    We are currently allowing Greville Janner and other high ranking officials and media personalities to escape justice over allegations of child abuse in the 60s, 70s and 80s

  44. Rasp says:

    Andrew Jennings has been a leading force in exposing corruption in FIFA and the IOC. He was behind the Panorama expose a few year ago. This article is from March 2013 …


  45. RA says:


    Not that I would ever say ‘au contraire’ to you, as I would be shot down in flames, just like Norfolkian in WW1.

    However, I think the Garcia report referred to – and I could not be assed to follow the link to the Grunion – was précised by FIFA aka Bladder, two months after the event, and caused Garcia to say that the summary issued by FIFA was materially incomplete and misrepresented the facts and conclusions in his Report.

    A week later FIFA filed a criminal action with the Swiss authorities – presumably to stop Garcia’s complaints on a ‘confidential’ matter.

    So, I think Michael Rasp, that your comment was materially incomplete, an misrepresented the facts and the conclusions arrived at – any more of this and I will instruct Enn Gee and Wormer top class barrack room lawyers to issue proceedings against you. So there! 🙂

  46. Rasp says:

    You should work for FIFA Redders 🙂

  47. RA says:

    Who says I don’t, Rasp? 😀

  48. chas says:

    Kelsey and arnie

    Here’s the link to buy a Cup Final programme from t’internet.

  49. chas says:

    I’ve no idea about our keeper for the final.

    Szcz played in the semi, so I suppose he’ll play on Saturday.
    You can’t fault Ospina’s record so far with us.

    I have 75% confidence in both of them. 🙂

  50. The Cockie Monster says:

    No contest !…..the soon to be missus Szczesny all day…and night….long !….that Pole will get my pole in the poll vote, although Mrs Ospina has a nice set of puppies too and can see why Ospina has problems with fumbling !.
    Wenger is a loyal man and will stick with Szczesny for the final and probably use Ospina as a sub if and when Szczesny gets sent off or injured !. hahaha

    As for Richard Keys !…….never trust a man who is hairier than an Iraqis mum !……imagine him and Transplant having a hug…….it will be like going back in time and being at the invention of Velcro !.

  51. kelsey says:

    Thanks Chas.

    The art of debating with each other on the blog seems to be decreasing, more long pauses and just individual opinions, no real momentum, or am I wrong.

  52. RA says:

    Sadly, Kelsey, everything in life, including blogs tend to run their course, and if you look at the list of authors you will see just how many are long gone, mainly because of work pressure, family and simply becoming bored, (or boring?) and it makes you realise that AA is starting to fade.

    The rest of us are beginning to know what the few remaining bloggers think and therefore chat becomes somewhat superfluous.

    It’s a shame.

  53. mickydidit89 says:

    Ahhh, but, the site could morph into something altogether more useful, like a wee cyber haven where we can meet up and insult each other.

    Raddy would call it therapy.

  54. mickydidit89 says:

    Here’s another reason Arsene may go with Ospina.
    Less changes given that he’ll want to drop Coquelin as well as Ollie to crowbar in Jack and Theo while keeping all his other techies

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    Hope we get another vote tomorrow
    Ollie or Theo or Both
    Because the debate would lead to all the midfield ins and outs as well
    We can’t leave it till Saturday as there’d be no-one here

  56. Big Raddy says:

    RA. Atrophy?

    I like the idea of a forum where we insult each other

  57. RA says:

    A ‘wee cypher’, Micky? That’s a bit harsh. It’s not that bad – well, OK., leaving NG out of it – he never could hold his beer!! 🙂

  58. Big Raddy says:

    No vote as yet, sorry

  59. RA says:

    Yup, atrophy, Raddy.

    Still never mind, we will get a trophy to replace it on Saturday!! 🙂

  60. RA says:

    Ospina 69%

    Chezzer 31%

    When do the Polls close, Raddy?

  61. mickydidit89 says:

    Oooo people

    Surely we get to do formations and shit tomorrow

  62. Big Raddy says:

    RA. 😊

    Micky. More bits and pieces with a bit of a poser but no poll.

    Poll closes at midnight

  63. mickydidit89 says:

    Yes, all very well and nice Raddy, but can we discuss full final tactics and teams, or do we have to wait until 10 on saturday?

    Can I warn you, I’ll be unleashing my full 3-4-3 set up early doors 🙂

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    Don’t want to sound all leftie and sensitive, but I’m staring out of the window at the most beautiful evening sun breaking through the canopy of a two hundred year old copper beech. Stunning.

  65. chas says:

    Can’t wait

  66. chas says:

    Photo of right-wingers decimating an old copper beech.

  67. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey Lads,
    Just dawned on me. Transfer spc gets under way on Monday. Superb.

