Wham Bang, thank you Arsenal.

What I want to know is this: exactly what happened in the dressing room at half time? Any ideas? Was it even legal?

The first half was one of those end of season games between two mid-table sides with nothing to play for. Only it shouldn’t have been. Sure, the odd bit of skill here and there, but generally looking more like twenty two footballers who had never met before.

So, the first half rumbled on until, and oh thank you West Ham, a goal, and then all change. Arsenal reacted, and no surprise it was Podolski who pulled us level. The Man can shoot accurately and hard.

Into the dressing room at 1-1. Now, I’ve never had Arsène down as a natural motivator, which is fine so long as you have natural leaders and fighters on the pitch and I’ve had my doubts that we do. I was beginning to believe the gutter press, particularly with regards to Santi, but he in particular, but also the entire side in general, were clearly introduced to each other at half time, and a new side emerged for the second forty five.

Energy, drive, understanding and desire was evident from the Arsenal XI.

In the fiftieth minute, Ollie climbed into DB10’s football boots, controlled the ball with the most exquisite of touches and buried the ball with a superb finish. Sheer quality. Twenty odd minutes later, and Podolski slammed home his second and Arsenal’s third. Job done.

At this stage of the season, and given the closeness of the battle for forth with Everton, it was always the points that most mattered, but the nature of the second half performance gave room for massive optimism.

Verm played a disciplined and excellent game, and the importance of quality in depth was further highlighted by the introduction of Aaron late in the game. With the likely return of Mesut for part of the run in, and of course my favourite Ox in the wings, I’d image we could be savouring some great performances as well as the necessary points.

Written by MickyDidIt


We have two posts today, here are kelsey’s thoughts on the game……….


Arsenal burst West Ham’s Bubble.

Many questions were asked before the game. Would the draining one hundred and twenty minutes on the Wembley turf would take its toll on our depleted squad with only three  days respite between the two games? Who would have recovered in time yet keeping a balance in the side?

Wenger decided to make five changes and in the end they were more than justified. Every game in the run in is a massive match and the jostling for fourth place might not see an outcome until the final day.

For the first half an hour apart from a glaring miss by Giroud, our play was nervous and generally lacked pace and a real threat, then invariably in one of West Ham’s rare attacks Jarvis scored a header which in all fairness was a messy goal and thoughts returned again to “oh no”.

Of course the ideal situation is to fight back immediately and just before half time Podolski let fly with his lethal left foot.

“Goals change games” , a phrase often used and the Arsenal team that came out in the second half had a spring in it’s step and was more like the side we had been watching a couple of months ago .

Giroud, the enigma he is, scored a fantastic goal and the when the tired Rosicky game off the introduction of Ramsey showed how much we had missed him and within minutes his dinked header into the path of our left footed German nearly broke the net, and the game was won.

It was a much changed team and it was nice to see Cazorla back to his best after a slow start. He seems to save his best performances for Home games and I just can’t work Giroud out. He generally misses the easy chances yet converts the more difficult ones. Maybe with him and even Podolski to an extent it’s just regaining confidence.

Another who surprised me was Arteta, though not foot perfect, he and mainly the whole team seemed to have been revitalised after the Cup win, and that bodes well for the run in.

I keep repeating it, but Sagna should be retained if possible. He even found himself in the centre forward position on one occasion and his energy levels are amazing. He maybe getting on,but a player who can naturally play in at least three different positions is invaluable.

All in all a very satisfactory performance and a vital three points. Others are still to come back and by the weekend including most probablty Ozil and Oxdale-Chamberlain, we may well then  have a selection problem. It’s a “Funny old game”, that’s why we love it and emotions swing up and down several times in just ninety minutes.

Well played lads, today we are smiling 🙂

Written by kelsey

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  1. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Can’t see the point in Kelsey’s Review 🙂

    I think he just likes to get into the office early and flick his hair around in front of the cleaners before everyone arrives.

  2. kelsey says:

    It has become fairly obvious by now that Micky is just really interested in sex,football comes way down the list 😉

  3. RA says:

    Well what to make of that a double match report and nothing much to choose between them, and that is amazing as kelsey said this last night;

    — “I am not watching the game,honestly.TV gone off,satellite or something and internet too slow.”

