A day spoilt ………….

Last week we were accused of not being even-handed and not allowing all views to be expressed without attack. The following was a comment that Spectrum posted this morning that I have reproduced for discussion. 

This is a worrying time for many supporters and as such we have witnessed some in fighting, please blog with each other with respect and remember that we are all Gunners.


As my catchphrase cuts too close to the bone for many on here and upsets them so, I’ll make a concession and dispense with it. But only for this site.

I see my posts caused a bit of angst and controversy. I regret upsetting the equilibrium that you like to admirably maintain, but do understand this – I have firm opinions on our club because I feel passionately about it. And of course you know by now that I am a fierce critic of Wenger, whilst nevertheless still acknowledging and appreciating what he HAS done for us in the PAST.

Some of you say I have only negative things to say, but that is because looking at our long time and continuing decline,( which only gets worse ), leads me to no other conclusion. In that tomstoned and I are of similar mindset. We don’t believe in sugar coating those negatives, being in denial about them, or blaming the press, bad referees, or other influences whenever the fault lies with us.

Tomstoned made some sensible comments, but I see the same type of abuse and put downs were thrown at him as well, simply for being candid in his assessments and observations. Or for having an opinion which deviates from the norm * – *( you have to admit that this is mostly a Wenger sympathetic blog, after all ).

As he also said, being truthful, however much it hurts for some to hear, doesn’t mean you love the club any less. I’d go further than that. It shows you love the club even MORE. Because anyone who really cares, would feel a sense of duty to highlight where and how we’re going so wrong. This is my perspective. And so many of you confuse criticism with disloyalty.

You want me to be positive ? Okay. Jack Wilshere is by far our most consistent and hardworking player. He has the right attitude and will one day make a terrific captain. We have Arteta who is Mr. Reliable. And Cazorla, though a proven cheat* ( *being honest again ) has been one of our better signings. We have a new stadium, manageable debt, first class training facilities,and on the surface APPEAR to be well managed financially.

So why then, are we consistently failing on and off the pitch YEAR AFTER YEAR ?

Why is Gazidis rewarded with a bonus for overseeing an operating loss ? I thought only bankers were rewarded for incompetence !

Why do we not invest in the team ? Why do we sell our best player to our ( former ) rivals, who then goes on to help them establish a now 21 point lead over us and is AGAIN the league’s top scorer ?

Why is the board tolerating a man who is on the highest footballing salary in Europe ( or the world ), just to achieve the bare minimum – which is to qualify for the champions league ? Who is responsible for our lopsided wages policy ?

How come we sign dozens of kids, most of which don’t fulfill their potentia,l and many of which we end up sending out on loan whilst we STILL pay their ridiculously inflated salaries ?

Explain why our defence has progressively shipped more goals each season for the last five years, yet Wenger refused to bring in a specialist defensive coach. There are many more examples, but time doesn’t permit me to list them all.

We see the same pattern of failure and underachievement each season, yet many of you still act as his apologist. Blaming everything from bad luck to poor pitches to lack of funds or the colour of the match day programme. It’s time we reclaimed our Arsenal from the control of a greedy unambitious board, and a manager who if he had any self respect left, would have admitted he can do no more for the club despite “doing his best “. Because there are occasions when your best just isn’t enough.

Written by Spectrum

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  1. The font says:

    We finished third behind the biggest club in the world and the richest club in the world and in front of the champions league winners in your own words with players who are not up to much that makes WENGER A. GENIUS

  2. Morning all, so no match report today ?

    I settled down to listen the match commentary a bit late and found we were already a man down when Kozzer got himself sent off early, something I think hew has done before, although not as early as the 10th minute ? After that I followed the game by twitter and things got a tad heated one could say.

    It sounded to me we switched off for both goals and Shitty didn’t really need a moment of brilliance to score either time, inept clueless defending cost us.

    The only positives were Jack’s fighting spirit and Ramsey showing us what he could do in his preferred CM position, why he predominantly gets stuck out on the wing I can’t fathom.

    Moving on to today;’s post and I must start by clarifying I didn’t mean to imply by my stance on today’s headline post writer any criticism of this blogs governors(Raspers & Peachy) as they were as even handed as possible given the high emotions running lately; running a blog is a time-consuming labour of love when things are going smoothly let alone when there is the odd hiccup.

    fro me the club has been declining in regards of squad strength incrementally for the last 5 years as key players have departed(for varying reasons) and been replaced by inferior quality players although to be honest I expected us to drop out of the top 4 last year rather than this as we got lucky with VanJudas playing out of his skin and staying injury free to get us out of jail.

    This season I am resigning myself to a Europa spot and the resultant banter OK will get from Spuds as they could well be the team to replace us.

    My position on the sale of VanJudas is probably clear to everyone here and while I appreciate the difficulties in keeping a player who wants to leave I feel sad that we, as a club, had no influence on where he went after he left the club that nurtured him through his development and injury problems.

    The fact that we don’t spend the transfer cash available to make me feel uneasy in that AFC are being fattened up for sale at their highest share value(low loans, high cash) by an owner who I believe has been seen predominantly as a businessman who is involved in sports franchises purely as investment vehicles.

    Of course we don’t expect any corporation to tell their “customers” their strategic plans and my gut feeling about he club’s direction is only the opinion of an uninformed blogger who looks in from the outside and tries to make sense of or downward spiral for the last 5-6 years. some of the results we’ve seen this season have been new lows for us and could scarcely have been seen as possible around 2005.

    Pinning out hopes on a vigorous and full blooded implementation of FFP is a high risk strategy if we hope to continue to play in the upper echelons of European football; I fear we are heading for an era of mid table mediocrity.

    No matter, AFC as a club will survive and move onto better times, the most we can do is stick together and ride out the storm, however long that will last for.

    UTA !


    Interesting read, but blow all that, I`m more interested in Cloudbase. Seeing as you live there , any chance of getting me Captain Scarlets autograph and a date with one of the Angels, I`m not fussed, anyone will do, if I had a preference it would be Destiny, but wouldn`t mind the five of them !. hahaha


  4. Zimmerdine Z, that reminds me, Gerry Anderson, R.I.P.

  5. The font says:

    If anybody thinks wenger wanted van persi to leave they need to have there head examined ( IMHO ).however the club owes us an explanation why he was sold to a rival . and who made that decision
    We understand he wanted to leave and i understand the monetary value but it was a catastrophic decision which has turned a small proportion of the faithful against wenger .which effects the team when they play at the emirates Kompany. Rooney bale. John terry
    Would never be allowed to join us we need answers to put harmony back into the emirates

  6. VCC says:

    Zimmerdine Zimdane………you tinker 😉

  7. I liked first season Space 1999 the most Zimm, excellent production values and thought provoking stories usually, the second season was tosh, but then the guy who made the final season of Star Trek tosh was in charge(Fred Frieburger) was in charge for the second season.

  8. dandan says:

    As an Arsenal fan I am at a loss to understand how one can claim “I want my Arsenal back” when I neither have the shares or the where with all to purchase sufficient shares to make that eventuality possible.

    I am also aware that the cost to me of all those years following the Arsenal, although expensive by average standards are just a drop in the ocean when judged against the cost of ownership.

    I may be wrong and I apologise if I am but i believe the author lives abroad and thereby has probably not contributed as much as many on here who recognise quite rightly that the club is their passion but has never been theirs to own or lose.

    AW has contributed much to my enjoyment of the Arsenal experience
    and at the same time solidified the clubs position as a viable entity. Bad enough that we have to endure the sensational burbling of modern day media without some fans themselves throwing their toys out of their prams in the mistaken belief that we have a right to do better than we are.

    Ours is a proud record, success is cyclical and as GN5 has demonstrated in his recent posts, we are lucky to have enjoyed sharing in the reflected glory of success way beyond the expectations of most of our rivals.

    By all means be my guest and wear your black scarf, rather that, than continuing to debase the red and white scarf I have owned with such pride ever since my mother knitted it, some 60 years ago.

  9. Gooner In Exile says:

    I always support the ones I love, can’t help it it’s a default position, that’s why the club always has my support.

    The one thing I won’t stand is lack of effort on the pitch, and yesterday I don’t think we saw that. What we saw was a team that was totally confused by losing Kozzer so early, we need leaders no doubt, but who would have thought Vermaelen wasn’t a leader until he actually took the armband, we missed the experienced head of Arteta yesterday although I still don’t think there is enough around him to help him in those situations.

    As for Van Persie, should the club have given him a new improved deal at end of 2010, when his previous 6 seasons had given us 131 league appearances and 48 goals just what would the reaction have been?

    My guess similar to the reaction Diaby new contracts get.

  10. Rasp says:

    It was my idea to put up Spectrum’s comment for the post today .. for two reasons.

    1.Peaches and I are really busy and no one was forthcoming with a match report.

    2. The recent accusations that we were not as open to alternative views as we purport to be have caused some in fighting and misunderstanding between good Arsenal supporters.

    Spectrum has had his say. I hope we can debate his points sensibly and continue in the future to uphold standards on the site.

  11. Before I read the post I have to reply to spectrum

    How am I in denial? I said it was a stupid comment which it blatantly is. Pires, Henry, Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Messi (to name a few) are cheats but you wouldn’t want any of them in our team would you? What the fuck does it have to do with anything?

  12. Adrian says:

    A bit off topic, but this is simply embarrassing. Brings a bad name to every gunner.

  13. GiE – I think strengthening our direct competitor is the worst possible thing that could have happened, but the lure of £24m was too much for the club.

    A lot of the blame is rightly due on VanJudas’ head as he wanted a move(remember his 4 July declaration of independence to “you guys”) but just think, would Funguscum allow his top scorer to go to us ?

    AFC showed no back bone in the whole scenario and same of the eventual decision items from Wenger’s philosophy that “if a player is unhappy you can’t argue with that ”

    Player happiness is a transitory thing, Shrek made a similarly trecherous statement a few seasons back but he stayed so if we had shown a bit more nous was there not a possibility he wouldn’t now be helping our most bitter rivals to have 21 points more than us ?

    I’m sorry if I keep banging on about Van Judas but his sale to ManUre was the tipping point for me – whoever was responsible for allowing that to happen couldn’t have done anything more injurious to the club.

  14. Adrian
    On Twitter someone pointed out that all the girls thought nasri deserved everything he got in that video (I haven’t watched it) but all the men were upset.

  15. dandan says:

    GIE sorry I have not been around to join in the regulars joy at the birth of a potentially new Gooner. So congratulations to you and your good Lady as you start on a new journey with your lad, that will no doubt give you more fun than the Arsenal has ever done.
    I wonder if your poor dad realises yet, how his wallet will suffer at the hands of your mum as she spoils her new baby far more than she ever did you. 🙂

  16. Gooner In Exile says:

    DD that sit is sublime ….. Chapeau

  17. Chary
    there are 2 schools of thought about the dutch twat.

    1, he wanted to go and £24M instead of letting him go for free next year was impossible to turn down. He also published his statement that made it hard for him to stay

    2, We could of made him stay and lost him for free next summer, If we’d done that we probably would at least qualify for the CL which is looking doubtful now. Not qualifying will cost us upwards of £35M so maybe it would have been worth it.

    It’s worth mentioning that in Cologne he was getting slated by all the English gooners and was booed when he came on.

  18. dandan
    spoken like a man that’s been there and bought the t shirt.

    My youngest has gone to uni in Manchester. I never seem to be able to speak to him unless he asks me for money. He doesn’t even say “hi Dad how are you?” before he asks for it.

  19. BTW spectrum your catchphrase doesn’t “cut too close to the bone” it’s just stupid and unnecessary. Who do you think you are Tommy Cooper?

  20. goonerjake says:


    You miss the point, this is not a pro wenger site in my opinion. It is a pro Arsenal site. The only way to improve is to support what you have. Now rumours abound that their are splits within the squad different factions if you will, but us supporters need to be one, get behind the team the manager and the club, critisise players and managers if you want… but its not for me. I know you did not use your catchphrase but ill use arsenals and mine VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY. To me you seem to want to rally support to the non support of the current team and manager and that is damaging.

    The above is only my opinion of course.

  21. dandan says:

    Michael, one day you will find that Grand Children cost more than your kids, I have two at uni at present they like your lad ” believe I am Loaded” 😦

  22. Everard mind that door, You are awful but I like you, Just like that, It’s the way I tell em, You’ll like this. not a lot, Boom boom, In Arsene we rust. No sorry, it doesn’t do it for me

  23. I better start making some money then 🙂

  24. Red Arse says:

    I did not join in the ‘debate’ the other day, because it was a pointless re-run of previous hectoring visits from the author.

    However, I was very angry at a serious and unjustifiable charge from a long time regular AA blogger to others on here who did respond, that they were ‘ganging up’ on the visitor.

