Does Arsenal lack ambition?

Since Old Rednose retired, United have appointed two managers and sacked one. Moyse was quickly “found out” and, following one bad season, dispensed with, a new higher profile, and some say higher maintenance, replacement has been put in place and they have spent £150 million in the transfer market. Players in Fellaini, Mata, Di Maria, Herrera, Shaw, Rojo, Blind and Falcao. They have already overtaken Arsenal in the league.

It is reported that van Gaal will be handed a £100 million kitty in the summer with targets Kevin Strootman, Diego Godin, Mats Hummels and Nathaniel Clyne lined up. Underperforming squad members are to be discarded as swiftly as possible.

The owners are determined to return the club to, what they consider their rightful place, the summit of European football.

Here at our own dear club, Wenger is promised £20 million in January with which to buy a central defender and a holding mid-fielder. Our target appears to be twenty-one year old left-back Tyrone Mings of Championship side Ipswich Town. A young man who “could provide a short term cover at centre-back” and “could eventually develop into a centre-back”.

What money is available in the summer will no doubt depend on our qualification for the Champions League. Meanwhile our squad is made up with around fifteen players who can be considered regular starters a few who can be used at a pinch and the rest who seem never to get a look in whatever the circumstances, oh! And one player whose fitness to play hasn’t been demonstrated in something like six seasons.

Arsenal have made some “headline signings” recently Alexis, Ozil, Welbeck, Debuchy and Chambers. Of those Alexis and Chambers have proved to be revelations, Ozil a tad disappointing, Welbeck promising and Debuchy hasn’t played enough to be judged as yet.

Arsenal haven’t yet replaced Gilberto, Ashley Cole or van Persie. Cazorla has replaced Nasri but only now is he starting to match the Frenchman’s quality. Whilst Alexis has more than made up for the loss of Fabregas.

So, where does Arsenal’s ambition stand. Wenger recently stated that “this squad could win the Premiership…in the next two seasons”. No mention of winning the Champions League.

Is “Top Four” the summit of our ambitions?

Is the owner happy to be “Not quite top of the tree”?

Do the supporters want to see a more ambitious club?

Written by Norfolk Gooner.



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  1. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all Nice one NG, Know how you feel mate , Inconsitency has a way of slapping you round the head with a wet fish.

    Just when you think things are on the up, we play a team like Stoke who stuff you, and then place you in a trophy cabinet or mount your head on a plaque and let others view you and smirk.

    Ambition of a football club, is all about investment, without it you are only also rans, United have stated where they want to be and as pointed out, are now above us.

    Many commented and said that Wengers at fault as he picks the players and also is the person who ok’s the signings. Has he done a bad job or could he have done better.

    Well of course he could and if we were leading the league 10 points clear we wouldn’t be discussing this now, but of course were not and are tumbling down the table.

    Players in hindsight should have been brought, of course we did make signings and i believe we made some good ones to, but did we make enough, and many would say no, did we cover our arse and buy players where we knew we were short, and the answer to that is also no, is Wenger at fault, Yes if he had money left and decided to leave it till the next window, No of course if he had spent all he was given.

    Now when the Arsenal are flying high we all smile and are reasonable happy, many of us expect a few losses City Chavs United as how often have we beaten them in the past, But Stoke Swansea bugger me No.

    Well Arsenal FC we expect to be up there challenging, we expect them to be winning things and we expect other clubs to dred the visit to play us, not anymore they don’t and thats what happens in just a few seasons struggling to field a team and usually with reserves as most of the first team are out injured.

    Arsenal are no longer a force to be reckoned with, they have a manager who talks in riddles thay have players who care more about their hair than they do about the result, in fact we have talent that could and should be superstars but they are sitting in the stands nursing their various injuries, in fact we have a squad of walking wounded.

    Gone are the days of Adams Keown Story Mc clintock Viera Petite Players who would fight tooth and nail for the shirt, today we have a guy who gets tapped on the ankle and straight away waves for a stretcher.

    My mother used to say to me when i was young, You don’t know how lucky you are today, as when i was a girl we had it hard, and now i am thinking the same thing about these so called professional footballers.

    Yes maybe Wengers at fault even Stan the man, but ultimately its the players, never forget that. as even the worst players can fight and graft even if they are not that good, at least they are there trying.

  2. stevepalmer1 says:

    Off to the \dentist, catch you later

  3. ‘morning Steve, although even you have gone now.

    Well that post generated some interest didn’t it? 😀

    Perhaps the question posed is unanwerable, perhaps we just don’t know what the ambitions of the owner and the manager actually are.

    Stan Kroenke seems happy so long as we get into the Champions League, but is he?

