Wenger to Work his Magic on Torres?

When the “Torres to Arsenal” rumours broke yesterday they came as no surprise to regular readers of the comments section of Arsenal Arsenal.

Our well-informed fellow blogger Kelsey revealed weeks ago that we were talking to Chelsea about the Spanish forward and that we had even gone so far as to make an offer.


To me the story makes a lot of sense.

Higuain may be our number one striker target (although who knows? No-one at Arsenal has commented about the Madrid-based Argentine and I would not entirely rule out the possibility that the whole thing is a newspaper fiction that has taken on a life of its own).

But let’s take things at face value and say we are interested in him. Even so, we would be crazy to have him as our only option to fill the “world class” striker role that is essential for giving extra edge to our attack.

Players change their minds; agents can mess up any deal and if one of the financially doped Oiler teams sets their greedy eye on him we would be out-bid in a heartbeat.

So I both hope and assume that Arsene Wenger has other goal poachers in his sights this summer.

Wayne Rooney may be one. He inspires mixed feelings amongst Arsenal supporters (Gn5 said only yesterday that he could never forgive him for the atrocious dive that helped end our unbeaten streak), but he would undoubtedly strengthen our team and his departure would weaken Manchester United at the same time.

Some people doubt we could afford his wages, but with a big signing on fee and the promise of a free granny flat in the Highbury Square development I reckon we could woo the Roo.

Then there is Torres. At Liverpool he looked like one of the best strikers in the world. Then he went to Chelsea and his career stalled badly.

Maybe he hit a run of bad form; maybe he found it difficult to displace fan favourite Didier Drogba; maybe he is just allergic to Chavmungus scumbags, of whom there are many in the Chelsea dressing room.

Whatever the reason, and despite some signs of recapturing his form from time to time while in West London, there is no doubt that Fernando Torres’s stock is much lower now than it was when he quit the Scousers.

With Mourinho arriving as manager, the Spaniard must be unsure of his place in the Chavs’ future plans.

All of which could make him a perfect Wenger signing. Much of Arsenal’s early success under Arsene Wenger came from players whose careers had stalled or stagnated elsewhere.

Dennis Bergkamp (yes, I know he was signed before Arsene arrived but there is evidence that Arsene advised Dein to buy him) was struggling at Inter Milan. He had been signed from Ajax after his startling skills caught the attention of top clubs throughout Europe. His first season in Milan was so-so, but the following year things started to go wrong. He suffered injuries and wasn’t scoring goals. This is what it says on Dennis’s Wikipedia page: “Off the field, Bergkamp’s relationship with the Italian press and fans became uncomfortable. His shy persona and his propensity to go home after matches was interpreted as apathy. Because of his poor performance on the pitch, one Italian publication renamed their award given to the worst performance of the week, L’asino della settimana (Donkey of the Week) to Bergkamp della settimana (Bergkamp of the Week).”

That last fact makes me want to find a Milanese and punch him in the kisser.

Anyway, thankfully Dennis opted to join us and became a legend.

Then there was Marc Overmars. No-one would touch the flying winger because he was coming back from a traumatic, long-term injury which – according to conventional wisdom – had taken the edge off his speed. Under Arsene he flew once again.

Patrick Vieira: at AC Milan he was languishing in the reserves and played only twice for the first team. Arsene brought him to The Home Of Football where, from his first memorable appearance in the famous red and white, it was clear that we had someone special.

Thierry Henry: yes, already a World Cup winner when we bought him – but only as a wide man used off the bench by Les Bleus. He was not seen as a central striker by anyone except Arsene.

Nwankwo Kanu: like Overmars, untouchable because of injury – in Kanu’s case a dodgy ticker that required major corrective surgery in the US and led to the memorable terrace song “he’s big, he’s black, he’s had a heart attack.” Untouchable, that is, by anyone except Arsene Wenger.

Bobby Pires: unhappy at Marseille and in dispute with the club’s owners when Arsene picked him up.

You can see what I’m getting at. Put in the context of those early Wenger signings, Torres could very easily be the sort of player who could rekindle the highest heights at Arsenal. And unlike the others, he already has comprehensive experience of the Premier League.

When he was at his pomp in Liverpool Torres looked like the heir to Thierry Henry. His speed, his strength and his finishing all reminded one of our great Frenchman. Now, at 29, he should have two or three years of being at the absolute top of his game.