    I would be interested to learn what justification there could possibly be for that comment.

  25. Adrian says:

    Watch it and tell me it isn’t disgraceful and unclassy, imagine what other fans will think of us Arsenal fans after seeing that. It portrays the wrong image of us fans and leaves a bad taste to anyone watching it. As much as I dislike Nasri there is a line that needs to be drawn and harassing him in public in that manner was just embarrassing.

  26. 26may1989 says:

    Morning everyone.

    Since I said Spectrum should be treated with respect if he toned down the invective, I’m happy to respond to what he’s posted (though I’ll also come back on yesterday’s match shortly). I’m also happy to welcome Spectrum to carry on posting in this sort of vein.

    In decline? Yes, I’d agree with that. Two spots at the top table have been bought using the oil zillions of Russia and Abu Dhabi. But looking at the last two to three years (when our stadium financing ceased to be an issue), we have gone backwards, at least relative to our new competition, Spurs and Everton.

    Has there been bad luck along the way? Yes, I make no apologies for saying we’ve suffered more than anyone else due to injuries and bad refereeing. But that’s not enough to excuse the now chronic failure of the players, manager and coaches at Arsenal to produce what they can on the pitch. I can accept not being the best, that is after all the default position of Arsenal and pretty much every club outside the world’s real elite (which, to my mind, is made up of United, Bayern, Real and Barca). But what all of us struggle to stomach is a failure of players to try their hardest and use what ability they have to best effect. And that, sorry to say, is happening too often now. Whether that’s because the manager is no longer good enough, the players are scared, the fans are too negative, the board are complacent or whatever, we can only debate, but that has become a defining feature of our club, and that is simply not aceptable.

    Gazidis: I agree, I don’t understand how he can be paid so much for a job that is (a) not that hard (being CEO of a relatively small organisation with a largely locked-in client-base and a source of income that is largely driven by a third party (i.e. the PL’s TV rights negotiations)) and (b) is not done that well (see the operating loss). I quite like Gazidis when I see him interviewed, but I don’t see much by way of real achievement. The real test for Gazidis and his boss is how and when they deal with the question of managerial succession. More than anything else, that is their job – much of the rest of the club’s operation can be left to the manager and others, but dealing with that crucial question of the club’s key employee is what Kroenke and Gazdisi are (or should be) there for.

    Investment: Spending isn’t everything (Torres, Schevchenko, Adebayor, Arshavin, Modric, Veron, just a few random names of big money failures). And I wouldn’t ever want the club to have spent money it hasn’t got, which is why I will always consider 2004-2010 to be a period major success for Wenger’s Arsenal. But we absolutely should use the resources we have to help the team get to the best standard it can, and that is not what is happening right now. We’ve become such damaged goods that signing quality players is no longer an easy thing to do, and it’s not the panacea. But one of the main reasons we’ve lost our best players over the last few years is that they’ve lost patience waiting for high quality recruits to be made. Some (e.g. Nasri) have used that as an excuse, but in the case of others (van Persie, Fabregas), frankly it’s fair enough.

    Defensive coach: None of us knows what happens on the training pitch, or what it takes to train players, so I don’t see how we can begin to dignose the problems on training, still less how to deal with them. The defensive coach thing is just a fashionable thing to beat Wenger up with. Much more meaningful is the suggestion from recently departed players (e.g. Fabregas, Song, Bendtner) that their training is much more demanding and better at their new clubs.

    Like Spectrum, I recognise that there is quality in the squad, but there isn’t as much as there used to be. And so many of the young players we all talked about a few years ago as being the future have, one way or another, not worked out (e.g., Ramsey (so far), Denilson, Bendtner, Djourou, Nasri, Clichy, Vela, Song, even the likes of Emmanuel-Thomas, Nordtveit and Wellington). I don’t blame the club for the selections of those young players, no-one can know whether a brilliant teenager is going to blossom, and we do have Jack and a few others, but the fact remains that just to stand still (or rather, minimise the decline) we’ve needed to buy in older players, like Arteta, Cazorla and Vermaelen.

    We are truly at a moment of change for the club. We don’t need to denigrate the era-defining achievements of our great manager, but he’s trapped, and in my opinion can no longer take us forward, largely because there is now such a negative spirit in the stands and on the pitch. I will never, ever criticise the man whom I have to thank for 17 years of enjoyment, though I will criticise individual decisions. But the time has come for change.

  27. Red Arse says:


    Come off it — you are loaded!! 😀

    Every time you go missing from AA it turns out you have been on some luxury cruise to hither or thither!! 🙂

    Your grandkids have their granddad sussed! 🙂

  28. evonne says:

    Spectrum – I have already responded to your comment in the previous post: Would you like a medal for the first para? Or kick up the arse for calling Santi a cheat? Very strange comment from someone who calls for truths

  29. GunnerN5 says:

    GM – Three Tommy Cooper classics.


    I went to the doctors. He said ‘I’d like you to lie on the couch’.
    I said ‘What for?’
    He said ‘I’d like to sweep the floor’

    I went to the doctors. He said ‘What appears to be the problem?’.
    I said ‘I keep having the same dream, night after night, beautiful girls rushing towards me and I keep pushing them away’.
    He said ‘How can I help?’.
    I said ‘Break my arms!’

    I went to the doctor the other day,
    I said ‘it hurts when I do that’
    he said ‘ well don’t do it’

  30. Did anyone hear where Wenger was blaming the home crowd for making the team timid ? Maybe he feels the crowd has turned against him and/or the team.

    26 – like you I feel it’s irrational to undermine what Wenger did achieve but I also think he is not the man to take us forward as he is too rigid and has displayed an inability to adapt to football in now.

  31. dandan says:

    RA 😦

  32. GunnerN5 says:


    “Ganging up” could also be described as “having someones back” and a lot of “regulars” tend to protect each other – and that could be construed as “Ganging up”

  33. 26may1989 says:

    Yesterday: very poor first half performance, good second half performance. It was the right call to award the penalty but I’m not convinced Kos should have been, because I’m not convinced that Dzeko was really denied an obvious goal-scoring opportunity – I’m not convinced he would have been able to reach and control the ball, and once Kos was stupid enough to put his arms around him, Dzeko looked very keen to go down. But the fact remains that the referee’s decision was reasonable, based as it was on one view.

    That was a disaster, even with Szczesny’s excellent save, but we failed to man up after that. We allowed City to move their game 20 yards up the pitch and keep us under enough pressure near our goal that goals were bound to follow. And the failure of the midfielders to concentrate and press the ball from the moment of the free-kick to the scoring of the first goal was really woeful.

    But City allowed us to get back into the game in the second half, and we did show some mettle. The critical moment I thought was Giroud’s miss from the free header – get that one and we’d have had enough time to go for an equaliser.

    I agree with Exile that we really missed Arteta yesterday, partly for his strength of character but also to have a CM who can receive and give the ball efficiently under pressure. Too often City were able to use their spare man to press everything high up the pitch.

    One other thing: Milner’s failure to give the ball back properly when the game was stopped in the middle of one of our attacks shows the class of his club. I.e., none.

  34. 26may1989 says:

    * “I’m not convinced Kos should have been sent off”


  35. Another thing that annoyed me was Arteta’s injury, I brought up the issue of players “red-zoning” the other day and it came to pass that Mikel is out for 3 weeks, the others I fear for are Jack and Santi.

    Jack is still battling on but it sounded like Santi looked knackered yesterday, how is it we can’t rotate these guys a bit more with our so-called “complete” squad ?

    And was it not a touch testy of Wenger to wish journalists luck if they could find a player of sufficient quality in the January transfer window ?

  36. GunnerN5 says:

    Why do folks find it necessary to counter the fact that AW has made come extraordinary player purchases with the -“oh yea but what about so and so”

    I would like to know how many times in our history that we have had the “perfect” team, from my viewpoint some have came close but the answer is never. In fact over the years most of our teams have been sub par with the occasional superstar.

  37. 26may1989 says:

    I agree GN5. Many (me included) think wistfully back to the 1998-2005 squads, and remember the perfectly balanced first XIs featuring the likes of Vieira, Bergkamp, Henry, Adams, Campbell, Ljungberg, Pires, Cole, Seaman, Gilberto, Lehmann etc, but forget at the paucity of the back-up: Stepanovs, Vivas, Pennant, Jeffers, Cygan, Aliadiere etc. Truth be told, part of the magic of those years was how lucky we were with injuries.

  38. Red Arse says:

    Well done, 26, and good morning – just! 🙂

    That is a lengthy and accurate summary of views you have consistently postulated for some time. And there is not a lot I disagree with, except for the conclusion you have already come to that AW has to go because he can no longer take us forward.

    I feel Arsene is indeed trapped in a problem of his own making, in that he is so committed to the overall Arsenal vision of a financially stable football club, that he too readily accepts the dictats of meeting budgets and not questioning the wisdom of doing so.

    Every successful company I have been involved with, at some time, has had to carry out a risk assessment based on the ‘do nothing option, or to take a more adventurous and higher risk option’ in order to move the organization forward, being cognisant of those risks, and deciding the return makes it worth doing.

    Ideally, I would like to see Arsene taking a less corporate view, and pressing much harder for the more speculative but ultimately far more rewarding investment in players, which will make a much greater return for the club, both on the field and commercially, in the longer term.

    Only if he does not grasp that nettle will I concede it would be time for him to consider his own personal options. I still think he has time to launch another successful era.

    That said, I think it behoves us all to be careful what we wish for, in that respect, as any other new manager trying to operate without substantial funds being granted by the BoD, is likely to accelerate rather than stop our obvious decline.

    OK, that is a rehash of a Post I wrote a lshort time ago, so it might give you a sense of deja vu!! 😀

  39. Rasp says:

    26may @ 11:45, once again you have posted a comment that perfectly represents my view of our predicament – and expresses it far more coherently than I am capable.

    The facts (supposition you may say) as I see them are:

    Our team performs to a lower level than the sum of its parts = the players are better than the results would suggest

    The average quality of player in the team has slowly been declining over a number of years

    Inconsistency is still a major problem and is evidence of a lack of leadership and cohesion

    Nothing will change unless at least one strand of the management is prepared to do something

    If we do not make changes, we will not make top 4 this season.

  40. GunnerN5 says:


    They say “I want MY Arsenal back” well just what Arsenal is that?

    I can only think that the comment comes from the younger set of supporters as they have been blessed with Wenger football at it’s best and what that find hard to accept is that perhaps that was as good as it gets.

    You and I have both been SUPPORTING our club for over sixty years, and although I cannot speak for you, I have NEVER seen teams as good as those of Arsene Wenger.

    I’ve said before and I will say again – I would sooner watch the worst Wenger teams than I would the best teams of most of our previous managers.

    AW is purely and simply a “one off” and he should be regaled and not ridiculed!

  41. Red Arse says:


    If ganging up was defined as supporting fellow AAers against unwarranted abuse, I would see that as a ‘good’ thing, but I think we know that was not the meaning intended, although I have not yet received a reply to my question from the person concerned.

  42. Rasp says:

    Hi Redders, I think Spectrum is abroad and so may still be fast asleep.

    We have broken with convention and used his comment without first obtaining permission – apologies Spectrum, I hope you are OK with this 😕

    No doubt he will be on later and respond to your points and those of others.

    I shall be adding his name to the list of authors when I am able.

  43. SPECTRUM says:

    dandan – Still don’t understand do you ? You must have glossed over this paragraph ; ( quote ) “As he also said, being truthful, however much it hurts for some to hear, doesn’t mean you love the club any less. I’d go further than that. It shows you love the club even MORE. Because anyone who really cares, would feel a sense of duty to highlight where and how we’re going so wrong. This is my perspective. And so many of you confuse criticism with disloyalty “.
    Sounds like you have fallen into the trap I was talking about.

    On the ownership issue, I think those of us that “want our Arsenal back.” are mainly referring to the lack of ambition and direction from the board and A.W.. With the misplaced priorities and preference for profits over the advancement of the team* ( *as in actually winning yes, that oh so ugly word we’ve been conditioned to repudiate – TROPHIES ). What is wrong with aiming to finish FIRST ? I and we realists, don’t have a sense of entitlement. We don’t demand that we win silverware. But we DO demand that the club and manager do everything possible to COMPETE, in order to give ourselves the BEST CHANCE of doing so. This administration has and is, plainly not interested in GENUINELY competing. They assure us that they are publicly, but their actions say differently.

    Wenger and co. have successfully lowered MOST fans ( not mine though ) expectations by lying to us, and promising things they don’t deliver on. For instance a lot of you thought it was the board that has been denying Wenger the funds to buy players. That is what Wenger would like you to believe. This is despite a number of announcements from Gazidis and others that if the manager needs to buy players, he will always be given the funds to do so, and other such pronouncements.Ask yourself ; if it were true Wenger is starved of money, why would he put up with that situation ? Why wouldn’t he confront the board and tell them he can’t operate under these restrictions ? Any manager who purports to really want the club to be successful ( as Wenger says he does ), should have threatened to resign in protest. But he didn’t because he knows it’s not true.

