Farewell Robin ……. shame it’s ended this way

So that’s it then, it’s official, Robin van Persie is on his way.

It’s a pity it’s ended this way, with van Persie (prompted by his agents, Kees Vos and Darren Dein) having forced his way out of the club by publicly undermining the club of which he was captain. It was clear when he came on as a sub against Cologne at the weekend, when the Arsenal fans in the house gave our erstwhile hero the most tepid of welcomes, that his statement had hit home; his hero status had evaporated.

But for all our frustration that we’ve lost our best player to our principal rival, and the sense of betrayal at the way that move was engineered, despite the time and money invested in a player who has had the worst of injury records and who was an under-achiever for years, we should remember the good times. His final Arsenal stats are more than respectable: in 278 competitive appearances (67 as sub), he scored 132 goals (at a rate of 0.47 goals per game) and provided 62 assists. But it should also be recalled that he has only surpassed 11 league goals in a season twice, last season (30) and the one before that (18). And he started more than half the league games only twice in his eight-year career with us.

He joined from Feyenoord for just £2.75m on 17 May 2004, arriving with a reputation as a trouble maker, his relationship with manager, Bert van Marwijk, having long since deteriorated into a feud. After a shaky disciplinary start with us (remember the silly red card he got, playing against Southampton, which prompted that rarest of things, the public Wenger rebuke), van Persie settled into his new position in the front line and began knocking in goals on a regular basis. And what beauties they often were: volleys, sweeping shots to the far post, little dinks over the oncoming keeper, pinpoint shots to the corner, his repertoire included all of them. Scuffers weren’t much of a feature. His cool head and intelligence were obvious. Yes, he is arrogant, but his talent justifies that arrogance. Thierry Henry said of van Persie: “Without going too far he has everything a footballer would dream to have. He can play anywhere he wants. I am not joking, it is up to him and his desire.”  And in January 2006, he signed a new long contract, saying “I am very happy with my team-mates and the boss. In fact a lot of my progress is down to him and his faith in me.”  As we can see from his “I want to move” statement from a few weeks ago, six years is a long time in football.

Here’s a link to a compilation of his Arsenal goals (be warned, the vid is 26 minutes long): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVzsSNDWRig. There are some real beauties (I’m especially fond of the double at the Bridge last season, the equaliser in the 5-2 against Spurs, a howitzer of a free kick against Sunderland a few seasons back, that near post equaliser in the 2-1 win over Barca and the amazing midair volley against Charlton years back). But looking back through that compilation, it’s noticeable that the last two seasons take up almost half the video. And in a sense, that underlines some of the disappointment about van Persie’s career: he’s been with us for years, Wenger took a rough young diamond and polished him into a real gem, but we never really got a full return from him. Injury after injury robbed van Persie and us of continuity until two seasons ago.

And just when we thought we might be able to have him lead us back to the top, he’s off.

There will be plenty of bitterness expressed about his departure for Man United, and his return to the Home of Football on 27 April 2013 is likely to be a feisty affair. Whatever happens between now and then, it is almost impossible to think that van Persie will return with any of the positivity that came with the return in enemy colours of Henry, Vieira, Pires and Fabregas. He forced his move and has joined one of our main rivals. But personally, I won’t have a go at him when he comes back to Ashburton Grove, I might even applaud him. Our bitterness won’t really have a lot to do with his selfish, disloyal statement, that will be long gone by then; the root of the bitterness will be the helplessness we feel at seeing yet another star that Wenger has created turn tail and join a direct rival. But can we really blame van Persie for that? After all, we exploit other the ambitions of other clubs’ players, so why should we criticise a player who sees a chance to guarantee himself a four-year contract worth at least £40m?

Van Persie’s departure underlines a few things: players, now more than ever, and whatever they say about loving the club and the fans, do not have anything close to the feeling for a club that fans do. I’m sure most players look on us as the over-emotional patsies who fund their gargantuan incomes but even those who have some feeling for the clubs they’re with (and I include van Persie in that group) in the end, and quite rationally, follow their self-interest. Even the big one-club players around usually wanted to leave at some point (Adams and Vieira wanted to go to United, Terry wanted to go to City and Gerrard wanted to go to Chelsea). Gary Nevilles are truly rare things. If we were just to accept that players are not and never will be like us, we’d probably feel a lot calmer about things.

Van Persie has also shown us that we will continue to lose quality players for so long as we don’t win silverware; it’s a chicken and egg thing, since if we still had the likes of van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Adebayor, Hleb, Clichy, Cole, Flamini, Diarra and Toure, chances are we’d have been top of the pile by now. But let’s face it, the reality of the Abramovich-Abu Dhabi age is that we’re just going to carry on losing these players until somehow we start winning trophies – just as van Persie learnt from Nasri, so the younger players in the squad (Song, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere) will learn from van Persie. This will go on until the cycle is broken. But in the circumstances, for the club to get £22m to £24m for a player with only one year on his contract and who has publicly declared he won’t renew really is great on the business side. I still wish he’d stayed though.

The transfer is, as many have observed, a weird one for Ferguson. Every United fan I know says this deal doesn’t make sense. They only have two full backs, no defensive midfielders, ageing central midfielders, poor goalkeepers and centre backs who are ageing or flawed. The only departments in which they are well served are on the wings and up front. And yet the want to blow more than £60m on a 29-year old striker with only two decent seasons behind him and lots of injuries. No matter how good he is, that is very odd. I’m sure van Persie will be a success next season, but after that? I doubt it. It does make sense for van Persie though, it is the best route to the pot of gold at the end of his career. I don’t mean that in a bitter way, he’s entitled to pursue his career as he sees fit, he just didn’t need to do it quite like this. Perhaps there will be some after-the-fact PR efforts at appeasing us in the coming weeks.

What now? Well, the first thing for players, coach and fans alike is to dig in: the first game can’t come soon enough now, we need to get going and start showing why we believe in this squad, even without van Persie. And it is a very good squad, capable of taking the fight to our rivals – we’ll be written off by the know-nothing pundits of course, we are every year, but with Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud, as well as the quality players we have, we can compete. One advantage of having gone through these experiences so often in the past six years or so is that we are used to it, we know how to cope.

Will there be a signing to make good the gap left by van Persie? I think so, but I very much doubt it will be a star like Fernando Llorente. More likely Poldi will get the starting slot up-front, with Giroud being a tactical option, and a quality squad player like Clint Dempsey being recruited to provide depth. An interesting rumour that hit newsnow tonight (love those rumours!) was that Javier Hernandez might come our way, having been bumped down to fourth choice at Old Trafford. I really can’t see that happening, but if it did, great, the Little Pea is a proper striker.

So long, Robin van Persie. You promised much, delivered some of it, and spoiled it at the end. I hope your move to Manchester is a disaster on the pitch, but that you get every penny you wanted.

Written by 26may1989

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  1. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sorry Rasp,
    Responding to your comment, I posted this after the New Post Sign.
    Yes Song was caught too high up the pitch last season, but so were the FB’s, Verm and even Kos. In many ways Song was making up for the absense of a Cesc’Nasri. Now we have Cazorla, and hopefully a more restrained approach to our attacking/defending balance, meaning Song “could” stay put and be a superb DM.
    Now to read a 26.

  2. rhyle says:

    As always, for me, Arsenal is more than any one man. Including Wenger! The manner of his exit is disappointing but let’s not “credit” KV & DD with too much – the man makes his own decisions. I don’t blame him for exploring his options before signing his last contract in football at a time when he’s at his own marketable…but his posturing in his statement was the action that soured my opinion of him as a man. Yes…by all means disagree with your boss but don’t state it in front of the other employees! A very personal act of treachery, not from a player against his club, but from a man against his mentor. Shameful.

    But it’s done, he’s gone, and life goes on. What’s next?

    That’s the most important step. Where we go from here. Wenger, as always has decided to go with bullshit with regards to transfer policy – “no, Giroud / Podolski were not bought to replace RvP” as he said a month ago…only to state today that they were, in fact, bought to replace RvP. Now, I know people are going to say that he needs perception to be as it is, at both ends, to be in the strongest negotiating position…but as my old man told me…you also have the option of saying nothing at all instead of lying…and he’s lied at one end of it or the other…

    We need to make a statement of intent. Have a look around the net…the excitement that many were feeling on the purchase of LP, OG & SC is gone and there are many, many Arsenal fans feeling the pain and getting it both barrels from fans of MUFC, Spurs and Liverpool this morning….usual August nonsense…ridicule for being an Arsenal fan is the new normal in August, it seems.

    Can you imagine how the Arsenal dressing room feels this morning..? Losing your captain 3 days before the season starts…magic.

    I still think we’ll have a decent season, though!

  3. chas says:

    Excellent 26.
    I wish I could be as magnanimous as you. 🙂
    (btw, it was three at the Bridge. Yet more goals I can no longer enjoy watching. Cheers Brave Sir Robin)

    From last post,
    There was a captaincy poll on July 22nd in TA’s post.

  4. Dandan says:

    A very fair and accurate account 26 I like you can see no reason for the hysteria that is bound to fill the air waves today. Interesting titbit from Bob Wilson he said he was gutted that RVP had left, but was not surprised that SAF had pushed the boat out as he was paranoid that he would be guzzumped. Evidently Nasri shook hands with SAF on a deal to join utd only to go to city at the lst minute when more money appeared, lovely Man that Mr Dein LOL we do owe that family a lot

  5. Mark says:

    Its being reported in Spain (marca) that we have signed Llorente. The sticking point was that we have offered 20m Euros and they want £20m. Being sorted with addons.

    He will be a gunner by Monday.

  6. kgooner says:

    Sob. Well that’s it then. All the back and forth drama on whether he’s leaving or not is over. I really hope we manage to slip in one more buy before the window closes. Upfront i think we are okay. Perhaps a defender of defensive midfielder. At this point, i wouldn’t mind if song left. This seems to be the trend and if he’s going to leave, might as well be now when we’re still bemoaning RvP.
    As for RvP, i cant imagine the reaction he’ll get when they come over to the emirates for a game.
    I was waiting for this post yesterday. It sums up everything well.

  7. jnyc says:

    A great read. Good job. So hard to sort out my feelings. I still think we have a great squad, and i would still like to see one more good move in the market. And i dont expect us to spend the 22 mil i know, but using part of it would be a nice sign. I agree it wont be a striker. But we need to sort out the walcott contract to know where we are on the wings. And is there a song situation? I dont know if its true at all. But i do have a feeling he is bound to go eventually, and i wonder if hes dreaming of barca. If hes gona go, id rather it be sooner than later, but to be replaced. I dont want to rush coquelin.