I, for one, would be perfectly happy to see him with a cannon on his chest.

Do you agree?


85 Responses to Wenger to Work his Magic on Torres?

  1. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Torres looks to me like a player who has become content to sit around and draw his monthly pay-cheque. Cannon on his chest? Boot up his a**e more like!

  2. Femi Odulaja says:

    By the time we’ve linked every available and non available player out there to our club, the transfer window will be shut. I guess the speculation game is as exciting as actual signing. For all the points you listed, Torres to Arsenal just doesn’t seem like a right fit IMHO.

  3. Rhyle says:

    Torres was struggling for form at the end of his Liverpool career – I think he’s changed as a player out of necessity (2 too many injuries!) but, as he proved at home against us last year, he can still be more than a handful. Could be worth rolling the dice on him…

  4. Manthan says:


    I think torres got wasted at Chelsea due whatever reason but I would always put my money on Higuain rather then torres. If we sign him I know most of people in AA will be happy but due you think others will be happy I guess Boo-boys and pires morgan will get a chance to criticized wenger a lot. But at he end of the day boss knows the best 😀 😀

  5. I have always had this sneaky feeling that Torres will end up playing for Arsenal someday.

    If he does, expect Wenger to get him firing all cylinders!

  6. Emmanuel Ezzien says:

    This will be a great signing. Torres is a fantastic player and will fit well in Arsenal.

  7. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning Rocky, I forgot to thank you for another fine post. The thought of Rooney having free use of a granny’s flat in Highbury Square just stunned me. 😀

  8. henry o chukwuemeka says:

    I do not agree that he would shine in arsenal but if wenger believes otherwise, as long as he is a new signing. Surprises might just come.

  9. bouymoyo says:

    neva say neva if he signs torres trust me he will be rejuvenated.

  10. Giddy says:

    Torres to Arsenal at 29 really? A player with no resale value and with great expectations to deliver instant success? I doubt whether its right to compare him to those other group i.e Henry, Viera & co. since those players had time to improve and the expectation especially on wenger was not that serious and if wenger decides to sign him, i will simply know that my dear club is heading to a wrong direction! and that they have once again failed to bring in a player who can improve the team opting for cheap bargain!

  11. Sai says:

    Torres might be a waste of money. He wants to prove the World he’s the best, but then, never puts in the effort needed to get there. He might well be past his prime and we donot need another Arshavin clogging our system with a heavy pay cheque and very little to return.

    Having said that, if Higuain deal is all but rumour, then we would have to look at other possiblities with Torres being one. Chelsea might let him go on the cheap just to offload his weekly wages. But given a choice, I’m sure we would bring in Rooney or Higuain.

  12. kelsey says:

    Morning all.
    I think that Torres is the number 2 choice on his list after Higuian as there are still a lot of negotiations to work out with RM even though many believe Perez makes all the desicions, and then there are the wages of Torres to consider which I believe could be met.Mourinho wants him out.

    Whoever we get we need to improve our crossing and corner kicks,and greatly improve our amount of headed goals scored by our attackers.

  13. Manthan says:
  14. Jacob O. says:

    Torres wit Arsene wil rediscover his form once again. He wil be a good signin 4 Arsenal. Bt we wil need d likes of Fabregas or Song 2 feed him wit d kind of ball he loves.

  15. Abayomi says:

    If wenger believe torres is redeemable i will love but that is after he as sign higuian

  16. Hi Rockstar. 🙂

    Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know we have bagged him on this site and ill be the first to put my hand up and admit it..”another clean sheet for Torres” i use to laugh and then id repeat the same line a week later. (this went on for donkeys ears 😆 )

    But, for all the reasons and precedents that you have mentioned i believe that Torres would definitely resurrect his world class form at the home of football, under the guidance and support of Mr Wenger.

    Many people believe that he is past it and his age is a barrier etc etc But one factor comes into play which i believe could push us on for some silverware should he decide to embrace the cannon on his chest. And that is, that next season is a world cup year. I believe this will be his last chance to represent Spain at a world cup and he knows full well that there are youngsters waiting in the wings for his position at international level.

