Arsenal’s confidence restored as the Black Cats get blown away.

Playing less than seventy hours after the extraordinary game against Bayern there were many questions to be answered.

Would Ozil be rested, could Giroud regain his place, would Podolski get a rare start and what physical and mental effect would it have had on those playing two games in such a short space of time?

Would Sunderland have one eye on The Capital Cup Final next week?

As a bonus we had the unveiling of the statue of the iceman, who was greeted with a standing ovation at half time.

Six of the team that started on Wednesday played, Giroud and Podolski were reinstated and we eagerly waited to see how the combination of Rosicky,Wilshere and Cazorla in midfield would perform.

Well, we didn’t have long to wait as the fluidity and pace had returned and it was nice to see Giroud being so clinical with both the opening goals. The pass and move that led to Rosicky’s delightful chip finish was much appreciated. The game was virtually over by half time yet Sunderland gifted us a forth,courtesy of Koscielny and the job was done despite a fine late goal by Giaccherini.

There were many positives but for me Sagna was the man of the match with his tireless running and interventions and having to play in three different positions during the match. If he leaves it would be a great loss.

Rosicky is like a man reborn and his energy levels are amazing and it was nice to see him rewarded with his first league goal of the season.Great goal but would a better team have let us walk the ball through their defence.

Wilshere was back to his best and to an extent took the baton from Ozil who had been rested.

Overall just the result we needed and though as with most matches we picked up a few niggles,hopefully all will be fit as we enter what will most probably be the toughest test of the season.

Ratings :

  • Szczesny 7.5
  • Sagna 8.5
  • Monreal 6.5 (Jenkinson – 45′ )6
  • Wilshere 8
  • Mertesacker8
  • KoscielnyΒ  8 (Flamini – 67′ )8
  • Cazorla7.5
  • Arteta7.5
  • Giroud 8
  • Rosicky 8 (Gnabry – 73′ ) 7
  • Podolski 7

Written by kelsey

85 Responses to Arsenal’s confidence restored as the Black Cats get blown away.

  1. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey. Fine work.

    My MotM: Giroud, who was outstanding against a “generous” defence

    It was hard to see how Sunderland were able to beat most of the top clubs. They were out-fought and out-thought from the first minute. Won’t be so easy against the Orcs next saturday.

  2. Thank you kelsey.

    The pass and move football was back to it’s best yesterday, everyone seemed to have their antenna switched on and I don’t think I mentally groaned at Jack even once the whole game.

    Was it that Sunderland gave us more space? We actually haven’t played like that since before Xmas so it was lovely to have our Arsenal football back πŸ™‚

  3. arnie says:

    Well done, Kelsey, great stuff. And plenty of talking points as well. Fantastic. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I agree on your general prognosis of the game. But let us come to the fine print.

    First, MOTM. I agree with Raddy, it will be Giroud for me. Two goals, and the first goal is always a special moment of any game. Then, the back flick for the third goal as well. Yes. a back flick, again! And a beautiful team goal, scored this time by Rosicky. Remember the last time. It was a Giroud back flick that lead to the Jack goal against Norwich. And a ring kissing celebration as well!!!! πŸ˜›

    Second, Sagna. Yes, a fantastic hard working performance. The foot soldiers carry the team, and seldom receive the accolades. Sagna is our head foot soldier. Precaution required Monreal to be withdrawn and then Koscielny. Sagna filled in the gaps with a dogged “there’s but to do and die” attitude. Fantastic. Let us be honest. It was not pretty in left back. Sagna’s left foot does not work quite so well as his right. And we conceded a goal as well. But Sagna fought hard. Contract extension, yes please Wenger!!!! Jenks and Bellerin on standby, oh dear!!!!!

    Third, Jack as the Ozil replacement on the day? No, not for me, I saw a different game. It was Santi, as the fulcrum of a midfield continuously changing positions, and it was beautiful. Jack arriving from the deep, followed deeper by Arteta, Rosicky and Poldi continuously on the move. It was all conducted by Santi. Seemed to be like the orchestra conductor, waving the wand to get different parts of the midfield moving. Lovely.