    Obviously he wrote it last week using his other crystal ball — or cribbed off Micky! 😉

  4. James Ojeg says:

    Drop a word for Kim Kallstrom. He had a nice game yesterday. Showed some power and muscle in his game. We sure could have done with him fit and proper straight off the market. But that makes a case for the enforcer we’ve been crying out for all these years.

  5. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’m a “realist”, Kelsey 🙂

  6. kelsey says:

    Funny,I thought you were into cooking = “a chef”

  7. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Too right, James.

    I cunningly penned my post in such a way as to allow bright sparks to fill in the detail. Think of it as interactive 🙂

    What Kelsey was up to, well, who knows.

  8. MickyDidIt89 says:

    No Kelsey, not cooking, sex.

    Remember, we are on this planet for one reason alone. To reproduce. So everything is geared around being impressive. Here’s an example. Man One shows Woman his great hair. Man Two takes Woman fresh caught lobster.

    Now, here’s the tricky bit. Who do you think Woman wants sex with?

    ps I hope some of the boring people rock up soon and talk football 🙂

  9. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Well KelseyDidIt89, a comprehensive post and one that reflects the match pretty fairly.

    To sum up, A slow start, a goal down, a penalty not awarded, an equaliser, half-time bollocking, Giroud scored the goal of his career, Poldi’s second (why doesn’t he play central striker), game over, Fat Sam chocked on his chewing gum. 😀

  10. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Oi! Micky, what do you mean “boring people”?

  11. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Man two takes woman freshly caught lobster, woman pops lobster, still breathing, in pot of boiling water, turns to man two, bares teeth in evil grin and says “your next…big boy”

  12. chas says:

    Two for the price of one, thanks chaps, hairy and otherwise.
    Come to think of it, in different ways you are both very fine examples of hirsute thatchdom.

    We had a fine sunny afternoon early evening drink in the Tollington. I was very impressed. Getting served promptly and the pleasant outdoor area are a huge step up from the miserable Tavern. Nephew had an extra-curricular at The Faltering Fullback prior to our meet and it looks like we may have to pay a visit there soon.

    Football is different things to different people. To Micky it might be sex, to me it’s a big happy pub-crawl. To kelsey it’s probably a leisurely soak then a swift blow-dry, to evonne cage fighting with bearded lesbians. It draws us all in in so many different ways.

    Mr Moaner down our row began in fine form with some encouraging blasts………
    Don’t you want fourth, Venga?
    Chesney’s on
    Wake UP
    This is a joke, Venga.

    He was completely stunned when Giroud scored then prince Poldi bashed in the third. What could he whine about now?
    Not a huge amount so actually started singing ‘Oh Santi Cazorla’ for several seconds, just as if all he ever does is support the team.
    I wonder if he went home happy or just disgruntled that his whingeing had been prematurely curtailed. 🙂

  13. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Ha ha, I thought you were going to say “Woman takes lobster off Man Two, then goes off with Hair Man”

    What has the world come to.

    Cave Man IN
    Sensitive Hair Man OUT

  14. chas says:

    Hair Flicker Hair Flicker

  15. chas says:

    Poldi has played central striker and he’s been pants.

  16. MickyDidIt89 says:

    The thought of getting back to the days of fit Ozils, Ramseys, Oxen, Jacks and Theos is mouth watering.

  17. chas says:

    Has anyone got any video of Fat Sam chocking on his gum? I’d love to see that.

  18. chas says:

    Is it posible to catch a lobster that isn’t fresh?

  19. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Time for a swim, back later.

  20. Rasp says:

    Thanks Micky and Kelsey for your hairy bi-sexual post 😕

    I can sum up the game like this …….

    First 40 minutes was the same dross as against Everton and like Micky I thought the best thing to happen was for Wham to score.

    The Podolski equaliser was the start of the awakening.

    We grew in stature in the second half due to Santi rediscovering his form (his confidence) and most important …. Ramsey.