    Going to chavs has dented his pedigree, and i never ever believed that Chelskis style (what style? 😉 ) of what they think is football, suited him. However, i believe the Arsenal way will see Torres shine once again (should he see the light), and lets not forget the old “form is temporary, class is permanent” thing that people harp on which i fully believe and can appreciate…..especially in a striker.

    Who knows, Santi and Torres could find a telepathic understanding that could be devestating to our opponents and one that could push them both into a starting spot at the WC.

    I would definitely take a punt on him to lead our line…. he cant be any worse than the swerve up front. But i would suggest that he grows his locks again, he doesnt even know that the magic was all in the hair. hahaha

    Ps. A big hello to all the regs and newbies at Arsenal Arsenal. Hope your all well. Now can we all sing it together ….”Can you hear the drums, Fernando”…..”there was something in the air that night, our future is bright, Fernando……..” 😆

  17. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    As I mentioned, Kelsey tipped us off to this possibility some time back.

    In all honesty I would have some misgivings about us signing Torres but part of me thinks he could get his magic back and turn out to be a crucial part of the jigsaw puzzle.

    Nice to see you! How are things?
    Great point about the World Cup. A lot of players will be taking that into consideration when weighing up prospective moves. The ability to play regularly will be key to those decisions for many.

  18. RockyLives says:

    Looks like Kozzer read my Post praising Santi for dismissing rumours that he might leave us. 🙂

    Kozzer’s latest quotes are along the same lines and are very positive for us.

  19. Afternoon all, thanks for the heads up on how you view Torres Mr Rock. I tend to think he’s a busted flush and will never get back to his best as time is agianst him.

    On the other hand, how sad am I ? I have a tab open on Arse.com and am refreshing furiously expecting new signings to be announced !

  20. Rasp says:

    Thanks Rocky, I have to agree with those who see Torres’ age as a problem – not only because his resale value will be minimal but because he is probably declining in his physical abilities.

    I have never taken the idea of buying Rooney seriously so I do think we need another option in case one of the big clubs snatches Higuain from under our noses (which is becoming more likely as every day passes)

  21. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Yes, please.

    Torres is both an intelligent player and a hard worker, big positives for the man playing alongside Giroud.

    And this is my point. Giroud did well in his first season playing in the big league and he will do better next year, yet he is already written off by some fans. If they get their way and we sign two of Roo, Hig or Torres, where do Podolski & OG fit in?

    I think we will buy one striker to replace the loss of Chamakh, Bendtner and possibly Gervinho. I would like it to be Higuain because he is a poacher and only 25 y.o, but if not, Torres fits the bill.

  22. evonne says:

    you are very sad Chary 🙂
    ppp – hello stranger!
    Rocky – no, I don’t think we will sign Torres, I don’t think he can rediscover anything, I prefer Wayne anyday, far better looking boy

  23. GunnerN5 says:

    Yet another fine, comment worthy post from Rocky.

    I’m on the fence about Torres, the thing that concerns me the most is his age, but if I put that to one side and look at his goal scoring potential then it eases my concerns.

    He is undoubtedly a gifted player with an excellent technical ability and is accustomed for playing for some of the best club teams plus he is a starter for Spain – not bad credentials – but he will be 30 years old next March?

  24. GunnerN5 says:

    This is from ESPN and is strictly for believers, non believers can skip to the next comment.


    Jun 2910:00AM EDT


    by Kevin Palmer

    When a bespectacled Arsene Wenger was introduced as Arsenal manager on September 30, 1996, many English football traditionalists predicted his tenure as the club’s manager was destined to be brief and unremarkable.

    This was the era when a foreign manager was still viewed as an ill-advised experiment, with Dr Jozef Venglos’ unsuccessful era at Aston Villa a few years earlier inspiring many to conclude British managers were more suitable for the rough-and-tumble of the Premier League.

    Then along came Wenger. Multilingual, supremely intelligent and offering wide-ranging, articulate views on the game, it was evident from day one that Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein had taken a bold move to appoint a manager who did not fit the convention of what was expected of managers in English football’s top flight at the time. After all, here was a guy who had never played the game to a notable level and was recruited from the Japanese league. What did he know?

    By May 1998, Dein’s step into the unknown had been gloriously rewarded, with Wenger delivering a Premier League and FA Cup double in his first full season as Arsenal boss and foreign players and managers aplenty flooding into England on the back of his success.