    Our board and Kroenke are only concerned with financial success i.e. profits. They’re happy with Wenger’s ( non ) performance, because he keeps them in the champions league ( where the big money is ) year after year. That’s all they’re bothered about. They indulge Wenger and place no pressure on him to do better than top 4. That is why we never progress. There’s no incentive for him to do so. This complacent attitude filters down via Wenger himself, to the players. Add to the mix Wenger’s inability to motivate, and his tactical cluelessness, and you see why the team play as they do.

    It is this directionless malaise that has been evident for eight years now. Even some former A.K.B.’s have seen and are seeing, this. That is why we need a clearout. We need to get Usmanov in to provide the funds and inject ambition.He has said he wants to shake things up. And we need fresh ideas on the pitch, with a new dynamic and purposeful manager with drive and energy, that will galvanise the team and rejuvenate the club. Don’t you think we need that desperately ? If not, you’re settling for mediocrity and mid table status. Is that what you want ?

  44. GunnerN5 says:

    I find this statement to be perfectly plausible – others will say he’s beating the same old drum.


    Wenger maintains Arsenal are “in the market” for January signings but will only move for quality targets.

    “We try very hard, believe me. We have a team around me who analyse everything. We select targets, I watch them, but it is difficult to speak about any names,” he said.

  45. Red Arse says:


    I mostly agree with you agreeing with 26, and particularly your point that the quality of the team players has slowly deteriorated, as is to be expected when continually selling off our best players.

    Where I differ with you is that you say ‘the team performs to a lower level than the sum of its parts’. I think the team performs exactly to the sum of its parts, and often overachieves, given the deterioration we both see in the quality of the available players.

    Just an observation. 🙂

  46. Red Arse says:

    It has been snowing heavily for about 2 hours, in my part of Hertfordshire – just another observation. 🙂

  47. GunnerN5 says:

    It’s raining in London, Ontario, Canada.

  48. Red Arse says:


    I believe AW too.

    It takes two to tango, and after identifying a target, Arsenal can only offer to buy the player concerned, and the other party need to agree to sell him — and that is without adverse interference from the oligarch clubs. 🙂

    No acceptance of an offer — no deal.

  49. Red Arse says:

    It’s always much warmer in Canada than it is in Hertfordshire in the winter GN5 — and I blame Wenger!! 😛

  50. SPECTRUM says:

    The myth is still being promoted that Robin is a traitor, a “Judas” for leaving the club.Well Sir Alex put paid to that claim with his comment that Robin could have gone to Juventus or Manchester City. Both of whom could have offered him much better salary packages than United. Sir Alex said he feared that they’d lose out on him to City. But he held fast to his principles and chose United. Because they could provide him with what he stated he wanted all along – success and trophies. Things he knew he wouldn’t be able to realise under us. He could see United have a tradition of achievement. In short, they’re WINNERS. With a winning manager to match.I understood his reasons and supported him. It wasn’t hard to see what the outcome of our insane decision to sell him would be. Every goal he scores is like him inserting a needle into a Voodoo effigy of Wenger. We’ve only ourselves to blame.

    I think a lot of you owe him an apology.

  51. GunnerN5 says:


    It’s a no win situation for him, If he doesn’t name his targets supporters think he’s deluding them – and if he does he can destabilize his team and attract other suitors to the player………….

    Unusal weather here, we’ve only had 4/5 inches of snow all winter but it’s been bitterly cold. But when the snow does arrive it comes down in truck/lorry loads,

  52. GunnerN5 says:

    Principle = wallet.

  53. tomstoned says:

    Ces1ne ?yesterdays comment at 10.18 if you live in a world where cotton picking still is looked upon as being a racist comment,well i hope that you soon grow up,What p’sses me off…Your comment about me being a keyboard warrior….how did you come to that conclusion ? do you know me,?…but i have no intention of explaining who i am,or how much of a Gooner i am to you,simply because you dont deserve it…nuff said
    Red Ass…still having a go and silly me i thought you had grown up,but it shows your not capable of accepting other views than your own,its a pity…cheap shots seems to be your only avenue of debate..good luck !
    i try to be reasonable i never have a go at other Gooners (well i have to admit that i one time about a year ago had a go at DanDan which i truly apologized for and believe me or not still regret)
    i share many views written on Le Grove my reason for leaving that blog was quite simply the quality of comments…
    i try to read the Posts on this blog every day and i must say that most are very very good,ive learned things about The Arsenal i never knew by folks in here Big Raddy,DanDan,Mickeydidit,Chary and peaches are among my favourite bloggers about The Arsenal,do i agree everytime,..No..but i do almost every time have a good think about their posts and they are well written and gives me another perspective quite often…
    Lastly i dont feel that im being ill treated in here,i know that me being *to negative*upsets quite a few Gooners,still being ridiculed for just having honest opinions well…
    so thats it from me…ill keep reading the post but stop commenting..my last ask…even if views differ…never forget we are ALL supporting the greatest club ever..The Arsenal…
    Humble Regards a Norwegian Gooner Tom

  54. chas says:

    I want my AA back.

  55. SPECTRUM says:

    Rasp and peaches – “Spectrum has had his say. I hope we can debate his points sensibly and continue in the future to uphold standards on the site “.
    – We often won’t agree, but thanks for the platform. We’re all Gunners, but we can also differ in our perspectives. Cheers.

  56. chas says:

    I’m afear’d tas flown.

  57. Rasp says:

    Thanks Redders @ 12:28. I had considered that the team performances were what we might expect from the players we have – but that would just be too depressing 😦

    It may not be by a large margin but I do think the players we have could perform better as a team given the motivation and organisation required.

    If you compare the quality of our squad to manu’s (I know its boring to keep comparing ourselves with them) the only major difference is BSR – and whose fault is that?

  58. Rasp says:

    Thanks Spectrum.

    GN5, I agree, no one should expect AW to speak openly of any transfer targets he is pursuing – the only result would be to jeopardise the deal and push the price up by inviting competition.

  59. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp, the fault lies in between lack of loyalty and greed.

  60. GunnerN5 says:

    Breaking news from Arsenal.com


    Nothing to report

  61. Rasp says:

    tomstoned, I had hoped that the spirit of today’s post might defuse recent hostilities.

    I don’t know why, but it still pains me any time a blogger ‘resigns’ from the site. It means we’ve failed.

    We can’t keep all the people happy etc etc, but we can try to get the message across in the hope that bloggers can be tolerant of those with whom they disagree, and just push the ‘ignore button’ when they can see things deteriorating into an argument.

  62. Rasp says:

    Thanks GN5, that means we’d have to be able to change human nature to rectify our problems … good luck with that one 😉

  63. SPECTRUM says:

    goonermichael @ 11;14 – Cazorla cheated. That makes him a cheat. I’m just calling it as I and many others saw it, and as the replays revealed it. I also acknowledged that many others ALSO cheat. But that doesn’t make it right. It’s not honourable, it’s unsporting and it demeans the reputation of the team that does it. Wenger said he would deal with it, which confirms that he also thought he dived. And remember he did it twice,in two consecutive games, so it was not a heat of the moment thing. I admire Santi as a player, but this is something he needs to get out of his system.

    Interesting that we never were told the outcome of Wenger’s little talk with him. Was he fined ? If not, why not ? And why aren’t we told if he was ? Wouldn’t you think Wenger would tell us, or is he too embarassed about it all, and prefers to sweep it under the carpet and turn a blind eye ? We shouldn’t condone bad behaviour, Nor should anyone else either.

  64. Merseforever says:

    Hi GN5,

    I made a post on one of the blogs last week and thought I wasn’t going to return but when you said what do people mean when they say they ‘want their Arsenal back’ and dismissed at as the pinnings of a younger generation of supporters I felt I had to give my opinion on it.

    I think its about much more than simply winning or even what’s going on the pitch. Dealing with that first, its the anger at the fact that for whatever reason the Arsenal have been mentally weak/timid/fragile on the pitch for years now. Even when we were starved of success in the early 80’s being a fragile team was not something we were associated with. That lack of visible effort, grit and drive on the pitch is something that people are frustrated by. Why do you think people love Wilshere so much and are praising him despite yesterdays defeat?

    I’ve read some of your previous posts and you mention how you were born on Avenell Road. How many of the people who you grew up with/ their children and grandchildren from the Islington/Holloway area can still afford to go to games. You live in Canada now and so maybe haven’t seen firsthand, but the gentrification of Arsenal crowds is astounding. There is nothing wrong with more people wanting to see the club, but as I touched on in the post I made last time the ‘wanting their Arsenal back’ sentiment is also driven by a section of the die hard support who feel the club has been taken away from them by what they call Johnny Come latelys. I can still afford to go, but I have many friends who can’t and I feel deep sympathy for them. Obviously this is not a problem unique to Arsenal, but that doesn’t make it any less of a problem.

    Things that reinforce these feelings are the overwhelmingly corporate feel of the club and ground. It’s a fantastic stadium but not a fantastic football ground. I hate to say it but Spurs have the right idea with their plans for their new ground as they are planning on building a proper defined home end as opposed to simply maximising the luxury boxes. Some people may dismiss this as meaningless but you would be surprised at how strong people feel about this.

    Unfortunately I’m at work and so cannot expand fully but other issues people have in no particular order are: the lack of any ‘Arsenal’ men on the board, erosion of club traditions eg yellow and blue, why the club has decided to become a property developer commonly phrased as we are now Arsenal PLC not FC, over zealous stewarding at the ground, lack of young people who can afford to go independently and many others.

    I understand that you have a great degree of respect and admiration for Wenger and think he’s the best man for the job. I don’t agree that he is anymore and I personally think that he’s far too engrained in our clubs philosophy. I personally know of some fantastic youth players have been let go to other London clubs because Arsene’s philosophy being applied to all levels. I’ve heard, recently at u15 level were just absolutely humiliated by Charlton with the team displaying many of the faults the first team does… But that is my opinion, leaving that aside, the ‘we want our Arsenal back’ movement is something that I think is of great importance and validity.

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

  65. Red Arse says:


    When I watch RvP score sublime goals for Manure it really gets to me, but once the BoD had decided to let him go, rather than force him to stay another year, I do not know what they could have done about his eventual choice of Manure.

    It would not have been possible for Arsenal to force him to go elsewhere.

    Your question: whose fault was that? is a good one, and frankly, for a well run club, that was a very lax administrative decision (blunder) not to tie him and every other player to a new contract extension.

    Perhaps Gazidis/Laws were caught in two minds because he was approaching 30 years of age. If so, that was a decidedly short sighted ‘non-event’, because with players of differing ability, a ‘one size’ fits all policy of extending contracts on an annual basis for players reaching, or over, 30 y.o. clearly does not work. 😦

  66. Rasp says:

    Hi again Spectrum, I don’t think the club should air it’s dirty washing in public and report on disciplinary procedures over sensitive matters. Just imagine the field day the press and every opposition fan would have if it was known that we had disciplined Santi for diving …. which by the way I don’tthink happened, maybe a friendly arm on the shoulder chat.

  67. GunnerN5 says:

    Exactly Rasp – We cannot change human nature, he was going to leave come what may – the only upsetting thing is where he landed.

  68. Rasp says:

    Hi RA, but the decision to let him go may well cost us a lot more than the £24m we received (the loss of CL money and reduced sponsorship revenue). If the decision was to take da money, we should have spent da money on the best striker available.

    It is clear that we have slowly been edging towards losing our top 4 slot – can this really have been lost on the management or were they really expecting AW to keep producing miracles?

  69. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I haven’t been visiting the site very often in the past several months so am unable to comment on what appears to be some disagreement among the regulars.

    What I can comment on, having watched on TV, is yesterday’s game.

    No manager can legislate for the utterly stupid actions of a defender who wraps both arms around an opposing striker and hauls him to the ground in the penalty box. Penalty, red card, fully justified. We can consider ourselves fortunate that Dzeko’s attempt at a penalty was pretty poor and Szczesny was able to save it, somebody said, earlier, that Dzeko “missed”, he didn’t his shot was on target and our ‘keeper saved it.

    In my opinion Wenger had no option other than to take off Oxlade-Chamberlain in favour of Meretesacker, the only alternative was to remove Podolski which would have left the inept Gibbs even more exposed than usual. In the circumstances Sagna, who has come in for his share of criticism recently, came out of the game with some credit after putting in quite a shift considering he had little help and virtually no cover. Our defending in the build up to both of City’s goals was pathetic, for Milner’s Gibbs was nowhere and for the second the entire team seemed to have gone to sleep, unforgivable!.

