Arsenal Brazilian disappointment and Barca DNA at the Confederations Cup

So, while watching various matches at the dress rehearsal for the World Cup in Brazil I found myself wondering who to root for, always a tricky task when there is no Arsenal involvement. For some reason I decided it would be the opponents of Brazil or Spain, two teams who I’d taken a dislike to for no readily apparent reason.

Now why should that be as how can any football fan dislike the Samba boys? Maybe, I thought, as a gooner my experience of our last two Brazilian imports was less than satisfactory, namely Denilson and Santos.

Denilson to me was overplayed too early in his development, and probably expected to fill a Gilberto/Flamini/Diarra sized hole in midfield and the abiding memory of him for many will be that of being outpaced by a portly referee who was keeping up with play a heck of a lot better than Denilson was.

Santos had a slow start to his Arsenal career and seemed to be filling into his left back role, as well as his ample XXL sized Arsenal top, when a string of slightly lackadaisical performances culminated in what, for me, was the cardinal sin of exchanging shirts with Van Judas on our first trip to old Toilet since the Cutch Dunt’s act of treachery. The shirt exchange on pitch was bad enough but to do it at half time showed a complete lack of awareness of the fans attitude to the aforementioned traitor!

Similarly, why did I feel an antipathy to Spain whilst they were playing the Eye-talians? There was no Nacho man or Santi on the pitch so that could explain why I didn’t warm to them.

Then it dawned on me: Barca DNA!

A side with the diving/cheating “skills” of Busquets and was bound to raise my hackles, and for Brazil the god awful play acting of Alves was what we’ve come to expect and loathe from this particular full back.

Alves alone was not enough to turn me away from the hosts – it was a Barca-to-be player who got special mention with respect to the Barcelona diving cheat award – Neymar.

I’m sure he has talent, is great on the ball, a pin up boy of Brazilian football yada yada yada, but to me he has the air of a young man who likes the look of himself too much and probably whiles away the long summer evenings gazing narcissistically at himself in the mirror.

The cherry on the cake of his Catalonian-ness was that horrendous dive when his jaw was brushed by one of the Azzurui and he flung his body into the contortions of a man who had been tazered.

3549689408_neymar dive full

Now before anyone pipes up with the “Well Pires dived to get a PK in season 2003-04 so that means no Arsenal fan can criticise anyone else subsequently for diving now or in history ever and forever more, amen!” – an argument that is older than Bruce Forsythe’s jock strap.

Marks out of ten for that lovely pirouette ?

Marks out of ten for that lovely pirouette ?

That would efffectivley mean no fan of ANY club could call out diving as every club has some who have dived, so that line of reasoning to me, like a chav with sketchy personal hygiene, just won’t wash.

For his histrionics and self-absorption I feel Neymar is a perfect fit for the Qatari boys.

Yes, you Catalans, this Neymar definitely has Barca DNA and Xavi can trumpet this fact far and wide.

By Charybdis1966


60 Responses to Arsenal Brazilian disappointment and Barca DNA at the Confederations Cup

  1. Rhyle says:

    Nice post, Chary. To my mind Arsenal fans have never tolerated diving even by our own (bar the Franny Lee-style histrionics of Limpar!) – and I’d hold personally experienced (and unfortunately repeated) reaction of the crowd to dives from Reyes and Eboué in particular.

    I’ve always been strangely proud of it!

  2. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    Chary, after watching the Spain/Italy semi I lost all interest in the tournament. As far as I’m concerned the whole thing should have been settled with the penalty shoot-out, there was no need to make the playing public suffer by watching the actual match. A complete farago of diving cheating and no end product whatsoever.

  3. Big Raddy says:

    Thanks Chary. Not enough vitriol for me. As far as I am concerned this competition is just a fill-in for proper football.

    Only 3 decent teams and they have been playing as if it is a friendly. Not seen a decent tackle as yet and the commentators apologise by saying “it is very hot out there” as if the teams aren’t used to it.

    Better than nothing though – and the penalties were outstanding.

  4. Big Raddy says:

    Achilles.. Clearly didn’t read the post.

  5. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Achilles probably can’t read.

  6. Excellent Achilles, I love it, comments like yours are why I blog, can I have your babies ? ;).

  7. barumgooner says:

    I have to admit to not watching any of it and had to even ask a lad at work what the hell it is ? All these obscure teams playing with a couple of the best ?? He enlightened me…..still not interested. I agree to not liking Brazil and Spain and agree that im not sure why. Probably because Spain were so dull in winning the European and that ponsy arrogance of the Barca players, and Brazil are a bit over-loved by the press with any player from that part of the world just expected to be great…unfortunately as you say we as gooners have seen that they aren’t. Although i did love gilberto.

