Are all Swans owned by Her Majesty?

November 9, 2014

Tough game today. Let’s be honest – the way we are playing they are all tough!

Should Swansea win today they will go above us and possibly into 4th place. Not bad for a team whom many predicted would be relegated come season’s end. But they won’t beat us, will they?

Have you ever been to Swansea? Not the prettiest town. Lovely areas (the Gower) around it but the town especially when viewed from the motorway is pig ugly however in recent years Swansea has become an attractive place to live apart from Saturday nights!! Even Macdonalds has a doorman. Scary.


Welcome to Swansea MacDonalds

Since gaining promotion under Brendan Rodgers, Swansea have punched way above their weight (you need to if you come from the valleys ūüôā ). Both Rodgers and Laudrup promoted entertaining football and the new chap, Garry Monk seems to wish to continue in this vein. It is rare that Arsenal have less than 50% possession but this is the norm at the Liberty.

Much will depend upon how we cope with Swansea’s attack – they have a mixture of strength and pace. Bony will cause BFG and Monreal problems as will the pace of the wingers. Swansea’s main man this season is Guffi Sigurdsson, an Icelandic midfielder signed from Spurs; having escaped the hell of playing for the Miscreants he has blossomed and recently scored twice in Iceland’s victory over Holland.

Like Arsenal, Swansea have problems at the back and concede regularly – I think we will score but how many is the question.

Arsenal: Can we find a way to become more secure in defence? If not, the season will be a struggle. In Arteta’s absence who gets his place? Wilshire is fit and is the obvious candidate. ¬†With Walcott fit and raring to go should he start ahead of Ox?

My Team (this is the team I would select not the one I expect AW to pick)


Chambers    BFG     Monreal    Gibbs

Ox   Ramsey    Wilshere   Flamini

Alexis    Welbeck

If we were at home Walcott should start but Ox gives us more security in defence (or does he??) in an away fixture. We have an excellent attacking bench and Bellerin. You may have noticed an absence of Cazorla – I think he needs a rest.

On any visit to Wales it is best and safest to take along a native; we have a great one in Aaron Ramsey. The lad from Caerphilly has yet to find form but my impression was that he was improving midweek even if he was trying too hard to score. Ramsey is so important to our success that he has to be allowed to regain form. It is hard to believe that despite all his injuries Aaron is approaching 150 games for AFC and is just 23. He is a tough young man coming back from such an injury  Рfurther evidence is that he was offered terms by St Helens Rugby League club as a youth! I expect him to score today.

That’s enough of the football, let’s have a look at the food situation. Leeks, Welsh cakes (very tasty), lamb (no Welsh/Sheep jokes please Cockle), Cawl (which is a stew made from leeks and lamb) and Laverbread is the standard Welsh fare and jolly good it is too. But the stand out delicacy has to be the Welsh Rarebit….. toast, cheddar cheese, worcester sauce or paprika …. simple but delicious.


Swansea’s nickname is the Swans. Did you know that Her Majesty The Queen owns all mute, unmarked swans in British open waters? Until recently she was the only person allowed to eat swans but they are now protected even from Her Majesty. (bet Micky has sneaked one). Another interesting fact about swans is that like pork and shellfish swans are un-kosher as stated in the book of Leviticus.

5th vs 7th today and the bookies have the home side as slight favourites, If either side wins they go 4th. Should be a good game.


Written by Big Raddy

Is it legal to kill a Swan?

March 25, 2014

Given our home form we should and probably will beat Swansea. Does this make us “flat-track bullies” (where the hell did that ridiculous expression come from)? Who cares? Whether we lose to Stoke or Chelsea it is still 3 points lost, same goes for when we win.

We beat Swansea away thanks to goals from Ramsey and Gnabry. Would that Aaron was fit tonight, but Serge is and I would love to see him start the game.


Pace & Power

Swansea:  Small but fine club who are holding their own in the PL by playing attractive passing football. The Laudrup dismissal was odd but I have a sneaky feeling that Mr Laudrup is a difficult man to work with, like many Danes (by that I mean all) he is wilful and values his own opinion above that of anyone else; his sacking was inevitable as it would be if he ever got the job at AFC.

Gary Monk seems to be doing a good job continuing  to play the Laudrup way but they have won just once under his management. Michu is fit, Bony is a handful. Swansea press hard all over the pitch and when in possession are comfortable on the ball.  The Swans were unlucky not to win at Everton and with a record of not having won away for 9 games will look to improve tonight, given that they beat us at THOF last season we must be alert BUT they are 15th in the PL and 33 points below us Рwe should win.

Arsenal: No need to re-hash the last few days, the only recompense the players can give to the fans has to be on the pitch. There is a rumour that Szczesny could be dropped; now I know Fabianski has done extremely well in his few games but blaming TPIG for the awful defending in from of him seems harsh. OG needs a rest – he has been carrying the attack and yet has hardly created a chance for himself. give him 30 minutes at the end,

My team:

a v sw

Would you trust a front line of Gnabry and Sanogo? Seems foolhardy but why not? Then it comes down to whether we use Podolski or Cazorla and I love Cazorla! The bench still shows the effect of our horrible injury list. It is here that the injuries have hurt us so badly, we do not have to opportunity to rotate the injury free players with players of similar quality.

Swansea: The town’s origins date back to the Vikings when it was known as Swein’s √ė (meaning Swein’s Island), this probably refers to the Viking King Swein Forkbeard who was the father of King Canute, of whom I could write a lot more but you would get bored! ¬†It became a borough in 1158. For 200 years¬†(1700-1900)¬†the town was the centre of the copper industry.

Mr Wenger must approach this game with trepidation – a defeat and the fine atmosphere which has built throughout the season at The Emirates will return to the bile and spite of 2012. Draw at half-time and the boys will be booed off the pitch so it is imperative for the players to be alert from the kick-off and show that they hurt as much as the fans. And if you are going – for goodness sake get behind your club and make some noise.

We have to win and win well.


Big Raddy