    The second half was better and the team did well to hold the score at 0 – 2, albeit against a side that had the game won and were content to gratefully accept the three points.

    One final point, Diaby was hopeless throughout the sixty or so minutes he played and that illustrates perfectly that Wenger has no faith in Ramsey otherwise the manger would not have taken the risk with Diaby.

  70. Red Arse says:

    I agree, Rasp, and I made that point myself.

    The combined loss of a CL spot, plus a possible reduction in Sponsorship money and a corresponding loss of ancillary match day receipts could amount to, perhaps, £40m.

    That could make the ‘profits break even’ turn into a commensurate loss, and if past history is any guide, that would require even more player sales to compensate.

    The overlooking, by Gazidis/Laws, of an extension of RvP’s contract, with two years to go, is potentially a major cock up, sadly!

  71. LB says:

    Black Scarf Protest.

    The last time this took place about 100 people gathered on Bear Island just in front of the Armoury.

    The principle song that was sung was “We want our Arsenal back”.

    As I walked to the turnstile I heard a comment from a woman that summed it all up for me, she said:

    “Who do they think gave it to them in the first place”.

    As for my views on recent events: I could not improve upon GM’s 11.36am

  72. LB says:

    “As for Van Persie, should the club have given him a new improved deal at end of 2010, when his previous 6 seasons had given us 131 league appearances and 48 goals just what would the reaction have been?

    My guess similar to the reaction Diaby new contracts get.”

    At least someone has got a memory a tad larger than the average goldfish.

  73. SPECTRUM says:

    Goonerjake@11;37 – No, our approaches are very different. The only way to improve ( in my view ) is to QUESTION and CHALLENGE what we have, otherwise we’ll continue to go around in circles without a rudder or a map to recovery. Sitting back passively and using the excuse of “supporting the team” REGARDLESS of how bad we’re becoming, is surrendering. It’s placing your trust in the men who are taking us to a footballing backwater. If Arsenal were a political party up for re-election, would you vote for them given their track record ? Maybe you would, you sound like the kind of person who votes Labour or Conservative all your life without ever wondering why you always have done.

    Your support is being taken for granted, don’t you realise that ? We charge the highest ticket prices in the E.P.L. and get away with it, despite never winning anything. And the sheep keep attending the matches, buying the merchandise and eating the overpriced food, e.t.c.They’re relying on your loyalty to take advantage of you. Are you happy listening to the lies and spin coming ever more often from the Arsenal P.R. dept. ? How Wenger declares “This is my best squad yet.” Yes, he REALLY DID say that before the start of this season. And ALSO the one before. Have you forgotten ? The man is a liar. He even said we can still challenge for the title F.F.S. !

    “VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY. ” – that applied before the current mob took over. They’re the enemies of our club, because they don’t have the interests of the club at heart – the very thing you’re saying we should be supporting. Another motto we have is the one on the crest of our shirt – “FORWARD”. Is that where you see your support heading ?

  74. Merseforever says:


    The club said it was 100, the police estimated 2000. By no means representative of any majority of fans but have you actually looked at what they say they want. They are not a Wenger out movement. They want a season ticket-lite option (ie without the cup games), an ability to downgrade from Gold to Silver membership, season ticket holders in the clock end, moving the away fans to the upper tier so cheaper tickets are available to Arsenal fans and a dialogue with the club about safe standing. Maybe you are not effected by ticket prices, but a lot are.

    Hardly the most ludicrous aims?

  75. SPECTRUM says:

    Goonerjake – You said this is not a pro – Wenger site.If not pro- Wenger, then Wenger leaning, I’d say. Funny how probably 85 % of the replies to me on here disagree whenever I criticise him and the board. There’s no shortage of people on here who still defend him.Because they have a sentimental attachment to him.

    And how people STILL can’t get over my catchphrase. If it doesn’t cut too close to the bone, why is it still being mentioned after three days ? If it’s “stupid” then how so ? Tell me how we’ve NOT been rusting over the last eight years, and maybe you’d have a case.

  76. Big Raddy says:

    Merse Forever.1.05. You make some good points but so does DanDan in his passionate comment 11.03.

    My Arsenal isn’t this one but then my world isn’t the one of the current narcissistic “me”generation.

    My Arsenal disappeared with the move to the Grove. I was and am emotionally attached to Highbury in a way that I cannot be to the Emirates (just the name makes we squirm – what was wrong with The Arsenal Stadium?)

    I dislike the continual discussion about the BoD.

    I dislike the merchandising of my support. I hate that I am now a “client” to be milked.

    I dislike the fact that ordinary players earn in a year what some in their entire lives.

    However, I nailed my flag to the mast and am as committed a Gooner today as I was when I first go the disease.

    “My Arsenal” has gone forever and there is little reward in lamenting it, or in hoping for a return.

  77. GunnerN5 says:


    Great comment. Yes my opinion was an oversimplification of the issue but I believe that there is validity in both of our viewpoints.

    What you see happening to the old Arsenal brigade of fans most likely started when the all seat stadiums were introduced and the club/s had less spectators and were forced to increase ticket prices to protect their revenue stream. The new stadium has only worsened that situation (wait till you hear the Spurs fans crowing) but it’s really no different than what has happened to sports on a global basis.

    Here in Canada the number one sport is ice hockey and our ‘local” team are The Toronto Maple Leafs. The trophies in hockey are, the divisional title followed by the conference trophy and the holy grail is The Stanley Cup. The last time the leafs won the Stanley Cup was in 1967 – 46 years ago – but the arena is sold out for every single game and the leafs are one of the richest franchises in hockey. Why? you may ask, well it’s because the price of tickets has frozen out the working class supporter and the void has been filled by corporations.

    For the fans it’s very sad but for the teams it’s called preservation, I guess their choice is between corporate stiffs who equal big profit or the passionate working class fans who equal infilled arenas.

    Sadly football appears to be heading in the same direction, I say sad because I go back as far as the hob nail boot supporters who could not afford to own their homes but were always able to dig up a few shillings for a ticket to see the Arsenal.

    You see I don’t want my Arsenal back because my Arsenal is there every day and has never left – it just changes – sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad – but what never changes is the fact that I love my Arsenal.

  78. Norfolk Gooner says:


    “Question and Challenge” Fine words my friend, but do you seriously believe that Silent Stan is listening to you? Or that he will take any notice of the protests and complaints posted on the various Arsenal supporter’s websites?

    In spite of the fact that there appeared to be a number of empty seats at The Emirates, Arsenal.com announced that the game was a sell-out and that included the nine hundred or so tickets returned by City. A full house represents good business. It will be a long time before attendances fall far enough to register with Mr. Kroenke.

    A couple of questions for you,

    1) Who do you trust at Arsenal to select and appoint Wenger’s successor?

    2) Will Usmanov actually cough up any significant sums in the unlikely event that Kroenke should agree to sell to him?

  79. Big Raddy says:

    I want a return to the days of rosettes and wooden rattles. (good title for my book!)

  80. dandan says:

    GN5 re your 12:16 with you 100%. Can you imagine many of our present supporters being served up Jimmy Magill,Billy McCullough et al every week, the silence would be deafening. But then I suppose in those pre match of the day times we learnt to appreciate in the aftermath of rationing and real hard times, just how lucky we were to be stood inside of Highbury and not,unlike our dads and uncles, when of our age fighting for the very freedoms we were then enjoying.
    I wonder what they would make of todays instant I want it now digital world?

  81. Rasp says:

    Great comments from Raddy, Dandan and GN5

    Football has change irrevocably. There’s no going back, maybe some of us wouldn’t even be football fans if we were born in this era, but since we are, it’s for life.

  82. Merseforever says:

    @Big Raddy and GN5.

    I agree with you that football has changed irreversibly and I find that very sad. I too have a deep bond to Highbury that can never be replaced, and I feel the club lost something truly special by leaving and by making no attempt to recreate the ground on a bigger scale (I think I’m correct in saying the New York Yankees did when they left their old ground). I walked past the old Art Deco stand the other day and was nearly in tears haha and I do feel the ground move was mis-sold to us. Almost all the board members sold their shares for a massive profit as share prices rose in expectation of new revenues…

    Big Raddy you say ‘“My Arsenal” has gone forever and there is little reward in lamenting it, or in hoping for a return.’ I think with a heavy heart I agree with you. But I do think that the Black Scarf movement is a valuable and good movement. Maybe it won’t achieve anything great, but having a small group of people reminding the rest of the supporter group what being a football supporter once was like and protesting against the merchandising of our support is no bad thing. Who knows, even if they achieve something as minor as cheaper entry for kids on league match-days, then they would have accomplished something positive in my book. I find it a sad state affairs that some tickets for the Bayern match at the Emirates will be sold by the club for over 100 quid, when the cheapest Bayern season ticket is around 150 euros.

    GN5 as a major Wenger supporter on here, I wonder what you think of my position, that he has pervaded too much of the club, especially regarding the youth teams and the point I made in my previous post. I for one would like good defending to back as a top priority! Not having a go! Am looking for a good debate.

  83. Spectrum. kronke has a majority shareholding in Arsenal. Unless you are going to kill him I don’t see how you can get him out. Please outline why you think jabba would be better. Please use facts and not guess work

    I still have no idea why you think it’s of any benefit to point out that Cazorla is a cheat. Whether he is aor not.

    And AKB is so last year. Move on

  84. GunnerN5 says:

    I always wondered why Highbury was closed down during WW11 and I just found this fascinating piece….


    Highbury transformed in wartime

    Highbury becomes ARP stronghold during World War II

    During the Second World War 42 of Arsenal’s 44 professional footballers were drafted into the services. The majority of the administration staff at Highbury followed and even the stadium itself did its bit for the war effort.

    Arsenal Stadium, Highbury was transformed into a ARP (Air Raid Precautions) stronghold and Arsenal had to play their wartime home fixtures at White Hart Lane!

    Incidentally, manager George Allison did convert the referees room at Highbury into a small flat for a while.

    Success continued during the war years with Arsenal winning the South A League in 1940, the London League in 1942, the Football League South and the Football League South Cup Final in 1943.

    Arsenal relied heavily on guest players during that six-year period, notably Stan Mortensen and Stanley Matthews.

    For all its efforts, Highbury paid the price when it was bombed. The North Bank was completely destroyed and much of the terracing on the South Stand was also damaged. These had to be repaired before Arsenal could return home after the war.

  85. Big Raddy says:

    Merse. No arguing with your second para. Reduced ticket prices and standing areas are worthy ambitions.

  86. GunnerN5 says:


    I won’t comment on your 2:09 as I’ve written a piece on that subject that will probably be published this week.

  87. I went to B&Q in Tottenham Hale but they don’t sell bricks. I went to Wickes in Seven Sisters and realised I left my Ikea bag in B&Q. They only sell bricks with holes in (defeats the object as I’m trying to stop my rat problem). I bought eight paving bricks and put 4 each into rubble bags. My arms are killing me. I got home and found 7 house bricks in my garden 😦 I’m off to get the mortar now.

  88. I think (safe) standing will be back at some point

  89. SPECTRUM says:

    Red Arse @1;10 – ” I do not know what they could have done about his eventual choice of Manure “. Simple. We should have kept him. He wanted to stay with us. But he waited to see if we kept to our promises ( i.e. lies ) of bringing in QUALITY players – you know, the ones Wenger says even now, that we’re “looking very hard for” – but can’t seem to find where they’re hiding. Yet other teams don’t have seem to have that problem, do they ?

    Back to Robin. He waited till very late on, but the signings mysteriously he was assured would be made, never materialised. So he had enough, and went off to a club who valued him and success, more. If we had shown more determination and balls, and showed the ambition we claimed we had, I’m sure he would have stayed. Why didn’t we hold out for City or Juve or someone else to bid ?

    The 24 million we got for him can now be seen as the price United paid to us for them to win the league. Incredible.

  90. GunnerN5 says:


    If you have a rat problem the first thing to do is be on the alert for Spurs fans – they art easy to spot – they have the red combs?

  91. Merseforever says:


    Look forward to it!

  92. spectrum Juve did bid but they only thought he was worth £8. They matched the wages the mancs are paying him though. City didn’t want him. Just like BM,RM, Inter or Barca

    I love they way you know what robin was thinking and what he was promised.

  93. Gooner In Exile says:

    To those that question AW motivational skills, can you tell me what makes Jack Wilshere and Szczesny motivated or passionate?

  94. GunnerN5 says:


    Speculation = a wild guess.

  95. Big Raddy says:

    GM. Why didn’t you get a man in.? Gentlemen of your profession are better earning the money to pay for brickwork.

    Actually thinking this through, you are depriving a hard working labourer from providing his family an income to feed and warm themselves during these difficult economic times. How would you like it if a bricklayer opened a salon next door to yours?