  8. chas says:

  9. Morning all, good stuff 26, a well put and restrained eulogy for a potential Arsenal legend’s place in history killed off by his own lack of verisimilitude in his previous claims to be a gunner.

    Most here will know of my paramount hatred for the red half of Manchester and I’ll risk eternal damnation that I hope nothing but footballing misery is heaped upon RvP as selling to that scum is the worst of all options in my eyes, enhanced fee not withstanding.

    Last night has put a dampener on the enthusiasm generated so far – of course he was off by why to Bacon face ?

    Just a picky point, I didn’t think Cesc had returned to the Grove in Barca colours yet ?

  10. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just what I expected when I saw the post was by you. Calm, balanced and fair (mind you, I’d never employ you as a lawyer, as I’d expect someone far more blinkered and partisan on my side 🙂
    You very rightly say “After all, we exploit other the ambitions of other clubs’ players” which does highlight what a double edged sword this loyalty thing really is.
    Persie: “You are history. Enjoy the cash. Later.”

  11. BosnianHero says:

    Well I am not even disappointed.saying in February 2011 (when things were going smoothly for us beating Barcelona and fighting for 4 trophies) that he won’t leave and that he wants to win trophies with Arsenal was all bullshit.Money grabbing idiots.I say lets get rid of every single one.I feel sorry for our manager doing his best on his own because its apparent that he loves Arsenal.We miss David Dein and I hope we see some changes in that department.

    Anyway I don’t feel bitterness because all Arsenal fans should forget traitors.Arsenal is constantly under attack, referees don’t like us,other fans don’t like us media doesn’t like us but why should we care we do it our own way.I just can’t wait that Arsenal win a trophy so I can enjoy it and feel like everything paid off.

    I have a feeling like we are the like Spartans in the movie 300 while others are invaders.They attack us but they can’t break us.Maybe they can win this fight but certainly they can’t win this war because we will come back stronger because we have the best leader Mr Wenger 🙂

    Let’s shove it up their faces of traitors and win EPL this season

  12. chickpeasinthesun says:

    very strange transfer!why are manure paying 20million transfer, plus wages for a 29year old? in his 8 year playing stint with the goons had maybe 2 good seasons?

  13. Thandekile says:

    I share your sentiments on RVP’s departure. The way in which he forced his sale is very disappointing but I can understand him chasing i bigger paycheck considering his age. Good luck to him.

  14. jnyc says:

    The bbc version of events makes sense. On sunday vp looked so distracted. More than disinterested. It could be that wenger told him just before what was happening. I wonder if he was considering staying at all?on ferguson, he wont be around forever, so maybe this is one last big push. The amount he spent on a player with no resale value shows he is not planning long term. No other team was willing to do that. It shows that ferguson thinks this puts them over the top. I dont agree. But it does make them alot better. I still feel like its a bad dream. Surreal.

  15. rhyle says:

    What happens if RvP fails the medical? Not outside the realms of possibility…

  16. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I reckon that’s what the 20 min cameo was to prove

  17. Timmy says:

    Nice outpooring of feelings, 26

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, RVP can never repeat the feat of last season. We all know that because of the style of play of Arsenal, any decent striker should get a decent number of goals, and with the help of the English press, the hype can create a superstar out of such players. I’m still on the look out for the striker that will be this season in the team and hoping that what we are saying of RVP won’t be the same for such player.

    Also, It still surprises me that at this time, some fans are still clamouring for Arsene to re-invest the 24mpds. After 15yrs at Arsenal, fans should have understood that Wenger doesn’t do negative transfers. When you notice Arsene has spent in the region of 40mpds in purchases this outgoing summer, we should understand that he has plans to turn that on its head and make profit from sales. He marked Bendtner and some other players to go, but obviously we know none of those can return anything in the neighbourhood of 40mpds, however by now, the sale of RVP is just the beginning of Arsene recouping his 40mpds purchases.

    I wish RVP a good retirement at least.

  18. Agree with you too MDi89 – I wouldn’t employ a lawyer as dispassionate and even minded as 26 – I’d want one who did take sides. 🙂

  19. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Way too even handed that 26 bloke 🙂

  20. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sorry, Chary


    Excellent write up 26.

    You are of course right in your assertion that players look at us over emotional patsies but do you know what, good.

    Rather be am emotional patsie than some one who is involved in football yet has no one true love. For all RVP’s skills, money and fine hair line he will never feel the hugh array of emotions that goes with an irational love of a football club.

    Yes, ime a patsie and proud of it. And to all you fellow patsies out there keep patsing and enjoy the highs and lows, thats what been a football fan is all about.

  22. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Are you going on saturday, as I’m planning to buy you warm brown heavy metal style ale

  23. Sadly not MDi89 – I was scheduled to be helping pater in his house move but that’s hit a hiccup now but it’s too late to rearrange plans.

    Hope to make the Saints game but thanks for the drinks offer, even if it isn’t peroni.

    On a another point, I note our ex number 10 has been removed from the squad page on Arse.com, but why is Oxo classified as a striker ? That’s bullshit, and I wouldn’t put in Geronimo as a striker either, surely they are both midfielders ? Is this kid-ology by the club to convince us we have enough strikers and we don’t need to replace our ex number 10 ?

  24. Red Arse says:

    Morning, Peeps, 🙂

    Nice Post 26, cannot disagree with much there.

  25. Mr Syrup – I stand side by side with you as a fellow patsie, and proud of it !

    Hi Redders, good to see you back.

    Does anyone else think we’ll only see departures now and our buying is done for the summer ?

  26. Red Arse says:

    Well, it would not be me, I suppose, if I did not offer another way to look at the RvP situation, so here goes.

    [Disclaimer: This is probably all a monstrous compilation of my Id] 🙂

    The RVP deal has certainly got Gooners agitated and many, although not all, bad mouthing him for being ‘greedy’ and ‘disloyal’.
    There are those for whom his behaviour puts him outside the pale, but others will argue he has done little wrong, other than look after his own personal interests.

    It might be worth trying to be a little philosophical about what has happened, because that can make the reasons for RVP’s manipulation of the contract negotiations, or the preliminary discussions, which have caused so much hurt for many faithful fans, more easily understood.

    You see, many believe we are not born greedy, bad or good, but that we are defined by the actions we choose to take, and therefore we are personally responsible for those actions which lead others to perceive us as the kind of person we are.

    That is to say, in Brave Sir Robin’s case, that he is not inherently greedy or disloyal, as a person, merely as a consequence of his genetic makeup, or that, alternatively, he is a blameless victim of perfidious human nature, per se.

    However, he has allowed his conscious actions in his transfer activities to define himself, to some of us as at least, as being someone who is financially grasping, deeply disloyal and an inveterate liar.

    Admittedly we are really dabbling here in the contentious philosophical realm of existentialism in which it is held that a person simply exists and subsequently shapes or defines himself by what he chooses to do, or the actions he takes.

    This then implies that Sir Brave could have chosen to act differently and to have acted in a straightforward, transparent and truthful way, as regards the club and the fans, and therefore to be still perceived by them as ‘a good guy’ whatever the eventual results of his contract negotiations, tho he would have been, perhaps, more impecunious if he had turned down a much bigger payday with Manure. 🙂

    In summation, RVP is not simply irredeemably greedy or disloyal because of an immutable genetic disposition making him so, but on this occasion he has chosen actions which allow himself to be seen as such by his fans who see their hero has feet of clay.

    His chosen course of action, in any future event, may well, in those different circumstances, define him as ‘good’, with the perception that he is a worthwhile, honest person of character. That remains to be seen.

    Being a human being makes all of us subject to this existentialist doctrine, and the way we perceive RVP’s actions or our responses to him, and the actions of fellow fans also defines each of us in a very complex pattern, but not to worry, it does not mean any of us is essentially either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, just human. 🙂

    What do you mean you only came on here to talk footie?? 🙂


    All is good in the world, Redders is back. Were have you been? You know holidays are not allowed.

  28. Looks like Bob Wilson is also a patsie..”I am disappointed, bordering on a little bit of anger almost, as Robin was made captain and done a fantastic job,” Wilson told BBC Radio 4.

    Arsenal Patsies of the world unite !

  29. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Well the medical is probably a foregone conclusion and the Departing Dutchman (just like with the Homesick Spaniard, I cannot bring myself to type his name) has been removed from the list of players on the Arsenal website.

    Will Podolski take over the No.10 shirt?

    It’s time that we all, as football fans, grew up a bit, forget the “adulation” and “love”, enjoy the talents that footballers bring but just don’t expect loyalty from them. They are wage earners and are entitled to make as much money as any employer is willing to pay them.

    Arsenal are a great footballing institution and will continue to prosper despite the defection of another “star”. It’s Arsenal that I support, always has been and always will be.

  30. Red Arse says:

    Hi CharyB, 🙂

    Hi MerryTerry, 🙂

    Not been on holiday, but I have read many of the comments and excellent Posts, and laughed at the comedy turn known as the Glic and Syrup show!

  31. Redders, what you say reminds me of my teenage struggle to square up exinstentialism with my cultural assertions of the karmic view of good and bad actions or even at a more basic level, dharma, divine justice meted out for evil actions.

    I couldn’t sort myself out back then and still can’t now.

  32. JM says:

    A banner reads:
    R-v-Pussie … (she) sh*ts where & when (she) wants.


    Its great to have you back Redders.

    Chary, “oh to, oh to be, oh to be a…….Patsie”

  34. Mr Syrup – if we get GiE to start that chant up at the Grove, with his booming voice we’ll have 50k gooners singing along, ha ha or should I say “ROLF”.

  35. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Bugger me, RA has had a good rest 🙂
    Welcome home, dear fellow. One thing, when you wrote: “he is a blameless victim of perfidious human nature, per se”, did you mean “per sie”?

  36. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Bloody right you didn’t sort yourself out Chary. We saw the video 😦

  37. JM says:

    A few transfers/rumours elsewhere in relation with our club’s further planning & actions indirectly:

    (1) Liverpool is hijacking a loan deal for Nuri Sahin. MD Ian Ayre is in Madrid to negotiate the deal (reports from AS & Marca). Mourinho prefers to loan Sahin to Pool because of i) closer “friendship” with Brendan Rodgers & ii) Pool do not seek option to buy Sahin after the season loan.

    (2) Javi Martinez looks set to become Bayern Munich’s & German football’s most expensive signing for €40m. (report from Bild & Marca)

    (3) Barcelona ponders on whether to acquire either Daniel Agger or Alex Song. (to provide cover/replace their aging defence – Puyol, Abidal etc) (reports AS & Marca). They could also get both of course but it would cut into their budget set aside for annual installment payments (since 2011 up till 2014) for the eventual capture of Neymar – €50m to €60m in all(He is due to arrive after WC2014).