    I never know what to make of Wenger’s musings, most of the time he could be speaking in Klingon for all the sense I can make of his utterences. He’s always so protective of his players that I’m sure we never get to see a glimpse of his true feelings.

    I suppose we’ll just have to wait for his post retirement book to find out what he really wanted to get out of his football manager career.

  4. wally says:

    It’s not ambition that’s lacking. As rasp pointed out yesterday it’s the ability to execute on that ambition isn’t it.

  5. Hi Wally, you could well be right, but without knowing what the ambition is, it’s hard to see exactly what’s missing.

  6. stevepalmer1 says:

    Back again apparently the crown that fell off cannot be stuck back on the only answer was to take it out and discard it, but i said no leave the stub in there its not hurting and still a little bit of something there to chew on.

    Bit like Wenger really, never knows when to give up on something,

    Nothing wrong with the post Norfolk, in fact a good one as far as i am concerned, but you know as well as me Supporters don’t like losses and need a day or two to chew the fat, guys like us to like a bit of pain, we can see that things could be so much better but are not, really sure how to proceed

    Maybe it is time for Wenger to go, as personally had it been me in his position this season, i would show my feelings openly and throw a few f–ks into these so called Prema donna’s Name and Shame can be a way to go as the softly softly approach just seems to make them worse.

    Personally i would start from scratch, thats why i feel perhaps its Wengers time to go. I feel that players who have had a year out and are still not playing with histories of injury, have to be discarded just like my crown.

    Stoke have not got a team of superstars nor Swansea, and they can put it about a bit, yeh a few elbows and a few wrestling moves and a few kicks but lets face it our team rolled over and said scratch my belly and they just stomped on us and rubbed us in the ground and we wimpered and slunk off.

    This team is full of young men who think they have made it, flash cars flash houses and crumpet coming out of their arses, but top quality far from it in fact, for the few who do care there are two who only think about the good living. Theo Walcott in no particular order is a guy who demanded 100 thousand a week or he would go, we paid him and he repays that with a year off, he’s contract is again negotiable, and i don’t doubt he still believes he is that same superstar.

    Diaby Ozil to name just a few fragile players who do not like a fight, in my mind if Wenger cannot get the best out of these players by now then they should be outed, if Wenger cannot bring himself to do it, then another needs to step over him and clear the chaf from the wheat..

  7. Big Raddy says:

    No, we don’t lack ambition.

    How do you replace the best striker (at that time) in the PL. Have L’pool replaced Suarez?

    Nasri? Didn’t we sign Ozil?

    Consistency is lacking but at Stoke we started with a GK who has played 3 first team games and two 19 y.o’s in defence. Is it any wonder we struggled?

    Injuries to Ozil, Arteta, TPIG, Debuchy, Koscielny and Theo who are all first teamers is having an affect – no surprise there.

    Signing Alexis, Debuchy, Chambers, Campbell, and Welbeck is hardly evidence of a club lacking ambition. What may be a more relevant question is how could AW not sign a Vermaelen replacement and why doesn’t he explain himself?

  8. Big Raddy says:

    Steve. Implant coming your way. Start saving 😦

  9. Steve, I think your dentistry allegory is right on the button, if the crown is f****d rip it out and get down to the root. Painful for a while but worth it in the end.

    We always used to have some steel in the team, but since the departure of Viera, Petit and Gilberto we’ve become soft-centred. Tiki taka took over from toughness. Even our big blokes are lightweight when it comes to the crunch. Our mid-fielders are too easily brushed aside, we tend to see that as fouls, refs just see lightweights going down too easily.

    One of the players we Arsenal supporters malign the most is Ryan Shawcross, what a difference he would make to our fragile defence.

  10. stevepalmer1 says:

    A friend of mine runs a one man business he got more work than he could handle and employed an out of work youngster who was never late for work, He learnt quickly and was then allowed on jobs on his own, Its been six months now and he has started to turn up 2 hours late and going home early, causing bad feelings with customers, he phoned my mate up and said he had broken his foot on a boozy evening and wanted to take holiday that he hadn;t accrued, My mate said no, so he said i will just have to come in with my protected boot on then, but i will need light duties, my mate asked me what did i think, and i told him to sack him as he is taking the piss, My mate has still to decide, in my mind that shows weakness and feeling, but make no mistake that youngster will take the piss from now on. Get rid i say and look for some one else that wants to work and wants a career, Their there if you look and thats good advice to Wenger as well.

  11. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hiya Raddy boy, When some thing has had its day, get rid of thats my motto my Mrs would argue and say i hoard things, I say i keep what i need but if i think it will let me down as soon as i use it i out it. Simple logic

  12. BR, you ask if Liverpool have replaced Suarez, of couse not and where are they in the league?

    Do you honestly think Ozil would have made a difference to that first half performance at Stoke, or against Anderlecht, or Swansea.

