Hansen Should Hang His Head

Late on in Arsenal’s dispiriting defeat by Manchester City on Sunday, referee Mike Dean sent off Vincent Kompany for a dangerous tackle.

It was a straight red and evened up the on-pitch personnel to10 a side, although far too late in proceedings to offer any real hope to the men in red and white.

Kompany had dived in with both feet off the ground and his studs showing as he went for a fifty-fifty ball. Coming rapidly – but fairly – in the opposite direction was the ever-committed Jack Wilshere.

It was an easy decision for Dean to make – a strait red card any day of the week.

And bear in mind this was Dean, under whom Arsenal have an appalling record and who couldn’t stop himself from doing a little jump for joy when the Spuds scored against us last season.

You suspect that if Dean had felt there was even a sliver of opportunity to avoid sending off the City man he would have grabbed it with both hands. But it was so blatant an offence that he had no option.

(Incidentally, I have no quibble with Dean’s earlier red carding of the hapless “Stan” Laurel Koscielny for clinging onto Edin Dzeko’s waist like a drunk tart in a pub trying to hang on to a want-away lover).

Kompany is a defender for whom I have the greatest respect. He is a world class player and, for a centre back, generally conducts himself fairly.

But on this occasion he lunged in in a dangerous manner. The replays clearly showed both feet off the ground and studs showing. We can consider ourselves fortunate that Wilshere was not badly hurt.

I’m not saying Kompany jumped into the tackle intending to injure. But it was reckless and, as we Arsenal fans know only too well, recklessness in the tackle can leave young men’s shins bent mightily out of shape.

You might wish to protest that the City man got the ball, but that’s not the point, either morally or as far as the laws of the game are concerned. The inherent dangers posed by the two-footed dagger jump have rightly led to its being considered a sending-off offence.

So it was disappointing, if not exactly surprising, to hear talk of an appeal against the red card emanating from Middle Eastlands.

But far more shameful, to my mind, were the comments from Alan Hansen. He said that if Kompany’s red card was upheld, the decision would be tantamount to banning tackles from football.

This is such a specious argument I hardly know where to begin. Quite aside from the clear evidence of the replays and the fact that referees are instructed to send off players for diving in with their studs up, Kompany’s actions were not a “tackle” within the laws of the game. They were an example of serious foul play.

I doubt Hansen will be aware of the connection, but when Arsene Wenger spoke with passion after the Eduardo and Ramsey leg breaks about ridding the game of such dangerous challenges, the response of the ignorant was to say “he wants to ban all tackling.”

Wenger very specifically made clear that he believed tackling was a vital part of football. Jumping into players shins and shattering their bones was not.

Hansen should know better than most that a fair, hard tackle can be made without showing the studs or making a two-footed jump.

As an ex centre half you might expect him to look for ways to defend Kompany – but he could have done so by suggesting the lunge was a split second error of judgement and not an act of malice. He did not need to try to whitewash the whole thing. If the tackle had been against Manchester United – against Wayne Rooney perhaps – I doubt we would have heard these comments from Hansen.

Maybe the Scot is feeling his age in the BBC Sports department and is worried about being nudged out by younger pundits who have played the game more recently. A few column inches and a bit of extra coverage probably wouldn’t go amiss for him right now.

But it’s comments like Hansen’s that continue to foster the myth that reckless play is just committed play; comments that more or less ensure that some other professional will end up lying on the pitch with a shattered limb before too long.

To quote Hansen himself: (insert Scottish accent here) “Shocking Alan. That’s simply shocking.”


160 Responses to Hansen Should Hang His Head

  1. A. Weeks says:

    The man is an embarrassment!!!

  2. VCC says:

    Nice one Rock.

    When Hansen (and a few others) appears on the box, its time for me to go and open another Carlsberg,take a pee, or even catch up on the latest Coronation Street escapades (of which I cannot stand, may I add) which my wife would be watching (just for a quick reminder of being married).

    How this guy remains in his high profile job escapes me.

    A fine player, but he has no idea of what he is talking about. Who watches this buffoon? cos all and sundry I know, say the same thing. He is laughable as a critic.

    In fact if Carlsberg done banishing, they would send him to Siberia.

  3. Jack says:

    Come on, if you look at it properly Wilshire was the one who was late. And Wilshire himself knew it, he thought he would be going off.
    Kompany actually made a perfect tackle, one foot studs down.

    If you don’t think that’s right, look at the evidence here

  4. Brian Lampard says:

    Utter rubbish,he won the ball,it wasn’t two footed and Wilshere for all his whining,wasn’t injured,in fact if he hadn’t lunged trying to win back the ball he had lost control of there would have been no contact at all.

  5. Big Raddy says:


    Same tackle. Totally different viewpoints – this is why I love football.

    I think it was a definite foul by Kompany but not worthy of a red card

    It should be pointed out that Dean was right on the spot to make the decision and he did not rush into the decision

  6. BluePete says:

    you don’t really understand football do you? Watch the side view (the front view doesn’t give distance and the players look closer) and you will see that 1) yes his second foot does leave the floor by a couple of inches but is behind his second leg by a distance. I’m talking sense here an you would benefit from it. He the connects with the ball and naturally his body follows. Its not reckless and its not dangerous. Now take a look a the frontal view and you will see have you can partially see Kompany’s studs on one foot, not the other.

    Still don’t get it. Well, I look forward to your blog appearing on newsnow at the outrage that the red card has been rescinded.

  7. Big Raddy says:

    The BBC has a habit of hanging onto “analysts” way beyond their sell by date.

    Gary Neville has raised the bar, the Beeb need to get rid of Hansen and find someone with a more analytical approach

  8. Jack says:

    As you say, Dean was right on the spot, and in real time it looked like a red. Don’t blame the ref at all, but it won’t be the first time a ref is fooled by the speed of events, And as for the comment about a sliver of doubt, that’s just blinkered,
    I can’t see how you can say you think it’s a foul when there’s a picture there showing otherwise.

  9. The Truth says:

    Never heard so much whinging from Arsenal fans as they do these days, is it just because you arent winning lads like you used to?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, why have a go at Hanson?

    You all need to get a grip and concentrate on improving, else it’ll be out the Champions League and you’ll be on the outside looking in, new stadium or not!

  10. Red Arse says:

    Morning, Rocky, 🙂

    Hopefully by the time you surface from the land of nod, I will be well gone, because I do not agree with your premise, in this instance.