  96. SPECTRUM says:

    LB @1;33 – Should we have given Van Persie a new contract with his prior average record ? Well we didn’t take long to offer Walcott a new deal after a couple of very ordinary seasons and just a few good games, did we ? Let Robin go, and keep Walcott. That makes perfect sense.

  97. A B-B-Q in Tottenham !. Thats just another name for the riot`s, I should have imagined there were plenty of bricks laying about for nothing !

  98. oz gunner says:

    @ Adrian

    What do you want them to do invite nasri over for a cup of tea?
    He’s scum and deserved every bit of it. They get paid a small fortune for playing so copping a bit of cheek on the side is a very small price to pay! Especially when he was walking to the ground!
    As long as fans aren’t throw things, making racist comments ect it should be fair game. If i want to call nasri or BSR a front bottom ect ect I will, if they want to say it back then good on them.

    I’m sure Nasri goes home and counts his money rather than crying himself to sleep.

    @ Dandan

    The abroad comment is a bit overused to be honest. Those who are geographically challenged should not be viewed as a lesser supporter. It’s like saying a family in a lower socioeconomic status is less of a supporter because they can’t afford to buy tickets or merchandise. It can’t be helped.

  99. Not too mention plenty of mortar flying about !.

  100. Gooner In Exile says:

    GM I think Wenger has gone on record saying City did bid, as much as United eventually did (I think it’s what got them up that high), but that RvP made it clear he only wanted to go to United. He clearly wanted to stay in England as he wanted to keep his kids in school here.

    So if we had said no to United we would have a unhappy player on the pitch who would be worth nothing, and the Operating Loss referred to by Spectrum next year would be much bigger, maybe Gazidis gets his bonus for limiting the loss in the current football marketplace whilst seeing out low commercial deals (the reason for which is well known) and keeping the team as competitive as possible in that environment.

    I personally will be happy to see a midfield of Ox, Jack and Rambo in a few years time, add a couple of decent wingers and a striker and a couple of centre halves….preferably from our own youth setup and I still think we have some very exciting times ahead of us.

    Lets play prediction game:

    Wenger leaves and Guardiola takes his job and the side win a title with a midfield 3 of Wilshere, Ramsey and Ox, Szczesny in goal, Gibbs at left back, Jenks at right back, how many will lay the praise for success at Arsenes door?

  101. SPECTRUM says:

    goonermichael@2;34 – Yeah, just like you all are so sure he went for the money. When did Derren Brown teach you how to mind read ?

    I read and follow the stories in the press and media the same as you do. They’re not always accurate, but when many say the same thing, there must be some credibility to it. Or are we blaming the press again, instead of looking at our own stupidity and shortsightedness ?

  102. chas says:

    This what you need, GM. 🙂

  103. LB says:


    The reason I said there were 100 people on Bear Island was because I saw them with my own eyes.

    My comment refers to the song the majority were singing.

    Your comments moves the goal posts to something entirely different, I am not saying your points are not valid what I am saying it that they have nothing to do with the comment I made.

  104. LB says:


    I am a season ticket holder, I have not missed a home game for as long as I can remember. You will never understand this or how I feel. I find your arguments purile and be in no doubt I for one wish you would crawl back under the stone from which you came.

  105. SPECTRUM says:

    Gooner In Exile – Jack and Szeczney have an inherent desire to do well. It’s part of their character. It can’t be coached per se. But it can be enhanced even more with coaching. Champions possess it in abundance. Along wIth the will to win, and a fierce competitive nature. John Terry has it, Tony Adams e.t.c. had it, and most of United ‘s players have it. It helps when you have a manager and scouts who can spot those current and potential qualities, along with their natural ability . That’s why United are so much better than us.

    If Wenger is to be credited for motivating those two, why can’t he do the same for the rest of our team, and on a consistent basis ? Maybe given another eight years he will !

  106. LB says:

    So in summary: everything that goes well is not down to Wenger but everything that goes wrong is………..hmmmm, ok I think I have got it.

  107. goonerjake says:


    You asked for it so i guess your going to get it.

    AKB – Wenger has been a manager for along time now, how do YOU think he got his job EHHHH! He knows better than me or you or any of us fans, OTHERWISE we would be managing football clubs ourselves and able to command a massive wage.

    “THE CURRENT MOB” Support the team and manger not the owners. (Im sorry hasnt hill wood / ken friar still at the club) say what you want about hill wood but i will not have a bad word said about ken friar.

    “ARSENAL RUSTING” Cheski billions, Man City billions, Man Utd billions, wether we like it or not we are not in that group finantially speaking.

    “FORWARD” I agree that due to the above point we are not percieved to be moving forward, in fact other teams are catching us up too (I CONSIDE THIS POINT TO YOU WELL DONE) however i did not start supporting football for trophies i started supporting football for the joy of the sport. I like winning trophies, id like us to compete with the top clubs, but im glad we dont sell our souls to do it.

    Any other points im happy to answer.

    yours truly,

    goonerjake aka AKB 🙂

  108. Spectrum
    Show me where I said he went for the money. You keep making assumptions about me.

    Also for your information Arsenal offered van persie a contract 2 years ago. They also offered Walcott a contract over a year ago (before he had a few good games)

    Are you calling me stupid BTW you fucking wanker?

  109. SPECTRUM says:

    LB – So because you’re a season ticket holder, that makes my arguments invalid somehow ? I can’t get to the games because of distance. So that makes me less of a supporter than you eh ? Though I’m tempted to retaliate against your insult, I’ll respect the code of conduct that Rasp and peaches implore us to do.

    Well on my count so far, the overwhelming majority of replies to me have proven to be part of the 85% I mentioned earlier. As predictable as the Diaby comment O.G.L. made.

  110. chas says:

    AA is rapidly turning into the spectrum show.

    I’ll be back when he’s gone.


    That’s the sound of me throwing the toys out of my pram. 🙂

  111. slime says:

    Got no time for people who claim to know what players and managers do or think based on newspaper stories. Some of his conclusions are absolute bollocks! Think I’m going to have a few weeks away from blogging for the sake of my sanity.

  112. dandan says:

    Oz I think you should reread my post, the point was that the saying give me back my Arsenal pre-supposed they had ever owned it, I was pointing out that, that cost money, certainly much more than I had spent over the years and as the poster lived abroad he would likely have spent less than I. So we could not be given back something we had never owned.

    It was therefor not meant as a criticism more a statement of fact

  113. vp says:

    Yep, it’s about time that the fan’s started to acknowledge the problems. Totally agree on the ridiculous increase in our CEO’s Remuneration ( which must have been okayed by Kroenke himself). Remuneration policies are often used as strategic indicators of an organization’s future aspirations and Mr Glazidias’s remuneration package sends out all of the wrong messages. And that’s the problem; the wrong people are being are being rewarded for the wrong reasons, while we have to pay higher ticket prices so that this can be achieved. Allowing for our owner (Kroenke) to not invest a penny so that he can continue to add ranches to his ever-growing property portfolio. Why is it that the only salaries at the club that are benchmarked to industry standards are of the ones for the people up top? … aren’t people sick of our custodians not pending a penny and making significant share price gains in the process?

    I feel your frustrations in respect to our manager also. I’m not one for change for the sake of change, but in this instance I am. As much as I respect what he has done in the past
    the club is need of the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ effect. He has become too familiar to his role and to others around him , and hence why obvious deficiencies are being over looked time after time.
    He is now in a position to undertake his own annual appraisal (this I have no doubt) due to the power he’s built up over the years. There is a reason why the best performing institutions regularly change personnel-precisely to avoid familiarity threats such as these. This would not be a problem if he exclusively concentrated on running the football team (i.e. Sir Alex), but as soon as he starts playing part time director there becomes a conflict of interest in respect to his fiduciary duty to us the fans and that of the owners.

    He’s Kroenke’s ultimate servant, a convenient political instrument used to deflect owner/board scrutiny and to legitimize the club’s pursuit of Long term shareholder wealth. This is the only reason why he is not being pressured by the board despite being 21 points behind Man Utd in JAN. Ultimately, the club needs to start realigning their interests with that of the fans, and I do not see this happening with Wenger at the helm. I believe that it’s in the public interest for him to step down.

  114. SPECTRUM says:

    LB – So tell me what does Wenger do well then ? And I mean currently, not pre 2005, as we all know he was sane, competent and fresh back then. But I bet those days are what you’d love to quote, huh ? All A.K.B.’s do. Oh but you’re not one of those, are you ?

  115. SPECTRUM says:

    goonerjake – Well I’m flushing out the A.K.B.’s now aren’t I ? And not a catchphrase to be seen. One more for the 85 %.

  116. slime says:


    Who are you to demand answers from people? We talk on this site, we don’t bark at each other.

  117. goonerjake says:

    When something gets as high as 85% doent this make you think hey their may be something I have not considered, is my own point of view missguided. Just a thought Spectum…. i used to have a spectrum……. terrible graphics.

  118. GunnerN5 says:

    “Once for all; I knew to my sorrow, often and often, if not always, that I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”
    ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

    “against all discouragement WHO COULD THAT BE.” ?

    My Arsenal

  119. SPECTRUM says:

    goonermichael – I didn’t say you personally were saying he went for the money. But many said he did. Take a poll and you’d likely find that was/ is what the majority thought. I showed earlier that that perception is wrong. He is being maligned for wanting to better himself, which as it turns out he has. I’m aware they offered Robin a contract two years ago. You’re missing the point. Two years ago, we ALSO weren’t signing world class players OR WINNING THINGS. And we STILL aren’t today ! Now THAT’S stupid.

  120. LB says:


    I have been trying to work out why you have so little grasp of what is being said when all of a sudden while watching the NFL wildcard play offs I realised.

    The NFL is an alien world to me, a game that is played thousands of miles away, it would be naive of me to think that I understood the intricacies of the finances behind the scene.

    And there you are, based thousands of miles away, talking about a sport you don’t really understand.

    You have been found out Spectrum.

  121. GunnerN5 says:

    Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak/write and remove all doubt.

    Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

  122. LB says:

    “AKB’s” that is hilarious, where do you think you are Spectrum?

    Hahahah, perhaps you think Geoff will appear in a moment to back you up.

    This is getting funny

  123. Norfolk Gooner says:


    You can call me an AKB if you like but I will say that Arsene Knows Better Than You!

  124. SPECTRUM says:

    vp – Well said my friend. Eloquently put. Welcome to the minority 15 %.

  125. SPECTRUM says:

    goonerjake – Depends on what you base your statistics on. Come over to Le Grove or Arsenal Truth, and you’d find the figures would be reversed.

  126. evonne says:

    Spectrum – keep coming back, I mean it. The debate has been delighful, best in a long time.

    I am not upset with your views, you are welcome to them (just leave my Santi out of it). But for the life of me I cannot understand why do you think that changing the manager is the only option? Why? How?

    Take a look at Villans, a decent site under Martin O’Neill; or the Chavs who are quickly becoming a farce of a club they used to be; or Liverpool who were resurrected by King Kenny. It doesn’t always work no more than throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  127. SPECTRUM says:

    LB – “A sport I don’t really understand”, because I’m thousands of miles away ? So everyone in Australia who follows sports of any kind, can’t appreciate the intricacies of the sport they watch on Skysports or Foxtel – ( as we have over here ) ? How ridiculous. You’re getting desperate mate.

    Instead of setting up “stings” in your own mind, how about debating with me ? Still waiting for you to tell me what Wenger is currently doing well.

  128. goonerjake says:

    Been on le grove been on arsenal truth, very negative.

  129. Adrian says:

    @Oz Never said that, but ignoring him is more than fine. Much less the need to record it? I will never able to fathom the uploader’s need to record that incident. Why? Because it just looks really juvenile and paints Arsenal fans in a bad light. I’m against what the uploader did mainly because it tarnishes the image of us fans (a child being carried by the lady next to the uploader doesn’t help) and not on how Nasri “feels”.

  130. SPECTRUM says:

    On Van Persie – Do you all remember Wenger saying he will try to keep him at all costs, and he will also try to bring “quality players” in to complement him ? Despite looking hard then too, he “couldn’t find” anyone. Sound familiar ?

    ( Goodnight all. )

  131. LB says:

    Wow, you really don’t know much about football over here do you.

  132. evonne says:

    Spectrum – LB has a point. You watch the game on the telly, check the PL tables, perhaps read some media crap about AFC. And that’s it, that’s your lot.

    You cannot possibly appreciate what we have until you go to the games. When you walk shoulder to shoulder with 60 thousands other Gunners into our beautiful stadium, you feel the buzz, the anticipation, the pain or joy, sing your heart out, freeze your toes and then walk home taking that feeling that’s so special and so yours, that you will never tire of it, you take it to the grave with you and at the pearly gates you say ‘Thank you Dennis for letting me be the part of it’.