    As to signing Alexis, Chambers, Campbell and Welbeck, Alexis a definite yes, Chambers a relatively inexperienced right-back pressed into the centre of defence,is struggling after a bright start, Campbell? Why in heavens name did Wenger sign him if he isn’t going to get a game with almost half a season gone. Welbeck? Most commentators, and his previous manager Van Gaal, don’t see him as a twenty/thirty goal a season striker, it’s hard to disagree with that view.

    If those signings, with the exception of Alexis, indicate the level of ambition of the manager he must be aiming for the Europa League.

  13. Bayonne Jean says:

    Interesting tidbit buried in AW comments from the club website on the sending off of Chambers:

    “We were a bit young on Saturday at the back and defending is a job for older people.”

    An insightful journo’s follow up query would be:

    “Well, if that’s the case, why did you not bring in an older person to do that job as a backup, when you have only two older CDs in the squad in the first place?”

    (Probably because the last time AW signed an older CD, it brought the term “squillaciesque” into the English lexicon.)


    Cheers Norfolk

    We have to face it me old son, Kronke is more interested in Return on Investment than he is football.

    When Stan looks at a Net Present value chart, he gets very hot indeed

    it was once rumoured (allegedly) that Stan partook in an orgy after observing a very attractive calculus formula. He now attends a sexually addicted to cash flow support group. Unfortunately it had to be disbanded when the group head foolishly invoked an in house orgy by mentioning membership fees

    Despite Stans fetish, the Club still spends what it makes, so in this regard the ambition to be the best is there, but confined to the available budget.

  15. Bayz says:

    With Wenger @ the helm & with our mid-table class players minus (Koscielny, Özil & Sanchez) we can only hope for the top 4 trophy

  16. BJ, “We were a bit young on Saturday at the back and defending is a job for older people.” I’m seventy-one, pay me £1000 per week and I’ll turn more often than Diaby. 😀

  17. Terry, your ability to laugh in the face of adversity, and incipient baldness, is a lesson to us all. Thanks me old cock sparrer!! 😀

  18. Bayz, sadly even that ambition could prove to be beyond our reach.

  19. Should be an “out” between turn and more.

  20. wally says:

    The holes are apparent to one and all. That they weren’t addressed suggests there is no plan or another plan. The latter being the equivalent to the plan to create a cold fusion reactor that is commercially viable.

  21. Well! I don’t believe it! Diaby training ahead of Arsenal’s flight to Turkey!

    Picture No. 1 “Arsenal train ahead….

  22. Big Raddy says:

    If Shawcross was signed by AFC, I would stop supporting them until he left.

    NG. Re; Ozil Do you think Nasri would have made a difference v Stoke? 🙂

    Signings? How many of the players we signed in summer were first choice? Alexis and Debuchy. The rest were signed to be squad players and improve our back-ups (perhaps not Welbz). This shows ambition.

  23. Wally 😀

    I’m doing my best here to get the comment count up. 😀

  24. BR, On Shawcross I’d probably join you.

    On Nasri No!

    This only shows ambition to improve back-up, not to win the Champions League.

  25. Big Raddy says:

    NG. I will help!

    L’pool, you know that club which has such a wonderful history and are the 2nd biggest club in the UK have never won the PL and it is 24 years since they won the title.

    And we worry!

  26. stevepalmer1 says:

    The statement Wenger made is bloody stupid, A player is trained from young for certain positions FB CB Wingers Midfield Goalkeepers the only way you learn your trade is by mistakes we all make them even the experienced.

    The secret to putting players in certain positions is a really simple thing to do, If a player is not ready you don’t field him, and if you have no cover buy cover, Youngsters are there to learn and build experience. Usually you buy these youngsters at a cheap price and you mould them into what you want.

    Chambers was a 16 million pound youngster, we paid that amount because he was ready to fill a position, Chambers in my mind has started to repay the faith that Wenger had in him, but i surly feel that although 16 mill is bundles i don’t believe Wenger wanted to use him in every game.

    Chambers has proved his is versatile full back Central or defensive midfield come winger, has he done well since he came, i would say that this youngster has shown maturity beyond his years he has let no body down and has a few MOTM awards. Chambers got sent off Saturday, because he got involved and did what he was asked to, to challenge and he did it well, unfortunate to get a second Yellow resulting in a red but he was doing his job and i for one commend him for it.

    Age is a thing of the mind, if your timid then you will suffer if you get stuck in and work hard you will win many supporters praise. BFG is an older CB slow but looks the part, but where was this six feet seven player when Crouch needed marking, no where near Crouch thats for sure. Horses for courses no matter what age.