    Fourth, did Sunderland make it easier for us? Yes, certainly. But this was coming. Remember the first 20 mins against Bayern? The game was there. Well, Bayern is a big club, they withstood the pressure, and lucky as well. Poor Sunderland. But this game has been there or thereabouts. As Rocky said. we are peaking at the right time for Death Cluster 2.

    Finally, Rosicky is in the purple patch of his career. Like vintage wine, he seems to get better every day. Please Wenger, please, contract please. Personally I will be happy with limited reinforcements. Please let us reward our good guys first.

    Onwards and upwards!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. GoonerB says:

    Thank-you kelsey. I still haven’t seen it yet but will hopefully catch up with the highlights later. I am going to raise a point that may start a healthy debate but will more likely fall flat on its face with great disdain for poor little GoonerB.

    To pick up on a point from yesterday. I noticed that earlier in the day there was much debate on here regarding what the starting line-up should be. I would say we have an excellent squad depth, with great technical players, so we literally have a plethora of options. Each player brings a slightly different technical quality to the team, so finding the combination’s to get the best balance, to therefore allow the most fluid football, could be seen as key.

    With no disrespect to Sunderland I feel that the squad set-up becomes less important in these games. I think the technical ability flowing through the squad means that against mid to lower table teams we could play any number of combination’s with very little thought as to what Sunderland would do. It is them that have to think up a game plan to counter us and not the other way round.

    What happens though when we line up against the likes of Bayern, or say Liverpool or Man City away? Does the line up become more important in terms of getting the right combination’s that compliment each other, or can we just still play any number of line-ups and our quality will still overcome even the better sides?

    I know some hate the subject and don’t get involved in it but I have always felt that tactics become more important in the tougher games. There may only be a few games like these in the season but they could represent where titles are won or lost. I personally feel that there are very few teams historically that could just put out their best 11 against any team, with very little consideration to what the other team will do. Maybe the recent Barca side or the great Milan, Ajax and Madrid sides of the past.

    My question is are tactics important for us at times or is it just a load of over-thinking bollix? If you feel they are important do you feel that we pay proper attention to this area of the game and get it right?

    Actually that’s 2 questions but allow me a little poetic licence.

  5. Big Raddy says:

    GB. Good question.

    IMO tactics are most important when we are losing. Our policy of playing Wengerball is fine when winning or drawing but we have already seen this season that AFC get it all wrong when on the back foot.

    We play the same way each and every game so it is easy for opposition managers to “out tactic” AW. That said it would be naive to think Arsenal do not discuss tactics, of course they do, but as you suggest perhaps more emphasis could be placed upon the qualities of the opposition and specific tactics developed. Chelsea away will be interesting!

  6. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘morning all, A fine match report made under duress Kelsey. πŸ˜€

    I’ve just one quibble, MotM Sagna deserves 10 out of 10. To maintain the energy level and concentration required to play in three different positions in a game is hard enough, to do so on top of the shift he put in against Bayern, coupled with the disapointment of the defeat goes way beyond the norm whatever the opposition.

    GoonerB, if we can play our game as well as we did yesterday, tactical bollix doesn’t come into it.

  7. GoonerB says:

    Morning Raddy. It’s great to have you back and I trust you are suitably refreshed. Having compiled the pre-match yesterday I for one am delighted that the master can resume his role. I felt rather like Peter Crouch trying to replace Dennis Bergkamp.

    On the subject of the great man, I am sad that I wasn’t there to see it yesterday. I understand there was a great banner in the stands that said “Why fly when you can walk on water”.

  8. RA says:

    Good morning, Kelsey

    A very good Post, and you are right to mention the questions that were being hotly debated.

    The only two I think you should have mentioned and answered too, naturally, was – ‘what is the meaning of life?’ and ‘what is the meaning of love?’. We need to know.

    I trust that you will rectify those rather grave omissions in the near future. πŸ™‚

  9. arnie says:

    Redders: I trust you are all right, my friend. Why, these were exactly the two questions I have been asking myself since returning yesterday from the British premiere of Lars von Trier’s “That which cannot be mentioned here” Volumes I and II. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I am most interested to discuss further. πŸ˜€

  10. RA says:

    Hi GoonerBgood. πŸ™‚

    Your question about whether ‘tactics’ are necessary [in the game of football} is I suspect typed with tongue firmly in keyboard.

