Wembley! Wembley! We’re the famous Arsenal and we’re going to WEMBLEY!!!

Arsenal’s romance with the FA Cup continued last night after an epic quarter final win at Old Trafford to finally put an end to the hoodoo at the stadium which has cursed them in recent times.

A journey with three friends and my nephew was very fun indeed and we were all in good spirits despite our concerns about our record at Old Trafford. I was also buoyed by Bangladesh’s win in the cricket World Cup! But football was the focal point now.

Little did I know at this point I would witness one of the best games and atmospheres (only the Arsenal end) I have attended. A quick mix grill and off we were to the “Theatre of back passes” a term used to malign the Manchester teams style of play this season.

The game started with Arsenal giving away cheap possession and Fellaini putting his weight about much to the annoyance of the Arsenal supporters. In the East Stand where the Arsenal supporters were placed, there was a feeling of injustice when Hector Bellerin was booked for a foul on Ashley Young who seems to have been taking more diving lessons from British swimmer Tom Daley. This infuriated supporters with almost every Arsenal fan pondering why referee Michael Oliver booked the young Spaniard so early in the game for his first tackle.

The fans though rallied behind the team and there was a feeling of togetherness between the travelling faithful constantly singing in tune. Then the other Spanish full back, Nacho Monreal, who has become an unsung hero, was played in by Alex Chamberlain after a fantastic run, and there was Nacho to finish emphatically beating De Gea at his near post.

The joy amongst the Arsenal fans was short lived. Only moments later Di Maria found Shrek with a cross whose header found the back of the net. The Arsenal fans were seething and the inquest began between supporters about why Shrek was left with so much room and venting their frustration at Koscielney and Mertesacker.

Chesney then kept out Di Maria’s effort saving with his legs and then half time came and Arsenal were able to re-group.

The Arsenal fans were in fantastic voice mocking the hosts and hurling constant abuse at Manchester United supporters. This stemmed from the rivalry between the clubs and supporters even took a trip down memory lane in the stands by talking about past encounters where Arsenal got stuck into the dirty Mancs, notably the infamous brawl in 1990 and Keown’s swipe at the cheating Ruud Van Nistelrooy in 2003.

Arsenal came out in the second half and stood firm and then in the 61st minute a moment which stunned the Manchester United supporters. A back pass by Valencia was seized upon by the tireless Danny Welbeck. The forward rounded the hapless De Gea and slotted home to send 9,000 Arsenal supporters into absolute raptures.

The fact Danny scored against his former employers made it so much sweeter for the Arsenal fans. A few supporters began the chant with everyone then taking part –

‘He left coz your sh*t! He left coz your sh******t! Danny Welbeck! He left coz your sh*t!’

Security officers and stewards were called into Block E233 by this point as a section of Arsenal fans were standing on seats and on top of walls, causing havoc, such was their delight. The stewards had a difficult job to contain them during this jamboree but who could blame them?

The Arsenal fans were really now enjoying themselves and constantly taunting the Manchester United supporters which would last until the final whistle and outside the ground. There was still over 30 mins left and Arsenal weathered the storm.

Di Maria was then sent off after putting his hands on the referee and then Arsenal absorbed many attacks, mainly long balls. Fellaini was up to his usual tricks of using hands and elbows and was finally booked, cue the sarcastic applause for Michael Oliver who finally brandished a yellow card to him. Arsenal then hit United on the break with Santi Cazorla drawing a fantastic save from compatriot De Gea, who then denied Alexis.

After 5 long minutes of injury time the final whistle came and the night belonged to the North Londoners. Arsenal booked another trip to Wembley but it was not over there..

Have that Fergie !

Have that Fergie !

This was one of the best results in recent years and despite there being a split fan base over the season there were no signs of it on this night. The Arsenal fans went mental, singing, mocking Manchester United fans, dancing in the stands and then outside the ground much to the anger of the police who could not usher the Arsenal fans away.

Nine thousand fans who made a long trip despite the fixture being on a Monday night causing chaos for people who had work, school and other commitments.  Miserable Manchester United fans walked past the dancing Arsenal fans singing “WEMBLEY” and the look on their face was priceless, knowing that Arsenal ended their season.

Maybe now these United fans were off to the supermarket to get those sour grapes before going home. Arsenal players, Manager and fans can be very proud after their performances on this night. Everyone associated with the club played their part.

