Carlos Vela: The New Clive Allen?

According to reports yesterday the president of Real Sociedad has said that we have triggered our buy-back option for Carlos Vela.

The actual quote (after translation) was: “Arsenal have informed us that Vela would be with them next season.”

On the face of it, re-signing a striker who bagged 21 goals in the Primera Liga and who knows Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal way could be seen to be very good business.

Especially if the much quoted £3.5m buy-back fee is an accurate figure.

The return of little Carlos will no doubt make some supporters groan.

When he was with us he had a reputation as a bit of a party animal, but criticism of his on-field displays was sometimes harsh: it’s not like he ever got a regular run in the team.

Let’s put it this way, if we heard we were buying a 21-goal striker from the Spanish league (but a player of whom we had no previous knowledge) we would all be getting quite excited.

However, even if we have activated our buy-back option, I’m not sure we will ever see Vela in an Arsenal shirt again.

He could well join us “on the books” for a short while only to be moved on for a decent transfer fee or as a makeweight in another deal.

He could become the Clive Allen de nos jours.

For those who don’t remember, Clive Allen was once of the hottest young strikers in Britain back in the late 1970s. So when we signed him from QPR in 1980 – coming off a season in which he scored 32 goals in 49 appearances – we fans were well chuffed.

He was going to link up with Frank Stapleton and Alan Sunderland in what the press were already calling our “SAS attack”.

But the SAS never got out of headquarters. Within a few weeks of being bought, Allen was out through the exit door and on his way to Crystal Palace, with Kenny Sansom coming in the opposite direction. Clive never kicked a ball in anger for the Gunners.

There were rumours at the time that Palace had wanted to buy Allen direct from QPR but, for some reason, QPR did not want to sell him to the south Londoners. So in some kind of murky deal we scooped up Allen before promptly passing him to Palace. Still, it wasn’t all bad since Sansom turned out to be arguably the best left back we’ve ever had.

So what do you think?

Do you believe we have activated our Vela buy-back?

And if so, is he coming back to stay (in which case is he the shiny new striker we’re all expecting, or is he filling Bendtner’s berth as the third choice man)?

Or is he going to follow the Clive Allen path and simply whizz into the turnstile and straight back out again?

(Whatever happens, I hope his career doesn’t follow the trajectory of Allen’s when he left us. Not long after going to Palace he ended up playing in the N17 refuse dump. He ended up there again in an assistant managerial capacity much later, where his main job appeared to be eating doughnuts).




130 Responses to Carlos Vela: The New Clive Allen?

  1. Sav from Australia says:

    Ahaha nice on Rocky.

    Vela. Don’t know enough to comment. Will trust the Boss as that seems wisest.

  2. Sav from Australia says:

    First! He he first time ever I think.

  3. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘morning all, and special good morning to Rocky, is this another of your tongue in cheek posts? Re-sign Vela? No thanks! The good news is that the little chap’s club president Jokin Apperibay has said today that Vela wants to stay at Real Sociedad rather than rejoin Arsenal.

    Well done Sav, have you been waiting all day with your finger on the “Post Comment” button? 😀

  4. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning all.

    Two Rocky posts in a week – can’t get much better than that, even though I don’t speculate on the media’s transfer nonsense.

    Nice to see both Rasp and Kelsey back on board – you are both missed when your are not around.

  5. Shard says:

    I think FIFA rules now prevent a player representing more than two clubs in a season. I don’t know whether that applies here. I don’t think we can buy him and sell him in the same transfer window though.

    There is some talk that the buy back clause includes a requirement that he stay with us at least one full season, but who knows if that is true. It would be very un-Arsenal like to treat a player just as a commodity and unless we then sell him to Atletico or somewhere he might actually want to go, I don’t see Vela agreeing to join us.

    I think Vela is much improved and would be at least a signing to add some depth to our attack. He would also be cheap leaving us money to buy in other positions. From Arsenal’s point of view it makes sense to get him, but I wonder if he wants to return.

  6. Wally forbes says:

    I blame your parents

  7. RA says:

    You guys are not going to believe this, but I have just read in a red top newspaper about some blogger guy who has been specially trained by a sealion to predict the WC results!

    The sealion throws this guy a tidbit of chocolate and he leaps up yelling ‘Iamrasp’ and then pees on a picture of one of the teams to predict which one is the winner.

    The sealion has signed a confidentiality clause and won’t give the name of the guy, other than to give a clue, “it’s not Peaches and Cream it’s …… ”

    How mysterious!

  8. GunnerN5 says:

    RA, have you flipped out?

  9. RA says:

    Rocky good Post, thank you.

    I doubt the Vela story has much legs. The news that Vela was going back to Arsenal came from the President of Sociedad, and guess what the alternative news, in keeping with your recent Posts, came from the same source and said that Vela did not want to return to the UK.