    You seem to be the sort of guy, like me, who enjoys a game of chess, and as such you will therefore know that some of the greatest brains ever have played the game and refined it over the years to ensure they took the game to an almost subliminal level as played by all the Grand Masters.

    What do they mean by ‘refine’? Simple. They mean they have evolved tactics to defeat their opponents – and there are probably hundreds of tactical defence and offence strategies and if you are not aware of them or do not believe in them ……. you are doomed!

    Of course if you don’t believe tactics are necessary — I cannot wait to play you — for, shall we say, $100? πŸ™‚

  11. RA says:

    Hi arnie, πŸ™‚

    Sadly I am probably the worst person to ask about life and love.

    That is why I am relying on Kelsey to give the answers I have been looking for all my life.

    [Don’t let on to GoonerB — but, in the meantime, I am working on fleecing him out of $100.] πŸ™‚

  12. arnie says:

    GB: brilliant. you have followed your fantastic pre-match from yesterday with yet another thought provoking comment. To me, tactics is always important, even if tactical bollix that we engage in on AA may be in parts a leisurely excess.

    Remember Aston Vila at home? No matter how easy Sunderland at home seems to be, it takes breaking a team down. And that requires tactics, but more importantly having 11 on the pitch who play with each other, play for each other. At the moment, we are consistently defeating the weaker teams, and hence it is perhaps easy to ignore the details, but they are important.

    Against the stronger teams, it is even more important. We some times get it right, like Bayern at home. Yes, I am serious. If we get the tactics and execution right like the first 20 mins that day we can beat anyone. We should have defeated Bayern on the day. What happened that day is a pity, but let us not dwell on that. Hopefully, we have learnt our lessons.

    Let us see who we get our tactics against Shitty (home) and Bayern, Chavs and Everton away. I agree Chavs away is key, because all said and done, Maureen is a tactical genius!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  13. Norfolk Gooner says:

    As Liverpool will shortly be kicking off against Swansea, here’s a timely warning to fans thinking of parking near Anfield….


    “The Ferrari F1 team fired their entire pit crew yesterday.”

    This announcement followed Ferrari’s decision to take advantage of the British government’s ‘Work for your Dole’ scheme and employ some Liverpudlian youngsters.

    The decision to hire them was brought about by a recent documentary on how unemployed youths from Toxteth were able to remove a set of wheels in less than 6 seconds without proper equipment, whereas Ferrari’s existing crew could only do it in 8 seconds with millions of pounds worth of high tech equipment.

    It was thought to be an excellent, bold move by the Ferrari management team as most races are won and lost in the pits, giving Ferrari an advantage over every other team.

    However, Ferrari got more than they bargained for. At the first practice session, not only was the scouse pit crew able to remove all four wheels in under 6 seconds but, within 12 seconds, they had re-sprayed, re-badged and sold the car to the Mercedes team for 8 cases of Stella, a bag of weed and some photos of Lewis Hamilton’s bird in the shower.

  14. chas says:

    Excellent, kelsey. I’m so pleased you volunteered.
    I think your match summary style is becoming more polished with each successive one you do.

    We won easily yesterday just as you predicted, too.

    The stats weren’t massively in our favour, chance-wise, but the four goals were beautifully constructed and executed.

  15. chas says:

    Talking of statues…….

  16. chas says:

    Here’s another suggestion for a statue from yesterday’s twatter.

  17. Rasp says:

    Thanks Kelsey, I like your succinct style of match report πŸ˜›

    As far as tactics are concerned, even the very best teams have to take account of the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition – that’s one of the reasons they are top teams.

    I know Arsene likes players to have the freedom to express themselves, I presume he also drills into them that the team ethic comes before everything else because in some circumstances you cannot have both.

  18. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Liverpool 1 – 0 Swansea, Sturridge 3 mins.