    Of course the point of a Post is to be a focus for discussion, and not a written ‘closed’ comment that brooks no argument, and you are the renowned master of the genre, and this is no exception, thankfully.

    When I first saw the tackle I winced because I thought Jack might have been injured. At the same time I thought the speed with which Jack had run into Kompany had contributed to there coming together, and he had lost out to the bigger man.

    I did not think there had been a foul committed, or if there was one, it was of a lesser order in the way of measuring these things.

    When I saw Dean pull out the red card, part of me rejoiced, because I hoped it may have given us a lifeline back into the game, but the other part was questioning the justification for the referee doing so.

    The first slo-mo replay seemed to show that Kompany led with his right foot, and then the left foot came marginally off the ground.
    He was airborne, it seemed, and therefore flying through the air and out of control. Red card!

    But another replay, from a different angle seemed to show that he had not lifted his left foot at all. The explanation is no doubt down to the angle of the dangle, and the heat of the beat, and there may have been a micro second betwixt the two replays.

    My point is that it may well have been a red card, but equally it might not have been a red card.
    Dean did not have the benefit of the cameras and presumably he was confident his decision was right, and I do not doubt his integrity, but at the time I thought it was not a red card.

    Presumably, Shitty are appealing the card, not by impugning the referees honesty, but choosing a particular camera angle that showed the tackle in a favourable light.

    There is doubt, I think, and it is not a slam dunk, black and white decision the FA need to make.

    Your other points regarding the seriousness of tackles that can ruin another player’s career is indisputable, but my own observations indicate that some of the worst tackles, that cause serious damage, are made by a player with the standing foot firmly planted, while swinging the other one to catch the opposing player moving at speed, especially if contact is made when the victim has taken a stride and placed all his weight on the leg that is targeted.


  11. galteegunner says:

    This piece absolutely nails it.,Hanson Really disappointed me with his knee jerk defenders response. Like you say, he could have at least admitted two feet were off the ground and this makes tackle uncontrolled and therefore dangerous

  12. Big Raddy says:

    Jack. Read RA’s comment above

  13. 26may1989 says:

    Thanks Rocky.

    The starting-point should be (but rarely is) what the laws of the game say. Law 12 says it is a foul if:

    “… a player commits any of the following seven offences in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force:

    •jumps at an opponent

    •tackles an opponent”.

    FIFA issue interpretations of the laws, which also have to be considered, and the relevant one here says:

    “‘Using excessive force’ means that the player has far exceeded the necessary use of force and is in danger of injuring his opponent.

    • A player who uses excessive force must be sent off.”

    Is there anything that says a player must be sent off if the tackle is two-footed? No. Is there anything about studs showing? No. Is the test for a red card even being reckless? No (that would justify a yellow card). But also, can it be a foul if the player gets the ball? Yes, it absolutely can and should be – the Ramsey incident happened when Ramsey nicked the ball away from Shawcross, who was already committed. No doubt, Shawcross thought he was going to get the ball but he was wrong and it turned out he indeed used excessive force in his attempt to make the tackle and did indeed injure his opponent. It is arguable that the only difference between that incident and Sunday’s was that Wilshere didn’t nick the ball away.

    There are so many misunderstandings of the rules of football, especially amongst old pros like Hansen. Partly that’s because most pros didn’t know the detail of the rules in the first place, but it is also relevant that the rules have evolved since Hansen’s heyday. And the way the game is played, especially its speed, is completely different to everything Hansen et al knew.

    The truth is it’s the referee’s judgment that matters. Personally, I think Kompany did a lot to minimise the risk of his challenge – he controlled his tackle in many respects. But did he control it enough? The referee, who only gets one view, thought he hadn’t, and while I don’t agree with that interpretation, it was reasonable. Referees should err on the side of caution on this, as Ramsey and Eduardo would confirm: yes, there will be red cards that, with hindsight, may not have been completely justified, but dangerous tackling must not be tolerated.

    And anyway, this particular red card didn’t affect the outcome of the match (much to our disappointment), and Kompany has the right to appeal it, to ask for a retropsective view to be taken. There is no prejudice in this case, though of course that wouldn’t necessarily be true in other situations.

    Vincent Kompany is a fine player and clearly a very decent man. But I don’t see much a miscarriage of justice here, just a bunch of old lags talking about a game that doesn’t exist anymore.

  14. Morning all, so you’ve never heard moaning at this level before then The “Truth” ?

    Where have you been all these years, us Gooners love to moan and you weren’t around to appreciate it ? Shame on you !!

    Oh, and thanks for the “You’ll be out of the Champions League spot if you’re not careful” quip – wow, I’d never have thought of that.

    A million huzzahs for your insight. 🙂

  15. Typical accusations from those defending Kompany, that everyone with a different opinion ‘doesn’t understand football’. Pfft.

    Kompany leaves the ground (jumps) to reach the ball first, making the result of the tackle irrelevant. That, in of itself, is a red card offence. Studs showing or not, getting there first, contact with the ball is all a smokescreen. It was a sound decision and won’t be successfully challenged. Mike Dean is still a cunt though.

  16. I see Swansea have signed the ex-Kajagoogoo singer on loan.

    Also the lino who told the Middle Eastlanders players”They’ve paid 62 quid over there, go and see them” has been taken off duty for the FA Cup match between The Baggies and Melty-faces team where he was supposed to be officiating.

    Oddly the Refs council says it;s not a punishment but something to “take him out of the limelight” – have we ever heard officials advising players to acknowledge their supporters at the end of a game? Very curious.

  17. MikeSA says:

    No BluePete, that isn’t sense. It’s a closeted view of the rules of the game and their practical implementation.

    To get rid of a few of the more popular red-herrings:

    1. It is irrelevant whether the tackler gets the ball or not, it’s down to whether the tackle is deemed reckless or not.
    2. A tackle is considered reckless if the tackler is not in control during the execution of the tackle.
    3. Both feet leaving the ground is considered as the tackler not being in control. It is irrelevant how long that was for, or whether the one foot is forward and the other back, only that both feet left the ground. The only relevance for both feet being forward is that the damage might be more severe.
    4. If the tackle is deemed to reckless and could endanger either the tacklee OR the tackler, then it’s a red card.

    Kompany can clearly be seen to have “jumped in” to the tackle. That is clearly seen by Dean as being reckless.