    If the latter is true, then as I said on here a while ago, there is no way that such a ‘buy back’ clause would be effective as it would appear to conflict with the Human Rights Act, as well as probably being a restriction on trade.

    Normally the stick with which the donkey is beaten in these sort of contractual arguments is that UEFA will refuse to allow the player concerned to be registered with any other club, but this too is likely to fall foul of the above mentioned legal protections.

    Vela will have to return voluntarily, if the buy back story is true, or he will not come back at all.

    Laterz people. 🙂

  10. RA says:


    Not as much as the loonies who were chatting on here this morning. 🙂

  11. kelsey says:


    arseblog had this to say a few days ago and I agree.

    So, since he went to Spain in 2011/12 (on loan, move made permanent the following season), his goal tally has been increasing. In 2011-12 he scored 12 goals in 35 appearances, in 2012-13 it was 14 goals in 35 appearances, and last season he got 17 from 43 appearances. In the same seasons he has provided 7, 9 and then 12 assists, so you can certainly argue that he’s a player making steady progress.

    Yet is he the kind of player who is going to add something we don’t already have to the squad? As a team that needs somebody who can make the difference against the biggest and best opposition, I’m unsure that Vela fits the bill. In three seasons he has scored just one goal against Barcelona or Real Madrid, that coming in his first season when on loan from Arsenal. Barcelona won the game.

    Last season and the season before, he also failed to score against Atletico Madrid, and in Sociedad’s six Champions League games he managed just one goal (away to Bayer Leverkeusen in a game that Sociedad lost 2-1). You might make you think that he’s a player who, when the level increases, finds it more difficult to score.

    Perhaps that would be offset somewhat by playing in a better team, with better players around him, but I still don’t think it’s any coincidence that he was primarily a Carling Cup player for us. I’m convinced that part of why things didn’t go well for him at Arsenal was because he simply didn’t enjoy English football or living in England, and although he said recently he’d be better prepared for those cultural changes if he did return, it would be really odd to think that this wouldn’t be an issue.

    We do have a clause in his contract which allows us to buy him back for a little over what we sold him for. Part of that clause stipulates that we have to keep him for at least a season so there’s no question of buying him then shifting him on straight away to make profit.

    There’s also a very hefty sell-on clause (up to 50% I believe) should Sociedad transfer him elsewhere. To my mind, it would make much more sense for us to feign interest to try and drive up his price a little bit, take the chunk of cash that we’d get if he did move somewhere like Atletico, and use that money to sign a player whose quality, and qualities, would serve us better than Vela.

    I would be hugely surprised, and somewhat underwhelmed, if we brought him back, and I think this might be a case of transfer shenanigans from a number of angles.

  12. kelsey says:

    I know peaches would like him back as her first priority is looks 🙂

  13. kelsey says:

    IMO to get the best of our quality and gifted players like Ozil and Ramsey we need to add to the team more naturally gifted players than Vela.

  14. Rasp says:

    Thanks Rocky. Vela would provide a different kind of option up front to Giroud (and possibly Sanogo) for sure, but I’d hope that if we were looking to bring in a striker it would be at the Jackson Martinez level.


    Cheers Rock

    I dont want Vela back. The guy resembles a Weebles Wobbles. The only reason those Weebles never fell down was the disproportionate size of there arse. Great for kids and immature men who find them amusing, but not for football.

    Its imperative that when Arsene mulls over a transfer target, he has a good hard look at the players arse.

    Talking of Arse’s, its becoming more and more difficult to differentiate between Clive Allens and his face. There seems to be some form of explosion going on within that mans face that I find very disturbing.

  16. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Terry, “Talking of Arse’s, its becoming more and more difficult to differentiate between Clive Allen’s and his face.” Priceless!!!

  17. Adrian says:

    It’s official. Cesc Fabregas to Chelsea has been confirmed.

    Sigh. Nightmare scenario.

  18. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Well at least now he can live in the £5 million Knightbridge apartment his totty got as part of her divorce settlement.

  19. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Not for me. I expect AW to buy someone special IF he decides to buy a forward. And Vela is good but not special.

    What a shame about Cesc. Perhaps he missed Ashley.

  20. Rasp says:

    Yes, the chavs have Fabregas – a very sad day 😦

  21. Bryan says:

    Wow, always thought Cesc was better that, would of preferred him to go to Man Utd before Chelsea buy success scumbags.
    Totally lost all respect for Fabregas now 😦

  22. wally says:

    Sad to see we didn’t want Cesc.

    I thought we only bought really special players.Vela sure doesn’t fit that description, not by a country mile. If true it really lowers the bar for what we can expect of other signings doesn’t it.

