Paulista on his way?

Dredging through Newsnow and the newspapers it seems that there is a strong likelihood that the Brazilian is coming.

Paulista is not in the Villarreal squad which is a good sign.

Apparently so is Kevin Grosskreutz from Borussia Dortmund. A 26 y.o. defender who can play any position across the back-line and is available for €5m which in today’s insane transfer fees is just a pile of M & M’s.

Let’s assume both these chaps arrive, what then? What about the development of Calum Chambers who hasn’t played for months and needs games to fulfil his undoubted potential?

What of BFG? Is he to be a bench-warmer? I know the man is creaking but who wouldn’t after having played virtually every minute of the season. Merts is not ready for his free bus-pass – the man is only just 30 and has at least 3 good years in him.

My guess is that one of the stories is nonsense – probably the Grosskreutz transfer. After all BD are still in the CL so why sell him now? Plus, as I said, Chambers is going to be the nuts

And why haven’t we seen any rumours about our inevitable capture of Cavani? The man has Arsenal in his blood and is desperate to sign for us. The non-appearance of this story is another of the masterful Wenger smoke-screens 😀

written by Big Raddy

111 Responses to Paulista on his way?

  1. Moses njagi says:

    Weldone for keeping fans updated. Moses. Kenya

  2. Albano says:

    sgn bth this defenders other clubs will snutch plyers.

  3. Speculation! Good oh!

    Raddy’s Secret Inteligence Service operating at maximum warp.

    Paulista? yes possibly, Grosskreutz? probably not, isn’t he cup-tied for the CL?

    I expect Merts to fade out after this season, Chambers will take his place and Kos might go too, if his injury situation persists.

  4. putain du merde…. Raddy managed to get out of bed and type a post, and a short one at that. Paulista is on the cards…. I can feel it in my wine enriched urine. The other geezer, no idea. 🙂

  5. RA says:


    Putain de merde? Really? What about ‘tu me casses les couilles connard, va te faire enculer’ — might even get past Peaches’ mum. 🙂

  6. RA says:

    And it did!!! 🙂

  7. RA says:

    DNA, Raddish, D N A — that is key to the Cavsni deal. PSG could not resist his wish to get back to his ‘spiritual home’ in North London.

    Works every time – or it does for Spanish clubs! 🙂

  8. RA says:

    I watched Gabrial the other night and it struck me that he looks quite tall [6’2″] and gangly – just like Miguel the young Spaniard we let go to Leicester.

    Funny old game, football, innit? 🙂

  9. Is that your ‘school boy’ french Redders, or did your school go further with your french and so you how to google? 🙂

  10. Moses says:

    Thanks for live updates

  11. Moses says:

    Is it possible notify m by email with live updates.

  12. LB says:

    “Cavani: The man has Arsenal in his blood.”

    Very good, very funny.

  13. LB says:

    Is our match being televised tomorrow?

  14. LB says:


    What position did Gabriel play in the week?

  15. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon all, and thank you Raddy.
    Personally if any of the stories you have written have any truth in them BR i would be a happy man, more the merrier as far as i am concerned, I do like a nice big squad to pick from and the way injuries seem to hit us we still may not have enough.

    I like the idea of rotating players, players for certain games and not to many idle bums on seats. Wenger can get them playing the system he wants them to play, then whomever he picks should be able to get the job done.

    I hate the fact that for years we have whined about injuries and blamed them for some of our results. Mersacker may not be my first choice, but as a back up player he could be a good one, along with a few others.

  16. wally says:

    I don’t get to watch la liga so i’ve not seen the brazilian but the highlights of the RM game he looked plenty competent. Good mobility and strong.
    We won’t know unless we spend. Hope he can join straight away.
    Let him work with Bould and i think we can develop him into something useful!
    The German, if he’s in then someone else is likely out.

    To steve from yesterday. Experience and intelligent. Anticipation, which is borne of experience, and a higher level of physical and mental toughness. Understanding angles and combinations, very difficult at the top.

    GB from yesterday. Indeed Kos is an example of wengers defensive success. Unfortunately the list of failures would contain about 18 names. Not a good record is it.

  17. RA says:


    He played in Per’s CB position, which was odd because he seemed to be a very left footed player.

    He caught my eye because we are linked to him, and I thought he did OK.
    But if I was just watching the game without knowing anything about him, he would not have looked particularly special.

    Cover for Mert [and the right back position] for the rest of the season, and pushing for his place next season — maybe?

  18. RA says:


    Yes our match is being televised tomorrow at 2:45 on BT 1 HD. [Channel 413].

  19. chas says:

    20:45 Goal scored
    Goal! Southampton 2, Crystal Palace 2. Yaya Sanogo (Crystal Palace) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the high centre of the goal. Assisted by Wilfried Zaha.