    Thierry Henry got sent off for a joke slide where he deliberately missed the target by a very wide margin, but he jumped in to it, same as Kompany, and was sent off.

    This is not banning tackling, it’s getting rid of reckless and dangerous behaviour. Kompany could have executed the tackle without jumping in like that. That’s what made the tackle reckless and dangerous.

    The problem is that too many fans listen to the “pundits”, who have no idea what the rules actually state.

  18. 26may1989 says:

    Completely agree MikeSA, though being a bit pernickety about the terminology, technically a “reckless” challenge (ie, “the player has acted with complete disregard to the danger to, or consequences for, his opponent”) would be a yellow card offence. Dean must have considered the challenge to have been made using “excessive force” (ie, “the player has far exceeded the necessary use of force and is in danger of injuring his opponent”), that’s the one that brings a red card.

  19. Gooner Jack says:

    Those of you that claim it was a one footed tackle are just complete morons. Esp jack! If you saw what happens in the next few frames you’d see that the other foot comes forward, both feet off the ground, studs showing. A tackle like that is not controlled, not nesiccary and very dangerous.

  20. MikeSA – I groan whenever I hear that old chestnut “He got the ball” – that’s so ignorant of the rules.

    If you don’t like the rules then question them when the referees brief the teams at the season start.

    That’s why Kozzer had to go as by the letter of the law Dean reckoned he was denying a definite goal scoring opportunity; of course if that grappling rule it was applied to a Stoke match they would finish the game with 3 players.

  21. MikeSA says:

    Good point, yes it is excessive force that’s the key, and Kompany, nice lad that he is, jumped in rather than attempted to execute the tackle staying on his feet.

  22. LB says:

    Kompany should have got two red cards for that tackle.

    Brilliant post Rocky, loved the description of Koscielny.

    “like a drunk tart in a pub trying to hang on to a want-away lover”

  23. 26may1989 says:

    Chary: 🙂

    But I also think Kos was unlucky to be sent off – clearly it was a foul and a penalty, but could Dzeko have got to the ball ahead of Szczesny in order for the chance to be an obvious goalscoring opportunity? Again, I can understand Dean’s decision, but with replays, I think it’s doubtful Dzeko would have got to the ball.

  24. The font says:

    If you look at any premier league match at some point you will see a defender wrestling a attacker in the penalty area. Some give it some do not. The same as Kompany some give it some do not there’s no right or wrong here

  25. Bryan says:

    I’m a little unsure if Kompanys tackle was a red or not.
    Tackles are being forced out the game, I saw a great tackle from the side by Wilshire recently (think it was Swansea away) only for him to be booked, which I just could not believe.
    By today’s standards I would say probably a red was right & also add I think Kompany should of already been booked anyway.
    As for Kos’s sending off, I think the stupid rules need changing as if it is in the penalty area a yellow card & a penalty is punishment enough unless of course it is a 2 footed/malicious challenge.
    Keepers for example always attempt to go for the ball with there hands when a player goes round them, so when they bring them down for a pen a yellow is enough, it totally spoils the game. Surely keeping 11 v 11 on the pitch should be important & only sending off players if the ref is given no choice.
    Obviously if the challenge is outside the area with a goal scoring chance then the player has to go.

    On another note I am seriously hoping that the rumours about us going for West Ham,s
    Diame are crap because if that’s the level of transfers we are keen on, I think I should seriously give up following football lol

  26. Bryan says:

    Oh & a stat my son told me, was that the last 17 Arsenal matches that Mike Dean has been in charge of, we have won 1, I have never liked him as a ref against us but then I don’t like most of them 😀

  27. Jack says:

    Gooner Jack, that’s about your level, resort to insults. Wilshire was clearly late and was never getting there. Take off your bitter shaded blinkers

  28. tommy mclean says:

    Hansen, Mancini both think he should’ve stayed on the park… wonder would they be of that opinion if they were on the receiving end of that “fair tackle” can anyone remember the last time they saw a 50/50, i can’t because there’s far too many cowards who go in the way VK did on JW!!

  29. Tommy, it’s worth remembering that of the 11 fouls Camel Shaggers FC were called for 7 of those were on Jack – ROTATIONAL, TARGETTED FOULING


    Hi Rocky

    Of course that was a dirty tackle. The rotten scoundrel almost cut Jack in half.

    Jack Wilshere is the finest talent we have produced since Liam Brady, and we see the result. How many times was he fouled on Sunday? On one occasion some bounder trod on his ankle using full body weight.

    Quality players need to be protected. One of the reasons Messi is so effective is that in Spain he is afforded more protection. Yet over here we get fools like Hansen saying that was a good chalange.

    Every player knows that if you make a tackle and at any time both your feet leave the ground its a red. The evdence is clear in this case, there is no argument. He must pay. and since it was on Jack, it should be at least a 12 game ban.

  31. Manthan says:

    MANCINI : HAHAHA Yes he should be ban for 12 games as Jack is our future Leader……

  32. GoonerB says:

    I didn’t get round to commenting yesterday as not much time and also I spent most of it reading the various comments to get a general feeling of things. Very interesting but I will leave any feelings on the general club / Arsene Wenger situation til a later date. Maybe even a post (can’t promise immediately Rasp / Peaches but will do my best).

    I have already disagreed with Gooners on the 2 sending off’s. Kompany’s one I am 50-50 with and could have gone either way. Initially I thought it wasn’t a red then after seeing it in slow motion I thought I could see why the ref thought it was OTT or with excessive force and therefore reckless.

    Koscielny’s for me was also debatable and not because his actions shouldn’t be deemed a foul and therefore a penalty and possible red card, but because it brings up the whole discussion of consistency. Football is big business with serious finances at stake and you cannot have governing bodies and officials that show inconsistency. For me the F.A need to be saying at the start of the season that all these grappling offences from the start of this season will result in penalties and possible red cards. That way everyone is forewarned and there is consistency.

    The problem with Koscielny’s is that this season there will have been many very similar instances that resulted in no punishment whatsoever. We need to have a clear definitive policy from the F.A and then the collection of referees to implement that policy so that by and large, aside from a few that were not seen, there is a consistency. The referees as a whole cannot just be allowed to have vast differences where they just pick and choose on a whim when to punish and when not to. You can call it inconsistent refereeing but it also becomes tantamount to discrimination.