  8. RockyLives says:

    Excellent Chary!
    Diving and “simulation” are two of the things ruining the modern game and until the authorities take it seriously with retrospective video action and big punishments it will continue to put people off.

    Living in North America, I know many sports lovers who would like to get into “soccer” but can’t bear the play acting.

    Did your mother drop you on your head in a fountain when you were a baby?

  9. RockyLives says:

    Had a nice 8-miler in Regents park and up Primrose Hill.

    Pretty rose garden.

  10. RockyLives says:

    I can happily watch cycling and have enjoyed watching the TDF and the Olympic cycling in the past, but I can’t actually ride a bike and I consider them to be the devil’s instrument.

    Any interaction I have ever had with a bicycle – even just carrying someone’s bike from one end of a drive to the other – has left me injured, usually with small cuts to legs or fingers.

    Infernal devices.

  11. Ray from Norfolk, Virginia says:

    Excellent post.
    I just hope Reina joins Barca; he will fit right in with the “Qatar Foundation” shirt.
    Thanks to Bayern for handling then in the CL; on that occasion, Barca DNA stood for Barca Did Not Advance.

  12. Morning all, and thanks for the actual “proper” comments guys.

    Big and Dandy, @ 10.59 – it’s harder to get too angry when things don’t directly affect our blessed team, or maybe I’m mellowing with age haha. Maybe I should spin a few Slayer tracks on before my next rant.

    Mr Rock, I was hoping the refs would stop falling for dives and awarding FK’s, but it seems if there is any Barca player involved they fall for it hook, line and sinker.

    Norfolk, I doubt I’ll bother with the final today either, far too many other issues attached to it to make it any fun.

    Good point Ray – can Nacho man stick a Barca shirt on Reina’s head before the final today hahahaha.

  13. Big Raddy says:

    RL. When did you arrive in London? I returned to Cph on Friday night from a trip to Hampstead. Took a walk up said Primrose Hill. Lovely place and where I saw in the Millennium.

  14. Big Raddy says:

    chary. I would much rather he stuck an Arsenal shirt on Fabregas 🙂

  15. RockyLives says:

    Arrived yesterday from Puglia – back to Canadia a week tomorrow.

  16. Yeah Big Daddy, time for Cesc to restate his Arsenal DNA.

  17. evonne says:

    Good post Chary!
    yeah, the competition is boring and like Norfolk I went to bed after watching Spain v Italy for 93 mins, could not take any more of it.

    Clever diving is ok, sometimes absolutely necessary, but the obvious theatrics make me sick

    you are right, Santos was rubbish but disgraced himself with the shirt swapping faux pas, had to go after that

    Rocky and Raddy – Primrose Hill is hardly London, Finsbury Park is more like the town I know

  18. RockyLives says:

    I’ll try and find an excuse to get to Denmark some time soon. It would be nice to share a (expensive) beer.

  19. goonerton says:

    when I do remember Denilson, it’s a memory of that goal celebration where he stands on the spot with his finger near his lips shaking his head side to side in true samba style.

    And as you, for some reason I got no love the new samba bunch or post Gilberto era. Don’t know exactly why but, totally lost the love for them which is sad because through the late 80s till not so long ago they were footballing gods…. And we use to play like those said gods. Good times maybe on their way back though people so hold tight!

  20. RockyLives says:

    I grew up in South London, so Greenwich Park and Blackheath were the parks I knew really well (as well as Plumstead Common, with its crappy “fitness trail”).

    Later, living in Highbury, I used to run in Highbury Fields and Finsbury Park, so the whole Regents Park/Primrose Hill thing is fairly virgin territory for me.

  21. Thanks Evonne, glad you liked it from your favourite beastie 🙂

  22. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Look forward to it.

    evonne. I was driven through London and the differences between areas which are next to each other is astonishing. Hoxton to Stratford – From trendy young rich kids to Iraq in a few hundred yards!

  23. GunnerN5 says:


    The theatrics gnaw at me more than the diving, although Rooney’s dive for a penalty at Old Trafford still leaves a sour taste. The granny lover denied us the chance of going 50 games unbeaten and who knows how many more?

    I would most definitely not want to see him in an Arsenal shirt.

    I remember watching the Brazilian team in the 1958 World Cup Final, on a 9″ TV with a large magnifying glass in front of it, I was in awe of their brilliance – I’d seen nothing quite like it before. However those days are long gone and the humble superstars of the 50’s have been replaced by the PR conscious prima donna’s that we are subjected to today.