    (4) Kevin Mirallas heads to Everton for a medical & close to signing.

    (5) Yann M’Vila could (i) stay @Rennes (ii) transfer out as Rennes is looking to sign Jean II Makoun from Aston Villa on either a season loan deal. Competition for his signature: Arsenal, Tottenham & Zenit St.Petersburg … so far.

    (6) Fernando Llorente could head either to Juventus or us. Bilbao are tough negotiators (e.g. that €40m for Javi Martinez etc). Juventus has the advantage as they need a main striker more & could give him regular game time. (reports from AS & Marca)

  38. ha ha Mdi89 – I’m so all over the place my tagline should be “The floundering vagabond”

  39. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Loving rumour No 5: Yann M’Vila could (i) stay @Rennes (ii) transfer out

  40. I guess we are feeling how the Spuds did after Sol Campbell left, except we got £24m as well.

    Does the money we got make us feel better about it?

    No, I didn’t think so.

  41. evonne says:

    Micky – are you ROLFing teliberately? I cannot ROLF or ROFL, cannot help being guttet

    26 – nice post mortem, thanks. I will probably calm town soon, but at present I am hurting, how coult he?? HOW COULT HE??

    I hope he passes the metical with flying colours. Never want to see his face again. He’ll be back at the Ems on my birthtay, I know I want – a broken leg. I ton’t mean to to a GM here, but there is no love lost between me and Mr Persie

    Fergie likes to have an olt boy on the bench; he surpriset everyone buying Michael Owen. This is just a repeat

  42. Evonne, calm down, or should I say calm “town” in your own time. IMHO being a supporter does not mewan you have to be level headed and rational – supporting a team is ALL about irrational likes and dislikes.
    Can I count you in as a fellow patsy like me and Mr Syrup ?

  43. Slimgingergooner says:

    A lot of United fans extremely happy, but also worried they may have another Owen on their hands! Let’s hope so! Most of them seem miffed that they have spent a shitload of money on a 29 year old when they are desperate for a midfielder and left back.

    It’s gutting to lose RvP, but the money we have received (if true) is insane!

  44. Slim – but will that £24m score 30 goals for us and get us into the Champions League next season ?

  45. Weird, the traitor is back on the squad page on Arse.com now, yet he was off it earlier this morning…what,if anything, does it mean ??

  46. JM says:

    Anyone has reports on our returning players from the midweek internationals (e.g. fitness, injuries etc)? This could affect on how our 1st team (& available subs) would line-up against Sunderland in the weekend.

    RvP is the past, we are in the present and looking ahead @ the start of campaign 2012/2013.

    Campaign motif (Gunners’ theme songs):

    (1) “Diamond Eyes(Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)” by Shinedown.

    (In reference to Arsenal-Gunners-The Cannon, firing all cylinders in 2012/2013 … Put Your Guns On!!)

    (2) “Prayer” by Disturbed

    (We could do with a prayer)

  47. Slimgingergooner says:


    If Pod and Giroud score 44 goals between them over the season then yes. If they don’t then obviously no.

    As a piece of business, I would rather have Pod and Giroud than RvP, but maybe that’s just me!

  48. Slim – that’s fine, but why sell to a direct competitor ? Hernandez, as the spare striker, is apparently being sold to Juve as old Red Nose knows if he went to us/Shitty/Chavs he’d be shooting himself in the foot.

  49. Slimgingergooner says:


    To say that Fergie would be shooting himself in the foot by selling to competitors is assuming that the competitors would actually want Hernandez, and that Hernandez would want to go to those competitors.

    All 3 parties have to agree for a deal to be made, and if RvP only had eyes for United then we can’t sell him to Juve because he wouldn’t agree terms. The only other option would’ve been to keep an unhappy player and lose out on £24m, and then he could’ve walked over to United anyway!

    It irks me that he’s gone to a direct competitor, but unfortunately there’s nothing we could’ve done about it if that’s where he wants to go. I’m just glad we have brought in 2 younger, hungrier players who actually want to play for the club. Fingers crossed they do the business.

  50. createstrain says:

    well thats that then. glad its finally sorted and the 24m does help. why would it not. i read somewhere that girooooo usually scores 14 goals in his first season and with the types of players we have around him 14 seems the very least we should expect. and the pod i would imagine should be good for 10-15 himself.
    in theory thats covered vanbition’s contribution and taken away that ‘please please please rob get back up’ with younger stronger players.

    either way we were stronger and can now either build on top immediately or wait till jan if we really need to or save that lovely mula till the new sponsors and tv money get here.

    i wonder how many top stars we’ll sign for well below current value in the next few years.

    if this gamble pays of for them they still wont win the league without the refs who are being watched more closely

    if it doesnt? wow. not sure manure fans have prepared themselves for that.

  51. Rasp says:

    Terrific post 26m, that not only sums up RvP’s failings but also our own …. “Van Persie has also shown us that we will continue to lose quality players for so long as we don’t win silverware”

    The plain truth is we got the Pod and Giroud for what they’ve paid for RvP. We’ve got younger fitter players who want to play for Arsenal. It will be interesting to see how the combined goal tally of Pod and Giro compare with RvP’s at the end of the season …. but most of all, I want us to finish above manu in the prem. They are weak in midfield and we now have Cazorla.

  52. Andy Mack says:

    26, you completely missed that the club (and AW in particular) stood by RvP when he was accused of rape (wrongly so, but he put himself in the situation where that happened). That would be a truely terrifying situation to be in but the club stood strong despite the possibility that it could have gone wrong and refected really badly on AFC.
    Also you seem to forget that FFP will reduce the possibility of clubs offering mega-wages, so the future Na$ris’ of our team will have to be potential ‘best player in the world’ level to get the whoring money that Money City are paying to ‘very good’ players now.

  53. Slim, what if RvP’s goals get ManUre the 3rd spot(and the Chavs 4th) at the end of the season in the league table – what price Europa football only in 2013/14 ?

    Has Old Red Nose ever given us a decent player ? No, because he knows the danger sof strengtheneing direct competitors. I only sued Hernandez as an example, but put in any player that is deemd surplus to requirements there.

    On a more general note I get the feeling that it’s only Arsenal fans who seem to worry about financial matters, other teams fans seem to concentrate on who is going to make their squad better and what improves their chances of competing.

    Yes, I know we operate in a financial environment but I feel gooners use our “sound sustainable business model” as a comfort blanket after we lose key player after key player and we are continually sold the future and the promise of “Jam tomorrow”..

  54. TT says:

    Thanks for a great article, 26. Very well articulated.

    Some folks are wishing injury on RvP, but I think there is no need for that. One only has to look at how well he performs with Holland to see that RvP, like most people, needs the right environment to do well. It would be enough justification for me, and maybe even sweeter, if he stays healthy but yet is ineffective. 😀

  55. Slimgingergooner says:

    I wonder how many more goals RvP would’ve got last season if Cazorla was there!

    I think he could be our most important signing in recent years and could contribute a lot of chances for the new strikers. If we can get him alongside Ox and Wilshere it could be terrifying!

  56. Slimgingergooner says:


    Im a bit confused, are you saying you rather we kept him and lost the £24m?

  57. No Slim – sold to a team on the continent(for less, if necessary).

  58. Big Raddy says:

    26. Superb. Such balance is commendable.

    The King is Dead, Long live King Poldi.

    SGG. I disagree. O-C will be our most important signing in recent years – he is going to be the dog’s swingers

  59. Slimgingergooner says:

    In an ideal world Chary I totally agree, but as I said earlier, if he didnt want to go to Juve (for example) and had his heart set on United, then what alternative do we have? We either sell him to them, or keep him.

    The blame for him going to United lies solely with him and not the club, that’s why he’s a dick! If Juve had offered £15m and he wanted to go there Im 99% sure that’s where we would’ve sold him to.

  60. Slimgingergooner says:

    I will give you that one BR, he looks the nuts that boy! Can’t wait to see him and Wilshere linking up. Future England partnership aswell.

    Anyone think the RvP transfer is similar to the Smith from Leeds to United transfer? Players talk of love for club, loyalty etc is complete and utter balls these days!

  61. I sometimes wondered whether this site was a little harsh as regards Le Grove. I’ve just spent half-an hour over there.
    Some of those people are scary!
    btw: It’s not Pedro’s fault, nor Geoff’s.

    I’m shaking…

  62. chas says:

    I don’t think, “the reality of the Abramovich-Abu Dhabi age is that we’re just going to carry on losing these players until somehow we start winning trophies” is true at all.

    Even if we were winning trophies, those players would still have fecked off elsewhere for an extra 80-90 grand a week. Van Persie didn’t learn from Na$ri about winning trophies. Citeh were a gnat’s cock hair away from winning sod-all. He may have learnt he can double his money from Na$ri, that’s all.

  63. LB says:

    A very classy eulogy 26.

  64. LB says:

    Rasp 12.52

    That really is a good comment.

  65. LB says:


    Does the 24 mil help when we compare Campbel and van Persie?

    Too right it does.

    It still makes me laugh they we got their captain for free, where as we got the better side of the deal with the Dutch Boy.

  66. GunnerN5 says:

    ESPN did a salary survey of the top sports teams. Here are the results of the top 20 Football clubs.

    Per Week Per Week

    1 Barcelona £105,876 $166,934
    2 Real Madrid £95,094 89.8% $149,935
    3 Man City £90,303 85.3% $142,380
    4 Chelsea £82,888 78.3% $130,690
    5 AC Milan £74,459 70.3% $117,399
    6 Bayern Munich £72,055 68.1% $113,609
    7 Man United £67,344 63.6% $106,181
    8 Arsenal £64,176 60.6% $101,186
    9 Liverpool £63,796 60.3% $100,587
    10 Juventus £57,276 54.1% $90,307
    11 Aston Villa £49,610 46.9% $78,220
    12 Tottenham £46,463 43.9% $73,259
    13 Borussia Dortmund £38,088 36.0% $60,054
    14 Valencia £37,389 35.3% $58,952
    15 Werder Bremen £33,358 31.5% $52,595
    16 Hamburg £31,467 29.7% $49,614
    17 Atletico Madrid £31,413 29.7% $49,529
    18 Sevilla £31,056 29.3% $48,966
    19 Fulham £29,580 27.9% $46,638
    20 Everton £28,930 27.3% $45,614

  67. GunnerN5 says:

    Oops that got a bit gumbled up, the 1st column is average pounds pert week, the 2nd column is a % of the Barcleona salaries and the 3rd column is US $ per week.

  68. LB says:

    Big Al

    Have you ever heard of the expression?

    You have made your bed now go lie in it.