    We can see now what a blow it was to lose his work rate and the forward momentum he gives our midfield. He drives play forward and pushes the opposition back and once we’re on the edge of their box our cutting edge returns because we’ve got more than just 1 tricky player who can make things happen.

    I do hope Ramsey’s return has not come 2 games too late – we’ll know by the end of the season.

    I also thought TV had a very good game – the best he’s played at LB … could he be a better option than Monreal at LB?

  21. Vinay says:

    A random thought, Diame??? Wenger likes him, he seems a pretty decent option, so instead of the lofty names like Lars Bender and all, is he an option?

    3 points, poldi good, giroud one moment of magic most other tragic, kallstrom decent and Ramsey wow, Santi was santi and the rest played their part.

  22. MickyDidIt89 says:


    “To kelsey it’s probably a leisurely soak then a swift blow-dry, to evonne cage fighting with bearded lesbians.”

    Ha ha, brilliant. I know you were keeping things brief, otherwise you would have mentioned his essential oils and fragrant balms 🙂

  23. MickyDidIt89 says:

    By the way, I have no idea what a balm is.

    Was the atmosphere improved by the empty seats? Maybe some whingers stayed away.

  24. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hi Rasp

    Another thing about Verm at LB is that he doesn’t bomb forward as much as Gibbs or Monreal, which leaves Poldi with less defensive duties which can’t be a bad thing.

  25. chas says:

    I think the atmosphere was pretty good in the stadium yesterday, so maybe you could be right.

    I just think we’ve been unlucky with our seats and am seriously proposing the club set up a WhingeAction section where like-minded people can sit together and not be chastised for talking bollocks. It would be so much better for the rest of us.

  26. Rasp says:

    Hi Micky, that’s a very good point. If the AMs don’t do much defensively then the defenders have to stay back – or we concede 6 😦

    Going on what I saw last night, I prefer TV at LB over Monreal.

  27. chas says:

    So Ollie climbed into Dennis’ boots and with Tommy as Frank De Boer…………

  28. RC78 says:

    I thought that we were extremelys haky defensively throughout the game, especially in the first half and until Giroud’s second goal and right at the end as well. I do believe that we are too often exposed – the first goal is a farce…Right at the end, WHU could have pulled one back on a set-piece as well SO we really really need to show more defensive solidity and discipline. PIG and BFG were definitely below expectations last night and so was Ro-sicky.

    All and all, there were some good news in the game:
    – Vermaelen fared well at LB
    – Kallstrom and Arteta had a decent game
    – Santi played freely and was definitely inspired. I think that he is very comfortable as a “playmaker” and a lot less as a true winger. He definitely needs a good wingback/full back to play deep on the touchline, which will allow him to cut inside and distill exquisite passes. That pass to Poldi was worldclass
    – Ramsey’s introduction was positive and hope he can help us through the rest of he fixtures
    – Poldi scored two good goals playing as a left forward but he also positioned himself in the box more and that was nice to see. He is a natural goalscorer with a fierce shot and he should definitely put himself in these positions more often…
    – Giroud – a wondergoal and an awful miss but he worked hard as always.
    – We won a game in the EPL, which was great! Hope we can deliver in the next fixtures as well!

  29. kelsey says:

    Did you notice that 90% of the time Szsney rolled/threw the ball instead of kicking it, which is generally a better option with a lone striker.

    Kallstrom looks about 24 not 31 🙂

    No one has mentioned Sagna and though Vermaelen did a good job at LB I wonder if their futures have been sorted out.

    I would still campaign for Fabianski to be given a new contract. he will be in goal for the Cup Final and I am sure competition between the two Poles is healthy.Also I would wager he isn’t a huge dent in the wage role as Bedtner or Diaby.

    Another poser: Can you play Santi,Ozil and Ramsey all at the same time ?

    Actually Giroud missed not one but two golden chances in the first half. Stats don’t lie and he has scored 20 goals in all competions this season.
    Podolski regardless of his lethal left foot,will never be first choice in a starting eleven.Not my opinion but Wenger’s,so will he want to stay. He didn’t exactly celebrate after his first goal.