    It’s sad how the officiating has not kept pace with the modern day game, they are failing in not using the latest technology and they are way behind in enforcing/improving the rules that govern the game.

  24. Good comment N5, it’s sad that we’ll probably never see that kind of Brazil team again.

  25. RockyLives says:

    “the officiating has not kept pace with the modern day game”
    Most excellent comment Gn5 – worth a Post in itself.

  26. Big Raddy says:

    No arguing about the humility. As to the officiating – did the refs have to put up with the diving and simulation? I think not.

    Without reviews it is impossible for the refs but I believe the standard is very high considering the pace of the game.

    I hate the FA’s inability to review an act that has been “seen by the ref” as it may undermine his powers. Just cobblers.

    I would like to see a review panel who would assess whether a card is deserved and with the power to raise a yellow to a red and vice versa. Also, to give heavier penalties for dangerous play.

  27. RockyLives says:

    Sniffer Norris is back.

    I have expunged his nonsense.

  28. Joe says:

    I see dial square is back hi Bruce either that he hasn’t got a mind of he’s own and he copying ds post Lg.


    Thanks Chary Baby

    I must say, i have enjoyed the Confederacy Cup. I am so starved of football at the moment i will watch anything, even a bunch of diving primadonas.

    Things are so bad that about a week ago whilst passing a local park i noticed a bunch of school kids having a kick about. It was raining, but in my desperation for football action i stopped the motor and went and hid behind a tree to watch them play

    They were realy good, so i started taking pictures on my phone, though i remained hidden so as not to put them off.

    It was at this stage that i noticed a couple of burley looking blokes watching them. They were looking and pointing in my direction and ime sure i heard one of them say to the other “Ime telling you John, there some geezer in a Raincoat hiding behind that tree and hes taking pictures”

    They proceeded to walk in my direction and the one called John shouted “Oi what the f*ck you up to?”. I was shocked at there hostiliaty and confused as to what i had done wrong.

    Anyway, i started legging it but unfortunately so did they. Luckily for me however, i was wearing the football boots i leave in the car for special occasions, whilst they were in trainers. My Raincoat also gave me areodynamic elevation so i managed to get to the car and speed of, leaving them slipping and sliding.

    The whole experince has left me a bit traumatised, so from now on with the aid of binoculars i plan to watch from a safer distance, whilst wearing a Trilby hat to go ingocnito hahaha

  30. RockyLives says:

    Terry 😀 😀 😀
    Please, please set up a blog and write a story like that every day.
    You are as funny as most of the “professional” humorists who get paid to write for newspapers.

  31. RockyLives says:

    Peaches, Rasp
    One in drafts.

  32. RockyLives says:

    It’s a summer Sunday afternoon and the only thing in your life is sitting round making inane comments that nobody reads or cares about.

    I’ve said this before but I truly feel sorry for you. I can’t imagine what your empty life must be like but I don’t envy it.

  33. Big Raddy says:

    Troll. You are very boring and getting rid of your bile is equally dull.

    Will you please go away ….. permanently

  34. evonne says:

    We can check his (idiot troll’s) ip addresses. There is a company that will provide the info and then we can give him his own medicine 🙂 If he does it from work we can feck him up properly

    BR and RL – I lived in the Primrose Hill area for many years and watched it change from a lovely suburbia to a nasty promenade where the newly rich parade their wealth. I spent hours walking my dogs in Kenwood; these days one is not allowed to walk dogs off the lead, and breads larger than yorkie is looked down on. Yapping chuhuahuas with diamond studded collars are the pet of choice. Sorry, but that is really not me, I like proper dogs hence German Sheppard, staffie and Rottweiler 🙂

    6 weeks and 6 days, less than 48 days……I wish I was older

  35. Red Arse says:

    I enjoyed the Post oh Great Sea Monster! 🙂

    A fairly important, albeit small, part of my childhood was spent living in St John’s Wood, and your Post brought to mind Regent’s park and sneaking into the Zoo, as well as playing on Primrose Hill, and marvelling at the slightly bohemian feel of the surrounding area.

    Brought back happy memories of an innocent childhood. 🙂

    Rocky, I am impressed with your claimed 8 mile hike around Primrose Hill — I am simply in awe of a man who needs a walking stick but still has perambulatory tendencies! 🙂

  36. Gooner In Exile says:

    Afternoon all…..just rehydrated after yesterday’s exuberance.

    I’ve said it before there is a difference between buying a free kick and diving. There is also a difference between being fouled and waiting for treatment and being fouled rolling around twenty times trying to get the opponent a card.

