Arsène to be top spender?

Season end approaches and once again the phantom shopping trolleys are being pushed around the blog world by deluded supporters expecting their clubs to go to market. Well sorry folks, in most cases it isn’t going to happen the coffers are empty; the players have had it on their toes with the bread and many of them too, are in for a nasty shock.

Football has for years casually spent the huge TV revenue on player’s wages, whilst obtaining those same players on the never/never. Now club owes club, owes club, owes club, for past deals, many for players that no longer play for them. The whole system is a house of cards ready to tumble as soon as a big club goes. A bit like the inside trading that brought down the banking system when Lehman bros went.

But this time there will be no helpful taxman waiving his debt to help bail out the clubs damaged by the shock waves. He will want paying in full and don’t rule out a quick bill being pushed through parliament to make sure the taxman gets first shout as he does elsewhere when companies go broke.

So no mega spending by clubs this window, a few individuals will buy the one or two major players they need. But expect the rest to be cutting back on squad sizes as contracts run out, many players to be out of work this year and the major part of the trading to be in loans.

We at Arsenal are lucky, we are solvent, and I see no way the directors won’t keep it that way. Arsène will IMHO buy maybe a couple of key players and release many of those whose contracts run out or alternatively re-sign them on lesser terms, as will be the norm for all but the elite players throughout the game as their contracts run down. Expect young players to be ruthlessly fought over as clubs bid to stock their academies and just as swiftly dropped if they fall behind the standards required. The gravy train has hit the buffers and the fall out will be enormous.

Conversely those managers, who have proved their ability to run clubs on limited budgets, are likely to find themselves quickly elevated to “bigger clubs”. IE. those PL clubs outside the select Champions league qualifiers and those owned as playthings by the mega rich,who will try to reinvent themselves as participants in the real world, rather than the Mickey Mouse environment that has, since the birth of the premier league, been football.

Consider financial fair play, tougher tax regimes, sound business practice, higher interest on loans if indeed loans can be found by many. These all mean that clubs, players and the fans that support them have to come to grips with the new reality  that is football 2012

Welcome to the real world Gooners.

Written by dandan

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  1. Big Raddy says:

    An apposite post DD.

    As I wrote earlier this morning …..

    “LB. It is a sad truth that MC & Chelsea have the pick of available players and the rest dine from the leftovers.

    Our focus on developing young players is the only way we can realistically compete. So, we have to pay big wages to young players who have yet to prove themselves. Sometimes it works (Cesc/Wilshere/ Gibbs /Theo etc) and sometimes it doesn’t .

    But this opens up the wage discussion raised by others. Is it a waste of money, a gamble or an investment to pay kids a big wage and tie them to the club wit long contracts?

    IMO, given our financial constraints, it is the only way we can compete”

  2. Rasp says:

    Thanks dandan, a timely post particularly relevant after last night’s game which is thought by many to herald the end of united’s dominance as they can no longer compete with city on the pitch or in the transfer market.

    I don’t think gooners have to wake up to the new reality as we have been living with it since 2006. The signing of Podolski is exactly what we need in terms of timing and the quality and type of player.

    I hope this is a sign of a more pragmatic approach to recruitment – in reality, last year’s dealings were already a serious departure from the previous norm.

    Football is more ‘immediate’ than ever and we need to build mechanisms into our buying/selling and player’s contracts that give us the best chance of competing within our realistic limits.

  3. LB says:

    Absolutely spot-on. Football in the EPL has been a fiction for the longest and the results on the field only reflect this insanity. Now let’s see over the next ten years who the good clubs are and who the good managers are. I bet on Arsenal and Wenger. For all the vitriol spewed his way by other managers, fans, journalists, pundits and all other idiots, Wenger has really achieved a minor miracle for Arsenal football club. Hopefully he will now get his just reward, trophies.

  4. Rasp says:

    Hi Raddy, sorry I was typing my comment and didn’t read yours.

    I disagree if you are saying that in the future our only means of competing would be to continue to pay top dollar for young talent that is unproven. Arteta was our best signing last year – neither young or overpaid. Podolski is just entering the peak of his career, hardly a big risk in financial terms. If there is any truth in our interest in Vertongen and M’Vila (and I really hope there is) then we are departing from the buy young pay high strategy and thank god for that IMO.

    It’s always worth a punt on an outsatnding youngster (The Ox) but not on half a dozen when your team is lacking experience – well certainly not in the position we find ourselves in now. There was more justification for it a few years ago.

  5. chas says:

    Cheers, dandan.
    So that’s what Arsene meant when he said this in the post-Stoke press conference…….
    “At the end of the season I think you will have big surprises because there will not be a lot of movement in football”

    “They have a relationship with me but I don’t have one with them.” Hahaha.

  6. Big Raddy says:


    We must disagree. No doubt Arteta was a good signing but without the addition of very good kids he will not propel us to the very top.

    By paying €10m apps for top young players we take a risk but should O-C/Ramsey etc improve over the next 3 seasons, it will be money well spent.

    I do understand your viewpoint. There have been huge contracts given to players who have not come through (Denilson etc) but my guess is that one Fabregas pays for all the unsuccessful gambles.

    Hey …. this is a long discussion and I have to go out.

    Will return to it later.

  7. Morning all, a worthy pointer to how things may pan put this summer transfers wise Mr double d.

    I heard that UEFA had already sent out informal warnings to the West London Chavs and the Manc Chavs about what would happen if their player spending was up to their usual silly level this summer, even to the extent of them being told to trim their squad.

    Still larfing about bacon face, here’s a tweet from a ManUre fan:
    “Poor squad selection by Sir Alex Ferguson and he’s been making mistakes all season. Embarrassing in the Champions League. Fergie out!”

    Yes, Fergie out !

  8. Rasp says:

    Thanks Raddy, I am not saying we shouldn’t continue to recruit as many top young players as possible, but I am saying that we should put the emphasis on the immediate future rather than 3-4 years ahead – and it looks to me like that is exactly what we are doing.

    I don’t want to hear the phrase “in 2-3 years time we will be world beaters” because we have proven that you cannot be sure of holding onto your best players and so the whole premise is flawed.

    This is not an argument for ‘I want it now’ just acceptance of the fact that long term planning of a team is impossible unless you are one of the super rich clubs. A balanced medium term strategy where we try to produce the best team we can for the current season whilst having the knowledge that we have young potetial reinforcements coming through the ranks makes the most sense to me. It’s not about Arsenal spending silly money, just spending what we have wisely – and I repeat, that is what it looks like we are doing.

  9. jetwalcott says:

    I really think the likes of city, chelsea and to some extent liverpool will be wallowing in debts which will coerce them into reverting to the ”acadamy” system thanks to the financial fairplay.By then,Arsenal will be blessed with the best young team with arsenal DNA…

  10. Kolasky says:

    It is inevitable that the football world is heading for a serious financial crisis because of careless spending on the so-called ‘big name’ players.The inflated cost of English players (35 Million for Carroll) clearly shows the need for proper player valuation before setting a price.

  11. Red Arse says:

    Morning Fellas, 🙂

    Before responding to DanDan’s Post, can I say that I have just read last night’s chat and from a great selection of comments there were two, in particular, that had me giggling.

    Chas, said;
    “Young just entered the pitch from the 5 metre board.” 🙂

    GIE, said;
    “Neville is no mug, altho the overplaying moniker is a little lazy cant” 🙂

    Don’t know how GIE got away with that!!! 🙂

  12. Hi Redders, who was it who said that Young’s substitution last night was delayed because the kit man couldn’t find Ashley’s speedoos ?

