Arsenal Supporters would love to be in the Europa League

April 29, 2015

We ran a poll yesterday asking what matters most to Arsenal supporters. The overwhelming response was that playing enthralling attacking football and preserving the class and the integrity of the club was what we valued most highly.

We read stories that neither Totnum or pool want to play in the EL next season. It is reported that “Mauricio Pochettino admits another Europa League campaign could damage Tottenham’s top-four chances next season”. But these two teams consider themselves as ‘big clubs’ with squads to match – so why do they dismiss a competition that would give their supporters the opportunity to watch European games, and also gain important experience of how to play against foreign sides?

We’ve been fortunate to have a manager who has miraculously managed to get us in the Champion’s League every season since he arrived, and this season seems a cert to follow suit.

But what if we didn’t?

Would Arsenal supporters still want to go out after work on a Thursday evening to watch their team play against European opposition? Personally I’d say yes, damn right, I love my team and I want to see them play in Europe, if it can’t be the CL then let’s try to win the EL.

What do you think? Vote and have your say …..





The Premier League race to qualify for the 2016 Champions League.

January 28, 2015

With 16 games remaining in the season the race for Champions League places is agonizingly close. Mathematically the top 4 positions are not locked up but Chelsea appears to have the top spot firmly in their grasp. As this table shows any one of the current top 8 teams still have a shot at being in the 2016 Champions League.

                     Current position in the league

Chelsea 22 16 4 2 51 22 29 52
Man C 22 14 5 3 45 22 23 47
Southampton 22 13 3 6 38 17 21 42
Man U 22 11 7 4 36 20 16 40
Arsenal 22 11 6 5 39 25 14 39
Tottenham 22 11 4 7 33 31 2 37
West Ham 22 10 6 6 35 25 10 36
Liverpool 22 10 5 7 32 27 5 35

The next table shows the 8 teams results against each other so far this season. Arsenal has dropped 15 points, losing to Chelsea, United and Southampton and tying with Spurs, Man City and Liverpool. To stress the importance of games against these teams – if (I recognize that it’s a big if) we had won all of these games then we would be on top with 57 points – 8 points clear of Chelsea who would only have 49 points.

Games against Top 8
Chelsea 8 4 3 1 15 9 6 15
Man C 8 4 2 2 15 9 6 14
Man U 8 4 2 2 10 6 4 14
Tottenham 8 4 1 3 12 15 -3 13
Arsenal 9 3 3 3 11 12 -1 12
Southampton 9 3 1 5 9 12 -3 10
Liverpool 7 2 1 4 10 14 -4 7
West Ham 7 2 0 5 8 12 -4 6

Our record in the last 10 games is surprisingly strong having gained  22 out of 30 points we are exceeded only by Manchester City who have gained 23 points having lost only once to Arsenal.

Last 10 Games
Man C 10 7 2 1 21 9 12 23
Arsenal 10 7 1 2 19 10 9 22
Man U 10 6 3 1 17 5 12 21
Chelsea 10 6 2 2 21 11 10 20
Tottenham 10 6 2 2 16 13 3 20
Liverpool 10 6 3 1 16 9 7 21
West Ham 10 5 3 2 15 9 6 18
Southampton 10 5 1 4 13 10 3 16

The final tables show the remaining games for the top 8 teams.

Chelsea Man City Saints Man U
Man City H Chelsea A Swansea H Leicester H
Aston Villa A Hull H QPR A West Ham A
Everton H Stoke A West Ham H Burnley H
Burnley H Newcastle H Liverpool H Swansea A
Leicester A Liverpool A WBA A Sunderland H
West Ham A Leicester H Crystal P H Newcastle A
Southampton H Burnley A Chelsea A Tottenham H
Hull A WBA H Burnley H Liverpool A
Stoke H Crystal P A Everton A Aston Villa H
QPR A Man United A Hull H Man City H
Man United H West Ham H Stoke A Chelsea A
Arsenal A Aston Villa H Tottenham H Everton A
Crystal P H Tottenham A Sunderland A WBA H
Liverpool H QPR H Leicester A Crystal P A
WBA A Swansea A Aston Villa H Arsenal H
Sunderland H Southampton H Man City A Hull A


Arsenal Tottenham West Ham Liverpool
Aston Villa H WBA A Liverpool A West Ham H
Tottenham A Arsenal H Man Utd H Everton A
Leicester H Liverpool A Southampton A Tottenham H
Crystal P A West Ham H Tottenham A Southampton A
Everton H QPR A Crystal P H Man City H
QPR A Swansea H Chelsea H Burnley H
West Ham H Man United A Arsenal A Swansea A
Newcastle A Leicester H Sunderland H Man United H
Liverpool H Burnley A Leicester A Arsenal A
Burnley A Aston Villa H Stoke H Newcastle H
Sunderland H Newcastle A Man City A Hull A
Chelsea H Southampton A QPR A WBA A
Hull A Man City H Burnley H QPR H
Swansea H Stoke A Aston Villa A Chelsea A
Man United A Hull H Everton H Crystal P H
WBA H Everton A Newcastle A Stoke A

To date it’s been one of our worst seasons under Arsene Wenger but we remain in strong contention to retain our place in the CL for the nineteenth consecutive season. The last two games against Stoke and City have arguably been our best of the season winning both while scoring 5 and keeping two clean sheets, not surprisingly this coincided with the return of many of our walking wounded.

There are 320 games remaining in 2014/2015 Premier League season but I feel that the top 4 places will be determined by as few as the following 13 games.

Chelsea vs Man City – Jan 31st.

Arsenal vs Tottenham  – Feb 2nd.

Liverpool vs Tottenham – Feb 10th.

Chelsea vs Southamton – Mar 15th.

Man U vs Tottenham – Mar 15th

Man U vs Man City – Apr 11th.

Chelsea vs Man U – Apr 18th.

Arsenal vs Chelsea – Apr 25th

Southampton vs Tottenham – Apr 25th.

Tottenham vs Man City – May 2nd.

Liverpool vs Man U – Mar 22nd.

Man U vs Arsenal – May 16th.

Man City vs Southampton – May 24th.