    And in other news apparently we’ve signed the German strength and conditioning coach. Hope he can solve the problem

  23. Shard says:

    So, I wonder if people will claim that Fabregas still loves Arsenal, and blame Arsenal for ‘letting him’ join Chelsea.

    I mean they bought the Fabregas PR spin of love for Arsenal even as he left us in the lurch, feigning injury, forcing his way out for cheap by refusing to sign anywhere else, and even took a paycut to sign for a team that didn’t need him.

    Now, Arsenal may have refused to sign him at wage demands of 200k, with his refusal to lower asking price by refusing to sign for anyone else, even though it was Barca supposedly pushing him out, and then he goes and signs for Chelsea and a manager who insults and pours scorn on the manager that gave Fabregas everything and who claims to love and respect.

    If he is comfortable with it I’m not going to be bothered, but I cannot handle people then saying that Arsenal are to blame and Fabregas would have loved to come to Arsenal.

  24. Bryan says:

    “If you ever see me in a Chelsea shirt you have permission to kill me” Quote from Cesc Fabregas in 2010 hmmm 😦

  25. Hi all, so confirmation of the modern football mercenary is finally here; will Cesc’s actions compare to Van Judas or not ?

    That is the question.

    Feeling nauseated.

  26. Bryan says:

    Yes in my book, he has stabbed us in the back, pure filth

  27. I can understand that Bryan, it does feel like betrayal at the moment, but I’m just a sentimental old romantic.

  28. Shard says:


    I think Cesc’s actions are the same as Van Persie’s. The only exception is the difference in how they handled their publicity.

  29. Shard says:

    I mean ‘the only difference is’

  30. Shard says:

    It’s arguably worse in terms of how that club and manager stand for the exact opposite of ours.

  31. I’ll have to take a step back from how I feel right now before I decide Shard.

    I got a text from my younger son half an hour ago who’s distraught, he idolised Cesc.

    Well, the feel good factor around the club didn’t last long did it ?

  32. Bryan says:

    I can understand him wanting to come back to PL & if we didn’t want him, he has to join another club but Chelsea are now probably our most hated rival & he knows that I expected better.
    Also it may be that he want loads of money & we wouldn’t give him as much, who knows but to me he has kicked us in the teeth & Wenger too.
    I will boo him at the Emirates, he is now scum to me 😦

  33. Bryan says:

    should of been a comma after he knows (,) I expected better lol

    Yep Chary my son text me & was distraught too as Fab was the first name he had on back of his shirt, I thought, No, he’s got it wrong & had to put Sky News on Skygo on my work PC to check, totally gutted, just shows that footballers are all the same mercenary’s who don’t give a crap about the teams or fans they play for

  34. Bryan says:

    Sky Sports News I meant 😀 I can’t even type right, damn Cesc,
    I’m out of here before I type anymore mistakes 😉

  35. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Shard, don’t feel too bad about The Homesick Spaniard, despite his professed love for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, he went back to his boyhood club, where he found out he wasn’t wanted that much.

    We made no attempt to re-sign him, so he wasn’t wanted that much here either. No doubt he’ll get a wage of around £150,000 per week and will shortly issue a statement to the effect that ” as a little boy, something inside him always telling him that Chelsea was where he wanted to be”.

    I’m sure the Arsenal faithful will give him the same sort of “warm” welcome that BSR got when he comes to The Emirates next season.

  36. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Andy Murray knocked out of the Queen’s Club Tournament, that guy is the tennis equivalent of the England football team. At least if the Scots get independence we won’t have to support him any longer. 😀

  37. Shard says:


    I’ve said for years that Fabregas’ ‘love’ for Arsenal was all a PR play to make his exit more palatable to the fans and not burn bridges unnecessarily. I never bought into the Cesc loves Arsenal nonsense.

    So it’s not like this transfer has shocked me. I fully expected him to sign for ManCity when they led the rumour charts, and then when Chelsea surfaced although I still expected it, a part of me hoped he’d have enough sentiment left in him to say no to a club and manager that are revoltingly opposed to everything Arsenal and Wenger stand for.

    If we actually passed on the option of signing him, it was either financial (his wage demands and agent fees might have something to do with it. Not just other targets being priority) or it was out of a reluctance to sign a player with his attitude and his impact on the dressing room. Possibly it was also to do with Darren Dein, who might have been deemed a cancer to not be let near the club again.

    Either way, I don’t care too much. I only care for preventing Arsenal taking the fall out for what was Fabregas betraying us not once, but twice.

  38. Adrian says:

    Norfolk Gooner, I hope not. Vile being spewed at Van Persie every time he comes to the Emirates is music to my ears, but I feel that Fabregas doesn’t deserve to be put in the same bracket as him.

    Mind you, if we wanted to sign him and it was between us and Chelsea he would have chosen us. We didn’t, what else did we expect him to do when only Chelsea was interested? Stop playing football?