    Not that I have, or anyone else will have, the time and inclination to research it but I bet you if all such penalty box grappling incidents were to be analysed this season it would show Koscielny to have been more unfairly singled out, or if you like made an example of. What would be even more troublesome is if there was evidence of Dean having overlooked similar incidences this season when he had a good view of it. I still get the feeling that Dean just wanted to be the big authoritive figure and it was more about him than the game itself and I do believe that other referees would not have produced a red. Perhaps if there was also evidence of Dean ignoring similar incidences it could even lead to the more worrying thought that he has an agenda or ulterior motive. I don’t like conspiracy theories too much, but our record under Dean is very poor so is that just pure coincidence?

    So for me it is Koscielny’s that is the more debatable for more significant reasons than just assessing whether it was a correct decision or not by the letter of the footballing laws, but more how it fits in with consistent refereeing across all the EPL’s referees, and even more significantly independantly with the consistency of Mr Dean himself with these situations.

  33. Red Arse says:

    Terry, welcome back. Did you get locked in the cellar, again? 🙂

  34. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Many things come into play in this question. Firstly is the mistaken idea that getting the ball first absolves a player from all guilt. This of course is the problem with Hansen et al…..like most fans and pundits they are familiar with the game but largely ignorant of the rules. There of course is no mention of whether the ball is taken in the 2 feet tackle rule.

    Secondly when Kompany takes the ball he does so with his front foot. The problem is in the follow through – when he slides towards Wilshere the feet are up, together and studs showing. He does retract the trailing foot the instant before contact and it is only luck rather than good management that Wilshere was uninjured.

    Thirdly Kompany was red carded for a similar offence against Nani on Jan 10 last season in the Man U game. In this case it was only Nani’s nimbleness that allowed him to jump just prior to contact that could have snapped his ankles. The Rules are an endeavour to stop the use of a lunging two-footed tackle where the raised feet mean the tackler is “out of control” – in other words his means of avoiding a dangerous collision was removed the moment his two feet left the ground.

    Referees dont always get it right – in this case Dean followed the rules of the game and Kompany left him with no choice.

  35. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning all,

    Overall Mike Deans record against Arsenal is pretty even but when you look at it from 2009 forward it’s shocking.

    Here are are results of the games he refereed –

    Fulham – D1
    Burnley – D1
    Newcastle – L1
    QPR – L1
    Spurs – Wl, D1, L1
    Man U – D1, L3
    Man C – D2, L1
    Chelsea – D1, L2

    That is a record of 1 win, 7 draws and 9 losses in 17 games.
    Out of a possible 51 points we got 10 or 19.6%.

    Now looking at our overall record for the same period – excluding games he refereed here is our record.

    P118, W71, D24, L23, Pts% 69.7%

    That requires an inquiry –

    How could our results be so different in games he ref’s ? – it does not make any sense. He seems to get all of our games against the top teams and I thought that might be the reason – but even against the 4 lesser teams we did not get a win – something stinks in referee land!


    Hi Redders. yes, but this time i pleaded to stay there. hahahaha

    Thanks for the other day. Check the other place.

  37. VCC says:

    GN5. 12:10….I have been banging this drum for years. Cannot be a coincidence with more Northern referees?????

  38. Red Arse says:

    Gooner B Good, 🙂

    We appear to share a similar view of the Kompany red card, but I have a slightly different view to your regarding Kozzer.

    It is true that arms around the waist, shirt holding and sly pushing are endemic in the EPL, and referees seem to ignore it, perhaps on the grounds that there is so much of it it is difficult to know who did what to whom.

    Where Kozzer’s offence was different to the ‘norm’, apart from committing the foul directly in front of the referee, is because he wrapped his arms around Dzeko completely encircling his waist.

    Having done that, and forgotten that Dzeko, like most forwards in the penalty area, was likely to go over like a felled pine, he did not let go, but clung on and they went down like two spoons, with Kozzer appearing to be a love struck Lothario hoping for a quicky.

    Regardless of whether or not he prevented a clear goal scoring chance, no one could have been surprised that a penalty was given as well as a red card.

    Them’s the rules! Refs only carry out the FIFA/UEFA mandate based on their judgement at the time.

  39. arthur mullard's left gonad says:

    Nice post, Rocky.

    Kompany’s lunge was 100% red card and should be met with a 12 game ban as Terry suggests. 🙂

    I knew we were in trouble from Dean the moment he stepped on to the pitch wearing boots with fluorescent green heels and soles. He loves being the centre of attention, jumped up little hitler.

    Kos did get wrong side and put his arm across to stop Dzeko. The second arm came round as he stumbled and it wasn’t a blatant rugby tackle as all the stills seemed to suggest. There had to be some doubt that Dzeko would have got the ball anyway as it was running away from him towards Szczesny and was certainly not under his control as has been mentioned by other refs as a reason for not issuing a ‘last man denying a goal-scoring opportunity’ red card. A penalty and a red card seemed and still seems a ridiculously disproportionate punishment for the offence.

  40. Red Arse says:

    Here I am probably showing my ignorance, but this constant referral to ‘studs showing’ sounds like a pundit inspired attempt to rationalize why fouls are sometimes given and at other times are not.

    My attention is always drawn to this ‘phenomenon’ by TV commentators when a player is or is not pulled up for a foul.

    Now, every game I watch, I try to see who is so physically deformed that they can stick a leg out without showing the soles of their feet – encased in a boot, that means with studs protruding.

    I have singularly failed to spot anyone so blessed.

    All footballers seem to have the same physical properties, in the leg/foot area as I do, and try as I might, not being a ballerina, my foot when fully extended has the sole showing.

    I am very happy about this, of course, as when I am standing vertically, with my feet in the usual position, I find it very reassuring that the soles of my feet are touching the ground, as I do not think I could stand the ignominy of mincing down the road on the tips of my tootsies.

    How about you guys? 😀

  41. Bryan says:

    Thank you for claryfying that at 12.10 gunnerB 😉

  42. GunnerN5 says:

    I think Dean had no option but to send Kos off.

    Kos was obviously enamoured with Dzeko, he couldn’t keep his hands off of him, so Dean sent Kos off so that he could take a long cold shower and calm down.

    Maybe they met in the tunnel a little later?

  43. Red Arse says:

    Just been listening to Wenger’s interview on Al Jezzeera, and very interesting it was too.

    Just one point, in particular pricked my ears up, he was talking about having a strong squad, despite everyone saying it wasn’t, but that he was hoping to buy ‘possibly’ two players in this window.