    As others have said until we see retrospective action we will not see any improvement. And as I have also said many times before the FA hide behind a FIFA law that does not actually exist (or at least a exists with an exception). The referees decision is final except when there has been a clear error. This clear error does not mean the referees are poor, it means the players have cheated them, and they should be the only ones punished in case of post match reviews.

  37. Big Raddy says:

    evonne. If only it was as simple as you suggest with the troll. He uses a proxy and thus hides his address. Furthermore, why would anyone want to sink to his level of sadness?

    But enough of him.

    GIE. Agree

  38. Ian Ure Face says:

    I bought Bob Carolgees puppet Spit the Dog on ebay and was thinking of setting up on a corner in the Primrose Hill district as a Tourettes Beggar, with a sign saying…..” give me some f**king money to feed my dog you c**t or he will f**king spit on you ! “. I reckon by the end of the week, Spit would be wearing a Rolex !. hahaha

  39. chas says:

    Haha, Chary, nice one.
    Love the Cutch Dunt and Bruce Forsyth’s jockstrap.
    I can’t stand the Brazilians or the Spanish.
    I have watched 10 minutes of Spain v Italy in the Confed Cup so far and it bored me sh*tless.

    I can watch matches without the Arse featuring but there’s just no flavour. Even prem games I watch are down to how the result can benefit us. 🙂

    I thought ignoring Sniffer was the order of the day. If he is ignored, he doesn’t exist. (either that or ban all proxys)

  40. evonne says:

    there ways to deal with that too Raddy. Look if one can hack into NASA computers, I am sure we can find out the identity of the saddo. I would have love to grass him to his employer 🙂 I will ask a friend, see if he can suggest anything

  41. Big Raddy says:

    Morning ALl,

    Those exercise freaks have abandoned us!

  42. RockyLives says:

    Morning BR
    Doubt we’ll hear from Micky as he is probably pumping iron by now.

  43. RockyLives says:

    Anything on Newsnow?

  44. RockyLives says:

    Have checked Newsnow.


  45. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all

    Pumping iron? Does he eat a lot of Special K?

    Even the papers are bored of the uneventful TW, BBC gossip column suggests they’ve even given up making up stories. Must admit to being slightly concerned as Pre Season is starting at most clubs this week….would be good to have a couple of additions through the door before we go revenue raising round the Far East.

    Thinking about that the pre season advertising campaigns to secure better corporate funding only came about when Emirates and Nike deals were coming to a close….wonder of there’s anything in the new deals that says we have to continue with that? If not once their signed I bet Arsene would love to go back to his Austrian training camps.

  46. Big Raddy says:

    Nope nothing on NN.

    Can we really be chasing Ashley Williams? Decent player but only if one of our 3 CB is leaving.

    And Micah Richards? I have always liked him and think he would be a fine squad player but at 20m and a poor injury record?

  47. evonne says:

    What is the matter with you boys? NOTHING on NewsNow?? Ey?

    How about:
    Mirror: Arsenal make £20million bid for Wayne Rooney

    Mirror: Chelsea’s Fernando Torres emerges as Arsenal transfer target to partner Gonzalo Higuain

    and if that is not enough for you lads, there is the mouth watering prospect of bringing Sanabria to the Ems. Who?

  48. evonne says:

    I thought I was to old to go to Glastonbury. Now that I have seen the Rolling Stones and Bruce Forsyth there I have decided I am to young. It is becoming a first OAPs rave, I’ll go in a few years

  49. evonne says:

    ex ice hockey goalie from Canada is the new Bank of England governor. Right.

  50. evonne says:

    ….so baby talk to me…

  51. LB says:

    Morning all

    Ignoring last night, can anyone explain the politics of why the Brazilian public showed so much antipathy to Spain during the Con Fed Cup?

  52. evonne says:

    hellllooooo LB 🙂
    No idea, I was surprised at the booing too. One of the commentators said it was because Spain played rubbish.

    Could it have anything to do with the fact that Brazil is Portuguese speaking as opposed to the Spanish Argies? Don’t know

  53. LB says:

    Morning Evonne

    Last night made sense as to why the Brazilian public would not have liked Spain — they were the competition but what I don’t understand is why the Brazilian crowd were so hostile towards Spain during the Italy – Spain game for example.

  54. evonne says:

    No, nobody could work that one out
    Del Bosque was unpleasantly surprised too and mentioned it might be because of the large Italian community in Brazil

  55. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    LB, could it be that they prefered Italy as an opponent in the Final rather than Spain?

  56. LB says:

    Hi NG

    It might well have been something as simple as that, I am not sure.

  57. Rasp says:

    Morning all ……

    ….. New post …..

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