  39. Adrian says:

    Bryan, that quote is false. He has never said that.

  40. RockyLives says:

    Good day and thanks for the comments.

    I don’t know where the “Vela has to stay with us for a year if we re-sign him” clause is supposed to have come from. Sounds unlikely to me.

    I suspect if we will end up taking money from Sociedad as part of a deal which ends up with Vela stating there or moving onto another Spanish team.

  41. Adrian says:

    Sorry but I agree with the notion that Cesc should get abuse just because he signed for the chavs, and many other fans think so too. He has clearly stated that we were offered the option to get him back but we didn’t want to, and only after did he decide to join Chelsea. Now, I wish he would have signed for any other club than those scums, but realistically speaking I do not think he had many other options.

  42. Adrian says:

    Uh oh, major typo there. I meant to say disagree*. Bollocks.

  43. RockyLives says:

    As for Fabregas…

    We declined to use our option to bring him back. I’m sure Arsene has his reasons and would rather spend the money in other areas of our squad.

    No blame or criticism attaches either to Arsene or to Cesc, painful though it will be to see him turning out for that odious bunch of twunts.

  44. Shard says:


    No blame attaches to Cesc. Yes. None. But it should kill the myth of Cesc’s ‘love’ for Arsenal.

  45. Big Raddy says:

    He should never have left. Bet AW told him “grass is always greener etc”

    IMO the 20 y.o. Ox is a better bet than a 27 y.o. Barca reject. And AR is the main man now

    Chavs have a tasty midfield – Cesc, Oscar, Matic, Ramirez, Hazard, Schurlle. And Costa upfront.

  46. arnie says:

    Lovely job, Rocky. 🙂 🙂 Thank you.

    Very tired, and very very sad. 😦

  47. arnie says:

    Anyway, there is always Brazil – Croatia. 🙂 But before that, a long journey back home. 😦

  48. chas says:

    Nice one, Rocky.

    Feck knows about Vela. We shall see, though there have been calls for a left wing option who isn’t just a midfielder shoved out wide.
    Though I can’t see Walcott and Vela playing at the same time.
    Might be fun though. 🙂

  49. RockyLives says:

    I don’t see why it should kill the “myth” of Cesc’s Arse love.

    He clearly felt a huge connection to Arsenal, as well as a love for his boyhood club.

    And I’m pretty sure he would much rather be heading to N5 this summer than to the scumlands of West London.

  50. Shard says:


    From what I’m reading on some forums, Cesc is more an Abramovich signing than Mourinho signing. Having sold Mata probably to assert his dominance in the team, this might well be Abramovich asserting his dominance and demanding attacking football. No trophies last year and under pressure to deliver attacking football, can Mourinho give upon his bus? Or can Fabregas play in a bus parking team?

    I said it last season when we signed Ozil that he is better than Fabregas and I stick by that. The real reason we wanted Fabregas back so bad was sentiment and not (just) ability. Any other similar player and we’d just shrug our shoulders and move on and say we have enough.

    Ramsey, Jack, Santi, Ozil, Ox, Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini. Even as it is it isn;t half bad, but add in a DM and I’d say our midfield is more than a match for Chelsea’s.

  51. chas says:

    As for Clive Allen, well class ‘A’ arsehole is a mild description, though if he seriously thought we’d bought him to play, you can understand his dickheadedness just a little bit.

  52. LB says:

    I still believe Cesc does have a genuine love of Arsenal.

    But we didn’t want to buy him and Barcelona didn’t want to keep him so what is he supposed to do?

    I think he has handled the situation in a very dignified way. By contrast, of course, to a certain BSR.

    Still, we are where we are and he is a chav and as such will have to be known from now on as the Barça reject.

    Onwards and upwards, Ramsey is much better and everyone keeps telling me that Wilshere is an attacking midfielder……..hmmmm

  53. chas says:

    Different games, yes, but same fat, resentful arsehole in all three photos.

  54. chas says:

    I wasn’t happy when Cesc left by going on strike etc but was persuaded he was ok and just fulfilling his dream.

    Going to the chavs? – well he’s dead to me now.

  55. chas says:

    How can this photo not turn your stomach if you’re a Gooner?

  56. Big Raddy says:

    “He’s dead to me now” 😊

    Allen was binned because AFC realised he was a complete and utter front bottom and still is.

    Arnie. Hope your day is improving

  57. Shard says:


    Not bad enough to refuse a transfer to them, or (presumably) reduce his wage demands, delay his transfer to attract other clubs, beg Arsenal to find a way to make room for him etc.

    His love for us is purely abstract. It didn’t stop him from disrespecting the captain’s armband and the club with the way he engineered his move, and it hasn’t stopped him from signing for possibly the most hateful club and man there is.