  19. Rasp says:

    None of the other results have gone our way so far this weekend. The chav and city games could (or maybe should) have been draws but the odd goal won them the points. If pool go on and win today they are only 3 points behind us so it is right to include them as title challengers.

  20. arnie says:

    On that note on Liverpool, allow me to bring forth the mob (TT-poll) bollix. Before yesterday’s games, the mob put our odds of winning the league at 56%, the remainder shared equally between Chavs and Citeh (22% each).

    As it turned out, all three won their games. This reduces our odds now, mainly because Chavs won a game (against Everton) that a priori the mob gave them only 36% chance of winning.

    Arsenal’s odds now stand at 51%, Chavs 34% and Citeh 15%. Next week, Arsenal and Chavs will play and Citeh will continue their break from the PL. If results go our way, our odds can increase to 64%. On teh downside, it can decrease to 25%. All to play for. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  21. arnie says:

    Liverpool 2-2 Swansea? What a game! πŸ˜€

  22. RockyLives says:

    Thanks Kelsey
    I fine report (written on Friday, I assume πŸ™‚ )

    I think we’ve all felt for a while that our free flowing football from earlier in the season had deserted us a bit, even though we continued to grind out the wins (for the most part) against the teams we should beat.

    I agree with Arnie – the first 20 minutes against Bayern and yesterday’s showing v Sunderland provide evidence that we are finding our groove again – and just at the right time.

    Maybe the thrashing at Anfield was kick up the derriere that we needed. Since then we had a safety-first draw with the Champions, we got revenge on ‘Pool in the FA Cup, outplayed the best team in Europe for part of the game and lost largely because of a silly rule and then turned on the style against the Mackems.

    It’s going to be tough up til the end of May and we are rightly not the favourites in the EPL (or the Cup), but there are promising signs…

  23. evonne says:

    Nice one Kelsey! Just the right length and tone, and unbiased ratings πŸ™‚

  24. kelsey says:

    “what is the meaning of life” and “what is the meaning of love” RA πŸ™‚

    Thanks for all the nice comments and as you see I prefer not to go over every detail as by the time we publish there have been hundreds of reports in the minutest detail about the game.

    I am pleased Mr. Norfolk agrees with we about Sagna .He was absoltely immense in attack and when called upon to defend.

    I still think Jack slots into the team as a replacement for OOzil,whilst Santi can spread the ball from wing to wing.jack is great at short one twos

  25. GoonerB says:

    Just off out for some lovely Greek food but thought I would say tata to you all for a bit.

    Arnie it seems you and I have a similar take on things reading between the lines.

    RA I hope you are well. Let me get this right, if I win the chess game you will provide me with Β£100. If you win I will provide you with $100, is that correct? See I have started my tactical maneuvers already.

    See you all later.

  26. GunnerN5 says:

    Just got back home after watching Canada win the Olympic gold medal in ice hockey. Downtown London Ontario was awash with people flying the Maple Leaf flag with cars driving up and down the roads honking their horns, the whole country must have been up watching the game

    Canada is a hockey and curling country and to win the gold in both ladies and mens events in both sports is quite unbelievable – I think the whole country is still cheering. Bars were open at 6:00am in Toronto and 3:00am in Vancouver – I think they will be full for many hours to come.

    It’s almost (but not quite) like England winning the World Cup and the Ashes in the same month.

    Sorry Kelsey I have not read you pre-post-erous post match report yet.

  27. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    Thought Norwich were going to blow that they had plenty of chances to make it 2/3, but held out thankfully.

    On The Ball City! πŸ˜€

    Fine report Kelsey, didn’t see full game so no quibbles.

    TR7’s goal was a thing of beauty.

  28. kelsey says:

    yes peaches,Sunderland did give us more space by backing off, especially in the first half and that suited our game perfectly.

    The pleasing on the eye of pass and move leading to Rosicky’s goal, was nearly a relica of Jack’s goal against Norwich, but my point was that a better more organised team wouldn’t give us that luxury.

    Spurs were woeful especially in the second half and Norwich had no intention of sitting on their slim lead and could or should have scored more.
    Liverpool have to be taken seriously with their three pronged attack but their defence is vunerable.