    Wenger said a few days that he has to try and keep this squad together and I believe it’s not always money but some players want to play regularly, and that’s more important to them.

  30. RC78 says:

    – Sagna is usually our most reliable and resilient player on the pitch and woudl be nice to see him stay BUT if he leaves, although I will miss him, I think that we can find some good alternatives like De Sciglio, Abate and even Micah Richards…

    – I don’t think that Santi and Mesut can play together. They make similar runs and have similar attributes. I think Mesut is more creative though but that Santi is a better finisher. I would play Mesut ahead of Santi, although it breaks my heart as I am a big fan of Santi.

  31. RA says:

    So Rasper,

    Another one commenting without seeing the game;

    — “First 40 minutes was the same dross as against Everton and like Micky I thought the best thing to happen was for Everton to score.”

    No, no Rasp – we were playing the WHammers last night.

    At least Kelsey got that right. 🙂

  32. TwentyTwelve says:

    Thank you Micky & kelsey. I’d like to note: after losing the fight to control the throw-in, Giroud contributed to the first goal by hemming in the West Ham player who went to retrieve the ball in the corner. That action forced a weak clearance, which fell perfectly for Cazorla to feed Podolski.

    GiE, thanks for your response at the end of the previous post. I think it might have been easier for ManU to keep certain players back then because that team already had a winning mentality and a successful core. The O’Shea’s could be mixed in sparingly and the XI would still perform.

    kelsey, I did note Podolski’s facial expression after both goals: serious and determined. I hope there isn’t unrest there.

  33. kelsey says:

    I have changed my name from realist to observer 🙂

  34. TwentyTwelve says:

    RC78, yes I think a quicker team would have punished Arsenal last night. (The defender did well against Carroll, though.)

    Luckily Arsenal have a stretch of games against opponents with significant negative goal differences. They might not tax the defense as much, but you’re completely right the trouble signs are still there.

  35. arnie says:

    Great stuff, Micky and Kelsey duet. 🙂

    Kallstrom as midfield enforcer, and Diaby to return, who needs signings? We have it all in-house! 😛

  36. arnie says:

    “Boring people”, Micky, “boring people”? How outrageous! I quit in protest!! Micky OUT!!!!!! 🙂

  37. Big Raddy says:

    Thank you both.

    Kallstrom had an excellent first game and I hope we can keep him for next season (no transfer fee!). He showed what a disciplined, strong, defensively minded player can bring to the team.

    Good point about TV allowing Poldi to play with more freedom – but who should be our starting LB?

    I have just asked Mrs Raddy – lobster or hair? Neither apparently 😀

  38. arnie says:

    Kelsey: I prefer “observer” to “realist”! Kelsey IN. 🙂

  39. White Bear says:

    Kelsey and Micky – big thank you from the Bear! I was too unwell to watch the game and by the sound of it only missed some 45 mins. I did see the goals, all impressive, and guessed that Santi had a good game and a couple of assists; giant of a man!

  40. White Bear says:

    OMG Chas, those kids from Uganda made me cry, that is so brilliant!! Did we ever had an Ugandan player?

    Micky – we are in + White Bear = bestiality, immoral and highly illegal.

  41. Gööner In Exile says:

    Interesting that most thought Kallstrom had a good game as a “DM” he completed the most passes, and was (I thought) generally quite forward looking in his passes, in fact his pass stats say he was the highest passer but only 85% complete, but all his failed passes came from forward passes and to me that is a huge tick for him.

    (That’s a positive tick not a blood sucking parasite).

    Whilst watching last night I was impressed with TV defensively and also Podolski’s finishing, Verm still gives me nightmares when he goes forward but with Pod/Verm as a combination is not too bad as Verm is defender, Pod is attacker and you don’t end up with large holes being vacated where the full back just sprinted from and where Pod is meandering towards the 18 yard box to sniff out a goal.

    Ok so bearing the above in mind, and knowing we are short a right back next year (sorry Kelsey he is going), and as we have two very mobile full backs who like to get forward in the squad, surely we now have the players to go 3-5-2.