    It seems very fitting to me.

  69. LB says:

    The Borussia Dortmund number seems very impressive.

  70. Big Raddy says:

    Amazing to see Villa so high up on the list. And Fulham??

  71. Slimgingergooner says:

    It must make Wenger sick to see these players buggering off for ‘trophies’ (money) at the end of their contracts. I wonder how many times he’s had the opportunity to bugger off to Madrid, France etc for double money?

    If players are to hold all the power then it’s about time they started getting all the grief that the managers usually have to endure.

  72. GunnerN5 says:

    I was very surprised to see us so close to Man U, I thought they were way ahead but it must be because of AW’s flat line salary policy.

    But we are a massive 40% lower than Barcelona.

  73. Slimgingergooner says:

    Villa have a lot of young players too.

    The likes of Bent, Heskey, Ireland, Dunne etc must be on 100k a week! No wonder they are all ‘happy’ at the club!

  74. Gooner In Exile says:

    Afternoon all, very classy post 26.

    As for all the worry about Robins return and subsequent response, surely we won’t see him in the executive box…..afterall there are probably a few internationals between now and then.

    I’m surprisingly unaffected by RvPs departure, we had enough warning, and it seems the club ultimately made the decisions if BBC reports are true. Finally a what if…..

    As far as we are aware RvP goes for medical tomorrow, what if he decides once up there he doesn’t want to sign, we’ll be lumbered with a 29 year old crock in the squad like Diaby. 🙂

  75. Diaby isn’t 29 is he GiE ? 🙂
    LB – yeah, it was worse for the 5pu2s, as it should be ha ha.
    Twatface confirms Song has said his goodbyes and is gone – anymore for anymore ?

  76. MickyDidIt89 says:

    As the blood cools so my head begins to think rationally again.
    Lets face it, we are only really a selling club when someone comes along and lures a player with completely bonkers wages (Cesc was different). In the case of Persie, 200k a week for four bloomin’ years.
    The reality, as I’ve said before, is that we were very very fortunate last season. Had RvP had an average season of injuries (by his standards), there is no way we would have finished in a CL position. Now we have Pod and Giroud, and are in a very good position.
    While I agree with BR over the importance of the Ox signing, Cazorla will ensure a far more plentiful supply of opportunites than our front three had last season from the likes of Ramsey and Rosicky.

  77. GunnerN5 says:

    Why let him ruffle our feathers Robin has flown the nest.

    I wonder what his reaction will be when he screws up and gets a boot kicked at him – or the infamous hair dryer treatment.


    Diaby was born on May 11, 1986 which makes him 26.

  78. GunnerN5 says:


    Check Arsenal nuts.

  79. GunnerN5 says:

    Quote from Rudolph.


    In 1999, I had Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole, Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the four best strikers in Europe. We are going towards that now with Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney, Robin, Danny Welbeck and Shinji Kagawa. It is a fantastic collection of players,” says Sir Alex Ferguson, twisting that knife in the heart of Dimitar Berbatov.


    He seems to forget he has one of the weakest mid fields in the EPL – who is going to create the chances for this “fantastic collection”?

    Sounds like they are his toys and not his strikers.

  80. tomstoned says:

    26 well its not really about *** now is it ??..or song ?? its about balancing books and making the good old cash..
    and once again ripping up our team at the start of the season..cant believe it..its gut ripping and leaves me devastated Our Beloved Arsenal are no more..The New Arsenal are emerging..once again..
    whats the use…this is how its going to be…sell the best players buy new ones..never going to work…is this teambuilding wenger ???..no of course not…
    ill accept your little lies wenger…like right this week..replacements here ,there,everywhere..;..
    sell song out two best players last year has once again gone..
    what a week…we just managed to make manure contenders again…they must be singing..with a little help from my friends..what a cocker*up…
    what worries me even more is all the kids around the world who grow up to learn that Arsenal is just a selling club…
    Wenger how long does it take for a new player to bed in…a week ;?
    is there any use in supporting a club that acts like a harrods outlet..
    my daughter was a great fan of *** and i bought her everything she wanted…and it took some persuation…since her last hero cesc was sold…this year…hmm ill do my best to convince her that we shouldnt buy anything at all…

  81. chas says:

  82. RockyLives says:

    Excellent forensic ( 🙂 ) analysis of the RvP situation 26.

    I’m not going to hold a grudge. In the modern game, when money talks, players walk.

    Yes, he could have handled things a bit better (particularly with his ill-judged statement) but he’s a footballer, not a diplomat.

    Gn5 has put it best: “Why let him ruffle our feathers – Robin has flown the nest.”

    Now on to what matters – the Arsenal.

    I’m not the slightest bit worried about our forward options. I think the goals will be more spread around than last year and that Pod, Giroud, Gerv, Theo, Oxo, Santi, Arteta and others will all pitch in.

    The more important thing is how our “defending as a team” goes this season. Hopefull, with Steve Bould’s input, it will improve.

    For me the Sunderland game is all about our defence. They will sit back and try to hit us on the break or from set pieces. have we learnt the lessons of last season?

    We’ll find out soon.

  83. chas says:

  84. GunnerN5 says:


    Do you feel better now?


    Good afternoon Tom.

    There is no reason to be alarmed. The likes of Cesc, Nasri, Adebarndoor, RVP, and Song were all part of a team that saw us through a transitional period. All those guys were purchased by Arsene before they reached there potential.

    This is a new team now, much better than the last one and will only get stronger. Everything is how it should be. Our opponents and detractors are in for a rude awakening.


    And we all like Rude Awakenings. hahaha

  87. evonne says:

    Chas @2:55 – ha ha , blooty ha!

    Chary – I cannot, sorry, promiset to be goot

  88. Gooner In Exile says:

    I knew Diaby wasn’t 29 but he is a crock according to many bloggers, no one is screaming to offer him a new contract but apparently the board should of shown super human vision and foreseen RvPs return to health and therefore signed him on the treatment table to a long deal at ages 26/27 and 28.

  89. Gooner In Exile says:

    Terry the phrase flogging a dead horse comes to mind when trying to ease Toms pain, was nowhere to be seen when we announced signings of Cazorla or Giroud were announced.

  90. Gooner In Exile says:

    Here’s the thing we Arsenal fans should do to keep our current squad together and with us:

    1) have a song for each player, whilst some like Kozzer have difficult rhymes, we should be able to invent something funny/inspiring
    2) show as much vitriol as possible to those that have hurt us in the past
    3) show belief in the players we have left, let’s not write them off before they have matured or succeeded (Song, Nasri, Van Persie, Theo, Bendtner….the list is long)
    4) stop whingeing.

  91. But you can be a good patsie, Evonne. 😉

  92. GunnerN5 says:

    Cyber space will go into overdrive if we lose on Saturday……………

  93. tomstoned says:

    Gooner in Excile..

    thats right..got home from work yesterday…some have a work situation that in times make it almost impossible to be as active as you are…hope thats ok with you ??
    great signings no doubt but unproven in the premier so it will take som time to adjust..maybe(wenger said they werent readu and i seem to remember wenger saying it takes good 6 monthst to adjust)then again wenger told us some days ago that giroud and podolski werent replacements…or did he say they where…darn im getting confused 😉 ??..im old fashioned GiE..i believe that the best way to build a great team is to keep the players together over a longer period of time…get them to gel and now eachother very well…looking back at some former great teams..im not all wrong GiE..
    then again your mostly right GiE as always..must be nice..

  94. Gooner In Exile says:

    Tom how would you have kept RvP?

  95. We’ve now sold 4 of the team’s captains in the last 6 years, good eh ?

  96. Rasp says:

    Our ‘ambition’ (I’m beginning to hate that word) is not disproved by the sale of RvP as we have already brought in quality cover, what will be interesting will be to see if we buy replacements for Song or Theo should they leave.

  97. Rasp says:

    Let’s not have a captain this season chary – or maybe make them all captain …. no better still, make Chamakh captain, hopefully someone will buy him then 🙄

  98. RockyLives says:

    I agree with your 3.38 and I would be concerned if Song goes and no-one else comes in. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to find M’Vila coming our way after all.

    The Theo situation is eerily quiet. Has he got just one year left?

  99. RockyLives says:

    Small wager (one peroni 🙂 ):

    I contend that if Chamakh stays, he will score at least 12 goals for us this year…

  100. Rasp says:

    Are you mad Rocky 😆 I’ll take that bet all day long.

    I’d even bet that Chamakh doesn’t have 12 shots in the vague direction of the goal this season – he doesn’t seem interested in scoring

  101. RockyLives says:

    To put the van Persie furore into perspective, Fabrice Muamba has announced that he is retiring from football as a result of his cardiac issues.

    I’m sure we all wish him well for the future.

  102. RockyLives says:

    OK Rasp – you’re on!

  103. tomstoned says:

    ill give you a shocker…me prsonally is of that humble opinion that our best players who seems to be leaving like ship rats isnt doing it for the money as most other tend to belive..its the things that are and have happened with Our Beloved Arsenal since the kronk took over…the fact that its much easier for Gooners to accept,doesnt make it treu..imo its lack of ambition that have made all Our Best players leave…end off.. for Gooners to accept it if it was only about money..well that doesnt make it true

  104. RockyLives says:

    I know the cynical will say that this is classic Arsenal PR machine at work, but I like these quotes from Oxo on the official site:

    “In training I’m seeing the likes of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, and then we have Gervinho and Theo Walcott too, so it’s looking really good,” he told Arsenal Player. “That brings strong and healthy competition, which can only push us on to do well.

    “But we also have a good time and we’re all friends – we’re together as one and looking to achieve the same goal at the end of the season. We all push ourselves to do better and that can only be a good thing.

    “We are all fixed on success, everybody is pushing as hard as we can and we all know what our aims and goals are. We have had meetings about how we are going to achieve it and every little detail – physical, psychological – we are looking at. It is looking really positive for us.”

    Oxlade-Chamberlain has been delighted with the additions of Lukas Pdolski, Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla, and believes they will hit the ground running.

    “The new strikers are looking really good – I think Podolski has one of the best shots I’ve ever seen. Olivier’s isn’t too bad either, he’s scoring a few in training!” the teeanger said.

    “They all look like good signings. Santi looks fantastic too, he is the typical Spaniard; fantastic technically and lively. He can score, he can dribble and he looks like a brilliant player.

    “They are three players who I can say will add quality to the team. And their personalities too – they are really good lads. We’ve been speaking about positive energy in the camp and they bring it in abundance.”