    It has been my great fortune to be assigned the reporting on the fascinating man throughout his historic reign as Arsenal boss, and while looking back over my archives of the hundreds of Wenger press briefings I have attended, I was reminded of the scope of topics he has covered with a hungry media pack.

    So here is a trip down memory lane from almost 17 years of association with a football personality who is as compelling and divisive now as he was when he first arrived.


    As I stood in the Wembley Stadium tunnel after the 1998 FA Cup final that had seen Arsenal complete a domestic double with a victory against Newcastle, Wenger and Dein shared a knowing glance and exchanged a firm handshake. Both were grateful for each other’s contribution to this success and knew they would need to work in unison from that point forward to execute their ambitious joint plan.

    In the interview I had conducted with Wenger for the official matchday programme that complimented that Wembley victory against Newcastle, he spoke of his desire to “prove himself in a country that doubted him,” while insisting his vision for the future of Arsenal had only just begun.

    His move to sign French youngsters like Patrick Vieira and Nicolas Anelka was something of a novelty in an English league whose top sides were dominated by homegrown stars, with Chelsea’s Ruud Gullit the only other foreign manager in the 1996-97 Premier League.

    “I know people looked at me as if I was a little unusual when I came here and my first press conference at Arsenal was an interesting achievement in itself,” he told us back in 2006. “I got the feeling straight away that there was so much to prove and I never imagined I would last here for ten years back then.”


    If Wenger’s early successes earned him the respect and admiration of the London press pack, there was a positive sense of awe in the air when he guided Arsenal to an unbeaten 2003-04 season.

    His press briefing ahead of the final game of that historic campaign was a little like a pilgrimage to see a spiritual figure who had turned water into wine at Arsenal, and his vow to continue his success could not have been more resounding.

    “Our aim is to dominate English football as Manchester United did in the last decade and try to crack Europe as well,” he said in May 2004. “That is the aim and I feel we are getting closer every season.”

    Those words seem a little hollow now on as Arsenal have not lifted the Premier League title since, with just a solitary FA Cup triumph in 2005 to Wenger’s credit in an era when the balance of power shifted away from the Gunners.


    Just as Wenger and Arsenal were at the peak of their powers, Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea and changed the face of English football in an instant.

    The cash injection provided by the Russian billionaire has long been a subject that has riled Wenger, and we had an example of that angst.

    “We had won the title without losing a game in 2004 and then everything changes as Abramovich buys Chelsea,” Wenger said last year. “When I first came to England, every club was being run within its own resources and we could all compete on that basis, but things have been changed by Chelsea and now [Manchester] City. Am I frustrated by what has happened in English football in recent years? Of course.”

    Try as he might, Wenger has failed to win the Premier League in the years since Abramovich bought Chelsea, and the Champions League glory he craves has also proved elusive for this dedicated French tactician.


    Wenger has confirmed that he has been tempted away from Arsenal on more than one occasion in the last 17 years.

    Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain are among the clubs from whom he has rejected overtures, and it was the middle of those three offers that was most enticing back in 2009, when Spain’s most prestigious club came calling.

    “I knew what Real Madrid wanted to do but I didn’t want to leave Arsenal,” he told us a couple of years ago. “They wanted to spend a lot of money and re-establish themselves as the most successful club in the world. It was interesting, but I built this team at Arsenal and did not want to leave it. I don’t walk out on a contract.”

    Wenger had spoken of the “incredible potential” at PSG in his belief that “a club that is the only team in the whole of Paris can have a huge influence.” It may well prove to be the offer he cannot turn down if, as reports suggest, he has been offered the chance to return to his homeland when his current Arsenal contract expires in 2014.


    Wenger’s spats with Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho down the years were inspired, in no small part, by his difficulty in avoiding a question when it is placed before him. Essentially, the Arsenal boss likes to offer an opinion on all issues and, at times, it gets him into trouble.

    His persistent comment that “a top-four finish is as good as a trophy” has inspired the suspicion that his ambition has waned in an era when his influence has been in decline and the pressure mounting around him has increased.

    Another example of his honesty was on display last January, as the Sunday newspaper reporters were ushered into a small, dark room amid the underground jungle of infrastructure of Emirates Stadium. Wenger’s honesty ensured he could not hide behind the club’s board any longer when being quizzed on the club’s transfer policies.