    Then look at the possible alterations. Monreal in for Gibbs, TR7 or Arteta in for Jack or Rambo, Jenks on the right when we need to defend more, Pod off Theo up front, Santi in for any of the three.

    Giroud would be much more of a fulcrum and able to come short to receive the ball which would make his job easier as Pod would be able to stretch the opposition defensive line and not allow them to press that much.

    So buy a centre back and maybe another wide pace man and we wouldn’t have to change much in our squad. Also no need for a 6ft4 DM as the three at the back could more than easily cope with what is coming at them.

  42. RC78 says:

    I agree that we would need to buy 1 CB for sure, and 2 if TV5 leaves

    I am not sure that we will swith to a 3-5-2, unless we get a new coach that favors such a system. Also, I do not think that we have the squad to plat in such a system but that s my HO.

    I do believe that we need a tall physical DM, no matter what – this is a must as our team does not have such a profile at the moment.

    As for Kallstrom, if Arteta or Diaby leaves, then we should keep him. Otherwise, I am not sure of his acquisition as he would just add the same type of profile to our team.

    If Sagna goes, I repeat that Abate and De Sciglio would be great replacement. If Sagna stays, then we should get rid of Jenkinson and get one of these two Italian players.

    If Monreal goes, I hope that we acquire either Nagamoto from Inter or Luke Shaw but I think that Nagamoto is more affordable and right now, Inter need some cash to rebuild their squad.

  43. Gööner In Exile says:

    RC I often pose this question but rarely get an answer as a knowledgeable round the world football man you seem to be you might be able to.

    All I ask is that people name the DM of the clubs we compete with, I can’t think of too many that have a true Defensive Midfielder. Should be said when I think a DM I think De Jong or similar.

  44. kelsey says:

    I agree Kallstrom had a good game.First full game and yet another recovering from injury but IMO it’s a bit too early to access him as West Ham are not the same sort of team as the other top 5,and of course he is on loan.

    Let’s see if he keeps his place for most or all of the remaining games before I make a final observation 🙂

  45. RC78 says:

    At the DM position, the options are not enormous but there are some that might be feasible:

    – Lars Bender or his brother Sven might be realistic targets ;
    – In the EPL, I would say that Schnederlin, Diame and even Mikel or Dembele could be pursued;
    – Otherwise, you also have Fernando (Porto and Man City trying to get a hold of him), Miguel Veloso, Witsel (although he is quite offensive minded), Cambiasso (although old), Gonalons (seems Napoli bound though), M’Vila (wants to leave Russia) and a hot prospect is Casemiro from Real Madrid

    All these players are “classic DMs” although some of them are also quite good at moving forward (Diame, Dembele, L. Bender, Witsel especially). To be honest, I would not be against making a move for a player like Cambiasso that would bring a winning mentality and experience to the team. If you get Diamé (3.5 Million pounds release clause!) and Cambiasso (not more than 5-6 Million pounds), you acquire two strongwilled midfielder enforcer that may help the team out…

    Hope this helps

  46. arnie says:

    GiE: Your thoughts on team structure are always very insightful, and this is no exception. 🙂 OK, personally I may not be so harsh on Sagna or so much bullish on Jack, but that apart.

    Interesting, however, that you start discussing Kallstrom and find no place for him in the future team. Personally, I think he has been quite good, even impressive given the team that we have. I might even go further to say that perhaps he is a potential midfield enforcer that we are looking desperarely for. Together with Diaby (if that were to ever happen, I am not putting my money on that 😦 ), he could just be an answer.

    OK, we could do better with a Yaya Toure or similar, but they are not that easy to find. Most importantly, I think Kallstrom could provide good competition for Jack, and I think he needs some. 🙂

  47. RC78 says:

    In midfield – we need to clear some space as well…

    For me, Arteta and Diaby should go while Zelalem, Eisfeld and Galindo should be loaned out.

    It would leaves us with:
    Flamini (if he wants to stay),
    Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky

    Besides Flamster, no real DM. Hence, the need to get one true DM at least. I was rather disappointed to see Rosicky extended to be honest but oh well…

    The rest of our “midfield players” are more attacking midfielders or wingers so I do not mention them here. I only focus on the players in the middle of the park.