    To me, those words of love ring very hollow.

  58. arnie says:

    Raddy. 🙂

    dead and buried. RIP Cesc. 😦

  59. Charybdis1966 says:

    Shard re your 5.11, spot on. At least the cutch dunt only betrayed us once.

    A sad, sad day.

  60. arnie says:

    I hope he burns in hell. and faces the music from the fans. that apart I could not care less. I think it was a good decision to not accede to his demands.

    I hope the bile spewers turn all their anger on him! 🙂

  61. Big Raddy says:

    I am already sick of the samba 😦

  62. arnie says:

    Raddy. a comparison with vuvuzela might help. 😛

  63. arnie says:

  64. GunnerN5 says:

    Well, I’m never one to hide my feelings so I won’t now.

    The reactions to Fabregas signing for Chelsea leave me cold.

    1. He was a wonderful player for us and always gave 100% every time he played.
    2. He left us for personal reasons and there was no spite involved. 3. Going by the reports we declined the opportunity to re- sign him. 4. Barcelona had made the decision that he was no longer a part of there plans.
    5. He wanted to return to the PL and chose the club that he felt would be his best fit.
    6. What the hell is wrong with that?
    7. The detractors need to give their heads a good shake in the improbable hope that they shake in some common sense and decency..
    8. Rant complete.

  65. arnie says:

    Agreed. There is nothing wrong with Cesc signing for the Chavs. There is nothing wrong with so many dead people. And most of them are not my idols or heroes.

    Cesc is dead. Period. 😛 note, no longer a sad face, but a smiley. 🙂

  66. Big Raddy says:

    Fine rant 🙂

  67. GunnerN5 says:

    He is very much alive, or maybe you think its his ghost that will be coming back to haunt us?

  68. arnie says:

    Alive, no. Let him rot in the bench. 😛 Only the dead come back to haunt. 😛

    And I do not even speak ill of the dead. 😛

  69. GOONERKAM says:

    This makes sense. WIN/WIN for the ARSENAL. he might still make it with us and surpass his compatriot chicharones. I always thought he had more potential than him. ARSENE KNOWS.

  70. arnie says:

    yes, come on Croatia!!!!!!!! 🙂

  71. Big Raddy says:

    Really good game and atmosphere.

    Delighted Marcello was the first scorer, just need Alves to score an OG now 😈

  72. arnie says:

    ok, some normalcy then

  73. Big Raddy says:

    Very good first 30 mins. Bodes well for the WC.

  74. Big Raddy says:

    Corluka is still alive and playing!

    Him, Modric and Palulinho all infected by swamp life at WHL

  75. arnie says:

    Back to Vela. I see no harm in signing him even if as a back up striker. He is still young and he will get his chances in Arsenal.

  76. arnie says:

    yes, very lively game. feeling quite in the mood now.

  77. Big Raddy says:

    No surprise the ref is a homer

  78. arnie says:


  79. arnie says:

    really have to feel a bit sorry for Croatia tonight. 😦

  80. Big Raddy says:

    The best team won but with considerable assistance from the referee.

    Oscar my MotM

  81. arnie says:

    hmmmm. the better team, yes. 😛 both the penalty and the disallowed goal were a bit dodgy. I hope decisions are consistent across games and over the whole tournament

  82. arnie says:

    agree on Oscar as MOTM

  83. neamman says:

    I would like Vela back either as a third option or to be used as a makeweight for another player.
    Gutted about Cesc.. I hope he gets a good reception when he plays at Ashburton.
    Brazil get all the decisions going their way. I truly believe FIFA want them to win.

  84. Mya says:

    Actually Neymar was MOTM and not only because of his 2 goals

  85. JM says:

    Morning (here):

    My opinions:

    (1) Vela is NOT coming back; Gestifute & Jorge Mendes are making noises for the media attention and sounding out potential buyers for their client.

    (2) Re: Cesc Fabregas. The writing is on the wall about a year ago that our club will NOT be signing him back.

    (3) Brazil 3-1 Croatia.
    (a) The host could be guaranteed a safe passage to the later rounds; them being one of the favourites, generating interests for the media and fellow Brazilians, a high potential final vs Argentina (look at how the match-ups are placed for the KO-stage/QF/SF etc & as a marketing tool to “unite” the nation against a “footballing rival”)

    (b) Scouting for Arsenal. Any potentials to bring in from the Brazilian & Croatian squads?

  86. neamman says:

    Any doubt that FIFA is not a corrupt organization???