  105. tomstoned says:

    sorry about the mix up in the latest post..GiE..its not about money..Our best players leaves us because of the way The Arsenal are being run..and most of all a total lack of ambition…thats the truth GiE..face up to it…its The New Arsenal…imo

  106. Raspers – why not have Squeally as skipper and get Cesc to spread the story around his team mates that Squeally has Barca DNA ?

    The Rock – we’d have to be desperate to be expecting goals from Chamakh, the hookah pipe smoking champion of the AFC squad, 2011-12.

  107. Slimgingergooner says:

    I have a slight issue with people saying that our best players leave and aren’t replaced. If you listed our best 7 players at the club, how many of them have been signed in the last few years?

    I go for (in no particular order)


  108. Slimgingergooner says:

    *best 5

  109. Slimgingergooner says:

    Suppose Wilshere should be on there aswell! But you get the drift!

  110. tomstoned says:

    firstly i think we all hope that Fabrice will have an excellent career in whatever he chose to be top man..
    and do you really think that all three new players will be ready for the premier from the get go ??….it took gervinho some time to bed in…one training match against a very poor german second tier team doesnt prove much im afraid..

  111. Adrian says:

    I have a feeling Song is next on the way to Barca, and if

  112. RockyLives says:

    I would add Kozzer too.

  113. Adrian says:

    I have a feeling Song is next on the way to Barca after this van persie fiasco, and if Its anywhere near the reported 15m, i’ll be freaking pissed. How the hell is song worth so little when hes arguably at his prime? Sigh, one step forward and two steps back in the transfer window again. Wenger had better use some of the funds we get from the RVP transfer to bolster our squad.

  114. chas says:

    …and Sagna

  115. tomstoned says:

    Slimginger..then again would you agree that ade and kolo was hreat players for us when they left…was cesc and nasri and clichy good players..and now *** and (song)imo the two best players for Arsenal last season and i think the statistics will prove it..
    maybe we can agree that its very important for a team to gel..so we cant really keep up selling our best players each year…but that is what we do..making money for the kronk and listening to wengers lies and gazidis great activities..oh my

  116. chas says:

    you forgot about….

  117. tomstoned says:

    Mr Wenger please explain..we will never sell cesc?..when we move to The Emirates we will be able to compete with the top clubs in Europe?(ohh that one i got money wise..income..right)…if we sell our best players we wont be a great club…?giroud and podolski isnt replacements for ***..and a few days later we already have replacements for *** ..there are so many lies its hard to see the truth..

  118. tomstoned says:

    honestly we are a selling club..and we sell to the top dollar..nomatter who’s buying..and that is The New Arsenal way…the facts are there…Our best players get it…we should to..

  119. LB says:

    If Song goes I would expect a replacement straight away but I wouldn’t automatically expect a replacement if Theo upped sticks.

  120. RockyLives says:

    I think the Pod will settle quickly because the German league is quite physical and competitive, like the EPL.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Santi and Giroud on the bench and to have them bedded in gently.

    But I could see a role for Oxo and Diaby from the get-go.

    I understand your point of view, but I’m not prepared to put my optimism aside just yet. “Cazorla in” feels a much more significant piece of transfer business to me than “van Persie” out. And I would be more scared of ManUre if they had signed Cazorla rather than van P.

    Last year, in Brave Sir Robin’s “big” season, we scored a total of 74 team goals in the EPL.

    The year before, when Robin also had a good season, we got 72 team goals.

    The year before that, when he missed five months through injury, we got 83 team goals.

    In fact, since we left Highbury our average team goals per EPL season is 73.6 – exactly what we got last year with van Persie.

    The point being (and it’s one that others have made above), we are a team that creates a lot of chances and we tend to put them away at an average of 74 premier league goals per season regardless of who’s leading the line.

    The goals that RvP would have got will simply be snapped up by others.

  121. LB says:


    You haven’t really come to terms with the way the footballing financial landscape has changed over the last ten years have you?

  122. evonne says:

    I’ve been scanning some ManU blogs; noboty there seems to be overally happy about RiP’s arrival. A few raiset eyebrows

  123. Reddawn says:

    Don’t let us dwell on the past, it’s a bit like don’t mention the war as far as Van Persie is concerned. After seeing the three new players in action on Sunday, my heart started to go into palpitations. These three players appear to bring back to our team something that has been missing for some time, a strength of purpose combined with excellent skills, Cozorla for me is the new Fabregas, he has quality in abundance, I don’t think Arsene Wenger could have found a better player other than Messi. Podolski, top notch, movement and finishing attributes silky smooth. Giroud, a bit of a dark horse, but if it wasn’t for some fantastic saves from the Cologne keeper, he would definitely have been on the score sheet. It will take some time for the team to meld together, but if all is well after six months, you might be in agreement with my assessment, or there again, you might not!

  124. Shard says:

    We may or may not be a ‘selling club’ (whatever that means), but we certainly are a club with a very whiny fanbase at times.. Sheesh tom.. just get stoned again and chill man..

  125. LOL, the new Arse.com pre match feature is called “The Breakdown” – is that what gooners have every summer ?

    Evonne, shall I drop in some “d” ‘s into your comment – I have the power !

  126. Slimgingergooner says:


    Others have responded to you in the same way I would’ve, so I won’t bore you with my POV!

    Some on here seem a little unsure about Giroud from the Cologne match, but I thought his link up play was excellent. He has good strength and had a brilliant header from a corner saved, which bodes well for his aerial ability. He looked good on the floor too. I suppose some of the pessimism may be linked to the fact he has a similar style to Chamakh! I think he will turn out much better though.

  127. tomstoned says:

    im more worried over the fact that you so easily have bought the big american robbery going on at Our club….and as it seems have no probs with wengers lies…havent Nasri *** clichy cesc got it either and our big fan Usmanov he is all wrong..that man have made a few bucks..or ?..
    its not my fault LB that you have been tricked and trollooped into believing that The way Arsenal is being run is the only way…imo we’re being ripped off

  128. Red Arse says:

    Look, for those pessimists among us, just realize, we are where we are, no matter what the reason.

    No amount of whinging, caterwauling or finger pointing will change that, so get over it, lighten up think positive. Remember existentialism!! 🙂

    Oz, who is always upbeat, told me this in confidence, but I am notoriously unreliable, so here goes.

    When he and his wife got married, he found a lovely quiet hotel for their wedding night. He went up to the front desk and asked for a room.

    He explained to the concierge that they were on honeymoon so needed a nice room, with a good strong bed.

    The clerk winked at him and said, ‘You want the ‘Bridal’?’

    Ozzie thought about this for a while and then said, “Nah, it won’t be necessary, I’ll just hold onto her ears until she gets used to it.”

  129. chas says:

    We’re continually told that the players are employees just as we are in our own lives and if we had the chance of doubling our salaries elsewhere, then it would be foolish to let the opportunity pass.

    In that case, suppose you work for HSBC and they always top the banking performance charts. Then you receive an offer from Barclays which effectively means you’d get double your current salary. Do you give a monkey’s about HSBC’s performance record anymore? Do you heck as like.

    Leaving for trophies? Pfffft.

  130. LB says:

    As I suspected Tom, you don’t even know what a financial landscape is let alone how much it has changed in football terms over the last ten years.

  131. Red Arse says:


    I have just realized that you have been trying to communicate with me by code. This dropping the ‘d’ is just a ruse to confuse the others, especially the Beast, Chas.

    So here’s something to set the ball rolling.

    Town in the tell
    sat the little tog Nell
    ant there she tilliet and talliet
    She tug up a bone
    and tashed away home
    where in her bet
    she tone buriet it

    No one but you will understand that!!!! 🙂

  132. chas says:

    Have you been reading 50 Shades of Andy Gray?

  133. chas says:

    I’m Monster because of all the monstrous things I post.

    Chary is the Beast because of his beastly guitar playing. 🙂

  134. chas says:

    Those tarn togs chewet my keyboart.

  135. Red Arse says:


    The thought of Adenoid Gray having 50 shades makes me feel quite queasy!

    Maybe we can compromise and call you a beastly monster, tho you will always be sweet Chas to me…………..oops!! 🙂

  136. Red Arse says:

    Incidentally, where is that three legged Glic today?

    Molesting a wall somewhere, I suppose. 🙂

  137. Gooner In Exile says:

    Tom I’m left scratching my head:

    A) Players leave for trophies not money….

    B) Our best players leave…..

    So we could have kept Cesc, Nasri, Adebayor, RvP, Toure, Clichy if we’d been winning trophies…..which they (as our best players) were in control of….but failed.

    Sorry don’t buy that one at all, or maybe the arrogance of footballers hasn’t sunk in my head yet where they can look at their failure and say it wasn’t their fault and point the figure elsewhere and head towards the exit. There’s a reason why United win trophies it’s because the best players compensate for the average players in the squad, those that left us never did.

    On Stan, maybe you haven’t noticed it’s only been one and a half seasons in his control, plenty of years before that without the investment we have seen this year (and last). But it’s not worth debating as you won’t shift your position on that one.

    And let’s think about the Deins for a second, Darren Dein to be precise, any chance he is on a bonus from Usmanov for the players he can remove from the club?

  138. I’m starting to re find my appreciation for Cesc now:

    Cesc Fàbregas Soler ‏@cesc4offical
    Opened the paper this morning to see Van Persie in a Man United kit. I actually feel sick.

  139. This is quite funny: Robins revised statement from Old Toilet

    This is an update to the update for the Arsenal supporting knobs fans that I hold so dearly to my heart.

    All this while, I remained silent out of respect and loyalty to the Arsenal (heh!). Oh and I was also busy mentally spending the additional 145,000 pounds I will be getting from signing for United.

    I want to desperately put an end to all the mindless speculation in the media although I think it is fair to say that you guys know what exactly is going on.

    As you all probably know I had a number of meetings with Kees Vos and Darren Dein (you all know the guy; the one whose dad professes undying love for the club while he keeps cutting the club’s legs from under it) and they without the shadow of a doubt, convinced me that if I decided to leave, every club from Almeria to Trabzonspor would want a piece of me.

    Financial terms or a contract were not discussed with Mr. Wenger, since hell would freeze over if Arsenal decided to engage in financial imprudence.

    That however didn’t go as planned.

    It has become increasingly clear to me, that I disagree with the manager and the CEO on the way that the club should move forward. Never mind the fact that it is THEIR job to do so and mine to play and repay the faith they had in me in the 6 years that I was perennially injured and stocking up on horse placenta.

    I resent the fact that despite my being captain, they refuse to let me dictate transfer strategy. The slight issue that the then talisman, Thierry Henry would never have countenanced the signing of a troublemaking Dutch teenager with a temperament worse than Gervinho’s hair is irony that is completely lost on me.

    Oh, and they cannot pay me enough money to fill a swimming pool with bills and dive into it a la Scrooge McDuck.