    “I guess you can say we have a socialist model and maybe this makes us more vulnerable to losing players or failing to sign new ones,” he told us, clearly divulging more than he needed to. “As long as the economical balance within a club is respected and you pay the people with the resources that make economical sense, then it is fine. We cannot compete with Chelsea or Man City, but we do what we can do.”


    “This club went 25 years without winning a trophy in the past, so just because we didn’t win something this time, I will not give up on what we are trying to do,” Wenger told us back in 2007. “My philosophy on how the game is played will never change and I believe we will win trophies with this squad.”

    Little did Wenger know then that his comments six years ago would still be relevant today, and for that reason he finds himself desperately trying to maintain a legacy that seemed to be cast in glittering gold after his first eight years at the club.

    This summer gives Wenger a glorious chance to cash in on the uncertainty at both Manchester clubs and Chelsea after their managerial changes. But the reality must be that this great manager will not manage Arsenal beyond next season unless he reverses a pattern of decline quickly.

    “It’s very hard for me to imagine being anywhere other than Arsenal,” he stated in 2009. “I love this club and that will never change, but I honestly don’t know how much longer I will go on in management. I once said a manager has a shelf life of 20 years and now I have been in this job for 21 years, so maybe I’m past it already!”


    Wenger’s best buy: “I didn’t believe Thierry Henry could be as good as he has become when we signed him back in 1999. The quality was always there, but he has matured into the greatest player in the world and it gives me great pride.”

    Wenger on his 2003-04 Invincibles team (May 2004): “I am no miracle worker, that is not how I would describe myself. To start with, I don’t believe in miracles and secondly, what we have achieved here is not due to miracles. It’s purely down to hard work.”

    Wenger on foreign players (September 2006): “People criticise me for not buying enough English players, but a passport does not matter. Look at the prices you have to pay for players in this country and compare it with European or African players and I have had no option.”

    Wenger’s dream (December 2006): “I want to win the Champions League three or four times and that will allow Arsenal to justifiably claim we are one of the true giants of English football.”

    Wenger on man management (October 2009): “You need to have a distance between yourself and the players working for you. I would be happy to sit down and have dinner with Thierry Henry or Robert Pires now because I am not their manager anymore, but if they are still working for me, I would never socialise with them.”

    Wenger on wages (October 2010): “I feel any payment is justifiable so long as the organisation offering it can cover it naturally with their own income. Alternatively, you can have one sponsor to pay these wages, as they have at Manchester City and Chelsea, but that’s a different story.”

    Wenger on his legacy (September 2011): “Who knows what I have brought to English football. I hope I have brought some great football and some great memories, but for me, the manager is only two percent of a team. People pay to watch players, not managers, don’t forget.”

    Wenger on Man City’s rise (May 2012): “When you look at what Manchester City have spent and analyse their wage bill, what chance do we have? Sometimes you have to be realistic and accept it is not easy for everyone else.”

    Wenger’s regrets (August 2012): “I was close to building a team that would have had more than enough quality to win trophies. [Cesc] Fabregas, [Emmanuel] Adebayor, [Robin] Van Persie and [Samir] Nasri playing together would have been very successful, but we lost them all in a short period. It’s frustrating.”

  25. Marvinlee says:

    Its time we buy world class striker’s two.. Its too long without winning anything. Torres, wayne rooney will be a hit at arsenal.. Emirates the home of beautfull football.GO Arsenal goal..

  26. GunnerN5 says:

    If you are an unwanted lesser than 2% of this board why don’t you take your own advice?

  27. LB says:

    I think that Higuaín has more to prove and would want to prove himself in the EPL.

    I have a lot of reservations about Torres a couple have already been highlighted.

    NG says that Torres has the air of someone happy to simply receive his monthly pay cheque: I agree and Rasp expressed concern about his age: I also agree.

    If the club are going to push the wages boat out there must be better choices than Torres.

  28. IanRealGunner says:

    I couldn’t help seeing the Ben Kingsley figure in Sexy Beast when I read this story, constantly shouting, “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO………….”

  29. neamman says:

    I would prefer Higuan purely for age. Torres is 29 and can only go down. In his current form Giroux is as good IMHO though I concede Torres in his prime was much better.