  27. Big Raddy says:

    I always enjoy laughing at Tottenham.

    Like this …..

    Ekotto their wonderful full back who just two seasons ago was considered on of PL’s finest has been banned fro the club. He is still under contract but no club is willing to give him a loan spell and Spurs are committed to paying him over €40k a week whilst not allowing him anywhere near the ground or training ground!

    Then there is Adebayor. The man is refusing to play for Spurs because his mother has put a spell on him. However, Spurs are forced to pay his wages!!

    How funny is that 🙂

  28. stevepalmer1 says:

    Shawcross is an untamed animal, \he see’s defending as stopping attackers he often goes that extra mile where he does over the top tackles he exudes animalism, and forwards know all about him.

    Shawcross maybe not a player many like but i bet a penny to a pinch of shit that \stoke supporters and Players and Manager are glad his in their team.

    Yes he broke our Aarons leg, and probably has left his mark on many players, but would i want him in Arsenal red and white you bet i would.

    Arsenal lack animalism they actually lack any fight in fact mess their hair up would probably cause more concern than a kick in the face. Arsenal need a few Shawcrosses they need hard tough guys should that be Shawcross i would take him tomorrow instead of BFG as i know Shawcross wont go missing when the going gets tough

  29. Big Raddy says:

    steve. We disagree, and in this case, completely

  30. JM says:

    We are in the 2nd tier of clubs in Europe (both in squad and financial/commercial strength).

    The top tier are the usual suspects in Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man. City, Man. United, PSG, Juventus, which comes along with bigger ambitions, pressure and expectancies to win every competition available (i.e. champions league, domestic leagues and cups etc).
    It is either win or “die/ the firing squad” for them (esp. for their managers).

  31. stevepalmer1 says:

    BR, that’s why i would never be a manager, When you play against physical teams, like i am sure you have in your day, i know how the guys were feeling and also worried about injury.

    I used to try and beat them with skill, but when that didn’t work i gave them a little back, and reversed that fear, Alexis shows that trait small in size but has the fight. In his case of course he has talent as well but he can turn, and will in the future, he will see red before long i guarantee it

  32. Big Raddy says:

    Steve. If Orcs are the type of player you would sign I am delighted you are not a manager 🙂

    I have read from AFC fans (?) that Alexiz will leave because he cannot play in a team which is not as good as him. His response …. “”Arsenal play beautiful football, but Barcelona play in a way that no other team in the world does. English football is more direct, more end to end, but I like that. It suits the way I want to play. My teammates have helped me adapt,” he said. “If my teammates were not so good, then I would not have done so well. It is that easy.

    “The quality here is impressive. You only need to take a glance around [a training session] to see that. It is the same level, more or less, as there was at Barcelona. We do different things in training, but player for player, it is just about the same.”

    But of course this will to stop the rumours or the anti- Wenger agenda shown by some fans.

  33. stevepalmer1 says:

    If i was an Arsenal fan and not me i probably would agree Raddy, I am not Manager Material, I wear my heart on my sleeve and they would hear me rant.

    Arsene is an intelligent man, he knows Psychology and his knowledge is second to none, Even so his team lose on a regular basis and the movement in the league is heading in the wrong direction.

    Many of us have a soft spot for Wenger, i know i do, but after nine years in the doldrums with one FA cup and a charity shield won by beating another depleted team, is not enough for me to say he should still have Arsenals top job.

    Yes he may of had restrictions in previous years, and yes we do have a stadium to be proud of, fantastic training facilities and of course our players are some of the best paid sportsmen in football. but leaving holes where there should not be holes is bad management, Having players on the books who have the amount of injuries that are longer than the hours spent playing should never be allowed to happen.

    A footballers career is very short when you consider other jobs, but for players like Diaby and Walcott they still rake in fantastic money.
    That money is supporters money sponsors money, and who ever else, but that is paid out, and we have absolutely nothing back. Their injuries also has to be paid for, and i am guessing its not National health, makes me wonder just how long they would be out if it were.

    Many say there is plenty wrong at Arsenal and i am afraid i have to agree.

  34. If only what was done on the training ground could be translated to the pitch…

  35. VCC says:

    Norfolk Gooner 4:59, that’s partly the reason for our down fall, our tikki takki football. During our training sessions we constantly play one touch five a side football. Some one needs to tell Wenger that football has moved on, we need to Man up more and start varying our play.

    Every manager/team/auntie and uncle knows how Wenger plays, he never deviates from this style.

    He needs to purchase more stronger athletes/footballers who can cope with the eleven a side full pitches.

    Until he realises he doesn’t know it all and delegate more to his coaching staff we will always be laughed at by the likes of the Orcs who employ strong arm tactics.