  48. White Bear says:

    RC – you were disappointed that Rosicky extended his contract?Really??!! I was delighted. Not only that he played very well this season, he is a mature, experienced player who can influence the younger players.
    Flamini is a DM, one of the better once we ever had.

  49. RC78 says:

    Rosicky is a good player but he has really failed to make a positive and sustainble impact in the team due to his long list of injuries. I like him but I thought that we would have been better off selling him or letting him go…

  50. White Bear says:

    No, RC. Not until we have a replacement for his skills. It will not break the bank balance to have him sitting on the bench for 70mins each game, but it would be of great benefit to all of us to have him in training day in day out.

  51. jnyc says:

    Diame always impresses me physically, but would he be satisfied playing mostly dm ? Would he be Song all over again?

  52. RC78 says:

    I believe that Wilshere, Ramsey and eventually Eisfeld make up for the skills Rosicky brings to the team…

  53. Bryan says:

    We were appalling in the first half, the importance of an equaliser just before half time can not be under estimated.
    I don’t agree that they were motivated at half time, I think they started the half poorly again, too slow & nervy but again goals do change games & give confidence & once Giroud brilliantly scored, you could see the spring in our step was back.
    Ramsey coming on was a breath of fresh air too & I would like Podolski to be given a run as striker.
    Although he has played there a couple of times & been totally ineffective you would think it would need a run of 5 games or so.
    It is clear Pod is the best finisher we have got.
    Anyway another 4 wins in league & one in the cup & I will be a very happy gooner 🙂

  54. Big Raddy says:

    We have had 5 managers named George. Can you name them?

  55. Rasp says:

    George I, George II, George III, George IV & George V 😛

  56. GunnerN5 says:

    Elcoat, Allison, Morrell, Swindin, Graham.

  57. Big Raddy says:

    How sad but typical that the Daily Mail should choose to ask Pete at Le Grove to write an article for them.

    Is he really an Arsenal supporter because this is just 500 words of bile from a man who openly states his dislike of Mr Wenger?

    If you find Le Grove enraging don’t follow this link …


  58. Big Raddy says:

    Gn5. I knew that would get you on the keyboard 😀

    Welcome back!

    Rasp. Easy to see why you are so good at crosswords.

  59. GunnerN5 says:

    BR – But do you know their stats?

  60. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Am I heading in the right direction GN5?

  61. Big Raddy says:

    Is Micky wrong?

    My guess is that Graham has the highest win %

  62. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all
    Read both Reports and thought they were both good, But i didn’t think the first half was that bad,. Before they scored i felt we should have been 3 up, I never thought that they posed us any problems, and our keeper was hardly worked.

    Of course we all see a football game differently, and sometimes when you have watched mediocre matches you often get set in what your expecting.

    Personally i felt that was one of the best performances i have seen since before Christmas. Szezesney was still a disappointment to me. One save he had to make, and again he parry s straight out into the path of one of their players, If he can get both hands to parry he can get his body behind it and catch, but as i said we all see it different..

    I don’t like to pick out players and say how well they have played as i think they all upped their game. I liked the way all of them chased the ball down, they gave the Hammers no time to think, and we got the ball back very quickly, we did that as a team and watching those red shirts surging forward warmed the cockles of my heart.

    Mertsacker in the second half epitomised everything i like to see where he was screaming for someone to drop so he could move the ball forward. The midfield must have taken a moment to catch their breath as after that they chased everything right up to the final whistle.

    I feel we should congratulate the players for performances like last nights and realise what we have been watching has been a lot worse.

    Arsenal have at last realised they want CL, and they also realise that other teams also want it too. Hopefully now they have their focus in place and can achieve it , ,

  63. Gööner In Exile says:

    RC maybe I didn’t make my question clear.

    I wasn’t asking who we should sign, but who of our competitors plays with a classic DM as you put it?

    I often see the calls for a DM but I don’t see one at any of the teams around us in the League or any if the best teams in Europe.