  30. Red Arse says:

    Nice Post, Joggy Jogger, aka Rocky! 🙂

    It is interesting that you remarked on Kelsey’s tip about Torres, and in fairness you should also have noted his tips that Arsenal would sign Bale, Suarez and Nebuchadnezzar, while his friend who knows a man who knows another man with a horse reckons that Shergar is tipped to win next year’s National. 😀

    It should also be mentioned that I tipped you off to a certainty from a guy who is a little devil, that El Diablo would tip hot coals down your jock-strap before Arsenal signed Torres! just saying! 🙂

  31. I heard Red Rum was the dead cert for next years Grand National, Redders, 🙂

  32. jnyc says:

    Rocky, great article, and good examples. But i cant see it happening because im sure he is on crazy wages, and wouldnt want a two-thirds pay cut.

  33. kelsey says:


    Shergar ran over the flat. get your facts right 🙂

  34. I think those questioning Torres’s work rate are being a tad harsh on the lad. I could criticise him for a lot of things in the last few years but failure to work hard was not one of them. Liverpool were at least 30% better when he started and ran the defence ragged just showing for passes.

    I don’t think he fits in at Chelsea, plain and simple.

    I think he could fit in with us….he is still a good finisher and he still has the ability to surprise.

  35. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Chary, no horse will beat Red Rum to the finishing line at Aintree, he’s buried beside the winning post.

  36. Big Raddy says:

    With Lukaku on the horizon I cannot see Chelsea selling either Torres or Demba Ba.

    But who knows, Crazy Roman is certain to be out shopping this summer. Cavani in, Torres out ….

  37. Cavani is the crucial piece in the puzzle for all the big players in this TW.

    Real Madrid are perving on him, and if they bite than im 90% sure we will see the HIG a win a few games for us.

    Chelsea are also perving and if braBitch decides to spend cos Moaninho says so, well that is the end of Torres. Lukaku stays as Moaninho has always preferred a big strong presence up front compared to a skillful ballerina in boots.

    Maybe we should screw them all and go for Cavani ourselves. hahaha

  38. Wow, talk about being in an unbeatable position Norfolk.

  39. GunnerN5 says:


    Sounds like a dead ringer to me.

  40. RockyLives says:

    I heard they tried to sell Red Rum’s body. They touted it here, there and everywhere but couldn’t get a buyer.

    In the end they decided they were flogging a dead horse.

  41. RockyLives says:

    Sorry 😳

  42. Scott Von Gooner says:

    El Nino would be great with Arsenal. Also paired with Higuain I would say we would be in great shape to make a run at 1st place. Now if we can only get Fabergas back.

  43. OMGArsenal says:

    Gentlemen and ladies of AA, the debate is fruitful and rational, so here is my take on Torres & Higuain:

    1) El ¨nino¨ is still a world class talent and never lost his skill-set or abilities, just like Arshavin didn’t. Torres, imho, took his move to Chelsea quite badly since he suddenly became a small frog in a very big pond, whereas at Liverpool, he ran the show pretty much since they really didn’t have anyone else of his calibre.

    2) Higuain is a winner, from start to finish. He has been a stalwart and loyal soldier for Real Mad and my prediction is that he will, if transferred to AFC, become a super striker a la Eduardo and Henry.

    3) Torres is used to playing Spanish Football with their intuitive, skilled short and medium passing game, and great movement on and off the ball…..neither of which Chelsea is renown for. Drogba was the go to man at Chelsea and Torres was definitely a second or third fiddle with his teammates.

    4) The Chavs aren’t likely to want to strengthen their immediate competitors and it would take the Crazy Russians imprimatur to sell him and Abramovich is as unpredictable as the weather. Now if Torres were a manager, we’d be able to get him on the cheap.

    Whatever happens, we are surely in for surprises, whether nasty or nice!

  44. Sat in Swansea as I am
    Watching sky sports news we have signed a striker I’m thinking it the hig or the wig.
    No it’s some young 20 year old ,here we go again
    Sheep hagger

  45. Gooner In Exile says:

    Rocky you killed your own blog with a severe case of bloggus farticus giganticus 😀

    Any news come on we can actually do deals and have the player in his kit tomorrow.

  46. Rasp says:

    Evening all, it appears we have signed Yaya Sanogo

    Here’s his wiki page ……


  47. Rasp says:

    He likes a bicycle kick ….