  13. Red Arse says:

    Hi CharyB, 🙂

    And the moment Young came on he……………fell over.
    I loved the City fans singing ” He dives when he wants, he dives when he wants, Ashley Young dives……..” . 🙂

  14. WiganGooner says:

    Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Cracking post DanDan.

    It is clear that the global financial bubble that has so far protected the worlds elite clubs is no longer as large as it once was and the Premier League clubs are feeling the strain. Couple that with the crippling debt in Spain, France etc and you have a very interesting financial situation.

    As we speak, accountants around the globe are furiously rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect.

    Mark my words, Arsenal will ride this financial wave and come out at the top of the pile. Whether the false-financed teams like City, ManYoo (to a point), Chelski, PSG, Real Madrid, Anzhi Makakfkajlajka are able to sustain the investment required, whilst keeping in tune with the FFP (if they find a way to enforce it) will be an accountants wet dream, hiding all of the payments and hand-outs.

    As we all struggle thorugh these financial troughs and peaks (certainly no peaks for me!!) it will be a breath of fresh air to see such frivolous investment punished where required.


  15. The irony of bacon face moaning about Mancini “trying to referee the game” was hilarious, eh Redders ?

    Can’t we find a bath chair in a retirement home somewhere in the Gorbals and pack him off there asap ?

  16. Red Arse says:


    A typically sensible well written metaphorical splash of cold water to try and bring some fans down to earth in their unrealistic anticipation of a transfer market feeding frenzy, by echoing what are esteemed manager hinted at.

    However, there are, at least, two clubs who despite the FFP rules will not be too affected by them in their Summer transfer market splurges.

    They are real Madrid and Barca.
    As I showed yesterday, their revenues are grossly out of synch with all other clubs, because for some extraordinary reason the other Spanish clubs have ‘allowed’ them to negotiate their own massive contracts with the TV companies.

    This has enabled them to negotiate TV terms guaranteeing them millions of pounds more in revenue than any other club, and not just those in Spain, and by doing so have given them a huge advantage in the transfer market ‘splurge’.

    Heaven forfend that Manyoo, Liverpool and Chelsea are able to do likewise in the future, in this country, because that would put paid to the FFP rules as far as they were concerned and would ring the death knell for all other EPL clubs.
    We would all be doomed Mr Mainwaring!! 🙂

    Anyway, enjoyed the article, and knew, after the first line, that you were the author! 🙂

  17. WiganGooner says:


    Sir Alex’s decision-making was atrocious yesterday. His team selection read like he decided it was a “cannot lose” game. He played for a draw expecing Mancini to do the same.

    Unfortunately, if ManYoo had actually picked the right players, gone for 4-4-1-1 I think they would have won, but playing with Rooney up front killed the game for them. Rooney just kept dropping deeper and deeper until he was left harassing the ref for the last 15 mins. Playing Scholes, Giggs and Park was a cowards selection and they got punished for it.

    Very poor performance from ManYoo and it proved Scholes and Giggs are now past it when playing against top opposition.

    I enjoyed seeing SAF lose it, but I hate the idea of Citeh buying the title.


  18. henrychan - indonesia says:

    Was it true that they told us there were 55 million avaliable for Wenger to spend..?? And that was not include money that will come by selling 5-8 players out.. (about 20-35 M) ??

    So, if it is true, than we have total 75-90 M to spend.. For Podolski we only spend 11 M, than we still have at least 60 M.. That will be enough for 3-4 star to come..

    Let say we have Vertonghen for 13M, Kagawa for 15M, than we still have plenty to M’Villa (17M), Dempsey (11M) or even Hazzard (23M)

    But most of all.. To protect our Captain RVP is the most important thing to do.. No matter how much money we will spend.. we must do it.. (song also..). Without RVP we will never in this position today..

    Go Gunners.. EPL & UCL winner 2013..

  19. Red Arse says:


    Especially as it came (their spat) after the vid showing Fergie moaning to the 4th official, during their Everton game, by showing him his watch, and Moyes coming over to look over his shoulder at it as well, with a big grin on his face.

    Purple Schnozz is blinded by his own self-importance and self-interest! 🙂 Yeuk!!

  20. Wiggy/Redders – I sincerely hope yesterday was the start of the end for that ghastly excuse for a human being.

    It would be so refreshing for the press(and bacon faces acolytes in the managers ranks)not to keep glorifying and worshipping that charmless,bullying individual.

  21. Rasp says:

    I know many do not want to speculate on transfers when the season is not finished and in light of dandan’s take on things in today’s post – but I’m going to do it any way 😕

    Some things do not add up! I can only reason that the impending additions mean that the club are already pretty sure of who will be leaving (and why wouldn’t they?)

    Buying Podolski who plays centrally or on the left makes me very happy as a supporter – but concerned at the same time. The Pod is an experienced interntional, he will expect to start most games – so who will give way? Gerv would be the most obvious candidate but he’s only just joined and is still developing his potential so lengthy spells on trhe bench aren’t going to help him – that only leaves the possibility of rotation with RvP, or replacement for RvPO …. cat/pigeons.

    Similarly, I believe we are trying to buy Vertongen – but for which of the following reasons?

    1. Replacement for Mertseacker
    2. To play Centrally in a 3:5:2
    3. To allow TV to play DM in place of Song (departing?)

    Mertesacker and Vertongen are both internationals and will also expect to start games. Kozzer is the best defender we have and TV is the captain at the back – something has to give.

    Vertongen is propbably affordable as long as one of the rich clubs aren’t interested, I’m not sure we can compete for M’Vila so maybe by buying Vertongen, we would not need M’Vila even if Song leaves.

  22. Red Arse says:

    Hi Henry, 🙂

    It is not just a matter of having cash available to buy players, we have to stay within certain profit/loss parameters on account of the FFP rules. That is why clubs like Chelsea and ManCity have a problem as they are huge loss making companies.

    Let’s wait and see, if the new UEFA panel of lawyers and accountants, appointed to monitor the FFP, really put the bite on these clubs, if they break the rules.

    Hi WG, 🙂

    I don’t like clubs ‘buying’ trophies either, but Manyoo have done that for years too, which may have been part of the point Herb was making. (I don’t agree with the other part, that we should do the same). 🙂 Sorry, herb! 🙂

    As a result, given they are as bad as each other, I am more than happy that Citeh win it this year, as I am so sick of United having a stranglehold on our premiership. 😦

  23. Raspers, I’d like to think all of your queries would be answered by these two words: “Squad depth”.

    All the dilemmas you raise are based on the assumption that we will not get any injuries – of course we will, and loads of them.

    We’ve been extremely lucky that Robin has played so much this season – a one off occurence I’d wager(London’s house).

  24. Red Arse says:

    Morning, Rasper, 🙂

    Has anyone ever told you that your love of Arsenal has turned you into a right old worry guts? 🙂

    Me too ——- altho I have a large dash of Que sera, sera in my thought processes! 🙂

  25. henrychan - indonesia says:

    I think City will win this season.. Agree with RA Everton had give MU a very bad dream.. And unluckily it came almost at the end of the battle.. And lastnigth lost will make it even worst..

    Yes.. Swansea and Sunderland have nothing special to archive anymore.. but that will give them ‘nothing to lose’ mentality.. And with MU must win, it will be hard.. very hard for MU..