    Though I respect what Norfolk and Steve say, I cant agree with there criticism of Arsene. I am convinced the man will turn it round and before he goes, will depart in a blaze of glory.

    If some get there way, probably set on fire. hahaha

    The real disapointment from the Stoke game for me was that now I realise that the chance of us winning the league this season is marginally against us.. This is a real shame. We have the quality but lack of numbers at the back and of course terrible injuries have cost us.

    If we can scrooge some results around xmas and new year, we may get ourselves back in it.

    We need to be several points behind the leader at the beggining of March. This is just about the right gap for chelsea or city to start shitting themselves

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring.

  37. stevepalmer1 says:

    Just cast my eye over today’s paper, More misery piled up on us i am afraid, if the story is right, Jack Wilshere has suffered a setback since his ankle operation last month and where the prediction of him being out for 3 months he is now estimated that it will be 5 months. March will be the earliest apparently

    Well low and behold just as Jack finds his best spell of form he finds himself with another long term injury. That means that we won’t see Jack till next season as if things can get worse they surly will.

    I cannot believe that news, and i must admit i did say a little while ago that Jacks weak legs and ankles will see him retire before his time. Jack has been fragile since he broke into the team, and if we had had any sense we should have realised that with a player like him we would always need a stand in.

    Jack could even be seen as a gamble now but who on earth would buy him now and didn’t he just sign a long term contract, bugger me bad to worse in one little knock,

  38. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening Terry, not a chance mate, we have no chance, maybe with a bit of luck a good run in the cup but bugger all else mate.

    Had we had all our players now, i would echo what you have said but not with what we have.

  39. chas says:

    Cheers, NG

    I can’t really think of anything to say apart from shouldn’t it be
    Do Arsenal lack ambition?

    Using ‘does’ makes Arsenal an ‘it’ rather than a ‘they’ or a ‘we’.
    I always like to think of Arsenal as a ‘we’ or an ‘us’.
    Other teams such as the chavs or the spuds are a ‘they’ or ‘you’ rather than an ‘it’.

    As in
    Do Tottingham make your skin crawl? or
    Do Chelsea have an odious manager?

    I mean you couldn’t sing, ‘Where were you when it was shit?’ or
    ‘We love it Arsenal, we do’ could you?. 🙂

    I may have lost my way somewhere along that line of reasoning.
    Oh well, another comment I suppose.

  40. Big Raddy says:

    chas. I am just about to eat dinner 😦 😦

  41. chas says:

    Sorry matey.

  42. chas says:

    I’d prefer tomorrow’s team to be all juniors.
    I suppose Debuchy needs a game, though.
    The forward line makes sense.
    I hope Calum and the BFG survive.

  43. chas says:

    “Six youngsters Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Gedion Zelalem, Chuba Akpom, Stefan O’Connor, Alex Iwobi and Glen Kamara will all be on the bench, with Emiliano Martinez providing back-up in goal.

    Despite training today the likes of Tomas Rosicky, Danny Welbeck and the not registered Olivier Giroud have stayed in London.”


  44. chas says:

    Stoke away in the FA Cup

  45. chas says:

    would be a tough draw.

  46. fatgingergooner says:

    Haven’t Arsenal denied the Wilshere setback?

    Interesting team tomorrow. I would prefer Flamini and Merts to be rested as we don’t have many players in those positions. Happy with the others as Chambers now out for 2 games and the rest need playing time.

  47. chas says:

    Arsenal v Hull at home

  48. stevepalmer1 says:

    Arsenal v Hull FA cup

  49. The Cockie Monster says:

    Arse Hull !

  50. arnie says:

    what a pity. finalists pitted in 3rd round? hmmm.

  51. arnie says:

    nice one Norfolk. 🙂 thank you. my head is too muddled to contribute intelligibly to a discussion. I blame Wenger! 😛

  52. arnie says:

    Lack of ambition? NO. It is the CL that we are gunning for. I know fully well, many think I am delusional. but there we go! 🙂

  53. The Cockie Monster says:

    Apart from the all Premier league ties, I can see all the other EPL teams getting through !.

  54. chas says:

  55. Big Raddy says:

    Interesting FAC draw.

    I wonder if that has ever happened before?

    It seems madness that Rosicky is left in London unless he is injured. As he was on the bench vs S’ton, it seems unlikely. Perhaps he will start vs Newcastle

  56. Big Raddy says:

    The real Ade. There is some timber on that physique!

  57. The Cockie Monster says:

    Interesting photo, chas !. Genius way of getting an extra player on the pitch by getting two players into one kit !.