    Ibelieve the top 4 are as we see it tonight but we need to increase our goal difference and for that reason alone one can’t rely solely on Giroud as our main attacker and Podolski must be given more game time.

    Before their respective injuries Walcott and Ramsey were our second and third highest scorers and though Ramsey will return soon,he has to get match fit and will miss what amounts to on paper our hardest set of fixtures starting very soon.

  29. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    One thing that Pod gives us is width on the left, yes he comes inside but only when the move warrants it ( ie build up is on right and he sniffs chance of a shot).

    So one assumes that gives us more balance?

  30. GunnerN5 says:

    Kelsey you are now a past master at pre-post-erous post game pre-caps. Be careful as others may just shy away and leave all of the future past pre postcaps to you.

    But that would be fine by me as I enjoy the succinct summaries.

    There was really only one man of the man of the match and that had to be Sagna, boy his engine runs longer than Flamini’s and it will be a crime if we don’t re-sign him.

    Sunday’s are fast becoming AA graveyards for posts!

    Where is everybody?

  31. Hi kelsey

    I couldn’t decide whether Sunderland really did give us a lot more space or whether we blew them away because we came out attacking from the first seconds.

    Some goals are just goals and others make your heart sing and you have to say ‘oh wow’, I was really pleased to be there to enjoy Rosickys goal.

    Maybe they did it for Denis πŸ˜‰

  32. WordPress acting up and not letting me post my comments 😦

    There are always more comments after a loss I’m afraid, although I’m pretty sure that when we win something everyone will want to shout about it πŸ™‚

  33. GunnerN5 says:


    The Pod is an enigma to me, his defensive play is a let down and must be what keeps him out of a starting position, but he can shine offensively.
    I’ve seen stats where he appears to cover as much ground as most of the team but his defensive capability seems to be lacking.
    This could well be the issue with AW who prefers all round players who fulfill both their offensive and defensive responsibilities.

  34. arnie says:

    Yes, Sunderland gave us space, but at the risk of being repititive, did Bayern give us space as well? πŸ˜› The difference was that we managed to score early yesterday. And this goes back to a point which many have made, but especially Micky.

    Come out of the blocks fast and score quickly. If we can, life is fun. Yesterday we were able to, against Bayern we missed the chance(s), and against Pool they did this on us.

    “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    Thanks Kelsey

    Very easy first half really. Wilshere, Giroud, Rosicky were all outstanding. So was Sagna, Kos, Merts and Chesney

    I also thought that given he hasnt played much Pod was outstanding as was Monreal and Arteta

    Dont know why people are having a dig at Jenks?, I thought he was outstanding.

    Apologies for not been around much, have been very busy falling out with people. You cant be honest these days. I have had enough of pretence and games so told my current girlfriend that I am just using her for sex, but with time, some form of feeling might develop. Now I am single again.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  36. arnie says:

    No, Peaches, comments go in cycles. After a loss, its the doomsday mongers who populate the site, and some of our best bloggers decide to stay away. That makes the difference. It feels dreadful therefore. If we regulars decided not to abandon the ship no matter what the result, except for personal circumstances of course, things will be fine. The volume of comments moves in cycles. πŸ˜€

  37. arnie says:

    wow, where were you Terry? dont you know the site is not the same without you. never abandon us! πŸ˜€

  38. arnie says:

    hmm. Life is a zero sum game, Terry. Onwards and upwards. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Can I recommend Lars von Trier’s latest (particularly Volume 1) to you? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    Just been a bit busy having a mid life crisis arnie baby.

    Its good to take a break my friend. Look at Giroud. The geezer was dropped, and rightly so, no self respecting man gives himself a wedgie, but hes come back with a vengence. I bet thats the last time he squeezes himself.

    Very proud of the lads against Munchen by the way. Give it a year or two and it will be us giving them a good beating. First 20 minutes we were all over them.


    Thanks arnie. Just checked out that Von Tissier book on wiki and it looks really good, plenty of nookie.

    Has it got pictures in it? I dont like books without pictures, dont want to waste my time.

