Hey, here’s a crazy thought.

We all know the Premier League will have oodles of extra cash from next season due to the extra TV money coming in, you know the adverts running for a certain company with the dutch skunk fronting their campaign. The one with a slow-mo shot of the traitorous Judas performing a bicycle kick .

Every club will gain more revenue, while we at the Arsenal will soon have extra revenue from better commercial deals coming through also, yet something bothers me about that.

The automatic assumption made is that more money coming in means better buying power in the transfer market but therein lies the rub.

The extra revenue is going to go straight into the hands of agents, and their clients, and effectively out of the game and into prestige car dealerships and retailers of bling and various other “tasteful” accoutrements of success – hell, you could even splash out on jewellery from Big time Bendtner’s N3 range.


Now call me a wide-eyed reactionary but how about if all the Premier League clubs got to together to agree ticket price reductions so that hard pressed, and not so well off, supporters can afford to go to the games?

It’s often being said that attendances are falling at many grounds with the Grove seeing less than full attendance compared to the situation 5 or 6 years ago.

If ticket prices are reduced to any extent surely the positive PR and the extra atmosphere created by the fully occupied ground would help to bridge some of the disconnect I see merging between the players(and potentially the Clubs) and supporters ?

As the difference between what players and supporters earn reaches inter dimensional distances the growing resentment at underperforming players can only be exacerbated by the jaw-dropping wages they earn and anticipated rises in weekly wages(anyone on a deal less than £120k/week will seem like a pauper).

You’ve all heard the shouts from the lower tiers “You get £80k a week and you can’t even kick the ball straight !!” and then “Now you’ve got your new contract you can’t be arsed to put in half the effort you did before !!”, these being the expletive deleted versions as this is a family blog.

Being one of the resident AA bean counters I’m well aware that player wage inflation is simply a reaction to supply and demand, but wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace if for once extra money coming into football went back to those people who are the lifeblood of the game?

Namely us, the supporters ?

By Charybdis1966

41 Responses to Hey, here’s a crazy thought.

  1. Dick Swiveller says:

    Now THAT is an idea.

    I fear that the positive PR would never be seen to outweigh the potential gain from taking more money but I agree that it’s exactly the kind of thing the game as a whole needs.

  2. Wilshere's leg pin says:

    Totally agree. I had to give up my season ticket a few seasons back due to financial restraints, now when I buy a ticket I fail to see the value in a £35 ticket to watch us struggle against stoke or Norwich.

    Also feel a wage cap needs to be introduced as some of the figures being bandied about for wages are just ludicrous. At least with a cap players may actually go to clubs for footballing reasons!

  3. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    Great idea Chary, but it will never happen.

    Even with all the money swilling about in top level football those top level clubs are all carrying unsustainable levels of debt. FFP will make not a jot of difference, players and their parasites, sorry, agents will continue to milk the clubs for every penny they can get while the clubs will pass on the benefit by screwing the fans.

    Call me an old cynic if you like but I can’t see any hope of football getting cheaper for the fans.

  4. Morning all, this was a 5 minute response to a plaintive plea for a post during the week from Peachy, but luckily a proper post from Big & Randy saved the day.

    NG – of course this will never happen, that’s why I called it a crazy idea. Our hard earned cash will continue to go to the back pockets of players and their front bottom parasitically-linked agents.

    You don’t have to be a cynic, old or otherwise, to know the money men would never entertain the idea of an altruistic gesture for the greater good of the game.

    Agreed JW leg pin and D Swiveller – but I’d just thought I’d put the idea out; I’m sure it’s not just me who feels this way.

  5. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning Chary, it would be lovely to see but just as market forces dictate player wages they also dictate ticket prices. Any lowering of the price would see more touts than already take up a number if tickets to sell on at a premium, clearly this is a risk for the touts but one they can take due to inflated prices that people are prepared to pay.

    As a red member I can’t buy tickets until late on, most are available in the upper tiers, yet Matchday comes and watching at home you see empty seats scattered throughout the lower tier, how many have decided on that morning they are not coming, how many are in the hands of touts not able to sell, and how many by selfish ST holders who can’t be arsed to use Ticket Exchange?

    I would like to see the club do a few things…..reduce prices in the back of the Upper, £45-£60 for Cat B games is not necessarily good value, they could even the prices with the lower tier lifting those slightly and reducing the Upper.

    Example ticket in LT £35, same game upper tier £53. That’s a big leap when you add in travel etc, why not increase LT to £40 and reduce UT to £45. That would benefit more fans.

    Going back to Market Forces I visited Wigan away back in 2010 at Christmas, they were advertising a special deal. £100 for the remaining home games (10 of them). Now that’s bloody good value but they play to a half empty stadium so it’s necessity not any sense of community/fan support.

    Now if we could increase the capacity of the Emirates by oh I don’t know…..introducing Safe Standing as they have in Germany we could get maybe 20000 more bodies through the door, those would be added to 20000 fans that were paying £35 in LT. So make it £20 to stand….club wins, fans win. And a better atmosphere will probably also be created.