    I don’t really like City.. But I hate MU winning the throphy again and again.. Somebody must stop them.. And better City does than nobody..

    Go Gunners.. EPL & UCL winner 2013..

  26. Rasp says:

    Hi chary, since you mention London (LB) I would refer to his continued assertion that top players do not expect to warm the bench (unless they’re being paid obscene wages a la Nasri).

    I agree that squads win titles/trophies not individuals. I think we have the best quality back up players I can remember for many a year so the second string players are not a concern for me, it is the quality of the first choice that I think needs improving and Podolski and Vertongen would certainly fit that description.

  27. Rasp says:

    Hi RA, there must be something about my writing style of which I am unaware that gives the impression that I am negative/full of angst. I am just analytical in my thinking and in the way I focus on prospective outcomes/scenarios.

    I see nothing negative at all in my comment @ 11:36

  28. Raseprs, we have 4 competitons to go for in any season and if you have a better squad you can put out a decent team for each of them. Add to that the injury/suspension factor and I doubt many will be doing that much bench warming.

    Don’t forget we generally have at least 2 key first team players out for a majority, if not all, of a season and I doubt we’ll see good players bored due to not getting playing time.

    This assumes Wenger will take all 4 competitions seriously and not just concentrate on the league and Europe.

  29. WiganGooner says:


    I believe you missed another option out re: Vertongen – Squillaci.

    I think Squillaci will make way, if we cant sell him/give him away then he just wont be in the 25 man squad. So our 4 Centre Backs will be Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker and Vertongen.

    Djourou will be kept as a backup also, because he can play right back (albeit poorly) but he also has experience as a DM.

    I think Arsene will look to Podolski to replace Benayoun as the Inside Forward, but also rotate with RvP up front.

    That is of course if we keep the current formation. Perhaps this heralds a return to 4-4-(fooking)-2 ala Mike Bassett? 🙂


  30. Norfolk Gooner says:

    This will be the last major opportunity for clubs to rack up their debt levels before FFP comes into effect for the 2012/13 season. Uefa must make it clear to all concerned that the punishment for breaking the new rules will be draconian rather than a slap on the wrist.

    Transfer banns and blocked entry to Uefa competitions should be entry level punishments, for the more severe transgressions points deductions, 10 points perhaps, should be mandatory.

    Only when Uefa actually show some teeth will the big spenders take any notice.

    I may be an old cynic, but can’t honestly say that I’m expecting any radical change to come about as a result of Monsieur Platini’s posturings.

  31. Rasp says:

    Thanks Wiggy, I see Vertongen as a top player not a replacement for a 4th choice defender – but it is another theory to add to the list 😛

    I agree Squillaci will probably be on his way and I’d hope that will give more chances to Miquel who I rate very highly.

  32. WiganGooner says:


    Totally agree with your assessment of Vertongen, but I think Arsene is creating a squad and therefore his players will be more on a level playing field in that regard. He wants top-class replacements for his first choice and Vertongen gives him that.

    He knows there will never be a better time to get cut-price recruits than in this financial climate.


  33. Gus says:

    Interesting times ahead economically. The world (not just the football world) is realising something Wenger told us a ling time ago: The problem with debt is that at some point you actually have to pay it back.

  34. WiganGooner says:


    Great point sir, I had forgotten that comment. To think people laugh at Arsene’s economic background yet he’s been proven right.


  35. Word on twitter is that Robin will run down his contract and leave on a free next summer if anyone puts any credence on twitter mutterings.

  36. WiganGooner says:


    I think that is just scaremongering. I trust RvP respects Arsenal and more importantly us and will not do that.


  37. Rasp says:

    Hi chary, take £25m for RvP now or let him go for nothing in a year’s time? …… I think we know the answer to that one after the Na$ri sale last season.

    Buying Podolski gives Arsenal a much stronger bargaining position with RvP. We should not let this descend into a witch hunt on RvP.

    I give little credence to rumours on twitter and ‘exclusives’ on websites who generate income from hits.

  38. WiganGooner says:


    Hear Hear!

    *nods approvingly*


  39. Dannyboy says:

    Excellent article double D.If only you could forward this to the muppets at Sky so that they lower their expectation on the “Deadline Day” nonsense they brodcast.

    @henrychan Money available to spend needs to cover wages of the players already on the payroll plus new signings and you can not spend the whole on new signings or else you end up like Rangers or Portsmouth.

  40. mickydidit89 says:

    Wow dandan,
    That article poses so many questions about the very fabric of the beautiful game. Excellent post, thank you.

  41. mickydidit89 says:

    So much to ponder. Where to begin.
    I think RA has raised an excellent point about TV rights. I only see the gap between rich and poor widening. What I mean by rich is those clubs with a solid worldwide recognised brand. The global tv audience for football is ever increasing and tragically I can see all top clubs negotiating individual tv rights.
    Arsenal is widely seen as a model of sustainability. But is it? Remove income from property and where are we really? I hate to say this, but we are quick to point the accusing finger at Chelsea and City, but whle we pay wages of £100k per week, we are very much part of the problem.

  42. goonermichael says:

    Sqilacci’s contract finishes so he is obviously going. A couple of people on Twitter saying the Vertongen deal is done.

    Great post dandan. the chavs have just bought £10m player which is cheap for them.

  43. Red Arse says:


    Oops….I continue to get my fingers burned when I tease you. 🙂

    I do not think you are negative, or filled with angst. I have never used the terms.

    You are most definitely analytical in matters Arsenal, and you do raise questions that concern you as a consequence………… do I.

    It would be a naive person who went unquestioning thru’ life …………… and you are most definitely not naive.

    Howzat? 🙂

  44. Rasp says:

    Hi gm, good news then, we can be assured of saving the wages on Squillaci and Almunia. I’d be delighted if we get Vertongen, he’s a top player and a very adaptable defender

  45. mickydidit89 says:

    Not being a member of the twitterati, I probably wouldn’t be tempted to believe anything.
    However, if it concerns the arrival of Vertonghen, then bloody sign me up now. I have spent the last three windows banging on about him. He would be massive.

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    The Oracle has spoken again – top stuff dandan, as ever 🙂

    Hope your wife is making progress again!

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘A typically sensible well written metaphorical splash of cold water’ Nice one RA 🙂

  48. Rasp says:

    No probs at all RA, I think my habit of posting comments that others see as ‘a bit narky’ continues as I have no problem at all with what you write.

    I see everything as a cryptic crossword and look for solutions because I enjoy the challenge.

  49. Raspers/Wiggy – it all boils down to whether Robin will be a Dennis, a Flamini or a Cesc.

    We’ll know the answer on 1 September.

  50. mickydidit89 says:

    A large part of any transfer is down to the will of the board. Looking at things historically, one would leap to certain conclusions, but here we are talking about two signings and the season has not even finished.
    Me thinks strong words have been exchanged somewhere, and I like it 🙂

  51. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA, 🙂

    Being complimented by such a devilishly handsome gentleman, such as yourself, is very welcome, but totally undeserved! 🙂


    Don’t know what a ‘narky’ is but it sounds a bit exotic! 🙂

  52. mickydidit89 says:

    Right, I’m off to stare at different shaped jars!!

  53. You’re right Mdi89 – it’s ages till the end of trhe transfer window and it’ll drive us nuts to think about it too much now.

    I just have a bad feeling as Robin could have put san end to sall this by just signing up already.