  58. The Cockie Monster says:

    FFP may work and we know Mansour City have been slapped with a fine etc` and the Chavs have been abiding by it ( they even have adopted a sort of Arsenal model by selling players to buy players ! ) , but !….the thing that FFP does not restrict is money spent on youth development and facilities etc` and this is where Arsenal ( although a decent set up ! ) will not be able to compete with City or Chavs ( Terry Burton a recent youth coach at Arsenal said we are playing catch up with the Chavs academy ! ).
    £200M spent on Mansour City`s training facility !. Only chance of us matching this would be a one owner mega billionaire, (not Kroenke, as a majority share owner ! ) someone to abide by FFP, investing in the long term future .
    Somewhere down the line, City`s massive investment in facilities will pay dividends, as they will be breading the worlds best players !.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are stirring !…..the way we are going….. I`d like to kick the Ghosts of the Thirties in the Ghoullies !. 😀

  59. Big Raddy says:

    JNYC. Fine article. Thanks for putting up the link

  60. stevepalmer1 says:

    Nice one Cockie,
    Why we have an academy has me at a loss, why do we bother when all we have to do is phone up Southampton and ask them to prep a CB or even two. The reason we have academies in the first place is for tax reasons, most clubs use them to offset money they dont want to reveal.

    Blimey with all the money spent on ours and we still have to buy from Southampton, lets face it their academy is funding the club, while all we do is farm our youth out.

    It must be a tax dodge as City can buy any player they want, why should they care about an academy. City and the Chavs built a team for millions before FFP came in Chavs even brought a Marquee signing and left him playing for his home club thats how much they care.

    On the other hand we brought Campbell, couldn’t register him so left him there and almost forgot about him, then along comes the world cup and Campbell is seen on tele and we then realise we must have him back, only to leave him sitting on his arse, well i’ll be a monkeys uncle, you couldn’t make this shit up could you,

  61. arnie says:

    Steve. nice rant. 🙂

    and good stuff, Cockie and JNYC. 🙂

  62. stevepalmer1 says:

    Chas 🙂 night all

  63. chas says:

    One for Terry

  64. chas says:

    heck, those mancs were spawny.

  65. Gööner In Exile says:

    Steve your comments from day to day change like the wind, yesterday you asked for consideration of our injury woes today it’s back on Arsenes case, Theo is apparently gladly pocketing a years money whilst crocked yet Jack is unlucky to be sitting out the same amount of time?

    And then the answer is apparently Shawcross, when the actual answer is for football in this country to change, the FA wonder why we can’t compete at World Cups and internationals, well it’s because most other countries respect the beautiful game more than we do in England, they want to see the beauty.

    Gilberto was the best defensive midfielder probably seen in the PL why? Because he got booked once in the PL…..yet no one thought him soft or easy to beat. He didn’t need to be violent he needed to be skilful, same goes for Sol Campbell, how often did you see him or any of the Invincibles defence defend like Shawcross and Huth, or even Terry? Tony Adams and Steve Bould were never dirty players neither was Dixon or Winterburn.

    I think when Arsenal fans listen to the modern media pundits (especially the ex pros) you have to understand what their angle is, players like Savage, Murphy, Carragher and even some old Arsenal payers were routinely embarrassed by Wenger sides, they probably all thought they were good enough to play for teams like his, but were found wanting time and time again.

    As for your post NG replace Nasri? The boy had one good season, Cole? Well we are going back a bit now but I wouldn’t say Clichy or Gibbs have been that bad replacements, BSR goals appeared to be irreplaceable but we have done no worse without him than we did with him in fact you could say we have done better we won a trophy.

    As for academy systems I think you guys need to look at FFP rules, and also work permit rules.

    Spending on academy footballers is not counted for FFP calculations, however revenues from sales of those players count as incomes against the costs of the players. Academy players up to age of 21.

    So train 15 players from age 10-21 let’s assume cost £1m per season (I have no idea) cost £11m sell 14 for £10m produce one for the first team. Let’s say that one is Jack Wilshere, what would he cost on the open market?

    Buying players under the age of 21 is good for FFP as the cost of the player recruited doesn’t count. So Chambers effectively cost £0 according to FFP, buy him at 22 and the cost has to be taken against our revenues.

    Chelsea have funded this seasons assault on the PL and the signings they made by selling Luiz plus a bunch of youngsters.

    Look at Chelsea’s back up defenders, would any of them get in Arsenals team? Would any squad defenders at Liverpool, City or Manure get in our first team?

    Then ask yourself how many players in the first teams of any other clubs in the PL are prepared to come and sit on the bench. I’d guess not many.

    Lineker tweeting about “disgusting abuse” suffered by Arsene at the train station, not going to look at themselves then and what they may have done to encourage it?