  6. In an ideal world, what I was thinking GiE was that perhaps the extra TV money would come with a stipulation that a percentage of it would be used to reduce ticket prices.

    I know, I’m a dreamer, still I see the disconnect between club-players/fans growing ever wider.

  7. Good post, CharyB…

    I’d like to add a little, but can’t right now… awkward time restraints (cooking, eating, etc)… not only re the price of ticketing, but TV money too (that’s affecting my neck of the woods, big time!).

    German football mentioned (again)…
    I have a (recent) picture in my computer footy files that might just make GIE (and others) think twice re “safe standing” – makes me shudder…

    Later, perhaps, if I can produce it for you (jpeg). Where’s Chas when you need him?

  8. kelsey says:

    Firstly I have to say that as I don’t attend matches anymore it is hard to grasp if the fan is getting value for money not in the performance on the pitch but the state of the art stadium, accessibility and general ambiance .
    Of course in a 60000 crowd there are going to be people from all walks of life on different income levels etc, but that has always been the case.
    The averae house price in London is now 500K and the national salary average is 22/24 K .

    What would happen in theory if Spurs or Chelsea built a new ground. Firstly it would cost a lot more than we paid and with inflation what would their ticket prices be ?
    I often here that we pay the highest ticket prices but that is always linked to the trophy drought since we moved.

    It’s a hard one to call and I fully appreciate if a father wants to take his wife and/or a couple of kids to a game and travel is also a major cost it becomes an enormous expensive to Joe Bloggs.

    I believe when the plans were drawn up for the stadium the club were looking for a 70000 + stadium but the council restricted it to 60000 for Health and Safety.

    With regards to our wage bill it is too late to change but all players should be on a basic depending on age,time at club and experience and a bonus incentive built in based on results.
    Agents should talk directly to the club not the player as most players aren’t that bright and can be swayed by agents to their own advantage

  9. GunnerN5 says:


    We now live in a consumer society where supply and demand statistics rule the roost. When the demand is high the supply will be both low and costly, when it’s low the supply is high and the cost is commensurately lower.

    I used this example previously, but to emphasise the point I will use it again. The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won either a divisional title or a Stanley Cup since 1967 – 46 long, long years. However the arena is sold out for every single game, even when they wallow at the bottom of their division. It’s all down to demand, which is always high, season tickets are guarded like gold dust.

    This just goes to prove, in at least this instance, that it’s not results/trophies that create demand, it’s more down to the popularity of both the team and the sport.

    The price of a seat does not affect the demand, tickets to games are one of the most sought after commodities in lower Ontario.

  10. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Hi GN5,

    I’m not in any way intending to denigrate the quality of Toronto Maple Leafs or Canadian sport in general, but when you consider football in London the competition for fans is quite intense. I don’t know the situation in Toronto, but perhaps there is not the variety of sporting events to attract the locals.

    Last season there were five London clubs in the premiership, four in the championship, one in League One and three in both League Two and the Conference. Fans have a wide choice of teams to support and the same goes for other major cities in the UK.

    Another factor is that a large proportion of the populations of our major cities are immigrant and most have no cultural allegiance to football, let alone to individual clubs.

    I’m really not sure where I am going with this theme but it does seem to me that the clubs are going to have to work much harder in the future to continue to attract, or improve, their present levels of support.

    Perhaps it’s time to think the unthinkable, wage caps, adopting the draft system widely used in North America, or simply penalising clubs that do not keep their expenditure within the bounds of their income. As Mr. Micawber said “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six, result misery.”

  11. Gooner In Exile says:

    If only our bankers had read Dickens!!!

    On Toronto it’s population is around 2.5m (I guess living within City and not taking into account the suburbs).

    London is 8.1m……also according to wiki 50% of Toronto is not Canadian born whereas 37% non British born in London.

    But at those kind of populations and with only around 250,000 tickets available across 38 games in the capital not counting those travelling from outside city walls it is not difficult to see that demand will always exist.

  12. Norfolk Gooner says:


    If only our bankers could read and write!!! 🙂

  13. LB says:

    Thanks for the read Chary.

  14. Big Raddy says:

    Chary. Thanks for the post.

    I feel clubs have lost the plot since Sky arrived. There is no connection between the players and the fans nor with the club.

    We have become customers and I fear there will be a backlash resulting in a number of clubs going out of business.

  15. RockyLives says:

    Rasp, Peaches
    I’m afraid there’s a local wifi failure so I haven’t been able to upload a Post.

    Hopefully someone can come to the rescue!

  16. Thanks for the comments chaps – I realise I’m pi***ng in the wind with this forlorn hope of mine, mainly for the reasons carefully explained by N5,
    I’m a big believer in little pebbles causing ripples and if even one person “gets” what I mean by the disconnect, as hinted by Big & Randy, then it was worth me putting the idea out.

    Right, off now to dream of an Argentine Higgy-baby joining us.