    Anyway – back to larfing at Fergie ! 🙂

    I think Mancini has outfergied Fergie, by buying up all the top quality players. Hahahahahahahah !!

  54. Rasp says:

    Haha chary, I like it 😛

    Dennis = top bloke
    Flamini = good riddance (although I think Na$ri would have been a better example)
    Cesc = if only

  55. Steve says:

    We need 5players

    Podolski, Vertongon, M’Villa, a playmaker and a keeper

    GK – Szcezney, 2nd keeper! Martinez
    RB – Sagna, Jenkinson
    CB – Vermaelan, Vertongon, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Miquel
    LB – Gibbs, Santos
    DM – M’Villa, Coquelin, Frimpong
    CM – Wilshire, Arteta, Song
    AM – New playmaker, Rosicky, Ramsay
    RW – Walcott, Chamberlain
    LW – Gervinho, Ryo
    ST – Van Persie, Podolski,

    GONE – Almunia, Arshavin, Diaby, Djourou, Park, Fabianski, Squillaci, Mannone, Chamakh, Benayoun, Bendtner, Lansbury, Denison, Vela

    PROMOTE – Joel Campbell, Afobe, Yennaris,

  56. Red Arse says:

    I must needs depart for a nonce, but forgive me if I have reverted to being verbose.

    A 7:30 appointment at the hospital was going to schedule, and altho a bit painful, I was happy it was nearly over. But, when the nurse withdrew the veni-hypodermic she had trouble stopping the flow of blood and had to get Dr Big Cheese to rush over.

    Much tho I wanted to scream and run, I actually had to stay very still and pretend I was totally unfazed! (OK, I was helped by the fact that if I had stood up straight after I would have fainted anyway) 🙂

    Etiquette in hospitals? Why can’t big chickens like me just be treated like the big babies we are? 🙄

  57. Top notch DD ( when ever I see your name, I think of, A Double Diamond works wonders, so drink some today ! ) ( thats a very old advert youngsters )
    At this moment In time RVP is our darling, but I would like to know how you lot will feel about this self confessed, Arsenal loving, Box owning, Legend in the making, idolised gooner, If he leaves us on his own accord (for money or expectant trophy`s) ?. Will he be hated like some hate Cesc and Nasri or be warmly thought of, ala TH14 ?

  58. Red Arse says:

    Hi Gus; 🙂

    I thought you were doing a Post for us…………..then you disappeared.

    Wassup? 🙂

  59. Patrick O'Neill says:

    I agree with Norfolk Gunner above regarding FFP rules and UEFA. It is no use fining the Chavs or ManC if they break the rules, so what if they are fined 500,000 pounds, that’s loose change. However, if they were to be deducted 10 points (as happens when a club goes into administration) then they would sit up and take notice. However, Platini and his clan don’t have the balls to do that, it’s just posturing and money will always talk – Chavs and ManC will have very expensive lawyers to get round that.

  60. glic – I remember that advert, award winning nostalgia there.

    What about “Comes up peanuts, slice after slice” ?

  61. LB says:

    I have just noticed there is another LB. The funny thing is it mirrors the kind of thing I would say, clearly LB’s think alike.
    But, and this is for the older readers, like eggs, if they don’t have a lion on them then they are not the genuine article, in this case if a comment doesn’t have the Arsenal tube sign next to it, then is not the real deal.

  62. Rasp says:

    Hi Steve, forgive me for saying so, but your list is a tad ‘Championship Manager’. I’d like a Ferrari and a villa in the Bahamas 😕

    We won’t get all the ‘ins’ and we won’t be able to move on all the ‘outs’ but I do understand where you are coming from.

    I’d be delighted if we add Vertongen to Podolski and then don’t lose any of our main squad players. If we can move players like Squillaci and Denilson then that would be a bonus, but it is out of our hands.

  63. Hi Redders
    I was man handled by a female physio today, I would like to say she was gorgeous, but alas more along the lines of Keown in drag. She did make me want to giggle though and I had to use every ounce of self control to avoid busting out laughing, when on observing, first my calfs and then my hamstrings she twice remarked ,” you have good length “. How I never creased up Is a mystery !. 😆

  64. Yes , chary, some of the old ones were crackers, ” Nuts, whole Hazelnuts ” !. 😆

  65. Red Arse says:


    You misunderstand what Platini is trying to achieve.

    He has no authority over the administration of the Premier League vis a viz ‘points deduction, and that is not what the FFP rules are about directly.

    Any club who does not comply with the FFP rules, will not be allowed to enter any European competition, such as the Champions League.

    There is a ‘phasing in’ period allowed to meet these FFP rules [primarily the losses allowed within a 2 year period] and they are setting up an adjudication panel comprising lawyers and accountants, to determine whether or not a club(s) has complied.

    There is no question of deducting points.

    That’s a potted synopsis and is intended to show where the real ‘punishment’ lies. 🙂

  66. Red Arse says:

    Hi Glicster, 🙂

    Want to swap? 🙂

    Got to really go now. Laters.

  67. Andy Mack says:

    Very good article.
    If Everton and last night is the start of the end for bacon face, I have a feeling Moyes could go there. He must be a great option in the coming financially constrained times….


    Thanks for the post DanDan. The only thing i can say is, i wish i had wrote that.

    Dont want to keep going over old ground, but some people are still failing to understand FFP. The whole idea is a compromise bettwen Europes big clubs and Uefa. Clubs that will not fall foul of the rules include Man Utd, Arsenal, Muncih, Barca, Real and the Italian clubs. Now putting aside the fact that there will be some bending of the rules and that Uefa have the sanction of expulsion from competition at there disposal, think about the clubs i have just named. Does any one in there right mind believe that if City or Chelsea ignore the rules that these clubs will sit idley by, of course not. They will gang up and City and Chelsea will be screwd. The suger daddies are well aware of this scenario, and thats why they agreed to the principles in the first place.

    When wenger made the statement about little movement in the transfer market, he wasnt just talking about the recession or spiraling wages in football, this has been around for a few years. He was alluding to the fact that Chelsea and ManCitys spending in recent years has pumped the market with money, enabling other clubs to spend. There will be some spending from City and Chelsea, even the odd 50 million player, but the days of buing 4 or 5 for 150 million is over.

  69. Slimgingergooner says:

    I just pray Arsene gets RVP signed before the Dutch players get in his ear about how good it is at other clubs.

  70. Sorry Redders, Like you , I`m a big baby when it comes to needles, I try to have control of my body ,but usually faint !.
    A couple of years ago , I had some sort of steroid injection in my deltoids for an injury, I walked out the building, then awoke on the floor, people were kind in their generousity as I had money deposited in my Arsenal hat, they probably thought I was some kind of homeless dosser laying on the pavement . 🙂

  71. Another one for bacon face “Working in the office today with two Moan United fans. They haven’t been very good ‘Kompany’ this morning.”

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Slim, there is no such risk – they are all unhappy/on their way out of their current clubs. Agreed though, the contract needs to be sorted as early as possible.

    RA, that sounds like a horrible experience – I would have fainted! 🙂

  73. One reason why I dont want City to win the Title, Nasri and Clichy will have been proved right in leaving us for Trophy`s and bigger wages ( even though they will say it wasn`t for the money ). Lets hope this doesn`t sway RVP, imo a great reason for not wanting City to win it, we can do without their justification . Some of you lots hatred of Manu has took away your attention of the bigger picture for whats better for Arsenal. Nasri and Clicy winning the EPL only makes it harder to keep RVP imo.