Victoria, Concordia, Cresit.

Next stop.. WEMBLEY!


by @SirAHussain

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  1. gusmcmanus says:

    God that felt good.

  2. GunnerN5 says:

    It’s always good to get an inside viewpoint of a game thank you Sir H. It must have been joyous to be able to taunt the diving fans in “The Theater of Dreamers”

    It was great to see Danny boy disregard “respect” for his old club and celebrate his goal – very refreshing and says a lot at the same time.

  3. GunnerN5 says:

    This is typical of Man U fans.

    Danny Welbeck targeted with DEATH THREATS following Old Trafford FA Cup winner

    The former Manchester United striker netted the decisive goal for Arsenal with many fans reacting in vile fashion on social media

    Arsenal’s FA Cup hero Danny Welbeck has received a string of terrifying death threats after scoring his Old Trafford winner last night.

    The Manchester United reject slid the ball into an open net after leaving David de Gea stranded as he tried to reach a wayward Antonio Valencia back pass.

    But after a goal celebration that sent the 9,000 travelling Arsenal fans into rapture, the striker was the target of a string of vile comments on social media.

    Nolove said: “Danny Welbeck I will find you and I will kill you.”

    Another added: “ Somebody just KILL Welbeck! Can’t stand the a******! #RedOrDead#MUFC.”

    UtdMads wrote: “Welbeck you c*** celebrating. You are so DEAD to me! F****** JUDAS.”

    Grande DeGea said: “Hey Welbeck, when you die, I will celebrate it in front of your family.”

    Another so-called football fan added: “hope welbeck breaks his f****** leg and can’t play ever again f****** judas c***.”

    But many United fans clapped their former star when he was substituted towards of the game by boss Arsene Wenger, who snapped him up last summer after he was told by United manager Louis van Gaal, he had no future at the club.

    One added: “LVG didn’t show him any respect by selling him why should he show us any?”

    And former players applauded his right to celebrate his goal. Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher said: “Brilliant celebration from Welbeck none of that respect Man Utd fans nonsense.”

    Ex-Anfield star Jamie Redknapp added: “I just loved seeing Danny Welbeck celebrate his goal. It is a load of tosh when a former player doesn’t celebrate against his old team.

    “Goal scoring is why we play/watch/support — and it’s a while since Danny scored one! United didn’t want to keep him, he left for Arsenal and here he was back at Old Trafford scoring a predatory winner.”

  4. GoonerB says:

    Lovely report SirA, I really get a sense of the atmosphere from you. It was a great win and I hope one that will have positive and negative psychological implications for us and Utd respectively going forwards.

    Strictly speaking Bellerin’s early tackle was a yellow. Whether it was balanced in terms of what Oliver had let Utd get away with is another matter.

    Bellerin could easily become a long term and high quality custodian of the RFB slot for us but did show some immaturity in this game. He could easily have got a 2nd yellow before the Di Maria incident which could have changed the course of the game and possibly the result on another day.

    Everyone knows that Young will make the tackle look worse. He has a primary objective to con the referee into dodgy penalties and to get opposition players sent off and Bellerin must surely know this. He was overly rash with diving in on Young and inviting trouble. I can see why because he wanted to win back possession quickly, but Bellerin also has the pace to match Young and can therefore stand up to him or shepherd him. He still needs to improve his decision making on when to try and nip in and nick the ball and when to just shepherd the player.

    I feel Kos was positionally at fault for the goal. I have a friend who doesn’t rate Kos as highly as many of us. He doesn’t feel Kos has the natural defensive discipline and reading of the game. Kos is a marvelous defender in many ways but I can see my friends point at times. He is a great reactionary and recovery defender and uses his great pace to get out of dangerous situations often on the turn in a straight foot race back towards our goal. I sometimes wonder though if those situations don’t arise in the first place if he reads the play better.

    In this case Rooney found the space between Kos and Per. It was enough space that the right ball could clear Kos and be perfect for Rooney, as it indeed turned out. I think Per was correct in holding his position further back as there was danger there if the ball had gone deeper to the back post. If Per did anything wrong for me it would be in not shouting at Kos to drop 2 metres to get closer to Rooney. Per could see the positioning of Rooney and Kos in front of him while Kos had Rooney behind him.