  66. LB says:

    I love the way the myth of Gilberto has grown over the years, everyone conveniently forgets how he was fairly regularly booed off at Highbury, everyone conveniently forgets the criticism he got for not showing enough commitment and everyone forgets the stick that Wenger got for being the one who brought such a player to the club. The only thing that surprises me is how the last one is forgotten as so many people seem to revel in the things that Wenger is perceived to have done wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone tried to float the idea that it was David Dein rather than Wenger who actually convinced the Brazilian to join the club.

  67. Rosicky was on the injured list last Saturday.

    LB, Gilberto booed? Just shows what fools some supporters are.

    Oh! come on GIE, Gibbs? Clichy? Replacements for Cole? You must be joking!

    Football in this country is not going to change, 100mph is how it’s played, 100mph is what the fans want. Tiki taka was flavour of the month for a while, but a bit of blood and thunder is what the punters prefer. Just look at the praise Carroll is getting after a bit of old fashioned centre-forward play.

  68. Incidently Giroud might profit from watching a video of Andy Carroll, he might learn how to get a header on target.

  69. fatgingergooner says:

    The amount of money spent on the stadium and new players in recent windows tells you everything about the clubs ambition. At the same time though, the club is run within its means, and that’s a good thing.

    Too much ambition can lead to Leeds United style f*** ups.

    Some players haven’t been replaced as well as they could’ve been, but that’s not due to a lack of ambition. It’s more a result of the gamble that is the transfer market. Özil and Sanchez are a perfect example of this (although I do expect Özil to show his worth soon enough).

    Are Arsenal ambitious? Yes, just as much as any other PL club.

    Do they always get it right and do they have the resources of some other clubs? No, and there are areas that could always be improved, but overall they do a pretty good job.

  70. arnie says:

    ha ha, Norfolk. If we try to follow the herd and play 100mph, imagine the abuse we will be subject to! Arsenal is viewed as anti-establishment. Right or wrong does not matter. perpetual whipping boys.

    Better to emphasize our distinctive character and stay different! 🙂

  71. arnie says:

    GiE. now, that’s what I call a fecking almighty rant! 🙂

  72. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks for the post Norfolk

    Does AFC lack ambition. Short answer, no, I don’t think we do, but… I think you could argue we play it safe and low risk.

  73. chas says:

    Ey up, Micky
    Have you seen Wingnut’s guide to Longboarding?
    It came up as a recommended for me on youtube.
    There’s some great footage in it if you haven’t.
    Obviously you’d know most of the techniques stuff. 🙂

  74. chas says:

  75. chas says:

    Ah, that didn’t work.
    I was trying to get the whole conversation displayed as it does in twatter.

  76. chas says:

    Interesting, though too much for the capacity of my miniscule tactical bollix brain.

  77. chas says:


    Ever been less enthusiastic?

    Good if The Mighty Boosh plays though. He’s been the proverbial spanner in the works of the defensive transfer plan to some extent.

  78. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I know we Gunners are going through a “flat” period, and the last proper session was back in the 80’s, but it was so much easier then. Young, firm buttocked, enjoyed enormous quantities of alcohol and recreational drugs. Was single and celebrated that a lot.

    We also had no internet, so just switched off between games and did many other things 🙂

    I’ve decided I need to find a new way to doom. Clearly need to seek experienced advice. Anyone know a Spud or a Crystal?

  79. MickyDidIt89 says:

    A 59:52 minute longboarding vid is the worst possible distraction.

    Pipeline, Hawaii, final round of the world title starts today, well yesterday, but conditions permitting.

  80. Gööner In Exile says:

    LBso true about Gilberto was one of the most underrated players in an Arsenal shirt during his time at the club. Fans just didn’t see what he did until he wasn’t there, I guess that’s why his nickname was the Invisible Wall in Brazil.

    But there are a lot of players like it, fans though are not football experts, I had a blind spot for Sagna, but I see attributed in Giroud that others don’t. Players often become better sitting on the bench, take TV5 for example, during the season of Squid and Kizzer most said we missed TV5, but his return made little difference. Now AW is getting pelters for not replacing Verm, if he’d kept Verm he’s still be getting pelted for standing by a crock.

    NG I’m not saying Clichy or Gibbs are as good as Cole but im also asking if we couldn’t keep Cole were there any better left backs during that time that we could have got? Cole was a class apart

  81. chas says:

    If you haven’t seen it. Bookmark it for another time.
    Click on the YouTube symbol and that’ll take you into the Tube, then Favourite the bastard.
    Watch it tonight instead of Galatasaray.

    Speaking of which, I might be tempted to watch the scouse on the the big telly tonight. At least there’s has something riding on it.

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “Ever been less enthusiastic?” 🙂

    I’ll see what’s on telly, and given I hardly ever watch the thing, could be exciting. I do know all about “Celebrity get me out of a stricktly bake off factor”. Not completely out of touch. There are females in my house don’t you know.

