November 1, 2017

Continuing on from Rasp’s excellent but somewhat truncated post …

Is Arsenal yours or theirs? Does it belong to Kroenke and Usamov or the millions of fans?


What do you think (if anything)?

written by Big Raddy



Is Kroenke killing Arsenal?

March 2, 2017

We did well under the stewardship of the Hill-Woods. Even better under the ownership of  Dein and Fizman but Silent Stan? Has he been a hindrance or a help?

I was one who rallied against Usamov, I felt he would take us in the Chelsea route – no history, no tradition, just a money club, but in hindsight I may have been wrong – if we are to compete we have to do so with financial muscle, and with Stan at the helm this is unlikely.


Kroenke is a businessman not a football fan. He has no allegiance to Arsenal and my guess is that he never will, we are just another of his sporting franchises. And what an investment Arsenal are, the share price has almost doubled since he bought in! Does Stan care if we win trophies? Probably, as it increases AFC’s value but judging by the success of his other franchises he prioritises profit over glory.

Why am I writing this? Because I was thinking about Pogba. We needed a player like him but we bought Pogba Light, Xhaka, who cost €60m less. And this is significant because if Arsenal are to win the title again there needs to be massive investment. Will Silent Stan sanction a €100m transfer? Of course not, he hasn’t elsewhere and he won’t at Arsenal.

Doing things the Arsenal Way is all well and good when we are winning but it seems less significant when we see Spurs above us in the table.

To improve we have to keep our best players and improve the squad. Will Kroenke buy the players to augment Ozil & Sanchez or will they leave to play in better teams? I think you know the answer.

As Terry MHT knows – never trust a man with a wig