  41. Evenetning all, thanks for the no nonsense match perspective Mr Kels.

    I feel our early goals broke down the Mackem’s defensive resolve and made the game a bit of a stroll thereafter.

    This demonstrates why a quick start makes for a stress free match experience.

    And thanks to Naaarwich for taking 3 points of the hapless Middlesex swampies.

    FOYS !

  42. RA says:

    Terry baby, great to see you! πŸ™‚

    Look, I do not want to blow your cover story about the girlfriend, and all that bollix, but we all know you have never had a girlfriend — and there is no shame in that — sort of — well, you kind of — if you say it quickly — it’s just that we know that your syrup shrunk in the wash and you were too shy to come out to play until you pinched another!!

    Cockie has been sniffing around here looking for you, and pretending he did not care — but he did admit he was worried because it was him who put the wiggy thing down the bog and shrunk it.

    Stick with us my boy and protect your virginity not to mention that furry thing (rabbit?) on your bonce!! πŸ™‚

  43. arnie says:

    Sorry to hear that, Terry. Zero sum game. onwards and upwards. I suspect most of us on here as well, with the exception of GN5 of course, certainly myself. πŸ˜› . very easy to philosophise ex post, but one has to grind through the period. πŸ˜€

  44. RA says:


    You are at it again! πŸ™‚

    I think you throw words out from your keyboard in no particular order and laugh as you imagine anyone trying to decipher what you are saying – and too scared to tell you that the Professor of Economics is not wearing clothes and is typing rubbish!!!


    — “I suspect most of us on here as well, with the exception of GN5 of course, certainly myself.”

    What??? πŸ™‚

  45. arnie says:

    Statistical regularity, never spare a chance at speculation. πŸ˜›

    While we are on this, Redders, have you considered some further training in formal maths. Maths is actually good fun, one can just pluck some good tutorial based books off the shelf. Schaum series and the like.

    and finally, rubbish has some value in life as well, I speak from experience, Redders. πŸ˜€

  46. RA says:


    If your syntax is any reflection on your comparative prowess at economics I tremble at the fate of your poor students. πŸ™‚

    The Schaum series of instructional books on, for example, advanced calculus and statistics might interest GN5, but unless you think I need personal tuition from you, I think I have left that well behind me — but in any case, I would never understand your grammatical construct. πŸ™‚ Or Terry’s for that matter!! πŸ™‚

  47. GoonerB says:

    Nice to see you back Terry. Was it my 2.23 from yesterday that shocked you into action?

  48. RA says:

    Second sample:

    — “Statistical regularity, never spare a chance at speculation.”

    You are bonkers, arnie. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, on that note — I am off to rest my brain.

  49. arnie says:

    you are genuinely good fun, Redders, honest!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ rubbish and bonkers and etc. genuinely goof fun as well. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  50. GunnerN5 says:

    RA, I just read arnie comment and to me it made as much sense as past pre-posts, maybe he was just post-uring?

    Don’t be surprised if you don’t understand that because I’ve no idea what I was trying to say??

  51. GoonerB says:

    RA is definitely bonkers Arnie, but he is our bonkers resident to be cherished. As an American I feel he has been entirely Brittified in an eccentric Pythonesque sort of way.

  52. arnie says:

    GN5, GB: good fun. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    hahaha, you know me to well Redders. It came as a great shock to me when I discovered women did not have staples across there stomachs.

    Hi GB, I got away with it. The device was set up to electricute balding, hairy, persons of Greek descent right?. Luckily for me the machine caught up with me whilst I was round my sisters so got her instead. hahaha

  54. arnie says:

    OK, I realise that came out badly. apols. I intended to describe myself as “rubbish and bonkers and etc.”. πŸ˜›

  55. GunnerN5 says:

    Nice simple group for England, should be a free pass out of the round robin.

    Group E: England, Switzerland Slovenia, Estonia, San Marino, Lithuania

  56. GunnerN5 says:

    arnie, no need to explain – we already get it!

  57. Great shout on Sagna, Kelsey.

  58. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    When will Spuds realise they can change as many players and managers as they like, but they will always be in our shadow?