  133. Red Arse says:

    That was a dreadful sour day’s blogging, and I will be joining Chas and Slime in giving AA a miss, if that is repeated.

    The previously claimed 99.9% of AAers who are AKBs (WTF is that?) according to the Gambon Missionary, is allegedly down to 85% today.
    God help us!!!

    Why do these people want to convert AA into their beloved LG or Arsenal Untruth?

    News Flash:


  134. Rasp says:

    I am seriously considering shutting down the site.

    We had no post for today. If just one of those who have been offended had written a few short lines I could understand. Yes Spectrum is being repetitious (again 😕 ) but are we really that sensitive?.

    Write an upbeat post for tomorrow and restore the Yin Yang if you care that much

  135. jnyc says:

    I wont mention the arguing here the other day. But todays post seemed very reasonable to me. Except for calling santi a cheat. So unnecessary. So he over acted one time that i remember. So hes a cheat for life ? The rest of the post was cool with me. —–
    and Chary, im with you about fatigued players. You know me and my lack of rotation complaints. I too am worried about jack and santi in this regard.

  136. Rasp says:

    The last comment was not directed at Redders

  137. Jeanette Kliger says:

    I read AA regularly and I like it because it is normally balanced and wellkl written.
    There are two camps here: the ones who love Arsenal (and perhaps AW) come what may. I belong here. I have been an supporter for 55 years and have seen us in the depths and at the heights. I stood on the North Bank when there were 4,000 people at Highbury and I saw us win the first double at WHL. I love the club, regardless…

    Then we have the others who want success at any price. They have been spoiled by our success and will never agree with the “old” supporters like me. Some of their arguments are valid and some are just fed by vitriol and hatred. They are naturally entitled to their opinions, but…

    My dad used to say that there are the true supporters and the ones who crawl out from under their stones when things go well and then crawl back when times get hard.

  138. Rasp says:

    Welcome Jeanette, football is a mirror of society and as such every now and then we see/read things we are not comfortable with.

    Today’s post does not represent a change in the ethos of AA, but it clearly demonstrates how we are all losing our sense of humour and perspective as a result of what is perceived by some (many?) to be a decline in Arsenal football.

    Thanks for commenting, please continue – that is what I meant by ‘restoring the Yin Yang balance’.

  139. evonne says:

    Jeanette – hi, nice to see another ‘girl’ here! Unfortunatelly your Dad didn’t tell you about the worst kind of a supporter – the one that comes out of the closet and gloats when things go bad.

  140. tomstoned says:

    Rasp 🙂
    im not stopping commenting because im angry.ill just keep away so that other Gooners may have their peace of mind..still this is a great blog…and even though me and f.ex Red Arse have opposit opinions and well…;)
    not sure if im allowed to link in here..but here’s a sunny story from Norway..so all Gooners we can disagree but there are Gooners who still believes the Gooners of tomorrow 😉

    Please Gooners have a look use google translastion and ill promise You all it will make Your big Arsenal Hearts smile forever 🙂


    its virus free ive checked it with avast professional..so its all safe ;)well not for the soft hearted !

  141. Jeanette Kliger says:

    I read AA regularly and I like it because it is normally balanced and well written.
    There are two camps here: the ones who love Arsenal (and perhaps AW) come what may. I belong here. I have been an supporter for 55 years and have seen us in the depths and at the heights. I stood on the North Bank when there were 4,000 people at Highbury and I saw us win the first double at WHL. I love the club, regardless…

    Then we have the others who want success at any price. They have been spoiled by our success and will never agree with the “old” supporters like me. Some of their arguments are valid and some are just fed by vitriol and hatred. They are naturally entitled to their opinions, but…

    My dad used to say that there are the true supporters and the ones who crawl out from under their stones when things go well and then crawl back when times get hard. I know which one I want to be part of…

  142. Red Arse says:

    Jeanette, 🙂

    I think I might love you already, and I want to sign you up to an AA ‘regular blogger contract’ by the end of the transfer window!

    We already have two lovely ladies on here, which you will know, as a reader, and they keep the site on an even keel — well not Evonne — obviously, so you will have company in a heathen male environment! 😛

    Hope to speak again!! 🙂

  143. Red Arse says:


    Did not mean to put you under any pressure, and I am wracking what little grey matter I possess to come up with a Post for you. 😀

    Any more talk about shutting down AA and I will personally come around and sit on you!! 😀

  144. Rasp says:

    This is tomstoned’s article translated…….

    Arsenal unknown talent factory

    Text: Haakon Herlik Kristiansen
    It started with a couple of stories about Arsenal for some of the most curious kids. Shortly after, the entire kindergarten saved. Pambolero has talked with “talent factory” lagfører, Leif Uggen, which has also been named the “year Gooner”, Norwegian fan club.
    In 1992, the same year as the Premier League as its light and the book Fever Pitch (a book by and about Nick Hornby and his relationship with Arsenal journ.anm.) Was released, started Leif Uggen and his wife Kathe Romsaas up Ruseløkka kindergarten in a first floor an old apartment building in Vika, Oslo. If the choice was made in light of the year when the apartment building was completed (1886), does not say anything about the story. Yet it seems that this historic year, when workers at The Royal Arsenal in Woolwich started football club Dial Square which would later change its name to the club as we know today, has had an indirect impact on the kindergarten form of expression. Today Ruseløkka kindergarten namely under nicknames like “Arsenal-care” and “Arsenal Academy” locally and among both large and small.

    Small greats. Ruseløkka nursery is not quite like other nurseries. For a time the children have taken their first step into the doors of the MINI Division, the young carpenter pants gradually replaced by Arsenal jerseys at home as away. And the kids love it! In addition, each child assigned by name to an Arsenal player as a nickname, whether it is a Henry or Ljungberg. Leif Uggen (50) drives and work in nursery and have been a fan of the club since the early 70’s. Yet it was not Leif who took direct action to kindergarten upbringing, namely, it took the kids themselves. – Arsenal focus came naturally to me when I started working in the nursery. Gradually some of the kids asking if I had a favorite team, and then I started to talk about Arsenal should prove that they were very interested to hear the stories and songs. Since then it has been Arsenal for all the money, he said. Getting kids seen any of the games then? – Yes, we’re showing clips from Arsenal’s matches on a big screen in the nursery. In addition, we generally talk a lot about what is going on on the pitch. What about the parents. What do they really all about football? – They are only positive. Everyone thinks it’s great that there is so much focus on football, and several parents have over the years increased both their interest in sport in general, but also for Arsenal. This has led to many new fans, and I would argue that the area in Vika, Oslo seems to have the highest density Arsenal supporter in the country, says nursery manager proud.

    Football as a development tool. When the children eventually become hot in jersey and nicknames slowly begins to set up, so does the activity with the ball at their feet in and around the “Little Highbury,” kindergarten own venue. This summer was 2-year-olds at Bislett Stadium in glorious sunshine to become better acquainted both with leather ball and the green ground. Although they are still very young showed all of the little ones great interest, and all agreed that they had had a very fun day. Leif Uggen and the other staff are very clear about the importance of football as an effective development tool. – Football is fun, fun, interaction and collaboration, and children generally respond very positively when they get the ball in the legs. It is also a way to develop fine and gross motor skills, and a tool that kids can use with your mates to develop their expertise in many fields, not least on a social level. Leif especially want to highlight the importance of “eye / hand skills”, which is absolutely essential for reading and writing.

    Swing to Dylan. Although Arsenal have a very important role in Ruseløkka nursery, and much of the time is spent on the kids get care relationship to the club, there are also two other priority areas within their four walls. Music and art is just as important records like football, and last year won the national kindergarten nursery price for Arts and Culture 2011, after working for months on a project about Joan Miro (Spanish artist who was one of modernism’s most prominent figures journ.anm .), and his surrealism. From last fall until the summer has Bob Dylan been on the program, and with great success. – After last year’s music project is all the kids again now with many good experiences made in connection with Dylan. – We painted, drawn, was in the studio and worked with rhythms, listening, singing and interpretation. The kids got up and swung her parents were also given a renewed relationship with music legend. In other a very successful project, summarizes Uggen. What kind of jobs working for you to have in Ruseløkka daycare? – We have an inherent belief in children’s competence. We will not share your truth, but leave the kids investigate in small groups with a supportive adult. Our approach makes it possible for children to immerse themselves in a topic over time. They will explore a theme from different angles, as they discover that there are new ways, he explains. How is it to be chosen as the Gooner? – I am very happy and proud of this distinction and think it’s a nice recognition. Although neither Uggen or kids’ Arsenal Academy “has been celebrated event promises anyway kindergarten lagfører them to take up the slack when Arsene Wenger fills the 22 years October. When waiting is, potato screws and jelly babies, Arsenal songs and match clips, while all capped when all children and adults singing the following lines […] “happy birthday to Arsene Wenger, happy birthday to you!”

  145. Red Arse says:

    Thanks, Rasp,

    And the summarised English version is …………… ? 😀

  146. tomstoned says:

    Rasp Thank You 🙂 the children gives us all hope :)and Red Arse the last sentence isnt all bad eh ?;)the kids knows..

  147. Rasp says:

    Haha google translate is obviously not an exact science 🙄

  148. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Afternoon all
    Few posts today I see same nonsense,Rasp keep this site going ur doing well.
    And I enjoy posting on here.
    Much Love
    Sheep Hagger ™

  149. tomstoned says:

    its a special kindergarten though Rasp ,heey they even still have highbury…and to show clips of every Arsenal game ,even singing and cheering…and the kindergarten has been at it since 92…add up about 10 new kids every year..:)
    lets hope not all Norwegian Gooners turns out like me eh ?;)hehe

  150. jnyc says:

    Wow, am i the only one who appreciates a bit of controversy once in a while.? I like a rigorous debate, and it scares me to see some say they wont visit because of other peoples views. —- when i saw todays post i was proud of peaches and rasp for putting it up. Keep up the good work guys. — and i can handle any crazy views that may be expressed in the future. No need for anyone to be shy. We are all free to disagree. and—– i adore Arsene Wenger, but that doesnt mean i cant call him out once in a while, nobody is 100 % right all the time. — we are in real danger of a down spiral if we miss champs league spots, because of money and recruiting. I dont know the answer, im not sure its in transfers right now. So we cant just have positive and brave comments. We need to be real.

  151. Red Arse says:


    I have sent you a message! 🙂

  152. With you jync. I thought SPECTRUM was entertaining and thought it was amusing to see a few cages getting rattled !. It`s normally like reading the minutes of a WI village garden fete where the most exciting thing is the Vicar half choking on Miss Crabtrees cucumber sandwich, more tea Vicar !. hahaha

  153. Rasp says:

    Thanks Redders – gratefully received

  154. Red Arse says:

    Now look here Zimmer, I am coming to get you!!! 😀

  155. goonerjake says:

    Hello Jeanette, nice to have yet another true gooner on the site.

  156. niall says:

    Well said Spectrum, absolutely spot on fella. When more of our support start to open their eyes and share your clear, concise and accurate views, we can start to really move forward for the true good of AFC.

  157. Gooner In Exile says:

    Adrian thankfully that vid paints a bad picture of one fan and his mate who think they are brilliant, the fact no one else joined in tells you what most Arsenal fans are like.

    As for today’s discussion, this tweet kinda sums up exactly how I feel:

  158. You will have to be smart Redders, you Americans may have landed someone on the Moon, but I have landed a probe deep in Uranus !.

  159. kelsey says:

    I am with Chas

  160. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. Te 7th Cavalry has arrived with John Wayne is Big Raddy to the fore….. (a little musical reference).

    Sheep said yesterday that it is just fonts and he is spot on:-

    Take what you like and leave the rest.

  161. evonne says:

    GiE – fantastic tweet!!
    “Here is an idea.How about we let Arsene manage the club,the board run it and we support it.I know its radical.But what the fuck,lets try it” Genius!!!

  162. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Seriously, has anyone ever known a blogger with a catchphrase…??

    In any case, catchphrases are to be used judiciouly to avoid over use, as over use tends to diminish the effect.

    As for being too close to the bone, those words are troll like in their incredulity. Ie you must be saying that for a reaction, no one could be that obtuse to actually believe that…but then again…

  163. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Well said GiE, we’ve all seen idiots at the Emirates and/or Highbury, not really representative of the majority.

    No one joined in, no prolonged chanting etc.

    As you say, makes himself look an idiot,nowt else.

  164. dandan says:

    GIE that tweet could be one of mine it is so obvious.

    Rasp far from getting upset, I sit here and read many of these seemingly incensed posts with a fair amount of amusement. To give up AA at the behest of a few vitriolic posters would IMHO be a tragedy that would ill serve all the hard work that a number of people led by you and the indefatigable peaches have poured into this site.

