What a Difference a Day Makes …………………….

September 25, 2011

Arsenal 3-0 Bolton

Written by Jamie

I can remember as a kid being on holiday. After two days of solid rain suddenly the morning gave way to a raft of sunshine. My Grandfather walked down to the steps to the swimming pool with a cool drink and Dinah Washington’s seminal hit “What a Difference a Day Makes” soothing the hot air.

As I was leaving the stadium yesterday the memory flooded my mind. On a sunny September Saturday afternoon Arsenal walked out of the storms and traumas of the last few months and into a fragile but hopeful light.

The first half was nervy, van Persie curled a shot close from outside the area. Gervinho showed all the composure of a thirteen year old boy with his father’s razor when clean through on goal he ran the ball to the keeper’s arms. With the half edging away van Persie had a shot blocked.

Arsenal were nervy but on top although our big pole between the poles was called in to action to make a great save early on.

Le Gaffer earned his money at half time as the team came out confident, eager and energised. They were rewarded almost immediately as referee Mark Battenberg waved play on and Ramsey fed van Persie who found room to fire inside the near post. Piece of cake.

Wheater was then sent off for pulling Walcott back when through on goal.

Van Persie went close with a header, and just wide with another shot.

Walcott then laid one on a plate for van Persie in the six yard box for his hundredth in an Arsenal shirt. My sister remarked that it was a “Smudger goal”. On reflection, I think she was right.

Walcott had a hat-trick of chances and fluffed the lot. However Walcott, Gervinho and van Persie were all dangerous and interchanged brilliantly in the second half, Bolton couldn’t cope.

Walcott suffered an injury in the dying moments as he felt a sharp pain in his knee as he was giving chase to a loose ball on the break.

We still defend too high up the pitch, we still don’t get enough pressure on the ball, we are still too open but we are getting better.

Three points, three goals, a good performance and 100 up for the skipper.

Enjoy Match of the Day, Enjoy the Sunday rags.

What a difference a day makes, hey?

Player ratings

Sir Chesney – 7 Great save, solid.

Sagna – 7 His usual self, made the third goal.

Gibbs – 7 Second good game in a few days, great to have a left back that can actually play in the opponents half for the first time in years.

Mertesacker – 7 Best game yet, calm and assured.

Koscielny – 6 Shaky start but did ok.

Song – 7 You know what you are getting, great goal too.

Arteta – 7 Never gives a bad pass but neither he or Ramsey dominates a game, they need too.

Ramsey – 6 Involved in two goals but actually on the outskirts of the game for long patches.

Walcott – 6 Some good, some bad, some ugly but always dangerous.

Gervinho – 7 Good ball skills and a lovely dribble on the by-line in front of the North Bank, Movement was great.

RvP – 9 Two goals, six meaningful attempts, lead the team. Outstanding.

The subs had about as much impact as a fortnight in Mallorca would have on David Dein’s orange glow. Bugger all.