    Kos does however look over his shoulder to check on where the danger is just before the ball comes in so must have spotted the dangerous space Rooney had found and where he was positioning himself. I would have thought the instinctive top defender then thinks that if I get closer to him it is likely that I will get my head to the ball before him as the flight of the ball can’t clear me and still be perfect for him. If the ball comes in lower then I am still ahead of Rooney and can move forwards to get to it before him and clear it. If it goes long Per is back there covering. I may be wrong and am maybe being overly critical but I just feel there are potentially more naturally intelligent defenders that would have changed their position to cover this danger.

  5. GoonerB says:

    GN5, it is sad to see some people react like that but as you say most Utd fans would have been respectful to Danny. If anything the RVP thing is still worse for us as we still needed him here when he left whereas Danny was deemed surplus to requirements.

    Reading Wally and Micky’s comments at the end of the last post I have to say that I was also pleased that Arsene started Danny. I do agree with Micky though that Danny should become our plan A. Danny brings the pace and mobility that will allow for a more fluid interchanging front 3 which I feel is important to us to move us up to the next level. As such we really need to find out whether Danny has the quality to ultimately fulfill this role long term or whether we still need to dip into the transfer market for an upgrade. The problem is we will not find this out about Danny unless he gets a run of games as the main man and not as the back up or wide option.

    BTW I think we should all have a whip round and get those Mumbai Gooners to the Ems. They look like they could ratch up the atmosphere a notch or two.

  6. GunnerN5 says:


    Pace is one of the distinct advantages that we have over most teams and Danny has pace to spare. I also feel that he needs a run of games, after all he excelled when Giroud was injured. Unfortunately, unlike Ollie, he does not appear to be an instinctive goalscorer and that could hurt us in the run in for CL places.

    However there are horses for courses and AW will undoubtedly pick and choose between them depending on our opposition.

    On another note Theo seems to have become an outcast and a bench warmer, I hope it’s not an indication that his Arsenal days are coming to an end. Then there’s Wishere – what a dilemma for AW.

  7. RA says:

    Enjoyable Post, SirA, thank you 🙂

    Victoria Concordia Crescit – Thru’ Harmony Comes Victory – it would be nice if the moanies took that on board.

  8. GunnerN5 says:

    I despise Man U as much as anyone but I must say that from a pure footballing viewpoint it’s sad to see them develop into a “Fat Sam” type of team.

    Now from an Arsenal viewpoint it’s simply wonderful and may Van Galling be there for the foreseeable future.

  9. Ahmed Ashique says:

    we are the king , we are famous arsenal , nd we are number 1

  10. GoonerB says:

    GN5, you are right about Giroud (currently) being the better finisher. Danny may actually never turn out to be a prolific goal-scorer but I feel we need to find this out first hand.

    I do feel that becoming more clinical comes by being given the opportunity to be so. I don’t think Giroud was greatly prolific initially with us but has been afforded a lot of opportunities to become better. I even think of the great TH14 needing some games to become a regular lethal goal-scorer.

    Even with Ollies recent purple patch the Monaco game could suggest that he is not as instinctive as we think, not at the top level where your Messi’s, Aguero’s, Henry’s sit, and that this will potentially always keep us at a level below the top teams. If Danny does become more deadly and prolific then the advantages he has over Ollie in the rest of his game make it a no contest for me moving forwards. Give him some game time in the CF position to see what happens. For me unfortunately if he doesn’t develop this lethal side then it is not a question of Ollie being the answer instead, it will more indicate that we need something better than both of them.

  11. GunnerN5 says:

    GB – We are in total agreement.

  12. I’m one of the biggest moaners when we don’t play well, or when one or two players let us down. After the Monaco game I was very critical of the BFG and the little fuckin german. But I will give credit where it is due… both played well last night and can’t be criticised. Coq au Vin was a mountain once again… Welbz just had to come up with the winning goal… it was Roy of the Rovers sort of thing.

    Now we need to take that confidence into our league game against Wham and then to Monaco……. could it mean a 3 – 0 win for us in the land of the tax evaders? I’m still debating whether to get a ticket? There will probably be quite a load on the internet now that people think we don’t have much of a chance in France!

  13. Rasp says:

    A lovely report @SirA, thank you once again.

    A hugely satisfying win and a really good solid team performance that showed maturity and confidence.