  64. Just to remind you girls and boys. Arsenal`s FA Youth Cup semi- final 2nd leg is live on ITV4 @ 7:30 pm tomorrow night !. We are 2-1 down from the 1st leg, but away goals don’t count double in this competition !.

  65. arnie says:

    Thanks, Cockie, that is brilliant. Look forward to tomorrow evening. COYG!!!! 🙂

  66. kelsey says:

    I don’t think I have ever read on AA so many differing opinions on every single player in the squad, and it is the same on all the other blogs I have read.

    I would imagine though of course I don’t know,that Wenger has already made up his mind about next season if to sign or resign and the players most probably know as well.
    He will also know who is leaving and again most probably still negotiating with a couple and then weighing everything up if the stay or go.
    I don’t think winning the FA Cup or finishing forth has anything to do with Arsenal’s long term plans.
    Of course winning a trophy will be great for players and fans alike.
    I hark back to viera’s last kick for Arsenal.

    The point of all this is as I have said before that Wenger has publically stated that the hardest thing at the moment is to keep the squad together and until that is finalised a decision will be publically made if he stays or goes and if he stays he will strengthen.If he should go I doubt much will change with regards to strengthening but a new man may adopt a different tactical approach to games.

    I would say at present we are a top team in the scond tier which justs needs refining.

  67. RA says:

    Everton 2 : 3 Palace

  68. Bayonne Jean says:

    Here’s a guess at what the sentiment is at Le Grove right now:


  69. Gööner In Exile says:

    RA you are a lucky fellow I was not going to mention the score until the FT whistle blew.

    City just handed the title to Chavs or Dippers, who’d have had those two results on their betting slip tonight?

    Reckon if you went in saying Palace and Sunderland would score more two or more tonight you’d have had crazy looks from a bookmaker.

  70. RA says:

    No, it was the FT whistle before I put finger to keyboard, Exile. 🙂

  71. Hendon Gunner says:

    Nearly had a heart attack. Checked on my sky App and it shows Everton 0 Palace0. Checked the table on the App it shows as in fifth and Everton fourth.

  72. Gööner In Exile says:

    Just annoyed myself.

    If and I realise it’s a very big if, we had really been flat track bullies this season we would be on 79 points despite our results against the other top 7 teams and top of the League.

    Ok a couple of those results came before the Death Clusters (WBA, Saints away and Villa Home).

    Results like tonight are why I don’t worry about individual results, it’s over the 38 games total that counts, and we could’ve still been up there.

  73. RA says:

    I have to admit that I am no fan of Pulis, but he does have something about him in sorting out the lower table teams.

    Anyway – don’t care – well done Palace and thank you! 🙂

  74. RA says:

    Get another app Hendon! 🙂

    We are definitely 4th.

  75. fatgingergooner says:

    Did I mention how much I like Tony Pulis…!


  76. RA says:

    Cannot believe Citeh have given the title to the Pool.

    Citeh 2 ; 2 Sunderland

    Football, eh?? 🙂

  77. fatgingergooner says:


    You left out one very realistic DM target earlier in Luiz Gustavo. We nearly got him in the summer (apparently) and after the WC he will probably move from Wolfsburg.

    As for teams who use DM’s, I suppose it depends on what you class as aDM.

    Barca have Busquets
    City have Garcia
    Madrid have Khedira
    Bayern have Martinez
    Chelsea have Matic
    Liverpool have Lucas
    Dortmund have Kehl or Bender
    PSG have Motta

    But then some may feel its harsh to class some of these players as DM’s. After all, some of them are technically gifted.

  78. fatgingergooner says:

    Barca in for Wenger at the end of the season?

  79. neamman says:

    Well done Palace!!!!!

  80. chas says:

    IN IN IN

  81. arnie says:

    Pubis In, agreed, but where? 😛

    what ROLF results!! ha ha ha ha ha!!! 🙂

  82. JM says:

    Referee for FA Cup Final (Arsenal vs Hull)

    Lee Probert (age: 41, from Bristol)

    Managed matches (involving Arsenal) this season:

    (Home) Arsenal 4-1 Norwich
    (Away) Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal
    (Home) Arsenal 2-0 Fulham
    (Home) Arsenal 2-2 Swansea

  83. Gööner In Exile says:

    JM I think he is about the best we could have hoped for. At least it’s not Mason, Oliver, Webb, Mariner, Dowd…..