  74. Norfolk Gooner says:


    If Uefa had any balls it would insist that any league wishing to enter teams for it’s competitions would first have to sign up to an agreement about sanctions for failing to abide by FFP rules. Among those sanctions could be a points deduction penalty. Otherwise FFP would have no effect on any but the top five or six teams in any of the European leagues.

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Terry, re your question yesterday: ‘where should the Pod play?’ He could play anywhere upfront by the sounds of it. Let’s say it is not going to be 4-4-2 but 4-3-3 then what about Theo (left wing) – The Pod – The Pers (right wing) upfront, with all of them changing positions during the games to drive the opposition bonkers whilst scoring goals for freude, fun, plezier! 🙂

  76. VCC says:

    GLiC. ….You can’t get better than a quick fit fitter, cos their the boys to trust.

  77. Vcc/Glic – Just one cornetto, give it to me, delcious ice cream, of Ita-leee !

  78. VCC, or ” you cant get better than a fit glic fitter, cos he`s the boy to Thrust ! ” . naughty ! 🙂

  79. “I`m a secret lemonade drinker, R Whites, R Whites……..I just gotta get up cos it`s one of those nights R Whites, R Whites…….R Whites lemonade, ade ade “

  80. goonermichael says:

  81. kelsey says:

    A well reasoned article dandan, as I would expect.

    I will not get drawn into he RVP debate, he either stays or go.

  82. goonermichael says:

    I want City to win as I hate the other lot. If it wasn’t for ahley young diving and biased refs it would have been over already. But if you need another reason. For city to lose they waould have to give newcastle points and we don’t want that. If robin does want to go to city he can fuck off anyway. I don’t think he will.

  83. GM, I’m being a bit thick here, who does he(Arsenal Gentleman mean), M’villa ?


    Thanks TA, exciting times ahead. Watching the 2 Manc clubs last night showed its going to be difficult to bridge the gap, but we have the ability to do it.

    I hate commercials. No one ever asked me if i wanted all this advertising shoved down my throat. I dont mind if its some lovely lady eroticly man handling a flake or something, but Michael Winner going about insurance? Give me a gun and it will be him needing insurance.

  85. RockyLives says:

    A fine and thoughtful post.
    Football could do with a dash of financial reality for all sorts of reasons and I hope we would be one of the clubs to benefit in such circumstances.
    I, too, suspect the gap between the rich clubs and the rest will widen and will, eventually, lead to a European league.
    On current standings and reputation, the two Manc clubs, Liverpool, us and the Chavs would be the English participants. There would be no relegation or promotion because the vested financial interests would not allow it. In which case, conceivably, the Euro League could be done as two “Conferences” like the NFL and NBA.
    Perhaps a Northern Conference (Eng, Holland, Germany, France) and a Southern one (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece).

    In a weird way it might reinvigorate the domestic game for all the teams who miss out on the Euro League.

    Even the Spuds might have a chance of winning the league if the top five teams are taken out of it 🙂

  86. RockyLives says:

    It’s Tankard that makes me excel, it helps me do everything well…

  87. The Rock: “Tankard” rings a bell, what was it ?

  88. goonermichael says:

    I don’t know if he meant anyone Chary. I just foun it funny

  89. Ah right GM, sometimes he does his own version of actual names.

    So our last game of the season will see the home team busting a gut to give the new England manager a good send off.

    Oh dear. 😦

  90. RockyLives says:

    Tankard was a type of beer Chary.

    I don’t know about Grant as a DM. How about General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson?

  91. RockyLives says:

    Or else the WBA players won’t be arced trying, given that they’ll know they won’t be playing for Woy next season so there’s no need to try and impress him. And those summer holidays are beckoning…

  92. Thought so The Rock, though strange to say that a lager will make you do everything well.

    Have to cheer on the Trotters tomorrow – Myagi scoring a brace against them would be cushty.

  93. That’s true the Rock, you could look at it that way.
    It’d be nice if 3rd was sealed before then anyway.

  94. RockyLives says:

    Haha Chary
    Those were the days before advertising standards came in. Advertisers could say anything they liked (“Guinness is good for you” – although I happen to agree with that 🙂 )

  95. Gooner In Exile says:

    Top post as ever DD. We have put ourselves in a position where we canstill shop for value in the market, and thankfully there is a going to be a lot more value in the market as some teams will be restricted.

    It should be remembered that contracts signed before the first FFP measurement period are excluded from measurement, think Tevez, Toure etc. However City will now have to balance the books a bit more than they have done in recent times.

    NG regarding forcing the leagues to sign up to FFP this would make for a very uncompetitive environment, take Arsenal, presently under the rules we can use our CL income to finance increased wages. Liverpool or Toon would be £30-40m behind before they start, so there has to be some room for manoeuvre for clubs attempting to break into Europe. Hence the rolling 2-3 year measurement period.

    Re RvP fears I have two questions……in light of the discussions today.

    1) if we think the board want to cash in, do you think it will be financially worthwhile? (he is 28 years and 9 months, has a bad injury history, and as discussed the prospective purchasers are cash strapped).

    My guess is he would be break even in terms of existing wages vs merchandise/on pitch revenues. I think the maximum we could expect is £10m

    2) how long should the contract be that we offer? (if we need to break wage structure to keep him)

    It may be important now that we keep him, but at what cost in the future? If we give him 4 years on £100k + per week, what chance of selling in 2-3 years?

  96. RockyLives says:

    It’s time to make sacrifices to all the gods to bring a Bolton win (or even a draw) tomorrow.

    I can’t see the Chavs slipping up, but you never know.

  97. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky,

    I hope your son’s feeling better and on the mend.

    GiE, I plucked the figure of £25m out of thin air for the sake of the discussion and because Na$ri went for £23m – maybe that is what you might expect a top club to pay, otherwise I’d be surprised if he wasn’t worth £15m +

  98. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Hodgson appointed England manager on a four year contract. Thank God Twitchy didn’t get the job!

  99. NG – I like how the West Brom board are trying to act like the injured party as they have had their manager taken away, but HELLO, you only gave him a contract till the 30th of June, so that’s your stupid fault !

  100. RockyLives says:

    He’s much better Rasp – thanks for asking.

    So Twitchy will stay at the Spuds… does that mean their players will up their game for the last few matches knowing that he’ll still be their boss next year?

  101. jnyc says:

    Im very happy with intent shown by very early signing. I still dont believe we would do vertonghen, but i really want him. Other teams who need a first or second choice defender will spend more. The sign that i want to see is wenger spending on mvila, because he is probably the most expensive option at that position. That, a creative attacking midfielder, and re-signing song and rvp would show we are serious about contending. Anything else would be a bonus, vertonghen and another striker would be huge. I hope we are serious about clearing dead wood also, accept any serious offers even if below our valuation, because thats a big part of it all.

  102. VCC says:

    Rocky 3:28……You wouldn’t say that if you saw my belly!!!!!!!

  103. Rasp says:

    …. and Rocky, does it mean that West Brom will up their game for their last of the season with RH as manager – we must hope not 😦

  104. Gooner In Exile says:

    Rasp I only skim read the comments, and my comment wasn’t aimed at anything already said regarding valuation (must read more carefully in future).