    One consideration for the blog. Far more insulting posts to draw in the insultees to attack the author’s utterly defenceless position. Naturally, the technique will hinge on naming names in the post titles, therefore we will be needing 26 back sharpish.

  68. mickydidit89 says:

    Fascist bastards

  69. chas says:

    Destined to go in the next round of cuts

  70. mickydidit89 says:

    Bloody hell, you can see the tip of a chainsaw under the tree. Either a bloke in a hole, or a seriously big saw

    Maybe the tree squashed the fascist 🙂

  71. chas says:

    Hug a tree or let a tree hug you

  72. mickydidit89 says:

    Wow, that’s a really strangely formed tree

  73. mickydidit89 says:

    My comments are one behind each pic 🙂
    Mmm, nice oak
    Can’t tell what sort

  74. chas says:

    The strangely formed tree said it was a copper beech grafted on to common beech rootstock, but at an unusually high point.

  75. mickydidit89 says:

    Ah, interesting, thanks. I really do love trees, and have an amazing print from 1842 (think, without having to go look) of oldest ever recorded oak. Quercus Robur (English oak). No longer exists, completely rotted away, but it was called The Cowthorpe Oak

  76. chas says:

    That massive oak is in Wollaton Park, Nottingham.

    (smashing commentary) 🙂

  77. mickydidit89 says:

    This is not a very good one as the scale is just wrong, oh and I got the date wrong

  78. mickydidit89 says:

    No wrong again, mine is 1824. Just went look.

  79. mickydidit89 says:

    Bingo Chas
    That’s the very one. J.G Strutt. 1824.

  80. mickydidit89 says:

    See, I am a leftie 🙂

  81. chas says:

    Haha, I knew you couldn’t be one of those UKIP voters like chary.

  82. chas says:

    Right, off for some refreshment.
    Looking forward to some formations and shit tomorrow.

    Night, kelsey.

  83. mickydidit89 says:

    ha ha ha

    ’till dawn 🙂

  84. kelsey says:

    Wenger to replace Blatter is the word 😉

  85. Big Raddy says:

    Nope. Formations and shit are on Saturday.

    Boys, listen (or read in this case). We are a traditional club and a traditional blog and an AA tradition is to discuss tactic bolleaux on game day. If I went against the tradition I could bock the team and then you would blame me for the result.

    Tomorrow we are going to be talking trees, hives, cats, dogs, fishing, lezzers,surfing and the usual hotchpotch.

  86. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Someone said that AW is a genuine contender for UEFA and possibly FIFA. I don’t believe it

  87. The Cockie Monster says:

    Fcuk !……the tree huggers have gone !. 🙂
    I love trees and many moons ago went on a tree course through a company/charity called Sylvanus……being me I researched as much info` on trees as I could….basically knowing every single Latin name of all the trees from the RHS encyclopedia !…….then on the field course the bastards only used the common names !. hahaha

    I also through the same company went on a few green wood working courses where we made table, chairs etc` from what we could forage and by using no electrical tools, some bastard bought a Gothic oak chair I made for £125 from Duchy Nursery…..I was well pissed off as I wanted to keep it for myself and ended up having a big barney with Sylvanus ( not sure if this charity is still going, it was over 10 years ago ) and removed all my work from their premises , they threatened me with the police and we came to an agreement that I would give back half my work, but keep the designs of them all . One of the tutors phoned me at home and got so pissed off that he went into a stuttering fit because of my adult wit !…..poor fcuker !. hahaha

  88. fatgingergooner says:

    Szscesny is the better keeper for me and has a much higher ceiling for improvement, if he gets his head right.

    Ospina has done well but his turn in the first team has coincided with the return of Koscielny and the good form of Coquelin, Bellerin and Monreal. Szscesny was playing at a time when Koscielny was injured for the most part, Chambers was playing RB, Monreal at CB and Flamini at HM. That’s a huge difference.

    I also think Szscesny has acted very well since being dropped. It would’ve been easy for him to slack off and cause trouble, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    My only worry is that Wenger didn’t play Szscesny towards the end of the PL campaign. If he is going to play in the final, he should’ve at least played against WBA.


    Cheers Raddy

    Ospina Vs Szscesny?

    The difference for me is that Ospina knows that people are looking at him whilst Szscesny thinks people are looking at him

    Theres a big difference between knowing and thinking. Ospina is confident and sure, Szscesny is uncertain and behind his bravado lies insecurity.

    How do i know this? For many years within the disco scene I have studied women as pulling targets and men as potential rivals. If I spot a young good looking rival with whiter shoes than me, I observe his weaknesses.

    Normally there like Szscensy, uncertain of themselves so the women are mine. Now and again however, they are the full package, like that Real Madrid keeper De Gea, so I am reduced to getting alcoholic but jovial Pat to accidently urinate on them in the bogs.