  84. White Bear says:

    some great results last night! We could still win the league 🙂

  85. MickyDidIt89 says:

    nice work palace, and blimey, pool beat chavs and they’re champions.

    exile, talking of betting slips, wonder what odds pool were before season began

  86. chas says:

  87. MickyDidIt89 says:


    “I don’t think winning the FA Cup or finishing forth has anything to do with Arsenal’s long term plans”

    Agreed about the FAC but 4th is vital.

    The Club themselves have stated they could “survive” one season without CL football!!

    The money is absolutely essential. Operating a self sustaining model simply put, means less money in, less money spent. Our player budget would 100% be reduced if we end 5th.

  88. chas says:

  89. chas says:

  90. MickyDidIt89 says:


    proper dog. like them.
    that one you put up of the golden lab. eating the ice cream has my daughter in stitches, and she never stops going on about us getting a dog.

  91. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Love Marlene

  92. chas says:

    That was Rasp. 🙂

  93. White Bear says:

    then get her a foocking dog, what’s your problem? Dogs are good for children, much better friends than pigs. Get her a pug, honestly, then best dog one can have. I had many dogs in my life, but there is no dog like a pug. Wallet out DidIt. I can give you number of my breeder

  94. MickyDidIt89 says:


    She’s been on about a dog for at least five years, and I’ve always said “one day” but, on my terms. Golden Lab or nothing.

    Between you and me, it’ll probably happen soon.

  95. chas says:

    We saw the chanteur walking your dogs at Oakwood Tuesday. He’s a big old unit, ain’t he.

  96. Gööner In Exile says:

    George loves Alfie…..he makes very good target practice…..we now have to shut Alfie in the kitchen for his own safety.

  97. Gööner In Exile says:

    Micky I guess very very long.

    Be interesting now they have lost Sturridge at a vital stage and also Henderson on a 3 match ban.

    For some reason I fancy Norwich to get something Saturday.

  98. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Sadly, very sadly, I see Chavs winning it now.

  99. chas says:

    How about Mourinho for a League/CL double?
    Warms the cockles of your heart just thinking about it.

  100. chas says:

  101. MickyDidIt89 says:

    actually, change that, I reckon pool will do it. just looked at league table, and didn’t realise they’re two points ahead of chavs with a massive gd advantage. a draw at home to chavs would do it I think.

    sorry again about caps lock 😦

  102. Gööner In Exile says:

    Don’t think Pool can play for draws with their defence, but in the other hand Chavs won’t go there playing open football, but he will look to kill them on the counter, and Chavs three up front are more than capable of beating Pools defence.

    How a team with a defence as bad as Pools is going to win the title is anyone’s guess.

  103. MickyDidIt89 says:

    don’t think pool will play for a draw, just saying it would be enough.

    as for how a team with their defence could be champions, I guess that’s simply down to “we’ll score one more than you” 🙂

  104. MickyDidIt89 says:

    giggle more each time I see chas’ lama/bale vid 🙂

    1st up, for goodness sake get some sleep at some point.
    2nd, when I said “boring people”, I was referring to people who have the audacity to come on AA and talk about football of all things, given that Kelsey had managed to turn to conversation around to sex within two comments of a new post going up.

    right, off for the day.

  105. chas says:

    The manc defence last year let in loads of goals.

  106. White Bear says:

    Chas – yep, the chanteaur is 6’4 and 18 stones. With 3 black dogs he looks scary! So you’ve seen my dogs – aren’t they gorgeous??? Did you see puglet the Boss?

    Micky – good man, get her a dog, even a golden lab will do. You can call him Ozil

  107. chas says:

    When I said he is a big old unit, I was talking about the pug. 🙂

  108. Morning all

    we have a New Post ………

    Just noticed it hasn’t scanned in properly so I’ll try and sort that now.

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