    Who knows, those of us who have doubted he would buy anyone (Rasp — OK and me too) 😀 may be proven wrong? 🙂


    GN5, yes i agree. kos was showing a bit too much love there, But Dean was still harsh.

    Surely a quick lecture on the birds and the bees, or the phone number of “coming out anonymous” would have sufficed. I bet Dean was treated with a lot more respect than Kos when he came out.

  45. GunnerN5 says:


    Yesterday I just looked at his overall record, this morning I dug a little deeper and found a land mine.

  46. GunnerN5 says:

    TMHT; It was kinda sweet tho……………..it looked like his lbeau was trying to leave him.

  47. GoonerB says:

    Redders. Firstly can I say that if Kozzer was looking for a quickie then he should be leaving that sort of public show of affection to Terry Mancini or our friend from Cornwall (how is he by the way). They are both self professed superlative lovers of significant levels, and I don’t think any Arsenal player can hold out hope of holding a candle to them.

    Secondly I am upset that you have announced that you are not a ballerina. That has just ruined the great mental image I have developed of you, and don’t even mention that you also don’t mince down the road……

    Off for a bit, see you all later.

  48. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    For me it’s easy they were both Fouls and both deserved the red card.
    No quibbles from me.
    Much love .

  49. arthur mullard's left gonad says:

  50. evonne says:

    “much love
    that has to be the best catchphrase on the net

    and Rocky’s have to be the best posts

  51. Bryan says:

    GunnerN5 I cross bred you with GoonerB at 12.32 & got GunnerB 😉
    sorry about that, I’m sure I would of been sent off here if Mike Dean was in charge.

    Sheep Hagger
    Trouble is I haven’t seen other players sent off for holding in pen area, which if happened more often may stop it as for me it is just as bad as players diving

  52. dean is doing the Chelsea game. we’ve got no chance. The fact that the same ref can have the same team in consecutive matches tells me it’s all wrong. Webb gets the mancs a lot.

    deans record with man city is the mirror of ours. They haven’t lost for 17 games

    Anyone remember when Atkinson didn’t send Luiz off and rednose went mental? He didn’t get another manu game for 13 months. yet we have the same ref on consecutive games.

    When Clattenburg wrongly sent off torres (when he should have sent evans off) the chavs accused him of racist comments. I don’t think they wanted him again.(ask any spud fan what they think of clattenburg and manu)

    When bacon face feels the ref hasn’t looked after them he slates them but when the ref is good for the mancs he tells everyone what good refs they are.

    When they drew with the chavs last year he said they should have had another 2 pens (even though they got 2 dubious ones) But he blamed it on the linesman and seai the ref was a good ref.

    Someone said they don’t doubt deans integrity lol. I doubt all of them and the fa.

    Indecently the game we won with dean in charge was the 5-2 when he celebrated their first goal and gave them a dubious penalty.

  53. Tom Dunne says:

    Harsh red card but it will not be rescinded as mike from saw it clearly, and fa won’t undeind him on this as they stand strong on these sort of tackles, in my opinion he would of won possesion of the ball just standing his ground as wilsheres touch was heavy. A reckless moment and potentially could have done serious damage.

  54. Rasp says:

    Terrific post Rocky and one that has had the desired effect!

    I didn’t see the game or the replay and so i cannot make a judgement – but anything you say is fine with me – a definite red if ever there was one 😛

    On another topic, we have an increasing number of bloggers using pseudonyms: HaHaHerbert, Zimmerdean Zimmdane, Arthur Mullard … etc etc. Are you guys trying to send us a message? because if you are, can you spell it out as I’m obviously a bit thick 🙄

  55. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ah what a pleasant surprise. A Rocky.
    I’d sack Hanson because he’s a grown man with a side parting.
    As for the incident, well, I was at the game, didn’t see it properly, so its a straight red and eight match ban for me.
    Referees…oh dear. I have nothing favourable to say about grown men who like to wear a black uniform with shorts (other than my mate “Rubber Johnnie”, and what he does with consenting adults behind the doors of his private members specialist club, is frankly, his business).

  56. great post Rockstar, seems to have divided the masses. Love the one liners as always.

    I’ve got my blinkers on so I’m going with Kompany = red, Kozzer = play on.

    Like Terry has said Kompany gets a read because of the danger it could have caused Jack! If we suffered another horrendous injury like that of Eduardo’s and Ramseys, I think Kompany wouldn’t have made it out of the stadium alive! He can take a season ban or a free transfer to Arsenal.

    @ RA

    well played this morning, and most definitely!

  57. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Rasp and Peaches,
    I very much doubt there will be a shortage of match reports from now on, and just to back up this optimism, I’ll do the Swansea one in a minute 🙂
    Back to work.

  58. RockyLives says:

    Good day all and thanks for the comments (particularly from those who have pointed out that the ‘letter of the law’ backs Dean’s decision in this case).

    I stand by my Post – it was a reckless challenge deserving of a red card. I can also accept that others see it differently.

    Mind you, posting a still picture as “evidence” has to be the height of silliness.

  59. @ Bryan

    I fear that is happening also. I can remember that tackle well, it was a ripper from younger jack. Twice it’s happened this season after he’s executed perfect tackles. For eons we have been fouled constantly in games but end up with a similar card count. Some opposition players get chance after chance yet our players get booked straight away, just ask song it happened to him constantly

  60. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for spotting the attempt to achieve the desired affect 🙂

    As a grown man with a side parting… er… I still agree with you 🙂

  61. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ha ha

  62. hansen is a knob of the highest order.

  63. Red Arse says:

    Rocky, 🙂

    So you standby your Post? I thought it was ‘off cocks, on socks, stand by your beds’, must have been a different army! 🙂

  64. RockyLives says:

    I think you’re thinking of The Gay Gordons.

  65. Red Arse says:


    I thought high knobs belonged to Giraffes, but I bow to your greater knowledge …………. obviously! 🙂

  66. Red Arse says:

    Are they the ones who walk around with no troosers, Rocky?

    I am very worried about the company you are keeping!

  67. Red Arse says:


    You say you have your blinkers on …………… you never said you were a ref, or are you a little hoarse?

  68. Red Arse says:

    “I have nothing favourable to say about grown men who like to wear a black uniform with shorts.”

    Nothing wrong with that — the black makes me look slim, and everyone wears shorts!

  69. vp says:

    Afternoon all. There’s an Arsene Interview that’s just been released by Talksport which some may find interesting.