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I have bookmarked it Chas, thanks.

    Watched first few minutes and it looks great. I get so much stick from Oscar for being a longboarder.

  84. chas says:

    “We also had no internet, so just switched off between games and did many other things 🙂 ”

    I think you’ve nailed it right there.
    Switch the feckin internet off and get a life.
    I have every Tom, Dick and Harry’s opinion about The Arsenal oozing out of my ears.
    My head is so full up with garbage, there’s no room for any more.

    Things must be reaching a tipping point when reality TV looks an attractive prospect. 🙂

  85. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    MU completely battered all game, have two shots and score both. They have to be the luckiest team in world football

  86. Big Raddy says:

    chas. Just post on AA and ignore the rest. AT least here we talk intelligent bolleaux

  87. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Motning Big

    Don’t want to get footbally, but Utd have Di Maria, Roonry, Brave and Mata. Shit like that will happen 😦

    Who are Liverpool playing on the “big telly”? Ludgorensplats or Real Madrid?

  88. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ok, enjoy your days squeaks.

  89. Good morning Ladies

    Is it going to worth watching tonights game?

    Chas, you could always pop into the GunnersoreArse pub and post some Rack of the Day…….. over there we are still real men 🙂


    Gilberto used to give the ball away all the bloody time, but he was still a great player because it didnt matter, no one could get past him.

    He reminds me of my older brother. When we were kids he would give me the boxing gloves and demand “Hit me Terry, go on hit me you bastard otherwise you cant watch Road Runner”

    He was a crap boxer so I always to used to catch him on the chin. Then he would batter me, and I would end watching Wiley Cyotee through one eye.

    Great guy my brother, just like Gilberto

  91. Big Raddy

    I thought it had been agreed on this site that ‘luck’ doesn’t exist in football 🙂

  92. oh my, 40 minutes without another comment…. a SteveP moment, perhaps I need to take up fishing 🙂

  93. Big Raddy says:

    Soory – been writing a post. Took well over an hour 😦

    NB. Definitely not agreed. There is luck in everything in life and football is no different but you are being provocative 😀

  94. Right, I’m now diagnosing the AA website as ‘depressed’. Pull yourselves together, look forward to the next game and get some banter going. Stop blaming your mother for ruining any positivity in your life, have a drink and get some therapy of happy drunkenness. 🙂

  95. Rocky of the Day……….. lest we forget 🙂

  96. Big Raddy says:

    NB. Fair assessment!

  97. Gööner In Exile says:

    Also NG I realise I didn’t answer the question about ManUre and comparative ambitions.

    Their revenue base is huge, they are spending a fraction of it, are they doing that for football or business? The two go hand in hand but ManUre could not afford another season our of the CL otherwise the interest payments might not be met, they took a huge gamble, with Moyes and also with money spent this summer.

  98. Rasp says:

    Morning all 😛

    Thanks for the post yesterday NG, sorry I wasn’t around to comment.

    I’m not going to go over old ground everything has been said.

    I agree with GiE’s excellent comment @ 10:08 last night. Unfortunately Arsenal are not going to change the ethos of the EPL, as usual its all down to the money. We know the TV coverage generates the most revenue and the ‘clogger’ mentality is what helps sell English football worldwide.

  99. ‘morning GiE, The difference between the two clubs is that having recognised the the problem, Man U set about correcting it, a gamble? Maybe, but if it pays off it’ll be well worth it. They’re up to third.

    We on the other hand seem content to meander along doing just enough to get our regular trophy, Champions League qualification. We’re sixth.

  100. ‘morning Rasp, writing that sort of critical post doesn’t make me happy, but I feel some things just have to be said.

  101. Morning, morning

    Anything exciting happening today 😉

  102. Rasp says:

    That’s OK NG, this is what the blog is for, I wasn’t being critical of your post I assure you 😛

    I was out yesterday and didn’t get the chance to come on.

    I feel for chas and others who just want to enjoy the football without all the post mortems and bitching. I can’t stop myself looking for answers but I also liked Rocky’s comment which pretty much said “OK we’ve been a bit shit lately – but I’ll still support the Arsenal”

    I shall be looking forward to tonight’s game precisely because it is not a MWG (soon to be in room 101)

  103. We have a New post …………………

  104. Rasp says:

    Last point …..

    I was shamed by the banner but the behaviour at Stoke Station took it to another level. Whatever anyone thinks about AW, he is doing what he thinks is best and that abuse was unacceptable, it must have hurt him deeply.

  105. Hi Peaches, Yep, we’re going to go all out for a win in Istanbul, front three of Campbell, Sanogo and Podolski, I’m forecasting a comfortable win for the good guys. 😀

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