  17. Shard says:

    Watching Spain v Uruguay. Feeling sleepy. Went to Cambridge today, and it happened to be what is informally known as ‘suicide Sunday’when the term exams end. Good fun.

    I’m unable to string much of a coherent thought here, but I support the idea of some of the money coming in, going towards subsidising fans. But this is sadly, never going to happen. At least till there are enough people willing to pay the money.

    P.S. Evonne. I read your message to me on yesterday’s post. I would be very happy to meet you. Mind you, a lower age is no guarantee of not being boring 🙂

  18. chas says:

    Interesting thought, Chary.

    As you say, far too many pigs’ snouts to be dipped in the trough before we, the supporters, got any benefit from the cash boost.

  19. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks Chary

    Rather depressingly, Raddy mirrors my thoughts in his comment about the Sky money.

    The empty seats have nothing to do with ticket prices as games are sold out, simply stinky attitudes.

    Having made the connection between the advent of sky money, the new football fan simply represents society and that stinks.

    I would definitely no longer attend live football games if it weren’t for Mates.

  20. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Gossip related thought. I read that Benzema and Ribery are in the dock soon to face charges of having sex with an under aged girl.

    If guilty, it’s off to the slammer. If I were Madrid manager, I wouldn’t go juggling my strikers until I knew the outcome of that one.

  21. MickyDidIt89 says:

    If we are postless today, can we do a poll about people’s positional strengthening priorities for the window.

    I’ll pen the frilly bits, but we need a Rasp.

  22. Big Raddy says:

    Micky 6.45. That is a very sad state of affairs. Hopefully an exaggeration.

    Though the mates aspect is undoubtedly a major attraction, Arsenal is still “my tribe”, and even if I were the only person in the stadium, if I could be there – I would be there.

  23. Big Raddy says:

    Get the frilly bits done and if Rasp isn’t around we can have a discussion.

  24. chas says:

    Morning, Sir Michael of Thomashood.
    We may have had something similar wrapped up in another poll post, but I’m sure no-one would notice (especially us goldfish 🙂 ).
    Must go.

  25. MickyDidIt89 says:


    No exaggeration. Every game, I have to listen to someone who thinks one of our players is a f’ing c… because he made one small mistake.

    The level of vitriol and anger that these fans think they have the right to hurl at other human beings is obscene.

    20 yrs ago, sure there were boo boys and and f’ing and blinding, and I’m totally happy with that, but now it’s a different ball game.

    I’d say we have the worst home fans, or very close, although having said that I know fans of Utd and Chelsea who have stopped going.

    Anyway, enough doom, gossip…. 🙂

  26. Big Raddy says:

    A positive …. at least we do’t have to worry about getting our heads kicked in!

    A quick scout around Newsnow … same old, same old. Higuian closer (they write this stuff so the can say Arsenal “lost” the player to …..), No Rooney, some African bloke , Fellaini too expensive, a South American we have never heard of, a French fellow staying at his club.

    That’s it.

  27. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Frilly bits done and sent. If Rasp is not about, it could go up as is. I’m off in a minute.

  28. LB says:

    Not much to get excited about there but hey ho:

    Diaby’s return will be like a new signing.

  29. Big Raddy says:

    LB. So true….

  30. I don’t like the Nani rumour, I really don’t. He is a front bottom, cannot stand him.
    We don ‘t even need him, nay, it’s pure rubbish. We could do with a goalie, defenders and a finisher, not a circus acrobat

  31. Big Raddy says:

    FT. I agree entirely. What do we need a detestable sub-Michael Jackson clone for?

    Our recent signing of a MU cast-off’ didn’t go well. Actually, I cannot think of a single player who came to us from MU who flourished.

  32. Raddy – Wayne will change that trend 🙂

  33. Rasp says:

    Morning guys, am I to assume Micky is writing a post for today to which you require me to add a poll?

  34. MickyDidIt89 says:

    If selected, you’re going to love my wee offering of a post, as I’ve said we don’t need defenders or a goalie 🙂

  35. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Do get with it, I sent it an hour ago 🙂

  36. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh Evonne,
    I cannot see us matching Colleen’s wage demands. Rightly so.
    Her Wayne is a very effective footballer, but if she wants her man to earn 200k+ I doubt that will be at The Arsenal.

  37. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    forget about Rooney I just feel that if we let Kos go, though I understand they are just rumours there will be blue murder.
    I was not impressed with Caeser playing for Brazil, any thoughts

  38. Micky – no good for Colleen having all that money in places where you cannot spend it. She knows where the best shopping malls are, Esses me dear, Essex

  39. MickyDidIt89 says:

    And there was me thinking she sees herself as more Bond Street than Lakeside.
    Think you’re probably right.

  40. Big Raddy says:


    If Fatboy comes to THOF I will eat something unpleasant

  41. Rasp says:

    Apologies for the confusion Micky … I’m so busy at the moment I don’t have the time to dedicate to AA that I would like.

    ……. New post ……..

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