    Jeanette welcome to the long term club us oldies need to stick together I mentioned two players in my 1:59 post today there are a few posters on here who remember them I am sure your Dad saw them play and maybe you did too.

  165. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Cheers BR, hi all.
    Yes I call it font wars just ignore them life’s to short.
    My leaving sign is
    Much love
    Sheep Hagger ™

  166. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Remic is off to Qpr not us

  167. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    It’s only a font .
    Sheep hagger 1964-present time
    Much love

  168. Sharks, nice to see you to see you nice, Listen I will only say this once, dont panic, you plonker, here`s one I made earlier, just like that, I dont believe it, you`re having a laugh , you dirty old man, am I bothered, crazy fool, how very dare you, whats up Doc, your fired, beep beep beep….I`ve started so I`ll finish “, well it`s good night from me and it`s goodnight from him, Good night John Boy !.

  169. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Alright Zim zimmer (keys to my bimmer?)

    I said I’d try to blog more, and just my luck I’ve stumbled on the Spectrum show on two occasions out of two. FML

  170. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Do I need to read back yesterdays comments for thoughts on the game..??

    Mostly interested on how Walcott was viewed…

    Back in a bit.. bedtime for one child, followed by quick game of table tennis with another.

  171. These tables…..I`m surmising they have very large handles…..wouldn`t it be easier to play with rackets !.

  172. Big Raddy says:

    ZZ. Oooh you are awful….. but I like you. Titter ye not. And I mean this most sincerely

  173. Big Raddy says:

    SSG. Theo was on his own against one of the most miserly defences in the PL. He was completely ineffective until Kompany went off an the he had a shot cleared off the line.

    My opinion is that he isn’t strong enough to turn a CB and he isn’t smart enough to fool a CB into getting close to him. IMO Theo is a winger who is at his best when he cuts inside or as an outlet to a compressed defence when he can exploit the spaces

  174. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Help what’s IMO mean sorry to be thick
    Much love

  175. GunnerN5 says:

    The choice of the title today was a prophesy……………

  176. 26may1989 says:

    GN5 @ 8.59pm: You read my mind.

  177. GunnerN5 says:


    Please don’t be serious about shutting AA down, before you do that you should ban those of us that do not live up to your ethos – myself included.

    Th site is like our daily bread – so please don’t starve us!!

  178. GunnerN5 says:

    GIE: @7:16

    Who could possibly agree to that? there would be nothing left to debate!!!

  179. Jeanette Kliger says:

    Having posted for the first time today, I have some points/questions on what some would describe as the “parlous” state of our beloved Arsenal.

    1. The day DB10 retired was a disaster for us.
    2. The day David Dein was forced out was another. He, at least, appeared to exert a powerful and positive influence over AW.
    3. What leads many deluded fans to believe that Guardiola or Mourinho would even consider managing Arsenal?
    4. What leads even more deluded fans to believe that Usmanov has the good of the club at heart? If he does, do we really want to be the second team of southern oilers?
    Answers on a postcard, please!

  180. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    “The choice of the title today was a prophesy……………”

    I had the same thought about 5mins ago

  181. goonerjake says:

    1.DB10 can never be replaced unfortunetely
    2.We could do with dein back
    3.Fans who think Mouriniho or Guad can do a better job than Wenger with our wage/transfer stucture are badly mistaken.
    4.I think fans see money being splashed around other clubs by sugar daddies just desire immediate gratification and are mostly interested in silverwear which if thats the case should just go down to the local trophy shop and buy themselves one. Me im in it for the football.

  182. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Hey Randy, I agree with all that you say..and I;ll add…

    For me his attitude is very poor. He seems ti think that he has no work to do other than finish chances, that should be served up to him.

    GiE remarked a few weeks ago how Theo seemed very pleased not to have to do any chasing back once he’d started playing CF.

    Yesterday I thought called for a lung busting shift of chasing and harrying from our lone CF…boy was I to be disappointed. Theo had an ability to be 20-30 yds from almost every clearance we made, as if he refused to follow the play from side to side, to challenge for our defensive clearances, God forbid he should get there early and provide an outlet. And if you’re getting there late, do it with more effort please

    It was at times embarrassing to see his lack of effort. His posturing and demands over his contract have really turned my stomach, but I can see that as ‘business’. His demands(if to be believed) over starting position are simply out of order.

    Major turning point for me was away at Wigan, when we headed a corner clear. Figueroa (known for strikes from distance) was adjusting himself (no, not like that !) beneath the falling ball. Theo made a point of keeping himself out of the way, refusing to even move towards Figueroa…almost running past him. Unforgiveable.

    Sign him, then we no longer have to play him at CF, we don’t ‘lose another top player’, and we can get back to picking the team based on performances, not on an unsigned contract, known colloquially as ‘da ting’… apparently. Come the summer we assess his 2nd half of the season and decide to keep him or move him on. Personally I’d assess the 7yr period. Some wonderful moments and decent stats from him for sure, but too many anonymous games usually, and his recent off field behavior (demands, stalling etc) are just a bridge too far for me

    There is no doubt that Theo has talent, my problem is with his attitude and application. In a nutshell, he never looks too bothered that a game is passing him by when its happening.

    Unforgivable in my book

  183. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    and “Thank you and goodnight – much love”,

  184. Rasp says:

    Hi again Jeanette,

    Any one of those questions could spark a heated debate

    Here are my responses:

    1. Probably our greatest ever player so retiring while he was still reasonably near to his best ensured he will be remembered only for his ‘exceptional quality’ – he had too much class to do a Sheringham or Scholes

    2. Many on here would disagree but I do believe that the Dein/Wenger combo was (unlike our team at present) greater than the sum of its parts – but we can’t go back in time and recreate it.

    3. I very much doubt maureen would be interested in the job, Guardiola – you never know? but there are others – Klopp and maybe even Laudrup?

    4. Personally I would’t want to see Usmanov in charge, he’s no more an Arsenal fan than Kroenke. He’s older and far less healthy than Abramovich, it would just be our luck if he took over and then croaked and the question of what happens to a club when its billionaire owner pulls out may be answered at our cost. It will happen one day. How would chelski survive if it had to pay back all the loans Abramovich has saddled the club with?

  185. SharkeySuresGhost says:


    My last post can be used for a HP if you like. It’ll need a new opening paragraph and a title…so let me know.

    If its tomorrow then use the email address i’ve used for this comment, as I may miss the yahoo one.

    It was a response to Raddys post but ran on a bit, and I thought you could maybe use it.

  186. 1. The day DB10 retired was a disaster for us.
    2. Lot’s of people say football has left Wenger behind. What if Dein has been left behind too?
    3.Guardiola might but I don’t want him. maureen wouldn’t come
    4.I really dislike Usmanov
    Answers on a postcard, please!

  187. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Hey Jeanette – re Usmanov, last week I heard Chelski fans saying we want our club back. I really had to laugh at that one

  188. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Hey TomSt – with the site. I’ve ‘known’ you quite a while now and know you’re a decent bloke.

    Mad but great story about the Nursery. I sit beside a Chinese guy who grew up in Norway (no honestly !!) and the guy I report to is a ‘proper’* Norwegian as well. They’ll be getting sight of that tomorrow for sure. Maybe I’ll G-translate it into German or Spanish first though. Just so they read it in a similar disjointed fashion to all of us !!

    * or Native Norwegian…boxed myself in a bit there

  189. I’ve met 5 Korean Norwegians all hairdressers.

  190. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    *stay with the site*

    I’ll laugh at you for saying you were going then staying, but thats a small price to pay.

    Can you imagine not responding to GMs crackers like his one at …

    The one where he runs thru well know catchphrases and somehow manages to find the odd one out. Clever (and funny) bloke for a man with a ladies job.

    Apologies GM, but you know me and Randy have no need for your services/skills, so go get Kelsey and Mickey to butter you up as they try to persuade you to tame their bouffant and unruly manes for a decent (wholesale?) price.

    Right thats the Shark done for today.

    Night all

  191. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Mmm, yeah possibly Korean GM.

    I can’t mention Korea without mentioning ‘OldBoy’

  192. The Koreans I met were all adopted. I met 2 Thais as well

  193. Sky Italia are reporting Pep going to Bayern

  194. 26may1989 says:

    Like the cut of your jib, Jeanette!

    Re Guardiola, I agree it’s unlikely he’d come to us (Bayern looks a far likelier destination), but I reckon there might be circumstances where he could be interested. I’m sure it would require guarantees on a budget, having a completely free hand to mould the squad and probably about not having a predecessor looking over his shoulder. But the fact is our current failings create an opportunity to build something new. The club is now famously loyal to managers, is financially solid, has a tradition of quality football, and has resources. It’s is based in one of Europe’s greatest and most cosmopolitan cities – Guardiola took English classes and has just spent his sabbatical in the other great English-speaking metropolis, New York.

    I don’t think he’ll end up with us, but I think it’s more likely than any other English club and more likely than any of the Italian clubs or a return to Spain.

    But would we want him? He’s only had one managerial job, and that was leading an amazing generation that required little to supplement it. Even with that, I’d be ecstatic if we were able to recruit Guardiola, but his limited experience is relevant.

  195. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Ok I’ll ask him tomorrow about his parentage. First thing, or maybe I’ll wait til our team meeting. 😉

  196. FCArsenal says:

    Nice rant.

    Try doing this, write an article that justifies why Arsenal should be at the top with United.

  197. oz gunner says:

    @ Adrian

    You are right it should not have been recorded, that was stupid. Other than that i think it was fine. Lucky MC is on his way out otherwise I’d feel like Fulton reed when Coach bombay was eating ice cream with the Iceland chick!!!!

  198. oz gunner says:

    @ Dandan

    my apologies for misunderstanding.

    @ Evonne
    I’ll re-use my comment for you instead:

    ‘The abroad comment is a bit overused to be honest. Those who are geographically challenged should not be viewed as a lesser supporter. It’s like saying a family in a lower socioeconomic status is less of a supporter because they can’t afford to buy tickets or merchandise. It can’t be helped.’

    You’d be hard pressed to find an International Arsenal fan who did not want to see Arsenal play. However, various circumstances prevent this. I feel sorry for those who will never ever get to experience the feeling that makes you more of a supporter than others. I know I’ll experience a Arsenal game many times in my life. It does not mean I’ll start discrediting others opinions though.

    Challenge Spectrums comments and opinions, don’t go for the easy route and undermine him because of his location.

  199. HaHaHerbert says:

    It astounds me that people like Spectrum, a narcissistic and self-indulgent legend in his own mind and the other moaners on the spectrum of whiny anti-Wenger groaners and pessimists deem themselves worthy of claiming they represent the majority of Gooners worldwide and have the duty to rectify AFC’s ills!
    We are going through a rough patch now, and have been there before but here is my take on where spectrum exaggerations fail:

    1)Continuing decline? Making a hyperbolic statement does NOt make it true, regardless of how many supporters you presume agree with you.
    2) Being truthful? you mean having a disparate opinion, not having THE Truth surely. It may truthfully be your opinion, which is as worthwhile as any of the 3 million other supporters opinions but NOT the Truth.
    3) Duty to highlight where and how we’re going so wrong – what gives you the impression that you know or are qualified to pontificate on perceived failings of Wenger, the Club or the players? Your sole duty is to support the Club, your sole privilege is to state your opinions, NOT your egocentric dogma.
    4) Consistently failing????? What an arrogant and exasperatingly bias displayed here. All is lost, AFC are failures, abandon all hope because Spectrum and a few others say so? 95% of the EPL Clubs would LOVE to have AFC’s record and consistent success in the EL and EPL.
    5) Why do we not invest in the team-You mean the purchase of 4 players this season for a total of 35-40million Euro wasn’t an investment….but I forgot Spectrum is the expert manager who has always done better than Wenger, right?
    6) The highest footballing salary in Europe ( or the world )? A total untruth, the following managers earn far more than Wenger: Mancini, Mourinho, and SAF, to name a few. I am sure there are many more whose compensation is far better than Wenger’s.
    7) How come we sign dozens of kids….Its called recruiting and developing potential talent, but I know Spectrum is such an excellent manager that he would NEVER sign a youth player but rather spend billions on ¨stars¨ who may or may not perform to expectations BUT would certainly drain the Club dry.
    8) We see the same pattern of failure and underachievement each season- Really? Who is this Royal ¨we¨ exactly? You mean yourself Spectrum, suffering from delusions of grandeur and using aggressive and illusory certitude like it justified your opinions.
    9) It’s time we reclaimed our Arsenal from the control of a greedy unambitious board, and a manager….WHO is reclaiming what? who gave you few ambiguous, festering fools the right to claim anything that NEVER belonged to you in the first place? AFC belongs to all of us supporters, regardless of our allegiances and opinions…..your feeble and hypocritical attempts to foster revolution against a hypothetical and mythical greedy, unambitious board, and a manager whose shoes you aren’t worthy to lick is pitiful band-standing totally unworthy of a true Gooner but perfect for a Spuds supporter.