    I was also shocked at the crude nature of manu’s play – hoofing high balls up to that lump Fellaini …. Fat Sam was right in his description of them.

    What I cannot fathom is how Van Gaal has built such a good reputation when he has led manu in this direction. I get the ‘give him time’ ‘work in progress’ argument, but surely playing like Stoke is not the way ahead unless he has such little faith in his playing staff.

  14. Rasp

    I think Fat Sam said Chelsea are the hoof ballers… not Man U 🙂

  15. oh no, perhaps it was Man U because Van Girlie did a press conference with all the stats on paper 🙂 my bad

  16. arnie says:

    ha ha ha ha ha. what a lovely report, SirA. You must have enjoyed writing this, did you not! 🙂

    Did not watch the game, yet, saved for later today. But watched the highlights, and how good was that! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    very happy for Danny, and I do not think his celebrations were over the top. Compared to the DUNT, for example. If it were, for me, that would be poor taste worthy of Mancunians, not Gooners. 😛

    my view on Welbz is that he is still young, so we dont know. but it is not true that he did not get a run. he was lucky Ollie was injured and got a good almighty run in the team. he will just have to bide his time. like everyone else, Theo, Jack et al. at the moment, he does not deserve preferential treatment.

    an upgrade will be lovely, but a 30-goal-a-year upgrade please. not another numpty who will just compete with what we already have. BTW, we have Akpom as well.

  17. fatgingergooner says:

    Just to carry on the previous posts comments about injuries, has everyone seen the recent news about our training ground improvements? Here’s the article from The Mirror which might go some way to explaining our injury problems.

    The Gunners’ long standing plans will offer new facilities that focus on their strength and conditioning department, following a crux of high-profile injuries over the last few years.

    The Arsenal board have already reportedly ring-fenced the finances for the improvements, which will see the construction of a two storey extension to the indoor training pitch, various improvements to the gym facilities and a dedicated 3D performance analysis area.

    In their proposal for the new facilities, the club outlined: “When the training centre was first opened in 1999 the centre was considered one of the best in Europe.”

    “In particular facilities for strength and conditioning and analytical research have fallen behind top European and Premier League Clubs.

    “The facilities and equipment planned for this new building are now considered essential by all the top clubs to assist in preparing and developing footballing talent.”

  18. I’ve just watched the second half again, I had to watch it last night in the pub, with the sound off, while taking part in the weekly quiz.

    How sad it is to see such a good player as Di Maria infected by the Ashley Young Diving Virus. In fact it seems AYDV is endemic in the whole United team. Perhaps Mr Van Gaal is encouraging them, he certainly doesn’t appear to condemn it.

  19. fatgingergooner says:

    The Januzaj one was the shocker for me. He did get touched outside the box, but then decided to carry on as he was in on goal. Then he had a bad touch which favoured the keeper so he decided to throw himself on the floor and appeal for a penalty. Blatant cheating and thankfully the red didn’t fall for it. The fact Rroney and co surrounded the ref to appeal made it even worse.

    The kid has already had 4 bookings for diving whilst at United and he’s only played a handful of games.

  20. Big Raddy says:

    Sir A. Firstly, I am deeply envious of your trip to OT, what an evening.

    Secondly ….. your 2nd para. I am deeply depressed by the Bangladesh win and didn’t need to read of it in an AA post 🙂

    Fine write up and always good toe read a report from one who is fortunate enough to be there. Giving a feel of the atmosphere is great for us stream viewers.

    I was hugely disappointed with MU. Not surprised that they resorted to kicking, diving and elbowing. Nor the continual bleating to Mr Oliver who finally got fed up of it – I would have sent off Rooney at the same time, just for being a tool – because this is MU at OT and they are a horrible vicious team. Ever since SAF came to MU this has been their ethos.

    When De Gea leaves for Real or Barca MU are in serious trouble.

  21. Big Raddy says:

    And how rubbish was the €26m Luke Shaw? Complete pants and another player who appears to be over-hyped.

    Enjoyed seeing a striker who earns 300k a week sitting out the game despite MU being behind and desperate for a goal.

    Then there is Herrera and Blind – who cost … how much? Completely outplayed by Le Coq and the diminutive Santi.

    To be fair Di Maria’s cross for Rooney was world class – shame he is a cheat. Not just any old cheat but the most expensive cheat in PL history.