  105. Rasp says:

    That’s OK GiE, RvP’s worth is open to debate for the reasons you list. Do you think the mindset of a player would be good if they were seeing out their contract ready to leave on a free at the end of the season? Personally I don’t think that would be good.

    For me the only options should be keep him if at all possible, or sell him if he is adamant he wants to leave. Seeing out his contract would not be good for team morale and certainly not the actions of a club captain.

  106. GunnerN5 says:

    I’m not usually into transfer speculation but with the links to Vermaelen and Bergkamp this may well be a real possbility.


    The Gunners are eyeing up further reinforcements after completing the £10million signing of Lukas Podolski from Cologne, and 25-year-old Vertonghen is said to fit the bill.

    The defender has already told Ajax officials he wants to quit the club this summer, and with just 12 months left on his current deal, manager Frank De Boer is believed to have sanctioned his sale now in order to claim maximum profit.

    Chelsea, Tottenham and Newcastle have all made checks on the Belgium international, but it appears Arsenal have made the first move, reportedly opening preliminary negotiations on a £7 million transfer.

    Tall, powerful and at home in central defence or midfield, Vertonghen is seen as an ideal utility man for Arsenal, and comes with strong recommendations from former team-mate and compatriot Thomas Vermaelen, as well as Gunners legend Dennis Bergkamp – now part of the Ajax coaching staff.

    Vertonghen’s possible arrival would spell the end for flop defenders Sebastian Squillaci and Johan Djourou, with the latter likely to be loaned out to one of a clutch of Premier League clubs who have shown an interest.

    Elsewhere, Arsenal will be without injury prone midfielder Abou Diaby for the rest of the season after the Frenchman picked up a calf problem in the closing minutes of the 1-1 draw with Stoke on Saturday.

    Diaby, who is unlikely to go to Euro 2012 with France, has featured in just 5 matches this term – a total of 177 minutes.

  107. Wow, a total of 177 minutes played by our number 2.

    So Diaby hasn’t even managed the equivalent of 2 complete matches for us all season.

    Double wow.

  108. Gooner In Exile says:

    I don’t mind speculation about the interest in Vert, what I hate is when our initial offer is listed as a fact. That inevitably leads to us being called cheap (predominantly by a section of our own fanbase).

    Rasp I’m not sure I have a problem with a player seeing out his contract. How many extra years did we get out of DB10 because we allowed exactly that to happen? A new contract doesn’t guarantee commitment, Adebayor anyone?

  109. GunnerN5 says:

    Podolski stats……
    (A= appearances G=Goals GPG = Goals per Game)

    Cologne – A176, G81, GPG .46
    Bayern – A55, G17, GPG .31
    Germany – A95, G48, GPG .45
    Total – A326, G141, GPG .43

    This season – A 30. G18, GPG .60

    He just gets better and better.

  110. RockyLives says:

    If we had Verm, Vert, Kozzer and the BFG as our CBs I would venture to suggest we would have better options in that position than any other EPL team.

    Although it does raise Rasp’s point about whether some of them would be prepared to be second string…

  111. Gooner In Exile says:

    “Reportedly” by who? Oh by you just reporting it? How about “we have guessed”

  112. Gooner In Exile says:

    Btw my last comment was aimed at whatever hack wrote the story, not at you GN5

  113. GunnerN5 says:


    What strikes me is the amount of versatility/cover those four would bring to the team, They are natural CB’s but could also cover at FB and MF.

  114. RockyLives says:

    Fair point Gn5
    Thanks for the Pod stats.
    His time at Bayern is generally described as being a failure but he was still scoring at almost a goal every three games.
    Very exciting prospect.

  115. GunnerN5 says:


    HACKS are the main reason I don`t usually join in on the speculations of their FACKS.

  116. Red Arse says:

    I do not think RVP will went!! 🙂 [Gone all Mexicali].

    However, I think, if he did went, he would command a £30m fee.

    Don’t forget the “best team in the world” Barca looked very one dimensional against the Chavs with their proliferation of Diddy Men!
    Bit like us really – without Robin!! 🙂

    They will be in like a shot, despite their denials.

  117. Red Arse says:


    You are right, we all agree ‘Fack the Hack’! 🙂

  118. goonermichael says:

  119. Gooner In Exile says:

    That is shocking GM, for such a big club and the fact that both teams in the Cup final only get allocated 20-25k each (due to corporates, and all the FA member seats (used to be 2 per affiliated club from memory).

    And they want to move Stadium?!?

  120. Gooner In Exile says:

    I was being sarcastic in the “such a big club” line

  121. goonermichael says:

    One of the biggest nights in thier 8 year history too.

  122. kelsey says:

    We have all seen the good, the bad and the ugly at Arsenal, but I have always wished for Diaby to be successful.There is just something about him when on song that made me think he could have been an Arsenal legend,but now I really think time has run out and he has to be moved on. One can only give a player the benefit of doubt so many times. .He is eating up wages and is stopping another getting into the squad.

  123. Big Raddy says:

    GM 🙂

    kelsey. Diaby falls into the same net as Denilson etc. Who will match the wages they are on? And if the buying club offers less, why should the player leave AFC? I wouldn’t.

    That said, we both though Rosicky was finished and look at him now! Following a pertinent comment from someone yesterday (DD?), I have changed my mind about Diaby – Perhaps AFC should be a little more patient.

  124. dandan says:

    Evening AA’rs. Thank you for the kind comments it seems you have had a lively debate.
    Sorry I have been absent, my wife was put on some new treatment yesterday morning and the change has been remarkable. We on Drs Advice have been out of the house visiting today and she has come home tired but more animated than I have seen in months, I am hopeful we have cracked it this time.
    I will now go back and study your responses

  125. VCC says:

    Can’t find any news about Vertonghen. Where is tis coming from? Can any one show some light on the subject?

  126. Big Raddy says:

    VCC. Believe it when it is announced on Arsenal’s website. Until then it is just speculation

  127. Big Raddy says:

    DD. Good news about Mrs Dan.

  128. dandan says:

    My thought for the day, what price Woy getting England job, is classic case of careful who you hurt on the way up , and Brooking settling some old West Ham scores.

    Even Knights of the realm have memories.

  129. TotalArsenal says:

    DD, great news about the new treatment for your Mrs!

    VCC – no news on the the Dutch websites at all, so I don’t think their is much in it. I am with JNYC that he will become to expensive for us, as other clubs will want to sign him too.

  130. VCC says:

    BR + Total. Cheers guys.

  131. Irishgunner says:

    Dandan – great news about your wife 🙂

    Surprised Arsenal announced the Podolski deal but I suppose it was the elephant in the room, and Koln probably wanted to keep their own fans happy by promising new players will be signed for them with the money.

  132. goonermichael says:

    Good news dandan. Apparently Trevor Brooking was a big factor. RH is a better coach I think anyway.

  133. Gooner In Exile says:

    I agree Hodgson is a better coach and a better person and more interested in the future as well as the now.

    One important factor of Hodgson leaving WBA is it possibly frees up their talent. Odemwingie, Long etc.

    As for Vert and other teams offering more, that ultimately is irrelevant as the player can say no I’ll wait a season I’m in no rush to move on and unlike Cahill has nothing to gain internationally by proving himself on a bigger stage. He would also be able to command higher wages and sign on fee for himself. So it will be his choice. Just as it was Cahill’s. And my guess is if there was no international tournament this summer Cahill would have remained at Bolton for the rest of the season.