  87. JM says:

    I have posted this on another blog (BK). Hope this helps if anyone is putting in bets (and seeking help from magical “oracles”):

    [A little bit of history on WC finals, starting from year 1970 – 2010 (40 years time gap):

    Brazil (C: Carlos Alberto, DF/RWB) vs Italy (C: Giacinto Facchetti, DF)
    Brazil won 4-1

    Netherlands (C: Johan Cruyff, CF/AM) vs West Germany (C: Franz Beckenbauer, CB/SW)
    West Germany won 2-1

    Argentina (C: Daniel Passarella, CB) vs Netherlands (C: Ruud Krol, SW)
    Argentina won 3-1 (after extra time, full time 1-1)

    Italy (C: Dino Zoff, GK) vs West Germany (C: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, RW)
    Italy won 3-1

    Argentina (C: Diego Maradona, 2nd ST) vs West Germany (C: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CF)
    Argentina won 3-2

    West Germany (C: Lothar Matthäus, DM/CM) vs Argentina (C: Diego Maradona, 2nd ST)
    West Germany won 1-0

    Brazil (C: Dunga, DM/CM) vs Italy (C: Franco Baresi, CB)
    Brazil won 3-2 on penalties (full time 0-0)

    Brazil (C: Dunga, DM/CM) vs France (C: Didier Deschamps, DM)
    France won 3-0

    Germany (C: Oliver Kahn, GK) vs Brazil (C: Cafu, RWB)
    Brazil won 2-0

    Italy (C: Fabio Cannavaro, CB) vs France (C: Zinedine Zidane, AM)
    Italy won 5-3 on penalties (full time 1-1)

    Netherlands (C: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, LB) vs Spain (C: Iker Casillas, GK)
    Spain won 1-0 after extra time (full time 0-0)

    – On 10 occasions (since 1970), the WC is won by a team captained by a defensive player (GK, CB, FBs, DM/CM)

    – On the odd final in 1986, Maradona (a second striker) led his Argentina team to victory against the West Germany team, led by Rummenigge (a centre forward). Maradona’s “mystical aura” seemed the stronger than Rummenigge’s on that occasion.

    – The finalists are never from any Group of Death (since 1982, a 32 year time frame; there have more teams participating)

    (Italy, Peru, Poland, Cameroon)(West Germany, Chile, Austria, Algeria)

    (Argentina, Italy, Bulgaria, Korea)(West Germany, Denmark, Uruguay, Scotland)

    (West Germany, Yugoslavia, Colombia, UAE)(Argentina, USSR, Romania, Cameroon)

    (Brazil, Sweden, Russia, Cameroon)(Italy, Norway, Ireland, Mexico)

    (France, Denmark, South Africa, Saudi Arabia)(Brazil, Norway, Scotland, Morocco)

    (Brazil, Turkey, Costa Rica, China)(Germany, Ireland, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia)

    (Italy, Czech Rep. Ghana, USA)(France, Switzerland, South Korea, Togo)

    (Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Honduras)(Netherlands, Denmark, Cameroon, Japan)


    Also, Cameroon appeared 5 times (1982, 1990, 1994, 2002, 2010) from the group that includes one of the finalists.

    2014 – Group A (Brazil, Croatia, Cameroon, Mexico)

  88. fatgingergooner says:

    My heart says I’m gutted about Cesc, but my head says it’s the logical decision taken by Wenger.

    Would’ve been easy to blow £50m (inc wages) on Cesc, but he wouldve been a luxury, and right now we have other priorities.

    I’d much prefer us spend that money on a pair of strikers and a DM.

  89. JM says:

    @ Peaches, Rasp and fellow admins/moderators.

    You could use my above post (June 13, 2014 at 1:27 am) as part of any new future posts for the blog, with regards to the WC.


  90. Gööner In Exile says:

    Oh well the football world has gone mad for the WC.

    I’m just mad……Cesc must have got the heads up that Jose is not going to be at Chavs for long? He has played and spoken of his love of playing the beautiful game and now he is going to be coached by Mr Anti Football a man who sold Mata because he was abit too good with the ball.

    Cesc …… I’m not angry I’m just very disappointed.

  91. Gööner In Exile says:

    Btw hello all.

    Been mega busy on work catch up.

    Dad out of hospital but still having some issues. The timing of his illness couldn’t be better as he now gets to watch the WC in peace with zero complaint from anyone about not moving from his armchair.

  92. arnie says:

    motning all.

    wish a good WC to GiE Sr and Jr.

    nice one, Chas.

  93. arnie says:

    No. brilliant, Chas. 🙂

  94. kelsey says:

    Morning all

    With regards to Cesc one must trust Wenger’s judgement that he passed up on first refusal but the litmus test will be if he splashes that kind of money on a really good quality player in a more attacking position,sooner rather than later.
    Our deals always seem to drag on and on and IMO if we had acted for once with intent and secured a signing by now that would pacify many supporters that we really mean business.
    This aspect worries me about AW .Does a leopard ever change his spots ?We dither too much.
    Chelsea on the other hand made it more or less public that Mata and Luiz were not in their plans and they have already gone.
    Other clubs like Liverpool and United have already agreed deals and I would like to see our negotiations improved upon,but is it a false hope.