  59. 12BET says:

    Well, I am impressed by Arsenal’s game play with Sunderland and I think they are close to get back on the top spot from Chelsea.

  60. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ah ha,so ’twas Kelsey what stepped up.

    Thank you and well played Sir.

    And I see Totnum lost. Brilliant, we’re now 9 points ahead of fifth spot, so almost there on CL qualification. Then relax, and play for a trophy or two.

  61. MickyDidIt89 says:

    On “less comments after a win”

    Just looked back, and it seems you get more comments on the day of a match, win or lose, than the day after, win or lose.

    Pool FAC Win about 200
    Bayern CL Loss about 200

    So the site up’s it’s comments on a match day, and drops on a post match day. It’s just worse on a Sunday, but then nobody is working πŸ™‚

  62. chas says:

    Here’s a film the Northcore chap posted a link to yesterday.
    Top stuff.

  63. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Do the lads have a full week off?
    Fixture list has run out on here.
    Great idea, let’s turn the tables and all nag Peaches πŸ™‚

  64. chas says:

    The fixture list was incorrect from the moment it was posted because of TV-driven changes.
    I think you are the only person who refers to it, Micky, and that caused you to book a train for the wrong day!

    Save this to your bookmarks

  65. chas says:

    We have a full week off before Stoke away and then another full week before Everton in the Cup.
    It sounds as though our injury list could do with it.

  66. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Wow Chas, that is superb. Thanks.

    “Do something worth remembering”.

    Damn, that’s so true. Funnily enough was talking with my children yesterday about what constitutes a memory and why they are important.

  67. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I really think we have enough, what with the likes of Aaron and a refreshed Mesut to really do something epic this season.

    I still think we could do it in Munich. 2-0 and pens would be fantastic πŸ™‚

  68. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Also, out of the blue, we have an impressive Sanogo to help keep Ollie fresh.

  69. MickyDidIt89 says:

    On that memory thing and what sparked our conversation, I took them to see someone in a home. He’s 93. Can’t remember a thing that happened the day before. Hardly surprising, since nothing of note did happen.

    Doesn’t remember a good pay day, and yet remembers the smallest detail of seeing the look in a horses eye when he finally broke it 60 years ago. Says it all really.

    Must dash

  70. chas says:

    I’d really like to see some positive news about Rambo. Breaking down with the same injury on the verge of being fit again is worrying,
    As if they didn’t find out the root cause of the problem in the first place.

    Is Sanogo right footed?
    The first goal of this hat trick is mightily impressive.

  71. chas says:

  72. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Some classic Terry last night πŸ™‚

    I have to admit t becoming a very sad man – I get so much pleasure from seeing Spurs lose to weaker opposition that I visit their websites to enjoy their pain. Is this perversity a cause for concern?

  73. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    5 home league games until end of season……i really need to get my self sorted to at least one more game.

    May do the FA cup against Everton too.

    Notice on that ST holders can either turn up (and have price added to next seasons ST) or opt out online to make their seat available to others.

  74. GΓΆΓΆner In Exile says:

    Obviously if we have a chance of winning t on the last day against Norwich I will be getting in that ground by hook or by crook.

    And then training back to Islington for the party πŸ™‚

  75. evonne says:

    Aaron injured???!!! How?

  76. chas says:

    Keep up, Evonne.
    I was talking about when he was due back in January.

  77. evonne says:

    Brendon Rogers said that nobody thinks that Liverpool can win the league. He reckons that it is all about Chelsea, Shitty and Arsenal. WEll, Mr Rogers – you are the only one that mentions Arsenal as realistic contenders. Join the club

  78. evonne says:

    don’t scare me like that again Chas!! I have enough to worry about without you!

    I didn’t blog yesterday, but my son was reading some of the comments aloud, pissing himself laughing. He thought that we were very childish and Chavs, Shitty, pool and Manure brought tears to his eyes πŸ™‚

  79. chas says:

    Is that the one who looks like Bobby Charlton?

  80. chas says:

    ….or was it Ralph Coates?

  81. LB says:

    Sanogo is right footed.

  82. Morning all

    Sorry I’m late …….

    We have a New Post ………………….

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