  200. Gooner In Exile says:

    HaHaHerbert…..that sir is epic….chapeau.

    That comment is joining DDs 11:03’ish am and Jeanette’s opening comment as my favourites of what has been a reasonable days blogging/debating.

  201. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning Oz, I have to admit to feeling along the lines of LB on occasion but bloggers like yourself, PPP, jnyc have proven that overseas fans can be equally as passionate as us locals.

    However I think what makes some overseas fans more welcome than others is the willingness to understand what is really going on on the ground, bloggers like you and others mentioned above ask questions, and are balanced in your opinions on the club. You dont assume to know, and you dont talk as if you have a detailed knowledge of the clubs inner workings. Others take everything they are fed by media outlets (whether that be post match pundits, tabloid press etc) as gospel rather than what it is opinion and guess work.

    I don’t think you are any less a committed fan than me because you are not “local”.

    Then again the qualities possessed by you and other overseas bloggers is also why I like most of the bloggers here, the willingness oto ask our own questions and find our own answers rather than accept everything fed to us. Many of us hold different viewpoints but the thought that others are actually reading what each other say rather than shouting over the top of each other is why i only visit this blog. That and the wonderful people I have had the pleasure to meet on Matchday.

  202. oz gunner says:

    Morning GiE No question, bang on the money as per usual. Without doubt AA is a great home for like minded Arsenal fans, and I think of it as like a sponge. You’ve got the accountants, the vets, the internationals, the match day crew, a hairdresser, the list goes on. Everyone brings a balanced opinion and their own knowledge, because of that people are respected.

    I do feel sorry for those fans who do not find blogs like AA, because as you say without them it is a media feeding frenzy.

    Yes so and so spends X number of dollars a year on tickets, so and so travels Z number of kilometres to get to games, and that is great commitment but others would do the exact same if they had the chance. No need for people to posture up, we all love Arsenal

  203. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All. An early start to the snow shoveling ….

    HaHa Herbert. Great stuff. Shame you were not on earlier so we could have discussed further – I assume you are in another timezone.

    Oz. Your statement about foreign fans is right on the money. It is the same as saying young fans are not “proper” because they haven’t lived through George Graham. A Gooner is a Gooner.

    GIE. Up for an early morning feed? 🙂

    “Others take everything they are fed by media outlets (whether that be post match pundits, tabloid press etc) as gospel rather than what it is opinion and guess work.”

    100% agree and it is a curse.

  204. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning all,
    Peaches and I had Bovril at half time. A most underrated cold day drink for sheep (not our new chum from Swansea. The sort of berks that attend games).
    Back on the bottle GiE, and I’m not referring to George?

  205. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning Oz and Raddy,

  206. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Bloody hell Chas.
    How the hell will you know when the coast is clear if you’re not reading, and if you are, get on now.

  207. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just been reading around the transfer speculation on Sky.
    Makes me think about the Theo thing. If we sign da ting and he stops performing, we have another player we cannot off load due to his wages.
    Who would be a Manager!

  208. oz gunner says:

    morning micky and raddy.

    Yeah chas, without you AA will go into the dark ages, a time before videos…i dread the thought.

    @ BR

    too right

    @ GiE

    Someone said yesterday your son may potentially be a gooner. If he isn’t you’ve got some explaining to do! More importantly than schools, feeding schedule, nappy change schedule, is the ‘how am i going to go about enforcing Arsenal on my son, in a subtle way so as not to deter him’

  209. oz gunner says:

    @ Micky

    A nice pay check, in charge of international stars, free travel, and thousands upon thousands the world over thinking I’m a useless w*nker.

    The latter is already true for me so sign me up!

  210. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    Well am I the foreign correspondant or an ex pat.

    I think that it is nice to mix a bit of humour into AA as well as the more serious posts and some that i have read recently would make good headline posts.

    There will be more and more negativity about the players,managers and BoD as the season progresses by a number of bloggers on many sites and even some of the more conservative reasoned sites are showing their frustration and beginning to question what direction the club is going, though in a polite manner.

    With regards to our friend SPECTRUM, his signing off signature was disciussed too long for my liking and as has already been stated to those who are fairly new on here,we have been down that road before.
    I don’t like labelling fans but it was obvious that despite various requests for a NEW POST no one came forward and we finished up with a headline post by someone who had been lambasted by many the day before.

    Rasp take a valium or two 🙂 I have a good supply if you need them and if you are getting anxious take a few deep breaths we don’t want you to close the site down, do we ?
    Heaven forbid we lose tomorrow or even at chelsea aswell we don’t want the first suicide on AA.

    love kelsey 🙂

  211. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ah Mullard
    Nice to see everything is back to normal on the AA morning shift 🙂

  212. kelsey says:

    Thought the same micky 😉

  213. arthur mullard's left gonad says:

    Fair and unbiased officiating?

  214. Gooner In Exile says:

    Reading that link and feeding a baby…..the Internet is a terrible thing 🙂

    Spot on Raddy 🙂

    Oz he has a Junior Gunners membership the poor little sod will be at it for life 😀

    My first few words to him in the Op Theatre were “sorry little man but you’re an Arsenal fan”. The surgeons laughed.

  215. Big Raddy says:

    Mullard. What a fine way to start the day. Bet you can’t guess which one is BR

  216. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Blimey GiE,
    Kebab’s for his breakfast…way to go 🙂

  217. arthur mullard's left gonad says:


  218. kelsey says:


    I thought most of them looked like you actually 🙂

  219. Big Raddy says:

    OK I will tell you

    I am the folically challenged happy chap No. 32

  220. arthur mullard's left gonad says:

    Mmmmm, sexy.
    Mrs BR is a very lucky Viking.

  221. oz gunner says:

    damn i had 32!

  222. oz gunner says:

    Well played GiE, on to it nice and early!

  223. Love Dali jokes

    How many Surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

    The fish

  224. I’m aching all over from yesterday and I’ve got loads to do.

  225. evonne says:

    morning Oz – I didn’t say that overseas fans are lesser, simply that you cannot fully appreciate certain aspects of football if you don’t go to see your team playing. And I will stand by it.

    You cannot possibly know what it feels like to be part of the AFC if you haven’t been to Emirates (I am not even going to mention Highbury). You don’t get full benefit from watching it on the telly.

    I know becasue I have done both, no comparison. On telly you watch what the cameramen chose to show you, you listen to the commentary rather than follow your instincts, etc etc etc

    I understand that you cannot go to games, nor can I. And I miss it, truly miss it.

    Have you heard about little boys and girls going to a game and then being hooked for life? I have never heard of anyone watching a game on TV and being instantly hooked.

  226. evonne says:

    GM – are you aching from carrying 8 bricks in an IKEA bag for 500 yards? Psssshhhhh, you need to join a gym

  227. arthur mullard's left gonad says:

  228. evonne says:

    very modest, Senor Dali 🙂

  229. Morning Morning crew 🙂

    Seems I missed a peach of a day’s blogging yesterday 😆

    That’ll learn you, just a few words about the game is all that’s needed to start off the days chat or even some player ratings. If we get refereeing again like we did on Sunday a unfair assessment of how he ruined the game is also welcome.

    Come back all, we have a Rockylicious post today 😉

  230. No evonne it’s from Taking my kitchen apart and chiselling out breezeblock in lying and crouching positions. I bet if you did blow dries all day your arms would ache. 🙂

  231. Nice to see you on Sunday peaches.

  232. ………….. I’m expecting a rush of volunteers for the post following the Swansea game ………….. 😳

  233. Hi gm – nice to see you too, shame the game was ruined so early on but at least the second half felt more like watching Arsenal.

  234. evonne says:

    Yes GM, your arms must be very strong indeed. Not as much as my head would hurt from dealing with client; your nerves must be very strong too. I’d better leave it there or I will go to mention your 4 wives…..

  235. Wives are easy evonne. You can always change them 🙂

  236. oz gunner says:

    @ Evonne

    Yes i have, how else did alot of us international gooners get hooked?
    I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a surreal experience, in fact I couldn’t imagine it being very euphoric and I’d probably spend the entire time pinching myself.

    The point was you said spectrum does not understand, meaning he is not at the level of supporter you are. Spectrum never stated watching it on the tube was better than in the flesh.

  237. evonne says:

    Chelsea, Fulham and QPR failed to pay the costs of policing during the game days!! Chelsea paid less than half of the bill

  238. peaches
    I was on the dugout side. 2nd half the linesman was shocking. I know I’m biased but he seemed to be letting offsides go and ignoring fouls.It’s bad when you worry about who the referee is though. City haven’t lost a game with dean in 17 now.

  239. evonne says:

    Oz – cross wires. I never meant to say that Spectrum didn’t understand the game; simply that he doesn’t get the full benefit of the spectacle that football is; misses out on lots of positive aspects that going to games offers.

  240. Red Arse says:

    Morning Folks, 🙂

    The post from Hahahaherbert is so brilliant I could have written it myself! —— What? Oh, OK maybe not!!! 😛

    The writing style makes me feel I know the author, but if I do not …. I should like to hear from him again!! 😀

    Anyway, it deserves to be posted again, because although it is addressed to Spectrum, it really encompasses all his ilk!
    So here goes.

    —– “It astounds me that people like Spectrum, a narcissistic and self-indulgent legend in his own mind and the other moaners on the spectrum of whiny anti-Wenger groaners and pessimists deem themselves worthy of claiming they represent the majority of Gooners worldwide and have the duty to rectify AFC’s ills!

    We are going through a rough patch now, and have been there before but here is my take on where spectrum exaggerations fail:

    1)Continuing decline? Making a hyperbolic statement does NOt make it true, regardless of how many supporters you presume agree with you.

    2) Being truthful? you mean having a disparate opinion, not having THE Truth surely. It may truthfully be your opinion, which is as worthwhile as any of the 3 million other supporters opinions but NOT the Truth.

    3) Duty to highlight where and how we’re going so wrong – what gives you the impression that you know or are qualified to pontificate on perceived failings of Wenger, the Club or the players? Your sole duty is to support the Club, your sole privilege is to state your opinions, NOT your egocentric dogma.

    4) Consistently failing????? What an arrogant and exasperatingly bias displayed here. All is lost, AFC are failures, abandon all hope because Spectrum and a few others say so? 95% of the EPL Clubs would LOVE to have AFC’s record and consistent success in the EL and EPL.

    5) Why do we not invest in the team-You mean the purchase of 4 players this season for a total of 35-40million Euro wasn’t an investment….but I forgot Spectrum is the expert manager who has always done better than Wenger, right?

    6) The highest footballing salary in Europe ( or the world )? A total untruth, the following managers earn far more than Wenger: Mancini, Mourinho, and SAF, to name a few. I am sure there are many more whose compensation is far better than Wenger’s.

    7) How come we sign dozens of kids….Its called recruiting and developing potential talent, but I know Spectrum is such an excellent manager that he would NEVER sign a youth player but rather spend billions on ¨stars¨ who may or may not perform to expectations BUT would certainly drain the Club dry.

    8) We see the same pattern of failure and underachievement each season- Really? Who is this Royal ¨we¨ exactly? You mean yourself Spectrum, suffering from delusions of grandeur and using aggressive and illusory certitude like it justified your opinions.

    9) It’s time we reclaimed our Arsenal from the control of a greedy unambitious board, and a manager….WHO is reclaiming what? who gave you few ambiguous, festering fools the right to claim anything that NEVER belonged to you in the first place? AFC belongs to all of us supporters, regardless of our allegiances and opinions…..your feeble and hypocritical attempts to foster revolution against a hypothetical and mythical greedy, unambitious board, and a manager whose shoes you aren’t worthy to lick is pitiful band-standing totally unworthy of a true Gooner but perfect for a Spuds supporter.

  241. oz gunner says:

    Fair enough then evonne, thank you for clearing that up. 😎

  242. Red Arse says:

    Morning Oz, 🙂

    Can I interject and say that I don’t think Evonne meant to cast aspersions on the millions of overseas supporters.

    I think she was referring to the sense of awe everyone, local and overseas fans alike, gets the first time you walk into a stadium like Highbury or the Emirates.

    You are a tremendous fan, and I know you will love it too when you get to London, and I hope I can go with you!! 😛

  243. Red Arse says:

    Too late, you have already made up!! 😳

  244. evonne says:

    Oh RA, you sweetie 🙂
    Of course oz and I made up, we are part of the same family aren’t we? COYG

    That HaHaHerbert made me laugh, absolutely hillarious

  245. New Post ………… 🙂

  246. HaHaHerbert is weedonald is disguise

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