  22. Aftotnoon all, glad you liked my mates report, we agreed we’d go to the semi at Wembley just like last year and are looking forward to it.

    He did say to me he was a bit worried that he might have taken the mickey out of ManUre a bit too much – I advised him that was definitely not a problem !

  23. Big Raddy says:

    But enough of those miscreants what about the good guys?

    I thought Welbeck was poor all night. True he took his chance well but that apart his control was poor, he never found space nor created anything for others. That said, scoring is much of his job and he did so. He also works and defends well.

    The improvement in Le Coq is one of the highlights of our season. Dominating an Orc who is double his size was a testament to his improvement though I was happy to see Ramsey come on to help him.

    Oil was quietly efficient, Alexis his ebullient self, the defence solid.

    I have read of how TPIG was nervous and not at his best. I think he had a fine game, made essential saves and had no chance with the goal.

  24. Big Raddy says:

    Char. Given your admiration of all things Man U, I am surprised you allowed any criticism 😀

  25. chas says:

    Brilliant report, SirAH.

    The only thing I’d take issue with is “the travelling faithful constantly singing in tune”. 😆

    What a great night.

  26. RockyLives says:

    Great stuff SirrAH

    Last time I was at a game at Old Toilet was 2002. We “won the league in Manchester” that night and I got Paddy V’s baseball cap when he threw it into the crowd during the celebrations. Wonderful night.

    Your report immediately made me think about that occasion and the wonderful feeling among the Arsenal faithful.

    The fact that it was a cup game last night and that – therefore – we were able to take many more fans than we would for a league game – undoubtedly helped make the atmosphere electric.

    Many have expressed their surprise at the crappy way ManUre are playing at the mo. It really was quite shocking. How they are still in fourth is anyone’s guess. I can’t see them beating the Tiny Totts this weekend…

  27. Ha Ha Radders, he should see some of my early AA posts where my “admiration” for baconface et al shows. 🙂

  28. I am wondering about the lack of Theo. Since he got back theres been numerous of times where he could have turned up with something needed, say a goal, or speed. But hardly a minute has he played and Welbeck is constantly chosen before him. Then came Ox back and pushed Theo even further down the line.

    Has Wenger chosen Welbeck (and Ox) before Theo and is that the end of Theo in Arsenal? Since Welbeck isn’t that impressive (especially in front of goal) I am puzzled.

  29. RockyLives says:

    I like your name Lehmann… are you sure you’re not taking the p*ss

  30. Shard says:

    Been very busy days, and despite needing to be up early today for an appointment, there was no way I was going to miss last night’s match.

    Well played all at Arsenal. Apart from anything else, I thought we played with some good intensity throughout. It felt like we were playing again like we used to against our old enemy.

    Welbeck. Not much came off for him in the first half, but he was better in the second, and I’m glad he celebrated on scoring. I don’t like the fake ‘look at me I’m not celebrating’ celebration, and I believe Danny’s celebration showed no disrespect at all. Of course he’s happy to score, and that too against a manager who publicly said he wasn’t good enough.

    Alexis looked less than his best, making some poor decisions on the ball, though he was his usual busy self, and caused them problems simply through running at them. Ozil i thought was very good. The defense did well, though the route 1 tactics did cause us some problems.

    Coquelin and Monreal were the two outstanding performers and it is amazing how both of them have come on. Coq’s rise is of course more dramatic, but Nacho Nacho Man was clear second choice last season, has worked hard on his game, looked solid most of the time, and even did quite well playing at CB earlier in the season, and I think he deserves more credit than he often receives because he is a quiet character who just gets on with his job.

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when a referee actually did his job in not only not rewarding ManU’s diving, but actually punishing it. Just goes to show what they can do when they set their mind to it. Well done Mr. Oliver.

  31. Rocky – I took the name from the only live experience I ever had of Arsenal. They played Liverpool at Highbury but I had no ticket. But I did get a glimpse of Lehmann – and Dudek.

    I am swedish so I dont know the word really, but through a fence, a plank(?) a board, it was possible to see a very thin line of the pitch and the goal but nothing else really.

  32. Shard says:


    I think Rocky assumed, like I did, that your name was a reference to this incident

  33. Big Raddy says:

    Lehmann. Where in Sweden are you? Is there a branch of the Swedish Arsenal fan club where you live?