    With regards to the opening game last night and even allowing for the enormous pressure and expectancy on Brazil I wasn’t impressed with them defensively and yet again poor decision making by the ref.

  95. Gööner In Exile says:

    I made no secret of my desire for Cesc to return, but £200k a week would still exceed our budgets.

  96. arnie says:

    Kelsey. Maybe I am crazy but I believe in general we get the best value for money in the transfer market. We do so by waiting very late and being the last one to blink. Wenger is a master in these end games.

    But I hope we get a good player upfront. Big money is not needed to get a good player in this lemon’s market. I am certain that even an appropriate 20m player can do well for us. 🙂

  97. chas says:

    If Arsenal Football Club was run in such a way as to pacify its supporters, we would be out buying all sorts of no mark players to show we really mean business and sacking the manager every six months.
    In other words, turn into Totteringham Hotsperms.
    No, ta.

  98. Gööner In Exile says:

    Kelsey I guess some clubs who hold players we are looking at may want the value of their player to rise as a result of WC performances, Cesc was never going to do that, he has reached a value already and everyone is well aware of his capabilities.

    Liverpool have made one easy signing (Lambert, 32 not playing regularly at S’oton, boyhood club £4m) letting that one fall through would be harder than completing it. Uniteds new signing not exactly a household name.

    Other than that it’s the smaller clubs picking up relegated and out of contract players.

    Perhaps our German contingent are currently recruiting the likes of Bender and Draxler over breakfast during dinner, and all day 🙂

    I’m not going to get worried about silly season.

    I will be interested to watch France play as apparently Giroud is playing up front in a two with Benzema. I’m not saying we should sign Benzema but if it works well for France and bearing in mind Arsene at the end of the season went two up front in a few games I can see a new shape developing.

  99. GOONERKAM says:

    I agree with ARNIE. we must play the transfer market with our cards held close to the vest. We can’t go toe to toe with the shitties and chelskis and add a few more clubs. I think VELA might be announced in the next couple of days. Its as good as done me thinks. And yah, I’m pretty disappointed with cesc too. Its difficult being an ARSENAL fan these days. Everywhere you look you see players you cared for and watched with anticipation to come good playing for someone else. Painful really. But we do have that great stadium and we are set for years to come. How much did ARSENAL make on him transferring to chelski?

  100. GOONERKAM says:

    Hotsperms?? (0(
    Funny that

  101. andy bishop says:

    Really don’t care Fabregas has signed for Chelsea. He left nearly three years ago. Nothing is forever and teams move on which we have. I will never understand insulting ex players who were once “heroes”.

  102. kelsey says:

    I appreciate everyones opinion but AW tends to overlook current PL players,the excuse usually that they don’t represent value for money based on the constraints Arsenal have compared to Chelsea and United,and I respect the way we run our club,but in AW’s own words when we buy he has often remarked that the players need at least a 6 month bedding in period which generally is strue.Strangely enough Sagna was one who springs to mind that settled in from day one.

    I don’t have much confidence in our negotiating powers but would be pleased to be proved wrong.

  103. kelsey says:

    arnie you said

    “Kelsey. Maybe I am crazy but I believe in general we get the best value for money in the transfer market. We do so by waiting very late and being the last one to blink. Wenger is a master in these end games”

    Do yyou really believe that ? oh by the way I am the one who is crazy 😉


    I didn’t say what you implied but there is a middle ground between our different views.Surely you would agree with that.

  104. Eddie says:

    I thought it was a good opening game in Brazil last night. I enjoyed it. Croatians gave it all, but clearly it wasn’t enough. Brazil were inconsistent, and rubbish at times. Their defence was poor and a team like Germans would take them apart. It showed that Brazilians were full of individuals capable of brilliance. but their team effort wasn’t that great.

    Re Cesc – I completely agree with Gie (for a change 🙂 ). Maurinho sold Mata because he didn’t know how to play him. I cannot see he can utilize Cesc and I think that Fabregas will keep on regretting his transfer decisions.

  105. Eddie says:

    Kelsey – did you get a pound from the tooth fairy?
    Micky is still eating the posh dinner 😦
    Gie – good news about your Dad, brilliant planning on his part to recover in time for the WC and watch it in peace! Good man

  106. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    It is the WC.

    AFC rarely if ever sign players early in the window (which isn’t even open yet!!)



  107. kelsey says:

    a pound 🙂 no I need a small mortgage to cover the costs.:)

    Exactly Raddy, therein lies the problem 🙂

  108. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. I cannot understand your concerns.