    I have thought long and hard about it and have decided that the best way to leave the club is by signing for the one team that would’ve caused maximum anguish.

    But I still love you guys! You guys are brilliant!

    And you have every right to disagree with my decision although it matters squat to me that I will be pissing away any semblance of a legacy I have created at the club. No one thought it possible, but with one signature, I have managed to replace Na$ri and Ca$hley as the most hated ex-player at the club.

    I personally had a great season banging in the goals. I was so particularly brilliant in goal and along the wings that the Arsenal were rightly called a ‘One Man Team’.

    However, I have had enough of the wonderful service provided to me by the rest of the team, and it is time for a change and I look forward to scoring all the penalties Ashley Young will no doubt win me with his fabulous dives.

    I love the club and the fans despite the fact that I will be trying to help their bitter rivals do you guys over.

    Everybody at the club has always supported me over the years; even when I was sitting in a dank Dutch Prison falsely accused of rape, when the rest of the world was calling me names and vilifying me. Of course, one season where I scored 37 goals adequately repays that and I now owe no one anything.

    I look forward to wearing the bath towel United kit next season. Since I have explained everything so nicely to you guys, please don’t boo me when I come back.

  140. Gooner In Exile says:

    I have unfollowed Cesc but perhaps I shouldn’t have after that comment. At least we can accept he went home.

    As for the second piece Chary perfect!

  141. I unfollowed RVP (Really Vile Person) last night GiE, but agree I may have been harsh on Cesc since he left.

  142. chas says:

    I thought it was Robbing van Pursie.

    I didn’t like the way Fabregas left, but he did (reportedly) take a pay cut to leave as did Arteta (reportedly).
    Which is more than I can say for the rest of the mercenaries who’ve all doubled their weekly wage in their ‘hunt for trophies’.

  143. chas says:

    I imagine the granny shagger will still take the pens.
    I hope he really hates it up there.

  144. Big Raddy says:

    Is Arteta fit?

  145. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooo Raddy,
    Are you limbering up for your first pre match?
    Don’t know the answer to your question. How many of our players were involved with International may well affect selection.
    Also, you’ve had bands, then inventors, what next?

  146. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Regional delicacies? Mmmm

  147. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh bugger, Cazorla played midweek 😦

  148. goonermichael says:

    I started reading but couldn’t stick with it as I hate anythinbg to do withy him. I don’t thank him for anything. I only wish bad things to happen to him. I don’t have any time for cesc either. Nasri has more class than van pussy. I am so angry I could easily stab him myself (rvp)

  149. goonermichael says:

    He scored Micky

  150. goonermichael says:

    Song needs to be shipped out now. He doesn’t want to sign a new deal so he should fuck off otherwise we are back in this situation next year or the one after. Was Kronke running the club when PV and Henry left? My memory is not that good.

  151. evonne says:

    GM – I sait in my comment that I ton’t want to to a GM, but I want his (RiP) legs broken.

    Chas – Peaches is reating the book ant I am next, but she tolt me it is a bit raunchy, not me really

    How about conspiracy theory that AW ant SAF are joining ranks to punish Shitty ant Chavs? Possible? Nay, not really

  152. Gooner In Exile says:

    How have we missed this:

  153. goonermichael says:

    Looks happy!! Hope it goes wrong for him.

  154. rhyle says:

    Robin van Persie is gonna pull a John Radford @ West Ham at Man Utd…wouldn’t wish injury on anyone…but I’m happy to wish a “Radford” on ‘im…

  155. barumgooner says:

    Nicely written 26. I loved RVP as a player mainly due to the fact that he seemed to genuinely love the club and appreciate all that it had given him over the years. I remember him being quoted a few years back as not being motivated by money or even winning trophies, it was more important to be happy and content with his life and his football. saying something along the lines of winning elsewhere would not feel the same as winning with “his” team. It is such a shame that it has come to this and maybe it was an elaborate bluff to try and push the club into buying players ? Either way Arsene has been strong and the arrogance of a player has been dealt with in a way which imo shows strength. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Robin will not stay fit for the remainder of his career or that he will ever have a season like last year. He knows it, Arsene knows it and so do most of us gooners. I wish him all the best but think he has made a massive mistake and so has Mr Ferguson. Oh well nevermind, i’m sure we wont all rub it in when the innevitable happens will we ?

  156. chas says:

    Why is someone holding up another shirt in that photo?
    To hide the stains on Fergie’s trousers?

  157. evonne says:

    monster:) I’t imagine is RiP that’s shitting himself

  158. chas says:

    I would be, too.
    Imagine sharing a dressing room with Wayne’s merkin!

  159. chas says:

    I can’t stop looking at that picture, GM.
    He looks really pissed off.

  160. goonermichael says:

    Apparently Jack has been offered the no 10 shirt. I assumed Poldi would get it

  161. evonne says:

    what’s Wayne’s merkin?

  162. goonermichael says:

  163. goonermichael says:

    I think he knows he’s sold his soul chas. I know people (possibly tomstoned) will say I’m delusional but I think he knows he’s been a gash and shat on a lot of people. Let’s hope the mancs win nothing. If it’s not us I’ll have the oilers anyday

  164. Saturday can’t come quickly enough, I just want to be walking towards the stadium, climbing the stairs and taking my seat. Singing ‘ by far the greatest team’ and oohing, aahing and cheering when we score. We are going to score aren’t we??????

    The dutchman is history …..I’m sad to see him go but I’m cheering myself up by plotting the capture of Olivier as my new divine one. Is he left-footed? Much as I love Kozzer I do miss my chocolate legs ……. 🙂

    Mr Red Arse – good to have you pop in

    26 – thank you for a very fine post today

    Raddy – have you sorted a squad yet 😉

    gm – if you see M Giroud around town let me know 😉

    We’ll be drinking in The Tavern pre-match, anyone who is around is welcome to seek us out for a chat.

    ……… and …… anyone fancy offering to write the match report yet? I’ll be back on that one 🙂

    chas – you said something very funny earlier or yesterday, I can’t remember what it was but I realised how much I’ve missed you 🙂

  165. chas says:

    I’ve missed you too, peaches.

    This made me laugh for no reason whatsoever.

  166. chas says:

    Can’t wait to try out my new seat, peaches.
    Which block are you in?

  167. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Much ROLFING. Have you tried the Kos one?

  168. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Have you moved to get away from the member sitting behind you?

  169. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Anyone Block 113?

  170. evonne says:

    How are the pigs Micky? To you plan to eat them at some stage?

    Here we go again – Saturtay is a must win game 🙂 Gosh, was I really waiting for that all summer??

  171. chas says:

    Haha, Micky, the Kos one is the best.
    Yeah, we’ve only moved the other side of JC, so I’m now 4 seats away from the member, but much better than sat alongside him. Maybe he hasn’t renewed. That’d be funny.
    We’re 115.

  172. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Top form, Evonne, and to answer your question with a question: are you planning to Korean styley eat your togs?

  173. chas says:

    Ah, how I’ve missed you.
    Emirates Stadium, East Upper, Block 115

  174. chas says:

    113, halfway line, nice.
    Which row?

  175. evonne says:

    Micky – if shove comes to push, who knows? For what I know they woultn’t be first cannines I ate 🙂

  176. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That pic certainly wets the appetite. Early one before they got the red paint out.

  177. MickyDidIt89 says:


  178. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooops, 112 row 3

  179. chas says:

    112, 3 is even better.

  180. chas says:

    Are you bringing Oscar?

  181. chas says:

    It’s always tarkest before the tawn.

  182. RockyLives says:

    Saturtay is T-Tay

  183. RockyLives says:

    Nice to see you waxing philosophical.
    Do you like waxing?

  184. chas says:

    How’s things on the other site of the pont, Rocky?
    When is your next trip to the homelant?

  185. RockyLives says:

    With all these new players it’s surely going to take time to gel so we can’t expect any success this year.

    I mean last time we had a massive team shake-up look what happened! It was 1997-98. Out went a star striker (Paul Merson) and in came Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Grimandi, Garde, Boa Morte, Wreh and Manninger. It was a total disaster. Oh… wait a minute…

  186. RockyLives says:

    We’re in the tog tays of summer over here in Canata Chas. Hoping to get to Englant in the next couple of weeks.

  187. TT says:

    Chas, GiE,…

    That’s a fake twitter account, folks. Note the wrong spelling on “official”. If the real Cesc has these thoughts, he’s hasn’t shared it. He did say “Im in shock!” though he did not specify about what.

  188. TT says:

    Ah… here’s the explanation:

  189. chas says:

    Ah, you just brought back memories of Paddy’s debut versus Sheff Wed (I think). He came on as sub, won the ball about half a dozen times and a spontaneous, ‘Vieira, vieira, vieira’ arose from the North bank.

  190. chas says:

    so it’s ok to go back to calling Cesc a Barca dna front bottom, then? 🙂

  191. Slimgingergooner says:

    Just read an article saying Vermaelen will be the new captain. Has this been confirmed already?

  192. evonne says:

    Pisstakers! Enjoy it when you can, new laptop arriving tomorrow, there na na na na nana

    Ant Mr Monster, I ton’t buy that crap about footballers being employees like the rest of us. B****x. I ton’t know about you, but I as an employee was not cheeret on by clients, they titn’t write little songs about me, titn’t love me because I was toing my job. ANT they titn’t spent their own money to catch a glimpse of me, even 30 years ago when I was better looking than say Na$ri.

    They are more than employees. They are being pait handsomely for the services renteret, ant the rest is given to them freely ant in abundance. They woult not be half as goot without us. How can I say that? Easy. Look at the Olympics ant the Olympians – they all sait that the audience carriet them through, pushet ant gave them wings. They owe us, some chose to repay the love we have for them, some chose to two fingers at us. I think I am justifiet in feeling let town by van Persie.

  193. RockyLives says:

    We’ve sold Kyle Bartley to Swansea for £1m.

    Guess he didn’t progress enough during his loan in Jockland.

  194. chas says:

    I agree, they aren’t just employees like the rest of us. (Though I tit have a few songs written about me when I was at the leccy boart 🙂 ).
    The point I was making was that if Brave Sir Robin was just looking for a last big contract to set him up for life, then ton’t give me that bullshit that he’s moving for ambition and trophies. He isn’t , he’s moving for the extra tosh.