  34. RA says:


    Your English is very good indeed. 🙂

    Rocky is an ex-journalist and his English is only so-so with words over 4 letters! 🙂

  35. mickydidit89 says:

    In a sauna probably

  36. mickydidit89 says:

    Great write up Hussain. Thanks.

    Hope Crystals saw the game, and also hope Eddie gets back pronto.

  37. RA says:


    I thought your absence was caused by you filming/starring in ‘Indian Summer’ a series which is showing in the UK on Sundays.

    In brief it is about India pre-Independence, and shows the real power was wielded by the indian Civil Service running rings around the perfidious British — it is fascinating and I am loving it. 😉


    Cheers Sir A

    I knew we would beat them. To be fair they had it coming. Years of flukey results and dodgy refs was sure to catch up with them.

    Let this be a lesson to there mildly obese fan base. The ritual of 3 AM bonfires involving rubber tyres ending with a punch up over who has the tackiest trainers is frowned up by polite society.

    hahaha, Lehmann, thats one of the saddest things ive ever read.

    I dont know about you mate, but I admit other peoples misfortune excites me. You should have let me know you were coming. I would have positioned myself by the crack and let you know what a great game you were missing.

    Of course, when Lehmann and Dudek were in view, I would have stuck my hand over the crack. hahaha

  39. mickydidit89 says:

    ha ha ha Transplant
    “other peoples misfortune excites me”
    I find that a refreshing attitude in this day and age
    Shame we haven’t seen any vids of mancs crying. I love those kind of things 🙂

  40. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, A nice insight from inside the ground Nice one Sir.
    After our first goal it was pleasing to hear the away support sing, They are of course very good supporters, A long way to go if you live in the South, and on a work night as well i applaud all 9.000 of you.

    Although i like a bit of banter, i feel that some do go over the top, yes many say they do it to us when they have had the upper hand but even so when it spills out of the stadium it can get ugly at the end of the day we are all supporters, and sometimes people get hurt from people that cannot control their emotions. In the stadium OK outside get yourselves home safe and sound, but enough of all that what about the game.

    You have written a good account of the match within the walls of Old Toilet, but the view from an old Gooner sitting at home in a comfy chair in front of a big screen, I did feel Belerin did enough in his first tackle to be given a yellow, i felt the Ref could have warned him first but felt that he got what he deserved he was very late and i felt he could have pulled out.

    Having said that i felt the ref made that decision as he knew starting tension was high a big game against two of the most successful FA cup teams ever to grace the field, and i felt he wanted to quell the mood a bit, sadly the Burk allowed Fellainy to commit assault half a dozen times without a card, only after the plank commited to fouls in 15 seconds was the referee shamed into finaly giving him his yellow in all fairness it should have been his sixth.

    Of course we all saw the game or the highlites, so i wont go over what the Author wrote, but when i hear that United supporters have issued death threats towards Danny Wellbeck only goes to prove that i was right about fans spilling outside the ground. Utter nutcases.


    hahaha to true Micky. When I see a vid of a crying kid at football, my immediate reaction is ‘take that you little shit’.

    This is why women find me such a desirable partner

  42. mickydidit89 says:

    Perhaps Rant Friday could evolve into Let’s Laugh At

  43. Big Raddy says:

    Terry. “other peoples misfortune excites me” 🙂

    I think the same when I see some kid crying at football (unless it is one of ours)

  44. chas says:

    (I’ve no idea if you lot are being serious 🙂 )

    “We’ve lost passion, now. We’ve just lost it”

  45. Raddy! I live in Malmö… I guess your danish hu? Im not into Arsenal Sweden, but we have a small very informal gang here. Quite arty.

    Now I understand the taking a piss thing! And with gloves and all! Terrible stuff. But Lehmann was never one for the uptight…

  46. RockyLives says:

    Bloody hell, do they have a Manchester Footballing Cliche Academy up there?

    That little Manc, who can’t have watched more than about three seasons as a sentient being, has the whole spiel off pat.

    Mind you, he’s more articulate than Michael Owen…

  47. RockyLives says:


    Shard is right – I thought your moniker was referring to the time that Mad Jens had a wazz through the hoardings in the middle of a match… 🙂

  48. Never heard of it Rocky! That boy from Manchester is very “lillgammal” in swedish. A child but old man. Creepy.
    Got to go!