  70. Red Arse says:


    I mentioned that in my 12:38. He was interviewed by Al Jezeera and you are right, I think it was a very interesting update by the boss.

    After I listened to it, I made note of the development of our own players (like Barca) but that hw would spend ‘big’ on two players, but I could not recall whether he said when.

    Did you get the impression he meant in this window, or next summer?

    Arsene is famous for being as inscrutable as the Sphinx, and to speak in code! 🙂

  71. VP – is that not the interview he gave on the 30th Dec, are we sure it’s a new interview ? (I can’t listen to it right now)

  72. vp says:

    No its a new one. Am listening to it right now.Be warned Its a long one!

  73. mrgrumpy says:

    FA says it’s not a red card


    All we need is stability. Once our young players mature, (and of course we retain there services) and we gain more levearge in the transfer market, which is coming. We will develop a great side again.

    This is not a fantasy, it is a reality. Well, according to me anyway. hahaha

  75. Red Arse says:

    Kompany’s red card has been overturned!

    Now — where’s that Rocky? 🙂

  76. 26may1989 says:

    What? The FA dares to go against Rocky??? Who the hell do tehy think they are?

  77. RockyLives says:

    Ridiculous 😦

    They have just given the green light for diving in with studs up.

    Prepare for some broken limbs before the season is out.

    I guess it reflects the power and influence in the modern FA. ManUre and Citeh have it. Sadly we don’t.

    Although I’m surprised they have overruled Dean. Will he be demoted to the Championship now?

  78. RockyLives says:

    Also, what are the odds on an Arsenal player getting red carded for a much less reckless tackle in the next few games?

  79. Bryan says:

    Makes my blood boil as I believe if it was an Arsenal player it would not of been over turned

  80. Red Arse says:

    Well it’s not so much they went against Rocky, 26, it’s just that I explained to them he was being argumentative, and I would like them to side with me — tutto pronto!! 😀

  81. evonne says:

    hansen by Reid, fantastic

  82. Bryan says:

    The way we are this season, I didn’t hold much chance of us getting a result at the Chav oilers but now Manc Dean is confirmed, I give us no chance 😦

  83. Evonne, a decision no doubt helped along it’s way by a suitcase full of petro-dollars.

    Who says it’s only the Eye-Tie league that’s corrupt ?

  84. Jeanette Kliger says:

    Just a thought, nothing to do with today’s post.
    Where has the joy gone?
    I was 11 when my father took me, the oldest of three children, to Highbury for the first time in 1957. I had no idea what football was, what Arsenal was (heresy!) or what I was letting myself in for, but my dad was my hero and so I went along willingly, little knowing what I was letting myself in for.
    The joy and jubilation, together with the sorrow and despondency, being a Gooner has given me has been worth it, but I get the feeling that a lot of the joy has gone, to be replaced with sadness and sometimes irritation.
    Come on fellow Gooners, don’t let them grind us down!
    AW’s seeming stubbornness and lack of understanding of the role we supporters play should not be enough to take away the joy and delight that comes from supporting “by far the greatest team the world has ever known”.
    Forget idiot referees, greedy, disloyal players and biased pundits.
    Remember why we are here.
    We love you Arsenal!

  85. Maybe the lino who told the Shitty players to thank their fans told the FA hearing that he thought it wouldn’t be fair if the red card stood against Kompany as their poor fans had to pay £62 for the tickets ?

  86. GunnerN5 says:

    Kompany red overturned – do we have a Rock slide on our hands?

  87. ArsenalForever says:

    Afternoon all,

    Speaking about our record in games Mike Dean has refereed, has anyone seen this article? I’m totally against conspiracy theories but this has got me thinking… lol


    All our rivals have far superior win ratios under Dean – even Spurs! It does make you wonder.

  88. Red Arse says:

    Well said, Jeanette!! 🙂

  89. evonne says:

    Jeanette – are you the lady who goes to all the games with school mate? Your Dad brought you and the mate to Highbury all those years ago and since then you both have been going?

  90. Bryan says:

    I believe that Arsenal can request not to have Dean officiate as I’m sure a few years ago AF done the same with a certain referee

  91. Red Arse says:

    These stats may simply be an anomaly, you know a deviation from the normal.

    There does not seem much point to me in developing a persecution complex. Dean has refereed a high proportion of the matches where we have under-performed, and Webb appears to give penalty decisions which favour Manure etc but, often, these things are in the eye of the beholder.

    I seem to remember Poll ‘The Thing from Tring’ giving us a hard time too, and in the future it will be someone else.

    O ther clubs’ fans probably have their pet hates too — so what?

  92. Bryan says:

    The last decent referee England had was Mugford, can’t remember his first name (may of been Greame) he was quality, actually used to talk to the players & show he was a human being 😉

  93. vp says:

    Red Arse

    Lol….what a long interview. Even had time to touch upon self -development. Think he might regret saying that we’re going to spend big, particularly if no one arrives in Jan. He’s really putting himself out there by making statements like that and doesn’t make it easy on himself that’s for sure. As he also said that he wants to buy two players, would it be cheeky to take that as two £20mill + signings soon to arrive?….or perhaps we’ll have to wait for the powder to get even more drier and postpone shopping until the summer. I’d put my money on the latter.

  94. Bryan says:

    If he does not spend some money, he can go at the end of the season, as far as I’m concerned.
    In all honesty the team are alot better than they have been performing & that has to be Wenger’s fault. it is his job to boost their confident & motivate them, something it doesn’t look like he’s manging to do

  95. Bryan says:

    Absolutely hilarious article I read with headline “Gervinho Wants To Surpass Thierry Henry & Ian Wright At Arsenal” he can pass them on the way out the door please 😀

  96. Red Arse says:


    You seem to have had the same difficulty as I did in understanding exactly what he was saying.

    AW has often made comments that are very opaque, that is to say are not immediately either transparent or translucent, so the light of understanding does not always shine through. 🙂

    He is an exceptionally clever man, but as you say the obliqueness of his comments can leave him a hostage to fortune, because fans can interpret his meaning in a number of different ways, and therefore some fans are always going to be disappointed and disgruntled when it turns out he meant something else.

    What was clear is that he said he was prepared to spend ‘big’ on new players.
    What now needs to be discovered is what he defines as ‘big’!

  97. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    evonne says:
    January 15, 2013 at 1:10 pm
    “much love
    that has to be the best catchphrase on the net

    Cheers Evonne.