  134. RockyLives says:

    Looking back at last night’s so-called ‘title decider’, you can’t help but feel that ManUre really need to buy some creativity this summer if they are going to be able to keep up next year.

    Surely they have to go for someone like Hazard or Goetse. Their MF against Abu Dhabi just looked weak and ineffectual: past-it Scholes, past-it Giggs, Park and Carrick… Yaya could have played them all on his own.

    With the right moves for us this summer, I could see next season’s title race being contested by us and the Oilers.

  135. RockyLives says:

    *the Manc Oilers, that is. The Chav Oilers will struggle again.

  136. RockyLives says:

    Not sure if you’re still around (I doubt it, since I appear to be the only one here) but you should know that a couple of times lately I have tried to comment on your Blog but encountered a server error (including today).

  137. kelsey says:

    I’d be interested to see Woy talk about the Fifa World Wankings 🙂

  138. RockyLives says:

    Kelsey 🙂

  139. RockyLives says:

    Apparently Woy thinks that Wooney wanks higher than most strikers in world football.

  140. Big Raddy says:

    When was the last time we were 17 points ahead of Liverpool with 2 games to go?

    Would you swap the LC and a FAC final place for those 17 pts?

    No? Neither would I

  141. RockyLives says:

    No way!

    ‘Pool must be thinking they need to spend another 50-60m in the window to even have a chance of CL places.

  142. Babalola segun says:

    Am happy 4 the signing of lucas….

  143. SharkeySure'sGhost says:

    Cracking post DD, and great news on the other front.

  144. Babalola segun says:

    Am happy 4 d signing of Lucas

  145. SharkeySure'sGhost says:

    I watched Hodgsons interview earlier….

    The English media…oh dear…absolute scum.

    Questions about Terry playing alongside R Ferdinand, then bringing up Woy playing in apartheid Sth Africa in 1973!!!!

    40 fucking years ago.

    They tried to say it was to contrast his views on racism between then and now. Lol

  146. 26may1989 says:

    ESPN is excellent isn’t it? Just finished watching highlights of the recent Arsenal v Chelsea game at the Ems – and this time we won 3-1, having absolutely played the Chavs off the park before a record crowd.


    OK, I admit it, it was in the new Women’s Super League. But if you haven’t taken an interest in the women’s game, you’re missing out. If you’re looking for an Arsenal fix before mid-August, with the women’s league now taking place during the summer, head up to Borehamwood for one of their fixtures. See

  147. SharkeySure'sGhost says:

    Wooneys World Wanking….lol

    Top work for starting the ball rolling on that one Kelsey.

    In a similar vein….(Ps. Don’t miss the last line of the text)

    Night all

  148. herbsarmy says:

    Thanks for the Post Dandan, great news about your wife.
    Watch yer BR. I was listening to a Liverpool game on 5Live a couple of months ago, and the commentator asked Jan Molby what would be regarded as an acceptable season for them, and Molby said Champions Lge qualification.
    After the way Dalglish walked away in ’91, the complete shambles he over-saw at Celtic, and the amount of time he’s been away from front-line football, I’m amazed he was given the job. Obviously a mixture of nostalgia and Dalglish’s ego, but I regard him as a lucky manager.
    Do you remember ‘Super Cally go balistic Celtic are atrocious’, after Inverness Caledonian Thistle beat Celtic 3-1 at Parkhead? That was down to Kenny Dalglish and John Barnes.

  149. Gooner In Exile says:

    I think Liverpool fans know they are a long way behind in the league. Like any other mid table team a cup run OS evidence of a good season to give fans something to cheer about and a win is a bonus.

    Was thinking back to Herbs point about us being one of the richest clubs and how that should mean more trophies to show for it. I didn’t really have time to respond yesterday but looking at 2012 football rich list we are 5th based on 2010/11 revenues which are now in the main football generated. Property revenue (and player sales) was the reason for previous higher ratings but as we know that was used to pay stadium debt.

    We still have some commercial deals to improve upon in the next few seasons which should see our revenues rise again.

    But my point was going to be that our revenues have not been boosted by owner investment and therefore that surely has to be allowed for? United as we saw last night are stumbling and whilst their debt repayments and interest remain high they will have less room for manoeuvre than us, Barca and Madrid are on a different level as RA pointed out due to their ability to strike their own TV deals.

    Chelsea are not far behind us but have been supported by Abramovich money for many years, £100-200m and counting, and City have as we know been supported in the same way. Spurs with income of €181m will find it tough to develop a stadium without significant cuts to their budgets.

    Click to access uk-sbg-dfml-2012-final.pdf

    This is an interesting quote
    “Of course generating the highest revenues does not guarantee on pitch success. Only two of the highest revenue generating clubs in the ‘big five’ leagues won their respective domestic leagues in 2010/11, and only two of the five leagues saw the club with the highest wage costs lift the league crown”

  150. herbsarmy says:

    Hi GiE,

    I appreciate your time and effort in responding.
    Obviously it’s more than just money, it’s the whole structure and the intelligence that puts it all in place, an area that sometimes we haven’t best utilised to our advantage. As I’ve said previously, we could and should have appointed a better manager than Terry Neill back in 1976, and it goes down as eight years of missed opportunity. Ten if you include Don Howe’s time.
    Nevertheless, Lukas Podolski is a fantastic signing and could be just the spring-board we need. A couple more like that and we’ll be very threatening next season.

  151. Gooner In Exile says:

    Agreed Herb, altho my Mum always says we were wrong to get rid of Howe and that GG benefited from foundations he set in place….and we all know Mums are always right 🙂

    End of Terry Neil’s era and Don Howes brief era is when I started following in earnest. Or my Dad told me who to support, having tried to be a Hammer from 4-9 on my Grandads say so. Somehow having grown up in between the Tolly and the Globe my Dad was the only one of three brothers who supported Arsenal, one went for Spuds, the other followed his old man down to Upton Park.

  152. herbsarmy says:

    If your Mum says it GiE, I’m not arguing, as you say Mum’s are always right. Besides which your Parents bring good karma and fortune to The Emirates, no-one can argue with that.

  153. mickydidit89 says:

    Here’s a pleasantly massive thought to kick the day off. A Bolton win tonight along with a Chav/Toon draw and we can have Top Four as well as St. T’s Day on saturday.

  154. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Here’s hoping.

    If you were Chelsea manager (please sign me Abra, I could really use the money), what would you do tonight?

    Can the Chavs do anything but play their best team and just hope they have enough in the tank for Saturday? Because if they don’t win tonight they can kiss goodbye to 4th, and they are Europa bound.


    As to the Spuds. Another interesting game. Surprisingly, the bookies make Bolton favourites!

  155. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning Raddy,
    I would say (and in line with your thinking about Pool/trophies/league position) that tonight is a bigger game for Chavs than saturday.

  156. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh, and BR, I agree with your new thinking about Diaby, but then I would as it was my comment not dd’s 🙂

  157. Big Raddy says:

    Sorry Micky. My mistake was due to my not expecting such a pearl of wisdom from a Didit 🙂

  158. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    Sorry I didn’t come back last night Raddy, re Diaby. his injuries were far more serious than Rosicky and I will provide you with a link.I agree we both thought Rosicky wouldn’t make a comeback.

  159. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Thank you for the link. A depressing read and a major worry for Diaby.

    Nonetheless, If AFC have not given up hope, why should we?

  160. VCC says:

    Morninng all. Micky you beat to St. T’s day. I woke up and that was my first thought. How sad am I.