  20. LB says:


    I didn’t watch the match but I have seen quite a few clips on Youtube and there is little doubt in my mind that he is right footed.

    Look again, I am left footed and can spot a fellow left footer a mile off.

  21. Big Raddy says:

    I imagine LG’ers complaining that we should never have sold Chamakh or loaned Sanogo

  22. Eddie says:

    Thanks raddy! Good point about Calm, he needs to play and that’s why j doubt wenger will buy 2 defenders, he is a minimalist after all

    Maurinho said today that it would be a complete disgrace if they lost to Bransford – nice of him to show the opposition some respect

  23. Eddie says:

    5 minutes left…….Please Dennis

  24. Eddie says:

    Yèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Maurinho you front bottom!!!!!!!!!

  25. Eddie says:

    And spurs and city, bloody he’ll, the cup is ours 🙂

  26. chas says:

    Holy shit, what amazing scores.

  27. RA says:


    No doubt you are right. That makes more sense given the position he played as a right sided CB.

    He definitely made two or three very fine left footed passes, so that is another string to his bow.

    I wonder what the delay in getting him is? Hope it is not Manure sniffing around again.

  28. RA says:


    What amazing results – the top 3 Premier League clubs all out, and the Spuds out too.

    I am so happy I cannot help grinning. 🙂

  29. Gööner In Exile says:


    Only just looked at results, had no idea what was going on.

    Now who wants to have a discussion about how good Chelsea’s second string is?

    And bloody hell that was Manchester City’s first team virtually

    Swansea too…. Bartley red card (he used to pick up quite a few in his time at Rangers so i reckon thats the reason he is no longer an Arsenal player)

    Come on Bolton make it a really good day 😀

  30. Gööner In Exile says:

    Chamakh and Sanogo scoring for Palace to knock out Saints too.

    Bloody ell thats quite a day of results.

  31. Eddie says:

    Maurinho is in shock 🙂 he just said that the beauty of football is that a much better team can lose 🙂 if I wasn’t a lady I’d poss myself 🙂

  32. Eddie says:

    Piss even 🙂

  33. Don’t get carried away, we’ve got the tricky trip to Brighton on the horizon.

    Sorry, Eddie, Man U are still in it, at least until Cambidge win the replay at Old Toilet. 😀

  34. Big Raddy says:

    Well, that was a fun couple of hours, especially the Chavs.

  35. Eddie, Cambridge United drew nil nil with Manchester United last night, the replay’s at Old Trafford.

  36. Eddie says:

    NG 🙂 I know, I was celebrating all night

  37. LB says:

    Wow, what was that, the FA Cup cull?

    And there was me thinking that we had achieved something special at the Etiad last week.

    Looks like the treble could be back on lol.

  38. Big Raddy says:

    When Adebayor came on as sub at WHL the entire ground booed
    and yet the Spurs fans think they have class. How do they think he will react to a welcome like that?

    I would be embarrassed if it ever happened at THOF.

    Delighted the neanderthals lost

  39. chas says:

    Tomorrow’s team talk already done.
    Just take a look at yesterday’s results, boys.
    Anything can happen.

  40. chas says:

  41. chas says:

  42. Jämie says:

    Hi all,

    Have been unable to post in a while cos of my studies. I’ve made a point to read this blog nearly everyday though.

    I believe the Gabriel rumours are true. However, we should be able to get a work permit for him, afterall, how many appearances did Willian get for Brazil when Chelsea signed him?

    The Man C performance bodes well for the future, and one cannot but wonder if Wenger has finally cracked how to beat the big teams. If so, this is a good sign for the future

    NB: A similar scenario played out during the run in two seasons ago, when we were beating teams left and right, and started last season in similar vein only to fizz off in January, and regain form in time to finish fourth. Personally, I hate seeing us in fourth, because, for a club like us, we should be aiming higher.

  43. Jämie says:

    BTW, massive lol at the EPL teams. I’d definitely play a strong squad against BHA tomorrow. This is our FA Cup to lose.

  44. chas says:

  45. chas says:

    My, there’s some weirdness going on today. 🙂

  46. chas says:

  47. chas says:

  48. Eddie says:

    Heskey still playing!!

  49. Eddie says:

    And he got a standing ovation

  50. Jämie says:

    Sorry to disagree with you on that one Chas, but players being involved in the team selection process is a recipe for disaster. We’d be better off taking advise from Bould and Shad rather than Arteta And Metersacker. This is because over time, players tend to develop subconscious cliques due to the very close daily interaction.

    Another issue is: Shouldn’t the Man C advice be coming from our backroom staff and not the players. I mean that’s their jobs, anf if the players are better tactical advisers than Bould and co. , then maybe we need new assistants.

    Honestly, I think Wenger doesn’t listen to his backroom staff as much as he should, and It took player intervention to get him to play with slightly more defensive tactics

  51. LB says:

    What’s taken Wenger so long to start listening to what others have been saying for years.