    Sheep Hagger
    Trouble is I haven’t seen other players sent off for holding in pen area, which if happened more often may stop it as for me it is just as bad as players diving.

    Are u blind Brian it happens on a regular basis in the game.

    Much love

  98. DM did not mention that Arsenal game vs Birmingham game that dean took charge of in 08, they broke Eduardo’s leg and with arsenal 5points clear at top of EPL this was an lunchtime early kick-off and a victory would have sent Arsenal 8points clear of man u, guess you can remember now what happened next – deep in injury time with Arsenal 2-1 up clinchy had a lapse of concentration in the Arsenal box BUT recovered brilliantly with an inch-perfect tackle to win the ball back, but no dean being dean was only too happy to blow the whistle for a pen UNBELIEVABLY gifted birmingham a point they never deserved and his decision and that leg break which happened in that game all but screwed arsenal chances of winning title that year. so i’d say it’s no coincidence – this might be appalling but he hates the GOONERS………..and i guess it’s official too now
    – zbo , sheffield, United Kingdom, 15/1/2013 10:19

  99. Bryan says:

    That is something that Wenger does that grates me, he says things like they will not be sold, then they are sold a couple days later & he tells us he will buy & nothing happens. I think he would be better off not saying anything

  100. Red Arse says:


    I should hasten to explain that I don’t care about spending per se, it just seems to me that AW’s idea of big equates to quality — and that I am pleased with.

    Did you hear him say that he will not go on for ever and that at 63 years of age, it is now a factor. He went on to say he would see out his contract, which he has always done, and that ends next year, so perhaps that is the first hint of what he is now thinking?

  101. Bryan says:

    Totally dissagree with you Mr Sheep, I see players tugging in pen area everygame, most get away with it but when they are pulled up for it, they just get yellow cards & pens given against them

  102. RockyLives says:

    I remember that really well.
    Clichy feel asleep but recovered brilliantly to make the tackle.
    Feckin Dean.

  103. Red Arse says:

    Rosicky injured ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, again!

  104. Bryan says:

    yep think we all remember that (damn I hate Dean) but also felt that year if we had made a couple of good signings in the Jan window we would of still won the league but of course we didn’t

  105. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Ive seen many a player getting sent off for holding in the box here’s a few names for u Brian

    J Terry
    Rio turdinhand
    Daniel Agger
    Fellini of Everton.
    Case closed they are all guilty.
    Much love

  106. Red Arse says:


    I was working in Spain at the time, ear glued to the radio, and feeling pretty relaxed, looking forward to a celebration drink that evening.

    When I first heard about Eduardo’s injury, the commentators shocked voice made it obvious it was very serious. My relaxed state went and I was willing the game to end.

    Clichy’s dozy loss of the ball and then brilliant recovery leading to a penalty made me have a premonition that it would not just be two points lost, but probably the League. And so it was.

    The Champions League Final when Sol scored, and then with Henry thru’ in a one on one with the keeper (twice), but which we still lost – thanks Jens — then the Eduardo injury year — and finally losing in the League Cup Final when Kozzer and Chezzer played silly buggers — how different the past few years would have been if only …………. 😦

  107. vp says:

    Bryan @4.43

    He alludes to the fact that we no longer have the financial constraints of the stadium which is why we can now spend big. Correct me if I’m wrong, haven’t we repeatedly been told (By CEO) that we are well ahead of schedule in respect to meeting finance costs. Does this suggest that the constraints have been lifted for some time now and that we were in a position to invest more then perhaps we have in previous seasons gone by?

  108. Red Arse says:


    I was hoping after the past few days that we could keep away from that type of speculation, please? 🙂

  109. evonne says:

    Much love
    🙂 🙂 don’t know why, but each time he says that I ROLF

    Yep. Dean is a pile of poo. I am not sure if he really is an Arsenal hater or just a weak ref. Sadly, he is not the reason we lost to Shitty again

  110. vp says:

    Red Arse

    I can’t see him leaving in 2014.. but as you rightfully pointed out his response does leave some food for thought, just like every other thing that comes out of his mouth.

    I perceived his reference to ‘Big’ to mean a high value purchase- more quantitative (monetary value ) then qualitative (quality). But as you said, he’s an intelligent man who chooses his words wisely always leaving some maneuverability for back tracking if need be. He’s a top grade politician that’s for sure.

    Oh well, at least i got my weekly dose of Question Time two days earlier this week.

  111. vp says:

    Red Arse 5:18

    I can respect that. Say no more.

  112. GunnerN5 says:

    Team News: Koscielny, Arteta, Fabianski

    Arsène Wenger revealed the following team news ahead of the Swansea City game:

    on the FA Cup replay…
    We have Koscielny suspended for tomorrow night and everybody else will be available. He will be replaced in the squad by Arshavin.

    on Mikel Arteta…
    Arteta’s injury could be shorter than three weeks because it’s a minor calf strain. It’s a light grade one so it could be quicker than three weeks.

    on Tomas Rosicky…
    Rosicky is still out. He has a little calf problem. I wanted to involve him tomorrow night but it’s too short.

    on Lukasz Fabianski…
    He’s the only one injured, along with Arteta now. He’s one more week away from full training I think.


    vp, Arsenal have entered into new commercial deals, the first signed a couple of months ago, which should increase our turnover by 20% per year, a hugh increase.

    Thats what the likes of spectrum and all those other phonies never look at, the facts.

    The increased revenues will aid us to keep our players, and also procure new players.

  114. vp says:

    I would love to entertain your comments made at 5:28pm. But i think that Red Arse is right in that we should leave this topic for a future date.- A definite rain cheque though!

  115. Red Arse says:


    I am not so sure.

    The trophyless years, and the abuse he has taken must surely have corroded his confidence, and he will be getting on for 65 by the summer of 2014, and, especially if we win something this year or next, he might well retire.

    Then we will see if those calling for his head end up regretting it! 🙂

  116. Red Arse says:

    vp, Merry Terry,

    It would be great if both of you wrote contemporary headine Posts at a time to be agreed with Rasp/Peaches, setting out your respective views.

    Bring it on! 🙂

  117. GunnerN5 says:

    Personally I intensely dislike speculating, except to accumulate, but I earnestly hope that AW stays with us long enough to reap the benefits of his hard/honest endeavours.

  118. Red Arse says:

    Agreed, GN5, but I think for the sake of his health he might not want to go on for too much longer.

