40 Million Lies … Vinai tells it like it is …

July 27, 2019

Vinai Venkatesham was asked about the much touted figure of £40m as Arsenal’s transfer budget at a Q & A session with the Arsenal Supporters’ Club two days ago.

His answers didn’t conform with the agendas of many news outlets and so were only reported accurately by those who care about Arsenal … not those who seek profit from disseminating fake news. The figure of £40m had been so widely reported that it was accepted as fact by the majority of Arsenal supporters.

Here are the bullet points of VV’s response to the £40m question:

  • I don’t recognise this £40m figure
  • That doesn’t come from us, that doesn’t come from the club.
  • We never ever, ever, ever talk about how much money we have to spend because that’s the least helpful thing you can do.
  • It is true that our funds are more limited after three years in the Europa League, but the budget isn’t £40m.
  • We have the budget to make a difference, but as Raul (Sanllehi) says, this is a particularly tough window and we’re in the middle of it.
  • I sense and understand the frustration, but there is a huge amount of misinformation out there in the market.
  • About 85% of what you read just isn’t true.

Is Vinai lying? I don’t think so.

Maybe those who are more comfortable feeling a sense of injustice and have an intrinsic lack of trust in our management will continue to believe the negative press directed at Arsenal, but I would say that these few well chosen words by Mr. Venkatesham should be seen as very good news.