    We need another LB – but let’s be honest Sagna though a good player would not be that difficult to replace with better.

    Keep TV and we have no need for another CB. 3 internationals and a young player is enough.

    DM? Yes, it would be lovely to have a big man but it is not inconceivable that we will continue with the midfield we have.

    Upfront. The same. Sanogo will come good – it is not hard to see his potential. I would like us to have more pace from the left but do not hold my breath, especially as Podolski seems to have re-discovered his mojo.

    p.s. Wasn’t the spray paint used last night clever?

  109. Eddie says:

    they use the spray paint on beaches too. I watched Harold Webb talking about it last week, he didn’t say he would like it in EPL. Of course not, it would be more difficult for him to carry on working for ManU

  110. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Quick morning all,

    Thanks Rocky. I would not make Vela a priority signing, so no real feelings, but my gut says no, can and will do better.

    Re Cesc. As I said yesterday, really not bothered who he plays for. Reading through comments, I’d say that the word “love” when referring to footballers and clubs they’ve played for is so badly inappropriate.

    I’m totally in the GN5 camp on this one.

  111. kelsey says:


    My concerns are that next season in many ways the pressure on AW will be more than ever despite winning the FA Cup and finishing with more points than in the previous season.

    I know most disagree but that’s how I see it.

  112. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Stop dooming Kelsey dear 🙂


    Morning all

    Very disappointing penalty last night. Blatter counts the money and the Japanese referee can enjoy a Caribbean holiday with a women nine inches taller that’s not his wife.

    On Cesc, you know when some people say there not bothered but really are?, well, ime not bothered, and am really not.

  114. Morning all

    We may not be able to get GN5’s blast ready for today, can anyone write a short comment to publish as a post just in case ……..

    I haven’t read back, has anyone written a good comment about Cesc’s move that we can use?

  115. Big Raddy says:


    Why not use JM’s 1.27?

    As Chas said – Cesc is dead to us 😀

  116. JM says:

    @ peaches,

    My brief opinions (on Vela, Cesc etc): June 13, 2014 at 1:01 am


    something on The WC 2014 (long post): June 13, 2014 at 1:27 am

    until GN5’s post is ready. Needs refining though.

  117. JM’s 1.27 is on BK so we can’t use that as a headline.

  118. JM says:

    @ Big Raddy June 13, 2014 at 8:50 am

    Thanks for helping to mention. That little “research” on the WC post is worth a read. (No “mystical” oracles involved).

    @ peaches June 13, 2014 at 8:54 am

    You can help refine my post (1.27), I have added the extra lines on “The Group of Death” and that on “Cameroon”. It is not a headliner on BK, only a normal post.

  119. Panic over, Rasp has sorted it.

    Need posts for the cupboard though ……………………

  120. arnie says:

    Peaches, my feeling is that there are quite a few in the cupboard. Different people have said on here at different points. Chas has one, I have one, Rocky I think has several.

  121. arnie says:

    I would not like to discuss dead people. Speak no evil ….

  122. kelsey says:

    My crystals never lie Micky, you wait and see.

  123. JM says:

    On my post (June 13, 2014 at 1:01 am)

    “(2) Re: Cesc Fabregas. The writing is on the wall about a year ago that our club will NOT be signing him back. ”

    Elaborating on this:
    I am along with other Gooners excited that our club signed Ozil on deadline day. Then, someone among our group mentioned something like, “£44M for Ozil, we’d pass on bringing back Cesc then”. That line lingered ….

    The buy back option was always there;

    Barca has been looking to offload someone after they spent at least £50M on Neymar to balance their accounts (i.e. FFP etc; and they were given a transfer ban by FIFA subsequently which has been suspended pending appeal);
    Barca in panic mode this coming season, esp for their defensive cover options (Puyol retired, Valdes and Pinto leaving, Alves wanting away for a player exchange with PSG’s Marquinhos, Song on selling list, Pique has been injury-prone). Marc-André ter Stegen is signed as such.

    Our club did not exercise that clause then (and went for a new maestro instead), they won’t now.

    As such the sentence coming about, “The writing is on the wall about a year ago that our club will NOT be signing him back. “

  124. fatgingergooner says:

    I’m really looking forward to next season with a renewed optimism about our chances of silverware and Cesc Fabregas going to Chelsea doesn’t change that.

    I believe AW will get the right players in to move us forward again and I look forward to some new faces arriving after the World Cup.

    I don’t see much happening before July as that’s when the window opens. Isn’t Wenger in Brazil doing tv at the moment? I know he doesn’t need to be there for us to sign players but I really can’t see anything happening anytime soon.

  125. We have a New Post ……………..

  126. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Our DM problems are solved, Barca have told Alex Song that he can leave. perhaps signing him will make up for not getting The Homesick Spaniard back 😀

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