  161. mickydidit89 says:

    There’s an element of sadness in all of our obsessive tendenies 🙂

  162. mickydidit89 says:

    To say nothing of my spelling. More of a tragedy that one 😦

  163. Red Arse says:

    Morning Peeps, 🙂

    That’s not sad, VCC, that’s the response of a normal well adjusted Gooner!! 🙂

  164. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning Kelsey too,
    Just to add an extra something to the Diaby debate. The one position in which I feel we are really short looking ahead to next season is the AM role. I know some argue the case for AR or JW to play there, but not me. That leaves TR and possibly Ox (only Arsene knows what position he has in mind for him). In other words, I think t would be madness to offload Diaby without an extremely high quality replacement.
    On top of everything, Diaby may well be my favourite player. The fit one at least. So I indulge in my right to be very bias 🙂

  165. mickydidit89 says:

    Just the man I want to talk at before I vanish. Last night I discovered a new word. Slunk. I will be using it on a regular basis.
    School run for me today.

  166. evonne says:

    Morning speculators 🙂
    Muamba coming to the game tonight! Great to see his miraculous recovery. also. this might be a good thing for us, you know St T day

    I have just seen last night’s results, oh dear, surely King Kenny will be dethroned now

  167. Red Arse says:

    Someone said (SS?) last night, how disgusting the Media are when they pick out loaded questions and disguise it as in the public interest.

    I laughed at BR’s riposte to Micky earlier, and thought as a journalist how I could play that, with editing, to suit different audiences.

    BR said,

    — “Sorry Micky. My mistake was due to my not expecting such a pearl of wisdom from a Didit.”

    Could be;

    “My mistake was due to my not expecting”. Or;

    “a pearl of wisdom from a Didit.” Or;

    etc, etc.

    Poor old Woy! He is a sitting duck! 🙂

  168. Red Arse says:


    If you are about to slink off, I can tell everyone afterwards that you slunk off on the school run. Hope you catch it — bloody fast in the final sprint those schools! 🙂

  169. VCC says:

    Hi RedArse. I can’t deny the fact that I’m an Arsenal nut, always have been.

    Wherever we go my Son says I can pick an Arsenal shirt out from a mile away.

  170. Red Arse says:


    You probably gather that I was referring to the past participle of the verb “to slink” —– if “slunk” is another druggee term like “skunk”, which I have never heard, I am undone! 🙂

  171. VCC says:

    Just seen Howard Webb is to ref the game between Newcastle and Man City. ……..Is the FA corrupt or what?

  172. Red Arse says:


    I could never doubt that you are Arsenal thru and thru.
    You are the salt of the earth, and one of the reasons I loved going to Highbury was to listen to the opinions and reminiscences of guys like you at the bar at half-time.

    You dudes have all the knowledge and experiences that I have missed out on, but love to hear about! 🙂

  173. Big Raddy says:

    RA. 8.02. 🙂

    Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to meet Rasp in the pub on match day. We spent a very happy evening reminiscing about the Days of Yore (though much was music as opposed to football!).

    He is a fine raconteur and just the sort of chap you write about.

  174. Red Arse says:


    When/if you return, how are you going to use “slunk”?

    A similar sounding verb is “stink”, and the normal usage is “stink, stunk, stank”, so “slink, slunk, slank” seems OK, but in the US an alternative past tense form sometimes used, “slink, slinked, slank”.

    “The slinky cat slunk into the kitchen with a mouse that stank”.

    Sheesh — English eh? 🙂

  175. VCC says:

    I’m such a sad do RA, I go back that far I can remember the band that used to play on the pitch at Highbury at half time.

    Highbury was my second home.

  176. Red Arse says:


    I would love to meet the Rasper, and my intention/hope is that one day, when I get on top of things, I want to get to the Tavern to meet him and the rest of you guys! 🙂


  177. Big Raddy says:

    VCC. So can I. The bloke selling peanuts, standing in front of the crash barriers until I was big enough to go “up the back” of the North Bank. The sweet shop next to the laundry the North Bank. Kelsey’s shop at the Clock End.

    Oh …. the half time scores in the corner that corresponded to the games in the program me.

    Another post I think …….

  178. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all, I don’t do papers but it appears the media are unhappy with Roys appointment. Twitter reaction from Gooners good as ever:

  179. VCC says:

    Big Raddy…….great idea for a post…….Highbury Nostalgia. You must do one.

    We might have even stood together all those years ago in front of the barriers.

    I loved that guys nuts.

    Yes, you reminded me of the half time score boards, ha ha, the way the numbers used flicker down, just like an old cricket score board.

    Did you ever get passed over guys heads to get to the front while your Dad stayed directly in line at the back.

    Happy, happy dayz.

    I wish I could buy a Tardis.

  180. Big Raddy says:

    VCC. Will do …. My Dad was Spurs :-(, and wasn’t the type of chap who would stand on the NB.

    When I first went I used to stand at the front with an old lady we called Auntie. She had been to every AFC home game for decades. The players always came over and greeted her.

  181. VCC
    I often embarrass my wife by walking from one side of the street to another just because i have seen someone in an Arsenal shirt and have to speak to them.
    I`m not being biased, but the most shirts i see on my travels around the West Country are Arsenal one`s followed by the Dippers and Manu, I`m not saying we have biggger support but maybe like me we have quite a few who are proud to wear the colours at any time, and now the price has come down, I`m off to St, Austell today to buy this years one ( sorry I like a bargain ) . As with being a gooner, they will probably say , ” I suppose that will be Handsome size Sir “. 🙂

  182. VCC says:

    Yes I too enjoy my life now with a wonderful wife and two fantastic children, but the Tardis would be for one day only to watch a home game and bring back with me my jumper with all the badges together with my red and white rattle. Oh and a 12 inch patch of the green grass.

  183. evonne says:

    Found in the attick Daily Mail poster from 13th May 2002.
    Glory days. Arsene looks 30 years younger than now, super Rob, Tel, Denis, Freddy, Seamn Vieira, Kanu all look so young and increadibly, increadibly happy

  184. Big Raddy says:

    VCC. And buy a few houses …..

  185. VCC says:

    GLiC, that’s soooooooo funny, because I’m just the same. If I see some one wearing an Arsenal shirt I just walk up to them and have a chat, she gets so frustrated if she is out shopping. Last year we visited Niagara Falls and I went up to a Mountie to have my picture taken with him. I said can I have a photo with you? His reply was “No, can I have my photo taken with you as you are wearing an Arsenal shirt, that’s my team”. Well after several minutes chatting I was reminded by my wife that we were there to view the beautiful surroundings, not talk all day. (true storey).

  186. Big Raddy says:

    Is that a Peter Storey?

  187. And some shares In Arsenal !

  188. VCC says:

    Remember him well Big Raddy.

    What a nerve biting penalty against Stoke in the semi final. Think I aged twenty years.

  189. Morning all

    New Post ………………….

  190. Being an East Ender, Peter Storey being a dodgy bastard went up in my estimation ! 🙂

  191. dandan says:

    Hmmm Mickeythinkwebothdidit….. I compared Diaby to RVP

    As for the old daysVCC dont remember the Police band or Police Constsable Alex Morgan the singing copper, or having to cough up Five bob to get in. Nahhhhhh dont remember any of that 🙂 Couldnt write a post like that. remember the hot bovril though 🙂

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    Arsène to be top spender? | Arsenal Arsenal

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