  49. Big Raddy says:

    Lehmann. I live in København but regularly go to watch Malmo Ff. Last time was when they beat Olimpiakos – the atmosphere was fantastic.

  50. Shard says:

    Hello RA.

    Are you in England now? Said goodbye to your horses and cowgirls in the Midwest?

  51. Shard says:

    “Bloody hell, do they have a Manchester Footballing Cliche Academy up there?”

    Haha. I read that while the video was playing and it made me laugh out loud. Brilliant, Rocky.

  52. Ant says:

    The Duck must be still smiling now!

  53. RockyLives says:

    “Lillgammal” – love it Lehmann 🙂

  54. mickydidit89 says:

    That pic of Duck should have one of those colegate bright white shining star tings

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    Can’t this morning, but will try and think of a post for the morrow

  56. It’s interesting about the academies, last night the spud U21’s played the manure U21’s at old Trafford . The manure team included Falcao, Valdes and Rafael they were held to a 1-1 draw. My only interest is that one of my baby potatoes was playing.

    The Arsenal academy aren’t that brilliant but the Chavs are a good team.

  57. Gööner In Exile says:

    Only just had a chance to savour the match report in full, Sir A that is poetry up there a great mix of atmospheric and match reporting.

    It was a fantastic performance and I wish that somehow Arsenal could force the Victoria Concirdia Crescit into the psyche of fans on home match days, maybe take a few shillings less for pitch side advertising and have the motto with its translation running round the boards at times of depression, we wave flags when Arsenal score maybe we could run that message after the opposition score and we could have a coordinated response to the circumstance rather than whingeing

  58. chas says:

    Beware extreme bad language.

  59. chas says:

  60. chas says:

  61. chas says:

  62. chas says:

    Beware extremely bad taste

  63. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    No proper football to chat about apart from a wonderful display by Shalke.

    I watched the game and Bale was booed from the start – what effect did that have? Yes – Bale disappeared from the game and when he did get the ball always took the safe option yet he was still booed. Some fans are clearly not supporters.

    This will have an impact because Bale was wanted by MU who got outbid by RM. Casillas was awful last night and De Gea is the obvious replacement. An exchange is the obvious solution.

  64. Big Raddy says:

    Clarkson: What idiot suspends the BBC’s biggest and most commercial star? Even Mrs Raddy enjoys watching him.

    Apparently Top Gear brings the Beeb €180m profit a series! Can they really afford to sack him?

    If I was JC I would tell them to sod off. Unfortunately the political correctness of the appalled minority will force him out.

    Sky must be waiting with a massive budget for JC and the other two

  65. Rasp says:

    Morning Raddy, I agree with you about Bale – but not Clarkson 😛

    The man is a huge knob. Top Gear had descended into some form of repetitive childish pantomime punctuated with predictable cheap stunts.
    Anyone got a post?

  66. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. We will have to disagree about Clarkson. He may be an arrogant, childish tool but he is an entertaining one

  67. Ah! Yes Raddy, the CL-games in Malmö were fantastic. Indeed. I saw them all.

    And Casillas – what a strange turn in his career during the last years!

    But what do you think about Walcott? He went from longed for to the fridge in a blink, no?

  68. Big Raddy says:

    Lehmann. Beating Salzburg was the best game I have seen this season at Malmo. The place was rocking.

    Much noisier than The Emirates!

    Walcott: I am convinced he is being rested until he signs a new contract

  69. Oh, you went to the Salzburg game as well! Yes I’m still not believing it.

    And about Walcott – will he? Is this sound tactics from Wenger? Maybe. He needs to be more harsh, thats for sure.

  70. Big Raddy says:

    Lehmann. My next game is AIK on April 9th. Looking forward to it.

  71. Rasp says:

    New post …….

  72. AHussain says:

    Hi everyone! It was a pleasure writing this report and thank you for your kind comments. This really was perhaps the best match I have ever been to for intrigue, atmosphere and result.

    I absolutley despise Man Utd I won’t hold back in admitting it. This stems from a very young age.

    I do sometimes wonder who hates Man Utd more, me or Char?! I want to measure it by getting a swingometer or something which will measure it! It will be close that is all I can say! 😃

  73. It’s impressive that you are getting thoughts from
    this article as well as from our argument made
    at this time.

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