  195. evonne says:

    absolutely, his excuses make me sick.
    He coult have earn probably £28m with us plus immortality. He chose £40m plus teath wish

    I am also beginning to wonter if Fergie himself atvicet RiP to write that twit. Expert at playing tirty games

  196. Vonna – I love reading your comments without a ‘d’ 😉

  197. glic says:

    Fine post 26
    After 500 miles and 11 hours of Talksport I`m over the shock and actually think we got a great deal with the news from Talksport that we got £15M and Howard Webb plus one of the youngsters from their Refereeing academy.
    Even better news, our Maestro Redders is back !. 🙂
    Redders , you probably dont need it, but Me and Dr Stretch are making a Stretcharobics Video ( a bit like a Jane Fonda workout ) starring Ivor Tinysmallpiece, Paula Littlegentler and Phil De Sizenow. It will be on sale on Saturday, look for a dodgy looking geezer with a suitcase outside the Tavern about 2pm !.

    Make sure you haggle !.

  198. Interesting discussion on talk spite with a sports psychologist – he’s just been asked if he could do anything about Nikki B’s over inflated self confidence 😉

  199. evonne says:

    Peaches 🙂 You have seen my keyboart, so you can appreciate how hart it is to type 🙂 Tit you buy the thingy?

  200. glic – you must have heard every opinion under the sun today then!!!! I liked the manks that phoned in and said they thought Fergie was nuts to sign Robin and the interesting question posed to a few gooners ‘What would we have done if Arsene had signed a 29 year old injury prone striker for £20m’

  201. evonne says:

    Also, he will always be associatet with Arsenal, no matter how many goals he scores for Unitet. Everyboty will remember him as an Arsenal player, Arsenal where he became public enemy number 1. Clever boy

  202. I didn’t buy it because in addition to the batteries there was something else that needed to be replaced regularly. Yours is better – I’ll just come and use yours 🙂

  203. RockyLives says:

    Did you really listen to 11 hours of TalkSpite today?
    Was there a consensus about whether the deal was good or bad for us (and ManUre)?

  204. RockyLives says:

    Careful ladies… you’ll get Cornwall leaping to the wrong conclusions… 🙂

  205. Rocky – so many of the discussions were rolled through every program that you could have listened to the first hour and then it not matter if you didn’t listen for a couple of hours, it was all the same.

  206. I was going to qualify what we were talking about but it’s girls stuff 🙂 😛 😀

  207. evonne says:

    🙂 🙂 goot night all xx

  208. Obviously most think it’s a great deal for the manks and rubbish for us. Financially it’s definitely a great deal for us and it could be a disaster for the manks. What is undoubtedly true is that it’s pretty rubbish to sell your captain to one of your rivals 😦

  209. glic says:

    I think that was Darren Gough`s question on Drive time and is actually a good question !. You wont be surprised to know Adrian Durham was his usual Pro-Arsenal self !. 🙂
    Most callers seemed to be peed off and demanded that the money be spent straight away on a replacement, not listening Wengers allegged quote that , ” Pod and Giroud are the replacements”. !.

  210. goonerjake says:

    Which of our players is a GOONER?
    I thought robin was – sadly im was wrong.
    We are two days away from the start of the season!

    Please could any player at the Grove who IS a Gooner PLEASE STAND UP.:(

  211. Alex ‏@AlexFortyNine

    Song has confirmed he is going. Says “The boss doesn’t want him anymore”

  212. ladyarse ‏@LadyArse

    General feeling from the people tweeting me is that Arsenal should introduce a ‘no Darren Dein’ clause for all players at the club. Agree.

  213. glic says:

    peaches, thats the problem with Talksport, everything thats said on the Breakfast show is then discussed on Keys and Gray , then H and J and then Drive Time, youl`d think each show could come up with a different topic !. You never hear them discussing / running down any other team like WBA, Wigan etc or small teams like the Spuds who haven`t won anything since Pathe News time`s. That Adrian Durham gets more upset than we do, I`m sure he`s a closet gooner !. 🙂

  214. Joey Barton is going to Marseilles!!!!!!! What’s that all about????

  215. It’s a good job there wasn’t any other news, they must’ve been fed up with talking about KP 🙂

  216. Gooner In Exile says:

    I’m gutted we have sold another Centre Back! Actually i’m gutted its Bartley, but in front of him are three very talented centre backs and behind him is Miquel. Its difficult to break through. Good piece of business for Swansea.

  217. Gooner In Exile says:

    I don’t take anything Alex FortyNine says seriously.

    Goonerjake, have a look at Frimpong’s twitter, my guess is he is.

  218. Gooner In Exile says:

    According to the Metro Song has three years to run on his contract and will sit down in the next seven days to talk to Wenger, Alex49 says discussion has already happened.

    Hmmmmmm lets call it all what it is….pure speculation

  219. Gooner In Exile says:

    “West Ham manager Sam Allardyce says the club could grow to the size of Manchester United or Arsenal if they move to the Olympic Stadium.”

    According to the Beeb, i’d love to live in Big Sams world for a minute or two a day.

  220. GiE – agree with you about Frimpong being a gooner but if he upsets Wenger with his behaviour it won’t make any difference, he’ll be shown the door

  221. RockyLives says:

    Gootnight Evonne 🙂

    If Song goes we will be shot of all the players repped by Darren Dein (according to Arseblog this morning).

    It’s not too far fetched to think Dein has been deliberately de-stabilising Arsenal as payback for his old man being ousted and to help create a tide of opinion for bringing Usmanov in.

  222. I heard the guy from Spain – Alex Torres I think – saying that Barca really want Song!!!!

  223. TT says:

    Chas @ 8:13 🙂 Only if you believe Fabregas would be playing Parchis at around 11am on a Wednesday… There might be other (valid) reasons for your choice of name though 😉

  224. GunnerN5 says:

    Robin van Persie – Arsenal EPL Stats

    2004/5….. 26………… 5………….. 1
    2005/6….. 24………… 5………….. 1
    2006/7….. 22…………11………….7
    2007/8….. 15………… 7……………1
    2008/9….. 28…………11…………11
    2009/10….16……….. 9………….. 8
    2010/11… 25…………18………….7
    2011/12… 38………… 30…………13

    Total…….. 194………. 96………… 49

    % Games Played…. Goals per Game….Assists per Game
    2004/5….. 68.42%….. 0.19…….. 0.04
    2005/6….. 63.16%….. 0.21……. 0.04
    2006/7….. 57.89%….. 0.50……. 0.32
    2007/8….. 39.47%…. 0.47…….. 0.07
    2008/9….. 73.68%…. 0.39…….. 0.39
    2009/10… 42.11%…. 0.56…….. 0.50
    2010/11… 65.79%…. 0.72…….. 0.28
    2011/12… 100.00%.. 0.79 ……. 0.34

    Tota……..l 63.82%….. 0.49……. 0.25

    Really not that bad – not at all shabby.

  225. goonermichael says:

    evonne. is your d broken? 🙂

  226. glic says:

    Wouldn`t it be nice to live in a World where we kept our best players and sold the shite ones ! . ” Breaking news both Manchester clubs are fighting it out for the services of Arsenal stars Chamakh , Squilacci and Bendtner , a leading Arsenal Website, “Legover” has gone crazy calling for Arsene Wengers head, ” whose next, Denillson, Park, Arshavin, Wenger out ! “.

  227. Gooner In Exile says:

    Thierry Henry 8 seasons 254 games 174 goals 77 assists….a lot better 🙂
    Ian Wright 7 seasons 221 games 128 goals ….a bit better

  228. ZimGooner says:

    For as long as the Arsenal board plays Scrooge we’ll continue to be a feeder club. It’s an insult for a player of van Persie’s calibre with all his accolades to earn £80k per week when other top players earn as much as £250k a week.

  229. Gooner In Exile says:

    Rocky it’s probably got more credence than Wenger being paid a bonus for profits. Maybe we should run an article full of “we understand” and “secret meetings” and it’ll become truth in blog world.

  230. Gooner In Exile says:

    Yep Zim an insult that we pay him so little, I for one would pay three times as much for a ticket to watch Arsenal and fund the lives of my heroes.

  231. goonermichael says:

    It’s nearly here. Only 2 more sleeps 🙂 We’re going to surprise some people!!

  232. oz gunner says:

    Great post 26, a very reasonable approach. I’m definitely on the patsy side of things with Terry and chary. But I do love GM’s ‘stab’ approach also haha

    @ RA

    here’s me about to say ‘RA is back, everything is right in the world again! Then you throw me under the bus like that, last time i ever share a secret with you haha’. In all honesty though glad to have you back, and I hope all is well. Without you Big Raddy and my vocabulary drop by 40%

  233. VCC says:

    Not happy with the sale of Kyle Bartley, I had high hopes of him. Why,why,why keep Djourou and sell Bartley, ????????????

    Mr Wenger?????

  234. oz gunner says:

    surprised about Bartley, but good on him for searching for more game time. So we have Per, verm, kozzer, djourou, miquel, and boateng (Song too if he sticks around).

    That’s assuming/hoping we get rid of squidge

  235. oz gunner says:


    Djourou of two seasons ago is far better than Bartley. Playing in the right position and with confidence, he is as good a 4th choice as you’ll get.

    Djourou vs Savic vs Smalling vs luiz/ivanovic vs Coates vs Dawson/Bassong

    It’s hard to say because Djourou of last season vs the monster he was against drogba and co is a whole different player. Based on what he can be I’d say he is rivaled by Smalling and Ivanovic

  236. Morning all

    I’ve just remembered something funny from the interview I heard last night about Song going to Barcelona. Apparently, they are interested in Song a. because he’s cheap and b. because he can play at centre-back!!!!! So our want away defensive mid-fielder who thinks he should be a creative attacking mid-fielder could end up playing back-up centre-back for Barcelona 😉

  237. LB says:

    I love GM’s comment at 11.55.

    Most have been focused on RvP but a small group of Arsenal supporters have noticed that huge changes have taken place at the club all of which have slipped quitely under the radar.

    “We are going to surprise some people”

  238. LB says:

    I mean, apart from Rasp noticing his body language lol why do we accuse Song of being “a want away” ?

    He has never expressed a desire to leave what’s more he has three years left on his contract.

    It seems to me that the people who are trying to make this happen are Barcelona themselves and it is not easy to write that without bursting out laughing.

  239. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Best feel good comment award goes to Rocky.
    His stats showing we score more goals without Brave. Superb.
    GM, Only one sleep to go 🙂
    Morning All.

  240. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Really couldn’t care any less about any player who leaves.
    They simply become history. My feelings on Song mirror that. If he stays fine if he goes fine. Easily replaceable.

  241. dandan says:

    LB Morning. Mick McCarthy was interesting last night saying he was amazed at the lack of respect for AW given the miracles he has worked for the Arsenal on so small a budget.
    But ” Arry” gets my prize for the most objective quote by an ex manager this close season ” Spurs will finish above Arsenal NO danger” I wonder if he see’s Mr Bean when he looks in the mirror 🙂

  242. evonne says:

    I spat on my telly
    That fecking Fergie with his fecking robbin make me sick

  243. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all.