    He has said more than once that he does not want to just keep going like Ferguson, in any case.

  119. RockyLives says:

    That’s my hope too Gn5

  120. Regarding 2008. In the run in we had 4 draws in a row. One was because a ref gave a goal against us that was offside and disallowed a good one of Adebuywhores. the thing about that season though is if that dutch person that is so eager to win trophies had been fit we probably would have won it.

    That was the day I stopped listening to talkshite (when Eduardo had his leg broken) I still hope terrible things happen to terry christian. The whiny little manc closet queen..

  121. I think this is Wenger’s last contract

  122. I fell asleep during that interview. I’m knackered

  123. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    I’m in the medical trade and Mr Wenger look stressed out to me plus he’s very pale and he’s lost weight.
    I think he may hang them up before the job gets to him.
    Much Love

  124. RockyLives says:

    Tough day one the barnet front, Michael?

  125. goonerjake says:

    Could it be……? ZX SPECCYs not on today. Must of got sick of his views being disagreed with.

  126. GunnerN5 says:

    He certainly looks off colour physically, the strain of his (multi) position/s must be enormous.

  127. 20/20Vision says:

    FA (feckarsenal) have cleared Kompany!! Has money changed hands?? is that sort of reckless challenge now kosher??re. Arsenal’s game changing red card, Kash’ was pushed by the Manc’ just prior to him handling him back somehow causing that spectacular dive (should be on ‘Splash’!),
    (That man-u-re Terrence Christian does have some sound social thinking redeeming qualities perhaps?)

  128. GunnerN5 says:

    Goonerjake – keep quiet ………….we don’t want to wake him up…

  129. goonerjake says:

    everyones gone?

  130. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    No he’s a big head .
    I’m watching a film about italia 90
    Much Love

  131. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Rasp ,peaches if ur short of a post for tomorrow I’ve gone one ready .
    She was watching east benders and I was bored to wet for dog walking let me know
    Much love
    Ales jones

  132. Thanks Sheep, we hope to have a Raddy pre-match for tomorrow and a match report for Thursday but we will need posts for Friday and Saturday and next week. Is it time sensitive because the earliest we could use it is Friday? Why don’t you email to arsenalnuts@live.co.uk and we can put in drafts Thankyou.

  133. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    No it’s about game tomorrow and another topic I don’t want to mention it here.
    Let me know im here for a bit face ache watching more rubbish roll on tomorrow night.
    Np if u don’t want it .
    Much love

  134. GunnerN5 says:

    Peaches, Check Arsenal nuts, I sent a post last Friday

  135. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    I can cut mine in half if u want ill delete the swansea bits.
    U can use the 2 half if u want.
    Il sent after my game of tiger woods tonight,
    Much love

  136. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    I’m back don’t u dare type shame

  137. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Thank you and goodnight – much love”,
    Sheep Hagger™

  138. Thank you Gn5, we know we have yours 🙂

    Sheep – if you send it through I’ll take a look

  139. Wombledin says:

    What a completely stupid, tart of an article. Do you feel like a total numpty now that the red card has been promptly rescinded? It was a great one-footed tackle. The replays show that Kompany got the ball clean with one foot only, did not come over the top of the ball and held his other leg back.

  140. oz gunner says:

    @ Wombledin

    Do you feel like a total numpty coming on an arsenal site whinging like a fool? At the end of the day it was reckless and was a stupid tackle that could have resulted in a major injury. That sort of tackle needs to be stamped out of the game!

  141. RockyLives says:


    Which Womble are you? Great Uncle Numbnuts?

    The FA made a decision did they? Oh, it must be right then. They never make incorrect decisions (yawn).

  142. oz gunner says:

    NEVER rocky, i mean they handled this well haha

  143. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Bit busy, but Morning Chas and Kelsey and Oz and….anyway

  144. oz gunner says:

    morning mickey

  145. Red Arse says:

    Morning Peoples, 🙂

    I am busy making breakfast for a whole bunch of penguin tourists over here in the bed and breakfast!

  146. I know I’m getting old when I get up at half seven and I’m not working

  147. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Morning all another cold day in Wales.
    I’m locked up all day today.

  148. oz gunner says:

    That’s just you embracing the day GM, i get up at 6 everyday. But without my good friend caffeine I’d probably be snoozing by 930am

  149. VCC says:

    @ goonermichael. Me too. I hate it, don’t you?

  150. evonne says:

    you don’t look old to me GM 🙂

    morning all

    RA – is yours a criptic clue to something? ‘making breakfast for a bunch of penguin tourists in B&B’??? what the feck

  151. evonne says:

    you don’t look too old to me GM 🙂

    morning all

    RA – is yours some criptic clue? ‘making breakfast for a bunch of penguin tourists in B&B’??? What the feck??

  152. evonne says:

    silly wordpress

  153. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. Done, sorry for late arrival – can you spellcheck?

    evonee. I assumed it was a cryptic clue as well 😀

  154. Red Arse says:

    Morning Evonne, 🙂

    I am learning the art of British humor! 🙂

    That is an indirect reference to just how cold it was when I went out to get a paper at 6:30 a.m.

    Incidentally, “what the feck??” is not very nice.

  155. evonne says:

    RA – of course it is nice, you need to learn the art of the European humour too 🙂

    BR 🙂 I am waiting for you….8 mins now

  156. Rasp says:

    Morning all, great stuff Raddy 🙂

    …. New post ….

  157. Bloody hell, didn’t think I’d be back on here so soon.
    Points I’d like to make are:
    1) My view is Kompany won the ball fairly. Wilshire had lost control of it and the ball was some way in advance of him when Vinny took it (with his front foot). In most of the pictures taken from the side Vinny is tryng to steady himself with his back foot.The collision was due to the momentum of BOTH players and was accidental.
    2) Dean, from his frontal viewpoint couldn’t be blamed for judging it a foul and, hence, to send Kompany off.
    3) The FA were correct in rescinding the red card.
    4) The real idiots are the extremists in both camps (a) Hansen, Fat Sam and the people who say ‘RIP tackling. This is the end of life as we know it’. And (b) Poll and the other idiots, ex-referees and web journalists mainly, who say the referee must be ‘respected’ (Whatever that means) or else the field of play will be littered with broken legs.
    The whole incident would seem to indicate that a more satisfactory rule should be framed and that players as well as administrators should be consulted before doing so.

    Good luck v The Chavs

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