    Wenger out.


  52. Eddie says:

    Chas @6:22 is actually easy to explain – we win and I’ll eat my boxers!


    Cheers Raddy

    I hope we get Paul Lister and the man proves a great succes, but every transfer is a gamble. The geezer will get a culture shock alright. Charlie Adam insisting on a feel, and finding out all of a sudden hes incredibly attractive to women who have appeared on page three.

    Yes LB. My sources tell me that Alex Oxlade Chamberlin banged on Arsenes door and “Your doing it wrong gaffer, ime taking over”.

    So now Chamberlin is devising the tactics but Arsenes not stupid. He knows that Alex is a frontman for the real evil genius pulling the strings. Jack Wilshere

  54. chas says:

    The 6:31 is a spoof. Soz.

    The same chap did something similar saying that Coquelin had been sent back to Charlton to continue his loan as we’d signed Bielik.

  55. Gööner In Exile says:

    Erm isn’t their a story about TA6 knocking on Arsenes door and asking for a it more cover for the back 4 when we first had Petit and PV4?

    Of course he listens, I bet he listens constantly, but my guess is the players involvement wouldn’t have been mentioned if we’d gone out and lost 6-1.

  56. chas says:

    This is genuine.

  57. chas says:

    Chapman listening to his team at the instigation of the WM formation has also been a hot topic for discussion this week.

  58. The Cockie Monster says:

    chas !….that sounds like…………………..we`ve bought a player from the yellow submarine, the yellow submarine, the yellow submarine, we`ve bought a player from the yellow submarine, the yellow submarine, the yellow submarine !.

    Any chance you could get the away fans singing that ?. hahaha

  59. The Cockie Monster says:

    We`ve bought Paulista from the yellow submarine or we`ve bought Gabriel from the yellow submarine……depends on the shirt name !. Micky will love it !.

  60. GunnerN5 says:

    By Jason Burt Sports Telegraph

    9:26PM GMT 24 Jan 2015

    Arsenal have agreed a deal understood to worth £13.5million to sign the Villarreal central defender Gabriel Paulista.

    Although there was no confirmation from the Premier League club an announcement was made by Villarreal who stated that they would be taking the Arsenal striker Joel Campbell on loan for the rest of the season.

    It is unclear as to whether Arsenal have resolved the issue of whether or not Gabriel would receive a work permit but the scale of the fee would help their case in arguing the Brazilian – who does not have any international caps – should be allowed to play because he is a special talent.

    Gabriel is 24 and has been identified by Arsene Wenger as a versatile player to help improve his team’s defensive options. It had been thought that Arsenal would not pay more than £10 million, having initially offered £6 million, for Gabriel who has a buy-out clause of just over £15 million but sources in Spain indicate they have agreed a larger fee although they will recoup some money for the loan of Costan Rican striker Campbell.

  61. LB says:

    Villarreal have announced the Campbell loan and are saying that the signing of Gabriel will be announced when the final details of the deal is complete.

    This is 98% done.

  62. LB says:

    Just noticed the Tweet, looks that it is done.

    Shiny new toy to play with.

  63. LB says:

    I had to look up Soz in the urban dictionary.

    So that makes two terms that I know: Lol and Soz.

    I can really get down with the young’uns now.

  64. RockyLives says:


    Best day of Cup results ever.

    Now we just need to make sure we don’t slip up at the seaside – and Bolton to finish off Liverpool in the replay…

  65. RockyLives says:

    Looking forward to BR’s pre-match tomorrow.

    Something to do with Mods and Rockers maybe?

  66. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky, if Raddy is going to reference mods and rockers then it has to be The Who and Magic Bus 🙂

  67. RockyLives says:

    Or for our supporters… Out of my brain on a train… 🙂

  68. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks Raddy. Again 🙂

    Love the idea of Arsene delegating team selection. Next up tactics and transfers. Then we could have him on the sideline during games, headphones in, playing Angry Birds on his ipad while we win everything 🙂

  69. MickyDidIt89 says:


    That BBC Sport site with all the games in those little boxes is superb.

    Started reading your comment of 5:47 beginning:

    “Tomorrow’s team talk already done”, and I’m thinking yip, that’ll be “Ok Lads, that’s the Cup in the bag”, then had to read on to your more sensible conclusion:
    Just take a look at yesterday’s results, boys.
    Anything can happen”

  70. chas says:

  71. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That works

  72. chas says:

    I was watching final score on BBC1 and then they started showing the goals from the games. I was amazed. Then they put up the link to that BBC videos page with all the goals.

    They’re usually so precious about not allowing the goals to be seen so that everyone’s forced to watch MOTD.
    Jermaine Jenas on a Saturday night. No,ta.