  48. Gooner In Exile says:

    Was just checking out some vids myself Rasp…..there’s has been a bit of “not another young unknown” complaint fair enough I guess until you think back to Anelka 😀

    Looks a prospect, big, few skills, bit of pace, goals from outside box and inside 6 yard box.

    Could be a player. Clearly he knew he was coming to us or at least somewhere and by being our of contract he will be on fairly decent money… Which will no doubt get people’s backs up again.

  49. chas says:

    Nice one, Rocky.

    I’m sure Torres could give us a few cracking seasons if he came to the home of football.

    When you first came on here you were a cheerful young sheep, full of the joys of spring.
    Recently you’ve turned into a miserable piece of mutton with a black cloud hanging over its head. Have you been reading the wrong blogs?

  50. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning Chas, I think Sheep is just a confused Sheep as are most of the Arsenal faithful.

    Look up today’s comments and you will see plenty of question about the benefits of Torres due to his age, but then we sign a youngster and that’s not good enough for some….I know no one has complained vociferously on here but check Twitter and you will see a lot of complaint.

    So what it appears the “must spend” fans want is a 23/24 year old ready made PL superstar.

  51. kelsey says:

    Morning all.
    I know nothing about Sanogo, except he has joined on a free and for now must trust Wenger’s judgement.

    Gazidis has openly indicated that there is more money available than in previous years and alluding to sheep who is not alone in his thoughts I am hoping for a real statement of intent to buy a proven quality player now sooner or later and surely that makes sense before the far Eastern tour..
    If one assumes various negotiations have taken place since the season ended why haven’t we bought anyone as plenty of other clubs have,even Swansea has just spent 11million on a player.
    Will Wenger pay big money by our standards for a player like Rooney or Torres. the answer is probably no, but a structured deal maybe possible yet he has never ventured down that route before.

  52. kelsey says:

    Interesting reading yesterday about Torres on here as the comments are about 50-50 split if he would benefit the team.

  53. chas says:

    I still don’t understand why Gooners do it to themselves, that’s all. At the start of every summer they get good advice about ignoring the (thin as) paper talk but still insist on immersing themselves in sewage and then wonder why they feel pissed off. Strange.

    Btw, I got out of the twitter habit when I was between houses and haven’t yet felt the need to return. August the 17th will be early enough for me. 🙂

  54. chas says:

    “a 23/24 year old ready made PL superstar”
    Quite. 🙂

  55. Big Raddy says:

    “a 23/24 year old ready made PL superstar” Do you think 70m is enough to buy The Simian?

  56. Red Arse says:

    Morning Fellas, 🙂

    I would have Bale at Arsenal — it’s only a self confessed mis-judgement by Arsene that stopped him taking him from S’hampton.

  57. kelsey says:

    Is that inside info, oh the one with the red arse 😉

  58. Red Arse says:

    It is, Kelsey, absolutely a cast iron rumour, and good morning to you! 🙂

    It came from an Oracle I knew, a very respected source of info who lived in Spain but came back to the UK recently.

    Let me see his name was ermm, now what was it? I think it started with a K …… never mind it will come to me — I know he had lots of silvery hair!!! 😀

  59. RockyLives says:

    Morning All
    Sanogo as the new Anelka? That’ll do for me!

    Whatever happened to Joel Campbell? Still on loan somewhere, presumably.

    Monkeyboy had a great season but… and I’m probably in a minority of one here… I’m not sure he is going to be as effective again. He’ll remain a decent player put I can’t see him having another season like the one he had last year.

    Obviously I’d love us to get him just to enjoy the Spud fury.

  60. Red Arse says:

    Good morning ‘minority of one’ 🙂

    Actually, reading Randy’s comment I am sure you are not alone in your view.

    Me? I think he is a cut above — altho, I am probably a minority of one. Oops, can you have two minority of ones? 🙂

  61. RockyLives says:

    Come on Redders,
    Bale is OK, but he’s Walcott or Mertesacker 🙂

  62. RockyLives says:

    *no Walcott or Mertesacker

  63. Big Raddy says:

    RA. You are correct, I am with Rocky on this.

    I believe we have seen a one season miracle equivalent to a chimpanzee writing Hamlet.

    It happens, but is highly unlikely to happen twice

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning all.