    LB I hope you’re not wrong on Song.

    As for Bartley/Djourou we come back to the problem of a young man wanting game time, Bartley wants to play, Wenger can’t guarantee him more than Capital One Cup starts. Time to move on. If he had been 21-22 two seasons ago before we bought Kozzer I think we may have held on to him.

  244. dandan says:

    Morning Mickey. Happy days aint far away 🙂

  245. chas says:

    Happy Birthday, Titi.
    A real Arsenal legend.

  246. oz gunner says:

    morning all,

    If martinez can go for 40, modric 38, mascherano 25 ect ect there is no way we should accept anything less than 20 million for Song! He is about to hit his prime, 3 yrs on his contract, added assists to his game, and I have no doubt if he moved to CB he’d be one of the best going around also.

    It’s lunacy to see him leave. If he wants to go then cough up Barca! Without Arsenal he’d had stayed at Charlton after the loan deal

  247. dandan says:

    Evonne Let it go Lass there is a new season ahead, enjoy

  248. LB says:

    Morning Micky

    Yep, The Rock Star’s comment was a goodun.

  249. dandan says:

    Got a funeral today, there are worse things than selling players

  250. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning to yous too dandan and LB.

  251. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Cannot wait to board the train. You wouldn’t believe how many season ticket holders there are that come up from Cornwall for every game (not me sadly).

  252. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Is Frimpong going out on loan again this season?
    “If” Song goes, then I believe the answer as to whether or not we buy in a replacement lies in that answer. Coq first choice, Pingpong second. Books balanced.

  253. Apologies LB, maybe ‘want away’ is a bit harsh, I have loved him too but I just think he is one of the players that sometimes spoils a good game by not sticking to his job.

    I think the fantasy of always being able to lob that ball onto the dutch left foot had gone to his head last season – he appeared to always be looking for the opportunity to do that rather than doing his job.

  254. But to be fair to Song, it only spoiled the game when he left his post because the team didn’t know how to cover for him – hopefully the lovely Mr Bould is sorting that out 🙂

  255. Big Raddy says:

    Micky and others. Deeply envious of you going to the Em’s tomorrow to witness the start of a new Cazorla led era.

  256. Big Raddy says:

    IMO Song will stay another year so Coq can get more experience. But even so, where do all the MF’s play? Mozart still has a place in this team but is ahead or behind O-C in the pecking order? And what of Diaby and Ramsey?

    But if Song does leave, we have cover.

  257. Cazorla 🙂 I can’t wait to see him.

    It’s a good job I’m going on my own tomorrow, I don’t think Rasp would be able to cope with the pheromones 😆

  258. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hi Peaches,
    I am not convinced Song can necessarily be blamed for that. Who knows, maybe he never got the order from the boss to sit deep. I agree we do need a DM/Holding type, and Im sure Song could do it. Who knows? Arsene.

  259. evonne says:

    Tandan @7:45 (sorry, i triet to type your name better, but no luck)
    Yes, lots of bat things are happening in life. Ant on top of it my favourite past time fun is somehow spoilt by ‘Him’
    Can you imagine what the new season woult be like if he was an honourable man? He teprivet us of a lot of fun, criminal

  260. Raddy does your 8.05 have anything to do with having to make a team selection for tomorrows post 😉

  261. evonne says:

    Tandan @7:45 ( I am sorry, i triet to type your name better, but no luck)
    Yes, lots of bat things are happening in life. Ant on top of it my favourite past time fun is somehow spoilt by ‘Him’
    Can you imagine what the new season woult be like if he was an honourable man? He teprivet us of a lot of fun, criminal

  262. evonne says:

    silly wortpress grrrrhhhh….

  263. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hi Raddy,
    “Mozart still has a place in this team but is ahead or behind O-C”
    Messi would be behind O-C 🙂

  264. I won’t watch the manks now and I won’t read about them, I won’t be able to see the dutchman in their shirt …. heartbreaking 😦

    What’s happening with our goal-keepers????? Szcz, Fabianski and Mannone for the season?

  265. oz gunner says:

    @ Dandan 7.45

    sorry to hear, I’m going to one next week. 287 000 women died due to pregnancy and birth complications in 2010. It is a sad world we live in sometimes, but it does not mean we cannot show anger and frustration towards football players leaving. It’s all well and good putting perspective to things and being realistic but that’s what emotion is all about.

  266. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Look on the bright side, no more RvP free kicks. Thank Dennis!

  267. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Dennis=Got ROLF

  268. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Raddy has an easy job. Look at the first half team against Cologne, switch GK’s and then ask yourself one question. Is Arteta fit?

  269. evonne says:

    Micky – your pigs are the bright site for me these tays 🙂 woult love to see some pictures

    Is there any substance in the rumour that the agent, the son of Wenger’s goot frient is teliberately trying to weaken the Club?? BTW, the agent’s must be the best ant easiest job on earth

  270. Big Raddy says:

    Easy for you to say Micky!

    I am struggling with a theme for this season Any ideas????

  271. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Their range of sounds are hysterical. Took them out for a walk yesterday, and within five mins, my daughter began to stroke hers under its chin. It immediately rolled over, and within thirty seconds was snoring

  272. oz gunner says:

    @ Peaches

    i thought fab would be out the door, but appears he wants to fight for the number 1 spot. So looks like nothing will change

  273. evonne says:

    Oh Micky 🙂 ROFL 🙂

  274. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Googleize it.
    How about those weird and wonderful names they give to Real Ales. Every town in the country has a micro brewery.

  275. oz gunner says:

    @ BR

    the pre-match finger?

    special dedication to an opposition player we dnt like, a media person who has said something ridiculous about arsenal during the week, or just john terry,rooney,cole,rvp,nasri,ade in rotation

  276. evonne says:

    Ratty – how about the changes ant what has remainet of the Highbury, Highbury’s team ant the only constant factor – the fans?

  277. Thanks oz, I thought I’d missed something. Do we think that Fabianski is a good number 2?

  278. oz gunner says:

    @ evonne

    please dont get a new keyboard,it’s great this way!

  279. dandan says:

    Oz thank you. For me a player has left it happens, am now excited at the possibilities of the new front line the advancement of young players with Jack not far away. I see it as exciting times not bad ones. Obviously I wish he had gone abroad, but the living is his to earn so he will live with his choices. Cant help but think he has been a good servant at less pay than he could of got elsewhere, but as I dont really do anger I guess i will always be the odd one out.

  280. Big Raddy says:

    I was thinking of the resemblance of one of the opposition to an animal…think Bale/monkey, Modric/rat etc but it isn’t working.

    Need something that doesn’t require too much research. The inventors and the fans took too much time.

  281. evonne says:

    Peter Schmeichel on BBC on RvP; he’s a big Arsenal fan


  282. oz gunner says:

    Nah didn’t miss much Peaches, just him saying that he will push szcz and has trained really hard in the pre-season strengthening his shoulders and focusing on set piece, corner delivery.

    Personally I think he could be a great keeper IF he got to play non-stop. That just isn’t an option at Arsenal though because we have szcz, and as we’ve seen in the past fabianski is very much a confidence goal keeper. One game here and there is not good for him or us. I’d like us to go for Mark Schwarzer simply because he is a veteran, still can do the job, cost peanuts,and can give szcz a few pointers. He could do a job for 1/2 seasons until szcz becomes even better. Not to mention Mark would love to be in a team who offered champions league football. Look at how good friedel did at the scum

  283. Morning everyone
    The consensus on Twitter (yes I know) is that Song won’t sign an extension. If he doesn’t go this season he has to go next otherwise we have another summer sag of a one year contract. He’s a darren dein client. There is also a lot of talk (unproven) that he has a bad attitude. The thing I dislike about him is how he’s so lovey dovey with scum like barton at the end of matches.

  284. oz gunner says:

    @ Dandan

    There is nothing wrong with that, you are just a lot wiser than I am, and at the end of the day cool heads prevail. I however am just good at holding grudges. I’m stoked to see Arsenal in action this season and I think we will win it all, but if I flick over the channel and see RVP i’ll have to let out a few expletives!

    @ BR

    finger! finger! finger! finger! finger!

  285. oz gunner says:

    @ GM

    contract has 3 not 2 years remaining. We hold the cards

  286. My son got good grades in his A-levels and got in to Manchester Uni. When I go to see him I’m going to make some kind of statement about robin

  287. OZ
    Next summer 2
    the one after 1 So he has to go now or next year, TV, Kozzer and Arteta have all signed new deals. Theo will soon so I think Wenger is tying everything up

  288. oz gunner says:

    @ GM

    i agree, if he doesn’t he should bugger off. We have been burnt to often by this ‘i want to focus on my game, i’ll sign at the end of the season’ business. Football players do bugger all and there agents sort this stuff out for them. Sign or there is the door, I’m sure Arsene is going to lynch the next person who screws him over!

  289. Morning all, be interesting to see what Wenger says in his press conference starting about now.

    I think the hacks will want to talk about nothing but THAT dutchman.

    Depending on how Wenger handles it we could see the broken cannons on the back pages again.

  290. dandan says:

    I know we dont tend to advertise other blogs but todays A Cultered left foot is a great read. you will find a tab on Rasp’s list on the right hand side of this page.

  291. And Wengers first quote from this morning: Wenger on RVP: ‘We anticipated this might happen so we bought Giroud and Podolski’ – well that confirms Giro/The Pod are replacements not additions

  292. Deos this suggest our spending is over ? “Wenger on squad: ‘If you look at the number of players we have a massive squad. We have what is needed to be ambitious’ and thne he says Song could lkeave and we could get more players in..confused ??

  293. oz gunner says:

    @ chary

    i suppose we’d be pretty greedy if we brought another striker in. I’d love one but a more realistic approach is giroud and pod with afobe and campbell coming in next year

  294. New Post ……………….

  295. So painful, our captain has left to a rival club side to become just an ordinary squad player. Aim still amazed at the considerations behind that decision. It’s a pity that RVP and his agent failed to learn from history. Where is Berbertov and Owen that rushed to the antics of Ferguson at weakening opposing team rather than strengthening his own team? Time will tell and I pray for RVP that he does regret his move like Hleb did.

  296. So painful, our captain has left to a rival club side to become just an ordinary squad player. I am stilll amazed at the considerations behind that decision. It’s a pity that RVP and his agent failed to learn from history. Where is Berbertov and Owen that rushed to the antics of Ferguson at weakening opposing team rather than strengthening his own team? Time will tell and I pray for RVP that he does regret his move like Hleb did.

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