  73. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right Chas. Advice from your email. Here goes

  74. MickyDidIt89 says:

    result thanks 🙂

  75. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You’re going to regret this

  76. MickyDidIt89 says:

  77. Morning you tarts 🙂

    Oh no, micky has discovered how to post pics, can only imagine what joys we have in store ha ha

  78. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Last clip. Promise

  79. Arsenal fans arrive in Brighton

  80. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh ok, if you insist

    Make an effort though, and get to the end. That’s how to end a gig.

  81. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Superb clip NB

    Used to know that Café on the corner well. Was a chippy.

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Looking at all those pics and clips makes me wonder what’s happened to the youth of today.

    Then you remember. Hippies and their equal rights bollocks 🙄

    Morning Big 🙂

  83. If I remember correctly micky. just up that side street was the Brighton Arts Club, a regular haunt of mine 🙂

  84. chas says:

    We’re at a top of the range travelodge just off Brighton seafront tonight. 🙂

    Up The Arse.
    Pick up in 5.

  85. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Wrong road NB. My haunt was a shithole of a venue called The Top Rank Club 😦 Long gone.

    Didn’t know you were going. Have a great time. Superb City

  86. I love Brighton, when were you there Micky? I lived there from 1989 to 1999. I’ve just checked the Brighton Arts Club and it’s moved from the centre of town close to the seafront. Now out by Ditchling Road.

  87. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Born there
    Hung about in town a lot 77-80
    Back there for a year or so about 92’ish
    Bloody hell. Overlap, and now I think about girls around the arts club, I’m just praying I was first with her 🙂

  88. The BAC was originally in the Lanes. It first opened when I was living in Brighton. The owner was a bloke called Raj, he bought a few of my paintings. I lived in Hanover area, artsy fartsy hippydom. Women galore, we probably shared a few 🙂

  89. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Last woman I was “seeing” before I met my wife was a French painter living in brighton. Long reddish hair. Looked like Catherine Deneuve. Hot as hell but nuts.

  90. Yea, I think I know her 🙂

  91. I’ve got things to do, publish my Sunday blog, put the cork back in the wine bottle and getb ready for a week in the Cevennes. My friend for the week is a crazy woman from Marseille, all French women are a bit radio rental, that;s what I love about them. Unpredictable and charmingly mad 🙂

  92. MickyDidIt89 says:

    A bit radio rental ha ha

    And when you say “know her” 🙂

  93. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Might be wrong, but was her name Juliette?

  94. I knew a gorgeous French woman artist in Brighton, she was sort of dating an Artist friend of mine, Jim Palmer, but she out it about a bit and modelled for me a few times ha ha ha

    Can’t recall her name, but had a superb body 🙂

  95. When I think about it, she did look a bit like Catherine Deneuve

  96. When I think about it, she did look a bit like Catherine Deneuve 🙂

  97. opps double post.. how did that happen.

  98. Right, I’m off…. get by blog sorted and start packing. Laters maybe before I go.

  99. Big Raddy says:

    Late morning 😎

    Better get stuck into the post but feeling a bit mellow. Might be a peace, love and Brighton piece.

    Or maybe not

  100. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh boy
    When a hippy says he’s feeling mellow and off to do something, you know it’s going to be a while 🙂
    I’ll pop outside and plant some bluebell bulbs. 1000 to do!

  101. While you’re waiting to read the Hippies post, mine is now published. Fairly mundane stuff, but something to read with your muesli and green tea 🙂

  102. Eddie says:

    Jingle ells , jingle bells 🙂 it’s Christmas again 🙂

    After all this ROLFing we must win today, a MWG if there ever was one

  103. Eddie says:

    Media are having a field day with ‘disgrace’. The onanist Jose shot himself in the foot ha ha

  104. Gööner In Exile says:

    “That’s how to end a gig”

    I’m assuming as it’s The Who it involved smashing up instruments as I haven’t got time to watch.

    But my Mum once went to one of their gigs and being a Baby Boomer brought up on tough rationing and not a lot of ready cash she thought it was a shocking waste of money and never went to see them again 😀

  105. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all,
    I heard a whisper that a few foreign owners has their eyes out for possible new managers, funny how the press have not mentioned it.

    Yes a few surprising results yesterday, and even Friday nights result was also an eye opener. Our trip to Brighton which i felt would be a game we should win, has me rethinking that an officials decision could easily swing the balance early in a game.

    Arsenal have to have their thinking hats on, we have the players to bring home a good result, hopefully we will take the right players and do a workman like job.

    I saw a few sending’s off yesterday, and also a few penalty claims turned down, Officials have had their instructions, and from what i have seen will probably continue today in the same vane, caution and professionalism should work in our favour

  106. Big Raddy says:

    GIE Clearly your mother wasn’t indulging in mind altering chemicals like almost all the rest of the audience (and the band!)

    There is a New Post

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