    New improved DidIt at the helm. One day in training, and he’s fit as a racehorse and sleek as a gazelle.


    You certainly know how to push my button. Love it, thanks. For me, everything strikerwise across Europe depends on the destination of Cavani, as he appears top target for Chavs as well as Madrid.

    No Cavani to Madrid, and it could be no Hig to Arsenal. Many irons I would imagine are in many fires, and we The Arsenal, will not be alone.

    Not pointing any of me fingers at any individual player, but I reckon a drug test here, or in particular there ( 🙂 ), may prove interesting. The Sport cannot be clean.

  65. Gooner In Exile says:

    I wasn’t referring to him…..honest!!

    Chas I am in full agreement……Kelsey the following two statements from Gazidis do not compute:

    “We can spend, we will spend, we want trophies”

    “Arsene has one year left and we hope he continues”

    If he and the board want the first, then Arsene is blocking them, then why would they want Arsene to stay on?

    I think Mr Gazidis aims to placate fans and gain sponsors with his words.

  66. Rasp says:

    Its ridiculous to get upset at the signing of Sanogo. He’s one for the future and at least we won’t have to send him abroad on loan – added to that he looks like a very good player. The signing of Sanogo will have no bearing on our pursuit of a top striker.

    I’d lay a bet with anyone that Sanogo gets at least 3 goals in the C1 cup and FA cup games.

  67. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Isn’t that Gazidis’s job?

  68. Rasp says:

    I sincerely hope the stories of the spuds signing Paulinho are false, he’s a hell of a player. If we fail (or are even interested??) in getting Fellaini, then Paulinho would be just the kind of player that would bring a strong physical dimension to our midfield.

  69. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    News this morning that Arsenal have been knocked back in a £19 million bid for Lars Bender.

    My sources tell me that all was agreed including transfer fee, personal terms and the medical was successfully passed. However, the stumbling block came when Bender was handed the No. 52 shirt and a bottle of Tippex.

  70. kelsey says:

    Excuse my ignorance but who have we sold Bedtner to for 3 million ?(reported on ACLF)
    Djourou is now off on a one year loan so where do we actually stand with Chamakh and Park.
    Also if we do buy a 20 million =+player or 2 to show our intent how much is usually put down as a so called deposit and over what period is the transfer usually paid off, as though I ead we were prepared to buy the whole amount upfront for the Ardentinian that is not normally the case.
    My point is that if the money available is say 70 million and we buy quality players to strengthen the overall squad, and win the odd trophy, that would more than offset any initial tanfer fees in the first year or so plus the saving of wages from the considerable amount of players we have released/sold/loan.

  71. evonne says:

    amazing things how drugs can alter minds : DidIt about himself ‘fit as a racehorse and sleek as a gazelle’, next he will think he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee

    Rasp – you have a bet, £100 even money

    Kenny Rogers with new teeth in Glastonbury.

  72. Rasp says:

    Ok evonne – you’re on 😛

  73. evonne says:

    you are ignorant Kelsey! you don’t know there Nik is going! pssshhhh…..think big, think Barca

  74. evonne says:

    Rasp – you meant 3 goals in each competition?

  75. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Evonne, “think big, think Barca”, think bigger, think ….Norwich City! 😀

  76. Rasp says:

    No evonne, I meant a total of 3 goals in all competitions 😕 … which incidentally would put him equal 8th in the list of goalscorers based on this season’s tally

  77. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Gotta go,

    Grand children’s school sportsday, hope the rain holds off.

  78. mickydidit89 says:


    I’m on double the dosage the likes of Lance Armstrong could ever dream of.

  79. mickydidit89 says:

    Right, back in the saddle, although sadly, the work one.

  80. kelsey says:

    Are you on the happy pils again, evonne 🙂

  81. evonne says:

    sorry Rasp, the bet if off 🙂 Even I could score 3 in all competitions 🙂

    gazelle – i’ll have some of the gear

  82. Great post Rocky, I would also love to see Torres at Arsenal and think he’s just the player for Arsene to work some magic on.

  83. New Post ………………..

  84. evonne says:

    no Kelsey, but gazelle will get me some on his next ‘holidays’ up north

  85. An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment. I think
    that you should publish more on this subject, it might not be a taboo matter but typically people do not discuss such issues.
    To the next! Many thanks!!

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