    If Pat misses, then I bribe the bouncers to throw them out on a trumped charge of fondling themselves or nicking some birds drink

    If they complain and it ends up with the bouncers giving them a kicking, even better. I dont have to pay for the kicking, the bouncers dish it out to satisfy there “father was a gambling piss head” complex, or to aleviate erectile dysfunction.

    Pele was wrong about those blue pills. What he should have said is that if you have a problem getting it up, take one of these pills and then become a bouncer. If you have also been traumatised by the 3.45 at Wincanton, take the whole bottle.

    Ospina for me.

  90. Gööner In Exile says:

    As others have said I would have liked Szczesny to play at least once before cup final day to get 90 minutes under his belt.

    Ospina has done well in the sticks, i don’t share the concerns of others about his box control abilities, he has made one mistake in this are that has led to a goal, mainly he has been very confident and come to claim when required, Szczesny does have a habit of thinking he needs to go for everything.

    So for me i’d start Ospina, but also Szczesny needs to start getting some games soon to make it a competition for places again.

  91. chas says:

  92. chas says:

    That’s our summer business done. 🙂

  93. chas says:

  94. chas says:

    That FIFA parody newspaper with a link that works….

  95. chas says:


  96. chas says:

    I like your choice of topics for today, but to say we talk tactics bolleaux on this blog on game day is just not true. No-one is here on game day.

  97. chas says:

  98. chas says:


  99. Big Raddy says:

    chas 6.24. Oh Yes it is.

  100. Big Raddy says:

    Brilliant pic of the Lads on the Road to Wembley

  101. mickydidit89 says:

    Chas @ 6:24
    And our rulers wonder why the blog struggles 🙄

  102. Big Raddy says:

    Morning Young Didit.

    Just reading about the referee for tomorrow. The man is a lemon.

  103. mickydidit89 says:

    Out of politeness to Raddy, everyone refrains from talking about the upcoming game until match day, then it goes up at 10am

    I’ve moaned about this before, nothing new, but I really enjoy the work Raddy puts in, and I’d be amazed if I’ve read even half of them before the first ball is kicked

    And then RA (understandably) wonders why the blog is dying

    There we go, rant (mild) over

    Right, smut, then Ollie and/or Theo at 9am 🙂

    Completely forgotten what colour we’re wearing tomorrow

  104. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning to you too Big

    Nothing personal above you understand, just that I have the anarchist within 🙂

  105. kelsey says:

    Yellow tops, micky but why a 17.30 kick off as it clashes with Come Dine with me.Bad timing.

    That 7.05 picture. Is that GIE and peaches, if it is you are a big fella GIE 🙂

  106. mickydidit89 says:

    Actually, it’s one of the charms of the site

    We end up talking about candle making, but it is not entirely surprising given that we are banned from talking about the next Arsenal football match

    Bless 🙂

  107. mickydidit89 says:


    Peaches is 3′ 2″

    Anyway, exactly how tall did you expect a professional gk to be? 🙂

  108. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. We are talking about the game but the posts are about who will play as opposed to tactics,. If you want to discuss tactics go ahead- we will just do what we always do …. have a brief football chat and then get back to camel worming.

    Would it be better if the post went up earlier on game day?

    If I can be arsed to write the thing tonight then I can publish it by 08.00.

  109. Eddiee says:

    FC United host Benfica to mark official opening of their new stadium Broadhurst Park

    A vision becomes reality on Friday night as FC United officially open their new stadium in Moston.

    When the club was formed in the summer of 2005, by United fans left disillusioned after the Glazer takeover at Old Trafford, some cynics claimed “it’ll be over by Christmas”.

    Good luck to the FC United fans! Well done

  110. mickydidit89 says:


    I really don’t think you should go out of your way at all, but I still don’t see how discussing team selection/tactics bollocks in the days before a game impacts your PM.

    I am not going to be critical because I’m way too lazy to do any of the jobs done by yourself, Peaches or Rasp, and am therefore very grateful there is a site at all

    But very clear how the site works

    Busy 6:30-8:00
    Then busy New Post onwards, especially if it is about football 🙂

    As for PM’s, I’d say there are more comments weekdays, than weekends, but that is hardly surprising

    But the shape of the site could be a topic for the summer not minutes before the final game 🙂

  111. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. I am agreeing with you 👍

    New Post

  112. mickydidit89 says:

    I wonder how many FC United fans think to themselves after a game “bloody hell, the quality of the football is shit, the ground shit and the atmosphere shit” 🙂

  113. arnie says:

    motning all.

    thanks Redders, Chas, Micky re the matchday programme. 🙂

    8AM will be good. Just the time when our overnight coach reaches Victoria. 🙂

    COYG. 🙂

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